Which 16 & Pregnant Star was Arrested for Prostitution?

16 and Pregnant

0213-valerie-fairma-mug-1 Picture courtesy of TMZ

Season 2's Valerie Fairman was arrested once again. TMZ exclusively reports that Valerie was arrested last night on a prostitution charge. There was allegedly a sting going on after several complaints from the community were brought to the attention of the police.

When Valerie was approached by an under-cover policeman for some form of sexual act, she agreed for a fee, and was arrested on the spot.

She was in New Castle, Delaware for the arrest, but has been transported to the Baylor Women's Correctional Institution in Dover, Delaware.

She is still in custody, and there doesn't appear to be a release date for her listed at this point in time.

Valerie is currently 21 years old, and does not have custody of her daughter Nevaeh. Nevaeh is living with Valerie's adoptive parents. Matt, Nevaeh's father, reportedly is not involved in his daughter's life either.

Valerie has had issues in her life since she finished filming.

In 2011 she spent time in jail for beating up her mother, and in 2012, she sought help in order to deal with an addiction to prescription pain medicine.

Since then she's been pretty quiet on social media, but it appears that there's been more going on than we had initially thought since Valerie has resorted to selling her body for money.

Again, I'm just sad for the child that's in the middle of this whole mess, but maybe a serious arrest will be enough to wake Valerie up and turn her life around.


"It's your baby Matt like get it through your head. We had sex like a lot!!"


I was trying I figure out who this girl was...your comment made me remember lol. So thank you!!!

That one almost beats out Jenelle's iconic like, "NOTHING ELSE WORSE CAN HAPPEN MOM."

*line, uggh

It's incredibly sad that she got to a point where prostitution was even an option. Hopefully Valerie's parents take good care of her child.

hahahaha! who could forget that line!

I think she's moved on from pain pills to some harder stuff... She is looking a lot older than 21..

butch and april most certainly look older than they are. i think they are in their 40's early 50's. could easily past for 60's.

Didn't April have Cate at 18? So wasn't she in her 30s when we first saw them? I'm not 100% sure of this though.

Yeah most of the teen mom parents are pretty young and they all look old as hell.

April is only like ~42. Needless to say the drugs, drinking, and smoking have worn her down. She doesn't look good for her age.

The one that kills me is that Dawn is only 39! She isn't even 40 yet and could EASILY pass for being in her 60s. She looks ROUGH. I think Leah's aged a lot since joining the show, too, moreso than Chelsea or Kail, so I think you can already see that early-aging trickling down. Like they say, if you care about looks and want to know what your spouse is going to look like on your 30th wedding anniversary look at your in-laws. We all know Jeremy won't have to worry about that though. Him and Leah will be lucky if they make it to 5, let alone 30.

I'd say so she is fu*cked up in that mugshot.

cant even keep her damn eyes open. wow no child deserves a mother like that.

Not surprised to hear about this at all. She seemed like she was backsliding into some dangerous territory. And I'm also not surprised that she doesn't have custody of her daughter. Valerie never seemed particularly attached to Neveah at all. You could tell she was over being a mom in her catch-up special. It's especially aggravating since Valerie went on and on about how she wanted her daughter to have the "perfect" family with both her parents in her life. And now Neveah's not getting that at all. Poor kid. Why do none of these girls (and guys) heavily consider adoption or anything other than parenting? It seems like more and more of their kids are getting screwed over because of their parents' inability to get their shit together.

Yep. Especially because Valeeie was adopted and her parents were trying to get her to go down that route. Her dad was pretty old in her episode. Now they have another child to raise. It's such shitty circumstances really.

I don't think we have the catch up specials here in the UK and if we did I haven't watched any. Strange... Anyhow how the hell does everyone remember these girls so vividly?! I can barely remember the last 16 & preg girl I watched (I watched one two nights ago and for the life of me cannot remember her damn name or what the story was.)

I only remember certain ones. Not all. I remember Val because the whole situation on her episode seemed fucked up. You could feel she was an angry, hurting young girl. Her adoptive/foster parents were old (some people are saying they aren't, but they sure looked it) and there were so many kids in that house. Plus they were adding a baby. It was just a recipe for disaster.

I remembered Valerie because of Nevaeh (which id never heard of) obviously someone else on my Facebook was watching aswell and named her daughter it. What happened to Lori? I remember her episode because at the time I thought it was boring and never watched repeats of it.

I think Lori has 2 kids now by 2 different guys.

Does Lori have custody of both children then? So she has three children all by different fathers at the age of 22/23? Wow.

Crap. I tried to link the story.
But I think so.

I think the reason so few of them seriously consider adoption comes down to pure selfishness. They know it would be hard to go through, and also probably know deep down that if they do fuck up parenting there will be someone there for them to pick up the pieces. A lot of them (if not all of them), kid themselves that everything will work out fine, it will just be a little harder than their lives would have been normally. Their boyfriend, who up until now has been a complete ass hat, will now suddenly mature into a well developed, responsible and caring adult at the first sight of their offspring, they will have free daycare so they can do a degree, a well paying job will appear at the end of it...

No matter how many times their parents try to warn them what they are getting themselves in to, they can't look further than the fact that the baby is 'theirs', so heaven forbid anyone else parenting the child, even if it is almost a guarantee of a better life for their child. Sad. I feel so bad for this girls poor adoptive parents too.

Maybe adoption isn't necessarily the best option? Look how Lori turned out. I guess adoption doesn't really change who you are,or maybe she just wasn't lucky enough.

