16 & Pregnant Season 5: Savannah Mooney Recap

16 & pregnant


Savannah is a high school senior from Saint Joseph, Missouri. She's been dealing with a lot while she's growing up.

Her dad isn't around, and her mom is an alcoholic. The only time she felt stable was when she was with her boyfriend, Stone. Sadly, she and Stone broke up, but not before Savannah ended up pregnant.

Savannah is trying to remain friends with Stone throughout her pregnancy and realizes that these two are stuck together for the rest of their lives because they're having a kid together. Things seem to be pretty relaxed between them for the most part, but Stone has his moments. Stone voices his opinion on Savannah's mother a lot, which makes Savannah unhappy. She's nervous for Stone to be at the baby shower because all of her family will be there, and his family will be there too. The mixture of these people can cause some drama, which Savannah isn't looking forward to.

Things seem to be going fine until Savannah's grandma chimes in with her opinion on the name that Stone wants to call the baby. Stone's name choice is "Talon" which is apparently a kind of car.

Savannah doesn't like the name, but she hasn't bashed it to his face either. Grandma chimes in saying how dumb the name is, and Stone walks out. Savannah fights back tears, but finishes the baby shower anyway.

That night, Stone was supposed to help Savannah set up things for the baby, but instead he goes out with his friend and hits on some girls. The next morning, there are pictures of a girl draped across the back of Stone's car, and Savannah is really upset.

Even though they aren't together, Savannah feels like Stone is being disrespectful to her and not treating her correctly.

When Savannah confronts Stone about things, he blows her off and is very short with his answers. Savannah goes into the house and is obviously upset about the whole thing.

In order to have a little fun before the baby comes, Savannah goes out with some friends to play laser tag. She's smiling and enjoying being around friends, and there's even this guy named Taylor there who says he likes her.

Savannah and Taylor stay up all night texting, but when Savannah asks where he sees things going, he says that he doesn't want to start anything right now because when Savannah has the baby it would complicate things in a relationship a lot.

Savannah does the logical thing, and runs back to Stone, where she apologizes for always being mean to him, and says that she really needs his help. Stone apologizes too, and things seem to be back on the right track.

Even though things with Savannah's mother have been going well, one night she doesn't come home until like 6 in the morning, and Savannah can tell that she's been drinking.

Savannah's mother is rude when she's drinking, and before Savannah's got the chance to even talk to her about it, Savannah is scheduled to be induced.

Labor doesn't look like much fun, but Stone is there and helps Savannah through the whole thing.

They even awkwardly exchange "I love you's" at one point, which makes us think that things are turning around for these guys.

Once the baby boy is born, the couple still hasn't agreed on a name for him, but after some thought they decide to name him Rowan James.


Once Rowan is born, things between Stone and Savannah seem to just keep getting better. They're working together to coparent this little guy, and Savannah is able to go see her friends once while Stone's mom watches the baby.

Things take a turn for the worst when Savannah's mom goes out drinking one night and comes home really drunk.

She's not making any sense, and Savannah is worried that her mom won't be taking care of her little brother, Ben.

Savannah says she's going to take Ben with her to Stone's house for the night, but her mom objects, so Savannah calls the police.

The police show up, and Stone is there to help Savannah with the baby. Eventually Savannah's mom allows her to take Ben with her, but there's still a lot of drama around the whole situation.

Savannah talks to Stone about the problems, and Stone is concerned that Rowan will have to grow up around an alcoholic grandma since Savannah lives with her mom.

Savannah continues to stick up for her mom and hopes that she can get stuff together to be a better mom and grandma. At the end of the episode, Savannah's mom is looking into going to some Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Since filming ended, Savannah and Stone are no longer together. Savannah has another boyfriend who also has a child of his own. Savannah's mother still struggles with addiction problems, but we don't know much more than that.

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Thank God they did not name that child Talon in general, but especially after a crappy car. After watching Dayton (at least it wasn't another Peyton) CA$$$H, I don't think I could have handled another ridiculous name. Rowan on the other hand, is actually a really good name imo.

As far as the couple, I was expecting another deadbeat dad from the way Stone was acting in the beginning but was quite impressed with the way he turned that around once the baby was born. He is one of a sadly small number of 16&p dads that actually became MORE supportive after the birth of their child, not only of the baby but of the mother as well. I only hope Savannah can get herself and her baby and even her brother out of her mom's house soon. You can look up AA meetings for her all you want, but she has to be the one to want to change and it seems like she doesn't want to.

On a related note, this whole season has been rife with not only non-supportive baby daddies, but non-supportive and addict parents with not a single girl even discussing the option of adoption (as far as I can remember) even though more than a few of these girls would probably have been much better off choosing that route. Very sad.

Yes! It was shocking to me how adoption never came up as an option. To these girls it seems like they either talk about abortion or parenting. Jordan, especially comes to mind. They didn't have a stable place to live but yet adoption never crossed her mind? I don't understand. Is this the first season without an adoption story?

No, there hasn't been an adoption since season 2b. There were discussions about it on 3 and 4 (Alex and Taylor, that I recall) but only Catelynn (1), Lori (2a), and Ashley (2b) went through adoptions.

You're forgetting the most memorable adoption of all: Jace. Adoption is just a glorified word for giving up custody of your child. Whether it be by choice or forced is a moot point to me. Christ, those 3 have probably invested more time and money into their biological children than Jenelle has.

Yes, Jordan especially! I was like jumping out of my chair during her episode for her friend or ANYONE to suggest adoption to her. I mean they were HOMELESS for pete's sake and struggling to feed themselves. How did adoption not even come up in conversation?

I guess it isn't that weird to me because I never considered it either. When I got pregnant at 19, I strongly considered abortion, but adoption was never even on the table and I decided to parent ultimately.

I could not give my child to a random couple I don't know. I would never have forgiven myself, especially if something had happened and he ended up having a shitty life anyway. It doesn't shock me at all when people don't consider it.

It isn't a "random couple." It's a couple who have been verified by the state multiple times, often have a strong faith, and can't have children themselves. It shocks me when people DON'T consider it, because there are people in the world who can't have children but would love, support, and value them more than teenage parents.

Oh my lord. At first I kept thinking, "MTV is not going to show her mom being drunk and stuff..." And then they did. Oh it was so sad. Often, I think people are too quick to call the cops when I see it go down on MTV, but this was the exception. I'm so glad she had the presence of mind to take her little brother away from that situation as well. Those poor kids. I really hope their mom gets the help she needs, for her own sake and theirs.

Other than that, I'm very glad she stuck to her guns on not naming her kid after a car, and over all I thought these two seemed like decent parents, who had their kid's best interest in mind as opposed to fighting over him due to whatever romantic relationship turmoil they had going on.

She realized her little brother is living and growing up in the exact situation she did and I think she was much more sensitive to it once she had her child. I feel awful for her because she grew up that way and often saw her mom sober so she loves her.

I really liked Savannah. I don't know what it is like to deal with a family member struggling with addiction, let alone my own mother. My heart broke for her and her brother, no child should have to grow up like that. Stone seemed like he was going to be a complete ass in the beginning, but he did seem to step up in the end. I would love to see more of her story on a Teen Mom 4, especially since she is now dating someone who also has a kid.

Agreed. My favorite girl from the season. Maybe one of my favorites ever. Easily top 5. Even though they weren't together, it was just innocent immaturity and they cared about each other at the end of the day, but they were mature enough to know they don't have to be together just because they're getting along. They can be there as friends for each other without being a couple.

Did anyone else hear Stone call Rowan 'row boat'? I laughed pretty hard. I was pretty disappointed that these two didn't work things out in their relationship.

I think the only reason they couldn't work things out is because she still has hope for her mom. He's more realistic and pissed that her mom keeps screwing over everyone.

I thought this girl was incredibly mature in a tough situation. Especially considering the immaturity of Jordan in last weeks episode. It's always nice to see them get their sh*t together and put their kids first.


Yay, the first episode where all of the passengers/driver are wearing seat belts:)
Did anyone else notice Stone's "Kum&Go" hat? And his Jack Black look-a-like stoner friend. "Huh Huh, she gave me the Do Me eyes Huh Huh."
Episodes like this make me so sad, though. It is a miracle the girls are ONLY getting pregnant, rather than getting heavy into drugs etc. It seems like they are the parents/voice of reason to their parents. These Mom's have all been hot messes, and the Dad's are for the most part MIA.
Poor girls, and poor Ben:(

Haha yes, I noticed that hat too! I couldn't wait to come on here and see all the comments about his friend Robbie, he seemed perma stoned

I couldn't even begin to process the phenomenon that was the friend Robbie.

