16 & Pregnant Season 5: Where Are They Now? Part 2 of 2

16 & pregnant

Yesterday we posted about the first 6 girls from 16 & Pregnant's 5th season, and today we'll round out the bunch with the final 6.

As a reminder, the Where Are They Now? special will air on January 4th at 8/7 Central time on MTV. It might not be on your TV guide yet, but be patient, and it will show up.

Aleah Lebeouf


Aleah was the diabetic mother who was also being a mom to her boyfriend Shawn's son Noah, from a previous relationship.

Aleah's episode featured drama regarding Shawn's inability to follow the speed limit and her struggle with maintaining control of her diabetes while pregnant.

Aleah wasn't featured much on the Life After Labor special, and that's probably because she tries to keep her life pretty quiet. She's still dating Shawn, and the two have a home of their own.

They are not engaged, but do plan on getting married at some point.

Aleah and Shawn have chosen to not have any other children, and Shawn has thrown around the idea of getting a vasectomy to avoid any future reproduction.

As far as we can tell, Shawn has stayed out of trouble with the law lately, and things seem to be going well for this couple, as well as Peyton and Noah.

Jazmin Young


Jazmin was the teenager who gave birth to a daughter whom she named Laila. Jazmin's parents were strict and enforced the house rules on her boyfriend, Dell.

This meant that Dell wasn't able to spend the night or be at the house alone with Jazmin.

He wasn't able to visit after 10:00 at night, and needed prior approval before even coming over. Eventually, Dell got upset that he wasn't seeing his daughter much, but it seems like there's more to the story.

Jazmin revealed that Dell wasn't actually working all of those times that he wasn't with Laila, and that he was frequently out partying or drinking and engaging in the use of illegal drugs.

Dell doesn't have much of a role in Laila's life these days, and Jazmin claims that he hasn't seen her in several months.

We've been told that Jazmin chose to not film for the special, but did agree to particpate in a Skype interview so we'll be able to catch up on her briefly.

Savon Looney


Savon was the teen that was dating a guy named Mauwi, but Mauwi wasn't the father of her unborn child.

Savon struggled with intimacy while carrying another man's child, and Mauwi was sexually frustrated.

The two ended their relationship after Savon's son, Eden, was born, but continued to be friends even though it appeared that there was more in the relationship than that.

Since filming ended, Savon has dated several people but hasn't seemed to settle down. She and Mauwi are still friends, but they're not dating. Mauwi actually had a child of his own recently.

His daughter wasn't due until March, but ended up arriving almost 3 months early. Savon works at a grocery store and spends time hanging out with friends or playing basketball.

We're unsure of whether or not Eden's father, Eli, is in the picture these days, but we do know that he has visited his son a couple of times in the last year.

Savon is no longer living with her Aunt Ladonna, and reportedly has a place of her own.

Jordan Cashmyer


Jordan and boyfriend Derek were couch hopping when they welcomed their daughter Genevieve into the world in March.

The two decided to leave Maryland and live with Derek's relative in the south, but ended up moving back to Maryland so that Derek could pursue his dreams of attending college to work in the medical field, and play on a lacrosse team at his school.

Since filming ended, Derek and Jordan have broken up due to an alleged cheating incident. Derek attends school full time and takes care of his daughter every weekend. He is in a relationship with another girl, and she is also very active in Genevieve's life.

Jordan has taken a turn for the worst, and is currently stripping at a club in Baltimore.

She has had rumored drug overdoses, suicide attempts, and hasn't seen her daughter since July. Jordan is on the track to lose custody of her daughter, while her parents are the primary caregivers for Genevieve.

Courtney Ames


Courtney and Scott got pregnant while Courtney was still in high school. She was a fairly devout Christian until she met Scott, but found her faith again after finding out that she was pregnant.

Due to her religion, she decided to remain abstinent until marriage, and this was a huge issue for her and Scott.

Scott was wanting sex, and Courtney was attempting to resist the temptation to sleep with the guy. Their son, Dayton, was born with a cleft lip, which Courtney felt responsible for since she was also born with a cleft lip.

Since filming stopped, Courtney and Scott have separated. They are attempting to co-parent for the sake of Dayton, and they seem to be doing alright at it.

Dayton had surgery to fix his cleft lip around Thanksgiving, and from the looks of things, the surgery went well, and Dayton has recovered fabulously. Courtney graduated high school, and Scott continues to work and provide for his son.

