16 & Pregnant Season 5: Courtney Ames Recap

16 & pregnant


Courtney is a high school senior from Colorado, and she's been dating this guy named Scott for a while.

Courtney was very religious, and had a purity ring, but when things with Scott got serious, she broke her promise to God, and gave in to the peer pressure to have sex.

Better yet, she ends up pregnant, which is why we're writing about her.

This episode starts out with a little bit of a back story, which lets us know that Courtney was born with a cleft lip, and that she's always had issues with her appearance because she feels like people might be looking at her differently because of her former defect.

After seven reconstructive surgeries, Courtney's cleft isn't really visible much any more.

Courtney has decided that since she became pregnant, she is going to return to her vow to remain abstinent until she's married. This is really difficult for Scott to handle, and you can tell he has some serious sexual frustration throughout this episode.

Courtney is very set that she's going to refrain from sex, but Scott is just going along with it to make her happy.

After several awkward conversations with friends and family members, you can tell that Scott is really mad about the whole thing.

Scott lives on his own in a two bedroom apartment, and he's trying to get Courtney to move in with him. She's not sure that she wants to because she feels that living together would be a window to more premarital sex.

Eventually she gives in, but insists that they have two separate rooms.

Courtney will be sleeping in the same room as the baby, and Scott will be in the normal bedroom.

Even though Scott isn't thrilled that he won't be sleeping with Courtney every night, he's still a little happier that she's going to be in the same house with him.

At an ultrasound appointment, the doctors notice that Courtney's baby has a cleft lip, which makes Courtney feel extremely guilty. Courtney admits that her mom had a cleft lip as well, so there's a genetic factor behind all of this that makes Courtney feel terrible that she's passed it on to her own child.

The doctor's can't tell how major the cleft lip will be, but it's good that Courtney and Scott are prepared for it.

Courtney worries that Scott might not like the child as much because of his birth defect, but Scott reassures her that it'll all work out, and that he doesn't think it'll be a big deal.

Shortly after this, Courtney goes into labor, and it's the shortest pushing scene to ever be shown in 16 & Pregnant history.

Anyway, baby Dayton Cash is born, and it turns out that his cleft lip is very minor, which is a huge relief to Courtney and Scott.


Shortly after Dayton is born, Courtney and Scott take him to see a specialist about getting his cleft lip fixed. The specialist also did Courtney's surgeries, so she feels very comfortable with the lady.

The doctor says that she thinks it should only take one surgery for Dayton's lip to be fixed.

Scott is concerned about how much money this will cost, and the doctor doesn't have an estimate.

Scott is also concerned that Dayton's mustache won't grow in the right way when he's older, but the doctor assures him that the baby will be able to grow a mustache.

Courtney seems to be doing everything on her own with the baby. She lives with Scott, but he has only changed 4 diapers in the week, and he once went 4 days without holding his son. Courtney confronts him about this issue, and he freaks out saying that he provides money for the family and works all day and when he comes home he just wants to relax.

Courtney is not thrilled with this response, and Scott is obviously mad, so Courtney leaves the room and Scott throws a car seat at the wall before storming out of the apartment. Courtney spends the next few days at her dad's house, and eventually talks to Scott again.

When Scott is confronted, he says that the lack of sex is really making him frustrated, and that he can't handle all of the stress.

Courtney says that she isn't going to ask him to change, because that's something he has to do for himself.

Since filming ended, Scott and Courtney are still together. Dayton hasn't had his surgery yet, but it's scheduled for August.

Courtney is on birth control, but continues to remain abstinent. She thinks that in the future she will adopt more children instead of risking them having a cleft lip.


A cleft lip is such a minor thing. I think it is interesting that when there is a physical sign, people will say things like they would rather adopt. But people with all sorts of health and psychiatric issues have kids without thinking twice, even though these are a far bigger deal.

Anyways - what a silly little boy her boyfriend is. They are discussing surgery and he is concerned about his infant being able to grow a mustache. Do people even wear mustaches anymore?? WTF?

I have to disagree. Cleft lip is not a minor thing. Having surgery on an infant is a big deal. I knew someone who's baby had a cleft lip and he's had multiple surgeries to fix it. He's 2 years old and it's still not completely done. Courtney is very lucky her sons cleft lip was very small. Others aren't so lucky

Obviously Scott wears a mustache!

I have to agree with Mackenzie on this - cleft lips and cleft palates can range from minor to very severe. It sounds like Courtney's was more severe than Dayton's situation. It's a roll of the dice genetically to give birth to another child.

Sorry I phrased how I feel incorrectly.