But look at the grandparents-
Butch, April, Delta Dawn, Suzi, Roxanne, MImI, Barbara, these foster parents (sorry, but a home with 13 kids where a teen gets pregnant and another sexually assaults someone counts as a fail).
Brava to the foster parents for trying but I think they're in over their heads.
I completely blame that group of adults for how their kids turned out.
Its almost like the blind leading the blind.

This is really really sad. The girls who are leading positive lives after the show are just dwindling down to fewer and fewer.

So out of 60, how many have criminal records?
How many don't have custody?
How many have new kids by new dads?

Gosh I think its honestly easier to count the ones who haven't had major issues like divorce, drug use, unplanned pregnancies or arrests. Off the top of my head, from Season 1 literally no one. From Season 2 Chelsea (to an extent), Samantha Hernandez, Brooke Smitherman Tarrant, and Nicole Fokos. Season 3 Kayla Jackson and Taylor Lumas. Season 4 Jordan Howard, Hope Harbert, Sabrina Solares, Devon Broyles. Season 5 there really hasnt been a major mess up yet (that I know of), second baby daddy or drug arrest. Full disclosure wikipedia aided me greatly in this list lol. So out of 60, maybe 15 haven't had major problems post 16 & P.

Mmm idk about Nicole Fokos I heard she was off her rocker too. She's a stripper apparently

Nicole Fokos lost her kid to Tykers grandma because she was on drugs. Then she became a stripper. But apparently she's trying to group her poop now.

Jordan Cashmyer from season 5 is already a fuckup, but good for her for quitting the strip club. It was rumored that she quit because maybe she got a teen mom spinoff. Even though she quit Chez Joey, I don't see her upgrading herself to become a mom of the year suddenly, she still has mental issues and stuff like that doesn't just go away.

I'm sure Jordan quit Chez Joey just for MTV.
Has anyone heard about her filming?
I see Genevieve will turn one soon, and it looks like she sells Younique.

Here is the breakdown:

Season 1
Maci--2nd Pregnancy
Whitney---2nd child and arrests
Ebony--2nd child and arrest
Catelynn--2nd child

Season 2a
Jenelle--Enough said
Nikkole--Arrest, 2nd child (verdict still out on this one) and doesn't have custody
Lori--2nd and 3rd children
Nicole--Issues but no 2nd children or arrests (I am aware of) and doesn't have custody
Leah--divorce, miscarriage and 2nd child
Kailyn--2nd child

Season 2b
Brooke--2nd child
Felicia--2nd child
Aubrey--divorce and 2nd child
Christinna--divorce and 2nd child
Kayla--2nd child
Megan--divorce and 2nd child

Season 3
Jordan--2nd child
Jennifer--2nd child
Jamie--abortion and 2nd child
Danielle--2nd child and arrest(?)
Cleondra--arrest/doesn't have custody
Izabella--2nd child
Kiana--multiple arrests

Season 4
Mackenzie--2nd child
Jordan--2nd child
Myranda--2nd child
Sarah--2nd child
Kristina--2nd and 3rd child

Season 5
Besides Arianna being arrested and the troubles with Jordan, none else has been divorced, arrested or on baby #2.

Maci- unplanned Pregnancy
Farrah- Jail
Amber- Drugs + Jail
Ebony- Drugs + Jail + Divorce + unplanned Pregnancy + lost custody
Whitney- Jail + unplanned pregnancy
Catelynn- "planned" pregnancy
Jenelle: drugs + jail + divorce + lost custody + "planned" & unplanned pregnancy
Nikkole: Jail + unplanned Pregnancy + lost custody
Valarie: drugs + Jail + lost custody
Chelsea: ...
Lori: unplanned pregnancy
Samantha: ...
Nicole: lost custody + drug use
Leah: Divorce + alleged drug use + trap baby
Lizzie: divorce
Kailyn: "planned" pregnancy
Brooke: ...
Felicia: unplanned Pregnancy
Emily: lost custody + drugs + Divorce
Markai: unplanned Pregnancy
Aubrey: lost custody + drugs + unplanned pregnancy
Kristina: unplanned Pregnancy
Kayla: unplanned pregnancy
Megan: divorce + unplanned pregnancy
Ashley: unplanned Pregnancy
Jordan: ...
Jennifer: (I believe she was arrested at one point but don't remember.) "Planned" Pregnancy
Jaime: unplanned Pregnancy
Danielle: unplanned Pregnancy
Cleondra:.lost custody
Kayla: ...
Izabella: "planned" pregnancy
Kianna: jail
Taylor: ...
Allie: unplanned pregnancy
Mackenzie: "planned" pregnancy
Katie: ...
Briana: ...
Lindsay: ...
Alex: ...
Jordan: unplanned pregnancy
Myranda: unplanned Pregnancy
Hope: ...
Sarah: Unplanned Pregnancy
Sabrina: ...
Devon: ...
Kristina: unplanned Pregnancy
SEASON 5 (still too soon to tell if all will be train wrecks too)
Maddy: ...
Autumn: ...
Mellina: ...
Arianna: Jail
Summer: ...
Karley: (seperated/with hubby?)
Aleah: ...
Jazmin: ...
Savon: ...
Jordan: Drugs + lost custody
Courtney: ...
Savannah: ...

PLEASE NOTE: SOME I truly believe planned their second child such as Brooke and Jordan F.

