16 & Pregnant Season 5: Where Are They Now? Recap



Maddy says that Cody hasn't seen Aubrey in 10 months and that he hasn't sent any money for the kid. She isn't forcing him to be a part of her life. Maddy has a friend named Brad that used to be Cody's friend, but now he's Maddy's best friend and Aubrey's godfather. Maddy and Brad are not dating, but Maddy realizes that it's great to have Brad's help in Aubrey's life. Brad even paid for half of Aubrey's car seat.

Maddy admits that she does want to be with someone like Brad some day. Maddy still has a good relationship with her mom, and they see each other a couple of times a week.

Maddy says that at the time she didn't understand why her mom wanted her to move out, but that now it all makes sense to her.

Maddy and her mom talk about how Cody isn't in Aubrey's life at all, and they say that Aubrey is more than taken care of so that it doesn't make a huge difference yet.

Maddy cries at the end of her segment about how Aubrey deserved to have a dad, but she realizes that it's probably best for him to not be around than to be in and out of Aubrey's life.


Savannah and Stone tried to work things out but they fell apart. Stone's mom picks up Rowan every morning so Savannah can go to high school. During the episode, Stone fails to pick his kid up and the two seem to really be struggling. Savannah is lucky to have Stone's mom to help and it seems like she's on Savannah's side. Savannah claims that Rowan loves to see his dad, and that there's hostility there because Stone didn't want to end the relationship. Honestly, I am really liking Savannah's hairstyle right now. It looks way better than it did during her episode. Savannah says that she and Stone don't have a legally binding custody agreement and that she doesn't want one because she thinks it would cause more stress than is needed.

Savannah's mother talks about how the show caused problems for them due to her mother's alcoholism. Savannah still has an issue with her mom's sobriety and the two have an argument about maturity levels in the household. Savannah promises that Rowan's childhood will be different because he won't have to worry about whether or not his mom is going to be sober. Savannah is close to graduating high school and get emotional while talking with a school counselor about it, and she's working very hard to obtain her goals.

She says that she would like to be a nurse practitioner some day. Savannah is dating a guy named Malcolm, and he also has a kid of his own.

The two talk about Stone's inability to pick up his kid.

Savannah talks about how if she could go back in time, she would have been on birth control. Savannah hopes that some day she and Stone can co-parent, but that she realizes it's a dream that's a ways away.


Millina and Trevor aren't together, but they're working on co-parenting and a friendship. She does hope that things can work out, but realizes that things aren't meant to be at this time. For now, they're simply focusing on Kayden. Millina has two jobs. She works in fast food, but is also a go-go dancer at clubs and people's houses.

Trevor has issues with Millina dancing for a living, but Millina thinks that if she has to work it might as well be something she likes doing. Millina's mother is out of jail, and she now lives with Millina, her grandmother, and her brother. Millina's mom is pregnant with a little girl.

Millina has a best guy friend named Justin and admits that they both have feelings for each other.

Millina isn't pushing the relationship because they're friends now and she's fine with that. Justin doesn't think that Millina and Trevor will ever get together again, and admits that she's been confiding in Justin for quite a while.


Courtney chose not to film for the special, but did have a Skype message. She reveals that she and Scott are not together, and that she's living with her grandparents. She's going to school for cosmetology and loves it.


Summer caught D.J. cheating on her and they split up about 5 months ago. He went to California to work, but during the last 2 weeks they've been talking a lot more. Summes goes out with her sister Pookie (I think her name is Dani) and they talk about how their mom hasn't made contact with them in about 3 months. Summer says her mom has shown her what NOT to do as a mother. Summer says that she has a mother instinct with her siblings and that Pookie needs to get on some birth control. Summer is getting the Implanon, and suggests that Pookie gets it too. Pookie doesn't really want a baby, but guess what, she's pregnant now, so surprise! Summer wishes that D.J. would help more financially. She says that her parents and D.J.'s parents help financially.

Summer talks with D.J.'s mom about how he's coming back, and says that eventually she gave him the ultimatum that if he wanted to be a family, he needed to actually be home. D.J.'s mom says that the two of them argued a lot, and that no matter what happend, Peyton is the one that's stuck in the middle and he's the one that they need to think about during this whole thing. Summer says she's willing to try anything to keep her family together. Summer goes to pick up D.J. and she's hopeful that things will go well.

Summer says he seems mad but D.J. says he's just tired and ready to see Peyton.

Summer says about two words about their marriage and D.J. starts flipping out about things. It's hard to watch because I feel like Summer is a genuine girl and she deserves so much more than this kind of treatment.


Savon seems to have things together pretty well right now. Eden is 8 months old now, and he's pretty cute. Savon is working on a music career and her long term dream is to be a professional performer. She wants to be on stage and produce albums for a living. She freestyle raps, and she's not all that bad. Savon's working on some goals of hers including passing her GED, going to college, and getting a Business Management degree. Savon obviously doesn't know how to put her kid in the car seat and it kind of broke my heart.

Eden's father got in trouble with the law and so she doesn't think he'll ever be around. Savon lives on her own with Eden and doesn't really talk to her aunt LaDonna much any more. Savon has a drop in daycare place, and it seems to be working for her. She also works at a pizza place, and provides for her son on her own.

Savon is not on birth control, but she's planning on getting Implanon pretty soon. She has a crush on a guy that works close to her is named Miguel.

He works and goes to school and seems alright. He "just happens" to stop by Savon's work on his lunch break or something.


Karley also chose not to film for the update, but she did a Skype message. She graduated high school and plans to go to college for Criminal Justice.

She is on the Implanon birth control. She stays home with them, and they're pretty stinking cute.


Aleah and Shawn live on their own now with their two kids. Shawn works second shift, and Aleah takes care of the kids. She also goes to college for medical assisting. She has one friend that's diabetic as well, and they seem to really click because of their similar situations. Aleah reveals that her kidney function is decreasing and that if her kidneys end up failing, she'll be in dialysis every day to simply stay alive.

She fears that she might not see her kids graduate. Aleah says that she and Shawn have beaten the odds and that they're hopeful that they can make things work forever.

Aleah didn't initially tell Shawn about the kidney function issue because she didn't want to stress him out, but he seems supportive.

Aleah simply hopes that if something were to happen to her, that Shawn would take care of her kids. Aleah wants her kids to have a bright future and for them to be happy.


Arianna chose to not film but did a Skype session. Arianna works and goes to school.

Maurice hasn't seen Aiden since he was 3 months old, and she hasn't made an effort to talk to him. She's single for now, but hopes to date in the future. She is on the Depo shot to avoid future pregnancies.


Dustin and Autumn have ended their relationship since the birth of their son Drake. Autumn was taking online classes, but doesn't any more because she doesn't have the money for it. She doesn't have a ton of friends, but enjoys hanging out with her sister, Misty. Misty is also a teenage mother to a boy named Jayden who is only a couple months older than Drake. Autumn and Dustin still have sex, but they use protection. Autumn is on Mirena. Misty and Autumn talk about the possibility of Autumn and Dustin getting back together, but that she's not sure if he will ever change.

Autumn is considering getting a job at a restaurant, but is concerned that she wouldn't have anyone to watch the kid. Autumn and Dustin are friends, but she has issues with letting go of the past because she and Dustin have a child together. Dustin claims that he has stopped smoking, but Dustin has failed to pass a drug test. Dustin says he regrets hurting Autumn, but the two still argue and don't really seem to have any way to fix things or come up with any form of co-parenting schedule.

Autumn stresses the importance of being a team, and realizes that even though things aren't great between them, she's stuck with him for at least the next 18 years. Autumn spoke exclusively to us this afternoon and revealed that Dustin isn't involved with Drake much and that he doesn't help financially.

She also said that she doesn't have a job, but watches her nephew for $20 a night to help provide for Drake. Dustin no longer has a job.


Jordan and Derek broke up and she was diagnosed with PPD. Derek lives with a couple of lacrosse boys and he has custody of Derek. Jordan lives with a friend from work (she's the one that outed her for being a druggie and allegedly tried to gouge her eyes out with a broken bottle). Jordan says that her doctors are concerned that she may be bipolar. The friend mentions that the longer she puts off seeing the doctor, the longer she goes without seeing her kid. Jordan calls Derek to try and see her child, but he's on his way to class and he doesn't want to talk. Jordan admits that Genevieve is best off with Derek right now. Jordan admits that she's a stripper and that she makes a decent amount of money every single night that she works. Jordan complains about Derek not getting a job, and she feels like she took matters into her own hands and got a job as a stripper to simply pay bills. Derek calls Jordan back and lets her know that he doesn't have the kid.

Genevieve is at the doctor's office. Derek flips out on the phone because he doesn't have the kid and things seem really out of control for this whole group of people. Derek talks to his friends about how Jordan needs to take care of herself before she can take care of Genevieve. Derek says that there are extreme cases of PPD where people hurt their children, and he doesn't want that for his child. Derek admits that Genevieve needs Jordan, but that at this point in her life, Jordan can't handle it.

Derek thinks he handles things with the baby pretty well on his own, and his family takes care of her. Jordan claims that she saw her daughter twice the week of filming.

Jordan feels like she's letting her daughter down.

