16 & Pregnant: Season 5

16 & pregnant

Now that the trailer is finally out, it seems like everywhere is playing some game to try and name the girls.

MTV really didn't give us much time to sleuth this season, since the trailer was aired yesterday, and the season kicks off with Maddy's episode in just three days.

I'll continue to update this post with information about the girls as it comes in.


1. Maddy Godsey

We've posted about her before, so I'm sure you all know bits and pieces of her story. She was featured as the "sneak peek" for the season about a week or so ago.

Her daughter's name is Aubrey, and her baby's dad isn't around much at all. Maddy is faced with an ultimatum of leaving home around the time her daughter is only a month old. Episode airs 4/14/14 at 10/9 Central.


2. Autumn Crittendon

Autumn got pregnant around the same time as her 18-year-old sister.

Her boyfriend doesn't seem like he's ready to grow up and stop using drugs.

(His twitter name was something about being a pothead at one point) Apparently Autumn was a party girl before getting pregnant and had a rough time adjusting to being a parent while still a sophomore in high school.


3. Millina Rose

The Ashley reported that this girl's name is Milina Rose and she's from Harrison Township, Michigan. She gave birth to a son, whom she named Kayden.

Ashley's sources state that the woman in the trailer isn't Millina's mother, but it's actually her boyfriend's mother.

The sources also state that Millina's mother is in a rehabilitation facility and is sober for the time being.

Her boyfriend's name is Trevor, and although they had some problems at the beginning of the pregnancy, things are "good" at the moment.


4. Jordan Cashmyer

According to The Ashley, this is the "popular girl who finds herself homeless after she gets pregnant." Her boyfriend's name is Derek and she is from Baltimore, Maryland. MTV was spotted filming in a children's clothing store in February, as well as at several local restaurants.

She gave birth to a daughter, whom she named Genevieve Shae Taylor. She is still with her boyfriend, and the two seem to have a stable relationship today.


5. Arianna

Just from the clip on the MTV app, it says that Arianna is in a situation where her boyfriend is refusing to help with the child.

Her boyfriend's name is Maurice, but we don't have any information as to whether or not they've figured things out yet.


6. Summer Rewis

Summer has been with her baby's father since they were 13 years old. They got married in a small courthouse ceremony before their son, Peyton was born.

Peyton's birth is one of the few births that will be featured on the show. Many of the other girls have commented that MTV didn't film their labor and delivery this season.


7. Jazmin

The Ashley is reporting that this girl's name is Jasmine (although the spelling differs from site to site) and that she gave birth to a baby girl named Laila sometime last fall. Her baby's father is named Dell, and there's no real word on if the two are together or not.

Jasmine is from somewhere around Saint Louis, Missouri. Her story on the MTV app states that her parents are super strict and were disappointed when she ended up pregnant.


8. Karley Shipley

Karley gave birth to twin girls, Amaya and Amariah last fall. She married their dad, Tony, and from the trailer you can tell that they have a pretty rocky relationship.

The couple is from Utah, and although Karley's family considers themselves to be Mormon, Karley doesn't openly identify with that faith.

The short clip from the MTV app made me really feel bad for this whole family. There was a ton of drama packed into less than 2 minutes from the show.


9. Aleah Lebeouf

Aleah is from Festus, Missouri and she gives birth to a girl named Peyton. She's still with her boyfriend, Shawn Burke.

Shawn has a son from a previous relationship, and Aleah has been a step mother for that child since he was 10 months old.

Shawn became a father when he was 16, and now at 19, he's a father again. Aleah is a type 1 diabetic, so she had a complicated pregnancy and delivered her child early.


10. Savon

Well this one threw me for a loop on the MTV app. Apparently Savon has a boyfriend while she's pregnant with another guy's kid.

Apparently this girl gives birth to a son. I appears that she lives with her aunt. This girl's boyfriend is named Mauwi, and he plays college football.


11. Savannah Mooney

Savannah is from Jefferson City, Missouri and gives birth to a son named Rowan. She's still reportedly with her baby's father, Stone Nesmith, and the two plan on getting married sometime in the near future.


