16 & Pregnant Season 5: Arianna Recap

16 and pregnant

Before we start, I still have no idea what this girl's last name is, and it's driving me nuts.

She's the only girl so far that I haven't been able to find a Facebook page or Twitter account for.

I know sometimes you're all much better at snooping for these things than I am, so if you know her last name, let me know.

arianna2 This was how I felt watching the entire episode last night.

When the trailer for this season came out, and we updated everyone with information, someone in our comments section affectionately nicknamed this girl, "Squawking Macaw" and it seems to be more of a fitting description than I could have ever provided. Arianna is a high school senior from Smyrna, Georgia, and she is the artsy type, therefore her hair needs to be an unnatural color on the ends. Arianna's mom was also a teenage mother, and her dad left her when she was young.

Since then, her mom has gotten remarried, and Arianna isn't too fond of her step family, so she decided to move in with her grandma. Her grandma has an apartment that is very small, and because of this, the two of them share a bed.

Arianna says that it doesn't bother her too much because she was normally hanging out with her boyfriend at the time, Maurice.

The two had only been dating for a month and a half when Arianna got pregnant, and things seemed to fall apart from there.

The episode really revolves around the hurt that Maurice caused Arianna when she was pregnant. Around the time she was 6 months pregnant, Maurice requested a paternity test via text message, and it made Arianna really mad, so she cut ties with him for a while.

She harbors a lot of resentment throughout the whole episode because of this simple text message, and it's very evident that she's angry with the guy any time that they're together.

I would think that this was reality, but having worked with MTV, I'm pretty good at spotting their stupid editing mistakes.

Please note how the conversations are different between these two screen shots of text messages, which were shown in the same scene of last night's episode.



Moving on, since Arianna is done dealing with Maurice, she decides to go out to eat frozen yogurt with her friends instead. Her friend, Nolyn, asks if Arianna would want to go to the homecoming dance with her, since it's their senior year and all. Arianna doesn't seem too thrilled with the idea, but she says that she'll think about it.

Meanwhile, Maurice sits down with his family at his house and his mom starts asking him how things are going.

Maurice says that he's been working in the studio, but his mom says that he really needs to get a job and start being able to help provide for their baby.

Maurice tells his mom about the paternity test, and he even admits that he knows it's his baby, but they simply wanted to protect their son from something bad happening.

Later, Arianna decides that she should go to homecoming with her friends. She has a great time, and it's nice to see her relax a little. It might be the only time we see this girl smile during the whole episode.

After that she decides that she's going to try and meet with Maurice to talk about things face to face.

He agrees and they go to this park and sit on a swing, and it starts out really nice, but once Arianna says that Maurice isn't providing for her son, he instantly gets mad, and says that he doesn't think he needs a 9-5 job, and that he does have things for the baby, but he'll bring them over when he feels that it's necessary.

Arianna is still squawking at this guy, and so he just gets up and leaves instead of continuing to argue like that in public.

After their big blow up, Arianna has an ultrasound, but she's still so mad that she doesn't invite Maurice along or even tell him that she's going.

She gets to see her son, and seems like she's on the verge of tears during her whole ultrasound appointment.

Arianna has a baby shower, and her friends are there to help her get things ready for the arrival of her son.

At her next doctor's appointment, Arianna's doctor is concerned about how much room the baby has to grow, so he induces her a week before her due date. When she's at the hospital, she calls Maurice to tell him, and he arrives to help her through labor.

She even says that she's glad that Maurice was there, and he seemed supportive. After 12 hours of labor, Arianna and Maurice welcome baby Aiden Connor into the world, and for a moment, everyone is happy and there's no arguing.


The peacefulness soon passes, and on the day after Aiden is born, Arianna and Maurice get into a fight about things that happened in the past. Arianna says that she wants an apology from Maurice, but he's insistent that he didn't do anything wrong and that he's going to bring stuff by for the baby as soon as possible.

Arianna asks him to leave, and Maurice just wants to hold the baby one more time, but as he's holding the baby, Arianna threatens to call a nurse in if he doesn't get out of her room.

She claims he's held the kid for long enough, and then when she actually does call a nurse in, she tells Maurice not to come back to the hospital.

Arianna takes the baby home to her grandma's apartment, and I couldn't feel worse for that whole situation.

She's up at all hours of the night with a crying baby, and she's laying in the same bed as her grandma the whole time, and I don't think I would have the patience for that as the grandma, but I never hear her complain at all.

She's really supportive, actually, which is nice to see that Arianna has help from her family since she pushed Maurice to the side.

Eventually, Maurice comes over with diapers and wipes and some other baby items. Arianna lets him feed the baby so that she can relax, and she thinks that he might be making an actual effort to be a part of the baby's life and support him financially. Even though she doesn't get an apology, she decides to give things another shot with Maurice.

A week or so later, she decides to meet Maurice at some smoothie place, and he brings even more baby things for their son.

Arianna seems thankful for the gifts, but she starts asking for an apology again, and things turn south.

Eventually, she walks out of the restaurant, and Maurice follows her and actually apologizes for his actions, and at this point, all is well in the world.


I watched this episode at my dad's house and thought he had fallen asleep on the couch before the episode even started. When it went to commercial at one point, I was startled to hear "That girl is mean!" I hadn't even been paying much attention, but after that I could not look away. She has a temper and her poor child is never going to have his father in his life if she can't learn to control herself. He's no saint, but damn he couldn't get a word in edgewise!

