It's Back: 16 & Pregnant Season 6 In The Works


I know that we all have mixed feelings about this one, so I'm going to try and stick to the facts at first, and then I'll address rumors that I've heard at the end.

To say it bluntly, MTV has posted a casting call for a 6th installment of their documentary series 16 & Pregnant.

This show has created a lot of controversy for glamorizing teenaage pregnancy, but it's boomed into a huge franchise as well.

With three Teen Mom spinoff shows coming out of 16 & Pregnant over the seasons, it's hard to deny that MTV is making bank off of these teenage girls in situations that are upsetting to some viewers.

Last season of 16 & Pregnant was hit or miss for several viewers, and we've been told that the girls were becoming increasingly hard to work with due to MTV casting girls who had frequently watched Teen Mom growing up.

If you think about it, the girls that they are planning to cast for the 6th season of 16 & Pregnant probably shouldn't have been up at 9:00 to watch Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, Catelynn Lowell, and Farrah Abraham grace our screens in the premiere of Teen Mom.

Moving on, the new installment of 16 & Pregnant has been rumored for a while, but now that MTV has posted an official casting call, I can dish on things that I've heard were going to happen this season that are slightly different than seasons in the past.

For starters, I've been told that MTV will be filming these girls for a longer period of time.

One of the many complaints about 16 & Pregnant is that the girls are filmed for a 5 month period of time and viewers are unable to really see how the girls struggle with education and a social life after their baby is born.

Rumor has it that MTV might follow the teens for 9 or more months this time around to be sure to catch these things.

Payment might be changing. While the girls will be reimbursed for their time on screen, it's likely that payment is going to change this time around.

Rumor has it that Maddy Godsey from season 5 wasn't paid the normal $5000 because she was difficult to work with and because her town outlawed her from filming in a variety of places.

The new season 6 girls are likely to get paid less than any season before, because MTV is working to change the viewpoint that this show makes girls with poor decision making skills into overnight celebrities with one 60 minute show.

Last but not least is casting.

MTV is allegedly going to be casting girls in terrible situations this year, and there's a chance that we might see storylines that are completely unique to the franchise.

MTV is reportedly planning on pairing up with hospitals around the country to try and have them recommend young girls for the show.

The new season of 16 & Pregnant will likely follow 12 girls, much like the last season did.

We're planning for at least one season of Teen Mom and one season of Teen Mom 2 to air before this new crop of girls is on our screens, which would mean you might not see them until late 2015 or early 2016.

There is already a Facebook page set up for the new group of girls.

The page will keep viewers updated on who the new girls are, and as the world finds out who our newest teenage starlets are, the page will post information and pictures to help fans gain information before the show officially airs.

16 & Pregnant season 5's "Where Are They Now?" special is all ready for television viewing, and will be shown on MTV on January 4th at 8/7 Central time. I'll be posting updates about those girls in the next couple of days.


I know it's not a popular opinion, but there's not much about this franchise I don't like. I'm excited to get a new season. It's hialrious. More hilarity like storyin', King Showers, drugs tests in restaurants, mothers having panic attacks, extra kids, the list is never ending! It's pure entertainment. And this season sounds even better!
Thanks MTV! I'm excited.

I need more king showers. I miss King Maurice already.

I think we all do

*sadly makes it rain on myself with quarters*

And roach cribs sold by pirates!

How could I forget!

"MTV is allegedly going to be casting girls in terrible situations this year, and there’s a chance that we might see storylines that are completely unique to the franchise"

Well the ones we saw from season 5 had it pretty rough. I just hope they don't select idiots like Autumn and Millina again, the ones who already went through other pregnancies before filming.

Seriously, do these girls really learn from their mistakes? I say half of these girls kept popping out other babies or had second, third pregnancies after they film, after they sit in front of the camera looking devastated and begging viewers to learn from them. But yeah, MTV can't predict which girl will become a monster and which one will actually grow up.

SHit they werepretty terrible to begin with. They are talking about going to hospitals? Yikes...sometimes this damn show is depressing but I do love it. Although last season of 16 and pregnant got REALLY boring. The last two episodes I was pretty bored

Seriously. Millina had an abortion when she was 14, then they filmed her second pregnancy. AFTER the pregnancy/baby we saw on her episode, she got pregnant AGAIN. Lost it in a miscarriage. It's so ridiculous these girls don't learn from their past. Also, I'm 24 years old and I've never been pregnant. I don't know why its so hard for so many of these girls to not get pregnant.