Haha Kum&go is a chain of gas stations in Arkansas and Missouri (possibly other places too). I remember the first time I saw one I was just like "Whyyy would they spell it like that?!" The gas station employees wear button down shirts and ties.

Ha ha ha no way. A gas station named Kum and Go?

Yesss, and its amazing. We have one in town, so Jeremys Blank Look, they are well beyond AK and MO (I hope I'm not coming off rude, I'm really not trying to be!) We have many in Oklahoma, I think its a Midwest chain, but I can remember seeing them while driving from OK to NJ.

Alternate names:

-Jizz and Jet
-ejaculate and evacuate
-shoot and scoot

The name always cracks me up.

squirt & skedaddle

Skeet and Split

Up north it could be called Splooge and Luge.

cream & flee
pop & take off
bust one & beat it

Use a condom - no one on this show

Miss Emily, not rude at all, I like learning useless knowledge. I saw my first one in Little Rock when I moved to AR a couple years back. I do like them but they don't compare to Bucees or Texas Best gas stations :( I miss Texas

We have them in Wyoming... I'm not from here originally and laughed till it hurt when I first saw a Kum & Go. I call them the "one night stand express".

Jeremy's Blank Look, high five fellow Arkansan!

oh my god I am absolutely snorting at all these alternate names

LeahsSatanDoll -

Those are really great. I thought of the following:

-Skeet and Beat
-Load of Choad, Then the Road
-Geyser of Kaiser (South Carolina locations only)
-Ejaculate Semen and then Leave
-Baby Batter and Skeedaddle
-Baby Gravy then find the Navy
=Serve the Goo, sayin' See You

And finally, one for Tyler Baltierra:

[None are as good as yours]

Scrotum Load Then the Road

Sorry, I can't stop. Some more for Tyler:

-In Yer Out Door, Hope' yer Stretched not Tore

-Wrong Hole was the Goal

[I know - I'm kind of reaching for it on these, but for the final one, I am throwing away any kind of structure or rhyming and just going for the realism of something Tyler has probably heard before]

-Boy, Wipe that Semen Off Your Ass Ho', 'fore you go


-Hurry Up N' Come in my Ass Or Catelynn Might Catch Us 'NLess We're Fast

If you miss Kum and Go, don't go to the east coast and get Wawa...it's been a year since i visited, and I still miss it.


See..this is why I fucking love this site! I haven't laughed this hard in ages..these names you guys came up with..TOO MUCH! I fucking love you all!

Ha ga totally Jack Black with a ponytail and unibrow

And the crazy eyes. Honestly they seemed hilarious I'd hang out with them. (but neverrrrrrrr date them LOL)

My brother's best friend since childhood is essentially Robbie. My brother has his life a little more together than Stone (and Robbie, I assume) but they are they same super oddball, can't take anything serious, live in the moment, loveable losers type of people. They're so weird and I would never date them in a million years whether he was my brother or not, but they're pretty fun to hang out with on a Friday night when you've got nothing to do. They just want to make you laugh and have fun and get drunk and be weird. Like I agreed, fun to hang out with but would never, ever, ever date.

Exactly they're just fun. Not serious enough to date lol but they are entertaining.

Ugh, his friend reminded me so much of Gary Shirley, between shoving fast food into his gob and his piggish ways around women.
You're a ton of lard, you really think all the girls are looking at you with "do-me" eyes?

LOL right? I think he was just trying to be cool in front of his friend. Do me eyes lmfao. But they were!!! Those girls were whorish...

It would be better if the girls were getting into drugs instead of pregnancies. At least I would not get to enjoy the wonderful privilege of paying for all these brain-dead losers. Drugs are far better than pregnancies. They should experiment a little, and really get to know each type of drug.

I no longer watch these shows and rely on these great recaps. I cannot believe how immature these young mothers and fathers are. How much more petty and stupid can someone be than to storm out of a baby shower and get a photo of a girl on your car, just because the baby momma's grandmother was intelligent enough to point out that "Talon" is about the stupidest name anyone has ever created. Why not call the baby "Fang" or "Claw".

I think that people did not use to be as stupid as they are now. After years and years of encouraging the least intelligent segments of our population to breed at rates higher than the more realistic and intelligent segments, we are now stuck in a quagmire where the gene pool of our country is significantly less intelligent than it was a few generations ago. I can't even imagine either of these two parents ever having any intelligent thoughts about who to vote for in any election. I think that this is why our politicians have stigmatized abortion- by reducing the number of abortions, the population will get stupider and stupider over time, freeing politicians from having to be accountable for making intelligent decisions (see George W. Bush). When the population of our country is so stupid that they can no longer see that the name Talon is a bad choice for a baby, the politicians are free to rape this country and steal everything that is not nailed down for themselves.

Let's change things. I think that we should give free abortions and even pay the girls $1000 for every abortion that they can notch on their belts. Imagine how much money we would have saved if "Talon" had been safely aborted, instead of being born into that nightmare situation. We could have saved all of the money that we are now going to have to spend on WIC and food stamps. We are going to pay thousands and thousands of dollars over the course of "Talon's" life in health care and housing that he/his parents are not going to be able to afford. We would have saved all of the costs for jailers, housing and jail food that we are going to have to pay for when he goes to jail. We could take all of the money that we would save by paying for an abortion and use it to give smarter kids a better education.

I am not trying to pick on "Talon" and his parents alone. All of this could equally apply to the child that Jenelle and many of the of the other parents on Teen Mom and 16&P are having. Nobody wants to say it, and I am sure I will be vilified for saying it here, but most of the kids we have seen are going to have terrible lives and be a drain on the more intelligent people in this country who are footing the bills for these unfortunate kids that we have seen on these shows. Talk to me in 20 years and then tell me that a majority of these kids have not spent time in jail/prison and that they actually provided any beneficial services to the world in any way. We are doomed.

Ok. So now I believe you are NOT Randy.

... but think of the awesome dental care we could afford.

Could still be Randy. Their reason for not considering abortion or adoption for Aubree was because they "have the means" to support her. Doesn't mean he wouldn't consider suggesting abortion for less fortunate people.

If there is one thing I CANNOT stand is super Conservative (I fall somewhere between conservative and liberal) people who are so anti-abortion, but then complain and complain about paying for welfare programs. Guess what? If abortion clinics were more readily available, I feel like the idiots that keep breeding people who live their whole lives on welfare would dwindle down. There would be far less births and maybe the pain of the abortion might teach them to be a little more prepared with birth control.

I mean it just bugs the hell out of me. I would never suggest abortion as birth control. But if thats what it takes to weed out the less intelligent people, then I am okay with it.

I'm not anti abortion at all. But I don't think that girls should "see how many they can notch on their belt" what the fuck sort of statement is that? And abortion in Australia is very readily available. It's not advertised, but if you want one, you can find where to have it done. I don't know about the US. Enlighten me.

I live in the South in America. Used to live in TX, now I live in one of the poorer southern states. As far as I know in Texas, there were very few abortion clinics and they were only in the large cities. Where I personally lived, the closest one would have been a 3 hour drive. Luckily I have never been in a situation where I needed one.

I did however visit a lady who worked at one in a different state, I had adopted a pet from her and was picking up papers on the animal, and I went to her office/clinic and there were about 15 people outside protesting and shaming the poor people at the clinic.

I think the state I live in now has two in one city and that's all. Conservative Christians and politicians here fight abortion so much. I am Christian, but I don't believe it's right for them to force their beliefs on others. The choice to get an abortion does not affect anyone but the person getting the abortion. Everyone else can just butt out.

Ok. So here in Australia there would be one in every major city. Easily. Again-there's not a big neon sign out the front saying "Abortion Clinic". They are discreet and I pass one on my way to work. I have never seen a protester. Ever. That would be big news here. To have a group protesting at an abortion clinic. I don't think it's a great thing. But I agree with you that it certainly shouldn't be used as birth control (you wouldn't be able to afford to anyway, they are approximately $800) but it's nobody's business either.

By "how many abortions they could notch on their belt", I meant cranking out as many abortions as possible to get the $1000 as many times as possible with no limit . . . no questions asked. This would be cheaper in the long and short run Just paying for an abortion will allow us to spend the money we saved on helping other people whose misfortune can't be avoided. We could even give a prize out every year for the parents with the most abortions in the last 12-month period (we have to be completely fair and not discriminate, so the dads get to be in on the abortion action too).

The beauty of this contest is that having too many abortions is hard on the reproductive equipment and can make it more difficult to conceive in the future. The people who would be stupid enough to compete in this contest are exactly the people we don't want to reproduce in the first place.

