Another 16 & Pregnant Star is Expecting Again

16 and pregnant


You'll remember season 3's finale episode featuring Allie Mendoza for one reason.

Well, it seems that Allie's come a long ways since the banana throwing episode.

She moved back to New Jersey to live with her mother, but eventually had a falling out of sorts, and ended up moving in with her new boyfriend, Chris.

Chris and Allie have been together for around a year and they've been trying to get money to move out into their own home.

It looks like moving out might happen sooner than they had planned because yesterday on Instagram, Allie announced that she was pregnant with her second child by sharing this picture:


The caption on the picture said "Expanding" which doesn't give us any real information about Allie's pregnancy.

Allie is currently 20 years old and recently obtained an associates degree from Kaplan University in Applied Science. She has been working as a day care teacher for a while now, and was recognized for her outstanding job earlier this year.

Allie isn't the first from her season to get pregnant again, and she joins fellow season 3 cast mates Danielle Cunningham, Jamie McKay, Izabella Tovar, Jennifer Del Rio, and Jordan Ward-Finder who also got pregnant again after filming ended.


Oh Lawd, I remember that episode. I felt bad for her because her boyfriends mom was on drugs and SO mean to her! I wonder if he ever sees their son?

Allie mentioned they last time Joey saw their son was on the reunion show and I believe he has another kid as well and had made no attempt to see Aiden at all.

Kids having kids with people they don't want means the kids are just as unwanted. Its the sad truth. My cousin just got custody of a daughter he had with a high school fling, & he def is not happy about it. Sad.

Joey AKA snaggle tooth

Good Lord, he did have some jacked up teeth!

Ummm, is this the same chick that set up a "Gofundme" to have everyone buy a house for her?

...yeah a second baby totally isn't expensive. *eye roll*

Maybe she'll set up a gofundme. Not like she would do anything irresponsible if she needed money that desperately.

Oh wait....

It warms my heart to see the outpouring love and donations people have given to her.

Hahaha I thought this was serious at first

She's just asking for your "blessings," guys ;) Preferably in the form of benjamins.

HA! $0 of $6,000 has been met. And seriously, WTF does she mean by this line: "It's about that time where my family needs to become completely wholesome." Wut??

How is $6,000 going to help ANYONE buy a house in the U.S.? I mean, maybe it would buy a shack or a shed, or maybe a down-payment for a trailer..?

Prob. she is looking into 1st time homebuyer programs and FHA backed loans. Many have almost no down payment, or at most 3.5%.

Looks like the decided to have another kid since the house thing wasn't workin out. Smarty.

Yes, that makes TOTAL SENSE, SnarkLark. For a MORON! These girls have one brain cell among all of them.

Of course SNARKLARK! That way she can get that $1,000 in taxes at the end of the year for her dependent! Because the tax you get back is so much more than it costs to raise a child a year. I'm sure the extra money will go to her house fund.

Not to mention that they are looking to live in NJ, one of the most expensive states to live in in the US. $6,000 in NJ will get them a month or two's rent in a small apartment in a crappy area.

I live is jersey getting a two room apartment is around $1000-$1200 a month NOT including utilities

Or a barn like Brooke. Haha I thought that was kinda cute. And redneck all at the same time.

LOL Trap Baby! I LOL'd SO hard at Brooke's episode! It wasn't really even a real barn, it was just like an outdoor building that's already made! However, I gotta admit I was surprised at how big some of those things are made inside! The ones I have seen are usually just used like a tool shed/lawnmower storage type thing though! But hey, I cant knock em' for wanting to be on their own. Better than mooching off mom and dad while simultaneously spitting out babies forever!

I live in the redneck/ Christian part of Nj(which does existed believe it or not) are there are no such thing as building a little house on your property for your kids, like brook's parents had and myranda's husband's grandma had, if you really don't want to live with your parents you have to move out completely so no barn in her boyfriend's parents backyard for Allie

Hey, wait a second...I am not buying my own home. Just renting. Does that mean my family isn't "wholesome" by her standards? LOL! Bitch.