I actually really like 16 & Pregnant. It shares their story without helping most of the girls out too much long term. I do think it would be nice if MTV did their homework on each girl since it seemed like season 5 had so many who had been pregnant before. It really makes it look like they were trying to get on MTV. At the very least, MTV could have the girls acknowledge their previous pregnancies instead of pretending they never happened, although ideally they'd spend the time finding girls with true accidental first pregnancies.
I agree with Javi's Miley Addiction, I thought the girls from season 5 had things pretty rough, especially compared to other seasons. I hope by terrible situations they don't mean victims of sexual assault or someone who suffers a stillbirth (not that those are generally known about too far ahead of time). It'd be a shame to see someone so young have their pain exploited by MTV. I know the girls make the decision to apply, but I don't think they truly understand the lasting effects at that age.
I didn't hear about MTV not paying Maddy the standard rate! Interesting.

Glad to hear that about Maddy. She was a little cunt.

Yeah, no shit, I don't think I could watch an episode where a girl gave birth to a child who was a product of rape/assualt. Maybe that's just me, but I think that's more than even a full-grown adult can handle a lot of times.

I've never had a big issue with 16&P as a show because it was pretty realistic for reality TV. Still, it is pretty disturbing to think about how these new girls will have been pre-teens when the franchise first started! Interesting casting angle though. Maybe MTV is trying to avoid the girls who got pregnant just to be on the show.

That's definitely my main issue... Rewarding the idiots who got knocked up to be on MTV, they don't deserve any celebrity or money.

If they continue at this rate, by "season 8" they'll be casting girls who never saw a lick of the 90s, born in 2000 and even 2001. Tthats so disturbing to me. When season 1 was on, these girls were like what, 10 or 11? Gosh its just so mindboggling to me, its like I get the mechanics of it but I just dont get little girls making that same mistake over and over.

Yea lol and its kind of a bad argument to make that 16 and preg is helping people when they are still recruiting girls

BUT I will say teen pregnancy is kind of a thing thats gonna happen no matter what so we might as well watch lol

Haha I love your logic! If it's going to happen anyways, we might as well enjoy it!

Lol I was just watching Clueless and Cher talking about violence in the media, and saying "so until mankind is nice to one another, there is no point in taking away violent shows that have entertainment value! Thank you!" :)

I've always enjoyed 16 & Pregnant. I like watching a brief snapshot of their lives, as opposed to seeing the years of repeat bad-decision making that is the Teen Mom series. (Though I do also like to watch that too, on account of the train-wreckery.) It's just a different kind of feel. While I would never grant MTV the pregnancy-prevention powers that they claim, at the end of an 16 & Pregnant episode, I usually think about how hard it would be to be in that situation. At the end of a Teen Mom 1 or 2 episode, I usually wonder about how everyone always has new cars/dogs/best friends.

Damn...I would've been 2 when the shows syarted.. Now I'm old enough to be in their situations (18 in a few weeks!). This definitely wasn't a show I was watching when it came out, so it'll be different watching girls who are my own age, or even younger. Autumn from the last season is a few days older than me, and that is crazy!

Did you mean 12? haha

I swear...typing on my phone kills me. I typed 11, then remembered when it started and changed it to 12...guess it deleted both 1's though!

It's all good. I have no idea why the thumbs down. how DARE you make a typo!

Right? Lamo. Normally I proof read,and I guess I missed it. No biggie. I rarely comment on here anyway.

I've always preferred 16&P, because to me it's more realistic than the TM series. The TM girls have their piles of MTV money to fall back on. We get to see a better portrait of teen parenting on 16&P, both during the episode and after, via social media. My hope is that they don't edit these stories to death, as they did with Milina. I don't necessarily need happy endings.

It'll be good to see them follow the girls for a longer period. Almost like when we were saying they should do one season of Teen Mom and that's it.

[…] Mom Junkies also reported on the upcoming sixth season of the show and revealed some rumors about the new season. According to the site, MTV may follow […]

Not gonna lie, I'm looking forward to this more than the return of the original "Teen Mom"

Same here! The original girls are WAY too old to be filming teen mom. They will still be filming when Bentley is old enough to get some chick pregnant. That ship has sailed. Move onto to improving 16 and pregnant.

Or, if they're really desperate, making a decent Teen Mom 4.

Yea totally agreed. Oh gosh what if Bintlay is on the show as a teen dad. WOn't be surprised. Lots goes down at the tree house.

Men, I can take or leave "16 and Pregnant". I only genuinely liked maybe a couple of girls from Season 5 (Aleah, the diabetic girl who was raising her boyfriend's son is the only one I like whom I can remember off the top of my head). I love that Maddy didn't get paid the usual rate. I wonder if it was also because MTV was pissed that she obviously got pregnant on purpose. I mean, really, who the fuck has unprotected sex with a guy you only knew for an hour and then decide to parent the resultant child while you're still in high school? That's so just crazy to me, and it's clear Maddy wanted to be a teen mom for whatever reason. She just loves the attention.