I doubt we'd be able to understand him if he could. I don't think I heard him enunciate one entire word the entire episode. He just seemed like an immature creep who has no concept of what fatherhood is and she has quite a temper. I hear wedding bells!! *barf*

You speak the truth. He was a mumbler, just like Corey and Jeremy.

There was liberal use of subtitles, once again.

This episode was such a snooze. Seriously, I hardly paid attention it was so dull.

I agree that arianna seemed kind of like a bitch ometimes, but her sons father reminded me of my sons father and I had a lot of sympathy there. It is impossible to talk to someone who talks circles around a subject and wants to have a pity party all the time. Ugh just watching this gave me flashbacks! Btw eventually my sons father dropped the act and decided he didn't want to be a dad and it was actually a relief, we are so much happier without drama like that in our lives. I predict Maurice will do the same.

I was glad to see she had so much support, her mother seemed okay and grandma(SO young, did anyone else notice that?!) seemed very supportive. Her friends were pretty funny too...

The only time I could tell her mom and her grandmother apart was when her grandmother spoke because she had a more long term smoker's voice. They were both SO young!

Her grandma was old enough to have retired though, but yes she did look very young.

I disagree. I liked this girl. Does she have a temper? Yes. But to be fair, I think all she wanted was an apology, and frankly I think she deserved one. He was doing nothing to proactively get ready for the baby and she was very hurt by the fact that he wouldn't admit he was wrong. I think these two have some hope after the ending we saw.
Also, I was already impressed with her since she's the first girl we've seen that can speak like an intelligent human being.

I feel like she was so frustrated and hurt that he didn't turn out to be the guy she thought he was that she had just decided to give up on him but her bad judgment kept getting the better of her and she'd give him another one-last-chance and then get super frustrated more easily each time. I totally get it. He was a jackass and his parents mom seemed like the "oh my son can do no wrong" type from what I saw. Your kid made a baby? He's not a kid anymore. Tell him to grow the hell up and enforce it. Don't bitch about how "difficult" the girl who just has his baby is being in the hospital 24 hours postpartum when your son has done NOTHING to prepare for the baby. Jesus.

Weren't they friends for a long time prior to the pregnancy? I thought I heard...

I liked her too. I really don't think it's a bad thing to have high expectations of people.

I feel like a lot of people on here are sticking up for him because he's done more than the other fathers on the show this season... but that's not really saying a lot.

She has expectations for him, it's just she is a little hazy on what they should be since she never really saw how a father functions in a relationship.

I wasn't a fan of this girl. Maybe I'm giving Maurice too much credit because all season haven't seen one baby daddy bring anything for their kids and we saw him bring things several times. He was all about providing for his kid after Aiden was born. I don't think it was right of her to withhold the baby from him. She kicked him out of her room then she complained that he left. He practically begged her to stay longer so that he could hold his baby a little longer and she threatened to call the nurse. Then she refused to let him see her until he had a job. Ok I understand her saying you have to bring things to be able to see her but why does it matter to her if he bought the things or if his family did. She insisted that he needed to get a job the whole episode and his family shouldn't be buying their baby things but then she never thought about getting a job herself. Her mom and grandma provided everything for the baby and she provided nothing. She kept going on about how she felt bad about it so she wanted to push the responsibility off on him. That really bugged me. All the girls this season have insisted that their baby daddies need to get jobs and provide for the baby but none of them have gone out and tried to get jobs themselves. She kept bringing up the past to much. It was like he couldn't do anything right. She tells him to get a job and bring stuff for the baby and he does. Then she demands an apology from him or she'll want nothing to do with him. She needs to let that go. She went on about how she wants her kid to have both parents in his life. If she really wants that then she needs to let the past go. He can't go back and change the past all he can do is be there in the present. She wouldn't ever let him get a word in she just kept yelling at him. I think he's been the best dad so far compared to all the other dads this season. I sympathized with him a lot. As much as she says she hopes he'll be a good dad I feel like she actually wants him to be a bad dad so that she could keep complaining about him. Otherwise she'd stop bringing the past up.

I was conflicted with how I feel about this girl for some of the exact reasons you brought up. While I can understand her frustration with Maurice not having a job, she was a pretty big hypocrite. When he mentioned that his mom and grandmother bought stuff for the baby, she was quick to jump on him because HE didn't buy the stuff himself. Yet, she didn't buy anything either; the stuff she had for the baby came from her family, not her. Also, she was going on about how she would get a job asap if she wasn't pregnant... but did she have a job before she got pregnant? Or in the early stages of her pregnancy? I also found it aggravating that she was so upset that he was having a baby shower... true, guys don't generally have a shower, but she wanted nothing to do with him so it's not like they could have a shower for her that included his family.

Like I said, I can appreciate her frustrations. I just think she likes to complain and was finding any excuse to do so.

omg I thought the same thing, I worked literally until my due date. It wasn't a super strenuous job I basically worked a clerical position in a legal office but since I was filed under 1099 for my taxes I didn't qualify for any maternity disability pay and even after my shower we still had a lot of stuff we needed and I didn't want to have to just depend on my bf to buy it all and pay for our living expenses. I think she had some resentment issues stemming from her father leaving her and experiencing her mom resenting her dad her whole life. She was a little like Briana DeJesus on steroids.
I mean could see some of her points but most of the arguments were basically him talking and her trying to loudly talk over him. I couldn't believe she asked her mom if she was making a mistake by asking him to come to the hospital , not telling him about the birth would have been way extreme.

