16 & Pregnant Season 5: Where Are They Now? Part 1 of 2

16 & pregnant

It's been formally annouced by Autumn Crittendon that the "Where Are They Now?" special featuring the season 5 girls will air on January 4th at 8/7 Central time on MTV. In order to catch you up on what's been going on in the lives of the 12 girls that this season followed (and to remind you of who they even were) I'll post this article.

There are a ton of girls to cover, so I'll be making two posts on two separate days to ensure that you're not bored out of your mind while reading about these girls' lives.

The first post covers updates on Maddy, Autumn, Millina, Arianna, Summer, and Karley. Enjoy!

Maddy Godsey


You'll remember Maddy as the teen who got pregnant from a one night stand. Maddy and Cody hooked up after meeting on Facebook, and 9 months later, their daughter Aubrey was born.

Cody didn't have much to do with the kid, and Maddy ended up moving in with her father a little ways away.

On the reunion, Cody hadn't stepped up, and wanted a paternity test to prove that Aubrey was his child.

Since filming ended, Maddy has passed all of her GED tests. Cody still isn't involved in his daughter's life, and a couple of sources tell us that Maddy wasn't going to film for the special if Cody was featured.

Maddy is still living with her father and does not currently have a boyfriend. She's planning to attend college sometime in the future.

Autumn Crittendon


Autumn and pot-loving boyfriend, Dustin struggled to sort things out on their episode of 16 & Pregnant, and eventually Autumn ended up filing for child support so that Dustin would keep up his end of raising their son, Drake.

Since filming ended, Autumn found out that Dustin had cheated on her while they were together. The two broke up, but are attempting to co-parent for the sake of their child.

Autumn and Dustin are both working, and even though they're not together, they seem to do a good job of keeping the drama between them off of social media.

Drake just celebrated his first birthday, and everyone was around for the celebration.

Millina Kacmar


Millina was the girl with the addict mother and the boyfriend who's mom had seizures and strokes. There was a lot of drama, and eventually her boyfriend, Trevor, requested a paternity test for their son, Kayden.

The results came back that he was the father, and things seemed to shape up, but there was still plenty of drama to go around.

Millina said on the Life After Labor special that she left Kayden with Trevor's mom for half an hour and she couldn't handle the baby, so she hasn't watched the kid since.

Since filming ended, Millina's had a lot of stuff go on. Her mother, who was a drug addict, went to rehab, and ended up dating a man in the same facility as her.

She is now pregnant and expecting a little girl, who will be Kayden's aunt.

Millina opened up online about some of her experiences as a teen, and revealed that at 14 years old, she got pregnant and ended up having an abortion.

She also revealed that after Kayden was born, she got pregnant again because of a birth control failure, and ended up having an ectopic pregnancy.

Arianna Hazel


Arianna was the one with the boyfriend named Maurice that made it rain dollar bills on her at the Life After Labor special.

Anyway, she struggled with the fact that her boyfriend wasn't manning up to help financially support her child, and ended up kicking him out of the hospital after their son was born.

Arianna claims that Maurice is not involved in their son, Aiden's, life at all.

Since filming ended, Arianna was arrested for posession of marijuana, and has had some other interesting things happen. Her mother gave birth to a daughter, and it seems like they're still working on sorting out their relationship, but remain close.

Arianna still says that Maurice isn't involved in Aiden's life, and she chose to not film for the new special, but instead opted to do a Skype session to avoid issues with Maurice.

Arianna's family suffered serious loss when her step-brother was killed in an accident earlier this year, and the family is still trying to sort things out in relation to that, which also played a part in her choice to not film.

Summer Rewis


16 year old Summer ended up marrying her baby's father, D.J., shortly before the birth of their son, Peyton.

Summer's mother struggled with pill addiction, and often flaked out on Summer and her three sisters.

Summer ended up delivering Peyton and he had some issues with his breathing, so he was transported to the NICU where he stayed for a while.

Since filming ended, D.J. has been caught cheating on Summer a number of times. The two are still legally married, although they're attempting to take their time before jumping into things again. D.J. has a job where he makes care packages for soldiers, and he travels a lot, but spends nearly all of his time at home with his son. Summer's mother ran away for a while and didn't contact family, but has since been found. Summer's younger sister, Dani (a.k.a. Pookie) is also currently pregnant, which means that the teen pregnancy cycle has continued for this family.