Before anyone gets too worked up, they should remember that this would be completely voluntary, and the government would not be forcing anyone to do anything they do not want to do (or that is against their religion, which is just telling them that abortion is the wrong thing to do, so that have the church still be able to have the maximum amount of people giving contributions at every church service - unfortunately, the aborted don't tithe). They should also realize that there is only so much space and so many resources on this planet for humans to use for survival. The following is a true fact - the number of human beings alive on the planet right now is greater than the total number of human beings who have ever lived and died on the planet, starting from the beginning of time. We have done a terrible job in trying to conserve our resources and keep the population down to a manageable level, so we need to do something drastic, before things get even worse than they already are. This little contest would keep the people we would least want to reproduce from polluting the gene pool with their stupid and irresponsible genes.

I know. I know. I know, I know - it is unrealistic and cruel to not try to support everyone and help anyone who need help. I completely agree with this, too, but the thing is that business as usual operates under the assumption that there are more people who are able to help others than the number of people who need help. This works fine if we have the numbers of people available who are in a position to help others, but what happens when there are more people who need help than there are people who are able to help? What will we do when one day we wake up and realize that there are more people who need help to survive than there are people available to help? That day is coming (if it is not already here).

We have already seen this beginning to happen. New Orleans was victimized by hurricane Katrina a few years ago. In the past, we would have been able to all pitch in and get that city back up and running in a relatively short period of time. When Katrina hit, we found that we did not have enough resources available to completely help everyone who was hurt by the disaster. Almost a decade has passed since that terrible incident, and we still have not been able to get them back to normal. A giant chunk of the city is still in shambles. When there are more people who need help than there are people who can help, big problems are lurking with every disaster.

An immutable fact is that we will always need more fortunate people to help the less fortunate. I would prefer that we use our limited available amount of resources to help truly needy people who cannot help their situation or could not prevent having their problems - retarded people, people with disabilities and those affected by disasters like Katrina all need our help and compassion to live full and enjoyable lives. I would like to be able to use our available resources to help these truly needy people, who are suffering on account of random problems and other strikes of bad fortune that couldn't be avoided, rather than wasting our available resources to bail out people whose only problem is their irresponsibility or laziness and the consequences of their thoughtless and selfish actions, e.g., I would rather spend my time, money and resources to assist Leah's daughter, who is suffering from something that could not be helped, than to waste these same resources by paying for housing and food and medical care for Jenelle's child, Kaiser, who is going to need all of the help he can get when Jenelle runs out of MTV money (which will happen in a few years or sooner). Jenelle's pregnancy was completely planned, courting certain disaster. We have had to make these decisions all the time throughout history, so I am not proposing that we do anything radically new or different.

I know, I know. I know. I know - lots of people are the result of unplanned pregnancies, and they turned out completely fine in loving homes (and I am one of them), and these people deserve to live just as much as the ones who were planned. I agree with you, but we have to be realistic. The world can only support so many people, and we are close to exceeding that number right now, so we are going to have to make some very tough decisions really soon, or Mather Nature will start making them for us, regardless of whether we have followed my suggestion or not. This is as good of a place as any to start. We can't continue on with acting like it is business as usual and pretending that nothing is wrong and kidding ourselves that we are not in serious trouble.

Laugh at me now (or lash out at me in anger), but I will be proven right, someday. When you look out your window some morning in the not-so-distant future and see some people fighting over a can of food in the street, please be sure to smile and think of me.

I look at it this way -

If you honestly believe it is wrong and the same thing as murder, you should not do it under any circumstances. If you do not think it is murder (which it is not) then doing it ten million times is just as [not] wrong as doing it once, and you should just do it every time it is needed to be done (but hopefully you would wise up and get some birth control, if just to save money as much as any other reason. In my mind, it is far worse to have a baby that you are not able to properly care for than to have some cells removed that cannot even form a proper thought.

Of course, this is just my thinking, but many other people, churches and organizations feel the same way that I do. I was brought up in a very religious family, and the church in which I was baptized agrees with me that abortion is not murder.

Now we have really done it - Let's not turn this site into a battleground for abortion arguments. Abortion, religion and gun control are subjects that ruin any chance for a conversation to have both sides give reasonable, logical arguments and the fights turn very nasty and the participants lose all sense of civility and consideration for the other side.

There is a reason why it is poor etiquette to discuss these topics at formal parties or the dinner table. I apologize for bringing up the subject, and to avoid any nasty conflicts I will even bow out and say that I am wrong and everyone else is right. I have always tried to just make my points and be respectful of everyone else on the site, regardless of whether they agree with me or what they think of me. If I have offended anyone or riled anyone up to make bullheaded arguments, I will save everyone the trouble and just admit I am wrong about everything and nt abortion views. You are right. I am wrong, so let's just get back to the fun stuff - snarking at these clowns who are there for our amusement on TV. Have a good night.

I'm not offended at all. I have thicker skin than that. Nor do I presume to be right and you wrong and vice versa. Everyone has an opinion. And I stand by mine being that I was wrong thinking you were Randy. And that your name suits you.


Very classy, and you are a good person with whom to have a discussion. I enjoy hearing your points of view.

In the process of trying to cut back on abortions and abortion clinics they have also affected the programs that allow low income people to obtain free/ lower cost contraceptives.. people protested to cut government funding to planned parenthood because they perform abortions, even though abortion makes up about 1% of services.. in the state I live in it didn't really affect me but the whole idea is silly, cut back access to birth control and abortion but the same people will bitch about having to pay to support the child of a low income family out of taxes. I went to fill my birth control a few months ago and it was a prescription for a three month supply and there was an issue with my insurance and the pharmacist told me it would be $600. Luckily my insurance did pick it up but seriously who could afford that?? It would be cheaper to get pregnant again and get back on medi- Care

Ugh I also read an article in the newspaper at my parents house about a woman that was pregnant and was going to get an abortion and basically was talked out of it by pro lifers ( I don't remember the exact details of what happened between her and the pro life people) but her boyfriend beat her son to death three years later and he was just a really neglected child and social services weren't visiting the house like they were supposed to and the whole point of the article was that the pro life people only care when the baby is still a fetus and as soon as its born they could give a shit less about what happens and what kind of life that child has

And see I hate how people give pro-life an even worse reputation. I'm not sure what to call myself because I'm very conflicted on the whole issue (though morally I'm against it of course) but even when I was totally against it being legal, I've always thought we should help low income families with their kids... If we're gonna force them to keep their babies, we owe it to the parents to support them in every way we can... And I've always been super pro-birth control. I hate how hard it is to get sometimes with problems with insurance or doctors withholding refills because they want you to give them more money for an annual visit. It should be free and given out like freaking candy. Stop the pregnancies and you lower the abortion rate. Just sayin' I share your frustration LOL

Lol their reputation is done, has always been done. When they're holding graphic fucking pictures of abortions and having kids hold up the same thing (which I've seen) the pro lifers disgust me. It's everyone's personal choice and everyone needs to butt the fuck out in my opinion. No one is going to tell me or anyone else what to do with my fucking vagina/unborn kid.

Ugh kinda like PETA and their awful videos and demonstrations with giant pictures of dead animals. (I'm vegetarian and also hate the stereotype associated with us) sooo this is why I generally keep my views to myself:P

YES and the Sarah Machlachlan shit. EMOTIONAL TERRORISM.

Wow! Even without insurance, in Australia, 3mths of Birth Control (like the pill) costs about $30. $50 for 6mths. The implanon is $80 and lasts for 3yrs. $600 is ridiculous.

Yikes! I think mine without insurance is $30 per month. Maybe it's something other than the pill that costs that much? Like the IUD or something. But still, people who can't swing the $30 should have access to the pill.

I am a super forgetful, ADD type of person and the doctor stressed to me that for the pill to be effective I would have to take it at the same time everyday.. I just didn't want to take the chance so I got the patch so I can just stick it on my butt and forget about about until I have to replace it. It worked super well for me too. But yes when I went to the pharmacy that's how much they told me it would be for a three month supply which my insurance did pick up once they actually billed it correctly. I don't know how much anything else costs though, I haven't used anything else other than Nuvaring which I didn't use for very long because my bf at the time said it made sex uncomfortable (TMI) so I switched back to the patch

Two things:
1. I pay more than $80 a month for my birth control (the ring) and that's AFTER insurance.
2. @Snow... beware of the patch... I've got a 7 year old son right now as proof of its fail-rate. ;)

But, if we abort all of the less intelligent and poor kids then who will fight our wars? Who will dig ditches and move furniture and mine the coal? Think man, think!!

Good point. There will always be the stupidest 10%, but this 10% would at least be smart enough to support themselves.

Wouldn't it be great that if in a few generations from now the lowest 10% of our population would be as smart as the B students of today? There will still be a bottom 10%, but it could be a whole lot smarter than it is now.