Cleft lip can be very severe and disfiguring. The biggest impact, other than surgery complications, is the child feeling different than peers. But it is operable and the vast majority of children born with it in the US will go on to live normal lives. I just mean it is not life threatening or as serious as many other genetically linked issues (psychosis, MS, etc.) I am not saying she SHOULD have another baby. I am saying I find it interesting she would jump straight to saying she will adopt rather than speaking with a genetics specialist.

Either way, I am happy he looks to have a mild case and can get help early on!

I hear ya :) it's a minor thing in those terms for sure

Can he grow a moustache? Really? Not whether or not the baby may have a speech impediment, or actual serious consequences.
Glad baby turned out with a very mild case. Obviously the girl was very sensitive about her own cleft lip. I actually applaud her about taking genetics into consideration and thinking about adoption, although I agree, she should talk to a genetic counsellor before entirely ruling out future bio children. I just found her response more mature girls like Leah and Whitney, who both had children with serious genetic issues, but seem to have no issue continuing to pop out more. Whitney completely went back on her word, and Leah seemed to have no respect that Ali already having a serious, rare condition makes having future trap babies completely irresponsible, even if they turned out fine - Ali will need extra attention her whole life, and Aleeah is already so starved for normal attention.

* more mature than Leah or Whitney

Snark - As a young mother to a child with a unilateral cleft lip and palette I understand what you were trying to say. It is repairable unlike a lot of conditions. From my personal experience some of the most difficult things related to a cleft are feedings, surgeries usually multiple (little Dayton is fortunate), and how it affects speech later in life.

Courtney is lucky her baby's cleft was very minor. More times then not breastfeeding and normal bottles are not an option. The dads question did come across as silly about the mustache, but sometimes doctors tell little boys they can grow a mustache to conceal the scar if they feel a little embarrassed.

ultimately clefts can be a very stressful thing to deal with. Kudos to this girl for being so strong. I was really overwhelemed when I found out. Overall I really liked this episode, probably because I could relate to her so much. I liked baby daddy until the last 15 minutes of the episode. They as a couple have bigger fish to fry instead of his sexual frustraton. Get over it dude.

Didn't see the episode, but my son was born with a cleft lip that corrected in utero and it looks a lot like the baby's. We took him to a plastic surgeon just to give ourselves peace of mind and the surgeon said it would be unnoticeable in a few years. We also let him take a pacifier and it straightened it out a lot. I know every situation is different and I don't know if this baby's palette was affecting requiring surgery, but surgery on infants scares the bejesus out of me.

If you "back door teen mom 2", are you still pure? Just trying to help out.

After watching last night's episode, I actually dreamt about the Virgin Mary... and in my dream it came out that she was a virgin because it turns out she was a lesbian. LOL!

I can't even with her "we can't sleep in the same bed" crap. Does she think like being married means you MUST HAVE SEX all the time? I mean seriously if you can't lay next to your partner and snuggle without wanting to bone you've got issues.

So true. I also felt like in some ways it was her trying to push him into marriage before he is ready. Like "you gotta buy the cow now that you had a sample!"

Still, kudos to her for trying to live in line with the morals she believe in. Most people just make excuses for themselves and twist morals to fit what they want in the moment. Although, I seriously doubt they are abstinent 100% of the time after the cameras stopped rolling.

I thought she said she didn't want to rush into marriage just so they could have sex? He seemed to be the one pushing to get married soon because his hormones were raging. LOL

You know how to make a hormone? Don't pay her.

Why does she have issues just for not wanting to do something she knows would tempt him even more. I mean he already has a hard enough time keeping it in his pants, and I'm sure she has the temptation and I wouldn't put it past him to use the whole sleeping together thing to make her weak or something. I agree with her, it's not a good idea.

This episode hit really close to me. I'm religious like Courtney and a 21 year old virgin. I always thought I would wait till marriage and never thought I would do otherwise. I can honestly say now that I don't want to wait. If I could go out and have sex right now I would, but the one thing holding me back is the fear of sinning. We're taught not to have sex till marriage. I always thought it was wrong but after thinking it over I can't see any reason that it is wrong or that God would honestly care, but I'm scared. You never want to do anything to upset God or further yourself from God. The difference between Courtney and me is that she's actually done it. I can't imagine the guilt she feels, and she clearly does. It's just really complicated and I'm glad I got to see this episode.

To mis-quote a rather funny movie... 'Don't put the penis on a pedestal'. Just go have sex if you want to that bad. You'll see that you are and aren't missing out that much. Sex is fun and awesome and wonderful when done properly but it can make life and relationships complicated and when it's not done well it can just be like a bad meal - something you wish you had skipped.

I'm not a virgin but I'm a person that only has sex with guys when I'm in a relationship (a serious one) lol. So I'm about to be 30, I've had sex with only 2 people. The first I dated 10 years he was my first. After we broke up I went about a year of no sex, then met a Chrsitian guy who was saving himself, but we broke up. Afterwards like an idiot I went out got drunk, and had sex with a guy I kind of knew but not really, ( was smart and wore condoms of course).