P'S. Just because some are "..." cleared doesn't mean they are 'prefect ' just they haven't f'ed up YET to our knowledge.
(Sad that I know that much about all thaws girls... )

Here are a list of the "16 and Pregnant" girls who have either been arrested, been caught using drugs, or lost/don't have custody of their kids at some point in time:

Amber---got arrested for abusing Gary and drugs. Chose prison over rehab.
Whitney---got arrested for stealing a pregnancy test from WalMart
Ebony---got hooked on synthetic marijuana and let her house become so filthy that she and her then-husband lost custody of their daughter. They cleaned up their act and regained custody, however.


Jenelle---too long to list, but she has never even tried to regain custody of Jace.
Nikkole---lost guardianship of her son to her mother. Is an all-around shitty person.
Valerie---was arrested for beating up her adoptive mother. Went to drug rehab multiple times. Recently got arrested for being a hooker. Hasn't had custody of her daughter in a long, long time.
Nicole---became a drug addicted stripper and lost custody of her daughter to her then-boyfriend's grandmother. Is allegedly trying to get her life back on track.
Leah---never actually lost custody or got arrested, but has been accused of abusing drugs and neglecting her children. There is video evidence to support these accusations. She recently got in trouble with the law for opening up a salon without a license and staffing untrained employees.


Emily---allowed her ex-husband to have full custody of their son. Became a drug-addict and possibly a stripper, but is trying to turn her life around and has been to drug court/rehab.
Aubrey---got involved in the partying lifestyle and possibly drugs. Her ex-husband has custody of their son. She recently had another son by a different guy, and as far as I know, still has custody of that one.


Jaime---has allegedly been arrested in the past before her appearance on the show. Her behavioral issues were what landed her in alternative school in the first place.
Danielle---I'm not sure if she ever officially lost custody, but her mother was taking primary care of her son for a while Danielle partied it up and allegedly got hooked on drugs.
Cleondra---lost custody of her daughter to her ex-boyfriend for apparently letting strange guys around the child and not taking proper care of her.
Kianna--I heard she got arrested for something stupid. She also shared naked photos of herself online. Her son's father ins in jail for about twenty years for some serious crimes.


Nobody from Season 4 has been arrested or lost custody that I know of.


Ariana---got arrested for pot possession.
Jordan---became a stripper (but recently quit). Is also quite possibly on drugs. Does not have custody of her child nor does she contribute to Evie's care.

That's pretty much it. So out of sixty-so girls, only fifteen girls got arrested or lost/gave up custody at some point in time. I think I got them all, but still. Not really a lot when you think about it.

So I had to use Wikipedia to compile the list, and in Nikkole's section, it briefly talks about how she suffered a stillbirth like it really happened. Somebody needs to edit that article and include the evidence that the stillbirth was faked. We all know it was.

Also forgot to add that Farrah got a DUI and is letting her parents care for Sophia. Totally don't know how I could have forgotten her. So now it's like sixteen girls.

Wtf is "synthetic marijuana"?
Fake weed? Because?
Doesn't she live in a state where she could get a legal prescription?
That's almost as classy as bath salts.

Synthetic marijuana is pot that's laced with a shit-ton of very dangerous drugs like PCP, heroin, meth, crack, etc. It can really fuck you up.

Hmm, I don't think that's too accurate. It was legally obtainable until 2012, I believe. Anything with even trace amounts of the drugs you mentioned wouldn't be obtained legally. I think it's just leafy greens/herbs soaked in a shit ton of chemicals that's supposed to duplicate the feeling of THC.

Okay, so I'm about to give an unpopular opinion, and if you all think it's just silly, that's fine. I'm thinking there is a little more to this store. The fact she was arrested with seven other people seems more suspicious to me. Like, we're talking a pimp situation. If that is the case, I honestly hope she can turn her life around and get out of that because that is an awful situation to be in, and sadly the women who are trafficked in this manor usually get the blame while the person on top just gets to hide in the shadows.

If that's not the case, I still hope this is a wake-up call for her.

I think my comment would be more unpopular than yours - it's certainly believable that there is a network of prostitution going on that she's involved in.

I agree. It has to be some kind of pimp/madam situation. Sex trafficking is more common than people think. This is very sad. I always suspected she might end up in something like hard drugs but not this. She was already kicked out of an alternative school and forced into homeschool on her episode. She really messed up at a really young age.

According to the Ashely's Reality Roundup, or whatever it's called, she's addicted to heroin and has been in and out of rehab multiple times. Drugs make sense - usually women don't end up in prostitution rings without some sort of addiction.

Also according to the article, Valerie dated Matt's uncle for a while.

I'm sure it was a situation where she owed someone money for drugs and her only way out alive was to work for them.

i'm sure it was to pay for herr drug habit. no sympathy.

An addiction is much more than just a habit.

ya but she didn't seem addicted to anything in her episode. i dont see how u can have a child and not think of them when you're about to shoot up or do whatever she does. i think it's selfish. hope she gets help but i really don't have pity for this disease. it can be helped. don't do drugs and put your kids first. sad people can't do that and gotta push their kids onto other people. neveah deserves a mommy that didn't choose drugs over her.

She's from my town. She's a heroin addict in and out of rehab. She doesn't work and sells herself to afford heroin

valerie? i kinda got the vibe that her boyfriend was on something so maybe thats how she got into it.