12. Courtney

Courtney's section on the MTV app talks about how she got pregnant and then decided to stay abstinent. Her boyfriend's name is Scott.

She moves in with her boyfriend, but insists that they have separate rooms. Her son's name is Dayton.

Good golly. MTV might have topped themselves with the amount of facial piercings and unnatural hair colors that are going to appear this season.

If you have any information on any of these girls, feel free to comment below. Once again, I'll update this post with more information once it comes out!


I commented this on a previous post but I feel it is more relevant here:

Time to show off my stalking skills:

Some of our superlatives are already in the making! I stalked Autumn Crittendon and as of March 18th she was single because her boyfriend Dustin cheated on her, again. Then sometime at the end of March / early April, she moved into a house with Dustin and another friend. On April 5th she began tweeting sweet things to Dustin implying they were back together. Great! Then he proposed on April 10th. Yeah, this is totally going to work out…

Also in between the cheating and getting back together there were a ton of tweets along the lines of “homewrecking bitch” “I want you to admit what you did” blah blah blah

Get out the popcorn fellow stalkers!

Apparently her boyfriend was born with Spina Bifida, but I'm not sure on that one. He's also cheated on her numerous times, and she's pulled the same thing for revenge. I'm sure it'll be a dramatic episode.

megan, the new comments don't appear to me in different color, what should I do?

The same happens with me.

same! Only if I use safari and I'd much rather not have to since I dislike that browser :p

It's very subtle. Check again when there are new comments.

Ha! Not surprising at all. My first thought when I saw that picture of her here was that she looked really vulgar.

That's a really flattering picture of her.

I never understood the draw of living in an apartment or home with two people that are romantically involved. That just seems like it would get really awkward really fast.

Eh, yeah. I'd say that very rarely works out.

I'm surprised that we don't know anything about some of these girls. Perhaps they aren't as fame hungry as the girls from previous seasons.

I freakin' love your name haha.

Why must these girls rush into marriage?!!! Whyyyyyy it never works on this show

Sometimes it does, e.g. Jordan Ward.
I guess it depends on how long the couple have known each other, how mature they are, how stable their lives are.

She is certainly the exception and not the rule

I would give Jordan a couple more years before declaring her marriage a "success" story. She and her family do seem to be doing very well right now, but I know a lot of people who got married young, had at least one spouse in the military (like her husband), and every single one of their marriages imploded within a decade. It's really hard to overcome getting married young, becoming a parent young, and dealing with the pressures of the military and the changes that occur when you leave the military. I wish her the best, but there are a lot of odds against her.

Mildly unrelated but I just caught up recently with a friend from high school who was supposed to get married a couple weeks ago but her husband got back from deployment and called the wedding off. He has a WICKED case of PTSD but if he seeks help for it, he can no longer carry a weapon and won't be able to advance in the military in his chosen field. He'd get a desk job or something more low key. It turns out that they got married in a courthouse marriage like a year ago and hadn't told ANYONE except their families and now her husband is living on a base in the midwest while she's back home in NC not knowing if he's going to get better on his own, seek help and have to reformulate their future plans/life plans or divorce. That's a terrible situation and I don't understand why they wouldn't want to do everything possible to help out soldiers after they've returned home from traumatic deployments. And his deployment was supposed to be a "safer" deployment than most!

There's also Brooke & Cody. They seem to be doing well.

I still think the fact that they combined their names to get their son's name, Brody.

I agree that many of these couples rush into marriage and it's obvious to any third party that it won't last... but at the same time, it's refreshing to see young guys stepping up to the plate and making an attempt to do the right thing.

Speaking as an inactive member of the LDS church: As for the Mormon couple, especially in Utah, Mormons get married super young and have babies super young. Not as young as these two and they usually do it in the married first THEN babies timeline, but it's entirely possible that they figured they might as well get married considering the Mormon culture in Utah. (Mormon culture and Mormon doctrine being two completely different things.) Also considering their families identify as active members of the LDS church, I'd bet that their families encouraged the marriage, as well. The church itself usually pushes for adoption in the case of teen pregnancies but it's not forceful or heavily coerced and they may have gotten married to put their families/church leaders at ease, because they want their kids to have married parents or simply because they love each other and think it will last. This is all speculation, of course.