Savannah Mooney


Savannah was the finale episode this season, and some viewers thought it was one of the most dramatic episodes yet. Savannah had a mother who was an alcoholic and refused to get help of any kind. Savannah's only escape was spending time with her boyfriend, Stone.

Sadly, Savannah ended up pregnant, and Stone ended the relationship.

The two tried to continue their friendship for their son, but things ended up being more difficult than that when both parties began flirting and dating again before the baby was born.

Once Rowan was born, the two rekindled their romance, and ended up doing a good job co-parenting and raising their son.

Since filming ended, Savannah's mother has gotten help for her alcoholism, and things seem to be going better on that end. Savannah has enrolled in high school in an attempt to get her diploma instead of taking the GED route.

Savannah and Stone are not together, but Savannah admits that he is an excellent father and that she is thankful for the time that he puts in with his son.

Savannah was dating someone for a while, but things with that guy ended a couple of months ago. For now, Savannah is focusing on raising Rowan and not on dating.


From this group I only remember Jordan (obvs) and Courtney

I have to admit, I was a bit surprised to learn that Dell became a deadbeat dad. He seemed to determined to be there for his daughter no matter what. Then again, when you deter a guy's every efforts to be there for his child---as Jazmin's parents were doing---then you kind of have to expect this. Not to say that Dell shouldn't be a deadbeat, but it sort of makes sense why he might stay away from that house in particular. It was also stupid that Jazmin refused to let him take Laila to his house, even though Dell only lived about a block away. I'm not sure if I believe Jazmin's stories that Dell was doing drugs and shit during the times he was supposedly working. That's all he said-she said at this point.

The others, meh. It's good to hear that everybody in this post (except Slordan) are doing somewhat well. And, hey, Savon actually kept her kid! I was sure that she was either going to ditch him with her aunt or give him up for adoption. She was so seriously disconnected from that baby since before he was even born. It'll be interesting to see if she has more of a bond with him now, especially since his bio-dad apparently came around a couple times. And after all that drama, Mauwi ended up with a baby of his own. Will wonders never cease.

Yeah Dell seemed like a really nice guy...maybe they pushed him away too much which is really fucked up. SOunds like Briana's mom (even though Devoin was a pos). I am seriously interested to see JOrdan...."A lot has happened since my episode! I work the pole now and I don't see my daughter"

I agree about Dell. I wonder if those "rules" we're set by Jazmins parents after MTV were coming to make it look look like they gave a shit. Because with rules like that, how does your daughter get pregnant? And Dell seemed so frustrated by them so clearly they hadn't been around long. I felt bad for him. He seemed to try a lot to see his daughter and was knocked back. Even Jazmin asked them to be flexible with the rules to no avail.

My parents had rules like that! I didn't end up pregnant, but teenagers will find a way...
However, after she was already pregnant, they definitely should have been more flexible with the guy, unless that whole partying and illegal drugs instead of working thing was true.

Rules like no closed doors? And not being home alone together? I'm 34 and if my parents are staying with me there is NO way I would have sex with my bedroom door open while they were here. You think teenagers did? I think it was all a con to make it look like they were perfect parents and did all they could and shock horror their daughter still got pregnant. Because honestly, aside from the first season parents of 16&P who probably legit thought it would be a decent documentary, how many and what types of parents NOW would let their pregnant teen be on it? Not exactly great ones......

Yeah, those exact rules actually, I was never ever allowed a guy in my room until I was married! But I definitely found a way to have sex before that... That's all I'm saying, teenagers will find a way. Whether they made those rules to look good for tv or not, that's a different issue.

I don't believe Jazmin for a second. He could only see Laila before 10pm. She expects me to believe Dell was partying before 10pm? Bullshit Jazmin.

I totally forgot Jazmin and Savon existed...HOw did I forget Aunt Ladonna with her magical eyeshadow!? Aleah's bf Shawn sounds like a genius for wanting to get a vasectomy. Probably the smartest thing I've ever heard any of the teen dads say lol.

Bigger question: What is Stone's Jack Black looking friend doing these days? Picking up anymore girls? He was hilarious, it was like watching a Jonah Hill movie. Please more of him.

Stone's friend was quite funny, more so than Stone, never cared for him, reminded me a bit of Gary, sizewise anyway, came across like he thought he was all that, and then some.
Apart from that he did seem like he cared about his kid, which is always good.