Maybe I'll donate a dictionary because she clearly doesn't know what wholesome means.

Yeah or that "blessings" mean $$$$$$$$$$$$$. Wrong word Allie! If I saw her on the street:

Me: Oh hey Allie! I saw you posted that you need some blessings. Well I give you my blessings :)

Allie: Oh ummmm...yeah I meant money actually...can I actually have like $20? Awkward!

Trap Baby! We found each other on Instagram ;p

But... Is she still asking for money to buy a house??

I mean, its still there, so I guess she still wants money for something. Should have been birth control.

I mean, really, I thought these girls were supposed to learn their lesson from teen pregnancy and that's why they did the show. Because they wanted to educate teens about unplanned pregnancies and how it is and blah blah blah. Why/how the hell does it keep happening to THEM again then?!

Yes. These girls did 16&pregnant to prevent other girls from getting pregnant.

And none of the reality shows on MTV aren't scripted.

I don't trust anything on that channel anymore... But I'll probably keep watching

None of the reality shows are* scripted.

Sigh. Typos ruin my sarcasm

Wow. First she sees nothing wrong in begging for money. Cause you know, working and saving your money for house is out of the picture. Second, what is the friggen rush for these girls to pop out 50 kids before they are even legal?!? If you have to ask for money, you shouldn't be bringing an innocent baby into the picture. I get having kids young, I had my son at 23, but 20 with 2 kids is insane! Especially when she's known her boyfriend for only a year! These girls literally hop on the first dick that pays them any attention...

Daddy issues!!

Of course she cant work and save money..she wasn't one of the "lucky ones" asked to participate on Teen Mom!

LOL so they do not live on their own yet but they bought their unborn child a pair of $45 sneakers that can't be used for at least a year. We can assume she is at least 20 weeks and found out is a boy, based on the shoe style.

I want to be happy when hearing about the birth of a child, but this just feels sad. She only has been with him a year and is only 20 years old with no education. I wonder what kind of life they could possibly provide for this little one.

I agree but the article does say she has an associates degree and a steady job, so there's at least two things going for her.

I really wouldn't think this was so bad if she'd just waited until she's been with this guy at least another year or so and they'd gotten a house or at least rented a place. I liked her in her episode and I think she's a decent parent, but it's just so quick.

Her degree is from Kaplan, an online university. Most companies will not actually hire anybody with a degree from a strictly online school because they got no field/classroom experience.

Her degree is in applied sciences, i mean HOW do you expect to get a job when you took ALL of your classes at home on a computer ESPECIALLY sciences! Her degree is useless.

Online schools are a waste of time and money. Why do you think there are certain classes unavailable to take online at universities? Because you need to take them in class. (especially classes with labs, etc). Take online classes at an actual university and then the classes which you cannot take online, then you take in class.

Sorry I didn't realize...

If I could hug you right now I would. I am the biggest opponent to degree mill schools! There iz no reason for anyone to go to theKaplans, University of Phoenixes, Everest, ITT techs, ICDCs and DeVrys of the world. No reason. Especially when you can get a much better degree that will actually be respected at your local community college for a fraction of the cost. They scam young people who didn't have much guidance or support in K-12.

One thing I am thankful to them for though is realizing that there is a need for online education, the hundreds of thousands of not only misguided kids but working adults flocking to these schools for their education has really made alot of state schools and community colleges take notice and expand into online campuses.

Now its just a matter of making kids realize that they have options. Thank goodness the government is cracking down on these sheisty forprofits.

Online classes are very convenient. I agree there are subjects that are better in a classroom setting. But, not everyone can take time out of work or afford daycare to go to classes. I guess it depends on what you are pursuing and what you plan on doing with it. I have to look into online courses because I can't afford daycare. Depending on the field of study, they require an internship or field experience.