That's possible. I'm sure she would easily be attracted to a pimp situation.
Although, they do roundups all the time where I live. They will shut down the whole street, and they will get about 50 women, but we have to scale because it's Delaware.
If she's on drugs, there is no telling.

I haven't read any articles about it, but it could've easily just been a prostitution sting. Usually there are high traffic areas for prostitutes to hang out and pick up johns, so cops know where to go when they're working undercover and will make multiple arrests per night. For her sake I hope she doesn't have a pimp. When you're working under someone as manipulative and abusive as a pimp, it's so much harder to get out (if she even wants to).

I always wonder about how genetics affect the situation, knowing that she was adopted. I wonder if it's cyclical, and I feel the same way about Lori. (My adopted cousin, who is bipolar, learned as an adult that her birth mother suffered from it as well.)

There's always a good chance that genetics play a part in however a person ends up. Plus, I think Valerie and her brother were both in foster care for a good while before they were adopted. I believe it came out that MTV made it seem like Valerie was always living with her adoptive parents, and she admitted that wasn't the case and they didn't really adopt her until she was in her teens. So who knows how unstable her childhood was? This, combined with possible hereditary mental issues, may have led Valerie to this point.

However, Val is a twenty-one-year-old woman with a young daughter whom she chose to bring into this world and keep. Her possible unstable past doesn't justify beating up her elderly mother or abandoning her daughter. She needs to start getting her shit together for Neveah's sake. I feel the same way towards her like I do towards Kail. At some point, especially when you have kids, you have to grow up, face your issues and do everything in your power to conquer them to the best of your ability. I hope this is Valerie's wake-up call and she is able to do just that and get the help she needs.

By the sounds of it, her childhood was pretty miserable. But I dunno, that would make me be more determined not to do that to my kids. Kinda like Kails determination. Drugs and prostitution for women usually go hand in hand. It's easy money for their fix.

I agree that Val need to get her act together, big time! And I also see what you're saying about her being fostered before adopted. People love to say kids would be better off in foster care, but that system ROUGH. Moving from home to home is damaging to a child, and getting adopted by a foster family is kind of a long shot

This is why I hate it when people say Jace should be given up for adoption. Hr would most likely end up passed from foster home to foster home because most people want to adopt babies, not 6 year olds. He's also old enough to know what's happening and that would make it even worse for him

yes this is where i think karl deserves a compliment. She's bipoluh and still bitchy, but she had a mom with adeekshun, and a deadbeat dad, and now her kids are healthy and happy with a stable home. I hate her diva attitude but kudos to her for being a responsible mother.

Lol first thing Kailyn tweeted this morning was her hate for Valentines. I bet she is such a fun person to be around.

Kail is such a bitch man. She could ruin a wet dream.
Who hates Valentines Day? I usually don't celebrate it myself because of my birthday being so close, but still, to wake up and hate it?
She probably just needs a real good laying. And not from Javi!

I find all the pink decorations a little bit annoying too.

Kail is a buzzkill. Isaac is such a sweetie, I bet he loves Valentines day. He'd love to help her bake cookies or something. He'd probably even like to help her out with her Pinterest "art" that's she's so fond of. Melt some pink and red crayons or whatever.
The lovey-dovey stuff isn't my cup of tea, either. That's why I'm babysitting my friends' kids tonight so they can actually go out (fiance's away). We're going to make cupcakes and consume a lot of sugar. Which is pretty much what my fiancé and I did last year. :)

That sounds fun! Your friends and the kids appreciate it too!
I try to make all these holidays fun for my kids.
I had my son send Valentines to the adults who wouldn't otherwise get one, lIke a lonely hearts club! He got to practice writing his name and made ppl feel good. A win-win!

Yeah, I don't think Valerie was even in foster care until she was a bit older. Then she was fostered, then she was adopted by the family we saw on her episode who had like 13 adopted kids living there, so it was basically a group home. So she wasn't just adopted, she was most likely removed from her home, at an age where she was cognizant of what was happening.

That's rough. Doesn't excuse her lack of involvement with her daughter, but I understand why she's screwed up. She probably has a lot of resentment toward everyone in her life and had no stable role models probably ever, or at least not until it was too late to do any good.

Since I'm stuck at home with a broken foot and basically have no social life, I decided to do a little research on her and this is what I found:


Sure, she's an adult and should get her sh*t together for her sake of her daughter, but maybe her issues are so deep that there's no hope for her. How sad.

Oh my.

Wow. Well.
I wonder if she would have gone down the same road had she been chosen for TM2?
Probably yes.

We share your same adeekshun!

Wow. I Have to wonder if she was sexually abused. A lot of SA victims turn to promiscuity because they think sex=love.

Hope you're healing well! I can relate to the excess time to dawdle on the Internet haha. I broke my ankle in 3 places and got it surgically repaired - a plate and 7 screws plus I broke my 5th metatarsal falling on crutches :S I'm on week 5 of non weight bearing and I have 6 more to go ugh! Off topic bht I just wanted to sympathize!

Wow, did you see the comment from her birth mom?

"i am valeie fairmans birthmmother and i am so shocked that this has happened to the fairmans since all i hear is how much they r great people to be fostering and adopting chosen ones..i am not involved in valeries life but i wish she would let me there,,i cant take the past back but i am here now...i hope she learns from this and makes betterr choices...if i was in her life this andre guy would be casterated..."

Chelsea's Daddy's Money: ouch! I "only" boke my 5th metatarsal and here I am complaining... They say crutches are the spawn of the devil for a very good reason. I hope you get well soon!