But, yeah, I'll probably watch Season 6. I hope they don't go crazy with the editing this time and feature girls who actually didn't have multiple pregnancies (and if they did, acknowledge those pregnancies and why they weren't carried to term). It'll make the show feel realistic for a change.

Yeah last season sucked ass. I still will watch it of course lol.

I was 21 when 16&p came out and it scared the hell out of me to have an unplanned pregnancy. Now Im getting married and parenting still scares me.

Just a random thought.

16 & Pregnant debuted on June 11, 2009. That was two days before my 16th birthday. I was watching a rerun of the first episode in the common room of my house on the day of my birthday. My mother came in the room to see what I was doing. She look at the tv, then at me and then back at the tv. She then stepped closer to me, towering over me on the couch and in the most stern and kinda scary voice she said, "Don't you fucking dare." lol!

Merry Christmas to us?

But seriously, I'm glad that MTV is at least "trying" to change their cash cow.

What I don't understand is why they don't set up trust funds or college funds for the kids featured on the show. I mean, wouldn't it be a PR boost and something nice to do as well? I mean, might as well try to attempt a break in the cycle of teenage pregnancies...

Anyway! I hope you all have a happy holiday :)

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

I have to say I"m all for 16 and pregnant, but as much as I love TM TM2 those do TRULY glamorize teen pregnancy. I don't think 16 and pregnant does though. I knew they didn't make that much money. Wonder what worse situations they'll use...being homeless was ppretty bad and lots of the kids last season had drunk/druggy parents. Curious if they'll show anything about a stillbirth like someone else said...and they say they're "recruiting" girls from hospitals...interesting. Lol you know what I'd like to see? An Asian girl on 16 and pregnant, but you WON'T. And I'm a white girl saying that lol. Also they never REALLY had a super religious girl besides the girl who had cleft lip, like I'd want to see a superrrr strict Muslim family. The Christian girl getting pregnant is played out, and Karly being Mormon didn't really make a shit of a difference. Damn or what if we saw a girl younger than 16, (not that I'd want to), and I'm not talking 15 I'm talking like 12, 13, 14. I mean it happens....I wouldn't WANT TO see it, but shit would be crazy. OR one where the girl is 16 and the guy is wayyyy older like 30's and the dad tries to kill him or something. I watch too many dramas on TV lol. I wonder when they'll stop making this show, it obviously stilld oes well but I didn't even think last season did that great.

I read somewhere that Allie "Whoelsome" Mendoza is half Filipino. I'm not sure if that's true at all, but if it is then she's half Asian

Many people from Eastern cultures still have this awesome thing called shame that prevents them from participating in bullshit like this.

Amen. Thumbs down is from a whore lol. Fine. I'd like to see a Chinese Vietnamese Japanese person. Nope you won't ever!

I grew up in an area with lots of Asians from the South, East, and Southeast and I recall many "full" Filipinas and Vietnamese girls getting pregnant right alongside their white, black, and latina counterparts in high school. I will say that a heavy dose of shame is what keeps them from going to TV though; people acknowledge it happens but no one wants their private shame played out on camera.

Yea maybe it happens more than I think and they just don't want to be on TV. But stats don't lie, you rarely freaking see it.. Looks like it goes Hispanic, Black, White. Asian isn't even on there lmfao. Seems pretty accurate.

Yeah where I live there's a lot of Hmong and Cambodian people - teen pregnancy is super common in their communities, along with marrying super young. Southeast Asian culture is pretty distinct from the more northern countries in East Asia. It's interesting stuff.

When I first saw the 16&P season 2 trailer I thought Corey was super old and was all judgmental lol! I always suspected that Farrah's baby daddy was older too, until it came out that he'd croaked. Since dating a much older boyfriend is a significant factor in teen pregnancy risk, I always wanted to see that scenario depicted on the show.

Yeah, I heard that Allie's dad is Filipino. Ashley Salazar is also half-Filipino, I believe, on her mom's side. She doesn't look it at all, but her mom, uncle, sister and cousin all look Filipino.

Ashley, really? That's interesting! Never would have guessed that.

Maybe Autumn could find them a pregnant 12yo who mows lawns for her baby. I think Taylor and Izabella were both 14 at thr start of their pregnancies so it wouldn't be anything new. I'm not sure I would be able to watch a stillbirth episode either, I think it would be too sad

Yes Taylor was like 14, I remember that she has been the youngest person cast so far.

I would actually like to see an episode about stillbirth and how it really impacts the teen as I can't comprehend how that would feel (especially when the pregnancy was unwanted in the first place). Of course there's no way for MTV to know that'll happen ahead of time.

I knew a girl who was a couple of months away from her due date who had a stillbirth. She was 16 and it was super sad for her whole family. Her older sister ended up pregnant with her fifth kid a few months later and the teen girl threw the baby shower for her. I felt really bad when I aaw her at it because that had to have been so difficult to do after losing your own baby.