MTV filmed at Chez Joey while Jordan was at work, which was slightly interesting. Jordan goes to see her daughter, but Derek isn't there during that time which is probably for the best.


MTV has not pulled the plug on a Teen Mom spinoff for this crop of girls.

We can exclusively reveal that if the ratings for their catch up special were high enough, the chances of a Teen Mom 4 coming to your screen are extremely likely. More information on this will be posted when available.


Look forward to it Megan!

Wooo go megan!

Longtime lurker here. I finally gave in and made a username after seeing mtv's new casting call!

I love your username so much.

Thank you!!

Yes your name is fantastic!!! Lolll I'm dying!

love love love the username!!

Oh, man, I totally missed it. I thought it was on tonight. Boooo.

It is on tonight! It's on in 5 minutes on the East Coast, actually.

Oh, shit, I'm missing it!

I'm sure they'll air it 12000 more times

Maddy is disgusting as usual. Aubree was super cute. Lol I feel like she was leading that poor bastard on while he's helping pay for HER daughters stuff, and she's lik eoh blah blah he's like my brother. Poor guy probably thinks there is going to be a relationship but she only does one hour ones. I'm interested in the new recap! Saw it all not much to say about the others except OMG JORDAN get your stuff together! That girl is on drugs...DJ turned into a dhole too

Maddy is totally dangling that ass in front of Brad with no intention of giving it up. Poor bastard. N nice try with the comb-over, Maddy, I know what's really under that side swoop.

I am super excited to see Jordan's lol. I heard it was pretty trashy and she even admitted to being a sober. Maybe I wasn't giving this special enough credit. It seems like it's going to be more realistic than the other ones.

It's pretty damn pathetic to watch. I keep being torn to feel bad for her, but mostly I don't. Jordan just reminds me of Amanda Bynes lol. She's just a hot hot mess. I thought it was kinda cute that Derek and his friends are raising Genevieve. Like movie 3 men and a baby (whatever it's called). Watching her at the strip club was interesting...she looks SO trashy and so like she's on something.. It's just sad for Genevieve.

I totally thought of 3 Men & a Baby too! They really were endearing and they all seemed to adore her.

Definitely no admissions from her regarding sobriety, but she did cop to being a stripper ;)

Yea I actually give her props for being up front about that. It's such BS I mean she acts so ashamed on TV about being a stripper then takes the whorish selfies adn posts them on Twitter.

OMG what about Milina being a gogo dancer!? That was super awkward to watch...

Holy crap. I just typed she admitted to being a sober. Lol. I swear I'm sober myself! I got distracted talking to my mom while typing this haha.

Every time I read about milina being a go go dancer I get this song stuck in my head its so annoying

It was refreshing to see Jordan own up to it. So many of these girls never own up to their dirty little "secrets". They(Leah) try to pretend that everything is a-okay, but Jordan just sorta laid it all out there. I agree with what Derreck said. Jordan just needs to work on herself right now before she focuses on anything else. And it is much is easier to work on your personal issues when you are actually honest about what those issues are.

And Milina gogo dancing was extremely awkward. I am not familar with that scene at all. Are gogo dancers supposed to move that way?

WHAT?? I can't watch this until I download, so you SEE Jordan strip? And SEE Millina go go dance? Nice work MTV. I'm impressed they are actually showing the real life of a teen mum. Finally.

Jordan was in the strip club, just walking around and complaining. Manila envelope was "Go Go Dancing" at a house party (but really she was just waving her hands around and jumping).

It skeeves me out that she go-go dances at other people's private residences. I'd laugh in someone's face if they offered me that "service."

I didn't see the special but I always picture go-go dancers as like retro looking with the ankle length go-go boots grooving out in a cage on the side of a club or something. I'm thinking Millina's version of go-go dancing is more like stripping with less rhythm?

Nah it was just awkward dancing in furry boots while standing on top of a milk crate. Maybe much like strippers, she has a couple drinks to loosen up before a "performance"

Was Jordan in her trashy underwear? Is Milinia clothed?

Jordan was wearing your typical stripper garb; a bra (maybe two) and undies...maybe garters with thigh highs and heels. Manila wore boots with a skirt (?) and a half shirt. It actually surprised me that her tummy is kind of...in shape. Because her face is so not.

I had the exact same reaction to Millina's go-go dancing: isn't go-go dancing something else? I have a feeling Millina just calls it that to make it sound less sleazy.

Okay, so I missed the first fifteen minutes, which means I missed Maddy's segment, but she's a bitch so I don't care lol. I just saw the part of Savannah's segment where she has this huge fight with her mom, then says with tears in her eyes that her son will never worry about spending his childhood not knowing if his mom is sober. That shit cut me deep, man. I grew up in a very normal, loving family, so this kind of stuff is pretty foreign to me (though a lot of my friends grew up in broken homes). I wish Savannah all the luck and hope she doesn't repeat the patterns of her own childhood. It's pretty hard to overcome that kind of crap. I hope Stone can help her out.

You so didn't miss out with Maddy. Basically she's still a stupid whore.

She isn't a whore. Why is everyone talking so bad about Maddy? She is focused on her daughter.. why is it such a bad thing that she won't date some guy and is just focusing on her and her daughter? It's really sad how insecure you must be to put every single "teen mom" from this show down like that... If you don't like any of them why do you watch or spend so much time on this website reading and commenting? Say something positive for once about someone... it might make you feel better!

Because she got pregnant after knowing him for an hour=whore. Why do you comment that "everyone is talking so bad about Maddy" yet only have a go at the above commenter?
And I watched and loved Breaking Bad. Doesn't mean I like drug dealers/users. It's just good entertainment.

I honestly ask myself about TM2. I like some of the girls from 36&P but can't stand anyone from TM2, but I'm sure when it comes back on somehow I'll be watching. As far as Maddy I just think it was really dumb to screw a guy after an hour (blahblahblah slutshaming. Do whatever but I still think it's stupid), and I didn't see it by watching her segment but a lot goes over my head haha! And I can see where people are coming from when they say she gives off the vibe that she's using her "friend" for money. She could've learned a thing or two from hooking up with Cody, and maybe now she's being more careful that she has a daughter to look after. I do think the comments on her looks are harsh but I try to stay out of that. Basically what I'm saying is I can see where people are coming from criticizing her but I can also see where it looks like people are being overly negative. I hope for Aubry's sake that Maddy is doing a good job though!

Savannah was one of my favorites, I like the new guy she's dating he's cute and seems liek a sweeetheart. Sad she said Stone talked to her the way he did and that his mom had to come pick up Rowan. Savannah seems pretty mature for her age I think she'll be ok.

Did we see Stones friend??

NO I'm so mad!

I really like Savanah too. I didn't recognize her at first, she looks like she's lost a ton of weight. I would love to follow her story on a Teen Mom 4.

She def upgraded to a better looking guy and he seemed to understand being a father is a very important job. I question her having her child around an addict for the majority of his life... If her mother won't get help and commit to sobriety she shouldn't have her around her son- it's just too dangerous..

ETA: So apparently Stone isn't that involved with Rowan's life? That sucks because he seemed like a pretty cool guy. Booo. Stone, fix yourself!

But I LOVED how his mom totally called him out on his crap and said he was being "f***ing retarded" (sorry for the r word. Her words not mine)

I have a sis with down syndrome and just don't even care if people say the R word. I don't say it myself but meh life is too short to be offended by that stuff. Anyway And let's be real..Stone is an idiot. Well at least in this catch up. he did seem like a cool guy! Seems kind of like a deadbeat now.

Wow. Thumb down all you want but no explanation for why you're thumbing down cause I mentioned I had a sister with down syndrome. You're an asshole and a coward. Whatever. My sister is awesome and nowhere near retarded so that's not why I'm not offended by that word. My sister is smarter than most of these whore bags on TV lol.

I have an uncle with Downs.

I don't understand why you got a downvote brigade for explaining your thoughts on a word that people want to avoid using almost entirely in case other people find it offensive. All you're explaining is that you have PERSONAL EXPERIENCE in your life that would clear up whether you find it offensive or not. To me, that's as simple as someone from the South explaining they don't mind the term "redneck."

I usually don't use the word because one of my best friends growing up had a little sister with severe, profound mental and physical handicaps and, while he was very laid back with most things in life, that word irked him so I got out of the habit of using it. I would never, ever in a million years look at someone with an actual mental retardation and call them "retarded," though. I just grew up with it as slang like "gay" which I also try really hard not to use as anything derogatory. But I understand it offends some so I don't want to hurt anyone. We all grow up with colloquialisms that perhaps we find out later are offensive or inappropriate. I literally didn't know that the term "chinaman" was a racial slur until I was 19. I thought it was just a man from China. No idea there was disrespect attached to it. You having a sister with Down syndrome and saying it doesn't bother you isn't offensive so I'm not understanding the apparent outrage. You've said way, way worse things on this website, haha. Also, I've said it before and I'll say it again: You're being a Jew and having a little sister with Down syndrome convinces me that we'd probably be friends in real life and get into lots of mischief. The only person, adult or child, I've ever met with Down syndrome who wasn't the sweetest, happiest person on the planet was my neighbor's son and that wasn't his fault at all. His parents just didn't work with him and treated him like a disease his whole life. I used to work with a dance group that did little fun dances for kids with Down syndrome so they could get exercise and have group activities and they'd have little recitals. It was fucking precious as hell and there will always be a soft spot in my heart for anyone I meet with Down syndrome. They're always just warm and fuzzy in their interactions and seem like genuinely good souls, in my experience.