I will totally give it to MTV. There is no glamour in this trailer.
It just makes me sad for all the babies, not one of them appears to be entering into a stable environment.
*I know some of the girls are married, or "engaged" or whatever, but just judging from the trailer alone, MTV did a good job of making teen pregnancy look utterly depressing, compared to the job they did the past 4 seasons. There isn't even a happy baby shower shot!

I hate how people are under the impression that marriage makes you stable. Your relationship can be shitty and making it legal won't change a damn thing.


Bacon slaps make the heart grow fonder!

I think with getting married there is very much the feeling that that is what you are "supposed" to do. Especially when you are 16 and naive.

There also might be a lot of parental pressure... OH! It would be so fun to see a literal shot gun wedding on 16 and Pregnant.

I can really see Mormon parents pushing the kids to get married.

Tell me Karley and the guy don't look like siblings...

I can pretty much guarantee that their parents had very strong opinions in favor of them getting married after she found out she was pregnant. Mormons in Utah are a whole different brand entirely than Mormons in the rest of the States and most of the rest of the world. I'm not saying that negatively...just that the couple was probably strongly encouraged to either get married or place the children up for adoption.

Kind of like when Maci and Ryan were going to get married, how much their parents pushed them. That would've been disastrous

It made me so sick when his dad kept saying crap like 'do you know anyone with two sets of parents?' and basically saying outright that the only acceptable form of family is one with married parents. I know grown ass adults that have kids together and cohab without ever marrying and they're just fine, as well as separated couples that work way better as friendly co-parents than they ever did as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Yeah, well Ryan is like 26 and still living at his parents' house so perhaps they aren't the best model for producing productive and healthy children, anyway.

Is it just me or do the girls seem really trashy this season? Not all of them, but like.... a lot of them. I thought MTV was trying to move away from that, especially after all the second (and third, and fourth...) pregnancies, DUIs, arrests and whatnot.

If you were a family who is well respected in your community or you were a lawyer or doctor or teacher, and your daughter got pregnant at 16, do you think you'd want your beef aired all over MTV?
at this stage, in its 5th season, the show is probably attracting very few not trashy girls to apply, because they know how much their privacy is going to be invaded, even years after their 40 minute show airs.

I know if I'd gotten pregnant as a teen, the last thing I'd do is suggest to my parents that we allow a film crew to document our embarrassment.

Chelsea's dad is a well respected dentist so I was surprised when they did. And then I know Mackenzies family are hardcore Christan's blah blah. I would love to see a pastors daughter.

I'd love to see that too, but I doubt it'll happen. I'm a preacher's kid and never had that wild streak with which we are supposedly afflicted, but had I gone down that road, MTV would not have been welcome in our home.

Er, yes. You wrote exactly what i was thinking. They also all seem to have extra-dramatic situations. Homelessness? I don't think we've seen that before, have we?

Well Kail certainly claims it since she had to stay with Isaac in a homeless shelter to "qualify" for her super fucking cheap charity apartment that was $50 a month while she had the money for her own place AND a free place to live with Janet and Eddie. That still pisses me off because those are resources that could have gone to someone who was TRULY struggling and had nowhere else to go and didn't have a paycheck from MTV.

Here come the ugly cry faces... Hopefully the similarities with Farrah stop there.

[…] Teen Mom Junkies: “Elizabeth is from Florida and gives birth to a daughter named IsaBella Noelle-Grace Yoho on […]

I've seen that Millina girl before. I think she's from somewhere around Allen Park, cause I saw her when she was at a gas station a few weeks ago.

Baby boy and girl named Peyton, I wonder if the moms watched One Tree Hill or a Peyton Manning fan.
I think it's a little ridiculous that the mom of the twins picked such similar names. I know Leah did that so I wonder if she got the idea from her.