Karley Shipley


Karley was known for giving birth to twin girls, Amayah and Amariah, with husband Tony on her episode of 16 & Pregnant.

Things at her home were crowded, and adding a couple babies to the mix really caused issues. Tony ended up being irresponsible and buying a truck instead of supporting his kid, and all hell broke loose for a while.

Since filming ended, Karley and Tony bought their own town home, but ended separating from each other for a breif period of time before getting back together. Karley chose not to film for the new special, but did film a short Skype session as an update on her life.

She was diagnosed with PPD after her children were born, and is now receiving help for it via medication. She seems to be doing better now, and things with Tony seem to be working out.


What an interesting picture of Millina. Also, it's a bit nuts that she had an abortion at fourteen but opted to carry a pregnancy to term a mere two years later. That's crazy. I've never been pregnant or had an abortion (duh), but if I did ever choose to terminate a pregnancy, then I would do everything in my power not to get pregnant again until I was absolutely ready to care for a child. Though considering who her parents are, it's clear making good decisions isn't in Millina's genes.

Love the photo of Squawking Macaw. I know Maurice is a douchebag, but Ariana kicking him out of the hospital room because he wanted to hold their son was stupid. Yeah, he's not doing everything he's supposed to be doing, but Ariana wasn't, either. She was bragging about getting stuff for the baby, but the only reason she had that shit was because her friends and family bought it for her. She didn't do anything herself but sit on her green-haired ass and complain. Bitch needed to take several seats. What a hypocrite.

The others, meh. Take or leave them. Also, Megan, Autumn recently defended an eleven-year-old's choice to parent and told the world that an eleven-year-old mother/father can make good money by mowing lawns and babysitting. Probably not enough to warrant a mention, but just proof of how ridiculous a lot of these girls are.

How can you actually have a baby and not know that you can't possibly raise said baby with lawn mowing money?

Actually my husband and I own a landscaping company and we have a couple workers who support their families just fine. We generally pay between twelve and fifteen dollars an hour though. I'm also not familiar with his specific case and if he's just one of those truck and trailer types although they can still make very good profit considering they don't have near the expenses we do with payroll taxes and gas costs for equipment.

These girls sound just as messed up as our Teen Mom girlses! It's probably best if they don't get more MTV money to spend on god knows what...

Call me mean... but after looking at these girlses pictures I'm kind of wondering why anyone wanted to impregnate them

(Besides SUmmer) I think it's a bad pic of Millina. BUt yea Maddey, Karley, dragqueen arianna, mccaw...teen boys will stick their dicks in anything I guess.

With you on this one, summer is really pretty (if she avoided the eye makeup she uses would be even prettier).
I also think these are bad pics of them cuz when Arianna has straight & rainbowless hair (those colors were awful) and no wrinkles doesn't look that bad.

I guess someone hire beglossy.net services recently

This was the overall most unfortunate-looking group of girls I think. Summer is beautiful, and Jordan was cute before she went all 2-dollar hooker, but I think they were the only ones this season who were pretty at all.

I'm in the minority here and will probably get thumped down like crazy, BUT I really don't think Summer is attractive, I think she's very average. Maybe its the cheerleader effect?

I think her eye makeup ages her but I think she's naturally pretty, at least prettier than Maddy. But I guess that's not hard. Maybe she just seems really pretty because of the rest of them...lol

I agree oh boy. Summer is average at best. You can see a million summers any given day of the week. Her look is common, and I never got why people found her stunning. Is she ugly? No, but she isn't as pretty as everyone always says.

Well, you should also question why the girlses would open their legses for these guys. Green meth teeth cody, stoned all the time trashy dustin, rap king maurice, sloth eyes, big ear hole tony who doesn't know you need to test drive before buying,wierd mustache trevor......you pick

How can you not open your legs for king Maurice????

I know, right? I mean, it rains singles every time he's around...

My husband is super frugal, and I pick on him for it. He was in the room when I was watching that and was like "Hey (Red), that can be your side piece!! He'll give you money!!"

Maybe this is why Jordan turned stripper? She saw all those dollar bills and thought "this is my destiny!"

I like to pretend that she was backstage having an epiphany when this happened.

Totally random, but if any of you have ever watched my little pony, (I have a 7 year old daughter, don't judge) there is this one episode where the pony's cutie marks get messed up and they're trying to sort them all back out. Anyway, they get all excited and say "it's my destiny!!".....that's exactly how i read that. LMAO.

