16 & Pregnant Season 5: Jordan Cashmyer Recap

16 & pregnant


Jordan is a recent high school graduate from Baltimore, Maryland. She's pretty popular and has a lot of fun with friends.

Her boyfriend Derek is going to college for a sports scholarship, and she was living with her parents.

When she found out she was pregnant, Derek dropped out of school and started working, but when his seasonal job dropped him, so did Jordan's parents.

These two are now homeless in Maryland, and only have a few months until the baby is born.

They find out that they're having a daughter, and they plan on naming her Genevieve (Evie for short) and even though they're so excited about having a baby, they've got nothing ready for her arrival. They're living out of an old van and couch surfing at friends' houses or apartments.

Derek hasn't found a job, and nothing really seems to be working for them.

After a FaceTime call to Derek's dad, who lives in Texas, these two decide that they're going to try and move in with Derek's dad's friend Tracy until the baby comes.

When they call this woman, she's more than willing to help Jordan and Derek out.

Tracy's house is already full with kids and dogs and dog poop, but she has two twin size beds that the can loan them and gives the couple space in her living room to get things around for the baby.

Derek isn't looking for jobs like Jordan would like, and they get into a big argument about how they don't have anywhere to go.

Derek chimes in that he can leave at any time, and Jordan is the only one that is stuck in the situation.

Jordan's best friend "Sugar" is going to throw a baby shower for her since these two really need things for the baby.

The shower goes well, but Jordan is worried that if something happens between her and Derek that she'll end up homeless with the baby and live in a shelter.

After the shower, Derek asks Tracy if he can use her as a reference when he starts applying for jobs. Tracy agrees as long as Derek gets a haircut before any interviews.

Sadly, Derek doesn't have time to go to any interviews because Jordan's water breaks and she goes into labor. Their daughter, Genevieve Shae Taylor is born on March 7th weighing in at 7 pounds and 5 ounces.

genevieve1A few days after she's born, baby Genevieve goes home to Tracy's house. Tracy's house is so crowded that Derek and Jordan feel like they're always in the way. Tracy even texts Derek one night to tell him to try and keep it down.

Derek doesn't adjust to parenting very well at first. He thinks it's best for the baby to cry, and it stresses Jordan out to the point where she's crying.

On top of all that stuff, Tracy finds out that in a month, her landlord is selling their house. Now all of them are homeless, and they're back to square one.

Derek decides to give his dad one more phone call, and his dad says that he'll send money for plane tickets so that everyone can move down to Texas and guarantees Derek a job.

Jordan is hesitant, but they end up moving down there at the end of the episode.

Since filming has ended, Jordan and Derek are still together. They did move to Texas for a brief time, but they're currently living with Derek's grandparents in Maryland.


I had so many different views of these 2. On one hand I wanted to backhand Derek and make him grow the eff up, on the other I wanted Jordan to swallow her pride and go back to her parents. So the baby would have a stable life. then sometimes I wanted to just give the poor girl a hug! This is a classic example of why letting your teenage daughter move in her teenage boyfriend is very wrong. It wouldn't surprise me if Derek STILL doesn't have a job these days. He is one lazy bastard. Your pregnant girlfriend is couch surfing and barely eating, then add your newborn into that, and he still had no motivation to provide for them. I could never be with someone like that.

She should have went back to her parents house. Who cares if he couldn't live there - he could still be involved in the baby's life. He should have stayed enrolled in college (although they didn't say how far away college was). He could live on campus and then BOOM - they both are no longer homeless.

She should've done a lot of things. Everyone blamed the dad for not stepping up, which I agree he should have, but she should have as well!!!! She got so much sympathy from everyone but I'm sorry she put herself in that situation. She chose to move out with her loser boyfriend on the streets instead of staying home and raising her baby in a safe environment.

^ yup!! She has some growing up to do as well. Still to this day, they are living with someone else. Which means they don't have money to live on their own. Which then means, they both probably don't have jobs yet. Dr drew better rip these kids a new one.

Im sure they were banking on the MTV money to get them by for the first few months. She had to have some money in the first place tho, otherwise how was she buying ice cream with her friends and they went out to eat once I think.

She was probably given money, or her friends payed for it. I wouldn't want to see her on teen mom because then she would never learn to stand on her own!

Aw come one you guys...you know MTV pays for those girls to eat at restaurants and shit. How else would they get them together to have "the talk"? You know the one.."how did you feel when you found out you were pregnant", "how do you think your life is going to change", blah.

I know it's always the same shit. What did you do when you first found out you were pregnant? Talk about where you two met. "Well we met on facebook and after an hour I fucked him," - Maddy

And then the whole " Were you using birth control? How did you get pregnant? Are you scared? Are you afraid he won't step up?"

Hahahaha Trap Baby I know!!! Maddy's parents must be SO proud.

Does MTV pay for these late-term ultrasounds too? When I had my daughter (and there were no complications) insurance only paid for two. It seems like every girl on this show gets one after 30 weeks.

Maci's red cup right??? I REALLY hope she's not on TM. She disgusted me...

Do you reckon they'll do another Teen Mom? The last was such a flop, maybe they'll just milk what they've got for as long as possible....

Yea maybe they won't. I honestly kind of hope not...I didn't really care too much about any of the girls this season. I was mostly indifferent or disliked them. Very few I liked.

I really enjoyed this episode -- probably one of my favorites in the past few seasons. They did a great job of not glamorizing teen pregancy and showed real struggles. Derek being so laid back about everything was super annoying, and it also really bothered me that she had ZERO contact with her parents. It never confirmed if her parents tried to reach out to her or not, but I feel like there has to be more back story about their falling out other than Derek losing a seasonal job.

Well it made it sound like they kicked him out and she chose to go with him. I bet there's more to the story then him loosing his seasonal job. He probably lost then sat at home and played video games all day instead of looking for a new one.

That is the impression I got. The whole time I was yelling at my TV for her to go home! He apparently dropped out of school ON SCHOLARSHIP for a seasonal job. If I had to guess, I'd bet her parents had a school or job rule and after a few weeks of him not doing either he got the boot. I imagine they didn't think their very pregnant daughter would be dumb enough to follow suit and choose homelessness.

These two were so stupid. That poor kid. That is all.


I thought Derek was the biggest douche that this franchise has seen in a long time....maybe ever! When he had the NERVE to ask Jordan "what's not in order?!" and then suggest that he could and WOULD leave at any time...my mouth just fell open. Did anyone else have a feeling that he didn't drop out of college to work but he dropped out because he was just stupid? Haha.....he just struck me as a giant moron.

Poor Jordan......but seriously, how preventable! I couldn't stand how she kept acting like she had absolutely no options....how about you leave your loser boyfriend and go home? Maybe there was a lot more to that story than we saw, but Derek clearly had no interest in getting a job to support his family, was generally lazy, and spoke to her with a disrespect that was pretty sickening. I wish she would have told him to go to Texas alone and then moved back home with dear ol' mom and dad. Maybe she could consider moving down to be with him once he proved himself stable and capable of holding down a job.