We all have an opinion on abortion. I am not religious and don't believe it is "wrong" inherently when done early on. I do believe it is wrong to have chosen actions that would lead to an abortion being needed in the first place. Yes, rape happens but the vast majority of cases were just people being stupid and not using birth control when they should have. I have never and would never have unprotected sex unless I was okay with the possibility of having a child as a result. That includes being able to provide and care for that child without the foreseeable help of government assistance programs. Things happen, I realize, but when you are counting on it from day one that is a problem and should be very shameful. But, that is what makes me an adult I guess.

Also, there are dumbies who claim "it was just one time we didn't use protection". If that is really true, why didn't they go get the morning after pill? I just don't understand how this happens!!

the snark lark- I have never had an abortion- but I did get pregnant even after taking Plan B. I took it the morning after too. It does nothing if the fertilized egg implants in the uterus, it only keeps fertilized eggs from implanting if they havent already. It's not an abortion pill or a 100% solution. And its not like I used it all the time as birth control.

Let me clarify: its not like I used it all the time or used it as my birth control method

Snow - I know the morning after pill is not 100% and is not an abortion. It is extremely rare for a pregnancy to implant within 1-2 days after conception. Most take around 4-9 days. I have never used to morning after pill but have heard of others who have. What I mean is these girls don't even TRY to prevent pregnancy at all. It makes no sense.

Not every poor trashy people equal trashy kids. Or thugs for that matter. My mom I hate to say it whored around and got knocked up with me.(she doesn't even know who my dad is) Half the time we had no food, no money, or no where to sleep. I admit it wasn't an ideal childhood. But I worked hard in school. Graduated and went on to college. I'm a nurse I have delivered babies, helped sick kids, performed cpr on a dieing women. I am married and have 2 awesome kids, who get to grow up into a stable loving home. If I had been aborted (my mom was very pressured into it) I couldn't have helped all the people ive come into contact with. Or had my two boys who will probably do something equally as awesome with their life. If u want an abortion it's ur choice but I don't feel if ur poor or unintelligent u should have an abortion because ur bottom of the barrell.

Oh I know, the idea that we should rid the world of the people with lowest IQ's is not only offensive downright disturbing. Trust me, book smarts is not all you need in this life, judging from the many idiots with high IQ's. People can get great grades in school but make dumb decisions in the real world, and people can get terrible grades but have plenty of street smarts. I'm glad you overcame your circumstances and made a great life for yourself!:)


Please allow me to clarify and repeat my statements. I was not meaning that poor people should be eliminated or have no right to live. I was more referring to stopping mindless idiots from overrepresentation in the gene pool. There are plenty of poor people (like me) who try to be a benefit to others and to society in general. Wealth or lack of it is not the reason for my theory, and I never said anything like that (read it for yourself). I just think that anyone who is generally stupid (and a completely self-centered type of stupid, not lack of education stupid)should be given incentives to not reproduce. We all know people who don't have much money who are great people - that is not who I was talking about. I was more talking about people who don't have the basic social skills to get through a simple baby shower without turning it into a major dramatic event. I was talking about someone who cared so little about his child that he thought that Talon was a good name for the child (regardless of how this would negatively affect the child in the future - his five seconds of amusement at coming up with an awesome name was more important than the child's future socialization abilities and self-esteem) and felt so strongly about something like a baby name that he caused a major scene at the mother of his child's baby shower - that is the type of stupid I am talking about. Also, anyone who would have sex with someone like that has a serious lack of judgment and would probably be better not reproducing. These people we can do without. The only reason that I mentioned money at all was to point out that we could take the money we save from not propping up these incredibly stupid people and spend that money on people who really can't help the fact that they need some help - like Leah's girl or retarded people, or someone in an accident or someone who is a victim of a natural disaster. We only have the resources to help so many people. Let's not waste these resources on people whose only problem is that they are too stupid to support themselves and by supporting them, they will just continue to cause more harm to other people.

If you read everything I said, I never once said that we should abort the poor. If someone said that I said that, that only means that words were put in my mouth that I did not say. I was actually being very careful to not say anything like that, because I do not believe that. I am really glad that you are around. You sound like a keeper and someone who is a benefit to others, not an anchor.

I challenge anyone to find anything I said and quote it back to me where I said that the poor were stupid or the poor should be aborted. That statement does not exist, and I said a lot of words. does anyone seriously disagree with me when I said that Jenelle should not reproduce?

BTW- that is really cool about the cpr.

Alrighty. Hit the thumbs down button! Cos I actually don't think Talon is a bad name. I have a friend called Tallon and he is a very successful (and very good looking!) business owner. So aborting him because he came from a gene pool where his father thought Tallon was a good name would've been a bad decision too. I don't think Rowan is a bad name either. I have a wonderfully successful, funny, bright, happy friend who named her child Blaze. Names are names. Not everyone likes traditional boring same old names. A bad name choice (or what personal opinion seems to be a bad name choice) does not define a person.

Macis Red cup me neither!!! But That might be because I'm hypnotized by the hotness of Talon on Laguna Beach. I thought it was weird it first but it grew on me, I think it's cool. And I'm sorry, (no i'm not), Rowan sounds very girly to me.

This is a joke right? Lol. I mean, I am extremely pro-choice and think abortions should be readily available to anyone who wants one at any point for any reason, but jeez.

It's got to be a joke, otherwise he'd have to admit that no one has the right to decide who is a "mindless idiot", unworthy of procreating. Who would want anyone having the power to make that choice? Oh, I know, let's let Conspiracy Man decide. CM, these posts are very mean spirited indeed.

This is what I think too. I mean, would there be some 10 question sheet that you must fill out at your first prenatal appointment with questions like "what do you think is a suitable baby name?" "Would you make a scene at your partner's baby shower?" "How poor were your parents?" and if you answer incorrectly -- $1000 if you get an abortion!! Or you pay $200 to pass go (have the baby)?

I understand the sentiment of wishing that all parents have the forethought and maturity to only have unprotected sex when they can responsibly care for their child. I understand wanting all children to have a stable upbringing and the resources they need to succeed. But there is simply no logical way that someone could weed out the bad people.

I have always found it odd that in order to adopt a child you must pay thousands of dollars and jump through numerous hoops to prove you are "good enough", but practically anyone can have a child at anytime and get government support for it if they really shouldn't be having a baby. And the state always tries to keep the kids with their parents, no matter how awful the situation.

I understand exactly what CM is trying to say. Please reread all of his post because I believe some have severely misinterpreted what he said. I'm not trying to be rude so please don't take it that way. The main point CM is trying to make is we should add incentives where people would be paid for getting an abortion. Guys our world is extremely overpopulated and we are running out of natural resources at a dangerously fast rate. We need a way to control the population now. If we don't get it under control then it will be forced upon us. Eventually drastic measures will be implemented to control the population and we should willingly try to control the pop. Instead of it being forced upon us like it will someday be. Guys I don't know about you, but I would like to retire one day but guess what most likely none of on here will be able to bc of our population crisis. Not very fair to me that I worked hard my whole life and can't retire bc our resources were abused. Adding an incentive for abortion might sound extreme however is it more extreme than our government taking control of the population and deciding who is worthy of reproducing? Again I'm not trying to offend anyone but we have been and will continue to be in a pop. Crisis and things are eventually going to get crazy.

Like most things that I say, there was an element of tongue-in-cheek to it.

Lady K-

You are understanding what I was trying to say. Thank you. We will never reach a point where there will be a place you can go to get $1K for each abortion, but the points I was making are all worth saying. Nobody will ever be in a position to decide who lives or dies or is born or aborted, but that does not mean we can't conjure up an admittedly ridiculous rhetorical position like that in order to make a few points. Did anyone really think that I was completely serious about all that or that I am busily working behind the scenes to start an adoption for pay agency within our government?

I am also fond of saying that I would like to be given a polo mallet and be given the authority to bash people on the head after making a snap decision on whether I think that they deserve to live (usually because I see someone with a stupid T-Shirt walking towards us or am listening to someone who says something really dumb). Obviously this is a joke, but it is a rhetorical device used to make a point. I have never been in a fight or even hit anyone in my life and I am as non-violent as you can get, but I still find that this scenario is a good way to make a few points from time to time.

Does anyone really want to argue with the my point that the world is overpopulated? Hasn't anyone ever thought that it would be great if we could eliminate some of the more useless portions of the population (like Jenelle or Farrah or some other complete waste of oxygen) in order to conserve the resources that the more conscientious segments of the population can survive? If we would be forced to choose some people to be rid of, wouldn't it be best to start with those who are selfish or mean or racist or sexist or irresponsible or make the lives of the rest of us more difficult? We obviously are never going to reach a point where we decide who gets to live or die, but isn't this one of the fun things about internet communications and websites like this? If everyone actually did everything that is said on these websites, the world would be a pretty bizarre place.