I also really love Jews and grew up in the South. We don't have Jews here as far as I'm aware and all my relatives are Baptist so even if we had 'em around, I wasn't exposed. My husband makes fun of my obsession with Judaism constantly, haha. So yeah...you're on my list of favorite internet people, Trap Baby.

I also have a sis with down's syndrome and the word retarded doesn't bother my family either. Kim is anything but retarded. She is sweet, smart, funny, and happy. And Rae, I agree with you. Trap baby is one of my favorite people here. She cracks me up!!

Rae your post makes me laugh! Yeah its really considerate that people don't say that word, but if they do it's just like meh whatever. LOL at Chinaman. I got yelled at for referring to someone as Oriental! Although one girl told me it's offensive and my Asian best friend said it wasn't so who knows. I'm just saying Asian from now on. OMG everythign has to be so politcally correct these days. I don't even mind Jew jokes cause I make them myself all the time and they're true LOL. Yeah there's not a lot of Jews around period, I just LOVE that you love Jews! Your cat and the yamacah ( i can't even spell it) sounds amazing.

Thank you girlses that's so ssweet. Skanky, we're lucky to have sisters like that! Are you super overprotective? I think I'm extra overprotective cause of it. Like she's 29 and I still want to beat the hell otu of anyone that's remotely mean or boys that look at her lol. Yes my sister has a job which is more than I can see for most of the TM skanks!

TTB - "yamacah" is actually spelled yarmulke. I found that out a couple of years ago and it blew my damn mind!

1) People are wayyyy too overly sensitive. And it's always the people who are kind of immune to insults that tip toe around everything. (Also, as a white woman, I realize I'm talking about me, here. I've never been called a cracker, honkey or broad and actually felt emotional pain from it. Racial and gender slurs are silly...I'd much rather insult a person for their lack of character or specific douchiness on a more personal level, anyway. I do acknowledge that they can be incredibly hurtful to people who were ACTUALLY oppressed throughout a history riddled with assholes in charge which is why I'm not a sexist, racist piece of trash.)

Annnnyywayy, my point is: I got bitched at by my English teacher in freshman year for referring to a friend's family as "Mexican." I was using something they do at Christmas as an example for some presentation and the tradition started with their great-great grandfather or someone back in Mexico. She got all huffy and said, "No! We don't say that! They're people of Mexican ORIGIN!" (She also said that last sentence like ignorant assholes speak to Deaf people or people they assume are stupid...very slow and overly enunciated like she was doing me a favor.) I just looked at her and said, "No, her family literally moved here from Mexico 30 years ago. They're Mexican." Woman lost her damn mind. Later, I found out she'd been spiking her morning coffee with a LOT of vodka on a daily basis although I suspect she was stupid and a wanker to begin with. In my experience, after a certain point, it just seems MORE offensive to tap dance around crap that doesn't need to be tap danced around. It's pretty much telling the other person, "Oh...I'm worried I'm going to offend you and look bad for saying that you're from Mexico so I'm going to find a "fancy" way to say that you're from Mexico because, let's face it, it all boils down to me being an awkward bitch who's too cowardly to admit that I think being from Mexico is something you should be ashamed of."

2) I always write yamaka in casual back conversation because that's what google approves of (or at least tolerates) and, while "yarmulke" is correct, but I always fuck it up. It's like bologna...I know it's "baloney" but it looks like BAH-LOG-NAH and it throws me off every damn time! Although, now that I've said that, "yamaka" just looks like an off brand, cheap "electronical" piano keyboard I bought to practice on in 5th grade. You can also call it a kippah, but then we're back to the bologna thing because when I say kippah, it just makes me giggle because it sounds like I'm putting on a Madonna level bad British accent and talking about sausages. (And I just googled kipper and apparently it's a fish, not a sausage and my whole life is just a lie. Ugh.) There's no winning. Maybe I'll just go with yarmulke and when my husband is like "why are you making that face while you're typing?" I can get all flustered and say, "Because my brain is confused by phonics and I'm trying not to piss off all the Jews!"

Sorry to ramble...I may or may not be on lots of flu medicine...wait...I mean "medication of influenza'd origin." There we go.

Missed the first 23 minutes :( Tuned in right in time for Millina's part to start. I didn't see this passed season of 16 & P because it was too boring to watch. But after obsessive recap watching and pages upon pages of snark, I think I'll be okay

ohhh, Millina. There's no way in HAILLLL anyone is paying her to dance on a milk crate in the middle of their house party. Unless she gets paid in dicks, which is a possibility.

Yeah man, what the hell was hat?

Was she wearing her nursing bra under her tank tops still? That was REALLY sexy to freaky Trevor, I'm sure!

Nursing bra? Did Millina breastfeed? While using drugs? Not cool....

She said something (while making a formula bottle) about not realizing how much money nursing saved her until she stopped. She didn't say how long or why she stopped though.

That dance was really weird. I wonder who paid her to do that?

People really hire go-go dancers for house parties?

I'm sure she does more than dance. Lol her dancing was so fucking awkard...I'm sorry.

I can dance like that at parties, where's my money? I apparently missed my calling by not having a baby in high school

Worse than Alex's seizure dancing?
I can't wait to see this shit. My download buddy gets back tomorrow. Is it rude to be waiting on her doorstep? Lol

I thought you had to like... dance to be a go-go dancer? She was just two stepping with those fur things on her legs.

Alex should give her some lessons!

She seemed really awkward and self-conscious, too, like she was doing it as a joke. I can't imagine her making that much money if she's all floppy and seizing.

I'm digging the fact that her thought process was something along the lines of, "MTV is coming back to film me. I need to look like I have some sort of stability in my life. Here...I'm gonna pretend to be a go-go dancer in your living room, k?"

Dancing at strangers' houses sounds totally safe Milina. Not dangerous at all.

I can totally see hiring go go dancers for a huge party, more like an event type deal but this girl was dancing on a milk crate at a house party with like 15 guests. It was soooo weird.

I've really got to see this! I don't get much TV time.. maybe I can watch it online.
I'm obviously missing the shit show of the year! !

Lol at Millina dancing in a corner. And her meth mom being pregnant again. This is the greatest update special ever.

That whole situation was a hot mess. The "dancing" was a little cringeworthy. Her new bestie seemed like a good dude though so maybe she will get her shit together and dump Trevor for good and get with him.

Trevor was so annoying ugh

So did they say who her mum was pregnant too? Poor grandma. She's already raised two of that women's kids. Who has grandkids older than their own kids?? Such fucked up people out there....

When Millina said "My mom got out of jail and then got pregnant.." it sounded like she was about to continue on with more details but MTV editors cut it off at "got pregnant."

What is with all these girls who suddenly have all these guy "best friends" who they are stringing along??? Is this their Edison of trying to save face for having new boyfriends before baby's first birthday?

Lol it's like their backup and just free $$$. Classy! The guys are pretty sad too...ok sure Maddys guy was a bigger dude but he could do a lot better than ms. shaved hairline

*version not Edison. wtf autocorrect??

They are testing them...
Honestly it's just a count down until they have rep babies with these boys..
There is a big difference between throwing in $100 for a car seat and being 50/50 responsible for a baby.. There's a big difference between being supportive when someone is having a hard time and being married to them for life..
That's why you need to know someone through and through before you marry and start a family with them.. These girls just wear rose coloured glasses!!!

Sad we didn't get more of an update from Courtney. She seems to have her shit together more than most of the girls.

She was going to cosmology school!

Summer's on now and I forgot how hard it is to understand her accent. You can't fake this level of Southern-ness.

I really need subtitles for her, and I'm gonna need them for this next scene with DJ

LOL we typed that they needed subtitles at the same tiem. If Corey had to have subtitles so should summer..

Summer needs subtitles more than Corey does. Corey talks slow enough so I can understand him most of the time. Summer talks really quickly, which makes it harder to understand her on top of her super-thick accent.

Yeah seriously! Corey is a bit of a mumbler but Summer isn't even speaking English. No fucking clue what happened in her recap except DJ yelling...for no apparent reason. He kinda looked strung out on drugs too.

Well, next time you can't understand Summer please think of this fellow right here who's first language isn't english. I had no problem with all the other girls but it was almost impossible to understand a word when she was talking to Pookie.

I thought I was the only one who thought DJ was on drugs. What was wrong with him? He kept getting angry and acting weird for no reason, out of nowhere. I felt bad for Summer. I could understand her, I guess because I watch a lot of Southern-set stuff.

I felt like I needed subtitles the entire time. Slothface is a douche was all I got from that episode. And ms. Storyin is off storyin somewhere and not being a mom.

She needs to dump him for real. He was a giant dildo. Also, I saw that car scene and was thinking Pookie is probably pregnant already by now, and she is! SHOCKER. Another one bites the dust to "but birth control will make me faaaaaaat."