@the girlses

Yes, i understand that which is why i said to take online classes at a university with an actual campus not a strictly online school. I have taken online classes before, as have most people that i know. But they are taken at actual universities and colleges, so the degrees are worthwhile. The classes which need to be taken on campus can be worked into a schedule that is convenient for the student. (night classes are popular for parents/people with jobs for a reason). My point is, take all of the classes that are offered online, and the classes which aren't offered (they aren't offered for a reason, because it's unrealistic to take the class online) then you work it into your schedule. Local CC or any 4 year university > online "universities".

I misunderstood your comment. I interpret ed it at disdain for ALL online courses.

And, seriously people, why the thumbs down?

Actually, it gives me some insight on Kaplan college. I was considering going there. Though the degree I would have pursued would have been useless.

I used to work for the parent company of a bunch of these online schools in federal aid disbursement. They're called "for-profit" schools for a reason. They prey upon those that have no comprehension of the fact that they are paying out the ass for a piece of paper. I guess I did that myself for six years (ha!), but schools like Kaplan and CTU and such are money making enterprises, and will milk every dime out of their "students."

My whole degree is online, at a real university, there are a few programs that can be done completely online, and more and more are being added. I don't have a university near me and I wasn't going to move 6 hrs away to go to one, as other people said its also more convenient for people who have to work or can't afford day care.

@Girlses..hey, don't worry about dumb old thumbs downs! Half of the time I think the people giving them don't even know why they are. Maybe they're just having a bad day, but whatever, lately the comments that have thumbs down, I go back and re-read, and STILL don't understand why. I rarely give a thumbs down! But in the big scheme of things, they don't matter one lick, ya know??! :)

Yep, Girlses, I didn't give the thumbs down. I just know from experience that there's a big difference between an online degree from an accredited, NFP and one from Kaplan! People are so dumb - imagine how many thumbs down a person would get if they had just said "Congratulations Allie!"

I'm just tempted to do that too! Lol

Well, that is a good thing to know about Kaplan. I was looking into a degree there. Nevermind now!

Not necessarily on the first statement, Snark. Keep in mind that these girls pee on a stick an hour after sex and announce that they're pregnant. It may just be that the boyfriend wants a son.

i HATE when parents announce their kids with Jordans! It's the most ridiculous thing ever! However, I've seen that its usually the pay-check-to-pay-check-shouldn't-even-be-having-sex-yet kids that do it! I just think its tacky, especially if you're broke but posting a picture of shoes worth ~$500, idiots.

I just honestly hate fuck trophy announcements in general

I actually like when friends/family announce pregnancies. Its the way you announce it that defines your maturity. A picture of Jordans or a freshly peed on stick is NOT the way.

I want to know what's wrong with the statement, "we're having a baby." I don't know why people feel the need to have all kinds of cutesy ways of making a point that is fairly simple. Life doesn't need to look like Pinterest threw up on it. And the shoe picture is one of the most irritating ones I've seen.

I know! I hate the shoe thing. It's like congrats on your... tiny shoes...? And I definitely don't wanna see the pee stick.
I'm gonna go on a small rant about gender reveal... why the party? Just tell people if it's a boy or a girl! And who pays for that? If it's the expectant parents, that's pretty dumb because they have other crap to buy. If it's friends... why would you spend your money on a party for something that could be said on the phone? We Americans seem to have a wasteful culture...

Are you sure Jamie McKay is pregnant? I follow her on instagram and I don't think she's ever mentioned it. Allie is an idiot, if you can't afford to live on your own, why on earth would you bring another child into your family??

She's not currently pregnant. All Megan said was she got pregnant after her show aired. She posted a picture with an ultrasound with "RIP my angel <3 :(" And she was poured with sympathy over her miscarriage. When word got out that she had aborted it, there was quite the outrage.

That's so annoying. Regardless of how the baby was lost, in my opinion, I'm annoyed that she sought sympathy via social media. Why can't people just go through things with their friends/families anymore? Does anyone make baby books anymore? Or do they just use facebook for that?

Oh dang. My age is showing, isn't it?