How about we start out with making all methods of birth control free and accessible to everyone. I bet that'll make a huge difference.

Way to politicize a reality show blog! Who do you think you are, Jonathan Swift?

I wish.

Swift was one of the most successful satirists in history, and I am honored by your comparison. Like every satirist, (I hope) my tongue is sometimes placed in my cheek with utmost care and I find well-crafted exaggerations can be extremely useful to make a point (the same way that many of you do so well). I was shooting for Twain/Clemens, but Swift is still fine by me. I would be ecstatic if 350 years from now, one internet commenter would ask another internet commenter "who do you think you are, Conspiracy Man?" I also wonder how many other Teen Mom sites are discussing Clemens and Swift (other than Heather Clouse, who I am sure prefers Dostoevsky and Joyce and looks down at our use of folksy populists and dry-witted satirists).


Thank you. I'd love to continue along these lines, but I have to go out and fill my bird feeders in hopes of bringing in a nice flock of Snark Larks that are always fun to observe (great name by the way - it give me a really cool image in my mind's eye, and I actually have bird feeders and enjoy bird watching. Farrah's Neck Mole is also great - for some reason I always think it says "Farrah's Neck HOLE, and that brings a whole different set of thoughts to mind). I hope all of you guys are having as much fun as I do. This is a great site and I really enjoy hearing from all of you. This is a really good group of people who usually have very interesting thoughts while keeping everything in perspective. Most of you are well-mannered enough to steer clear of butthurtitis by being mindful of the context of this forum and being respectful to everyone who contributes, regardless of whether you agree with them or not. I want to thank all of you for making my days a little more enjoyable, and I hope I do the same for you every once in a while. It is rare to find a group of internet commenters who are not thin-skinned, argumentative trolls bent on one-upsmanship and personal attachks.


I almost never comment, but you've really articulated here and below the way I feel. Wanted to reach out to agree with all this. Yes, there's an Idiocracy component at work nowadays where names like Talon begin to seem like the next logical step in the progression to just naming kids Mountain Dew Cheeto Baller.

And on deeper levels also, it feels like we are doomed. Are you a prepper? At night, after the kids are in bed, I watch youtube prepper videos to listen and get ideas for what other people are doing to take care that another Katrina-esque debacle doesn't cut their lives short. I come to teenmomjunkies in between.

I say this as a former teen mom. My own kids seem pretty intelligent and successful, and I wish the best for these families, but yeah it feels like a perfect storm of factors all increasing the odds of our society going down.

I am interested in prepping and very sympathetic to their concerns, but am too much of a procrastinator to do it (and too broke). When I see some of those preppers, I am always worried that their preparations are either inadequate or that they are prepping for the wrong disaster. It would suck to be prepping for the crash of our monetary system and then find out that the polar ice caps melted instead - all your "credit cards" containing flecks of real precious metals would be useless for the other calamity that actually occurs.

Also, I think that the most real threat to us is the one you allude to in Idiocracy. My plan would be to just find Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho and high-tail it out of town on four wheelers with a few 30 packs of malt liquor and a bag of burgers from Butt Fukkers.

I think the monetary system does worry a lot of preppers. To me, my preps don't really consist of "worrying" but of self improvement. I raise my own produce and meat, and through that have become able to dress and butcher several different kinds of animals. It is also good physical exercise and saves on a gym membership while helping me avoid processed junkfood. If no disaster occurs, worst case scenario is I'm a little more can-do. Otherwise, I just pick up a little bit extra at the store of what we'd likely need or buy in bulk. It doesn't have to be extreme.

Macisdebt- My hat is off to you for your prepping actions. My best effort is having a few gallons of water in the closet and stockpiling a few extra boxes of ammunition after duck season (but I only have a couple of .22s and a 12-gauge, so anyone who wants to steal my water better be either really close or particularly brittle, or else I am going thirsty). I haven't bothered with any food, since I see a Yellowstone Supervolcano as the ideal opportunity for shedding those stubborn 10 pounds.

I am doomed.

Thanks, and I bet you're not doomed. That sense of humor of yours and some hunting experience can both come in very handy. May your looters be brittle!

4 Things:

1. Kum and Go
2. Jack Black Mullet friend with "game"
3. It's ok if she flirts but not he does
4. If his grandma insulted your name choice in front of everyone I'm sure you'd care

That is all.

I did not see the episode. Was the mother from somewhere near northern Iowa/southern Minnesota? There are Kum and Go convenience stores in that area. My old girlfriend used to visit friends out there and always brought home lighters and caps for everyone.

Some middle of nowhere place yea. I completely forget where. They all start looking/sounding the same to me lol. But you see, people are saying WHY NAME IT KUM AND GO THATS AWFUL!? Because look at all the attention it's receiving. Genius.

The ones I know do a booming business in cups, lighters, caps and T-shirts. You are right on the money.

If the name choice was something even remotely normal, the grandmother's comments would have been inappropriate. It is also an unusual situation because the expectant parents are still spoken to as children, which they are. But when the name Talon pops up, no matter who's baby it is, any reasonable person would have to expect some strange looks and criticism. Sorry, but if you said you are considering naming your kid Fang, I am going to try to talk you out of it for that poor babies sake. Poor Rowan would have been Talon. That is just awful!

I had a neighbor who was a stripper. She named her baby "Kilo". At least she did name the child after her favorite thing, but I always felt so sorry for that baby.

I didn't like this episode. It was like the blurb on the back of the book, when it should have been a book. There was WAY too much going on and they tried to cram it into one hour. They should have let this episode be a two hour finale like they did with Ashley Salazar's episode. The thing that left me the most confused out of it all was how the hell did stone did laid...by anyone. He was so stupid and immature ugh.

How does Gary Shirley get laid? I'm not entirely sure, but suspecting low self-esteem/desperation on the side of the women. I mean, besides Amber, they were all single mothers that he seemed to hit up at Walmart, perhaps when he was returning/re-purchasing his baby mamma another $20 ring.

Low self esteem does wonders

Apparently heroin works, too. Gary hit the jackpot with Amber, until she was able to broaden her horizons. Too bad for Gary that Amber wised up and found that new guy at Walmart and was able to woo him by introducing him to that strange and wonderful cuisine (Italian food) that he had never before experienced. She was able to impress him with her knowledge of the rare and unknown food, pasta, that was so elusive in that area that he had never before tried it. Her culinary sophistication was able to win him over and get him to dive right into the diaper changing duties on the first date. Can you imagine how lucky that guy felt when he completely lucked into a prize like Amber shortly after he made parole? To him, the good fortune of finding someone like Amber must have seemed just as likely as getting a surprise reach-around while being victimized during his final prison rape.

THREE PIGS lolll. I will never forget creepy pedophile type guy from Walmart he was awful. Lolllllll your comments crack me up dude, randy or not!

As I have been patiently telling you, I was not lucky enough to be born into this world as Randy. I am not a god - Unfortunately I am only a man.

Speaking of bad luck, I have never been fortunate enough to meet a dreamboat like Amber, either. I guess I can at least count my lucky stars that I was raised by a family that had a broad range of culinary interests and exposed me to all kind of art, music and culinary interests. You probably do not believe me and think I am bragging when I tell you that when Amber was showing the Walmart parole boyfriend all about Italian food, I knew exactly what she was talking about and was more than a little bit proud that I could understand what was happening on the show while they went to that "Italian restaurant". I have actually dined on that exotic cuisine before ever hearing about it on the show.

Please let me brag and tell you a little bit about it (or at least as much of it as I know). It is called Italian food, because that type of food was originally created in "Italy", and I understand that "Italy" is a country that is different than the United States (which is the "country" that we live in where the show, Teen Mom, is filmed). I have to admit that I at least think that is what it is, but it might also be a state - I am not 100% sure about that, but at any rate, it is very far from the State of Illinois where I live.

I was lucky to have been able to see that that show with Amber, because all my life I had not been pronouncing the "s" at the end of Illinois and I am not too proud to admit that I actually used to think that the "s" at the end of the word was silent. I do admit that I am a bit of a hillbilly, so I try to watch educational shows like Teen Mom an Keeping Up with the Kardashians as much as possible to broaden my educational horizons.

Anyway- Back to the Italian food topic (sorry for getting sidetracked). You can imagine how proud I was when I was able to follow along with Amber and discuss Italian food with my friends when we were watching the show. I was able to correctly identify this type of food called a "pizza" when Amber was informing her date about it. I also knew all about spaghetti and I promised my friends that I would try to find some at the grocery store sometime and make it for dinner for them sometime. We still have not done that, but they are constantly still asking me about it almost every day. They are dying to try it.