Don't judge you? I don't even have a kid and I watch it from time to time:P

Ugh, Maddy's weird, shaved hairline.

Poor Karley, all I see when I look at her is Gordon Ramsey's lovechild :(

LOL!!!!!!!! Damnit I find Ramsey hot too ( i know i'm weird). The big sad muppet description was my favorite. It wigged me that that Tony looked like her...wouldn't be effing surprised.

Karley always looks like she's on the verge of tears. I think she's the most unfortunate looking one out of this group, bless her heart.

Can you blame her? If I was 16 and pregnant WITH TWINS and the father was Tony, whom I then had to marry, I be on the verge of tears 24/7 as well.

Millina was definitely given the good edit, I can't believe we all liked her during the episode. How does Tony afford a house actually?

Ooh, I wonder where their townhouse is? Didn't they live in salt lake city? I'm only 3 hours from there.
Wasn't she Mormon, too? I got in trouble at their big temple because I had wandered off from my husband to take pictures. I didn't know women in the community aren't allowed out alone. Just an off topic bit of info.

wow, really? that reminds me of the American Dad episode where they move to Saudi Arabia...

It was super creepy. These groups of women kept trying to drag me off into some "beehive" building before I finally caught up to my husband. I just wanted to take pictures of the temple and the fountains, so obviously I'm a heathen.

Yep, Women's group. I'll admit Women's group has always been fun for me, but to the unsuspecting, it is like vultures descending.

Mormon here. I wouldn't say I am practicing though, and YES, they are very old school in that sense. Not all of course, but many are. They're stuck in the Leave It To Beaver area. One of my old friends came by and we were going to watch a movie I suggested and she was like "But.... Its rated R.... We can't watch it!!" We are ages 23 & 27.

Omg here in San Diego there's this GORGEOUS Mormon temple. No non mormons allowed. I would so want to get married there otherwise. Maybe I'll convert just to do it.


Its funny you say that, I'm a weird mix. My parents are both from Russia and my father is Jewish. Mother found LDS after coming here.

They have their churches and their temples. I'm not Mormon enough to be allowed into the Temples either. At least the Jewish let me into theirs, but I got tired of hearing "You're not REALLY Jewish because your mom isn't Jewish" from a few select people so I haven't been in awhile. You're right though. The temples are beautiful. You're Jewish too, so they would eat that up. Smile a lot and just tell the missionaries "I KNOW this book is true :D" and "YES, I WOULD LOVE to BE BAPTIZED" and you'll work your way in, hahahaha.

RED! No way! I'm a crappy Mormon, too! *high five*

I tried to ask/explain in a comment below but what in the world?! I've never heard of anyone not being allowed to wander around Temple Square and take pictures. I'm an east coast crappy Mormon and Utah Mormons are a whole different BREED, but I never encountered that issue in my visits to Salt Lake, Provo or anywhere else in Utah. Is this a new thing? I've been inactive for several years but I was under the impression they were trying to be a bit more progressive with us womenfolk lately?

Also: TTB, my best friend actually got married at that Temple a few years ago. It's friggin gorgeous AND they went and took all their after-the-ceremony pictures at the beach. But I'm like Red. I'm not allowed in anymore, either, because I'm not a practicing Mormon. I got married at a cheesy wedding chapel in Gatlinburg (Or, as Leah would put it, "Gatlitsburg") that offered "drive-thru I-Do" services. Then, six months later, we actually had a wedding in the woods. So, I'm a bad Mormon AND an impulsive hippie.

Yeah one of my best friends is mormon, and we've been friends for 14 years. Her and I are both 24. The only rated R movie she has ever seen is Saving Private Ryan, and she refuses to watch any others. Her and I were at the mall the other day and we passed by Victoria's Secret, and I asked her if she wanted to look around in there and she was so vehemently against it. She said the only time she has ever walked in that store was ONE time, a few years ago with myself and another one of our friends. I was kind of taken aback by how against going into VS she was, I figured you could wear whatever underwear you want! And VS isn't all thongs/sexy lingerie. I don't know.

Omg Rae you were in my hood! Damn Red I think I will do that. Yea Jews are SUPER choosy too, you have to go through a lot to convert. But then we don't go knocking on people's doors begging people to join the religion we're like the opposite lol! GTFO I'm really not a good practicing Jew either. I bought my cats Christmas presents and I like eggnog :(

I had an Israeli bf some years ago, and actually lived there for some years, i was raised a Roman Catholic, but i always liked how its actually quite hard to convert to Judaism, SO much better than Debra's 'please come join us or ur doomed'- attitude.