Thumbs down away but I really liked Jamie!


I like Jamie too! She was super responsible. WAY WAY more responsible that the majority of the other teens we've seen! And, she was smart! AND, she finished school! Go her! The only part I couldn't stand was her dipshit boyfriend. He annoyed the shit out of me. Why could he not understand that she wasn't saying he couldn't see his kid, she was just saying because she was a newborn, he could come to her house to see her? By the way, WHENVER he wanted to! I hated the way he tricked her into the Halloween party just to try to talk her into letting the baby stay with him. I'm glad she got another ride home! Its crazy the stuff I can remember from these girls, but I cant remember a lot of my own life!!! LOL!

We've seen a lot of relatively decent girls on this show that are attracted to losers. Chelsea and Karley are the first two that come to mind.

Hmm. Well, I guess begging money from strangers didn't work, so now it's time for another baby. Smart thinking. I wonder if she's going to be having a diapar or food fund next. It doesn't look like she's doing anything with that associates degree.

I really don't understand why some young moms want to have more babies so quick. I don't even mean just from the show, I've seen it time and time again. Ladies, relax on getting married and having more babies. You have time.

What scares me is since they're starting so soon, at what point do they stop? I can see each guy that lasts longer than six months him wanting one of his own, and a lot of these girls seem to think having a baby with someone creates an insta-family.

I am wondering what part of jersey she lives in since that is my home state, I honesty hope she lives south or central because I am a northern New Jersey girl I believe heather( when she actually took care of her site) said she lives in the suburbs of Newark, but I don't believe a word heather says.

I did some research and I just found out that Allie does live near me, but what's weird is that her twitter make like only one mention of Aiden and none of her boyfriend and her pregnancy, her twitter is filled with more pictures of her partying than Maci, and it mentions that she went to Montclair state, I am guessing she is a student there, because MSU is not a party school at all

Lol she seemed like a hot mess. Glad she wasn't on TM

I am that none of her season was on teen mom they where honestly a forgettable bunch any ways, and her season was the first to have a second pregnancy

Where in North Jersey are you? Morris County right here.

As for Montclair, yeah it's not comparable to Rutgers, Penn State, UDel, Syracuse, etc of the surrounding party schools but it does have a fairly good and big party scene. Plenty of people go to Montclair to party, especially if they have friends that go there. I don't think Allie herself is a student there since she has a "degree" from Kaplan.

Sussex county, but people told me the parties both at Rutgers and Montclair suck, and they are both a train ride away from NYC, so there is no real need to party like penn state where it is in the middle of nowhere

Oh cool, I have friends in Byram, Stanhope, Hopatcong and Sparta.

I live in one of the towns you have mentioned lol and they are all border towns of Morris county but they are not as country trash like the rest of the county and I am very surprised that no one form sussex county have been on the show, even thought there is a rumor that a girl for pjhs was going to be on there

Do these girls not care about all the different daddy's their baby's will have? Do they need a diary to keep track of which kid belongs to who and what day child support is coming from which daddy? I mean yes, accidents happen. And they might have a child young so you expect the next baby will have a different daddy. But a year after you've been together? At only 20yrs old? So when they split in a year or two and she meets someone else will there be another baby daddy?? Use your brains girls. Think again. How many half brothers and sisters do you want your kids to have.

Accidents happen once..not two, three, four, five times. That's no longer an accident, that's stupidity.

Ugh completely agree with all of this. Having 2 baby daddies can be totally understood, shit happens. But you cant help it if you start to judge once girls have 3 kids with 3 different baby daddies and pregnant with their 4th with a 4th guy. It seems to becoming trendy to be this way nowa days so I guess I am very uncool... I dont want my daughter growing up idolizing idiots like these girls and trying to emulate her life like theirs.