But oh my gosh... I can NOT do the one night stand thing without an emotional connection. I don't recommended it at all. I just left feeling dirty and whorish...never EVER again. So just saying, you're not missing out on much. Just wait till you're in a relationship, sex is so much better with someone you actually know really well!

My gf's just go home with random guys it's disgusting, I don't know how they do it. And they always wonder why I don't do the same but I just CAN'T do that! I don't know how people do it, the one 1 night stand I had was awful enough, and not even cause he was a bad guy or the sex was bad...just I didn't know him well enough. Anyway that's my two cents on it.

Completely agree about only having sex when you are in a relationship. I'm a 22 year old virgin not because I haven't had opportunities to have sex (I did experiment a bit my freshman year of college but always said no), but because I feel like it will make me feel attached to the guy. I don't want to get emotionally attached to someone who is not invested in me. There's also the issue that oxytocin impairs your judgement and can make you become infatuated with someone who turns out to be an asshole. This happened to me with the guy I came closest with. I was upset over him for weeks and then went to lunch with him later and was like "why was I so upset over this guy, he's so immature".

Same. I'm twenty-two and have only had sex with one person - ultimately we were in a relationship for almost six years in total. I've been on birth control since I first got my period at fifteen due to extreme pain and anemia, but I'm nonetheless (perhaps overly) paranoid about getting pregnant or contacting an STD, so both my partner and I were checked and used condoms until we both had clean bills of health. I'm a graduate student with long years of education ahead of me and too much student debt to risk pregnancy or health problems, so sleeping around has always seemed like a bad personal decision; so many of my peers were knocked up during or right of high school and some already have multiple children with very low prospects of getting out of poverty or moving out of their parents home. I'm also living on an expensive, different continent than the rest of my family, so I'd have no personal support, never mind financial stability to offer a child a good life.
Also, I need a stable relationship to feel real attraction to someone, and as you both mentioned, not having that would leave me feeling too vulnerable.

Sorry, on my cellphone - I'm crap at texting.

I'm a 23- year-old virgin myself!! My parents are super strict and conservative when it comes to sex. It's never been a question. My mom made it very clear when I was growing up, if you were having sex then you were getting the hell out of her house. Now so many years later intimacy scares me a little. My mom made it sound like such a bad thing that the though of having sex with someone terrifies me even though I know it's nothing to be scared of. It wasn't the right way to grow up for sure and now I wonder if I'll ever have a normal sex life when I decide to engage in one.

Well...I'm 20 and I have had sex with 2 guys (maybe 3, you judge). The first one, my boyfriend of two years and the other one was a guy that I thought it'd be a one night stand thing but it turns out we connect really well with each other and have been talking for nearly 3 months now (he's by no means my bf but we talk 24/7). But I also had an awful experience with a guy who was like 38 years old, in my mind I wanted to have sex with him because he was way older than me (now I find it disgusting, don't worry ladies) but when we were about to, I didn't want it anymore. I didn't feel good at all seeing him naked or having him do things to me, like I wanted to stop but I didn't know how to...it was truly horrible and I have no one to blame for that but myself. First, I should have known a guy who's 18 years older than me ain't good news and second, I didn't have the balls to tell him to stop when I didn't want to keep going. I never ever talked to him again after that day and I spent several nights trying to erase that scene from my mind, not even my closest friends know about this guy.
My point is though, do it with whoever you want but make sure you feel good with this person. I really don't think the number of guys you have had sex with matters, it doesn't make you a bad or good person. I think the important thing is you feel confortable and good with yourself before and after.

Wow, didn't realize there were so many of us out there. I'm 23 and I've only had sex with one guy, my ex, who I had been with for almost two years before having sex with him. I'm dating someone else for four months now, but we haven't had sex yet, even though I am crazy in love with him. Giving it a little more time :)

I'm 28. I lost my virginity at 22 to someone who lost it at 14. We had been only dating a few months. He is the only guy I've slept with. I didn't wait for marriage nor was it a completely serious relationship. I just felt very comfortable with him. Which I hadn't felt with anyone. I was extremely awkward when it came to the physical part of the relationship. Kissing, snuggling, or pda were very uncomfortable. I actually felt a desire to be intimate with him. Given what was going on at the time, I might have regretted it. But, now, we've been married for 5 years in October.

I can't imagine sleeping with anyone else or just having a one night stand. I don't get how people do that either. Or fall in love so quickly. Especially after a break up. Though, I guess that's technically what my husband did

I don't think many people have one night stands because they love them ( or most girls I know don't ) it is more of an impulsive way to try to get over a guy.