YES!!!!!!!! I totally got the Brianna vibe too. Her whole family was just writing the kid off. They were like you tried there's nothing else you can do. Um yeah, she can appreciate the fact that he so desperately wants to see his kid and is willing to provide for him. How many baby daddies have you seen this season that wanted that??!! Also what's up with her saying she doesn't like her step family. I don't get how that works. I've seen this before on 16&Pregnant. All these girls go on about not liking their step parents. My mom is very involved and if she ever thought that her marrying someone was going to cause one of us to move out (I have two sisters) then she would never do it. She wouldn't marry or become involved with anyone that we didn't like. I feel like that's an important part of a relationship, the person you choose should get along with your child. If they don't then why would you marry them. It would cause so much conflict. And now she lives with her grandma and shares a bed with her grandma when I bet if she lived with her mom she'd have her own room (well her and the baby) What's going to happen when the baby gets older? They don't have enough room for both of them.

I have a feeling her mother is just a sea of daddy issues as well and Squawk is just continuing the cycle of shitty man-choices.

Did they say something about the grandma being a teen mom too? She seemed like a really young grandma so I could kinda see that maybe she had her mom when she was a teenager also.

I think it's totally selfish and wrong to marry someone your kids don't like if they're still living with you... But people do it all the time (or at least that's what having watched too much TV leads me to believe) but I know people who hate their step "parents", not even necessarily because of abuse but just because they're annoying and not fun to be around. I can see where people get the Brianna vibe from her but Maurice is several steps above Devoin or whatever his name is. He's a coward and a true deadbeat. Maurice seems like he's at least trying and let's be real. At the end of the day no matter your feelings toward your ex, it's your child and you have the responsibility to be there for them in whatever ways necessary. Being afraid of someone isn't an excuse. You can go through the courts if you have to and I hope that's what Maurice will do if she keeps trying to use the baby as a weapon.

Yeah my parents didn't jump ship until the week I moved away for college but my mom always told my sister and I from when we were little that if they ever DID get divorced, she would never, ever remarry someone that we didn't feel comfortable around or like. I just figured that's how all parents were growing up. Then again, my mom was actually a really considerate and selfless mom so I can see how not everyone is like that. And, since they didn't divorce until I had moved out and I was their youngest, there's no way of knowing if she would have backed that up with actions matching her words but I believe she wouldn't have put my sister or me into a position where we had to choose whether to live with her or to feel safe/wanted and/or share a queen bed and a baby nursery with my grandma.

Yeah, I got a Briana vibe too, but Maurice is WAY BETTER than Devoin. I don't think Maurice had an arrest record, did he? To me, he seemed to want to be very active in his son's life - was that just an act? I believed him, especially when he said things like he never had a father in his life, and he wanted to be sure his son had a father. To me, Macaw had no reason to rake this guy over the coals so much. I totally agree with you, TrashTV!

I hated her stupid remark right after she told him. "Do you think I made a mistake calling?" UGH. Unless the father is bad news, not around or something drastic- not telling a man his child is being born is selfish and petty. Here she is already holding the kid against him and he hadn't even came out yet. Grow up.

I was with my best friend, Ashley, when he got a text from his son's mother simply saying- "btw your son was born yesterday". He broke down. It was so sad to see. He's always been one of the good guys too. Amazing actually. Tried everything to make it work, wasn't a jerk, let her move in, didn't fight her on moving out to be with her mom during the pregnancy, then later 3 hours away to be with her new boyfriend. From day 1 to the present, he never fails to provide and constantly is driving down here trying to see him as much as possible with what they worked out in medication. She's almost 100% deaf now (while she was pregnant he even learned sign language, btw) and extremely hard to communicate or reason with. Couple years back, he gave in and was pretty much forced to moved home to Missouri. 2 states away, to work in the mines in order to make enough money to support himself, plus them both. Yes both mom and kid. Probably her idiot bf also. His son is almost 6 now, not much has changed on her end. She still says "I just don't want him to be the father". Well shouldn't sleep with the guy then, damn..

Auto correct fail. Mediation, not medication.. lol

You are so Right ! She had to experience her mother's Hatred of her father ! Her father Did Not Leave Her !!! Her mother Would Not Allow him to see her because he could not pay child support ! How Stupid ! Now she has Marred her child for life for not having her father around ! Arianna Has An Extensive Family on her Father's Side & Has even been to Family Reunions on her Father's Side !!!
That is Why she treated Maurice the way she did ! She Knows Nothing Else !!! She Kept harping just like her mother Does about things in the Past that do not Matter to Anyone Else but Them !!! Really ?!?! Get over yourself Arianna & Michelle !

This girl drove me nuts! Her baby's dad is the only one...I believe ever...that I've seen on this show come over with economy size diapers and clothing for a baby. I was suprised he did that even, with the way she speaks to him. It became predictable after 15 minutes of the show that she cannot carry on more than 10 minutes with maurice without getting batsh*t over her very high expectations. Call me crazy, but I think he was doing okay as an expectant father for the circumstances and his age. He remained calm, civil, and didn't blow off Ariana whenever she'd get an inkling to talk. It also bothered me she decided to keep her son with no questions asked, despite her living and financial situation being very unstable. This could be why she was heavily relying on maurice for supplies and support, but damn it isn't rocket science to be kind to people you want things out of.