100% agreed

I had this kinda cool story I wanted to share, buuuuut I have my child sleeping on me and I can't move

I think I'm the only person who sided with Joey's mom on their episode. Yes, she was strung out on drugs but Allison was being very disrespectful and ungrateful the entire time she lived there, rent free, being taken care of by people who didn't have to do anything for her when her own parents abandoned her. When the banana incident happened she just snapped, which is understandable.

When Allie came up with that whole gofundme thing I knew I was right, she is a selfish young lady who really thinks that people are supposed to do for her just because she's her.

I agree with you saying she comes off as entitled, but I disagree that she had it good with them. That mother was a total psycho bitch. Even her own kids didn't want to be with her. I feel bad for anyone that has to live with an addict parent.

My husband calls it the Disney complex. These little girls watch princess movies and expect life to actually be like that. They don't have to do anything and people love them and give them everything they ever wanted because they are a "princess".... these girls usually have a hard time growing up and being self sufficient.

Yes, at time Allie was disrespectful, but I don't know if I'd say she was ungrateful. I think she felt REALLY out of place and the fact that Joey's mom was hateful when she was on drugs didn't help much either probably. It was crazy how nice she was when she wasn't on them though. Joey's grandmother was sweet, and bless her heart, she tried to help as much as she could even though she had a small apartment and was struggling herself.

I'm really happy for the lesbian couple

TTB, just thought I'd let you know, I'm finally on my trip to Manchester and have had Taco Bell for my lunch and my dinner. Today is the best day, filled with all of the tacos and it made the 400 mile trip worth it.

I hate you I hate you I hate you. Ok well I'm happy for you, but extremely jealous. I've been doing the ketosis thing, down six pounds!!! I was cleaning out the fridge and saw tortillas and seriously thought about eating them alone but just threw them away with a tear in my eye LOL! YOU ENJOY THOSE TACOS!

Go you, your willpower is awesome! And if you're cutting carbs, there are tortillas that are like 6 carbs, as opposed to the usual 20+. I think they're made by Mission.


Trap Baby, I am SO proud of you for sticking with your diet! I don't know how you do it girl!

Awwwww thanks I try! I had to remove all the carbs (for some reason I missed the tortillas.) YES I've seen those tortillas! Totally going to do that. It honestly gets easier with time, the cravings aren't as psychotic as before LOL. Carbs are SERIOUSLY insane. (The bad ones I mean). They keep you addicted it's crazy!

I went from like 130 to 124. I really really want to be 115 though.

I wish I was 130! I'm 160 and I hate it!

Thumbs down: Tell me that photo doesn't look like two females? Damn you should be happy that this beautiful lesbian couple decided to procreate. Get with the time!!!!!!!!

YES, he is a "pretty boy"! They could totally pass for a lesbian couple. Was it these two, or some other two on here one time that we said the same thing about??

I remember her catch up special she had a boyfriend for a week and Aiden was already calling him dad. And her friend said yeah that's werid I mean how long will that last? Then in the update they had broken up after a fucking week lol. This broad is dumb as fuck.

According to heather clouse the boyfriend in the catch up episode where engaged as well, for a like a week on top of that,but honestly out of most of the 16 and pregnant girls she seemed liked had a pretty messed up childhood,since her mom made her move in with her dad and then I am guessing kicked her out with her baby,and I think her parents where teens when they had her too.

Her mom seemed aright on the catch up...she was living off them lol. Eh but yea who knows.

I found out that her mom has three different kids from three other men, and Allie was the only one that was talking to her( just have to type in the name of one of these girls on google and you get so much dirty laundry), and I believe Allie's dad always had custody of Allie( she is rumored to be half-Filipino, and Filipinos are really strict parents, as well as being really catholic), and she just rebelled and got pregnant and he disowned his daughter, and back to her unstable mother.

Oh damn. Her mom seemed like a "cool mom" like more of a friend than a mom. She didn't seem mean though but yea I c ould see if she was unstable. I remember Alli bragging that her moms bf pays for everything.

I thought her mom came across as a total bozo in her 16&P episode. I remember thinking that she was the flakiest person I had ever seen, so hearing that she has a bunch of kids with different dads doesn't surprise me!