On the plus side, Derek's dad was hilarious!

And I was really put off by his know-it-all attitude about letting Evie cry it out. Because, you know, he's clearly an expert at child-rearing. An infant is NOT capable of self-soothing until close to 4 months of age.....and definitely not at just a few weeks old! Broke my heart to see Jordan so upset and wanting to soothe Evie, and douche hammer Derek refusing to let her. She shoulda stomped on his head right then!

I completely agree! A days old infant is crying for a reason. They aren't crying just to 'find their voice.' I am very against crying it out at that young of an age!

I think there was a lot more than losing a seasonal job going on between Them and Jordan's parents. I bet her parents saw what an unmotivated bum Derek was, then throw in a teenage pregnancy on top of that. Bad mix!

this killed me, too! my bb just turned 8 weeks yesterday, and i'm learning that a lot of people forget how to treat an infant this young. i've been accused of feeding her too much (on demand), spoiling her for holding her so often, and i even had someone try to hold her without supporting her head at like 2 weeks old. and these were all people WITH HEALTHY CHILDREN. it's like they somehow wiped their memories clean of the first few months of life. so i think that's why people make the mistake of thinking a newborn can "cry it out." um, no. the baby needs something.

Watching that made me want to throw up. I'm not into "crying it out" before toddler-hood but even those that believe in it don't do it until the baby is much older. When babies are that little they cry because they NEED something and as Jordan was saying the baby was hungry and he was insisting on what, starving it? Wouldn't surprise me since he didn't give a shit about if his pregnant girlfriend got to eat. I'm not sure I've ever wanted to slap someone so much from this show. Nikkole's ex during labor is a close contender.

Me either! My son is almost two and has never, in my care, cried it out. I've made it clear to both of his grandma's that I would prefer they not allow him to do so either, but I can't control what they do when I watch him when I'm not there. Unfortunately I have a crappy lung disease so he is in their care when I go to my incredibly frequent doctor's appointments. (Not unfortunate that he gets to spend time with them- just unfortunate that half of my life is spent in a waiting room lol.) Neither my mom nor my MIL agree with our refusal to let him CIO, but hey that's OK! Cause he's MY kid! Haha. He's my first, and he may be my only! Sad that I feel like I have to defend myself....you know?!

HAHA...ok, rant over.

It drove me crazy when her friend peach told her she had other options and then said those options were making him get a job and staying here. Um shes tried to make him get a job and that didn't work maybe you should advise HER to get a job and start providing for her own baby instead of relying on that deadbeat to take care of them when hes clearly not stepping up to the plate.

BAHAHA you called her peach instead of sugar. I can't keep the food friends names straight either.

Oh lol yeah I meant sugar!!! Where do people come up with these names?!

Ask Pookie

Omg I almost forgot about Pookie... I'm starting to wonder if MTV really does hire these people and give them fake names. Although you'd think they'd give them better names.

LOL right? I wonder if they are fake too for privacy reasons??? But like Sugar and Peach and pookie really? If I had a fake name it would probably be Genevieve cause it's such a cool name!

Lol you could tell Derek's dad was just disgusted by both of them letting it even get to the point it did

No job and homeless, yet he's got an earpiece in to what is probably an iPhone or similar device, not to mention an expensive tattoo on his right arm. I wonder how much we taxpayers are spending to support these 3? Why work when you can pop out a kid and get $$ from the government? Pathetic.

Speaking of the kid, has anyone done a paternity test? She looks Asian to me in that first pic! :)

She also had her nails done... I was confused about that, also. Maybe her parents were still giving money or something.

I know it showed her painting her nails at her friends house so I just assumed she was painting her own nails. It looked like she actually had real nails and not fake nails on. But yeah she did look pretty for being homeless. She always had her make up on and her hair always looked nice. My hair is naturally really curly so I have a harder time pulling off the whole shower and go look. Lol my hair would not look as nice as hers unless I put some time into it

I saw a shot of her unpainted nails and they were real, long, and NASTY looking.

Yeah, why was her hair always wet?!? It was in the winter while snowing so I don't think that's too good for a pregnant woman to have wet hair in the winter all the time. I know this is just minor but seriously how long would it take to blow dry her thin short hair?

Maybe it was oily, not wet. She is homeless...

chelseas weave- whenever I saw that picture they had before her episode aired when she has the headband on and she's crying she had the pink polish on and they looked super long and nasty there too lol

Sugar was helping her do her nails when she was at her house toward the beginning of the episode. Maybe that's how she kept them up. I didn't see her going near a salon or anything like that.

In all fairness though, I always wonder why they don't discuss goverment assistance more. Wouldn't they qualify for WIC or something to help them out? Housing? I understand she isn't 18 yet but I'm assuming he was.

I have a feeling it isn't mentioned on the show much because people look down on government assistance and start ranting about "my tax money" going to losers/deadbeats/stupid teenagers. Honestly, I think it should be talked about because that's part of the reality of being a parent before you're ready. However if this girl wouldn't swallow her pride enough to move home with her parents, I doubt she would do it to accept assistance.

But remember on Teen Mom when Kailyn got that assistance to get her first apartment? I am sure she was on WIC and stuff too. I am about 90% sure most of these girls are on Medicaid and WIC when they have these babies.

I guess it has been mentioned on the show, but I don't remember them ever having serious conversations about it (admittedly, I didn't watch much of TM3 or this episode). It could be interesting to hear about the people who still struggle even with assistance or the ones who get denied for making "too much". I've heard from a few young parents I know that a lot of them have a hard time accepting the fact they could use assistance because they want to provide for their child and not be part of that stereotype. I know MTV probably doesn't want to make it seem like you can get pregnant at 16, apply for WIC/Medicaid/food stamps and have i all hunky dory, but it could be interesting since there are often struggles that go along with qualifying or not qualifying.

And wasn't Briana on some program or something too?

Yeah she was on WIC

She was on food stamps at some point. In the previews on the mtv app it shows them at that Patrick kids house (when they are looking for food). Jordan says "well I don't have food stamps anymore so I don't know what we are going to do" something like that. I only saw it cause I know Jordan so she posted about the preview months ago

I didn't watch the episode yet but just reading their story. I can't understand why he would drop out of school and not go to collage on his scholarship. It just doesn't make sense to me. Hardship on can mean a bright future.

I agree - he should have went to college. He could have lived at school.

Maybe that's the real reason they got kicked out by her parents; he's a dropout loser.

I haven't watched this episode, but wanted to say that their baby is adorable! Oh my goodness, such a chunky little face! I love her name too. I hate hearing about people letting their young infants cry it out, it breaks my heart. Poor things don't know any better and are still so new to the world. Crying is the only way they can express that they need something, even if that something is just to be close to their mom or dad.

I couldn't for the life of me figure out why Tracy would take in two homeless teenagers (not related to her in any way) who are expecting a baby. Not only take them in but assume most of their financial responsibilities too... I would call her a saint and say rock on with your selflessness if not for the fact that she had two children of her own in a pretty tiny place. I felt really bad for her kids- they seemed put out by the whole situation.