I agree with you! If she doesn't let go of what happened before the baby's birth, she will push Maurice right out the door. Not because he doesn't want to be a father, but because she can't talk to him without freaking out. Your baby daddy is there, got a job, and is buying your son stuff, be a little nicer to him.

On a side note, I don't think it registers in most of the teen dad's brains, that they are having a baby, till the baby is born. Mothers go 9 months housing the child, feeling it grow and kick, and I think it kind of prepares them more. I don't think it should be an excuse for the fathers though!


I actually liked this girl. I think she was over sensitive toward Maurice's actions due to having her own father abandon her. Plus, who knows what actually happened between those two during her pregnancy that resulted in such resentment. MTV has a way of editing situations. I hope he does continue to step up and that she can move on from her anger towards him for the sake of Aiden.

I liked her at first, but then I just got annoyed with her. I wasn't totally paying attention to it so forgive me if I missed something, but her baby's father seemed like he wanted to be involved, and it bothered me how she was so resistant. I also wanted to reach through my tv and shake her when she constantly brought up old problems and then got annoyed and just walked away. She couldn't let it go! And she's the one that always brought it up...

Kail? Is that you?

LOL - sorry couldn't help myself.. when you said you wanted to shake her. HA!

That's the thing, she would bring up stuff in the past and then walk away (or make him leave) so nothing got resolved. GIVE THE GUY A CHANCE TO TALK IT OUT WITH YOU!

I get why she's so hard on Maurice because she knows what it's like to not have a dad and she doesn't want the same for her son but it seems like she makes things more difficult than they need to be. I thought it was pretty level-headed of her to say that even if he's not with her he should be an involved father to the baby, but then as soon as he does get involved she decides to go out with him. Also he should've totally apologized to her about what happened during the pregnancy, but what he thinks of her shouldn't affect getting to see his child. Kinda like how yesterday I saw Kayla Jackson from season 3 tweet something like "You disrespect me, you don't get to see your son. That's not me using him as a weapon, that's putting our family first"... No, that's definitely using a kid as a weapon... You don't have to respect or love each other as parents, you have to love your kid enough to want them to have time with the other parent, but I'm getting off topic so I'll stop LOL.

Kayla later tweeted something along the same lines but it was clearly directed at her mother - I think that's who the initial tweet was about, too. She and Michael (that's his name, right??) seem to get along really well

Ah ok, I just happened to catch the first tweet on my feed so didn't see the second one. It's still sad to me because every kid should get to see their grandparents... But at the same time I grew up with four loving grandparents who weren't toxic like her mom is. It's just hard for me to think that way. But thanks for clearing that up! She and Mike do seem to have a decent friends/co-parenting relationship from what we last heard... A long time ago haha!

I was the luckiest kid on the planet and grew up with 7 grandparents! (Lots of divorces and remarryings.) My kids will have two grandmothers and that's it and my heart kind of aches at everything they'll miss out on. But, for very good reasons, I stopped talking to my father the summer before my wedding (eloped in May, wedding in October) and the first and last time so far my husband saw his father in 20 years was actually at our wedding. If things change for the better, I welcome the universe to bring it on but I don't have the highest of hopes. His mom and my mom are pretty fantastic despite their flaws, though, so they'll have the love of 7 grandparents with just two. Sometimes less is more. And considerably less toxic.

This is why good, involved fathers are so important. A father is a girl's example of what a man should and should not be. Sure, you have girls like Chelsea who inexplicably go after crap guys but have great dads, but 9 times out of 10 girls don't know what to look for because it was never displayed to them. She might have a tough time finding a mate because she might not know what to demand and what to compromise on. To blow up over a paternity test, to the point where you won't let him hold his child? And its not like they were a long term monogamous couple, they were together a month before she got pregnant! He may have went about it the wrong way, but its not an unreasonable request.

Same thing goes for young men without dads, if you don't have someone modeling how to be a good man, a good husband, a good father, how do you know how to be those things. Not saying that there aren't men who work against not having a dad to become great ones themselves, but its not an easy feat. I hope they can both move forward from their pasts to become the best parents they can be for Aiden.

This episode was boring and dragged on and on. Nothing really stood out. I honestly only watch at this point so I'm not out of the loop here. MTV should really cut TMJ a check or something. lol

I really didn't like her in the end. She seems smart and ambitious which is good, but she is stubborn and mean.
Maurice really wanted to be involved with aiden and she was putting up a lot of barriers.
Every time they tried to talk she just ended up yelling about the same thing over and over.
I almost got a DeJesus family vibe, grandmother, mother and daughter, all with no men present, so I felt like her mother and grandmother were all to quick to write Maurice off as a deadbeat when he wasn't that bad at all.

I was under the impression that her Mom & Grandma had high hopes for her. I really do think she's a relatively smart girl, and her pregnancy wiped a lot of those hopes clean. I don't get a DeJesus vibe - Rox and Brittany thrived on Briana's dependence upon them. I really think that Arianna's family saw her as help to get them moving towards a better life, and she has a lot of anger for not having had a dad or any male role model. Having said that, it was a pretty boring episode, and the only way she'd get on TM4 is if she really does go to Kennesaw State!


Extra high! Kennesaw State is hard to get into. I foresee a community college and then a transfer. Maybe.