Of course she copied Leah! She was thinking "Teen Mom 4......cha-ching!!"

Karley's kids' names are way worse. I can't even say them without getting tongue tied.

Oh, and how many Aubrees and Aubreys do we have now?

I think there was an Aubri on a season as well.

Chelsea Houska's daughter is Aubree.
Taylor Lumas (from season 3) has a daughter named Aubri.
Maddy has a daughter named Aubrey.

Sabrina Solares (from season 4) named her daughter Audrey, which is close.

You're like a Megapedia of Teen Mom. It's wonderful.

Serious question: Do girls in high school even watch this show? Like, I'm in my late twenties and to me it is pure reality drama gold and that's it. Complete guilty pleasure (much to fiance's dismay - he thinks it's trash, lol). I'm wondering if it actually does anything. I remember being that age and it was a given to NOT GET PREGNANT. I realize that shit happens, but most of these girls seem overwhelmingly flippant about sex (or so it seems).

I wonder the same thing, Lex. I'm almost 26 and the show came out when I was in my early 20s. My roommates and I watched it all through college and one of the roomies' little sister ended up pregnant twice before she turned 20. I remember meeting the first baby and asking the little sister if she'd watched the show and if it was like that for her. She said she hand't because she was too busy living her own life. I feel like teenagers spend more time on their phones and posting the activities they're doing on social media than they do watching TV. My stepbrother plays video games and runs track, the girl I used to babysit is constantly tweeting and does equestrian. The only TV she watches is Pretty Little Liars and The Walking Dead. I know they're both probably sexually active to an extent, but they certainly aren't paying attention to MTV. If they watch Teen Mom, they certainly aren't getting a clear picture of what their lives would be like if they ended up having a baby!

I also think MTV targets our age group rather than teenagers. Most of the Jersey Shore cast was in their twenties...ditto The Challenge, The Real World, Are You The One?, etc.

I completely agree. I went to a fairly large school and my freshman year there was a pregnant senior. That was it. I think other wise it was dealt with quietly. I don't remember anyone I talked to being that casual about sex... like it was a huge deal that was whispered about occasionally between really close friends, and hardly anyone was actually doing it.

I do know that high schoolers watch the show, because my boss was complaining about her son and all his friends watching it. From what I have heard it's very popular with teens.

Lucky you lol. I graduated two years, and all throughout high school, there was at least four pregnant girls every year and several girls and guys who had kids, we had so many that our school had a daycare. Also this one kid who was a freshman when I was in my senior year had two kids from the same girl before he turned sixteen and had two more with two other girls before he turned seventeen, He's soon to be eighteen now and has another on the way.

Good lord! That's crazy!

Good lord, that's someone who needs a vasectomy!

I went to the #1 public high school & #2 overall in my state (only beat out by a magnet school that selects their students) and we had three pregnancies in my graduating class. One couple was already married and lived on their own in a very nice condo (the guy's stepdad owned our MLB team). The other two girls were from lower income families whose boyfriends didn't go to our school, but they had the kids right around the time we graduated. All of them went to college (our state has an excellent community and technical school system that feeds into all the state universities) and their lives are completely devoid of the drama on Teen Mom...I mean, we're 26 now so we've got more life experience under our belts, but still.

In our hometown you just didn't get pregnant. We had sex education starting in middle school and almost every girl was on birth control. At the very least the guys used condoms because something like 98% of each graduating class from my alma mater goes straight to college after graduation...none of the guys wanted to be the fuck up and none of the girls wanted to miss out on being Susie Sorority.

In NC public schools, they weren't even allowed to SHOW us what a condom was, let alone demonstrate the proper usage of them. Same with any and all type of birth control. We read about them in health class but no pictures, demonstrations, nothing. Very abstinence heavy information. I mean, I'm not a moron so I knew what a condom was, how it was used, how to get on the pill, etc etc but that was mostly because my best friend at the time was kind of a whore and my parents made sure my sister and I were informed of stupid things teenagers do and how to avoid lifelong complications because of them. Although, to this day I still have no idea if a "dental dam" is the same type of thing they use for a root canal or if it's a different thing entirely used for birth control. They listed it as a form of birth control along with a female condom which I finally saw demonstrated on Youtube like three weeks ago, haha.