I felt really bad for her kids too. She seemed like a really generous woman but the dog sitting on the floor and all the old shit made it seem like her place wasn't as stable as it seemed. Her kids looked really upset in all the shots of them. Sometimes you have to put your own kids first.

OK..so I made it through this episode but I couldn't stay up that extra hour for Savon's. I am going to watch it today at 4:00.
NOW..that being said...
My heart broke for this girl! I was literally in tears. What kind of life is this? I felt horrible for her, not him. When her parents let him move in with them, he should have stayed in college AND got a job. Her parents would have let them save up money, I am sure. I just got the feeling that there was more to this part of their story that we weren't told. Anyway, when he dropped out of college and then lost his job as well and her parents made him leave, she totally should have stayed home. I understand that that's the baby's father and all, but it was no longer about her feelings, it was about the baby. And, to willingly know that if you left with him, there was a HUGE chance that you'd still be homeless when the baby came was very irresponsible in my opinion. She was lucky to have such a good friend in Sugar (God, I laughed at that name!!) and she was also offered to stay with her. There was another option. She wouldn't do anything without dipwad though, therefore she ended up on a floor in a strangers house. He was an ass to her and GOD I wanted to bitch slap him for saying he could and would leave whenever he wanted. Remember asshole, she left her family for YOU. How dare you say that to her?!
And, when he wouldn't let her comfort the baby when she was crying, he was SUCH a prick. I understand that babies need to self soothe and all, but she was breastfeeding and the baby was hungry and afterall, they WERE in someone else's living room while the family was trying to sleep. He even got a text from the woman asking them to quiet down. Wouldn't it make sense to do whatever was necessary to quiet the baby down, too? I just wish she would have reached out to her parents. That made me so sad that she didn't even call them when she gave birth. This episode DEFINATELY didn't glamorize teen pregnancy AT ALL. Which was good, but I just cried for her. It was just all too sad for me. I hope she is back on good terms with her parents now. AND I hope douche of the year got a job. I just couldn't believe his attitude toward not having a job, being homeless, and not having anything for the baby. Not to mention that his pregnant girlfriend never had a decent meal. Ugh..I SO want to hurt this guy!

Everyone needs a friend like Sugar! I love how blunt she was with them.

I just want to know someone named Sugar

Also, at some point you need to put your kids' needs before your own. I can't believe she'd rather be homeless, broke, and living on the streets with a deadbeat instead of somewhere warm and comfortable for the baby.

Yes!!! I was just about to say she would rather put her emotional clingyness needs before her daughters well being. You can bet your ass if I was in that position, I would do everything possible to give my child a good life. I felt bad for her her, but at some point she needs to grow up as well, and starting providing for her kid if Derek won't help her.

It definitely made it seem like she had the option to stay with her parents but chose to leave with him. I can't believe she didn't even call them when she had the baby or was going to move out of state. Either there's a lot more to the story or MTV edited it to make it more dramatic. I mean hell we all thought Derek was just a deadbeat dad to Sophia until they informed us a couple years later that he DIED while Farrah was pregnant so I have a hard time just taking what they show us as truth

It was ridiculous how she was at the baby shower talking to her friend about how she never got to do fun things anymore, but she figured "We all have to grow up sometime".. In what reality is slumming around with your loser boyfriend and doing the occasional load of laundry considered grown up?

you're storyin

That's exactly how I felt! She kept putting it on him and he refused to step up and then all she did was cry about it. Crying isn't going to do anything. Clearly she hasn't changed because she's now living with his grandparents. Hopefully they're saner people and Evie is in a healthy environment now. I really think they should've considered adoption. That would've been best for the baby.

AHAHAHA!!! you're storyin has to be the best like out of this whole season! It's priceless lol

Parents should NOT let two teens live together...SO STUPID. MY parents would never allow that shit. I think I asked too and they laughed in my face. I felt bad for her too this one was sad...I doubt he has a job now too

No newborn self soothes. They cry at that age for a reason and to leave a small baby crying like that is heinous in my eyes. It's not like having a two year old who won't sleep and needs to learn about bedtime!

I haven't watched it yet but read the recap. He told her she was stuck but he could leave at any time? Honey no. That is the moment to leave his ass and go back to your parents.

Trust me, if he's saying that, he's not gonna stick around for long.

He reminds me of my sisters douche bag of a babies father. Makes excuses and doesnt / refuses to Provide for his kids. People like him infuriate me. She is also to blaim for allowing it.

Omg when her friend Sugar asked " can you get pregnant while your pregnant?"

Anyway, yeah I wanted her to go back to her parents, I thought it would be the best thing for her baby although we honestly don't know the whole situation.
Newborns aren't supposed to just cry, they cry because they need something. I would have slapped him

I laughed so hard at that girl for asking if you can get pregnant while you're pregnant. Jesus, this country's sex education is seriously lacking. Anyways, that ass hat Saying babies "Need to cry" or whatever was total bullshit. Read a book, dude! Hell, google it on that iphone you're always on. Newborns cry for a reason. If I were Jordan, I wouldn't have let him keep me from comforting my child. However, I'm not 17 years old so I can see where she may have questioned herself on what her baby needed & let her boyfriend get inside her head. The reality is that breastfeeding is like that-when they're newborns, they eat all the time; she was doing everything right. I hope she stuck with breastfeeding..god knows they can't afford formula.

That whole scene brought me back to when I had my son. I was breastfeeding and he would only suck for a couple minutes, then be on the boob for comfort. Then be hungry 20 minutes later. So I felt bad for her to sit there and watch evie cry, knowing she knew she was hungry. Jordan is also an adult and could of stepped in and grabbed the baby though. She is very easily manipulated by Derek!

OMG I was SO FUCKING mad at Derek saying JUST LET HER CRY....WTF!?

Yea like his dad said she needed to grow a damn back bone

Eh I didn't know how much I liked his dad. He seemed all talk. I wonder why they left Texas in the end.

Holy fuck that blew my mind....

Haha I was wondering when someone would mention that. I had to rewind it and make sure I really heard her right.

I'm probably too naive because whenever the girls say something that stupid such as sugar asking if you could get pregnant while pregnant, MacKenzie not knowing what semen is, or summer's math problem, I always assume they're joking. I just can't believe that anyone could be that dumb. Then again what show am I watching.

Yeah. I think Sugar shocked us all when she asked that. Stupid me, assuming that's just a given that EVERYONE in the world knows! You'd think she'd definitely know the answer to that question (as in, not even have to ask!) considering she had gotten pregnant, too, and had an abortion!

Oh my gosh how depressing. I feel like if she just dropped that loser and moved back with her parents she would have been much better off. I feel like we're missing out on the parents side of the story....Derek seemed like a piece of shit. That was very generous of their dads friend to let them stay there. I bet you anything Derek still isn't working. I felt really bad for her but at the same time it's liek WTF were you thinking having sex with that loser? The parents were dumb to let two teenagers live together...very dumb.