I don't know how far along Pookie is or when she got pregnant, but I thought she was already pregnant when Summer was talking to her about birth control. She kept making these "Oh, shit, do I tell her now?" expressions the entire time. Maybe it was just me. Or maybe she wasn't pregnant, but was making those faces because she knew she was being stupid having unprotected sex.

"Would you rather be fat or have a big pregnant belly"
"Big belly cus babies is beautiful"

I'm just glad my name will always be relevant.

I seriously wanted to bitch slap some sense into "Pookie" during that conversation. I knew she was gonna get pregnant in 3..2..1

Summer was like "can you at least learn to use protection?" so she wasn't even doing that much?

My hubby and I are both from Arkansas and we laugh every time Summer gets on screen. Sweet girl, but Lord. That accent. I was so excited when she said adeekshun again for us.

Savon's skin is effin flawless

She's adorable. I'm jealous of her little figure especially after having a kid! That would be cool if she gets into music.

A long time ago there was a Degrassi behind the scenes special in which Aubrey Graham told the camera all about his aspirations to be a rapper. I sat in front of my television and laughed at the corny Canadian kid from a teen soap opera. Surely no one would want to listen to him rap, right? Well what the hell do I know?! That's how I learned not to doubt anyone's music dreams

True. She seemed likea good singer but it's one in a million honey...I'm gald she's not trying to use MTV to do it thank GOd

That's wild...I remember watching that when I was like 14 years old! I was all, c'mon Jimmy, don't be delusional dude. Now Drake is huge and I'm a 26 year old who still watches Degrassi.

@Uncle Junior You like Degrassi, therefore we are friends now. Non negotiable.

OMFG you guys, old school D:TNG fan here too! I remember going on Wikipedia back in 2007/2008 to look up upcoming episode descriptions and ending up on Aubrey Graham's page. Of course I read his after-Degrassi plan to become a rapper called Drake, and like you girlses I laughed and thought "pssh, good luck Jimmy". Well shut me up lol.

@Lyin Damn Husalah It's beyond comforting to know that other people are both D:TNG and TM fanatics!

Fave episode anyone? Mine is the one where Darcy gets stalked by that cyber creep!

I always liked the after-school special episodes: Manny's abortion, Rick shooting up the school (Jimmy!), and JT getting stabbed. Have you seen Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High? I've found them online, talk about old school lol.

The Degrassi Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuoaIpu9aPY

So many good episodes of Degrassi. It's hard to pick one!

One of my favorite moments of "The Next Generation" (there are so many of them) is when Craig is sick and hasn't been to school in a while. He finally decides to head to class because he's sick of being, well, sick. At the same time, Rick has been humiliated and Spinner and Jay (lol) tricked him into thinking Jimmy was behind it. So Rick get his dad's gun, comes back to school, and shoots Jimmy right in front of Craig, who starts hyperventilating and tries to say Jimmy's name. I just loved how the one day Craig finally decides to get his bipolar ass back into school, he witnesses one of his best friends get shot. But that's what happens when you enroll at Degrassi haha.

I recently forced convinced my boyfriend to watch three episodes in row me on the computer. We watched the one where Darcy gets stalked by Adams, the one where Manny gets the abortion and the one where Rick shoots up the school. All classics! The entire time he was so confused and kept saying that "This school isn't real!" He was prepared for it to get so real. But it's Degrassi... it goes there lol

My favorite episodes were the episodes that dealt with Paige's rape. They were so sad and I was pissed that douchey soccer player got away with it. But it did spawn the amazing "Poor Thing" during Battle of the Bands

aaah degrassi! my other obsession! Does anyone here still watch it? I'm all caught up on the show now, though I got behind during seasons 8-10, aka the worst. It's getting better now, more like seasons 2-6. 2-4 were the glory days and I doubt it'll ever be that good again, but I am committed lol. Favorite episodes... Time Stands Still school shooting (obvs). Holiday (when Craig gets caught cheating on Ashley with Manny). Voices Carry (Craig's bipolar freakout). There are definitely others but those are the first to come to mind. I'm getting nostalgic now for season 1, when they were little kids! Paige getting Terry drunk before the dance, Spinner and Jimmy egging Ms Kwan's car, Ashley finding out her dad's gay.

I sure do love Degrassi...

How could I forget Craig's bipolar freak out when I was showing my boyf this wonderful trash? Even my mom would watch episodes with me during seasons 2-6! It was just so dramatic and endearing and kinda bad but also amazing all at once <3

Hey girlses, since we're all gathered in the name of Degrassi I have something to tell tall about. One of my closest friends also grew up watching Degrassi and we've been talking about starting a Degrassi Reviewed blog. If anyone is familiar with Full House Reviewed by Billy Superstar, we wanted the same sort of playfully jeering format, but without all of the genuine hate for the show (seriously, if you haven't, check of Full House Reviewed!) Idk when we'll start the project, but it would be awesome to have some of you guys on the site to laugh about it in the comments! Possible coming to a computer near you in 2016 after I graduate university

We'd only

We'd only do the first episode where Emma almost gets got until the episode where Spinner and Emma got married, because they were the last original cast members.

And yes! I have seen Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High. My obsession with this shit goes deep lol

@jenelle5 I've watched the other degrassis too! I'd love to contribute to the love-snark blog. It'd be like BoycottTheCaf except better bc we're involved :)

She was so cute. I hope she can go after her baby daddy for some child support at some point. But if he's in jail I don't know if that's possible - does anyone know?

One may apply to stop child support payments if they will be serving a prison (so idk if jail counts) sentence of more than three months, although laws vary quite a bit between states. After one's release child support will be reinstated. That's what I learned in school, but not sure if I'm recalling it 100% correctly

they would be able to get an order saying he should be paying and would probably be able to grab his tax return or garnish an existing bank account, but he's somewhat "judgment proof" because they wouldnt be able to jail him for not paying during the time he was incarcerated because they would have to prove that he "had the ability to pay and willfully chose not to fulfill or make reasonable efforts towards fulfilling his obligations"

Savon needs to learn to use a carseat. WTF was that? I love how they kept showing her baby not strapped in.

Are you for real? Not strapped in at all?

The baby was not strapped in to the car seat at all and she had the infant carrier forward facing attached with just the lap belt.

I'm sorry. But don't mtv have some sort of duty of care? Can't they say "hey chick, buckle your kid in!"

It shocks me that mtv employees can legally ignore these things. Not saying anything is the equivalent to child neglect and endangerment. What if tomorrow Savon was in an accident and the baby was killed.. How could these people live with themselves! Same with leaving Leah with Amber knowing that she was on drugs...how can you just walk out the door knowing that in the state she was in she couldn't possibly care for her child
Call CPS for gods sake!!!!

I remember that former MTV cameraman who did a Reddit AMA about a couple years ago. He said that he was legitimately upset at the state of Leah's house and the fact that her children were pretty much living in squalor. However, when he wanted to call CPS on her, his employers at MTV told him not to and his job was to film it and act like nothing was wrong. He ended up quitting not long after because he was so stressed out over filming (it wasn't just Leah who gave him anxiety, but I think she was the final straw). So at least person that I know of did express concern over these girls and how they're taking (and not taking) care of their children, but the MTV bigshots don't want anyone being notified. I think they were subpoenaed to hand over the footage of Amber beating Gary because they didn't want to do it themselves. It's just like...come on, guys. There are times where it's okay to not be a fly on the wall. "True Life" has the same rules, but there has been numerous times where the cameraperson interjected him/herself in a situation or called 911 over a subject's health or something. I guess the people at "Teen Mom" are pretty heartless.

I agree Catelynns. It is quite hypocritical show.
A show focused on sex lives of teenagers. Adults have sex lives- teens shouldn't be worried about that stuff, andd be focused on their studies, ideally. It's almost as if they PROMOTE the idea of being 16 & pregnant. Add in the exorbitant amounts of money, and you've just sent the entire wrong message.
By not reporting these girls (and really, who's gonna know it was you), Is condoning the drug use, the filth, etc. That's why I hope they don't do a TM4 with Jordan.

What I don't get is if he quit the show why didn't he report Leah after? And can't you report anonymously?

So Savon somehow has money to go to a recording studio even though she's moved out of her aunts house and gets government daycare? She definitely seems to have it kind of together, but I can't imagine she has THAT much money around. Also, did anyone else get a generally depressed vibe from her?

I think she was a lot better emotionally than she was at the end of her "16 and Pregnant". She seemed more connected to Eden, which was good to see because she obviously had severe PPD. She seems a little cautious and not that emotional, but I think she's doing miles better now than she was when she last filmed.

I was going to say, despite both Karley and Jordan tweeting about PPD, Savon was the one who most obviously had it. Can't watch the catch-up yet, as I'm in Canada, but glad she's doing better.
Ugh, Jordan was one of the moms who re-tweeted the most about the catch-up, under the guise of trying to raise awareness of PPD. It just cheapens it, when there's girls on the show who almost certainly do have it, not to mention so many other women, and they just do their best to get by.
If I was Jordan, I'd be damn embarrassed. I have depression and PTSD, and I pretty much never talk about it (except on here right now, haha - perks of being anonymous). When I hear about bad things I've done (nothing on Jordan's level, more like getting angry at people who don't deserve it because I can't express my anger at those who do), I feel sick and embarrassed. Jordan just wants attention in all the worst ways. I have a hard enough time re-living things I've said to my therapist. Can't imagine promoting my most messed up moments on television.