To tell you the truth, I am kind of trying to stall them on this dinner because I already tried to get some of this "Italian" food at my grocery store. Our grocery Stores in IllinoiSSSSSS are really state of the art. I asked one of the clerks how to find the Italian food in the store, and they told me to head to a big display of something called "Ravioli" at the end of the aisle (don't worry, I spelled that right, because I had to have the clerk write it for me), and all their "Italian" food was in that row.

That is where the whole thing kind of fell apart. After about a half hour of reading boxes, I did find some strange box of food called "Ravioli", but I did not see any spaghetti. The spaghetti that I know if soft and slippery. I found a box that claimed to be spaghetti, but it was rock hard and must have been years out of date. I am not going to get food from a place like that that does not care that they are selling food that is old and stale and rock hard. I am still looking for a store that has real spaghetti, so that I can warm it up and serve it to my friends. I really wish that I was tight with someone like Farrah, who is a master chef who specializes in serving both fresh and frozen foods, but I do not know anyone who is that sophisticated.

I am so glad that we have such a great educational system in this country that I can just turn on a show like Teen Mom and learn everything I need to know. All the people on the show are so smart. Each and every one of the girls on the show is so smart that they have actually thought about going to college. I don't know if I am yet ready to take the plunge and start thinking about going to school, but I hope that someday I can thinkm about getting an education like them.

CM if you decide to go to school, make sure the schools are well there. I don't want to be the barrier or bad news, but I've reason to believe they might not be.

Have no fear, Maci's Red Cup - one of the first things I check for when moving to a new area is to see if the schools is good. If the schools isn't good, then I would have to find another place to live where at least the schools is good.

I would have to say low self esteem and peer pressure to have sex, and if you didn't you were 'lame'

Kaiser bun, omg your comment is hilarious. I always wondered how Gary was able to get anybody.

I still do not understand the logistics of Gary having sex or going to the bathroom and I never really want to. BUT REALLY. HOW DOES HE SHIT?

I am guessing that there is a little bit of a smear factor involved, followed by some intensive clean-up work. He would probably have to do some serious scrub down on each individual roll of butt fat and really get into the nooks and crannies.

There is probably some significant travel time between when the feces leaves the ring muscle and when it emerges from between the rolls of fat. If what I am thinking is true, it may be analogous to something that I have experienced - Have you ever expelled a little gas when your butt cheeks are clamped together in just the right way? You can feel the gas moving through the pinched=together butt crack, and it almost feels like you are chewing bubble gum with your butt cheeks, and then it feels like you are blowing bubble as the trapped gas moves down the butt crack? I am guessing that Gary has a similar experience, but instead of blowing harmless gas, there is actual fecal matter involved.

Most of you guys are girls, and to be honest, most guys think it could be entirely possible that you spend your whole life without ever passing gas. Is this true? I always thought you guys just did a hold and release pattern that either dispersed the gas in such minute amounts over a long period of time that the flatulence was undetectable OR you held it down until you could find a safe zone and release it without anyone else knowing. If this is the case and you do actually experience flatulence, I would guess that you are fully aware of what I am saying with the butt-bubble phenomenon. If the other theory is true and you honestly never have gas, then you probably cannot imagine what I am talking about.

Girls don't fart or poop ever

TTB- Thanks for the clarification. I have always wanted to know the truth about that particular subject and now I do.

I hate that MTV is not putting half the episodes online. I haven't been able to watch, I think it's, 10 and 11.

Saw Savannah and laughed my butt off when the Robbie guy got a girl's number. What was he scarfing down, pork rinds? Ew. Just gross.

Then Savannah, even though they're broken up, is mad about that pic of the girl on Stone's (What kind of name is that??) car. Then she goes out with that group and is up all night texting and calling that other dude. What a hypocrite. I hate hypocrites (looking at you Kail).

She did apologize to him... So maybe she realized it was hypocritical? And I agree what kinda name is Stone LOL! Prolly a nickname

Oh, well that's good! Very mature of her to apologize. I must've missed that in the course of my multi-tasking.

My dad wanted to name my little brother Stone! He was 100% serious. Luckily for my brother my mom wrote Jacob on the birth certificate and that was that.

I used to work with an old man named [first name edited out] Stonecipher. His nickname was "Stony" or "Stone", but with rise of the Proud-To-Be-Stupid movement in recent years, it is entirely possible that Stone (or Stony or Stoned, etc.) is this guy's actual given name. Stone's parents could have been early, charter members of the Proud-To-Be-Stupid movement, and they could have wanted to remove all doubt from others that they were stupid. Naming their child "Stone" would be the perfect method of really showing everybody the truth about their lack of intelligence. Naming their child, Stone, would give other indisputable proof that they were dipshits. The Proud-To-Be-Stupid movement would also explain Stone's desire to name his child, "Talon".

Members of the Proud-To-Be-Stupid movement now try to make every possible effort to communicate to others that they have low IQs and are in other ways unable to function or master tasks, thoughts and concepts that require the most basic possible levels of human intelligence.

The Proud-To-Be-Stupid movement has really taken root and then soared to newer and newer heights every day in this country recently, and I can't for the life of me understand it. It used to be that stupid people were embarrassed by the fact that they were not too bright. They used to try and hide it. Those of low intelligence would kind of calmly lurk in the corner and silently try to avoid letting the world know their terrifying secret - that they were dumb. They were ashamed of their inability to think clearly and embarrassed by the thick fog that seemed to cloud even the most simple of their thoughts. Now that the movement has taken root, stupid people now want to get all in your face and make sure that you understand without a doubt that they are unbelievably fucking stupid and they do not care that the whole world knows about it. They are mad as Hell and they will no longer hid their extremely dim, little candle under a bushel any longer. They want the whole world to know how stupid they are, and they will go to great lengths to prove it to anyone in their immediate vicinity.

With the success of the Proud-To-Be-Stupid movement, it is entirely possible that Stone is the name that his parents gave to him. His parents could have been part of the first wave of the Proud-To-Be-Stupid movement and militantly given their son an incredibly stupid name just to prove to the world that they were capable of the most dizzying displayed of stupidity, and that they were complete morons and did not want anyone to entertain any doubts about their limited cognitive function.

Or they named him after Stone Phillips...

His real name is Stone Nesmith. I'm guessing his parents were part of this "Proud-To-Be-Stupid" movement you're talking about. :)

Yes btw I am using the Proud to be Stupid movement whenever I see an Uh-Murican

I have noticed the rapid growth of this phenomenon over the past ten years or so. It is the only explanation for why people now seem to want to trumpet their stupidity to the world. I can see their point - after years of trying to conceal their true nature, the chronically stupid are sick and tired of trying to hide from the world and they are taking over. They are trying to let the world know what they are and have decided to just stick it in the rest of our faces. I think it all started when they were able to elect their first president in 2000, and the movement just snowballed from there. Of course, I am not at all saying that this is a political movement at all. Politics has very little to do with it - PTBS members have already taken over both political parties and are well-represented in both liberal and conservative schools of (non)thought. You can see this movement is very strong and has growing in force with every new day. The intelligent are left to hang their heads in shame and are excluded from almost every aspect of modern life.

I guess it must be refreshing for the stupid to be able escape the days when being stupid was something to be ashamed of. Now the more intelligent people have to lurk in the shadows. The stupid are taking over at a dizzying rate, and there is no longer anything left for the smarter people to do. Intelligent people are no longer considered at all by the makers and shapers of entertainment, television, music, politics, or most any other area of culture and society. There is really nothing left for the intelligent to do at all, except to keep their smart-ass noses in their books, shut up, and stay out of the way of everyone else.

Chelseas Weave - TOUCHÉ

It seriously irritated me when Granny decided to rudely comment on a possible name at the baby shower of all places. WTF? Who does that? And then Savannah takes Granny's side...That was so wrong. I'm sure she wouldn't have appreciated the comments if it was a name she liked, but because it was Stone's choice it was perfectly acceptable to bash it. I felt kind of bad for him because everyone was mad that he walked away. It's not like he stooped to Granny's level and said what was really on his mind. He took the mature route and walked away instead of making a bad situation worse.

She was SUCH a rude cunt! I don't blame him for walking away and eating bean dip.

I did not see the episode, but maybe Granny was desperate and felt that somebody needed to do something to prevent that poor baby being sidled forever with the name, "Talon." I am sorry, but that sounds to me like it was an emergency, and drastic measures needed to be taken. Who in the fuck would call their child "Talon?" That is just one step above "Toejam" or "Buttcrack" or "Darl Lynn".

I agree but she said it RIGHT as they were opening presents.

DON'T NAME A KID AFTER A CAR IT'S JUST WRONG in a 'MURICA accent. Like save that shit for later granny.


To be fair, Savannah said 'Granny...' in a warning tone, she tried to shut her up. But she didn't want him to go off and let it spoil things. I feel bad for her, seems like she is always trying to keep the peace between Stone (lol) and her family.