@Trap Baby..thats awesome and really something to be proud of! I am 37 and have had sex with 3 partners. My high school sweetheart, my ex husband, and my current husband. I just feel that its something special and more people should wait too. Or, at least not give it up to everyone that glances in their direction.

It irritates the hell out of me when a guy says I make the money so I don't have to do anything around the house or take care of the kids. Being a stay at home parent is a job too, except you don't get paid, never get to leave your job at the end of the day, you're on call 24/7 and never get days off. I'm a SAHM to 3 kids (5, 3, 9mo). I don't ask my husband to do much but he does clean up the kids and table after dinner, puts clean and folded laundry away and is responsible for the garbage. He gives me a little break and takes over diaper duty, unless he's busy with something and if we're just relaxing he feeds the baby. We split baths, one does the actual bathing the other dries, lotion, dresses and combs hair. He gets them ready for bed and reads them a book. On the weekend he usually gets up at 9 with them and I sleep in until 10-1030. He usually gets up for work at 5 so it's still sleeping in to him and gives him some just daddy time. He does a load of laundry and has a couple small chores on the weekend, maybe 15 minutes worth. I do the vast majority of the housework which is fine because I'm home but I'm not the only one living here making a mess so that little bit of housework is enough to help and make me feel like my efforts are noticed and appreciated. Bonding with your baby for a large part is simply taking care of them and holding them. If you're he's home from work then the kids should be a shared responsibility.

Oh I agree, I mean if he's working obviously she will be the one to have more responsibility with the the baby during the week, but he could at least hold thebaby after he gets home and change a diaper or two. I also got the impression he felt unappreciated too, he was like " I give you a hundred dollars, you ask for two. Nothing is good enough" and she didn't deny it. I think they both need to compromise a little

Yes!!! I can't stand "men" that are like that.

That pisses me off too!!! I had an ex like that. Glad he's gone bleh.... it's so sexist.

I thought Scott was really cute when Dayton was born and he seemed really excited to bring him home, but unfortunately he seemed to lose all interest in the baby when his sexual frustrations took over. To me, he seemed bitter that the baby was even in the equation... between not having sex with Courtney until marriage to being bitter that he was the only one "working" and bringing in any money while worrying, not about his son having to go through surgery, but just how much it was going to cost.. and his comments about it being her "job" to take care of the baby 24/7 because she's the mother (hello, does that mean he also has to work at his job 24/7 without a break?) I thought she had a good point about him bonding with his son... am I the only one who couldn't believe his harsh rant over not spoiling the baby or holding him too much? It seemed like he was punishing her by being mean to their son because he knew it was important to her that he was more involved. Sounds like Scott needed more hugs as a boy... and a haircut. :)

omg that was INSANE his whole rant about how he was going to teach Dayton to be independent from birth.. good luck getting a newborn to be independent. What is up with these guys? Babies need to be held, soothed, etc. Newborns should never have to cry it out

Independent and newborn don't even belong in the same sentence! Im sure it was hard for dad to be bonded and nuturing toward his baby when he hadn't held him for almost a week. Maybe if he stopped thinking about sex 24/7 he could find time to bond with his son.

"He's not a girl" wtf..... he had some WEIRD views on things...just immature and stupid.

He's just teaching him to do his own thing guys. They have to start them off young. If he plays his cards right he won't even have to live in the same house as him by the time he turns 3 or 4 he'll have his own life by then and be doing his own thing.

Maybe he can go live with Sophia, she's been independent for a while now.

Right? Sophia does her own thing, and she is a great person. Why not?

SMDH..Farrah..you dumbass.

I could so see the two of them getting together and doing their own thing together. They'll be like our parents are idiots who dumped us and left us to raise each other so now we'll get together and become teen parents ourselves it'll be great.

Did anyone else throw their hands up in the air in exasperation when she walked into the bedroom and closed the door and then he threw the carseat when the baby was already upset and then just walked out of the apartment leaving the baby bawling by himself in the living room? Thank goodness she came out of the bedroom pretty quickly

That was sad to me. If it were me I would leave. If as a baby he isn't going to hold him for as long as 4 days. What makes you think later on he would help with homework, play catch, have man talks? That was just baffling.

A lot of dads have a hard time bonding with their babies because they are very dependent on the nurturing qualities a mother provides. But the best for her to do in that instance is put the baby in his arms and walk away for a few hours. There is no other way to get a new dad to participate when he is so hesitant.

I have a lot of respect for her for actually keeping her promise to God and actually taking the steps to making sure she's not tempted... And she really shouldn't be with someone who cares more about his so-called "needs" than the commitment she made. This is why I wouldn't want to be with someone unless they had the same commitment because they don't understand. Sad that she has to feel insecure about her looks because of something she couldn't help:(

Yes! I was afraid I'd come on here and see a ton of people giving her crap for wanting to stay abstinent and stay in a separate bedroom. Glad that doesn't seem to be the case (too much!). Kudos to her, though! She stuck to her guns even when Scott acted like a total baby and blamed it on the lack of a sexual relationship. Seriously, dude, go spend some extra time in the shower or something. I can imagine it would be hard to go from having sex to nil, but I really felt like she was serious, even when she could tell that he wasn't.