It makes me think she thinks that telling people she has PPD excuses her behavior. No girl, the diagnosis for a mental issue is only the beginning. You still have to actually work on your shit.

I kind of relate to you. I have bad anxiety and when the simplest of things go wrong, I panic. I get mouthy and say things that I don't mean to people who don't deserve it. It happens at works all the time and is now becoming a problem, I feel like I'm a failure and letting my company down because of it. Like you said, I have a hard time going to a counselor and re-living my life because most of the time I don't remember what exactly happened. But I wish the best for you!

I have PTSD as well and feel like it is healthy to talk about it and other mental health issues in order to raise awareness and understanding. However, like Jenelles Eyebrows said, I don't fully trust that's where Jordan's motives were in speaking up a bout PPD. I hate to be so untrusting but I feel like she wants both sympathy and an excuse for all the bad behavior she's engaging in.

I honestly just remember her aunt more than anything from her 16&p so it's good to know she seems to be healing!

I was gonna say, studio time with a good producer ain't cheap... I guess it might be different if she just sings to already-made beats, she wouldn't have to buy as much but still. I don't see anything wrong with it as long as she and baby are taken care of. She seems to have a decent head on her shoulders and a backup plan.

She did seem depressed and withdrawn. She's actually my favourite, although I admit I haven't watched the whole season. She seemed lonely :( (and not the "I need a boyfriend" kind of lonely). It was sad.

Aleah's segment broke my heart. I hope she pulls through and can see her kids graduate. And I love how she calls her boyfriend's son her kid. I mean, I know they're not related, but Aleah has pretty much raised him since he was a baby. It's obvious she seems him as her own.

And then they followed it up with Arianna looking more drag queenish than usual. Blech.

I thought her calling them "her kids" was very sweet too(:

I loved seeing Noah and Petyon playing together. They are obviously very well taken care of.

Aleah's touched me the most. She has the best baby daddy of the bunch I think. He's so supportive and they are so cute together and she's a really good mom. Hopefully he's over the speeding thing and I hope he can help her keep her diabetes under control. I wonder if hers is worse than Mackenzie's.

I said this in the last article, and I'll say it again in the hopes that Aleah might snoop this page.
You definitely CAN get an organ transplant with diabetes. Whatever person or doctor told her that was not correct. My last relationship was with a man who had type 1 diabetes and he unfortunately passed from renal failure a few days before the call came that there were donor kidneys available for him. He had insurance, and was also qualified for early partial Medicare benefits that together paid for everything. He was on peritoneal dialysis, which means he had to do fluid transfers 4-5 times per day, but they were done at home and he was soon to get a machine that did everything for him at night while he slept. It doesn't make the patient as sick to do peritoneal dialysis as compared to (can't think of the correct term atm) blood dialysis and there's no 3 times per week trips to the dialysis center.
I really hope Aleah gets a good renal doctor and, if needed, a new diabetes doctor. They can give her an insulin pump to help maintain healthy sugar levels, medications to help her kidneys, and recommend her to multiple hospitals for transplant programs. My late s.o. was on the list at 2 hospitals in 2 states. He only had to wait 5 months, but passed a few days short of a transplant because he was too lazy to do his fluid exchanges (dialysis). My ex didn't care enough to live and was given every chance. Aleah wants to live, and she deserves every opportunity and chance there is.

I hope she does read this because that's a lot of good information. Hopefully she will be encouraged to seek more help with managing her diabetes than she is currently getting.

Ugh Autumn.... ex sex never works out.

Why does Autumn have to live twenty minutes away from me and be in the same school system? I swear that us Richmonders aren't all weed smoking idiots.

where exactly is she from? I'm from Richmond (city) and remember that she lives somewhere nearby in the boonies ..? it looks like a whole 'nother planet from where I live though!

She lives in Varina.

Not to sound stakery, but where in Richmond are you from? I live in the West End and it looks like a completely different world than where she lives--and it's only thirty minutes away 0.0!

haha yeah, I'm in Church Hill. Jesus take the wheel, I just googled Varina and that's only about 15 minutes from here by car! I never would have guessed she was so close. Virginia is crazy

I know someone from Richmond, and he's actually having a kid soon too. He's not a teen but it was unplanned. I was like really...?

I'm afraid he might be the Adam to her Chelsea. Autumn, if you read this, MOVE ON. You can do better for sure.



This must've been before the twitter incident

Lol. I love how this bitch tries to justify stripping because she's the only one bringing home any money but we all know she rarely sends money for her daughter. Derek may not be working, but he's getting an education and he's doing the best for his child. Jordan's parents may have Evie living with them, but Derek helps out a lot more than their own daughter does at the moment.

All a baby needs is love! Don't you listen to father of the year Butch?
Seriously though, bitch, Derek tweeted pics of your texts. You don't give any of that "good money" to him for your daughter. Your own father spoke up in FB and says he raises your kid for you.

What confused me is that she said Derek was okay with the stripping. Then in the next breath she was bitching as if he wasn't down with it? She talks about him like he's a deadbeat then admits the baby is better off with her Dad? She was all over the place. There was no mention of her drug issues either which may be the bigger issue for Derek than Jordan showing some flesh for cash. Poor Evie.

Apparently they're good again? Fickle strippers...

i was so happy to get to see Brooke with Jordan. They were both high as stringless kites. Jordan literally has no shame. She really is Jenelle 2.0. FOH meatball

Yeah, I got the distinct feeling that Jordan was high the entire time she was doing her talking head to the camera. Her eyes were completely glazed over.

I went to watch it on my DVR this morning and the only one I really wanted to see, Jordan, didn't record thanks to the wind. Hashtag satellite problems, lol.

I feel like Jordan and Leah would be great friends.

I love the boys playing video games with her and telling Jordan she needs to eat and when she last aye. They obviously all help raise her and it's kind of awesome

Me, too. And I loved when Jordan went on about how awkward it was and like they were judging her. And it's like, no shit they're judging you. They're helping raise your kid. They're not just babysitters---they really are like Evie's extra dads.

It's always the sh*ttiest people who are the first to scream 'omg! you can't judge me only god can! Sorry i'm not perfect like you are!!!' Funny how perfection and decent human being are basically the same thing to these girls.

I liked that Genevieve was dressed when being filmed. Leah Is unable to parent as well as college guys.

Ha. I noticed that too. I was thinking, "damn, Leah needs to watch these guys and learn a few things."

I thought that whole situation was cute. Derek is lucky to have friends that invested in helping him. While Derek is not the best parent I've ever seen, he is doing a hell of a job for the situation he is in. I think he understands the importance of going to school and if his roommates and Jordan's parents are going to help him so he can achieve that than I see no problem with him not working. I do hope Jordan wakes up and gets her shit together. Genevieve is stil young enough for Jordan to remedy the situation but as Jenelle has shown us, if she waits too long there will be no fixing it.

I hope Derek is a better dad than the one he was when he was telling Jordan to "let her cry"
That's what surprises me about the whole situation. She seemed to really adore that little girl. And then broke down on Dr Drouches stage about feeling like a shit mum that she had no where to live and her daughter was couch hopping with them. And now this. What the fuck Jordan??

drugses are bad

It was obvious that the boys' interactions with her were completely genuine. It was very sweet. Jordan on the other hand was so damn awkward and Evie just looked like she wanted to get back to playing with the boys.

She was probably only visiting because the MTV cameras were around. We all know she doesn't see Evie. I follow this bitch on IG and it's all trashy stripper photos. None of beautiful Evie.

Am I the only one who feels that Jordan only wanted to see Evie because she wanted to look good on camera? I don't know. I mean, I think she once only saw the kid for a few hours for a couple months. I just get the gist she wanted to do some damage control.

I feel like Derek only let her see the baby because the cameras were rolling too...

Probably. His frustration on the phone seemed like this had happened before---Jordan would randomly want to see the baby with no regards for what her parents or Derek were doing or if they were busy at the moment. He just seemed so over the situation, and probably let her see Evie on camera so he could get it done and over with. I wonder if he was busy at the moment or if he actively left home so he wouldn't get into a confrontation with Jordan.

I bet he's gotten plenty of high as a kite calls about "let's have our family" where she uses Evie as an excuse. That would explain his saying "I don't have the baby. Is that what you're wanting?" and the totally frustrated attitude. I mean the guy seriously has a lot on his plate with 1)school 2) lacrosse and 3) Evie. Ican understand why druggie baby mama doesn't get the politest greeting.

Got that vibe too. Derek and her parents said she hardly ever sees her, then all of a sudden she's justifying stripping to pay for diapers and then crying because it's been 3 whole days since she's seen "the baby"? Boo hoo.
I also thought it was weird that she never said her name. It was always "the baby."

I'm glad somebody else caught onto that. It was "the baby" this and "the baby" that. It reminded me of old episodes of "Teen Mom 2" where Jenelle would almost never refer to Jace by name. Whenever she fought with Babs, she always called him "my child" or "my kid". It was very odd.

That's because she's so high she can't remember the babys name.