Random things:

1. I love the name Genevieve that has to be my favorite name on here! ( I have a G name so I am biased)
2. What is with these girls friends names? (Peaches, Sugar, Pookie)
3. What is with these seemingly intelligent girls sleeping with these loser guys *looking at Karley and Tony especially*

Also I know Savons episode is next I haven't watched yet, and then Savannah and is that the last one? And does anyone know if they are going to feature more of the dads?

I have a job interview today wish me luck! :D

My fingers are crossed for you, although I'm sure you wont need it!

Girl, I was dying when it said her friends name was Sugar too. I was like, holy hell, I wonder if that is their real name/nick name or if MTV just randomly comes up with some crazy ass name to give the friend?!
I think they said that there are 2 more next Monday night too, just like last night.

Good luck trap!!!! Hope it goes well I'll cross my fingers for you :)


i also vote this to be the best 16&p name yet! but i am also way biased as my daughter's name is gwendolyn shea.

good luck at your interview! kick butt!

Good luck!

Aw thanks all! I love being called Trap baby LOL!

OKAY remember my advice when you went on your first date last week. Don't tell your date that your name is Trap Baby. It won't go well after that. Now on this interview, don't introduce yourself as Trap Baby because they will think your dad named you that to spite your mom! Haha! Even worse, some applications say to put your last name first. This would make you Baby Trap. This could be interpreted as a device that traps babies or that you are on a mission to get pregnant. Hehe!! OR you could be the prequel to Parent Trap :P

Oh YES that date was bad! He just complained about everything so my nerves went out the window anyway lol!!! Thank you all for the advice you're so sweet <3 HAHAHA I will make sure not to introduce myself as TRAP baby lol!!!!!

Ok so now that we know your date was bad, I can tell you my son is now single again after a long-term relationship...haha. If you date him and he gets on your nerves, you just tell me here and I will kick his ass.
Me: Hey handsome, I know it has only been a short time but there is someone I want you to date
Him: How do you know her and what does she look like?
Me: I met her online and have no clue what she looks like.
Him: You want me to date a stranger you met online?
Me: Oh come on, be adventurous, she could be the one!
Him: What's her name?
Me: Trap Baby...hey where'd you go? Come back here son!
Him: Mom are you high??!! :-/

LOL!!! Just the fact I watch this show might be off putting to anyone. I usually stay in the closet about it! But it would be no worse than my parents who made me a fake dating profile lmfao!

I hated both of them. He was a lazy deadbeat and she needed to grow the hell up and put her child's needs before hers. Her parents kicked HIM out not her. So her dumb ass decided it would be a good idea to leave with him and live out of her car? How is that a good idea and why not consider adoption? Didn't she want better for her baby? I got so frustrated with them the whole time. Also neither one of them had any desire to get a job. If I was in her position I wouldn't just rely on baby daddy to get a job and pray he won't leave us. I'd take matters into my own hands. There was a strong chance that he is going to leave her the way she was acting so I'd get a job and see if grandma or someone could help watch her then I'd work like hell to be able to support my child. Also she can take baby daddy to court for child support payments. She just didn't want to step up. She'd rather live in a homeless shelter with her baby then grow up and take care of her child. Not one person told her she should just get a job herself either. They all told her to rely on him and make him get a job. That poor child really should've been given to a nice family who can care for her and provide her with everything she needs. I kept thinking where are Tyler and Catelyn to give them their better options. This might be a little harsh but I just really feel like their daughter deserved better! Being a good parent means doing whats best for your child even if its whats hardest on you. And living in a car or moving from place to place mooching off people is NOT what's best for a baby!!

I am a stubborn person and I can see at that age just being like " I am going to do it on my own then" which I did actually do, however I worked and got an apartment and didn't rely on a man, and wasn't pregnant at that age. Having a child makes it a COMPLETELY different story, you have to swallow your pride and push aside what you want and just do what's best for your child. Even if it means living under your parents rules until your stable, and not being able to live with your boyfriend. I watched Savon's episode and it showed her out looking for a job in her third trimester even though she has a place to live. I worked through my third trimester. Derek was obviously in no rush to find a job to get them out of that situation. He was comfortable living like that.

This episode is friggen sad.

And I love her friend Sugar..It's just heartbreaking to watch because of the baby.

I havent been able to watch the full episode yet but holy does this girl ever look exactly like Leighton Meester!!

Wuttttttttttt???? No she doesn't haha. I'm an avid gossip girl friend she looks nothing like her o_O

Agreed lol nothing alike at all!!!!

Nah..I can't see it either. Sorry!

I don't see it.

Katie reminded me a LITTLE of Leighton Meester on a real fucked up day and if she had a stroke

I hope a lot of people watch this episode so they can see what happens when you aren't on birth control and you're still stupid enough to let the guy have sex with you without a condom on because it's "punishment". You can lose your house, family, live in squalor, and lose college opportunities. Glad they chose to show this couple.

Amen! I couldn't agree with you more.

Thank you! It also blows my mind how many men refuse to wear condoms because they don't like them and feel it should be the women's job to get on birth control and make sure she doesn't get pregnant. There's a lot of things I don't like about being on birth control but tough shit I guess because I don't want to be pregnant.. also just being on birth control doesn't protect against STDs so at this point of my life if I was to ever be single again and a guy tried to pull the whole " I don't wear condoms" I would just be like "Well then I guess we aren't having sex"

You know what? That is the EXACT reason that if I was a teen right now, I'd be on birth control. Just because of shit like that. Obviously these teens want to hump like bunnies, or else there wouldn't be a damn TV show about Teen Moms. I damn sure wouldn't leave it up to the guy. If I was even contemplating doing the deed, I'd get on birth control. You know how it goes, you get in the heat of the moment and at that time, you REALLY aren't thinking of getting pregnant, so you don't make the condom rule stand and BAM! You're pregnant. I'd for sure be doing what I could for MYSELF to prevent it.

Welcome to male entitlement and rape culture (which doesn't always have to do with rape.) His attitude about condoms was so freaking gross and misogynistic. I hope he gets a real nice STD one day.

So long as he doesn't then spread it on... But then if your stupid enough to do that with someone you barely know that's the chance you take


But... he doesn't like saying the word condom!


HAHAHAHAHA i was like huh?????? Do you like the word child support???? And homeless? And deadbeat? Guess so

Also..I was thinking..is it just me or did this guy look a little old to be just starting college? I mean, I know older people go to college, but I think he looks way older than a teenager. *shrugs*

I HATED these two! Such whiny, deadbeat losers, the both of 'em! I couldn't help but mock her throughout the entire episode, that "baby voice" was the absolute worst. Her stupid friend was such a moron too.
This chick and Alex are tied for the absolutely worst, most irritating teen moms ever.

Oh I forgot about the baby talk! It reminded me of Chelsea! It annoyed the crap out of me!!!

Yes, thank you for mentioning it! Her voice was horrible and they were both idiots.