Whhhaaaat? Mormon women ARE allowed out alone. Did someone in SLC actually tell you that Mormon women aren't "allowed" out alone? I'm not trying to be rude here at all...I just have no idea why someone would tell you that.

The only thing I can think of that would get you in any type of "hey don't do that" trouble would be if you tried to go INSIDE the temple and even then, there's a lobby they'd probably let you hang out in. You can't go into the main part of the temple without a temple recommend and you can't get a temple recommend unless you're a baptized member and your local bishop did an interview with you and you were deemed a "worthy" member of the church. I.e. you're not whoring around, you're staying in line with the Mormon rules of things and you're paying tithing. There's a lot of church stuff in the same square as the temple like the tabernacle and conference center, 8,000 missionaries and several museum exhibit things. But everyone who wants to go into those while they're open is allowed to do so.

So, here's how it went down. I was walking in the square (the temple had locked gates around the entrance anyways.) and just wandered off from my husband. He says I need a leash, but I digress. Everyone was looking at me really weird (did I mention it was Sunday? Around the time the organ recital and all that kicks off, does that have anything to do with it?) and I wondered why. Then one group of young women stopped me and asked if I was lost. I said no and chit chatted before wandering off again. Then a second group stopped and asked me if I was alone. I said no, but I had wandered off from my husband. They literally gasped and said that I shouldn't be alone. That's when I noticed that there were no lone females wandering the square. I asked about it and they said they weren't allowed to be out alone for safety reasons. Quoi? It's the middle of the day at a church.. That's when they started to walk me towards this building and a few more girls from China joined along the way. I had no idea what this building was and why they were taking me there, so I got a little nervous.
Now, these chicks were LDS from England and Sweden and the first group was from Europe (can't recall exactly where) as well. Maybe their rules are different? They were really nice about it, though.
And when I think about it... I've actually never seen a female in that community out alone. Maybe the church is trying to be more progressive, but some folks are still adhering to the older traditions? It kind of makes sense when I think about it that way. Like, I'm Baptist so I'm not supposed to drink or dance. Most of us do, but there are still some old school thinkers (not always old people either) who think doing either of those things is a one way ticket to meet the devil.
My pictures came out great, though. :)

That's really fucking weird. I know they put a bunch of Sister Missionaries in Temple Square from all over the world and their name tags have the flag of whatever country their from but I see absolutely no reason why anyone would be scandalized that you were alone. Huh. I've been there on like the big Conference Mormon-palooza days, nights, normal days...and that's never happened. How odd. In my experience, Mormons are different in Tennessee than they are in Utah and they're different in Holland than they are in Tennessee so maybe you ran into a group of foreign Mormons who just had really weird customs, haha.

My ASL prof is also Mormon and I used to TA for her. There was this 19 year old kid who was super southern Baptist, in a Christian rock band, all the stops. He found out our prof was LDS one day and that we don't drink. He said, "You guys don't drink? At all?!" and the prof said, "Well, no. But aren't Baptists not supposed to drink, either?" and he looked at her and said, "Yeah we drink, we just won't talk to you or make eye contact if we run into you in the liquor store..." I found that honest and hilarious.

Not allowed to dance?? Wtf?!

LOL we danced anyway, they just called it "creative movement".

Yea, southern Baptists aren't supposed to dance... It's seen as sexual. My family isn't hardcore about that, though. And I drink a rum and coke every night...

There was this one kid I went to high school with... He was hardcore Baptist and in the band. He always averted his eyes from the dance team because he didn't want to be "tempted by their movement".

Baptist weddings always suck if the reception is at the church because everyone sits around, sipping coke with no music.

Rae... It was really strange. But they are a different breed around here. Most are super nice, and great people to be around. And then there's the really hardcore folks.