My doctor said I don't need crutches anymore after two long months (yay!). But I still need the cast for more 45 days, and considering that I live in Brazil and this is Carnival week, I'm particular depressed. So I'm loking foward to spend a long time here ;)

I feel the same about Jace and Jenelle, there is no hope. Forget about Jenelle, but it's Jace that's in the depressing situation, you can already imagine that he will be just like Andrew.

@Leah MKSKCK (mouthful of a moniker lol) yeah I saw that, from there It wasn't hard to find the moms various social media postings about valerie, the most blaring one was the fb she made for herself where her name is, get this, "Valeries Birthmother"

One of her posts is pretty much blasting Valerie for not being receptive to her; gee ya think? When you're sharing her personal info all over the web and she was taken from you at 6 months of age?

The egg donor does NOT sound like she's working with a full deck herself, and to have Valerie removed from her care so young, it doesnt seem like she lived a straight and narrow life herself.

Putting all of this info together, Valerie was put into the foster care system at 6 months old and wasn't formally adopted until she was 14 or 15. In the home where she was adopted, her "older brother" admitted to molesting a 4 year old and 2 year old in the home. It sounds like from the start, this girl has had a traumatic life and upbringing, and was unable to overcome that for her own daughter. She was doomed almost from birth. I'm tearing up right now this is just so sad to me.

this is sad. valerie obviously has a lot of unresolved trauma in her past which is likely one of the biggest contributing factors to her addiction. And addiction was likely the biggest factor in her 'decision' to turn to prostitution.

i am not a fan of this girl. i recently rewatched her episode and she really bugged me. plus the assault on her adoptive mother. however, she clearly needs a lot of help and i hope that she gets it- for her sake and her daughter's.

And here comes her defence
"she was only doing it to put food in her childs mouth"
She needs help, I hope they try find the root of her problem rather than put her in jail, forget about her, and the process is repeated. She obviously needs a therapist in order to work through the problem that led her here! Only way to "cure" her self destructive behaviour and the only way Neveah can be helped is to see her mother as a normal functioning human instead of the woman she writes letters to in prison.

At least if shes in prison she will be off drugs...

Not always. Most drug addicts choose prison over rehab sentences because it's easier to get drugs into prison. Most prisons have corrupt guards who will smuggle it in, and most rehabs are run by churches. I always figured that's why Amber chose prison over rehab.

Honestly, I wondered that too (about Amber). There's a lot of pain pills getting passed around, either getting smuggled in or traded for favours by prisoners who have a prescription.

Except Amber got clean...

Agreed, my bio dad would always choose prison over rehab, because he could still get drugs in there. And Prison doesn't provide the support addicts need to get clean, their therapists are normally pretty shit.
And it's known that whenever a mother gets caught for prostitution their lawyer will ALWAYS play the "she was having a hard time, her child would have starved if she hadn't, it was out of character and she did it in desperation" ... heard it like a million times before.
See everyone is so quick to jump on the girls for their disgusting behaviour but what made them that way, it's easy for us to say "they have a child and should put them first" and yeah they should but what made them so F'd up? I mean Valerie seemed nice and sweet on her episode and seemed to love her kid so what the heck happened from then till now?

oh hey, now she and Kail are like neighbors.

I'm all seriousness, this is awful. Poor naveah.

In **

As soon as I read Delaware I thought the exact same thing.

Poor Nevaeh, she deserves better than this. Valerie's parents were elderly how are they going to cope with raising a young child. That mug shit is amazing though she's clearly on some heavy drugs at least there's no smug smirk from her

I was just coming on her to post this. NBC 10 posted it on their Facebook.

This is really sad. She seemed really depressed after Neveah was born.

This is sad, and I feel bad for her daughter. She has laid low since her episode and hasn't been a social media attention whore and it seems like she hasn't been involved in good things. I really hope she can turn her life around for herself and her daughter

Sad, I thought her parents were really good to her and she had a lot going for her.
I do remember they got her an expensive private teacher and she did not appreciate that at all. But I can imagine lots of teens want to meet up with friends at school.

This is so sad. It hurts my heart that all these young girls are going down such a dark path and bringing their children along for the ride.

After naming her daughter Nevaeh, who would have thought....

Glad someone also feels this way about that incredibly classy name. So does heaven spelled backwards = hell??

Its even better when they spell it Neveah, that doesn't even make sense.

yeah i actually always see it that way. i first saw the name maybe 5 years ago when it was super popular and i still don't get it.

I remember that stupid girl on Flavor of Love wanted to be called Nevaeh. She had that CD she was trying to hawk.
I know someone who named her kid Nevaeh. She's got 5 other kids by maybe 8 different dudes. Oh, surprise, she's a drug addict.
I hate ppl sometimes. Sorry but I do.

I know a married couple older than me (over 35) that named their daughter Nevaeh, and it's a really sad story. The wife has a sister who had 3 kids, got pregnant, and couldn't take care of the fourth kid. So her sister adopted the baby at birth, and is raising her as her own. So this kid's siblings are now her cousins. Plus, her name is Nevaeh.