But Alex's screaming at everyone is so melodic

I'm surprised there wasn't a comment about her voice until yours! I almost couldn't listen to her the baby talk was so obnoxious.

"What's not situated?"


I wanted to punch him behind the head!

Why didn't Jordan leave this loser when he started yelling "You don't have a choice you're stuck here!"

BULLCRAP, man. She could have went back to her parents...but didn't..

Wow this whole situation blows my mind.

But living on some strangers floor is totally ideal for a newborn! Geez quit nagging!

A strangers floor covered in dog shit no less. Perfect for the health and safety of newborns!

I knooooooow, right? Dried up dog shit!!
I'd be so ashamed of myself if I was her. Begging strangers for help instead of going back to my parents.


I don't know what disgusts me more. The fact that this dirtbag let his pregnant girl sleep somewhere so putrid. Or the fact that this "woman" knew MTV was coming, and still didn't have enough respect for hygiene to clean that filth up. I would be SO embarrassed on both counts.

No, if you really want to kill 2 birds with one stone, punch him in the nuts. That would be killing 2 stones with 1 stone...lol. And the line to punch him is a long one!

Alright, I'll take a ticket then.

Is it my turn yet? Haha! :D

I haven't seen this yet, but I love bubs name!

Is this the lil girl that has cleft pallet later on? :(

No that's a little boy next week. You're born with a cleft palate you don't develop it.

Ohhhh duh ><

I don't know much about cleft pallet that is sad to hear :( Will be interested to hear about it in the show

These two kids were idiots. I can't believe this girl thought it would be a good idea to follow her asshole boyfriend from couch to couch. Why was adoption never mentioned/an option for them. They are the perfect example of parents who have an unstable environment and need to put the baby up for adoption. Did anyone else get the creepy Kieffer vibe from this guy? I bet Jenelle would be all over him if Nathan wasn't in the picture.

I really loved the name Genevieve though!

I've always been a lurker and I haven't seen this episode yet but was curious since I am from outside of Baltimore. Found this dickwad's twitter and ask.fm and these two live in my actual town.

I went to middle school with Sugar and high school with Jordan... Sugar is really her name and Jordan is a baby talker. Jordan and I were best friends freshman year of high school and sadly this doesn't surprise me of her. She was pretty promiscuous back then, even though she's not a bad person. Her parents weren't the greatest parents but they weren't the worst. But I never knew Derek, through Facebook he seems like a decent person but at one point he did go off on Sugar on someone's picture of Evie (the picture was reposted after the comment battle). It's just funny how different MTV painted the picture than what it looks like on Facebook.

Yeah Derek sounds like a real prince charming lol. Not surprised to hear she was promiscuous. Bleh that poor baby.

This whole season has just been a 12 episode long PSA about the dark side of teen parenting. Loser boyfriends, girls with drug and alcohol addicted parents, homelessness, babies after one night stands. Ugh, awful. There has been no glamour this season, which is what a lot of people were complaining about. They were making it seem too pretty in past seasons. As someone over thirty, I think it's better to see the truth. It's not easy.

I've loved this season for that reason. Last season was terrible. How many second pregnancies have come from them? The whole season was bad for the message mtv is trying to put out. This season, MUCH better! Mtv is actually showing the struggles. Minus maddy because she's just living off her parents. I'd actually watch a teen mom from these girls haha. I'll admit it!

The strug is real

My husband and I were just talking about Nissan Quest vans the other night because my parents had one when I was little. He said he never sees them at work (he's a mechanic) because they were terrible cars and are all in junkyards now. I laughed SO hard when I saw their piece of shit van was a Quest. I knew it was going to die, for them to think it was even remotely reliable transportation was hilarious. It really highlighted how naive and delusional they were. I don't have an ounce of pity for Jordan. When you decide to have a baby the baby's best interest must come first, not yours. Unless her parents were abusive, and it didn't sound like they were, then she needs to suck up her stupid teenage pride and put a reliable roof over her baby's head. A shit covered floor and stained twin mattress are not good enough. It kills me how few of these girls hold their baby daddies responsible for their actions. I bet some nice jail time for unpaid child support would do these loses a world of good.

That thing was a shit heap

If I were her I would have been concerned about getting pregnant from those copious mattress stains! Because you know you can get pregnant when you are pregnant. Just try it, have unprotected sex while pregnant, take a test...surprise! You are pregnant! What more proof does Sugar need?
OR you can ask Jenelle about getting pregnant in the midst of a chemical abortion...good Lord.

I really hope he's treating her better now. I've always thought "oh just let 'em cry... They need to learn that's not how they get what they want" but I don't have kids or plan on it... And obviously that logic doesn't work on a newborn:P

I was confused during this one. Why would her parents let her live like that? It seemed like there was a big piece of the story missing there. At no time did anyone mention calling her patents. I just can't imagine patents letting their pregnant kid live on the street. Our why someone didn't contact them on their behalf.
My heart broke for her when she was crying feeding the baby. I remember having nights like that when I had no help and it seemed like the end of the world.
I wonder why she didn't stay with sugar? She seemed more supportive than anyone.

I think Sugar wouldn't let her stay cause the dumbass boyfriend would follow, and she wasn't having any of that.

I kind of feel like she has 17 missed calls from her parents everyday that she ignores because she's so stuck on Derek.

This girl reached a new level of stupid. Starting with the whole homeless thing, it boggles my mind that she thinks "couch surfing" is an acceptable way to live, much less an acceptable way to raise a baby. More often than not on this show, the girls live apart from their baby's father. Is it ideal for the baby? No, but it's not going to kill anyone. Suck it up, buttercup and go home to your parents house. Sugar even said that she would let Jordan stay, but not Derek. Let jackass sleep on living room floors by himself. He threatened to leave, so let him.

That being said, Derek's level of douchiness really knows no bounds. I find it hard to believe that this idiot who can't get his crap together enough to be able to put a roof over their heads somehow is an authority on raising babies. Having a baby, only days old "cry it out" disgusted me, I could not believe how little these two knew about how to care for a newborn.

And just to put the job thing into perspective, Autumn's boyfriend with the pot leaf blanket who took a drug test in a restaurant bathroom was able to find a job. I couldn't believe that adoption wasn't even brought up once! I mean, come on...even Catelynn and Tyler had somewhere to live...whether it's better to sleep on a random lady's living room floor than with April and Butch is up for debate.

I was so sketched out by them living in that woman's house. First of all, I don't do house guests of any kind so this whole episode was extremely foreign to me. But this woman sort of knew Derek's dad, therefore, the two of them and their newborn baby were welcome to stay indefinitely in their living room, contributing little to nothing? I'm sorry but I'm suspicious of people that kindhearted.

Jordan's pouting and baby voice made her practically unbearable. And for someone who is homeless, she certainly took the time to do her hair and makeup. I got the impression that she was used to having things go her way, and that this whole situation was a rude awakening.

I'm sorry if this post seems kind of erratic. There were just so many WTF moments that I couldn't relay them in a way that made sense.