There are actually quite a few people that are bashing her for it which kinda surprises me. I think if it's what SHE wants then he needs to respect that. Sex has to be a mutal agreement by both parties and if one party doesn't agree then it shouldn't happen it's that simple.

"But you wore a purity ring a made a promise to God, I can't believe you broke that promise!" says the divorced man. I just can't with 'convenient Christians.'

The Bible never mentions divorce and only Catholics find it a problem.

Not true. Matthew chapter 5 says plenty about divorce. In practice Catholics don't seem to care any more than protestants do. But it's a real thing and a marriage is a promise to each other and God for life. So yes it's hypocritical for a divorced person to care about someone else breaking their promises when they can't keep their own...

Ugh sorry I was thinking of modern day divorce for some reason lol. Does anyone know if her sister lived with the dad or the mom?

Uh, what? Modern-day divorce???

WELL JENELLE, yes. I wasn't thinking.

Cabbage, I though her sister was her step mom for a while. The way she was talking about how she can't go from having sex to just stopping made me think she'd already done it. Is her sister a devout Christian also?

I got the CREEPIEST fucking vibe from the sister and dad. I've been reading too much Flowers in the Attic I think. She came off as a stepmom too it was fucking weird.

So then it wasn't just me then. That's good to know Trap! It wasn't until the hospital room when they said it was her sister that I was like oh that wasn't her step mom. Although I gotta commend her parents on being able to go to dinner with her and Scott. A lot of divorced parents wouldn't be able to do that.

I can't either lol. Her dad seemed like a sweetheart but very naive...

Did anybody else notice that this girl's voice sounded EXACTLY like Quinn Morgendorffer from Daria?

HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! I miss that show. Yes it really did omg...

That guy was just like the rest. Acts like he's going to be Father of the year, then as soon as the baby is born he's just not there! I honestly think he came out with one of the most stupid lines I have ever heard in all of the episodes I've watched (and that's saying something!)... 'I want him to be independent. I need to teach him young.' WHAT. You need to teach a newborn baby to be independent? Feeding and comforting a baby is spoiling it? Thank God most of the Mothers have more sense! Her instincts obviously kicked in and she seemed like a nice girl.

I know...so stupid. And i hated how he said the baby makes us fight....you're a stay at home mom that's your job...mine is just to relax. Fool needs to get his head out of his ass.

She reminds me of Topanga.

^ LOL!!!

HAHAHAHAHA yes!!! I thought she was very pretty, the cleft thign was a little bit noticeable but not bad at all. Yay for a teen mom with nice hair haha

Teen mom with nice hair, ha!!! Very true!

It's a rare occurrence on this show. Please don't put her on TM because then she'll get raccoon extensions like Leah

I thought her nose ring was a scar at first. Once I realized that it was a nose ring then I was like oh it's not that noticeable.

That's who it is! I couldn't put my finger on who it was she reminded me of. Shes very pretty to me, and her hair always looked bomb.

She reminded me of Haley from one tree hill.

OMG! I thought the same thing!!!

I thought that too!! She looks so much like her!

I've been on the other side, (Scott's side). She really should have been abstinent to begin with. I think to NOT be and then switch over to being is commendable but also ridiculous. You can't be a born again virgin lol. I dated someone who was very religious and wanted to wait till marriage...it's rough. I put up with it but it was the most sexually unsatisfying relationship ever to the point where I was crying lol. I was actually MORE satisfied being single and not doing anything....but anyway...

I do think it's smart she's not having sex just for the sake of not getting pregnant again. LOL that conversation at the dinner table was SO AWKWARD.

Dad: So Scott what do you do since you're not having sex?


Hahahaha that dinner conversation was so awkward, I felt bad for the guy at that point. Maybe it's because I don't have that kind of relationship with my dad to talk about my sex life, but really? A family discussion about it. Poor guy.

Yea....talking about your sex life with your family...no thanks. LOL but it's like DUDE (about Scott) do you really want me to tell you the other ways your daughter pleasures me besides sex? No I don't think so...

So many of these girls are so comfortable talking about sex with their dads like it's no big deal. I just don't get it. I can't even talk to my dad about periods let alone sex. The other day my little sister and I were having an argument because she's such a slob and leaves tampon wrappers everywhere and my mom calls my dad to come deal with it and he goes tampons are not my department. I can't even imagine me and my boyfriend sitting down and discussing our sex lives with him.