I didn't mind Stone too much, he seemed sweet deep down, not the best guy in the world but yea just a dumb kid. His friend was way cooler! God he was entertaining as hell I would watch a whole season of that.

Aleah: Good for them. Happy to here them making great decisions and thinking of their future.

Jazmin: sucks Dell turned out that way :/ but Jazmins parents were definitely too strict for their situation. Not saying they should have allowed him to move in but he really was making an effort to be there for his daughter.

Savannah: I always thought she was gorgeous. Stone and his friend though! Lmao. "Do me eyes" HAHAHAHA.

DO ME EYES LOL! I thought Savannah was pretty too and I rolled my eyes when stone was kinda hitting on those girls thinking helllooo you have Savannah at hhome. On the Dr. Drew thign I thought they should be together.

I wouldn't be surprised if they hook up later down the line and stay together. There was a lot of chemistry between them, I thought, and it helped that they got on so well together on just a friend level. Lol. I ship those two. And, yes, the "Do me!" eyes was hysterical. MTV should just feature Stone and his friend all season long.

I really liked them together! Reminded me of me and my dumb ex. We're friends just like that but everyone says they think we're dating and blah blah there's chemistry...and I'm kkind of like why don't you just date me again dummy, but I know it's for the best not to cause there is someone out there who is a better match for me. Maybe it's similar with them. Anywayyy.

*hear. Ugh.
I would love for Savannah and Stone to work things out as a couple.

Guess who works at leahs credit union where the trust funds are set up?

Oh please be you! Are you "the source". Tell us everything! Hahaha

Blame it on my ADD, but the 'guess who' question was posted quite a while ago, and still no answer :-/

That doesn't sound like information you can legally share. That's not gossip, that's her banking info.

It's not fair you start a "guess who" and don't tell anything instantly :(

Yeah...don't say anything private. There are lines where it becomes more than just gossip and into something possibly illegal and way shady when you or whoever it came from are a professional trusted to handle that information privately no matter how famous or trashy or messed-up your clients are.

And apparently Delta Dawn is highly litigious.

Quite OT, but every now and then i check out Brittany's ( Jerm's girl of the week ) twitter, and i saw she's now signed with the same management as Jenelle and Chelsea :-0 LOL ! for what ? for almost fucking the husband of some b/c/d-list celeb ? Unbelievable :-/

What the fuck?? She is a NOBODY! Why would she need a fucking manager. These bitches in WV are high on all the pillses and methses.

Jordan is also signed by that company?whats the point? Are they releasing an album? Why do they need a manager?

I meant, jordan is also...!!!not question mark. I saw it from her IG

Oh my god, an album! How amazing, they could be the new spice girls!
Jenelle - junkie spice
Chelsea - baby talk spice
Brittany - desperation spice
Jordan - slutty spice

I love it. They just need one more to round out the group... Leah could be pillses spice... or Farrah could be porn spice? the possibilities!

Maci can be spiced rum

Yeah i know !!! I read somewhere a while ago some gossip on some WV forum that Brittany is known as a pillhead, if true, then Jerms must like that type ;-)
Cant figure out yet whats weirder, the 'wannabe famous teendads stalker', aka Brittany, or Howiewoodentertainment for signing her for her 'talents' ? Whatever those may be, haha

It's nice to see more of these girls are doing relatively well! That's a change.

Did anyone else catch Jenelle swearing off social media til the holidays are over? And then posting a million times on twitter and IG? Also getting caught in lies about Emery's visit... Oh Jenelle, never change your lying ways...

Yeah I'm sure the holidays at Jenelle and Barb's houses are just full of carols, cookie making, and bedtime stories.

I think MTV should branch out into the Lifetime movie area of television and make an "It Could Have Been a Wonderful Life" movie for all these poor kiddos with shit parents. Chelsea could have actually changed Aubree's name to her own. Randy could have slashed all of Adumb's tires with a dental pick. Jenelle could have kept her clothes on, legs clothes and veins unadulterated. Babs wouldn't have such a bitch of a daughter or had to deal with all her booooyyyfriends. Amber could have rolled Gary's ass out of their apartment, gotten a job and been a great single mom to her daughter. Maci could have grown up. Catelynn could have gotten the fuck out of Michigan and gone to live with her hot dad and grown some self-worth. Tyler could have come out of the closet and started his own shitty Affliction-esque clothing line. Kail could have stopped beating the fuck out of her significant others and tried to be tolerant for a change. Javi and Jerm could have finally lived Papily ever after. Farrah could have been born with brain cells. Debra could have finally had her day as the living mannequin from Twilight Zone. Leah could have enjoyed her life as a new mom instead of chasing BigMacDiamondDick all around West Virginia for ten years. Oreo could have been referred to as something other than a snack food. We could have all bought stock in Cheetos and gone on a bitchy cruise together with our profits. Nathan could have remained an anonymous meathead moron with a questionable lack of neck and far too many nipple tank tops. Sophia could have had a chance not to be raised as a Kardashian for the slaughter.

im crackin up at pappily ever after!!