Wow these two episodes were depressing :( Makes me grateful for my boy free teenage years!!

Also, I have exams for university tomorrow and Friday, and have been a bit slack about studying (too much candy crush and tv watching, including watching 16&P!!) but after watching these episodes, I am hitting the books hard! I am childless now, but in the future I do want children, but I also want to be able to provide for them on my own. I don't want to have to rely on anyone for handouts.

On one hand I felt bad for Jordan, but on the other I do feel there was more to the story then what was in this episode. Surely going back to her parents and seeing less of the boyfriend is better then living on some strangers floor and not eating???

I thought it was interesting that the friend Sugar got pregnant around the same time, but had an abortion, reminded me of Brianna and her sister.

Hopefully things are looking up for them since their episode was filmed. I bet Derek doesn't have a job yet.

First time poster here!

I usually only read the articles and the comments but I just felt that I needed to say something. I noticed a lot of comments about Jordan's appearance and how she did not look "homeless" I work at a shelter and many of the women that love there don't have a homeless look. You would never even know that they lived in a shelter. Not to say someone who is homeless should have fake nails and extensions and name brand stuff I just feel that some of you have a biased opinion as to what someone who is homeless should look like. Just because you are homeless doesn't mean you shouldn't keep up with personal hygiene. That being said I didn't watch the episode yet.

I should have specified that the shelter I work at is for women and children*

Glad you pointed this out :)

Oh by all means I think everyone should try to keep up their hygiene especially if they are pregnant. She was obviously able to shower and paint her nails at her friends houses, I didn't get the impression she was sleeping on the street homeless. When I said she looked pretty during her homeless time it was me basically thinking how difficult it would be to keep up my own high maintenance hair without decent product and little time to fix my hair up

Oh for sure! Living in a shelter especially a women and children's shelter is extremely stressful and I do have my share of clients who for lack of better words "let themselves go". When I read my comment over I realized how much of an asshole I sounded when I said some people had biased opinions. But where I live the amount of stigma there is towards people who are homeless is quite high.

I think that is a commendable job that you do because you are on here sharing facts and educating us. I also know that many homeless people have issues such as depression. It can be very hard to care about personal hygiene when you are poor, homeless and depressed. Women who have been abused often do not take care of themselves if their self-esteem, bodies and minds have been abused.

I agree with you Newday, it can be hard to really care too much about appearance when you are trying to heal from something traumatic.. I commend you for the work you do too, it makes me sad to think of children living in a shelter but thanks to people like you they have a safe, warm place to go.

You guys, the baby is only three months old and in that time they have lived with Tracy, in Texas with Derek's dad, in Florida, and back in Maryland with his grandma. I really hope she at least considers her parents house at this point

Oh boy oh boy. There was something wrong about this story. I want to know more about them being kicked out of her house. If it was not abusive and she left because her bf was booted out, I could smack her upside the head. The second you get pregnant you become second. Take your damn stubborn teen pregnant self back to your parents house. Sit down, apologize for storming off, ask for forgiveness and move back in. They don't want the bf there? Tough shit for you, that is what happens when you are a teen mom.

She should have put that baby first. She needed a safe place to live, a healthy diet, warmth, a bed to sleep in and emotional support. I DID feel badly for her because she was naive and stupid BUT she needed to grow up. It is not about her or her baby daddy, it is about the baby. Growing a baby inside you takes rest, nutrition, support, nurturing and a clean safe place to live.
Sleeping on an air mattress at a party house was selfish. Sleeping in a filthy mattress, on a shitty floor, with no money is irresponsible. Walking a mile in the winter, with wet hair and no coat while pregnant is a dumb ass move.

I cannot even think of anything that would keep me away from my pregnant teen daughter. To know she is homeless and hungry and cold and carrying my grandkid. Would I be pissed she was a teen mom? Angry as a bull in heat, you bet. But the decision Jordan made to not put her baby first, was the exact same decision her own mom made when she did not put her baby (Jordan) first!

Get together, get all the cards on the table. Yell, scream, cry and spit bullets but then grow the hell up and get Jordan back home. If my child had given birth and not even called me, I would be utterly devastated. I would feel like I had failed as a mom.
Oh and Derek, if you think wearing a condom is punishment, then you will think having NO sex is torture. Choose your punishment dumb ass, a condom with sex or no sex at all, ever. Derek is all for 'crying it out' so he can go cry it out when he is starving for sex. Derek why are you crying? 'I am starving for sex.' Good , it's good for you to cry it out, it will help you find your voice. USE your new voice to find a new job!

i saw this from her facebook, she answered some FAQs, most of them were discussed here:

Here is the answers to all of your questions.
1)Did we go to Texas? Yes we did, we lived there for about a month and a half but had to come back to Maryland so Derek could take summer classes, so he could finish school in the fall.
2)Did Derek and/or myself get a job? Derek has gotten a job and i have been looking. I have a difficult time leaving Genevieve.
3)Are Derek and i still together/How is mine and Derek's relationship? Yes we are still together, it has been about a year and half now. We have a wonderful relationship, we were just going through a very tough time as you guys saw and it put stress on our relationship.
4)How did we become homeless? I moved out of my parents house before i knew i was pregnant and moved in with my grandmother and aunt, who you saw on the show. Shortly after moving in with them, i moved in with Derek and his dad...we ended up getting evicted. My parents allowed Derek and I to move in with them. When an argument happened over Derek's job being seasonal and him not having another, My parents decided that him living with us wasn't working, when asked what i was going to do, I said i was probably going to go with him, they were furious and told me to get out. They told me numerous times i could live with them but i chose not to, since we never got along. From that point on him and i were technically homeless.
5)Do I talk to my parents now? I visit my dad and mom about once a week, and talk to them almost every other day. We are both at an understanding and agree that we have a much better relationship now that i do not live with them. I have talked to my biological mother off and on, but am choosing not to talk to her right now due to a private matter.
6)Do i still talk to sugar? I talk to her off and on, but we are no longer as close as we were before because our lives have gone in different directions. Also there has been a lot of drama among friends of hers and i choose to not get involved.
7)Does Sugar and Derek really not get along? They got along before recording happened, we all would hang out together; her, myself, Derek, and her boyfriend. Once we started recording things changed. Derek got angry with things she said during filming and now they do not get along.
8)Why was i letting Genevieve cry? I was not letting her cry, that is why Derek got angry with me. Every time she would make a fuss i would want to hold her. If she would start crying, i would cry and pick her up.
9)Why was I getting frustrated with Genevieve wanting to eat? I was not frustrated with her, I was frustrated because i had to put a blanket over my chest to cover her eating and it made it difficult. Each time you saw her crying was not to eat, some times were just because she didn't want to be out down.
10)Do i breastfeed? Yes i did for some time, but we found out that i was not producing enough milk for her and that's why she would constantly be hungry. We then started supplementing. I tried taking vitamins to increase my milk supply but it didn't work, so we ended up just giving her formula.
11)Where do we live now? We are living in Maryland in with Derek's grandparents in their beautiful home.
12)Do Derek and i plan on getting married? We want to get married but no time soon. Him and i are both on the same page, we made one mistake at a young age and do not want to make another by rushing into marriage at a young age. We love each other and are happy with the way things are in our relationship and feel no reason to change that with marriage. Maybe in seven to ten years we will be married.
13)If we were homeless how did we buy things, get my nails done, or pay our phone bill? We didn't buy things. We would eat whatever we could, when we could. Derek's xbox was his dads. He had sold his games numerous times so we could buy food when i was pregnant. He actually sold his iphone so we could buy a car seat and stroller for the baby. I did not ever get my nails done, i had long nails from prenatal vitamins and painted them myself and His dad paid our phone bill.
14)Will there be a teen mom 4? I do not know, no one has said anything to me about it.
15)How are we doing now? Derek, Genevieve, and I are doing great. Derek is enrolled in school, I should be starting school this summer, and Genevieve is happy and chubby as can be.