I got uninvited to a get together with my husband's co-workers because I lit up a cigarette over 100 yards from the group in a park a few hours before the get together. I always try to be a considerate smoker and make sure that nobody is near me unless they're smoking too, but the fact that I smoke at all got me uninvited. My husband told them I wouldn't smoke at their house, but it wasn't good enough. They mumbled some crap about how bad it is and said that we shouldn't come. Oh well... The girls that come to my door don't mind that I smoke outside, and they come in and play with my dogs all the time. :)

Oh it makes me sad when people are assholes but it makes me especially sad when Mormons are assholes. In my experience in the south, people just kind of wait for you to screw up if you're a member of any "fringe" part of Christianity. A Catholic or Methodist can be a douche and they're just a douche but if you're a Mormon douche, you somehow represent the whole religion because so many people have a skewed view of it. There are definitely some weird things about it and it's not for everyone. (I'm of the opinion that it may not even be for everyone at every point in their lives, too.) It's just rude to uninvite you for doing something they disagree with. Especially something that small when you were being courteous and not doing it near them. It's not like you were actively giving a stripper the herp or something and making them watch. Their party was probably pretty lame, anyway if that's how they treat people. Boooo.

As for the Baptist dancing: My ex went to a friend's wedding once and they're really REALLY fundamentalist either Baptist or Pentacostal and the program said something along the lines of: "After the ceremony at the reception, there will be some brief music and dancing. We understand that this is not for everyone and don't mean to offend and we won't be insulted if you decide to refrain or excuse yourself from that part of the celebration." He said like 20 people didn't go to the reception because of that. I thought it was nice of them to "warn" people about the dancing but I had no idea up until I heard that story that some religions found dancing so offensive.

I try to be pretty respectful of all beliefs and religions and I appreciate when others do the same. There's shit I may not agree with but as long as you're not hurting anyone, it's not really my place, ya know? I actually really like what I've seen of the Unitarian church because they adopt little bits from every religion and philosophy and individually make it their own and work with what they want to work with in faith and belief. I think that's pretty nifty.

I'm sorry those particular Mormons were assholes to you. Some of them are. Some of them are way cool. Even the inactive ones that swear and watch trashy trainwreck TV. ;)

I don't sweat it, and I don't hold it against the whole community either. It's almost like a right of passage for me to catch some hate since I've gotten hate from someone in almost every other religion for one reason or another (mostly the really religious types who hate my foul mouth or ink). :)

The worst was a fellow Baptist who called me "lesbian white trash" when they saw my forearm tattoo. I was their hairdresser all winter, and they knew I was married to a man... But when the short sleeves came out I was deemed "dangerous" because my arm is colorful. Pssh.. Whatever, you trusted me with sharp objects around you all winter and you survived! Lol!

Not allowed to dance...reminds me of 'Footloose'

Thanks for this! Before I read the very beginning of the article, I thought the "where are they now" already aired and I was gonna be so mad I missed it!

Also can I just say that it SHOCKS me that Millina got pregnant at 14? These girls seriously need some damn hobbies. At 14 I was definitely not thinking of sex. In fact, in grade nine (I would have been 15), I went to a boys house and one thing led to another, we both had hands down each others pants and he wanted to have sex with me. And you know what I did? I said no, and that I had to go. It was moving way too fast for me and I knew, as a young 15 year old girl, sex is nOT something I should be participating in. So I went home and didn't get myself in a situation like that until I was much older.
I guess I had a little something called common sense. Unfortunately, it's not all that common.

i gave you a thumbs up for having wonderful common sense at that age. good for you!

Honestly, if it was a one time thing and she didn't know what the hell to do, it would make sense. But three fucking pregnancies?! That's crazy and seems beyond just unfortunate happenstance (like, if she was a young girl and accidentally got pregnant one time, that would be one thing). Three times though? Sheesh.

I'm pretty sure when she says it was a "birth control failure" it just means she didn't learn anything the first TWO times and either didn't use a condom, didn't take her pills correctly, or did the oh-so-classy yank-the-IUD-out-in-the-tub maneuver.

"Birth control failure," as in failure to use birth control.

Good for you!

I was honestly scared of boys at that age. My first kiss was when I was 13 and the boy across the street asked me to come over to help him with some homework (he was one of the school hotties, btw. I was still in my awkward phase.). I went over, thinking his dad was home. Nope! And the little shit didn't even have homework to do. We sat on the couch watching Ricki Lake (My age is showing) and, before I knew it, he had pulled me on his lap and shoved his tongue down my throat! I was appalled. I jumped up, said he was nasty, and ran out the door! I was so scared that I didn't kiss another boy until I was 16 and he was my boyfriend for a month! I couldn't even imagine having sex at 14... I didn't do that until I was 19 and I look back and still think I was too young.

Lollll Deercam my story is so similar. First kiss sucked! the damn guy shoved his tongue down my throat and I was freaked out and hated French kissing forever after that. I admit I did give out lots of hand jobs in high school, but hey at least I wasn't making babies. Leah tweets #dontjudgeme #blessed #handjobs #aaagirlses

THumbs down for handjobs. Sorry if that was TMI. Whatever. lol.