Could she have handled things with less anger? Yes. But at 16 I'm not sure I would have had the ability to do much better. Many people turn feelings of regret, low self esteem, hurt, etc. into anger and just look bitchy and tough when they really need a good hug.

For him to ask for a paternity test is just a slap in the face to a girl going through a lot. The implication then is that she is sleeping around and cheating on him... meanwhile she is carrying his baby and changing everything about her life to accommodate the new addition. She deserved a real apology and all the help he can provide - he needed a real job and to support her through the rest of her high school days, not spending time "in the studio". Great, he bought diapers... what she wants is for him to provide a place for her and the baby to live so she doesn't share a bed with her grandmother. There is always a lot we don't see so I am guessing her squawking was fueled by that.

Anyways - as others said - a boring episode. She will definitely NOT be picked up for TM if they do a TM4.

Ok I don't agree with you here. I'm sorry but it's not his job to support her. Support the baby yes which he has been. Every time he came by he was bringing something whether it be diapers or clothes or whatever else the child needed. They BOTH need to be supporting the child financially not just him. If he's choosing to support the child by bringing him things he needs instead of money and she's ok with that then great. I hate when girls think that the guy is supposed to support them and get them an apartment. Why can't they work too and help support the child as well. All the girls this season have stayed home with their parents and bitched at their baby daddies that they needed to get a job to support their children with no plans of their own to a job. Now most of the baby daddies were completely uninvolved so I understand the girls' bitching but Maurice actually wanted to be involved with the kid. He got a job, he brought whatever she asked for. He even said he wanted to come over and watch the baby while he slept. She was the one that kept pushing him away. If she didn't want the baby to be cramped with her and her grandma then maybe she should get a job get herself and the baby a place and ask for actual child support payments instead of just baby things. If that's what she wanted then he may have actually done that. He seemed like he really wanted to give his child all the necessities.

I'm with you there, I've seen way too many moms right off guys who wanna be involved just to bitch or because they for some reason WANT to be a single mom. They are the real dead beat IMO. Also, someone should really let these girls know that just because you get pregnant doesn't mean your baby's dad is suddenly responsible for YOU. That is NOT how it works.

The thing that drives me crazy is that these moms think that they OWN their child (meaning they think they have more rights to the child than the dad and that THEY get to decide IF the dad gets to see the kid and how often) It is NOT up to the mother to tell the dad IF/WHEN he can see HIS child. I hope he takes her to court and shows her the reality...SHE does not get to control it.

Sorry for the rant and I'm sure I'll get downvoted but it is my biggest pet peeve when the mothers use their child as a weapon because they think they have to right to decide IF the father gets to be involved. I have a friend who did this for years! She would tell her daughters father that he couldn't see his daughter without her (the mother) there. I would try to tell her that if she ever went to court the judge was going to be less likely to be in her favor if she continued but she kept insisting that that was not the way the world works and that she as the mother was in charge of her daughter and they couldn't say otherwise. Needless the say he finally took her to court and she was VERY surprised to find that the judge said that she didn't have a say and couldn't tell the dad when/where/who with etc.
(the sheer arrogance of thinking that just because you are the mother ...or the biological parent -Cate and Ty and Ashley!!- that you somehow have the right to do whatever you want drives me nuts!)

Sorry for the rant!!

Dear MTV,

If you really want young people to take the whole "unsafe sex" and "teen pregnancy" issues seriously, don't make the entire relationship dissolving occur over TWO FUCKING TEXT MESSAGES that end with "Don't ever text my phone again. Bye." Fucking jellyfish know that's unrealistic and stupid AND THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE BRAINS. It just makes yet another very major life decision seem trivial and easy to get over when, very obviously, it's not.


P.s. Want people to take sexual responsibility? Air the "it's your sex life" commercials after the baby does something cute or the parents are getting along, not just when it has a supernova meltdown and has random phantom poop on its face.

Oh my goodness the poop scene was horrific. I knew babies poop and stuff but I never imagined they'd get it on their face etc.
I'm almost 23 and whilst I'm very single and nowhere close to having a baby, I get broody sometimes, but not today, no poopyfaced babies for me for a while!

Babies have this uncanny superhero ability to get shit EVERYWHERE. I don't know how they do it.

That whole scene made my husband and I laugh because we've so been there with our 2-month old. She kicks all over the place when we change her and manages to get it on her feet and legs. It's a real treat.

I've had multiple occasion where they go from a diaper change straight to a bath. Major blowouts with poop from ass to armpits. Or you think they're done and they'll shotgun blast you mid diaper change. I always used puppy pee pads for the first 6 months, there relatively inexpensive and you can just wrap up the whole mess and stuff it in the diaper genie. Oh the joys of children.

So your children were serial bathtub poopers like Jenelle, eh?

I always knew that little boys liked to pee once you've gotten their diapers off to change them and they feel a nice breeze coming through their nether regions but I worked at a daycare several years ago and little girls do that, too. I had my hand on this adorable little 5 month old's belly to hold her still and turned around to get a clean diaper and when I turned back around, she was just grinning like an idiot with a SUPER HIGH arc of gleeful baby urine streaking the wall behind the changing table. You learn something new/a new reason to invest in hand sanitizer every day.