How completely fucking shocking! A newborn that wants to be held and cuddled! Who'd have thought it? How entirely stupid, that poor baby was used to feeling warm and secure and safe where she could hear your heartbeat, then all of a sudden one day that's all different. All she wants is to know you are going to feed her and keep her safe from anything horrible and look after her! Honestly this girl makes me so mad!

She completely contradicted herself. She says the baby was not hungry, she just wanted to be held. The goes on to say she couldn't breastfeed and the baby was constantly hungry. Which is it!? I had a baby who wouldn't breastfeed and he was constantly crying because he was hungry. And things didn't get better till I switched to formula, so I call bullshit on her 'she wasn't hungry' that day. Especially when that scene happened with Genevieve being a week old. These 2 are still so unstable.

If Derek has a job, why are they still mooching off his grandparents?!?

Breast-feeding Info as people seem interested, if not just skip it. Thanks
Breastfeeding, especially a newborn, requires a 24 hour commitment. Babies can nurse every 10 minutes or every 3 hours. There are many tricks to try and increase milk production. The most popular one is to nurse on demand because breast milk works on supply and demand. However there are also many other ways to increase supply and many things to decrease it. Moms MUST have a healthy, balanced diet,sleep, just as in pregnancy.

Moms must consume a lot more fluids than people think. You have to stay hydrated after all the fluid loss through birth and feeding. If mom is dry, she needs to drink more. I always teach the practice of getting a large drink before you nurse and sip it. Do this with every feeding. Also know that if baby is always at the breast ineffectively sucking, this can damage the breast/nipple. Overfeeding every time they cry can cause terrible tummy aches so do not overfeed.

If the latch is not effective or the suck is weak, there are nipple shields to help with that. Also moms can pump first for a minute each side before putting baby on, so the baby does not get frustrated when the mild flow is not instant.

If mom has a poor diet it will negatively effect nursing. But this girl set-off the classic low mil supply alarm bell. She was stressed the hell out and not getting any sleep. Studies show the rapid decrease of milk production when a mom is stressed, exhausted and frustrated. A free breast-feeding clinic could have given her the skills.

Bottle feeding formula can sabotage breast-feeding. Formula works much differently for a baby. It also can cause problems going from breast to bottle all the time. The nipple on a breast & bottle are different.
Moms also stop breastfeeding because their nipple pain is excruciating. The tensing up slows the milk and the pain means the baby is not latched correctly so it will damage/infect the skin. Moms stop nursing on the painful nipple which just engorges the breast and adds to pain. It also decreased milk supply. And the one breast she is using will get a wickedly painful nipple from overuse.
Lastly there are safe meds to give mom to increase her milk production. Just wanted to share truths and facts.

Omg Newday that sounds PAINFUL. Breastfeeding has always sounded painful to me. I don't have kids yet, I would like to at least try breastfeeding because I know it's so good for the baby. Thanks for this info!

Newday that info is amazing thank you x

Newday, your info is awesome. Are you a lactation counselor? Or a nurse? Just so y'all know, I found breast feeding painful and difficult. It took about 9 weeks or so before it calmed down enough for me to bear it. I had a lot of support - a husband who was sympathetic and supportive, a "breastfeeding cafe" for new moms through the hospital I gave birth at, which provided nurses and breast feeding experts to help with pain and issues in a group setting, so you know you're not alone.

It takes tons of dedication and perseverance - and it was a big disillusionment for me. I thought it would be easy! Many times, I wanted to give up. But because of all of the support I received, I was able to breast feed my daughter exclusively until she was 6 months old, and, after introducing solids, was able to continue to breast feed through 13 months. This was with returning to work full time when she was 3 months old and pumping at work to provide her milk when I wasn't with her.

Along with the nutrition, safety and healthy environment that Newday discussed in her post, it also takes a lot of dedication and I can't emphasize enough - a ton of support. I always say that I could NEVER have done it without all the help I had, and I'll always be grateful. Because without all of that help, I'm sure I'd have started supplementing with formula and then it's just a slippery slope from there.


I'm just saying that my personal goal was to breast feed, and if I personally had introduced formula, with the pain and difficulty I was having, there's no doubt I would have given up on my goal and gone to formula 100%.

I understand there are certain situations and everyone is different. But really, if you are old enough to have sex and parent the child, you are old enough to get off your ass and find a place of your own. It annoys the hell out of me when people get pregnant while still mooching off others.

Finding our own home was the first thing we did when we discovered I was pregnant, we were planning on buying later this year, kiddo bought that plan forward a bit. But even if we couldn't have afforded to buy we'd have found a long term rent solution.
We certainly felt we wanted our own space to be our own family unit and raise our baby in.

It is my understanding that when you breast feed, at first it's pretty constant while your milk comes in and supply builds, she also may not have been letting baby fully drain her breast and get the hind milk which is the calorific part of the milk, the milk they get at first is just like giving them a drink. Newborns have such teeny little stomachs they can't eat too much and need those regular feeds for a reason bless them. Fair enough if it doesn't work out for you breast feeding but it doesn't sound like she gave herself a proper chance to let it work.

Rather be homeless with a baby than get along with the parents. Yep, sounds mature to me! Honestly, it reminds me of my SIL. She let her daughter get taken away to foster care so that she could stay with her husband (her daughter's stepfather) who burned the crap out of her feet.

All this really does is confirm my feeling that these two idiots are immature and irresponsible. They should've considered adoption after they got pregnant. Poor Evie deserves so much better then a mom who would rather be homeless with a baby then suck up her pride and live with her parents. I don't like these two and if there is a teen mom 4 they better not be on it or else good bye to school and a job. They'll do nothing but play xbox games all day and mooch off people until the MTV money comes in and they're able to move into a house.

I went to school with these kids so maybe I can clear a couple things up

1.) Derek went to a community college on scholarship so he couldn't live with anyone. (Plus most young people drop out of school when they find out they're expecting)

2.) Can you really blame them for half the things they do? I mean they ARE teenagers. they're doing the best they can, and if you really knew them you'd know how smart they truly are. Yeah they made really dumbass descions, but what matters is that they've learned from it and now they're trying to make better choices for the sake of themselves and their daughter.