Newest installment of thots. ;D

You guys, today I took a picture of my boyfriend where he looked really light because of the flash. I thought it looked funny, so I sent it to my best friend who is also his cousin. Her response? "Lol his mustache on fleek tho!" It made me think of you guys haha

I must say, I remmeber being a senior in high school and watching Maci and Jenelle. The way they portrayed the moms then is a lot different than they do now. To me, that first season seemed so much more realistic. Now it's hard to determine if it's just a sick joke, are people truly as trashy as what we have seen? I like the shows, they are entertaining, but I think they quit serving their purpose about 4-5 seasons ago. Now it's just girls hoping for their 15 mins of fame and possibly a shot at teen mom.

It seems more like they used to focus more on how the pregnancy/new baby strained relationships and made it extra hard to get along with everyone. Now it seems like they focus on already disfunctional families/relationships and watch how the newborn makes it worse.

So I guess this is MTV's Christmas gift to us? I'll take it!

So I think it's safe to assume that since they're getting even less money, these girls are just thirsty for MTV fame. Perhaps I'm a douche, but I'm ecstatic. Let the storm rage on, ladies.

Mehh I won't be watching. The people I like are never picked for TM. I never even got much into TM1. For some reason I like TM2 best and could have watched TM3 if it wasn't with Katie and the loud yelling girl...I forget her name now.

Oh yuck I'm so agains tthere being another teen mom. 1 and 2 AND 3 was enough. I don't like how much the tm girls get paid and last season there were no girls I really gave a fuck about seeing.

"MTV is allegedly going to be casting girls in terrible situations this year, and there’s a chance that we might see storylines that are completely unique to the franchise. MTV is reportedly planning on pairing up with hospitals around the country to try and have them recommend young girls for the show."

Am i the only one that thinks this sounds quite f*cked up ? If hospitals have any respect and morals they won't recommend any girl that they've come across...MTV's so called attempt to do it for educational purposes while the whole idea reeks of "Anything for ratings"

I might get thumbs down for this but they should show an episode where a girl conceived a baby by rape, because it will show other teens that not every girl get pregnant by consensual sex, they should also finally show a girl who is pregnant for the second time and show them parenting two kids in different stages of life at the same time, a baby of that is a product of satutory rape, to show the hardships of rising a child because the parents might not be legal able to rise together, and having a girl who has a disability( like down syndrome and autism, not cleft lip) I read some where that mtv filmed Mackenzie's first pregnancy for season 3 but scrap it when she had miscarried, I wish they would have still filmed it and show it at least for a special because that would scare the hell out of a teen girl.

The issue I have with that is that I don't think MTV is the best network to handle such a delicate situation, especially when someone who isn't a legal adult is involved. Yes, it would scare girls and those situations are a reality, but they lump them together with trashy girls like Jordan and I think the point would get lost. It would also take a special kind of girl to agree to them filming and showing such a tough time in her life while opening herself up to so much criticism. I don't know that there are many people out there who would be willing to do that. Can you imagine going through something so difficult, hearing the hateful comments you know people will spew (I'm imagining a lot of "You deserved to lose that baby because you had sex out of wedlock" type things or the comments that were made about Ali), then being recognized all the time because of it? I know it's been said a lot on here that 16&P/Teen Mom seems to have made it hard for Catelynn and Tyler to move on from Carly's adoption and I think the same thing would happen in a stillbirth situation.
It would be interesting if they showed a girl who was on her second pregnancy and parenting both kids, but I don't know if they would since that goes against their teen pregnancy is bad, don't have sex thing.

Agreed. I graduated HS about 7 years ago and we had very low teen pregnancy rates for such a big school. It was a huge shock when a very reserved, quiet girl was suddenly taken out of school and came back a couple years later. It turned out she had been raped by a family member and kept the child, although I think the child was being raised by the girls mom, as the girls sister. The girl very rarely spoke of any of it, and I know she had a tough life. That is something that is very real, happens more often than people think, and would be very educational for impressionable girls.

[…] Teen Mom Junkies reports that there may be some changes for Season 6. For starters, the MTV cameras may be following the girls for nine or more months instead of the usual five to better document the impact of having a child so young on these teens’ lives. […]

[…] Teen Mom Junkies reports that there may be some changes for Season 6. For starters, the MTV cameras may be following the girls for nine or more months instead of the usual five to better document the impact of having a child so young on these teens’ lives. […]

[…] to Teen Mom Junkies there are reports that there will be several changes for Season 6. For instance, MTV producers will […]

[…] will be filming these girls for a longer period of time,” Teen Mom Junkies reported last month. “One of the many complaints about 16 & Pregnant is that the girls are filmed […]