She wasn't a bad person by any means, but I think it's fair to say she wasn't the sharpest tool in the box. Her "commitment" to God was very childish in nature, and it seemed like her god fearing family didn't want to help her make grown up decisions, they just wanted her to be a 'good christian'.

The way she talked about sex with her boyfriend was like it was some kind of dirty, shallow weakness, she literally couldn't comprehend that that sex could be two people just expressing their love. The guy did turn out to be a bit of a douche, but if she would have just done it I feel like their relationship would have been so much easier on both of them.

The whole sex before marriage thing is an absurd antiquated idea.

How is encouraging someone to do the right thing bad? Especially if she agrees that it's the right thing to do? And the fact that her having sex would've bettered the relation is exactly why she should find someone who respects her and her beliefs more. Waiting for marriage doesn't mean you think sex is dirty, it means you think it's great and special, only for someone you're going to be with for life. Also just because you wait, it doesn't mean sex isn't just an expression of love. I'm married and I don't want kids so we use two different forms of birth control. The idea of sex before marriage is a lot less absurd than the idea of the majority of kids having split up parrents. How about it's just a different choice than you're making for yourself...

"it means you think it’s great and special, only for someone you’re going to be with for life."

Sorry but this is putting sex on a pedestal, it isn't always "special" and if you expect it to be, you're going to be disappointed. The logic that you should save yourself for "the one" is such a naive fairytale. You should explore your sexuality with as many people as you personally want to, it's a growing experience.

If she had sex with him but the relationship still didn't work out, what exactly would she lose? Nothing. She would have lived and loved by her own emotions and not lived in fear of what somebody else is telling her to do in order to be a "pure" person.

Thanks Epidural, I couldn't have said it better myself. I don't regret most of my sexual encounters and even the ones that weren't great were learning experiences.

I agree! While I've only ever had sex with my husband (we were 15 when we met). We had pre-marital sex and two pre-marital
Children. I think the whole "you aren't pure" and "it's a sin" is rubbish. I don't advocate sleeping around. I advocate love and stability and sharing that with someone.

I don't mean special as in it's gonna be glorious the first time or whatever, it's special in that it's only for one person. And if you "personally want to" have sex with one person, then that's your choice and nobody deserves to be judged for that. If she gives into him she loses getting to be proud of sticking to her commitment. Not only that, but I hope she sees she's losing out being with someone who doesn't respect her choices. You can say he was respectful in the beginning but the bottom line is if he's taking out his sexual frustrations on her, that's not respect. If she says she doesn't want to and he tries to change her mind, that is not respect. No is no, period.

"'it's a sin' is rubbish"... Not if you're a Christian. You don't get to pick and choose what you like, and if you're not a Christian then it doesn't apply to you anyway.

Ok. So I probably didn't word that correctly. Maybe not "rubbish", but I think it's kind of unfair to start a sexual relationship with someone and then decide after a while to withhold sex. He loves her. He wants to be with her. It's not just about the sex for him (it seems), or he would've left straight up. Sex is an extension of love. And you can love more than one person in your lifetime. Christian or not.

Right... And you can express that love in many many ways. Even if it's not "just" about the sex for him, it's a big enough factor that he treats her like crap because of it. I get that it's an experience he has to go without for a while but if he loves her he should be willing to go without, and still treat her like he should be treating the mother of his child regardless of what they're not doing in the bedroom. I forgot to mention another reason she deserves better... the whole "It's your job as the mother" thing. Not cool. When he gets home from work he's still a parent and he doesn't get to just relax and do his own thing because she never gets to. And if she were working, she would have to come take care of him too so why shouldn't Scott be held to that standard? Went off on a tangent but I did not like him and it makes me sad to see that they're still together, unless he's made a change that we haven't seen.

I think it's ridiculous to have sex and then to all of a sudden change your mind and say that's not happening anymore. She didn't seem to be able to comprehend the effect it had on the relationship. I seem to be in the minority here but I found her to be annoying, she wanted to be praised for everything but never gave her boyfriend any credit for working and paying for everything. The whole I'm waiting til we get married to have sex but I don't want to get married right now thing bugged me too. You two have a child together, he's not just with your for sex!

He was pretty respectful and kind to her in the beginning, if she wanted to have sex with him I think he did enough to let her know he did actually care about her. Obviously he's a hormonal young guy so he couldn't handle it and he flipped out, not excusing that, but she was being really annoying.

Being sexually frustrated is a dangerous thing lmaoooo.