So glad no one donated. I cringe for her, I don't know if its pride talking or just me being "normal" but I would never ask strangers for money .. if you have a roof over your head and can eat you are lucky, a lot of people do not have that and to then beg for money for owning a house .. who does that?

Me too!!! It makes me so happy no one did. Fuck her. There are so many people in need doing the responsible thing, not making trap babies (HOLLER), just trying to get by, working their asses off and this slunt (slut and cunt) is begging for $$$. Don't feel bad for her, not one bit!

Ditto, makes me angry, I have been with my fiance for 6 years and financially we are in no way close to bring an innocent child into this world and this girl goes and does it with someone she has been with for one year, they clearly aren't financially stable.. I mean one year is nothing, and if they break up she is a single mother who has two children to two different fathers at the grand age of 20 .. I'm not slating people who have kids to different dads, sometimes the first relationship doesn't work out and you move on and find someone else but to have a child with someone you have known for a year .. i do not see it working and any other boyfriend she finds who is her age will probably want children one one day so thats another child to another dad.
A lassie I went to school with is my age (21) with 4 kids to 4 different dads and her and the last dad just broke up, she has a new man on the scene who hasn't got kids but according to his facebook, he can't wait to have a baby of his own. Learn from your mistakes instead of repeating them!!

A woman I knew has 6 kids. The first two were from the same dad and the other four were all different. She was with her fifth daughter's dad for two weeks when he said he wanted a kid. She was more than willing to give that to him. Turned out, he had no intention of staying and was actually married. She recently had her sixth and she is 27-28. Not sure if she is still with the list's dad. SMH

You just reminded me of this girl my sister follows on IG cause she's "IG Famous". Her names Nini Smalls, and she has 3 kids, all different dads, ALWAYS clubbing, trashy garage tattoos and just a rude person! She's 23 & had her first at 15 followed by the other one at 17. She had another one recently and the guy already left her for cheating. She would gogo dance at a club and sleep around for money. I mean the things that have been said (& backed up) are just RIDICULOUS and yet her fanbase keeps growing! She's at 600k followers!

Javis DSL...the chick your sister is following sounds like she's probably "whore famous" rather than "IG famous"! Sorry, I have ZERO tolerance for people like that. Funny thing is, when people follow them, the don't realize that 90% of them are making fun of them, and the other 10% know that its a definitely lay for them, so they show some "love". I HATE people like that. With a passion.

I'm glad that nobody did that either. Some of the go fund me accounts are necessary but so many of them are like a slap to the face to me. This heifer from my home town set one up for her 2nd gastric bypass surgery. Second. Bypass. Surgery. She stretched her stomach out the first time by eating and eating and she's disgusting. I hate her. I was friends with her sister doing an online laptop shorted out so she was nice enough to let me use her laptop. The heifer which was my friends sister needed the laptop (probably to do a go fund me) and she claimed to have called the police after I told her I needed it for 45 minutes longer. I had it for 12 hours...the cops were actually never even called. I still can't believe she did that to me...I have never been in trouble and she ruffled my feathers but I fluffed he rolls right back, believe me ;) I never set up a go fund me account...and I could have probably got donations. I injured my back at 20 years old. 2 herniated discs and a bulging disc. June 2nd at 21...a week from my 22nd birthday they cut them off my nerve, giving me my life and sanity back. We closed on our house that we worked our asses off on may 28th and we never asked for a single fucking dime from anyone. Fuck these immature twats for asking the world to do everything short of wiping their assholes for them. They make me sick and it offends the people who actually work for their things. it's so tacky too.

I agree with you. I understand that people fall on hard times, and believe me, I am no stranger to being broke. But I can't imagine a scenario where I would feel compelled to ask internet strangers for money.