Haha yea that's true. GRANNY you're drunk again.

I only got to see a little of this episode but I agree with Stone about raising a kid around an alcoholic. I get her hoping she will finally sober up but when she's not the baby doesn't need to be around for it.

She was a fucking hot mess. reminded me of a crazy homeless person.

Anybody else on here old enough to remember Talan from Laguna Beach? The name doesn't sound bad to me at all, but that's probably because I associate it with an actual person.

I didn't even associate with a car. I was thinking of a peregrine or something the whole time.

Ah yay I'm not the only one! I've never heard of that car so I kinda thought that's not the worst name given to a baby this season, far from it actually. And hello, Bentley anyone?:P

I know someone who named their daughter Hemi after a hemi engine. -_-

Are you sure that their story is not really a cover story for naming the child after a hemostat roach clip?

I am surprised that our TM girls have not decided to bless a child with the name of "Bemis" (toilets). Our second grade teacher was Mrs. Bemis, and we had unending fun with that name. Moral of the story - if you are going into the teaching profession and your name is Bemis, you should probably consider changing your name to something that isn't associated with something that could be associated with bodily waste.

Farrah's Auto Tune (BTW, you are awesome in Farrah's latest masterpiece, where you are used to sing "Celeburty -Celeburty -Celeburty Being yourself is makin you famous")

I always did think that Bentley was really kind of a trashy name, especially when she was going on about how she wanted to name the next one Rolls Royce or something like that - I am not saying that it is the worst thing in the world or anything, but it is just kind of juvenile and trashy, displaying her limited cognitive function and allowing her to proudly and loudly proclaim her stupidity to the world. I could never figure out why everyone thought she was a great mother and an overachiever. I thought she was a total loser from the first second I laid eyes on her.

I am kind of hoping she will name the next one Tax Lien or Unused Capital Gains Shelter or something to remind the kiddies that Mommy already blew their college money on shady friends, really cool tattoos, alcohol, drugs, and long-since repossessed luxury automobiles and houses. because of his name, Bentley will always know that his mom had really expensive tastes, thus accounting for his being named after a luxury auto. He always has that name to remind him of what could have been.

I am sure that when he is scrubbing toilets at McDonald's to scrape together some college money, he will always chuckle at the irony of his name and how his mother was so haughty and snobby that she named him Bentley. I bet all his friends will be laughing right along with him as he explains to them what happened to the college fund that was basically handed over to his mother without any sweat or strings attached and how she was so smart about saving that money to give him such a golden (arches) future.

Bentley will probably just have the haziest of memories about how his mother used to be the center of attention and the life of the party. He will fondly look back to the days when his mom was super funny because everyone laughed at every little thing she said and how when she snapped her fingers, everyone did exactly as they were told. He will wonder why she isn't as smart as she used to be, because there isn't a large group of girls hanging on to her every word and telling her how right she is about every single thing she says. She used to be the best person, too, because everybody would always tell her that she was better than the other bitches who crossed her, and her legion of followers would wage epic battles to defend her on social media. Bentley might be a little confused about why nobody likes her anymore and nobody ever tells her how smart she is or how the guy who just broke up with her is such a loser and how he just lost the hottest bitch in all of Tennessee.

All his friends will not make fun of him at all and they will all be in awe of his cool mother, who will probably be as cool as his grandmother and drop off cases of beer at his doorstep when he is underage. When they get a little older, Bentley can regale his younger sibling(s) with tales of how they did not always live in a one-bedroom, Section 8 apartment and he can tell them of the really cool house with an actual back yard where he used to ride around on actual motorbikes, instead of the beat-to-crap peddle bikes that their family now gets to ride.

Bentley's friends will all think that his mom is the coolest, when he tells them that their family (consisting of her, Bentley, Rolls Royce, and 3 other kids with 3 different fathers) did not always ride the Greyhound Bus to the state fair for vacations, but instead she would leave them with Grandpa and Grandma and then she would jet first class from beach party to beach party.

I can't wait to see how Bentley just laughs it off and tells her it is no big deal that she spent his entire future on drugs, alcohol and conspicuous consumption of bullshit, status-symbol possessions before he was even able to understand what he had. He will probably just laugh along with her and say, "shoot Mom, you didn't graduate college (even though you went to community college for 7 straight years) and look how well you turned out. I am just so proud to be able to call myself your son."

Farrah's Auto Tune-

I am so sorry, but when I thought about your existence, I had to go and watch your latest video. The lyrics are so cool that I just had to print them below for everyone to enjoy all over again.

“Blowin” by Farrah Abraham

Casted out
Now your standin out
Like a star
Be true to you
Topin all the charts

Let me get that air
That breeze
The wind I need ,
Im blowin (I’m blowin)
All these bullies away (REPEAT!)

CelebURty -CelebURty –CelebURty
CelebURty -CelebURty -CelebURty

Being yourself is makin you famous

Here’s the lyrics for “Blowin” by Farrah Abraham followed by the audio only via SoundCloud:

Let me get that air
That breeze
The wind I need ,
Im blowin (I’m blowin)
All these bullies away

Let me get that air
That breeze
The wind I need ,
Im blowin (I’m blowin)
All these bullies away

Celeburty -Celeburty -Celeburty
Being yourself is makin you famous

Live and learn
Be better then normal
Make those mistakes
Your blowin ( your blowin) all their minds away
(Appearance, Sexuality, Ability)

All these ups
And downs
With the best
Support around
(Following, Friend requestin, Fan pages)
Bein a star
Is better then
Not knowin (not knowin)
Who your are

Let the hate stack up
Positivity push through
Being you (Bein You)
Take your time,
(Have the last laugh)
It’s your time

Being ourselves made us famous

Let me get that air
That breeze
The wind I need,
I’m blowin (I’m blowin)
All these bullies away (REPEAT!)

Let me get that air
That breeze
The wind I need,
I’m blowin (I’m blowin)
All these bullies away

CelebURty -CelebURty –CelebURty

Let me get that air
That breeze
The wind I need,
I’m blowin (I’m blowin)
All these bullies away

I think you mean "blowin' all these bullies uh--way"... Gotta have that awkward pause between the syllables. It just wouldn't be Farrah if it sounded like an actual line was sang and not pieced together. I would actually love the laugh fest that is being a fly on the wall in Farrah's recording sessions! She should prolly take a page from Paris Hilton's book (if it's true) and just hire a session singer to pretend it's her. but then she thinks she's good sooo

YESSSSSSSSSSS That's totally what I thought of!!! I miss that show so bad... the name doesn't sound bad to me either I think it's cool. And there are so many mother fucking weird names out there now that I don't think it's that weird.

I remember him!! he was sooo cute! :)

My husband almost fell off the couch laughing when he heard the guy wanted to name his kid after an Eagle fucking Talon. He said we name our next baby (a hypothetical one because we are one and done) Camaro Trans Am after both our cars. I mean, at least our baby would be named after cool cars.

I know...I thought Talon itself was cool then I realized it was after a shit wreck of a car. Camero has a nice ring to it. Kidding! I really really liked the name Sienna a while ago and my dad keeps teasing me with Toyota Sienna so I can't get that out of my head...

Yeah I was gonna say Camero is a better name. Much better than other car names but of course not a good actual name

It's just too cool to be a name

I kind of like the sound of Carrera.... (my favorite car)(don't worry I would never)

Is "Chevy Chevette" taken?

Sadly, CM, I know a girl named Chevy. Her dad loved Chevrolet's. What can I say? LOL.

A girl I went to school with named her some Chevy.....it's too common now CM. Maybe just go with something like "Truck" or "Ute"

Sophias Binkie & Macis Red Cup :

It is getting harder and harder to pick a weird baby name that has not already been used. Chevy Chase no longer can be found to have a weird name (I think it is his actual birth name, and not a stage name). As I said before, my old neighbor named her kid, "Kilo".

I don't know if anyone commented this but was it just me or was Savannah smoking during the whole cop situation. I feel like for being a new mother she shouldn't, but that's just me.

I didn't like that either but honestly I think she was just stressed the fuck out. But yea I agree, not cool to smoke around a newboorn. Her mom needed help badly.

Ugh I didn't notice that. Really uncool, and there are healthier ways to handle stress.

There are healthier ways to handle stress, but I don't think Savannah had time to go for a run, meditate, listen to calming music and things seemed to have had already escalated far beyond the powers of "counting to ten in one's head".

Farrah, I agree, and Kaiser I agree too lmao. There are healthier ways and it's selfish to smoke around an infant, I'm js I see why she was doing it. Although not the best choice. made her look very tacky.