Better than giving out blow jobs or legses open!

Yeah damnit! Seriously sorry for the TMI. It was under the bleachers!

Hands don't get STDs lol, just make sure to wash! :)

Handjobs intimidate me because I have no idea how to properly do one because of the weird angles and the fact that I don't have a penis of my own attached to me to practice on. If I were a dude, I could pee standing up AND give great handjobs! The injustice of it all!

You get yours, Trap Baby. You do you.

My first kiss was on a trampoline during a game of spin the bottle with this idiot boy on the wrestling team when I was 12. Ugh. It was like everything awkward you could possibly combine. Yellow streetlight attracting moths? Check. All of my friends and some frenemies as well because it was a birthday party? Check. Unstable surface with which to lean into each other? Double. fucking. check.

Yahhh I didn't have sex until I was almost 21, three years into my college career. It was with my boyfriend of two and a half years. These girls are waaay young :/

I was 22 and it was with my husband. I have no idea how they're getting pregnant at 16 let alone after having gotten an abortion at 14. Jesus.

I had my first kiss when I was 14 in the swimming pool by this 16 year old guy that had been kind of following me around all summer. He was my first real boyfriend.

Then when I was 16 my then boyfriend (not the one who kissed me!) decided we wanted to lose our viriginities to eachother so we actually planned to do it on new years day. But you can bet your ass we used condoms and as soon as my mum found out we were having sex she threw me on the pill faster than you can say: 'legses open'

I can't even comprehend having sex as young as Millina. Whilst visiting my parents over Christmas, I found a scrapbook I made when I was 13-14 with photos and anecdotes detailing my life and failed gymnastics career. It's on rainbow paper and completely cringeworthy but that's what you do at 14, not run around getting pregnant multiple times!
I lost mine at 17 whilst travelling to a guy I'd known a week in a Serbian hostel stairwell, which just goes to show that at 17 I was still as dumb as a box of rocks to behave that way and far too immature to be having sex then, never mind at 14!

Quick recap:
Maddy: shaved hairline.
Autumn: restaurant pee test
Millina: didn't watch
Arianna: dollar bills.
Summer: storyin roach crib eye patch
Karley: truck buyin baby daddy

Karley:graffiti basement walls

Which can be scarcely seen in the background of the tragically awkward picture provided. It's hard to look at

I live out that way (Wyoming), but I'm from the south. I've got to say, the graffiti wall is something people around here wouldn't bat an eye at. People are always shocked when they come in my house because we have 3 dogs and 2 cats, and it's not filthy. I've walked into other people's homes (who have little to no pets) and it's an absolute wreck! I'm talking expensive houses in the $300,000 range with sheets over the windows instead of curtains or blinds. There's also crooked pictures everywhere, dust bunnies rolling across the floor, and shit just piled up everywhere. That crap would be something to be ashamed of where I'm from, and these folks act like it's no big deal.

I'm looking forward to this Where Are The Now.
Bunch of morons. Seriously. MTV didn't donmuch research when picking these girls...

They get the most interesting/dramatic stories out of the most messed up.

Seriously! "I just missed my daughter's 2nd pregnancy and first birth and only got to see my grandkid during my 50th ARRAIGNMENT for being a dumbshit. Now, I'm out of jail and in rehab, which I begged for at the arraignment so that I could be a better mom and grandmother for once. But it's not like the judge is going to care if I continue to be a shit mom so I'm gonna go fuck that guy in room 12 with no protection and have another kid I'll sporadically be around to raise."

Does she know that you can't smoke babies? Or barter them when using bad checks?

"Does she know that she can't smoke babies?" I'M DYING. Rae, I love your comments and feel like we would be great friends in the real world. I wish you wrote for this blog! Your recaps would be hilarious.

BTW-Does Maddy think she's a diva much? "I'm not filming if Cody is on there!" Bitch please! If you didn't fuck Cody after 30secs of introduction, there would be no filming to go on at all! I'm glad she wasn't paid as much. She annoyed me the most of all the girls this season. The rest were too funny. She was just a princess skank.