I think it's ridiculous that just because she'd been having sex with him she's now expected to continue to do it. If BOTH parties aren't comfortable then they do not have to have sex. That's like the question of can your husband rape you. Just because you're married doesn't mean you have to have sex whenever the other party wants. It has to be a mutual decision. If she doesn't want to and isn't comfortable doing it then he needs to respect that. No girl should be forced to do something she's not comfortable doing just because she used to be comfortable doing it. Same with guys. If it was the other way around and he was the religious one that didn't want to have sex would you be saying the same thing? There's more to a relationship then sex and if they can't make it work without sex then they probably don't need to be in a relationship.

Trash, you are right! He can just go have sex with someone else to release his frustrations, easy solution. Why any man would think sex should be part of a loving relationship is beyond me.

I think sex is important in a relationship, it matters! If I was a guy who had been having sex with my girlfriend and all of a sudden she wanted to stop, for whatever reason, I would be a little upset too! Hell, I'm a girl and if my husband decided to stop having sex with me when we had been dating, I would be maaaaad. It's nice that she wanted to wait, but come on, that promise to God was already broken. Too late now.

What I was thinking when he was acting like the Incredible Hulk with the whole carseat thing was why didn't he just grab some lotion, head to the bathroom, and corral the tadpoles himself if he was THAT sexually frustrated?

If masturbation were that satisfying there would be no marriage, ever.

I was kind of thinking that. It's one thing if you inform someone before you start dating that you are not going to be having sex until marriage, but to start a sexual relationship with someone and then decide to withhold sex I could see him having a hard time with that even if he really cares about her. And we are talking about a teenage guy at that.

The thing is though, she seemed like abstinence was always important to her but somewhere along the line he got to her and she gave in to temptation. So it's not like he should be totally thrown off by this because he probably did know.

Yeah that's true.

I can still see him having a hard time with it though

Ahhh the horse has bolted love! Why cut the guy off now? Sex is an extension of love. And by the sounds of it, these two do love each other (I haven't seen it yet). And when you're pregnant-everyone knows you're not a virgin. It doesn't suddenly close over because you decide to be abstinent again. I can understand if they are seperated. But they are two parents. IN a relationship. Who LOVE each other. Weird decision.

I thought it was a weird decision too. He was in a relationship with her for at least a year, he clearly loves her and wants to be a family and she treated him like a roommate.

Maybe SHE was the one who wasn't sure she wanted to be with him? Not sure, only guessing, my husband commandeered the TV about 10 minutes into this episode. Talk about frustration! I can relate to Scott's feelings - Teen Momus Interruptus.

I know I am going to get hate for this but Courtney seems a little fake, she is a great mother, but her story seems off, I was kind of raised in the church and most churches do their purity pledges in the 5th grade, rarely in high school I am just looking by her nose ring(which most Christians don't do any body modification, except earrings) and her choice in boyfriend/ baby daddy( whom seems like a pothead), she most likely was a party girl/rebel whom left Christianity once she got into high school, and started finding herself. I know MTV in the past made girls lie about their stories, I would be surprise if that was the case with Courtney( MTV probably wanted another Mackenzie, and not another party girl/ rebel turn good mother story) It seems like she was raised in a Christian household, another guess is that her family took her to their pastor and all of a sudden "became Christian again" left her partying/rebel ways for the sake of her baby. I all so want to point out that the chances of clef lip is great if one or both parents are smokers,or former smokers.( it is in an article for starcasm about Courtney)

Hmmmm yea it was a little annoying how she came off more as a roommate to her bf....always seemed very bossy too and constantly criticizing. She had a bit of a "better than thou attitude". It's like bitch you already "sinned". But it's commendable she was trying to change. She was definitely more of a born again Christian.

Glad I'm not the only one who found her to be annoying. She was a great mom but a sucky girlfriend. She wanted him to give and compromise on everything, but she was never willing in compromise on her end.

I'm not sure where you got the idea that Christians aren't into body modification. I was raised in church, went to a Christian high school, and now attend a Christian university. I have five tattoos and six piercings and literally only know one person from either of my schools that doesn't have at least one tattoo.

Because Leviticus 19:28 "Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD." Which is funny because a lot of the "Christians" I know with tattoos are also completely against gay marriage because of Leviticus 18:22.

Scott's Sexual Deprivation NEEDS to be a username on here.

Scott's Blue Balls

Someone else do it. I can't, it just makes me think of my last relationship and my blue balls because of his Christian beliefs. :( (I'm girl but you know what I mean)

Lol there are these two comedian twins on youtube that say "if you abstain from having sex you're abstaining from having a relationship" LOL!

I actually really liked this episode! What a breath of fresh air!...especially compared to the one I saw with Jordan, who would very vibrantly rather live on the streets, a strange, state, whatever where ever to live with her boyfriend..who didnt really offer financial or emotional support...but anyway! Ill save that for another day.

It was strange to see she did withdraw from sex, but at the same time, good for her! She made a mistake and didn't want to resume doing something she believed was wrong. It was nice to see a girl on this show stand for what she believes in, rather cling to the loser boyfriend like a lost puppy.