The only scenario I have encountered where I was not offended by a "gofundme" type of account was when a friend of mine was in the hospital in a coma less than a month after having her son. She had contracted the h1n1 flu and she ended up not making it. The account was set up for her husband and son since he lost his job having to juggle being at the hospital with her till she passed and taking care of their newborn son. I donated to that one because I could see real need and her husband did not set it up...a friend did it in their name to help them out.

Her boyfriend kind of looks like a woman in that picture.

Or better yet, he looks like that guy "the human Ken doll" Justin Jedlica.

Does Joey remind anyone else of Javi?

Yeah it must be the derp face

I wasn't planning on posting this, but since the topic of GuFundMe was brought up on this post, I'm going to comment and see where this takes me.
As most of you know, I recently got engaged. The guy I'm with is not my daughter's biological father, and we're wanting to do an adoption to make things official and to ensure that things run smoothly once my daughter is in school (which will happen shortly after the wedding) and also to make things simpler with insurance and all of those other things you really don't have to think about if you have kids the "traditional" way.
We've talked to a couple of attorneys and a family court and they're all giving us a ball park estimate of around $2000 to finalize the adoption, which would include petitioning the court, amending the birth certificate, and court costs.
We've considered setting up a fundraising account to try and get help providing for like a quarter of the costs just to help us out a little bit since it's so expensive. I realize that some of these girls from 16 & Pregnant get a lot of crap for using GoFundMe and I'm wondering if that's simply because of poor wording and dumb reasons for wanting money, or if it's because people genuinely don't like helping people out.

I considered setting up a GoFundme a couple times. My child has been in and out of the hospital since he was born, the longest stay ended up costing us (after insurance) close to $200,000. We were slowly paying it back when we moved to a state with a higher cost of living which made it very difficult to manage our bills for a while. I did start to set one up for his last surgery in May, but I just couldn't go through with it. I cannot ask random people to cover the costs for a child that is my responsibility. I would sell my house, find a cheaper home, get a cheaper car, send him to a cheaper preschool, etc before asking people to give me money. With a lot of planning, we were able to arrange our finances to cover the costs. We are putting the minimum amt in retirement, set up all of our utility bills to be leveled out, and plan on switching from verizon to prepaid (in a good year we pay about $3000 for two cell phones). I also did trade my vehicle for one with less costly maintenance and at the end of the year plan on trading my husbands truck for one with better mpg. All of these small things add up and can be helpful when trying to save money.

I think that's perfectly reasonable, Megan. It takes a special kind of person to want to do that too, so bless your fiance for being that type of person. You also recently graduated all while juggling a family AND a very popular blog which by the way, you are the reason why this website is doing so well. That says alot about your drive and your character in my opinion. The reason why the go fund me for Allie was so upsetting to me was because normal people work to buy a house and they don't even try to buy unless they have the money to do so. Many realtors won't even look at you if you're not pre approved to buy. Buying a house took us 3 years but we never gave up on our dreams or our credit. That girl was in over her head. Her story lacked gentle wording and I struggled to feel a bit of empathy for her at all. Her reasons behind it came across as spoiled and lazy. Your reasoning for yours would be wanting the best for your child and you are already taking the right steps to do so...all of which I can't say about Allie. Go for it Megan, I think we all support you here.

Megan, I say go for it. What you are doing is wonderful. I give the TM girls so much shit because they ask for money for stupid reason. Like Allie. She wants it to get a house. I say screw her because I don't even have a house, and I'm not asking for money for it. See what I mean? Plus, you totally know all of us would support you in this! Good luck!

I also think part of the intolerance for Allie's gofundme comes from things like the picture of the shoes (even though that came afterwards). I think people are much more reluctant to help someone else financially when they are making it public knowledge that they are choosing to spend the money they do have on wants rather than needs. Personally, if I see someone living within their means but still struggling, I feel more compelled to help them than someone who posts things about how much money they spend on things that I afford myself. Also, judging by what we saw on Allie's episode, she doesn't have a bunch of rich relatives, and I'm sure her friends are in similar financial situations to hers. That leaves her to turning to people who have seen her one tv for one hour three years ago.