Lol. I doubt people were going to be upset if Maddy Fucking Godsey decided not to film. She really does think she's a princess. MTV was probably wishing Cody would film in the hopes that Maddy would stick to her guns and opt out of the special. I mean, she didn't even get paid the usual rate, probably because she's a diva who clearly planned her pregnancy. I sort of wish they wouldn't film her at all, like they did with Christinna from Season 2. Nobody would miss Maddy and her shaved hairline.

Also, I know that it was explained why Maddy didn't get paid the usual rate. Something about how a lot of places in her hometown prohibiting filming. But I'd like to believe another reason was because it was so transparent that Maddy got pregnant on purpose and MTV decided not to pay her the usual because of that. I mean, I know quite a few girls probably did get pregnant on purpose (like Mackenzie), but nobody was as transparent as Maddy. I mean, what kind of teenager decides to parent a baby fathered by a dude she only knew for an hour? Doesn't get more obvious than that.

"What kind of girl decides to have a baby after an hour." SADLY a lot of the ones here in 'Murica lol! And yeah I think Maddy was the least liked, I remember we voted on it and just seeing other people comment. LOL I love how everyone mutually agrees that she sucks. She just had such a shitty attitude. I mean not nearly as shitty as Farrah or Jenelle but at least they're kinda entertaining. Maddy you just wanted to turn off the TV.

Lol. I really didn't see her episode, and I automatically hated her from what I read about her on this site and IMDb. Didn't she think her life wasn't going to change due to her pregnancy? Like, she still thought she could hang out with her friends and all that good stuff. Then her mom told her to fuck off and go stay with her dad who lived, like, an hour away. And of course Princess Hairline thought that was the worst thing ever because then she couldn't see her friends on a daily basis! Bitch, you're about to have a baby in high school. No matter where you live, you're not going to see your friends ll the time once you pop out that baby. It was ridiculous how entitled she was. And it didn't sound like she was entertaining like Chelsea is. Maddy just sounded super annoying.

Oh Catelyn's you're not missing out, she's fucking awful. And just looking at herweird head bothered my life. She was a complete cunt to Cody's parents who were nothing but nice. It was an hour of my life wasted, which was longer than her relationshit with Cody green teeth

Long time lurker, first time commented.
I live in tinley park, illinois. It's less than an south of chicago. It was recently rated best town to raise kids, hence why I moved here. With that being said, mayor has a reputation to uphold and refused filming anywhere public in town.. And tinley is huge. You could literally drive a half hour and still be in town, and that's saying something for a chicago suburb. I didn't grow up here but I'm glad she wasn't filmed around town... Didn't want to see that hairline in person!

Yeah if I recall Cody had another baby on the way at the same time. (Don't you hate it when your facebook bitches' cycles sync up??) They converted part of their home to a room for Maddy and the baby. And she was 16 and didn't have the cojones to tell them that she'd be living with her father, instead, but somehow figured raising an entire damn CHILD would be a-okay.

Eh, I could do without ever seeing Farrah or Jenelle again.:/

Oh yeah and if it were obvious to MTV that she did it just to be on the show wouldn't they just not cast her? Or drop her?

Farrah just sneaks up on you, lately, doesn't she? You're just surfing around Starcasm or Dlisted and BAM THERE'S-A-HERP-HORSE-IN-YOUR-FACE!

Her giant boobs and horrid plastic surgery actually make me jump a little every time a picture of her pops up. She's going to look like one of the trolls from Earnest Scared Stupid in about 10 years. She already looks like she's in her mid 40s and trying to hide it and she's like 4 years younger than me!

Maddy definitely came off as the "I got pregnant on purpose to get on tv" type

Awww bummer, I was looking forward to seeing Mr. Young $auce make-it-rain Maurice.

Oh gosh. Her sister Dani, aka Pookie. Lmao
Every time I hear someone called Pookie I can't help but laugh. Pookie will forever be the name of a poorly behaved child in my mind (or Arnold's grandma on Hey Arnold).

Haha i just saw a movie with elizabeth banks (dont remember the title) there was a character named pookie, a crack addict dealer, that was stupid because of drugs, it was soo funny, he gave elizabeth some crack and when she wanted to say no he was like "when a dealer gabe you his crack is because you are important for him"

What to Expect When You're Expecting Crack?

I personally know Millina and mtv made her look like a saint. All the drugs she does and all the men she has sex with since her son was born is ridiclious! Theres a new guy every week that shes having sex with she barley spends time with Kayden her mom and grandma take care of him. Of course she got pregnant again her mom is more of her friend than a parent to her. I give Millina 6 months and she will be pregnant again. Thank god Trevor left her he needs to get custody of Kayden and get him away from that family. He's surrounded by drugs and different men all the time.