Ugh what a mess. Can't say I'm surprised. This reminds me of those after pics of meth/drugs whatever she's on. Her foster parents needed to not have so many damn kids. They were old as hell and obviously could not handle it. I don't know how the state let them do that. It freaks me out that they have custody of vals daughter but then Val herself or Matt for crying out loud can't take care of their own kid. Pathetic. And then i read one of the boys molested a girl there, I mean what kind of crazy shit is going on there? Plus Valerie "having sex a lot." blah blah. I hope they don't get to adopt anymore kids. That house seemed all sorts of fucked up. A bunch of old people taking on a load they can't handle, and idiot kids like Valerie making babies she can't take care of. I think it's great she's in jail. It's the best place she can be right now. And beating her mom on top of it, what a psycho. Her and Jenelle should be buddies.

They looked old, but might not be that old. People keep calling them elderly, but I doubt they'd be approved as foster/adoptive parents if they're over 70. And I never heard about the molestation situation, but that's awful if it's true. And sad for these people, because they probably think they're doing a good thing by giving these troubled kids a good home.

My grandmother used to foster mentally challenged people. She did it until she was 84. After that she was approved by the state to take in a family members child, who was a ward of the state at the time. Luckily it never came down to it, but dang, she couldn't even cook her own meals at that point, but was deemed capable of raising a 3 year old.

Yeah, they don't monitor that shit as much as they should. Her parents seemed like okay people, but that's just too many children to handle, especially if they're troubled (and a lot of kids from foster care will be very troubled). Also, didn't they also have a padlock on their fridge door? I know teenagers especially can figuratively eat you out of house and home, but if money is so tight that that's a literal reality for you, you have too many kids under your care.
If you can't stop your kids from stealing too much food, you've officially lost control as far as I'm concerned. That just seemed shady to me - like they were trying to make money off the kids they fostered. I don't know if that's true in their case, but it does make it seem more like a group home than a real home.
Not excusing Valerie's behaviour at all, I just really think her adoptive parents stretched themselves too thin. And I don't even really know about the molestation allegations between the foster kids under their care.

There's no age cap for fostering. Her dad was a fossil.

I read on The Ashley that Matt is around and wants full custody when he has all his shit together.

I do agree with her being a psycho, and you're SO right she and Jenelle need to be best friends. Weren't they on the same season?

How old is Matt now, it's always been strange to me that no one ever said anything about him having sex with a child when he was clearly older than her. Jenelle, Nikkole and Valerie were all on the same season they should all be best friends

I think she was 16 and he was 20 or 21 wasn't he? What's the law in her state? Surely MTV wouldn't be allowed to show it if it was illegal.

Valerie was one of the youngest girls on the show, she was only 15 when Nevaeh was born. I don't think MTV care about showing things that are illegal, they showed Aym and Karl beating the shit out of their boyfriends and didn't seem to be concerned that it was against the law

Yeah but if she was a child and he an adult, does that not constitute pedophilia? Would MTV REALLY show that? I didn't think she was that young. I'm sure she was 16 almost 17. The youngest was Taylor. She was 14 and then birthed her baby Aubrey (?) at 15.

She was definitely only 15 when Nevaeh was born, she's 21 now and Nevaeh is 6.

And so she was.
Wow. It's so dam young hey. I thought she was older. She looked it.
It's so sad. My daughter has just turned 15 and would NO WAY be able to handle a newborn. Taylor's episode had me in tears so many times. I'm glad she is suceeding in life so far. The odds were so stacked against her. And Valerie too. Who was not so lucky....

Nevaeh is only 5. She was born in september 2009.

They were on the same season but Jenelle got picked for Teen Mom 2 so she has never had to worry about having to prostitute herself. If this was Jenelle she would have used her MTV money to bail out by now and she would probably be up in some rehab in Malibu again compliments of MTV.
Jenelle is a narcissistic braggart who loves social media attention and loves to act like her life is perfect and she's the shit. Even when she was with Courtland she acted like that. Valerie just disappeared and basically gave up on life all together

I agree her and Jenelle are both messed up, but at the same time there is no excuse for Jenelle. Babs may not be the best mom, but Jenelle was never put into foster care. Valerie had the cards stacked against her from the get go, Jenelle just chose to piss off her life.

Man, and my parents treat me like I'm some huge failure because I'm 22 and only have my associate's degree (working on bachelor's though) And that was only because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, so I just got my associates while I figured it out. Unfortunately I live in a really good part of long island, New York, so the people here are always so successful and rich, ugh.
I seriously wonder what my parents would do if I was a Jenelle who constantly got knocked up, arrested, and did hardcore drugs.
I feel so bad for the parents of this girl. I hope her child is well taken care of but this is another case where adoption should have been chosen. These girls are so selfish and stupid.

I have a friend who got pregnant in June her senior year of high school. She slept with some kid she wasn't even remotely attracted to because he kept trying to hook up with her and eventually she just gave in. She got pregnant, and kept the baby. She was supposed to go away to college, and instead stayed home to have her kid. This sounds harsh, but..I mean...why would you want to have the child of a one night stand? I'm not saying abortion or adoption are easy, but this girl had to rearrange her entire life to have this baby with some guy she didn't even want to sleep with once. He's not involved at all. Oh and she's 23 now and just had another baby, with another guy. I don't know the story on him at all, but it's really confusing to me, especially because she came out as a lesbian when she was 20. Yup. Sorry, just had to share.
Don't understand why these girls don't choose adoption more often.

Simple, one word answer. Selfish.

My parents treat me like a failure too, maybe we should show them this article lol

So do mine (while, my dad does). I'm twenty-three with a MSc. in Philosophy from Edinburgh. Didn't want to do a PhD, so I'm working for the year and trying to figure out what to do next. This makes me a huge failure in the eyes of my dad's family, who are all doctors, lawyers or accountants.