In your case, Megan, I would imagine that you have a lot of family and friends who have seen how hard you've worked, and they would see what a blessing it is for your fiance to want to be your daughter's father. I'm sure there would be a lot of people who would want to be a part of making that happen!

Sorry, I skipped a word! I meant I don't feel compelled to help people who spend money on things I CAN'T afford myself.

Like said above me, I think it's reasonable, Megan. I would definitely help you out as much as I could if you set up an account.

What Allie does just irritates me. She talks about how she needs all this money to buy a house, but instead of getting a job or at least doing SOMETHING to make some money, she gets pregnant again and posts a picture of some expensive shoes to announce it. That's not right. I'm working my ass off at a minimum wage job to get through school and I take care of my three year old and grandmother on top of it all. I'm not getting pregnant again, or even dating because I know I need to focus on my responsibilities before any of that happens. She doesn't have the right to ask for donations.

If you feel awkward about it, have you thought about asking people to give cash towards the adoption in lieu of wedding gifts? Or to pay for their own meal at the wedding to save you guys and then you can use that money to pay for the adoption?

I like this idea! Or maybe if you feel like you don't need as many traditional bridal shower type gifts, you could have a "family shower," where you can ask for cash gifts for the adoption.

I would help you out when I could if you set it up. I think your fiance is doing a very admirable thing. I think GoFundMe is great when it is used for the right reasons, and I think you're doing it for the right reasons as opposed to just wanting handouts.

If I'm being honest the only times it doesn't make me cringe is when it is completely life changing money, where it could dramatically help someone who has had an extremely hard time.
I considered making one when my mum and dad had cancer at the same time, we couldn't afford a decent funeral for my dad and we considered making one but dad refused, he didn't want his funeral funded like that. So I guess in a way I do think sometimes they are acceptable to help out people in an extremely hard time and to pay for something that they don't exactly want but have too do it. Like an operation, a funeral, a specialist doctor, a person who is going to die to get their last wish etc but for people who make them up to help fund their houses, weddings, birthdays that just angers me. I donate once a month and chose which one by seeing who i think needs it the most e.g. a little girl who needed a doctor that the family couldn't afford, the family had already remortgaged their house, fundraised etc to try raise the money but were 5000 short so i happily donated. I don't think it is a case of people just not wanting to help other people out I think it is more of a case of what the money is for and if they deserve a handout when they could just wait a little longer and buy it themselves. I am going to be brutally honest and people will hate me for it but on gofundme you have a lot of genuine cases of they NEED money,n there is a time limit to raise it and there is no other way for them, and those cases are drowned out by the amount of people just wanting money quickly instead of waiting and saving.
I like the idea someone below had, ask for money towards the adoption as wedding presents instead.

How do you know it's genuine though? I could set one up and write some son story and get moolah for the bar on the weekend....

If it isn't real the person gets in trouble for fraud and sued left right and center. You would have to be stupid to do that and if a person is that stupid they would get into a hell of a lot of trouble and made an enemy in the public eye.

Teenmomtruth again!
A source extremely close to jenelle and Nathan.
Look how great jenelle looks.
Both are still in school despite sleepless nights.
Jenelle's breastfeeding....
Seriously she is ridic.

I can't believe she writes articles about herself. I MEAN IS THAT REAL? IT CAN'T BE.

Not only does she write them about herself, she writes then pretending we don't all know that she writes them about herself!! Nutjob right there....

She must be getting hard up for money now cause in the middle of each article is a "more here" link that links you to whatever random company's site. Don't know why any company would pay her to link but Whatevs, she's gotta make those nickels somehow.

Them nickles tho. Her and Nathan are such lazy pieces of shit...

If you think this is bad, check out lmao it's an ever changing cast of teen mom/16 and pregnant without the money. And plenty of snark ;)

Not surprised. This shit happens so often. Kids planning multiple kids for stupid reasons, no money, bad relationships, living with mommy and daddy or in section 8... Sad reality of real life.