Oh shit! Crazy... To be fair Trevor's mom was a ROYAL fucking nutjob herself. That's sad for Kayden.

YEAH she was. I wouldn't have even left my kid with her for half an hour. My kid, my rules bitch.

No wonder Trevors family wanted a paternity test then! Even though his mother was psychotic I thought that Trevor seemed kinda sweet and innocent. Compared to Millina and her weird ass family anyway. How do you know Millina?

we went to school together and kept in touch but I'm tired of her making it seem like she's such a great parent when she's not the one raising Kayden. I'm glad our friendship is over she's a terrible person

I thought she doesnt allow Tina to watch him?

Lol you really are Tired of the Bullshit, huh? :)

I really don't have a hard time believing that at all. Millina just seemed kind of sketchy, especially when it came out she's been pregnant three goddamn times. I also heard that she's a go-go dancer at a really seedy/scummy place. Hopefully MTV won't edit the shit out of her part of the special, though we all know they will even though everybody knows the truth.

Yeah she's a gogo dancer too she brags about it like its so picture perfect

She's a go-go dancer? Are they filming an Austin Powers prequel or something?!

LOL complete with fem bot tits

What can you tell us about her boyfriend's mom and why she was so fucking nuts?

Not trying to deflect from Millina...I believe she's a seedy whorebag over a saint any day, I was just fascinated (and terrified) of that dude's mom.

The only thing I know about Trevor's mom is she takes a bunch of medication and it makes her go a little crazy she's not capable of taking care of herself

She was a fuckinggg lunatic on TV

Millina is probably jealous and wants some of those pillses for herself.

God that woman came off as a narcissistic psychotic. MTV should have trigger warnings on episodes like hers.

On her "ask" account she claims she's not doing any drugs. She's also a gogo dancer and a manager at mcdonalds. She once responded to someone's question by saying "I manage a multimillion dollar company, what do you do??" and in my head I was like GURL PUHLEASE you are a manager at McDonalds, completely different from having a corporate position at the company. Wow.

LOL multimillion dollar corporation. Oh man...

I read this post as Multimillion Dollar Trapbaby and a new Oscar winner was born.

Yes Millina you manage the whole multimillion company. What a twat

I wonder if she's the CEO of American Agriculture on the weeks they make her prepare the salads?

Lol. What a stupid bitch. Millina needs to take her blue eyeshadow, questionable body odor and loose uterus, and have several seats. I know somebody who became a manager at McDonald's and she never fucking bragged about it like she was in a corporate position.

Then again, what do you expect from somebody dumb enough to have had THREE PREGNANCIES by/before the age of eighteen? I know I should probably expect this shit from most of these girls, but that's still mind-boggling to me.

It makes me mad because for her whole episode I really liked Millina and now we find out she's a completely different person

Millina had Maci-level editing done on her episode. It's like when Maci was first on "16 and Pregnant" and the first season of "Teen Mom". She had a lot of fans who praised her for doing everything she could for Bentley without Ryan's help. Then her true colors started to show and MTV could no longer hide who she really was. But for those first couple seasons, they acted like she could do no wrong. She was St. Maci of the Golden Uterus.

I'm really curious how Millina will be portrayed in the upcoming catch-up special. I wonder if she'll acknowledge all the shit that's been said and revealed about her since her episode aired (that is, if filming started after the truth came out).

I want a real, full franchise Where Are they Actually Now? that goes through ALL the crap they left out of the histories of the girls and what they've gotten into after having kids. I feel betrayed and confused every time I think there's a salvageable parent in these episodes and it turns out they got a good edit or had good heroin that month or whatever and managed to keep it together during filming.

Millina struck me as a girl who has questionable hygiene habits. Something about her just seemed off her entire episode, so this isn't surprising in the least bit

DeJesus God. I'm the same age as these girls and I somehow, miraculously, am not on my third pregnancy, on the way to getting a great college education, and seem to be getting my life together.

Hell, I am in the same city as Autumn (so I know that the schools are really damn good here; some of the best in the state) and I realize that it's a cyclical pattern to have children young if it runs in your family, but these girls have the tools to learn how to avoid pregnancy. It's called Google. Learn how to use it.

Sorry for my rant. I just get frustrated by the girls that are constantly making shitty decisions. I'm glad to hear that some of the others are doing well.