Oh my gosh you ladies are quite accomplished!
508 An Associates is a lot better than nothing.
Chelseas My favorite philosopher is Socrates.

I really like Socrates too. Also Merleau-Ponty, Simon de Beauvoir and Levinas. :)
One really cool thing about this blog is how intelligent the vast majority of people here are, almost everyone has really good insights to share, which is not the norm for a reality show blog. Also, I think snark/sarcasm is a higher art form, so that helps. ;)

Not everyone can do snark. It is an art form!
Everyone is accomplished here in one way or another.
Some have great higher degrees, some are aiming for those degrees (myself included); there are no dummies here, that's for sure.
And not just educatIon- wIse, we have common sense, which is a real rarity these days.

I know a girl who slept with a ton of guys in the same week so she could get pregnant for govt. benefits and free college. Some people are just fucked up.

That is absolutely disgusting, and its exactly whats wrong with this world.

I think the more disturbing questio here is why did she feel that the only way to go to afford college was a baby, that to me sounds more fucked up.

it's like some people losing their jobs on purpose, to get government unemployment aid.

My former best friend is in the same boat, same age. Slept with a guy, no condoms involved, got tested for STDs after something showed up on her and found out she was pregnant as well. She wanted my husband and I to adopt the baby, and we were absolutely elated. Even went to an ultrasound with her.

Thankfully we didn't tell anybody other than a few close friends, because in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner she told me over a FUCKING TEXT message that she changed her mind, was moving to her moms across the country, and was getting an abortion. Texted me on Christmas Eve asking if I would still consider adoption. Because she really wants to have a girl. So if she found out the gender was a boy I "could have it". I told her to fuck off.
I mean its her choice and all, but you probably shouldn't tell a couple badly wanting a child and not being able to conceive that you want them to adopt until you are DAMN sure.
Did I mention she told me that she was not telling the father of the child that she was even pregnant??

Don't ask me how these types of people end up in my life. Its been a rough few months. I'm ready for my life to get back to normal.

What a gigantic cunt. You'll get your baby Red. xxx

That poor baby, what is she going to do if she finds out it is a boy. People like that make me sick, how can you care so much about what's between your baby's legs that you would think of giving it away just because its the wrong sex. I hope she ends up with a fourth degree tear from her birth.
I hope you get your baby Red, good luck with your fertility treatments

reminds me of alex. Her friend's mom was a creep, but ugh, make damn sure before you consider adoption. Alex didn't seem to not want the baby, but still she gave people false hope.

Sounds like that "feminist" that aborted because she found out it was a boy. Feminism is about ppl being equal. Guess she didn't get the memo.
We both know some "colorful characters" to say the least Red. Our normalcy attracts the crazies I suppose.

I found a news article with more details on her brother's issues. Sad situation. It sounds to me like he may have abused Nevaeh.

This comment shouldn't have gone to this thread...

I find this very sad and humiliating for her. Sure she was only on TV once but we remember her. Why prostitution? And Another comment I read about the pimping is probably true especially with seven other girls. EW. I met a girl at a party that was trafficked and sold to people that asked I felt SO bad I even tried to call the police but for some reason where I live they need mounds of information on the matter and they did nothing about it :/ to this day I still worry about her because she wasn't allowed any sort of freedom

Anyway more importantly. Poor Nevaeh. That sucks to just not have your mom in your life at all and then she's at the age where she understands more and she can ask questions. How do you explain to a 5 year old that their mom is fucking up? Glad Matt's around at least hopefully he's changed his tune since we last saw him.

A 5 year old knows. Kids are so perceptive, even if they don't understand it.

I'm just saying it now, she is more than likely using heroin. Prescription pain pill addictions often go this way, especially in someone so young. Prostitution isn't exactly something one just turns to, unless they're insanely desperate of dopesick. Plus.....that picture though....

Honestly my heart breaks for her and especially her little girl. What a horrible situation to be in... the whole thing is a mess and it doesnt seem like Valerie is going to come out of it anytime soon. Now the cycle just continues with her daughter.

I just want to see a graph or pie chart of all the 16&P arrests and the ones that lost custody of their kids. It feels like there are more that have been arrested than haven't...

This makes me terribly sad. It's insane that being on television for 45 minutes six years ago gives TMZ license to plaster the internet with your darkest and most humiliating moments. That now your shame is immortalized for $3000 from MTV. The foster care system is so hard for children to cope with, it's sad that Valerie became a victim of her turbulent upbringing.I hope she manages to find herself again. Poor Nevaeh.

I saw Lekota(Matt from TM3's girlfriend) write on twitter "Just read about Valerie Fairman, so sad." or something along those lines. Given her addiction to prescription pills that was made public, I thought I was going to come here and see that she was dead from an overdose. So I'm semi relieved to see this instead.

I'm not GLAD she was arrested for prostitution, but I'd rather her be arrested for prostitution as opposed to being dead. Hope she gets her life together.

Trying to look relevant Lakota?

I think death is the logical next step after depression and drug addiction.
She is not cut out for the street life.
I hope she gets her life together because she always one of my favorite girls.

matt? the same guy on heroin who i heard still doesn't have a job or see his daughter? kettle meet black.

Oh, Valerie. I know the odds were stacked against her from a very early age, but I hoped she would make it. In her episode she was clearly living in a fantasy world where she would somehow be able to give her child a great life and be able to go back to her high school and have friends and Matt. A lot of these girls really don't understand what they've gotten themselves into until their lives are completely out of control.