The adults in their lives should have stepped up and told the girl to go home.

You really expected more from PHall high? Hahahah

It was great when I went but I know it's gone further downhill year after year

1. Lol he couldn't live with anyone his Dad nor her parents because he was obviously a lazy piece of shit

2. Yes I can. Letting a fucking NEWBORN "cry it out". Do you not have enough common sense to take care of your fucking baby why it's crying? Saying oh I can get up and leave to your pregnant gf but you're stuck here? What a dick move.... PLaying mother fucking video games while your girlfriend is hungry and about to give birth and sleeping on the fucking floor with dog shit everywhere? Yes I can blame him. He had sex with her, he made a baby, his lazy ass needed to step up. I hated him and I hated her too for basically choosing a guy over the safety of her kid. Fucking ridiculous and infuriating, and you can tell them I said so lol.

Something in me wonders if THATGIRLD is Jordan. Or maybe Sugar. We usually don't have "friends of" or "people that know" the teen moms come here and post. If we did, man would they have a lot to say because we say some hardcore shit here. LOL!!

I graduated from the same school a few years ahead of them and am ashamed that my alma matter is producing these types of people.

Oh totally! Although if I think it was Sugar she wouldn't stand up for Derek. You could tell she thought he was a piece of shit too. Hi Jordan! How is your shitty relationshit? Please lose that guy honey you can do so much better than that rat looking mooching ass wipe. He reminded me of Keifer lol.

Then again you don't really need anyone! Please focus on that baby and NOT on your stupid ass boyfriend that almost LEFT you and your child! You are under his spell and it's terrible. One day that kid is going to grow up and resent you if you keep putting that douche before Genevieve.

I am sorry THATGIRLD. I HAVE to disagree with you. If you went to school with them and are still on speaking terms, please go slap them for us. I don't understand your first comment. If Derek went to community college on a scholarship, why couldn't he live with anyone? Was it a homeless scholarship? Was one of the terms of the scholarship that he not live anywhere except a van? Just curious...
And the second part of your comment is insane. YES, I can blame them! I blame Jordan for not going back home when she found out she was pregnant. The way MTV showed it, she moved out with him when he couldn't stay there and was pregnant. Then her Q & A said that she found out later that she was pregnant. She should have went back home. Regardless of whether she wanted to or not, or got along with her parents or not, it was NO longer about her and what would make her happy (being with Derek), it was about the fact that in a few months a baby would be involved. Living out of a van and couch surfing is one thing, but when you get pregnant it's just dumb if you have other options. So what if they couldn't be together 24/7 by living together (if that's what you want to call it)? In the end, they were headed to TX with a newborn. That is STUPID. I am sure her parents would have taken HER back. Like Derek was really contributing at that point anyway.
What I am saying is that you can't chalk up their stupidity to the fact that they were teenagers. I know plenty of other teenagers and none of them have done THIS kind of stupid shit. If they were really trying to make better choices for their daughter, he'd be steadily employed and attending college while living with his grandparents, and she'd be working as well instead of saying "I just don't want to leave Evie" and they'd be saving money for their own place. And, if they were REALLY REALLY smart, this would have been done during her pregnancy, not now when the baby is a few months old. Babies are something you HAVE to prepare for. When they arrive, you need to be ready. These two weren't ready for shit.

A-Freakin-Men. I truly think it is Jordan which is really funny. I didn't even dislike her I just think she needs to get her head out of her ass with that guy. And if she is still house hopping she needs to suck it up and leave his ass, let him fend for himself and go back to her parents. It still doesn't sound very stable from the fb update but I hope it is. And for the love of God do not have sex with him again without some form of BC!!!!! GAHHHHH *RIPS HAIR OUT*

Nothing you say can justify the fact that this girl had a responsibility to her baby and still made selfish decisions. Go home. Pick the baby up. No words.

Really this whole episode makes me want to change my name to: I Hate the Word "Condom"


Well it makes sense to hate Condoms and have a Trap Baby. Your new name is Condom Hating Trap-Baby. If he thinks condom is a bad word for punishment I would love his view on abstinence, pregnancy, herpes, crabs, chlamydia, genital warts, HIV, Aids, gonorrhea,cervical Cancer, teen dads and boner amputation.

If he got my daughter pregnant after refusing to wear a condom and refused to work, I would stick his balls in my sink's garb-orator. I would then spike his drink with Viagra so all the blood flow in his body would race to spot where his nuts were last seen. His wiener would be left intact with profuse ketchup pouring into it and his beans are just plain gone. The open wounds could be soaked with vinegar. Wanna have sex now stud? You don't even have to wear a condom or even say the word! Stop crying, go find a way to self-soothe. Still think you can abandon my pregnant daughter? Awesome, so you see the plan was to get rid of you all along.

ERR MA GAWD:/ These two. What a dickler. Condoms are a punishment? Really? Like is there nails or glass in them or something? Geez.
My favorite part of the whole episode was when "Miss Tracy" said he looked like a "dirty q-tip" lol.
No wonder this girl wasn't producing enough milk, being yelled/scorned at for picking up her crying NEWBORN. This guy...

He does! He was disgusting. The punishment is bringing an innocent baby in the world to "parents" (I use that term lightly) like those. Poor thing...

I think I scrolled through everything but I didn't see anyone mention what they did with the baby bed, dresser, bedding and other stuff they had for her when they left for Texas. The bed looked like a new style as did the bedding. Did they leave it or put it somewhere? Maybe Sugar helped her get that stuff and then when they carelessly left it she got ticked off.

This reminds me of an abusive relationship. He has her under his spell and she can't think for herself. Of course maybe she is just that type of person. Both of them need a swift kick to the head. I so wish they would have put that little girl up for adoption.

What a depressing night of tv between her and the other girl.

It was really damn depressing. Even though I didn't care much either way about her I really feel like I need Autumn's episode and her insanely intelligent boyfriend to lift my spirits. That episode had to be one of the funniest ones...

I saw a lot of abuse dynamics in their relationship. She's hooked on him and he loves it. The part where he said he could leave anytime he wanted but she was stuck really bothered me.

She posted this on FB today :

I really wish that people would stop putting my friend on a high horse and painting Derek as the piece of shit. you have no idea what happened behind filming...clearly...which is why some of you think the way you do. Derek is a fabulous father, notice that i am still with him and not close to my friend anymore...there is a reason for that. Stop being rude and disrespectful. If You have nothing nice to say please keep it to yourself.

[…] Jordan Cashmyer gave birth to her firstborn child, Genevieve Shae Taylor, on March 7, […]

[…] Jordan Cashmyer gave birth to her firstborn child, Genevieve Shae Taylor, on March 7, […]

[…] Jordan Cashmyer gave birth to her firstborn child, Genevieve Shae Taylor, on March 7, […]