Lol. Just the middle one. For the 1st month after she started getting bath tub baths she pooped every single damn time I put her in the water. That and she had this one onesie where every single time I put it on her she end up getting poop on it within 20 minutes. I find it hilarious that my husband still gags sometimes over particularly nasty diapers. After 3 kids I think I wore out my gag reflex and yuck reaction to it... I've been hit with a pee stream more than once, it's definitely not just the boys you have to watch out for.

When you decide to become a mom just do yourself a favor and either keep your hair pulled back or cut short, and trim your fingernails short as well. Just trust me, the poo goes everywhere!

That and babies come with a built in death grip. Especially when they're getting burned over your shoulder and grab the hair at the back of your neck, yeah that will really wake you up during a 3am feeding. Funny story with my 1st at around 2-3 months old she woke up bloody murder screaming and I went in and I thought her arm was hurt since it was at a funny angle by her head, she had grabbed a hold of her hair and was pulling it and didn't know how to let go.

Kail & Jo 2.0, No matter what dude does, she is bitchy back, plus he is a wannabe rapper, lol.
They were dating for 1.5 months, if tables were turned, I am sure she may want a paternity test as well, it's not like it is impossible another man fathered her baby, unless she was a virgin when they slept together. (It takes about that long to conceive, then miss a period, take a test etc)
It was good that he bought necessities, but what is up with these dads thinking Jordans are a need? You can buy a case of diapers for the cost of a shoe a baby does not need.
Communication, He needs to suck up his pride and apologize, and she needs to let the past go, simple as that, but I need to remember they are just teens, I guess.
And Aiden was so adorable and perfect, I loved watching him the most out of this episode.

Well from seeing his family's house, looks like the could afford diapers and Jordans. It was nice that he actually wanted to treat his son, not just buy the necessities that he'd been told to. It shows he actually is interested.

I know when I have babies I'll probably buy them expensive things that they don't need, but it will be a nice treat, I can't wait to see them in their first Hockey jerseys for example.

I hear you, when I was pregnant with my daughter 9 years ago, I went out and bought her the tiniest little pink and white checkerboard vans, because my husband skates and has them in black and white, but I also worked full time, as well as my husband, owned my own home, and wasn't sharing a bed with grams.
She wore them (maybe) one time, lived in baby socks.
I agree his house is amazing, but it is his grandparents, not his.
(Also, I did say it was a good thing he was bringing things over)
You can see he really cared about spending time and buying things, but she (like Briana) made it impossibly unpleasant for him to be there. I really did feel for the guy buy the end.

*by the end*

I honestly think Maurice could have been really mean to her, but it seemed like he took the high road for the most part. She wanted him to buy things, but not his family, even though her family bought baby items. She didn't tell him about an ultrasound appointment for his child. She made him leave the hospital and their newborn. She constantly threatened to keep the baby away from him. He could have been really nasty to her, especially if he found out she didn't tell him about her appointment. (Who does that?)
I don't think it was ridiculous for him to ask for a paternity test, but we didn't see how he went about asking. If he said she was a filthy whore and there was no way the baby was his, I could see why she would be upset. If he just said he wanted one done to be sure since they hadn't been together long, I don't think that's a reason to completely cut ties. She was so confident that the baby was his so it seems like she had nothing to worry about. It just seems like it would have been easier to get the test done and have it be over with.
I couldn't understand most of what Maurice said, but it seemed like he was making a genuine effort and tried to get along with Arianna. I just thought she was mean.

How about saving money for the kid's college fund, for a deposit on an apartment, retirement, or just for a rainy day? A lot of these teens are trying to look like they have money with "designer" shoes, clothes, ect. but the ironic part is that people who actually have money would never spend it on something so useless as Jordan's for a baby.

I just looked up the price of Jordans, they're around $45, which is £26, which is less than 5 hours work at minimum wage, which is typically less than 1 shift. I don't think the child is going to go without college cos his dad spent less than 5 hours of wages on some cute shoes.

No, the child will go without college because he has parents who spend what little money they have on frivolities such as a pair of $45 dollar shoes for a baby who isn't even old enough to walk.
If you really want to make $45 the example, if he SAVED $45/week every week until the kid is 18, that would be $42,120 plus whatever interest is accrued. Obviously enough for a college education.

Oh come on! It's not something I would do but it's harmless to buy a little gift like that for your new baby.
I don't think he will be buying a pair of shoes every week, Jeez, how silly.

Since before my son was born I've bought him a ton of shoes and clothes, some are designer labels and fancy dress, you name it, he has it or used to. The key is to get the things used for around $5 each item. Then you won't feel too bad when they grow out of it or worse, they poop so bad on it that the thing goes straight into the trash.

That Free Hugs thing scared the shit out of me

Right!? I'm surprised she didn't bitch slap that weirdo, and actually awkward-hugged her back.

Loll the look on her face was great though. I would have said no or asked if she would share whatever drugs she was on

I'm nicer than this chick was on my most PMSy of days and I probably still would have tazed some crazed idiot with a poster board smothering me with "free hugs" in a park. PERSONAL SPACE, PEOPLE!

Also...her girlfriend chick was supportive but she kept using the worst grammar a la Leah "well" where "good" should be but saying "well" because they think it sounds more intelligent.

This is by far the worst season of 16 & pregnant. EVERY SINGLE one of these girls I'd totally "expect" to be single teen mothers. The show used to be about it could happen to anyone... from all walks of life. There is no variety.... just a bunchof girls following in their mother's footsteps. Lame.