Scott's comments about the baby irritated me. When I had my baby at 17, my also young immature boyfriend said the same things. 7 years later, we are still together and he grew out of those beliefs real quick! Other than that, I think he was pretty level headed. Working, providing, etc,. He's still a youngster, so his self entitlement to relax when he's off work didn't suprise me. It seemed like he obviously hasn't bonded with the baby like she has, which is the case almost every episode. These teenage dads don't seem to get "involved" until the kid is walking and talking... I did however sense he really does love this girl, on the emotional level she wants. It was clear sex was important to him, but not important enough to leave, so kudos for that! I know any other teenage boy would've been probably been outty...

Lol I remember Mackenzie (this was after Gannon), and Alex from TM3, and gosh I think even Briana at one point all saying they wanted to abstain from sex after having their kids. Yea I don't think that happened. (At least with Mackenzie, and Briana and her slutty tweets, who knows with Alex). But Courtney seemed much more determined.

So excited to see the reunion lol, what fucking trainwrecks! did you all see the preview?

LOL I trust that Alex would keep to it more than Branna... I can't even picture her vowing abstinence and if she did it would prolly be from men because you know how that family is:P and noooo I missed the preview! Is it online anywhere? Or can you summarize?

LOL same. I just remember her being like NO BF'S blah blah.

I tried to find it for you! I couldn't though :( It was at the very end of the last episode (Savannah's). I'll recap....

Lol Maddy was crying that her daughter doesn't even know what a father is...and then skipped over to Dr. Drew saying do you use birth control (to maddy), and Cody chimes in and goes HAHA I don't use birth control. And Dr. Drew says yea I know you don't....

Autumn said her guy cheated on her...then he literally said "I smoke weed all day everyday and don't give a fuck"

And Maurice threw money at Arianna

Yeah @Trap Baby..wonder if Briana ever got to lick that Haitian?

Oh gosh Binkie you're one of my favorites!!!


I try.

I wanted to like this girl but there were two things that bugged me. 1) The way she acted like morality and religion aren't mutually exclusive. You can be moral without being religious and plentyyy of religious people aren't moral. 2) She stayed with Scott after the "All the money is mine and I refuse to hold my newborn because he's not a sissy girl who can't grow a mustache." What kind of cohabitation dad goes 4 days without holding their child. RED FUCKING FLAG!! He was a misogynist asshole and I hope she runs before he embeds those ideas in his son.

With all these comments I don't know if anyone commented on Scott wearing that plaid shirt all the time. I hope he washes it. It reminded me of Corey's green shirt. Hahaha.
And I got really annoyed when he said the baby needs to be independent. Like really dude, he's not even 6 months old yet!!

Religion aside, I don't blame her for wanting to abstain from having sex again. If I got pregnant as a teenager, I'd be terrified to have sex again ever. Maybe that's just me though and probably an unpopular opinion. I also found it annoying he wouldn't stop talking about it consdering you aren't even allowed to have sex for like 6 weeks after birth.

Also I was happy they mentioned government assistance for once. I think it really adds a layer of "reality" that not all 17 year olds can get their own apartment, live on their own, etc. without struggling.

I was glad when he said, "Oh, we're definitely gonna struggle!" At least he knew it! So many of these girls (and the dads) think that as long as their "family" is together, things will just come easy peasy. It was refreshing to see that they KNEW it was gonna be hard!

Sooo... not to sound insensitive or ignorant, and I know some people were talking about how pretty she was, but did Courtney's nose bother anyone? Is that just the way it's shaped or did it have something to do with her cleft lip? I don't usually like to trash people's looks, but her nose just really bothered me through the whole episode :-/

I think it had to do with her cleft lip. I don't know much about them, but think it may be a characteristic of them depending on the severity,

I noticed it and I wondered if it was part of her condition too. I barely noticed anything with her lip, only her nose and I just thought it might have had something to do with her cleft lip
** I am not making fun of her or her looks, I actually thought she is a pretty girl. I just wondered the same thing**

I know I'm probably in the minority here, but I think Courtney was an extremely smart girl. I'm no virgin and I don't really agree with her decision on staying abstinent, but kudos to her for having the balls to do it!!! So many of these clowns don't stand up for themselves and totally let their boyfriends control their decisions with sex. I have a feeling there are several girls (Ashley Salazar from season 2, MacKenzie for sure) who were in physical situations and just went along with it when their bfs made a further move. They strike me as total people pleasers who just say "okay sure" when pressured into something. I could be totally wrong and I don't think there's anything wrong with experimenting and doing what you feel is right in the moment. It was just refreshing to me to see a young girl stand up for herself and hold her morals high, no matter how much her douchebag boyfriend pressured hee. Smart, brave girl!!