My MIL calls my daughter "the baby". Um, she's in school now and not the youngest grandkid. Its what flaky absentee adults call a child they have no connection with. She missed the baby years.

Does anyone remember that online catchup MTV did with Nicole, the one who became a stripper and drug addict? She kept referring to her daughter as "the baby" and she was at least 3 at the time.

Yup, Nicole was another one who abandoned her kid. I think the father tried to raise their daughter alone, but couldn't deal with it and now Nicole's mom is pretty much raising Brooklyn.

How many of these moms have actually deserted their kids? There's: Farrah, Jenelle, Jordan, Nicole, Nikkole, and Valerie. I'm not counting the ones who lost custody of their children or letting their moms/parents doing all the work. These are the girls who completely gave up trying to parent their children whatsoever.

I haven't heard anything about Valerie in years. Does she really not have custody of Nevaeh? Are her parents raising her? And, what about Emily? Does she have contact with her son? I thought Daniel was raising him now.

Admittedly, the last I heard of her was about two years ago, but I read on other websites that Valerie got arrested for apparently beating her adoptive mother up. She kept going in and out of juvie, and I think either her parents or Matt got custody of Naveah. I remember watching her catch-up special and thinking that she seemed disconnected for her child. Like Val was just over the entire thing. There was also a scene from "16 and Pregnant" when she and her father picked the baby up from the hospital since Naveah was briefly in the NICU. Instead of sitting in the backseat with her daughter, Val sat up front in the passenger seat. And there was room for her as well, so it was odd that she chose not to sit with her child especially after Naveah's hospitalization.

I haven't heard anything about Emily except she and Daniel got divorced (thank God) and she had a daughter apparently by somebody else. Is she really not raising her son? That's not surprising since she was so angry about her situation and was disgusted that her son looked just like his father. Like it genuinely pissed her off that he resembled Daniel. Not surprising to hear that she probably ditched him. I was just waiting for the day since her catch-up special.

I do remember seeing somewhere that Daniel is raising Liam, and that Emily was out partying, but nothing about her having another kid. Now that it was mentioned, I remember that Valerie beat up her Mom. I knew she went to juvi but forgot why.

Doesnt Aubrey Walters not have custody too? That Nicole was pretty honest about her circumstances too. But Tyler's grandma is the one raising "the baby"

I did see that, I noticed her referring to Brooklyn as "the baby" as well. I only noticed the videos a few months ago but it was put online over a year ago. Samantha, Nikkunt, Nicole, and I want to say Jennifer were the only ones who were interviewed.

I didn't know Emily had another kid, we need another catch up special from her season lol. That was the one with like 20 girls on it.

I also don't think Aubrey has custody of her son (Austin?). Pretty sure he lives with his dad.

No! Not Valerie! The one with Matt, who had sex, "a lot"? She was the prettiest mom by far. Wasn't she adopted too?
And Nicole too? I thought her and dude would make it. With his long hair.

Yup, they ended up both abandoning their child and now she's primary being cared for by Nicole's mom. It's sad.

Omg. That's so sad.
Thanks Catelynns

I was really hoping good things for Valerie. She seemed genuinely sad that her and Matt weren't going to be together. But, she was a brat for sure and disrespectful. So sad. Wonder where she's at now, and whether Matt really has custody of their kid. (Btw I thought she was really pretty too).

I remember Jenelle and Babs doing that over Jace. I like to think Babs was trying to keep the emotional connection to him actually being HER DAUGHTER'S CHILD lower so she could talk her into doing the right thing and finding a better home for him. Jenelle just thinks babies are "clingy" and pissed and moaned about having to make 3 bottles after her kid was in daycare all day (paid for by her mother, not her, of course.)

Whatever the justifications, it's really weird to see an actual infant human being passed around and referred to as "it" and "the baby" so dispassionately. Like...c'mon...at least assign the kid a proper noun for fuck's sake.


Poor Brad. Sorry but Maddy isn't going to put out, even for a car seat!

Not even for an hour

Not even going to lie, I'd probably watch a Teen Mom 4 with this crop of girlses. They're way more interesting than Briana & company...

The girls they DIDN'T pick for Teen Mom 3 were far more interesting than the girls they did pick.

I think I want summer, Derek (because we need our token train wreck in Jordan), Aleah (a girl who is step mom is a new one for us) and idk who would be #4

All I really care about is NOT Maddy or Ariana, so it's sort of like a process of elimination.

For a 4th I'd like Savannah. DEFINITELY not maddy.

I totally want Derek on TM4. If Karley, Courtney, etc didn't film for the catch-up they shouldn't be considered for TM4, but that's just my opinion. I'd want Autumn on there, just to see how long she holds out on the whole getting back together with Dustin thing.

Honestly, the girls who didn't film for the catch-up special probably wouldn't do "Teen Mom 4" anyway because they seemed way more focused on doing the best for their children regardless. Maybe they would, but I felt like if they didn't want to film for a couple days for the special, they probably wouldn't want to put up with the drama of filming constantly for a new show. But it would be nice to have one of them, just to be an anchor of calm in a sea of craziness lol.

I remember Karley saying that she would do Teen Mom 4 if asked. Idk why she'd do that when she wouldn't film for the catch-up. The money, I suppose, but is it really worth the intrusion in your/your child's lives?

i want Derek on TM4, too, but I'm conflicted because the last thing Jordan needs(or deserves) is a MTV check. i would also like to see Savon, because it's rare to see these girls do anything on their own. I don't care about the others, but if I have to see Millina jiggle her wares on another milk crate, I'm putting a furry boot through my TV.

I mostly want Derek on because he's (I think) the first father raising the baby pretty much on his own that we've had on 16 & P. Gary became a single dad when Amber went to gel, but Leah was already a few years old when that happened. Derek's been doing it on his own pretty much since Evie's birth.

Instead of making Jordan a cast member, it could be Derek's segments raising Evie with his dudes, and only give Jordan a minimal part, so she gets a minimal check. The first Teen Dad segment!

Dude, that would be awesome. And it would be awesome to see Derek's friends/roommates help raise Evie. It's clear that they adore her so much lol.

I'm conflicted too. I would love to see Derek but no way in Hell does Jordan deserve an mtv paycheck to spend on drugs. I think mtv filming would eff up what Derek has going for him right now. They don't need that, as much as we love a trainwreck. I think summer could fill the trainwreck cast member. I liked karley, Aleah, Courtney. I used to like Milina but I feel she got a very good 16& preg edit, she's probably a ho in real life. No offense haha

Mackenzie I totally agree. As much as Id love to sit and snark on Jordan, drugses are bad. MTV would only be feeding Jordan and her friends habits.


I would love a TM4 with these girls. There are some really interesting stories there.

I'm looking for opinions on the way that I updated this post. I'm debating doing the same thing during Teen Mom episodes when they come back on, which would mean I would update live as the episode is shown. If you followed along this time, comment to let me know what you think!

I really liked it. I know there was a live update along with a "Teen Mom 2" episode, but I missed it and was pretty mad lol.

I love this format! It gives us all an opportunity to discuss it as it's airing

I liked it, too! I'm in Canada, so couldn't watch live, so this was like my version of watching it with everyone else. :)

I support this format! Live discussion is great

I personally wouldn't like it because I don't live in the states so I always have to wait till the next day when mtv puts the episode on their website. I wouldn't be able to participate in the debate since I don't like spoilers.
BUT I love this site way too much and I understand you americans want to talk about the episode right while is airing so it would still be a MUST for me to come the next day and read all the comments :D


Thanks so much for the recap. Either it didn't air in Canada or I just missed it. It never showed on my guide. I'm not sure who I'd want on a teen mom if it happens... I can't even remember who half these girls are. I'd definitely want to see more of Jordan but I don't want to see her get all that teen mom money LOL.

It might've aired and your TV guide lied. I only caught the last half because my guide said "where are they now? (2009)." I thought it was some old ass episode and bam turns out its new.

How did Millnia still manage to get the 'good girl' edit?! Jesus.

I know that Jordan is not the best parent in the world, but damn her segment broke my heart. I feel for that baby. I hope she appreciates her dad when she grows up.

Summer's huuusband looked like he was on something on the car. I know it was dark, but damn, his pupils were so dialated. He was being such a dick. There's obviously a lot the public doesn't know about those situation. He was talking about not wanting to be a bitch, I took that like, "Mtv's bitch puppet." Ew, he's so gross.

Yeah the way he flipped out screamed adeekshun

I thought that too! He looked very methy compared to 16 and pregnant.

Definitely seemed to me like he was high on meth in the car.

LOL, I love how it's always meth!

I work for a public defender's office in the South. trust me, it's always meth.

That's really unfortunate.

I am a recovering addict and meth was my drug of choice. So maybe it really does take one to know one. HAHA. He was definitely on an upper, and just judging from my experiences his mannerisms were those of someone on meth. I have never thought Leah was on meth. It was obvious that she was on downers but people who haven't done drugs before don't recognize these things.

Congratulations on your recovery. I can't imagine how hard it must have been for you.

I like Summer. She seems like a sweet (but dumb) girl. And hopefully the fact she grew up with an adeekted mother, that she will leave him if he's on drugs.....

yeah he definitely had something going on. his little outburst was pretty hilarious though

Yes, lil jimmeny cricket's anger was disproportionate to the conversation. And after that behavior, I prolly wouldn't let him near my child.