I also thought this one was boring. Granted we don't know the whole story with those two I don't get the total anger even when he was trying to do the right thing. Another thing I don't get? Where in the hell are all the fathers parents? I have 4 grand kids. There is no way I wouldn't have been at the hospital waiting for the arrival. Even if all I got to do was see the child after his birth.
I would also be buying stuff for the grand child, diapers, clothing, etc. I just don't get why they aren't more help? On this episode Maurice's mom seemed like she had it together, and they had a nice house. I didn't see her asking to see the baby, or help out.

Crazy people.

Maurice said he had all the baby supplies at his mom's house and that he was keeping it there so when he had the baby over there the baby would be provided for. Ariana got mad of course and threatened not to let him see the baby if he didn't relinquish some of the stuff. They helped out with the baby. And They could have seen the baby and MTV just didn't air it or Ariana could be barring them.

This girl REALLY got on my nerves!
She was insane with the way she talked to this guy! I can completely see why the guy would ask for a paternity test and I can see why she would be resenting it, but honey you gave it up right away. And since y'all were friends prior to dating, I'm sure he had good enough reasons to question it. Also, I don't get the chemistry or w.e between these two. She's bossy and he's sooo just awkward. The kid looked fourteen..However, I like the way he wanted to be there. Her pushing him away is something she's really going to regret once she actually does.
One more thing, NOT ONE of these girls seem to ever get jobs! That's probably why they also push to get married, to get the guys to support them as well. Stop depending on your baby daddies and get some dang independence! All of them seem to want to sit on their couches and have baby daddy supply the diapers. It takes two! If your deadbeat baby daddy couldn't supply a condom, what makes you think he can supply diapers?!
If you are old enough for sex, you are old enough to get a job for condoms!

And finally, this girl doesn't need to be around that baby alone. She'd probably shake it to death because he's annoying her. Did y'all see how she stormed off with the poor baby?!

I agree with everything you've said, but just wanted to point out that autumn got a job at the end of her episode.

but I totally know what you mean about her storming off with the baby, I guess a girl with a short temper and a colicy baby is not a good combination.

That's true, but why wait until after? I had one friend get pregnant in high school, and as soon as she found out she was pregnant she started working at McDonalds until she was 8 months. Even then she could only work under 15 hours but she still made as much as effort as the father did. All these girls seem to just wait for the baby to arrive to start job searching and usually don't last because they didn't think child care would be so expensive.

Yes! Oh my gosh when I saw that the first thing I thought was grandma needs to take the baby for a few minutes and let her cool off.

Agreed. I understand getting frustrated but it's like the kid would hiccup and she'd lose her damn mind. Thank god she lives in such close quarters with her grandmother because maybe she'll learn to storm off to calm down and the grandmother can snuggle Aiden.

I was practically screaming at her to calm down and be gentle!!! I was so grateful that she lives with her grandmother or else I'm positive she would have shaken that baby to death by now.

This is honestly what I think will happen to Kaiser if he's not taken away after birth.

I just watched the episode. I didn't think it was as bad as everyone said, Arianna was no where near as psycho as Alex or Kail.

It did seem weird that she constantly brought up the fact that Maurice hadn't bought or "brought over" anything for the baby, but I just chalked her excessive materialism up to the fact that she obviously grew up in a poor family and is trying to overcompensate. Maurice didn't seem so bad (although we can't know everything about someone in an hour.) I thought it was cute when he brought that little suit to the coffee shop. It did piss me off when his grandpa suggested a paternity test to "protect Maurice." Hey Grandpa, Maurice could have protected himself by wearing a condom or abstaining from sex with a girl he's only known for a month and a half, ha ha.
I don't think Arianna's mom and grandma are man haters like Brianna's family (she even says at the beginning that her mom just got remarried.) Her grandmother is practically a saint...I mean the woman is retired, and now she's got to spend her retirement in a crappy one bedroom apartment with her teenage granddaughter and a baby. I will admit that they seem a little bit trashy, but otherwise harmless.

Don't you know that teenaged boys are innocent and women simply impregnate themselves out of raging spite and the need for lifelong custody battles??

His mom seemed to be suggesting that, didn't she?

Not to say that they were right but to play devils advocate, maybe what the grandfather meant was that he needed one so that his rights as the father were protected? I'm not sure about everywhere else but in Florida if you are not married and the mother keeps trying to push you away you have to have a paternity test done to prove your rights to the child then the mother can't keep you from your child and you can file for a custody arrangement.
Also with them having only been dating for a month and a half I can see wondering if maybe she didn't notice she was pregnant right away and it was the person before him or something (assuming there was a person before him but the way she mentioned their relationship blooming it didn't sound like he was her first). Most women notice right away but some don't find out till they are 2-3 months pregnant so maybe the grandfather wanted to make sure that was not the case.
Either way if the girl was being that crazy and angry with my son I would probably want him to get one as well for the reasons I stated above.

I think the only reason you would need a paternity test is because your life will be forever changed once you become the father of a child. That's all. So pretty much anyone who has a shred of doubt about the lineage of their child should go ahead and spring for the test. Especially as teens, it'd be crazy not to have it done!

Arianna seems to be the type of person that it doesn't matter what you do, you can't win. If you do this, it's bad. If you do that, it's bad too. I understand her frustrations with Maurice but my lord she was always so negative.