The Ashley's article says she contracted Hepatitis C. This is so disappointing.

My niece has hepatitis C. She contracted it after picking her junkie mothers, boyfriends needle up and spiking herself with it. She was only 7/8 at the time and is now 22 and has to be really mindful of what she eats/drinks to preserve her kidneys or liver (I can't remember which it affects) because she's contracted it so young in life there's a good chance she will need a transplant in her 30s. It's so sad and disgusting.

Oh my. That's horrid.
I knew a man with Hep C. He had to wear body makeup to counteract the yellowing.

It's liver. The prefix hep refers to liver in anything medical. Kidneys are nephro.

Not to be confused with nympho- which is a condition Jenelle has.

Not to be confused with necro- which is a condition Farrah has.

Nymphomania : excessive sexual desire by a female.
Necrophilia: sexual attraction to corpses.

NewDay. Farrah just has to take what she can get. And she can only get the dead. Unless she pays. Cough*James Deen*cough

jenelle is too lazy to be a nympho.

Yeah liver. I remember now because she's really cautious and won't even drink alcohol because of the damage it can do. It's so sad. She's a great young woman and has had such a shitty upbringing. She's working dam hard to make sure her life is nothing like her mothers was so that's a good thing.

I realize that I may get down voted for this but, my heart really breaks for her, and her daughter both. I don't want to get super personal, especially because I've only posted here a few time, but I was really bad into dope, prescription pain pills, etc. I never went out of my way to make sure my life ended up that way, but I had a lot of childhood trauma that was never processed and from a very early age was always looking for the next thing to "numb" the pain. Getting off of any of that is hands down the most difficult thing I have ever done, and it isn't uncommon for multiple times in rehab to be the norm before it actually sticks. I never got to this point, but I had several friends and did and it was just so sad to watch.

I consider myself lucky, I have a beautiful six year old, and just recently found out I'm expecting again. Those days are far behind me, but I'd be lying if I said some days weren't harder than others. These girls on 16&P and Teen Mom boasting about their sobriety with no mention of a program (NA, AA, etc) are not going to last. My heart breaks for all of the innocent children involved in this franchise.

sorry about the super long story.

And by get to this point I meant the prostitution.

Sorry about the typos...its late, I'm on my phone.

Thanks for sharing KayeKaye. Addiction is a living nightmare. I've watched family and friends suffer through it and the ones who win are a lot fewer than the losers. Congratulations on your strength to get out of that dark place. I hope your life keeps getting better and better :)

Thank you, I really appreciate that. It's such a dark place, and not everyone understands addiction. I really just hope that she can find the help she needs. Unfortunately, you have to want it to be sober and stay sober. Having kids obviously won't keep you sober.

KayeKaye I want to give you a hug and tell you that it takes an extreme amount of strength to face an addiction. You get up every single day and make the choice to not use drugs to escape childhood trauma. You have an immense amount of courage and determination to stay sober. Your 6 year old and unborn baby will benefit greatly from their mommy being sober. If you realize it or not, you are making the decision to spare your children from their own childhood trauma. I may be a stranger to you but I am proud of you and you should be very proud of yourself.

Your sobriety is the greatest gift and most important lesson that will ever be given to your kids. I have nursed many babies through withdrawal and it is a heart-crushing thing. On the really tough days remember every day something vital is growing in your unborn baby and sobriety is essential for him. Thank-you for sharing your story and I so happy for you and your kids, I wish you the best. Believe in yourself, you can do it!

If you feel ready to read a powerful story about addiction, here is one: http://rosie.com/russell-brand-on-addiction/

New day, the thought of a baby going through that breaks my heart

Yes, it breaks mine too, every single time and it never gets easier. You are watching a new, precious, tiny baby violently shake, seizure, tremor, have profuse amounts of diarrhea, vomit, sweat profusely, thrashing around and being unable to comfort them in any way and they are in such pain. This can go on for days, weeks and even months and they often have a high piercing shrill cry that is like nails on a chalkboard. Bloody soul-crushing :( But I love them so much :)

This comment made me tear up, thank you. It's not an easy road but, its worth it in the end knowing I can be there for my child, and baby to be.

I have been a lurker of the comments here for a long time, thank you for making me feel welcome. A lot of times when I'm having a bad day I'll just zone out and check this site to get my mind off of things. You girls are really great.

I don't know you, but I'm proud of you. :o)

Not related to this post but Jenelles Instagram posts - doesn't count hun if you bought them yourself with your own *cough*MTV*cough* money.
To jenelle.
Love Jenelle.

all of her jewelry she picks out so is ugly!!!!!!!!!! key words she picks out. for herself.

pity money can't buy you taste

How sad that her life led to this.

I gotta say, this shocked me. She always seemed kind of "rough around the edges", but I never thought she'd go THIS far down the hole. Prostitution is sad. I read somewhere that she caught Hep C and after that she just gave up...

This doesnt surprise me at all, i'm from delaware and previously struggled with addiction and ive come in contact with this girl a couple times. She was a mess, and i cant remember exactly when her baby was born but im pretty sure it was after she already had her baby. As i recall her and her BD were from Oxford, and he left to go "work" in Wilmington. but they were buying pills from people I knew. Its such a shame, after I changed my life i havent seen her, but she definitely is caught up in allll the wrong things.