The fact that she needs subtitles = awesome, but < Melina's go-go dancing for her three friends in their mom's living room.

Is there a rule that if you have twins on this show you have to give them crazy names that are hard to pronounce and spell? Couldn't even tell you what Karly's kids are named. The A-Team works for me.

I just don't think you should waste perfectly good babies on stupid names. You got a two-fer?! Choose two different names. Not two names that a) aren't names and b) can both be abbreviated to the same damn nickname.

Or name your kid basically the same name for their first and middle name like Gary and Ayyyym did with "Leah Leann." After they went to the LIBRARY to read a baby name book, of course. I'm not entirely convinced they can read so they just picked a family name and something that sounded similar.

I think they did use a baby name book, they just used the name listed directly below "Leah" for the middle name. Okay, got our two names, DONE!

I forgot to say how amazed I am with Aleah. She proves to continuously be the best mom out of the entire franchise of 16 and Pregnant because she's trying to become a better mom for her kids. The scene when she was talking about how she was afraid about not being able to see them grow up broke my heart. I could not imagine going through that pain so young. So much respect. Keep on keeping on.

I am so sad for Genevieve. Jordan saw her 2 times the week of filming for only a few minutes each and Derek said she hasn't seen her since and it's been almost 4 months. I would really suggest looking at his twitter. He said the reason he yelled at her when she wanted to know who took her to the doctors was because she NEVER calls to see her, know where she is, etc and only did it because of the cameras and as soon as the special stopped filming she went back to how she was before. He said that Genevieve cries whenever Jordan picks her up to hold her, etc (which again, was almost 4 months ago) because she doesn't even know her. She doesn't even know her own MOTHER. Heartbreaking.

Oh I totally believe that. You could tell from how he talked with his friends that he wasn't out to get Jordan. My ex is currently deployed and barely knows "his" child and I've thought the same thing about what if he comes back with untreated PTSD and something happens. SO i really understand why he would worry about her being untreated for PPD/Bipolar PLUS the obvious drugs. He definitely seemed far nicer about all of it than most of the moms tend to be to the deadbeat dads after a break up.

He also said that she never even asked to see Genevieve on her 1st Halloween, 1st Thanksgiving or 1st Christmas. But she spent said holidays with her stripper friends doing drugs because of course. She is missing out on every day things but doesn't even attempt to see her on major holidays. She probably won't even wish her a Happy Birthday when it comes.


I say it all the time.. they need a competency test. If you fail, you get spayed or neutered. Why bring an Innocent kid into the world with no intention of raising it well?
These babies didn't ask for this!
I love this site, but I get so pissed and my blood pressure rises over some these girls.

Genevieve's life is literally 3 men and a baby. Also, Derrik's patchy beard. Gross. Dude, get a razor. He seems a little psycho, the way he was talking to the window. Ah well, much better than Jordan, for sure.

Somebody snag the username "3 men and an Evie"

So many new usernames from tonight's special!

3 Men and an Evie (props to Thotianna for coming up with that one)
Millina's Fuzzy Boots
Millina's "Dancing"
Millina's Meth Mom
Sloth Eyes is Storyin
Sloth Eyes is HIGH HIGH HIGH
Jordan's BFF Brooke
Jordan's Glazed Over Eyes
Jordan Bynes
Derek's Patchy Beard
I Don't Know Where the Baby Is
Autumn's Ex Sex
Everybody Hates Maddy
Savon Freestyling

Eh, some of these are kind of lame, but a few of them are golden lol. At least I think so.

So tempted to change my name to "I don't know where the baby is"... That is brilliant

I'll add to your list:

Millenia's NO NO Dancing
Pookie's Pregnant Face
Summer's Subtitles

Jordan's Lacrosse Team Baby Daddies
Millinia's Dusty Milkcrate

Millina's Milk Crate

OK, so if MTV decided on a Teen Mom 4, who's it gonna be?

I'm guessing: Jordan, for sure, Manila (ugh), Summer (I'd hope), and Aleah.

Jordan, Summer, and Aleah definitely seem like the front runners. The 4th one is more a matter of who NOT to pick (Maddy). Maybe Savon? We've yet to have a dad serving jail time for any real amount of time.

I would say Savanah, who I wouldn't mind watching, or maybe Karley? God I hope they wouldn't choose Maddy. I couldn't even handle her ten minute catch up. And maybe it's just me, but Savon seemed so dull and uninterested. She didn't seem to have much personality at all.

Lol agreed was super bored with savon. She seems nice but she makes meh TV (which is probably a good thing).

I was thinking Karley also, but the fact that they didn't film for the catch-up special was a bit telling to me. Although, I could be wrong. If I had it my way, I'd choose her (or just about anyone else except for Maddy) over Manila. I just really like Summer, I don't know why. She's So entertaining. I wish she read books on tape. LOL.

Definitely Jordan and Summer. And then I'd pick Aleah and Karley. Really anyone but Millina- her voice literally makes me cringe. I'll listen to Summer for an hour, but I can't deal with Millina's harsh nasal voice.

Anyone but Maddy for me. And yes kinda had enough of millina. Ugh and no arianna.

I think MIllina would be interesting if they didn't edit the crap out of her episode. I mean, her mom went to jail, went to rehab, got out of rehab and then got knocked up. She and her mom will raise their kids together. And how will she support this lifestyle? By working at McDonalds and dancing in fuzzy boots, of course!
It's like a throwback to Catelynn living with April and Butch, except MTV is editing out all of the white trash gold. Too bad - her dad, with his washed up seventies guitar player hair style may have replaced the famous Butch mullet. Almost. And Trevor's mother may have replaced the crazy, drug-fueled rants of April at prom dress shopping.
I don't know why they did the "good girl" edit - otherwise, the episode would have been trashalicious.

I don't like Millina anymore but it would be fun to watch her career as a go go dancer strive.

I hope MTV is on to this blog and considers our hardcore fan viewpoints!

I actually didn't watch the most recent season but I'm tempted to check it out if there's going to be Teen Mom 4.

I really want Aleah because it'd nice for the show to feature a mom who is actually well-adjusted and doing everything she can for her children instead of partying it up or taking it up the ass or whatnot. Plus, she's helping raise her boyfriend's son and is sort of like a stepmother, which we've never seen before. But most importantly, she could really use that money to do whatever she can to improve her health. She really deserves it, I think, out of all of them.

Agreed. I think Aleah has the makings of being an actual role model with an actual supportive bf. Being a step mom and dealing with diabetes while trying to go to school and stuff could be enough of a story line for her. Jordan can probably bring enough drama for the whole bunch.

Crossing my fingers for Derek, Aleah, Summer and Savon. Savon may not be the life of the party, but she seems like a focused girl and the MTV check would go to good use. Maybe her Aunt (and her lovely eyeshadow) can even make an appearance!

I think every cast of MTV needs the "less exciting" (aka Normal) person and I would love for that to be Savon. I also think Summer should be on it. Otherwise I don't mind, except I don't want Miliana or the combover chick.

how bout Millinas Go Go No No?

Absolute gold

I just watched the season four, I think, where are they now.... And Hope's segment ended with her boyfriend Ben pitching a tent in his friend's backyard because he couldn't get a job and no one would let him live with them! Is this real life?! I need an update on this situation.

I shouldn't have laughed but maybe I did.

Haha I love Hope and Ben. They're the most random ass couple- dude was a one night stand and was totally gone for half her pregnancy, then came back and they're still together going strong like 3 years later. It's so sweet in a weird way.

But yeah, I remember when that first aired, Hope said he didn't really live in the tent and her dad eventually let him stay with him.

She said that was just for MTV. Still funny though.

I remember him being like "I'll live in a tent!" and then they showed him out there setting it up in somebody's yard and I was like "Y'all really expect us to believe this?" lol

I would LOVE to see a segment on Teen Mom dedicated to a single father of one of these kids. I think it would be hugely impactful.

That would be awesome. 3 men and Evie gets my vote

Seriously! The vibe you guys are describing is precious. Pretty cool to see Derek finding a housing sitch and lifestyle that supports him and his daughter. Good stuff.

Jordan- the way Dereck was yelling at her on the phone really bugged me. she wasn't asking him if he had "the baby." It bothered me more that they kept calling her "the baby" though.

Savon- she's such a pretty girl but her hair makes her look weird.

Savannah- her hair does look really good like that. Maybe I just don't remember her episode that well, but I was surprised Stone turned out like he did.

Madly- she seems to be doing well. This kind of made me like her.

Jordan and Derek referring to their daughter as "the baby" is telling to me. That conversation wasn't about Genevieve as much as it was about them; she was just serving as an object to fight over and an excuse for her parents to attack each other. Unfortunately, children are used by their parents as pawns all the time, and it tends to have nothing to do with how much their parents love them. I know that Genevieve means the world to Derek, and I hope he can use her as motivation to get along with Jordan however he can. It seems like he will have to give a lot before Jordan will give any effort to getting along.