Omg Papily ever afte! Lol that us the best!

LOL, it could have been a wonderful life. I LOVE IT!!

This just made me laugh so hard my fiancé thought I was seizing.


Sort-of related:

So apparently all of 16&Preggers is on Hulu+, and so I started watching from season 2. Watching Jenelle's story is just so.... eerie. Like, okay, Jenelle was never that amazing looking, but she looked so much.. younger and lively in her episode. She doesn't look nearly as worn out and dead. Also, I think sure, Babs isn't perfect, but this episode made me realize how bad I feel for her and everything she's put up with since the 16&preggers days.

I saw Leah's 16+p yesterday. She was so much more likable and less self entitled back then. Real shame.

Really? I thought she was SUCh a little cunt in that too! (Leah). Don't get me started on Jenelle. But yea Leah has gotten worse.

I have to agree with TTB about Leah on 16+p, she was obviously never into Corey, only for a bit you saw them laughing and having fun together, but she never passed an opportunity to mention that he was just a rebound. Corey was easy to have around and watch the twins while she went out with her friends and Robbie, and describe him to them as the ' he'll get me anything i want'- guy...She's never really changed, she's doing to Jerms what she did to Corey, whine and complain and cheat with Robbie, only difference is that she has a third kid.

I think I found Poppy on twitter :D She favorited some tweet of mine but she doesn't know if me lol what are the odds of other girl named Poppy? Confirm pls

Dear TMT readers,
I have stalked TMT posts for a long time and used to have fun reading Ms. Heather Clouse's website as well. I just never registered a name here because it annoyed me I had to register one.

Anyway, TMT readers, I have decided we need some book reviews of books written by the mamas. I've read Farrah's book and Ashley's book when they came out, and unfortunately cannot remember enough about them to review them for you.. except that Farrah's book was nasty and graphic. So, my question for y'all... If I were to make a twitter to "live tweet" the books and write my reviews for everyone - should I read Kail's or Amber's first?

I would really love reviews but I don't have a twitter. But someone else taking that grenade and reading them for me is saintly. Maybe you and Megan could do like co-guest posting or something?

I would totally follow, and you should do Amber's first:)

I know this doesn't have anything to do with this particular post, but apparently Leah is writing a book.


Lord help whoever has to edit that thing.

Also, both pictures cracked me up.

If she doesn't title it Jesus God I'm not buying it

Or Legses Open. Life as the wifeses of Corey Tyler and Jurmy Lynn. By Leah Messer Simms Messer Calvert Messer (almost) Kidd

Side note - my Christmas gift to you girlses, two baby names I stumbled upon doing gift wrappings at the mall for some extra $$.

Ariana and Erica:
Areyanah. Airwrecka.

Happy Holidays, y'all.

I hope "Erica" becomes a rapper and her stage name is air wrecka. Spits rhymes so fierce they wreck everything around them, including the air.

On a very side note, I was walking through Jackson Square in New Orleans tonight and I just knew that I saw Babs. I made my husband do a walk around with me and then say hello to the woman so that I could here her response. Sadly no Barb, but I am pretty sure her doppelganger is vacationing in the Big Easy right now.

She also has a twin in Massachusetts! I was sure it was her, until she opened her mouth to reveal a very thick Polish accent. I was a bit disappointed, it would have been cool to get a picture with the legend herself.

Oops there are some grammar errors in that post. I blame it on NOLA.

If they were to make a Teen Mom 4 (which they most likely won't due to the epic failure Teen Mom 3 was), I would really want them to pick Aleah. She's the true 'Good Girl' that we've had. She is such a good mother to Noah and Payton. I really respect how she is making decisions based on what's good for her children; not what's good for a fun time.

I hope that's the case and I hope she stays far away from MTV because every time I think there's a truly good person, they stick around reality TV and ruin the illusion, haha. They can't ALL be trainwrecks, right? That's just sad.