Long time reader and this is my first post!
Can somebody please explain to me the lack of breast feeding? I really truly do not understand why any mom, especially a teen mom who can barely pay for diapers would not breast feed their child for FREE! I understand that some woman cannot breast feed but I do not believe that all of these teen moms are not physically capable or the babies have special formula needs.
Along with breast feeding being FREE the health benefits have proven to be the best choice for a baby. No bottles to clean except when maybe pumping, no expensive formula, healthy for the child and the bonding with your child during that time is incredible!
I am not putting down moms who do not choose to breast feed but if I had no income and slept in a bed with my grandma I would be whipping out my boob way before I spent $$$ a week on formula!

I would assume she gets WIC so she most likely wouldn't have to buy the bulk of her formula.

I'm going to assume it is a lack of education/knowledge on the subject. If the parents/grandparents used formula (which many parents did back then) they might not know any different.

I agree with you though... forgot to add that in my comment! Formula is too expensive to at least not TRY breastfeeding first. (at least in this situation)

A lot of them have breasted actually. Arianna even mentioned it last night. She may have just not been able to produce enough milk so she used breast and bottle.

Not all mothers actually feel like they are bonding with their children during breast feeding. I didn't...with my first I tried breast feeding and felt awkward and exposed. I just could not make myself feel right about it! I tried, I truly did! With my twins I pumped for the first few months and then went to formula. Sadly most women who advocate breast feeding have made me feel like I am less of a mother for this. (not saying that that was your intention it's just what I have experienced.) Not all women feel comfortable or even want to breast feed. (Now if it is for a stupid reason like Farrah's not wanting saggy breasts then they can shut up! But please don't judge based on her idiocy!)

Maybe she got the formula for free. She looks to be a prime candidate for WIC.

She couldn't let stuff go because she is 16 and immature. I think being able to look past stuff and see the bigger picture comes with maturity. She was so annoying though. I wonder what he did during her pregnancy? They didn't really show us that part, he was obviously out partying and drinking all the time. Still think he has the potential to be a good parent, but the amount of dead beats who disappear after the show leave me pessimistic.

Lol her friend looked like she could be her Mother.
Did anyone else think she was a very good looking girl though? Depressing what I looked like at 16...

I don't know why so many people are sticking up for "Rice" which is a weird nickname. My SO has a colored cousin due to marriage Maurice, but he goes by Mo. Lol. Anyways I get where her frustration is coming from, dude didn't have a job till the end of pregnancy. I don't need no 9-5 attitude gross... He kept saying how the baby wasn't here yet, so he didn't NEED to do anything. Such a shitty attitude he had, her attitude was shit too but I didn't blame her. And provide for his kid? He brought over diapers (like 2boxes) lol, outfits, and Jordan's. I guess he's better than most 16&P dads but in the real world he wasn't doing shit.

I understand where she was coming from. I really like to be prepared and it would drive me crazy if I was depending on someone who kept pushing things off like that.

Colored? Seriously? I can't with you.

She needs to be grateful that the guy wants to be in his son's life! She's harboring resentments for what happened during her pregnancy, but Maurice is showing up for what's important. I loved it when he said that he wanted to come over and help with Aiden so that Squawking Macaw could get the rest she needed. Did she ever seem grateful? NO! What a bitch! I kind of wanted to slap her the whole time (but I admit that she scared me so I wouldn't actually slap her.) She also needs to be grateful for all the support she gets from her grandmother - I only really heard her mention that she has a lot of help, "but it's still hard." Well, too bad! It's hard for her grandmother too! She needs to learn empathy, I guess, is what I'm trying to say.

I think her saying that she had help but it was still hard was more of a caution to other young girls thinking that they have a support system so raising a child will be super easy.

Can someone explain to me why she had a freak out when Maurice said his family was having a little baby shower so the baby had stuff when he was with the father? Were it me, I would be happy that my child would have what they needed when with the father.

My guess? Control freak with anger issues.
Stupid to complain about since she demanded he bring stuff ASAP. Girl loves her bitching though.

That annoyed me, too. Whether she likes it or not, it's HIS baby too and he should be allowed to celebrate with family and friends. My two friends have a baby together and the relationship went completely sour while she was pregnant, so they had two separate showers.

These kids that think they are gonna make money "in the studio". My god it cracks me up- Do you know HOW MANY people are trying to be rappers?! The chances are SOOOO slim! Why don't they try something original? I felt like he really thought he was gonna pay the bills with a rap career! LMAO

I thought it was really cute after she gave birth that one of the things she said was, "there isn't a person inside me anymore." I think I had similar thoughts after giving birth.

I just finished watching this episode, and honestly throughout it, I just felt really bad for Maurice. Ari would cause arguments simply because her ego was too big (sounded like she really needed to let go of whatever happened in their past) and then although she genuinely sounded sad that she herself didnt grow up with a father, she wasnt exactly letting him see his son with open arms. I almost got the impression he was only allowed to see his kid by bringing stuff.

Arianna's father was involved until her mother refused to let him see her because he could not pay child support ! So So Stupid. The relationship is all that Matters !!! Also, Arianna's paternal grandmother did Everything and More that Arianna's father could not do or provide !
As a young child Arianna even told her Father over the phone that he could see her when he paid Child Support & he had gone to Georgia from Ohio to visit her & Was Not Permitted to Do So !!! How Ignorant of her mother !
Then the relationship btwn the grandmother & Arianna (& her mother) broke down Due to Disrespect from Arianna & her mother towards the paternal grandmother.