She was - at one point, she was holding two, because when heavily intoxicated, her mother seems to have issues with holding her cigarette and smoking it on the patio, instead opting to wander inside or drop it on the floor. Looked like Savannah had lit one of her own and was holding one for mommy dearest while the woman went on her drunken tirade.
Honestly, I give Savannah a pass under the circumstances... Calling the cops on family members is one of the most stressful situations, her baby was too young for a bad impression to be made (and I think was already being fed by Stone closed off in the car), and her poor little brother has obviously seen far worse things. She managed to keep her cool and explain things to the police, and if that cigarette gave her a momentary crutch that enabled her to behave rationally under the bad circumstances, then that's okay. But she should definitely quit, for her own health, the health of her child, and the fact that she plays the additional role of hopefully being one of the few good influences on her little bro'.

Not to mention a child should never breathe in smoke, *especially* a newborn. It's just not ok no matter the circumstance. I just pray she wasn't doing that while pregnant ugh.

Ugh me too...

Thumbed down for thinking smoking around a baby is bad -_- troll

Well I never thought... A thumbs down that I don't even wanna hear an explanation for. I'd prolly break my head banging it against the desk!

I know I'm disturbed why any one would disagree with that. Probably some idiot that smokes while pregnant. If so, go fuck yourself.

Yeah. Go home Jenelle you're high

Well she did seem a little concerned about the second hand smoke thing because I remember her screaming at her mom not to smoke inside. I remember savannah smoking outside but I don't remember where the baby was, I just thought he was in the car or someth

I really tried watching this episode but I couldn't get over the fact that his name was "Stone," I found it really distracting. Hoping I can force myself to watch this later. I love the baby's name, Rowan, though. So cute.

I haven't had an ounce of time to wrangle the TV away from the child, so I haven't watched this week's episodes. I'd just like to put the possibility out on the table that Conspiracy Man is the witty and talented Patrick Varone.

Wasn't Conspiracy Man a commenter on IBBB though? I guess he could have commented on his own website, but I was under the impression it was someone else.

It's sad but I think it doesn't come up because it takes a certain level of maturity and selflessness to choose adoption. To choose to go through all the body changes, the humiliation of being the pregnant 16 year old, and the pain of childbirth for ANOTHER person. Abortion in many ways is just a lot easier. But most of the girls on the show are past the 13th week when they start talking about it, and it is not actually a valid option anymore.

I see the comparison that Jace is practically adopted but it is not the same because Jenelle did not selflessly choose to give him more than she could provide. Instead, she selfishly continued choosing bad behaviors that put Babs in a situation that Jace would be in foster care or with her. Out of all the kids on all the seasons, I pity poor Jace the most. He really has the cards stacked against him.

I have been amazed at different times in the show. I believe Butch and April said that they "don't believe in adoption". I have heard other people talk about how they don't believe in adoption, like it is something controversial like abortion. Before this show came out, I had never heard anyone say anything bad about the institution of adoption. I had always thought that people had universal respect for it as the selfless and honorable institution that it is.

In addition to people putting down the whole concept of adoption, I have also heard people talking about how harmful it is to the children and how they will suffer for it. People also say that if the two birth parents later have a child and keep it, that somehow the adopted kid will become embittered about it. I just can't believe some of this stuff.

I grew up with several kids who were adopted. None of them seemed any different than the other kids. I had a few of them as close friends, and they were all very open and mater of fact about it. None of them ever seemed to harbor ill will towards either their birth parents or their adoptive parents. Every single one of them really loved their adoptive parents and they all seemed to be glad that they were adopted by loving families. All of these adoptions were traditional closed adoptions, but at least one of my friends did actually look for his birth mother and met up with her. He was just kind of curious about who she was and wanted to meet her, but he did not seem to be obsessed with it or anything. All of these people seemed to be very happy and well-adjusted. In addition, the adoptive parents of all of these friends were exceptionally good people and seemed to be really good parents and good people in general (probably since they had to go through such a vetting process to be able to adopt - the people who would be bad parents probably tended to be weeded out). Imagine my surprise when I heard all of these negative concepts about adoption from people either involved with TM/16 & P or people putting down adoption on sites like this.

I was pleasantly surprised that the stupid name Talon was knocked down and they chose the much more sensible Rowan. I was shocked. I don't blame someone named Stone for thinking Talon is a great name...

Really Rowan is less stupid than Talon? Both are pretty stupid.

Agreed. What's wrong with James? Or something equally normal? Normal names are not necessarily going to be super common, so it's not like if you go with something that flows and sounds nice you are dooming the kid to being just another James in school.

So much. James is spelled correctly, and not a name that is spelled backwards like Nevaeh or fuckever. Also it's not an adjective, verb, or virtue, so it's just not cool enough. (Sarcasm). I know i miss the days of classic names... I'm sure if it had been James people would be like WOW SO BORING. They shoulda named it Kai'uhjaydendestinee'uh

I like the name James. I like Thomas too

Thomas! Too cute. Classic names are the best.

LOL I've been hanging around my little cousins too much... Anytime I hear "Thomas" I think of "Thomas the Train"

Rowan is actually a very common name in Ireland. It is derived from the name Ruadhán (which you also hear quite often there). They are similar to the names Michael or James here. Just because a name sounds unfamiliar to you, doesn't necessarily make it "not normal" or "uncommon."

That is actually the definition of uncommon.

My hamsters name is Rowan.

i enjoyed this episode but hoping the baby will be out of that shitty environment with the drunken grandma. kumngo cracked me up too. i felt so terrible for that little boy benjamin i think his name was. what a hot mess

Am I the only one who doesn't watch 16 and pregnant? Too trashy for my taste, and they think they'll be famous so that irks me. lol

Well, I can't blame you at all. But why are you here then lol? Do you just watch TM? It irks me more that they are already famous, getting paid out the ass. (yet i still watch) ;)

I should add, that's saying a lot of I can watch teen mom and not 16 and pregnant.

Yeah that is....They are extremely full of themselves on TM vs. 16 and pregnant. but yea I don't like knowing that they think tkhey'll be famous etc.

I am with you on that. I don't even know why, but I can't sit through an episode of 16 & P. It just seems boring to me. I am a guy and have basically normal guy tastes (sports, fishing, etc.), but my girlfriend (the one who just died of cancer last year) was a fan of Teen Mom, and so I started watching it with her. After she got really sick and I was taking care of her for hospice, it was one of the things we could still do together. She was extremely funny, and the show had an element of comedy to us. I used to read the TM blogs and write comments for them like I am doing now, but she never read them or the stuff I wrote.

I am not inclined to watch soap operas or romantic comedies or any stuff that is centered on relatonships (I am a guy, after all), but maybe the attraction of TM for me is kind of a soap opera-ish draw. Maybe I like to follow these characters and see what they will do next. They all make some dumb decisions that are funny to me, and maybe I just like to watch and think about whether I can guess what is next. Unlike many of the followers of the show, I do not get wrapped up in the relationships of the characters, the cuteness of the babies, or anything like that.

For some reason, I am completely glued to TM. I at least like TM1 & 2. TM 3 seemed pretty boring to me (and to Sally, my girlfriend) - I could follow the recaps and did not need to watch the actual show. I am confused myself as to what the draw of TM is for me, but I do know that 16&P does not cut it for me, for whatever reason (probably because you don't get to follow along with the characters over a longer period of time).

I think you probably associate it with good memories of your girlfriend and that is really sweet. I associate the shows with staying home with my little guy on maternity leave.

I actually saw TM first and caught the individual 16&P episodes of those girls in reruns, so now it's fun to see the 16&P girls and wonder who might end up on a future TM#

Talon?! I must have missed that part where he says that. Now I have to watch it again- ROFL! Talon?! After a car? A talon is also the sharp claw of a predatory bird. I am dying over here! Thank God she made a reasonable choice for her son. rowan is way better.

I used to have a friend that referred to his toenails as "the talons" and that's all I can think about when I hear the name

Rowan is an absolutely hideous name. Yeah, Talon is pretty bad, but Rowan isn't much better. I'd actually say I hate Rowan more. Just atrocious.

I find it funny to read all the comments hating on the name Rowan. Cos here in Australia it's actually kinda common and no one would bat an eyelid at that name. Mostly for a boy but occassionally for a girl (like Drew, I guess).

I didn't really see any comments like that lol. I just saw people saying how much they loved the name...I don't think more than two or three people agree with me. It's a common name here, too, mostly with girls aged about 1-4. Just because a name is common doesn't mean I like it.

Brooke Shields named her youngest daughter Rowan Francis.

It is funny how perceptions differ. I was absolutely stunned and horrified by Talon, but others thought it was fine. On the other hand, I thought Rowan was kind of dignified and thoughtful, and it is fairly common in the U.K. and commonwealth.