I could be way off base but it also may be a protective mechanism. When my parents split up and my dad turned out to be a gigantic asshole crazy person, I would refer to him as "my dad" but never "dad" or anything like that because, even though it was petty, it helped me distance myself from the person he had become which wasn't the "dad" I thought had raised me. Maybe he's so frustrated that if he uses Evie's name with her deadbeat mother, he thinks it'll give her some satisfaction and he doesn't want her to feel better about ANY of the shit decisions she's making that are affecting her child. That whole, "You don't have the right to say that name around me" mess makes a bit of sense to me, even though it's stupid but it's a very simple coping mechanism (even though it doesn't help anything.)

First of all, what about Jazmin? Was she the only one that didn't film at all? Then, no one else noticed Pookie's Black Eye? And someone said there were no good usernames to come out of this episode! I just gave you one!

Lol. There WERE good usernames! I just listed a shit-ton of them last night!

Anyway, I just realized that Jazmin never filmed either. I heard she wasn't going to, but she didn't leave a Skype message or anything. I know she was super-defensive online after her episode aired because everybody was criticizing her parents. So maybe she didn't film at all because she didn't want any more backlash. Or maybe her mom and stepfather forbade it because they apparently live in God's house and God's house doesn't want you embarrassing yourself on TV anymore. Who knows.

Haha, I totally thought Ms. Pookie had a black eye but my husband was adamant that it was just poorly done make up coupled with bad lighting.

Is it just me or did anyone else notice that Trevor could've passed for Jonathan Knight (in his earlier days)?

I never watched this season but recorded the catch up special last night and dang, what a train wreck. My husband even sat with me and watched once Summer's portion came on because the trashiness level was too much for him to resist ^_~

Jordan reminds me of my nephew's baby mama. Their son is 2 years old and she's a drug addicted stripper who spends no time with her child. She stripped until she was 6 months pregnant (jesus god why a man would pay for a pregnant lap dance I'll never understand) and claims to keep doing it now to "afford diapers" but her baby never sees a penny of what she earns. She gave up custody to my 20 year old nephew shortly after the baby was born, and she goes weeks without seeing her son. I can see Jordan being just like my nephew's ex because she's already heading down that path and doesn't see a problem with it. Thank god that child has a dad and other family/friends who have stepped up to give her a more stable and healthy life.

Thankfully there ARE good people in these babies' lives. Some people are not designed to be maternal and it's the kid who suffers in the end. I feel bad for Evie and I feel bad for your nephew's kid but at least there's SOMEONE in their corner fighting for them, ya know?

I only watched a few episodes of this season but I didi read the recaps and watched the catch up. I vote Aleah, savannah, summer, and DEREK as the pick for teen mom 4! Seriously, those are the only ones I'm even semi interested in. Savannah was so pretty, I'm suprised no one else has mentioned it! So was Aleah, she has great skin. This was a really good looking crop of girls actually. God I sound like a pedo saying that but that was what really stuck out to me as I was watching last night.

Hope for teen mom 4! Really want this show to continue for my own selfish entertainment.

I hope for a Tm4, but I feel all the money they'll get will totally ruin any chance of growing up these girls will have. The girls always have jobs and are going to school trying to make something of themselves on the updates but when they get on TM, they get the big checks and throw caution to the wind. Just like the TM2 girls, they'll probably buy stuff they can't afford, don't need and blow through their money as fast as they get it and of course, have more kids their not prepared for.(Perfect Example: Leah) It never occurs to any of them after they have these new kids that they're there for life, they're not just going to magically disappear when the show ends, they will still need to be cared for. And of course with all the money they got, they didn't bother to go back to school and make some sort of career so their basically back in their same 16 and preg. situations with multiple kids this time and no money. It wouldn't be fair to the kids they had now and before. I think the crazy amount of money from the show just encourages them to keep making stupid childish decisions and never grow up and take responsibility. It stunts them in every way possible.

If mtv does do a teen mom 4, they can easily change the way these girls get paid. Out of 12 girls, I'm positive most of them would do it for less money. Realistically, mtv should be paying WAY less money, and putting more into a trust fund only the kids can open when they are 18. That's how it should be. It would continue to show the actual struggle of teen pregnancy without every cast member buying a house and car season 2!

Or, you know, only do one season instead of SIX seasons. I don't care to watch midlife moms. They shouldn't be able to negotiate salaries to nearly a quarter million dollars a year either.

So the moms get next to nothing?
Now THAT'S reality! !
Real teen moms buy Maybelline, used appliances, used car. Not Mary Kay, $3,000,000 washer and a new car with every new storyline.
Raising their kids would be less of a joke if they were paid realistically. .

Nothing to say about Maddy. Good she seems to be doing etter.

Savanah: I love how she says her kid won't ever have to worry about whether her mom is sober. I wish her the best in everything. More of the mome *cough* Maci *cough* could learn from her.

Millina: Dumb question but what exactly is gogo dancing? It's not as bad as stripping right?

Courtney: My favorite of the franchise. Good for her ditching Scott.

Summer: Ugh DJ i sjust awful.

Savon: Her voice isn't bad. I wish her well.

Karley: Weird how they didn't bring up the separation.

Aleah: Very sad situation about the kidneys, though the conversation she had with him was obviously staged.

Ariana: Awww man I was hoping to see mr. Young $auce himself.

Autumn: I missed the part where they're still having sex... So Dustin is her Adam?:/

Jordan: Girl is totally on drugs. She's got that raspiness that Jenelle had when she was doing Heroin, and she didn't sound like that in her episode. Baby voice is totally gone. Derek's got a ridiculous temper. I just feel sorry for that little girl.

She said "We still have intercourse, but it's protected" etc... It was obviously a way to work in what birth control she's using into the segment

So I haven't seen this yet, but I really hope there isn't a TM4 (obviously I'll still watch it if there is though lolz). But it's like..where did they find these girls!? I know the rest of the franchise hardly have it all together, but with this lot it's just adeekshun this, adeekshun that. Even though we could all tell Leah was dumb as a rock and had a pretty unfortunate family circumstance, at least she seemed fairly normal in the beginning. Similarly with Caitlyn, girl obviously has her issues but taking everything into consideration she seemed fairly well rounded (ha) to start with. This bunch of girls seem like they've come straight from Maury Povich.

I'm pretty sure they put out casting calls on Craigslist and Planned Parenthood in low income areas, honestly. Which is nuts because apparently the new batch of 16 & Pregnant girls is going more towards TRULY indigent situations that are VERY, VERY bad to have a teen pregnancy in...but I'm sitting here with SEVERAL examples of cast members that have already succeeded in showing that side of things.

I'm just imagining those girls who have like 3 runs on Maury get off the stage and approach a dude with a plan to get on MTV and just say, "Do YOU want to be the FATHER?!"

It's an endless cycle of nothing but class as far as I'm concerned, haha.

And I look forward to watching it! Lol

Oh and I'd love to see a TM4. I'm in the minority that liked TM3, and I'm sick of TM2.

Just a few comments that haven't been mentioned (I have very similar viewpoints to most of the posts so far, but just got to see it today)
*Maddy~Girl talks like she has a mouthful of peanut butter, that is all.
*Savannah~God her mom is a bitch.
*Millina~"My mom is hot, so you don't have to worry about that" WUT?!
*Autumn~I cannot understand why she is still sleeping with the loser, let alone how he keeps finding additional girls willing to sleep with him, YUCK.
*Savon~I got a total American Idol vibe off her segment, that baby is too cute.
*Summer~DJ is a gross, sweaty asshole. They had to of cut something out, it was too random for him to fly off the handle like that. I hope she grows some self esteem and gets the hell away from him.
*Jordan~Yeah, OK, like we believe you are swinging from the pole to support your daughter. Does she forget about her ever so active twitter account? Also, I can't believe her friend has a son, that was a shock to me, glad she is actually stripping to support her kid, not just drugs. In the scene in his room, did anyone else notice she had like a strangle mark on her neck? (her friend). Crazy

Yeah like that time she wouldn't bring Derek $20 for diapers/formula when he asked...

Jordan's friend, Brooke, having a son was probably the least shocking part of the show for me. Most strippers are gay and/or have children. The fact that she named him such a normal, beautiful name like Elijah did, however, surprise me.

I'm not shocked that she has a kid because she strips, just based on all the behavior/tweets/pics she seems so young, and that is why I can't believe she has a son, who seems well taken care of.

He did look very clean and well behaved. He must get that from his father lol

Where was her kid then?

She was carrying him on their walk, when she awkwardly asked the poor little guy to comfort Jordan when she was having a meltdown, and he was riding his trike around the front in the beginning of the segment.

So she has custody then? That makes Jordan look worse....

She was actually the one advising Jordan on how to be involved in Evie's life again... kinda

I have to confess I was eating cheetos while watching this.

As you do.

Not related to this post, but did you guys see Catelynn & Tyler's daughters full name is actually Novalee? Nova Reign was bad enough, but Novalee??

That reminds me of Where the Heart Is. Novalee Nation haha

(BTW, I'm Thotianna. Decided to change my username thanks to the glory that is Derek & friends)

Novalee Nation??? She can have a daughter named Americus.

That was my exact thought. "How the hell did you come up with a name like AMERICUS?!"

Lol. I feel like I can handle Novalee a lot better than just plain Nova. Reign still sucks, though.

Oh, come on! Now they're just making shit up!