A girl my senior year got pregnant and hid it until like a month before graduation. She was in my gym class first semester and our teacher chewed her out (kindly) about not telling her she was pregnant because of all the physical strain from the class that could have been harmful. She was in my pre-cal class, too and I had to ask to borrow a tampon from her like 4 different times WHILE she was secretly pregnant (because I'm a bad planner and also my uterus hates me) and it never occurred to me that she just had a stash in her purse that she wasn't having to use at all. She walked at graduation and had her baby and as far as I know turned out to be a great mom. But that was the ONLY pregnancy in my entire high school career that anyone knew about.

I started watching the show when it was first shown in the UK, so I must have been about 17. I'm 6 days older than Maci.

However I'm abstinent and went to a religious school with abstinent only sex ed and no teen pregnancies (not a single one in the 7 years I was at my school, and as far as I'm aware there have been none in the 4 years since I left) so although myself and a few friends watched it, it wasn't something we could relate to.
However I should point out that my school was "academically selective" in that you have to pass a test to get in, so everyone was pretty smart and any of the girls that were sexually active were using BC.

Lucky you. Most of my peers in high school were absolute morons. I had a Holocaust Lit class senior year and the teacher was explaining that we weren't going to be reading Anne Frank because it wasn't as much about the Holocaust as it was about her coming of age, finding herself and hiding from Dutch Nazis and some kid DIDN'T KNOW WHO ANNE FRANK WAS. WTF?! He was a senior in high school with me but a year or so younger because he skipped a grade for being "so smart" but he was the dumbest person I have ever met. There were like four other people in the class who didn't know who Anne Frank was. How does that happen?!

Another girl a few years below me was wearing a Beatles shirt and I talking to her about music and I asked what her favorite Beatles song was. Her answer? "I don't listen to the Beatles because they're old and all of them are dead." This was before George Harrison even died. 75% of the Beatles were still alive and kicking.

I'm the same age (or a couple months older/younger) then the Teen Mom 1 girls and I watched it from their 16 and pregnant episode. I only watched it because I'm addicted to the drama of reality tv. But that's the only reason. Lol.

I'm 34 and love this trash! I have about 3/4 friends my age that watch too. And my cousin (24) just came out of the closet as a TM Junkie too! My daughter is 14 and watches occasionally. She thinks they are idiots. But it's a fabulous opportunity for me to point out to her about teen pregnancy and birth control etc. But she wouldn't sit and watch it with her girlfriends.

I'm 30 and I love the whole 16&P and Teen Mom franchise (hated Teen Mom 3 though) I have to admit I was counting down the days until April 29th, and I was so excited that the premiere has been pushed forward, sad I know!!

My sister got me into it, she had the first season downloaded and I sat and watched the whole series in a day. Since then I have been hooked!

I'm in Australia, so I have to wait until someone uploads it onto Pirate Bay to watch it.

Watch it series usually has lots of links on the day after the episode airs in the US if that will make watching it easier :-)

I'm from Australia too and I use graboid because it's usually on line for me to download within an hour or two!

I'm 33, and I love this show. I shamelessly watch it every other Tuesday live, and the weeks in between I watch Wednesday morning. (I'm a nurse at a max state prison, and I work 3-11 every other Tuesday.) Another nurse I work with is obsessed with it, too. We talk about it every week. I also talk about it to my mother, who loves it, too. However, my sister is still in high school (she was an "oops" baby) and she hates the show. She's embarassed that me and my mother watch it.

Heyyyy, you might get to meet Jenelle while you're at work one day in the future!

Totally my guilty pleasure too. Noone knows I watch it - not even my boyfriend (we don't live together). I'm 24 btw.

I know what you mean about them being flippant about sex. It baffles me that most of them take birth control and still manage to get pregnant (I know it isn't 100% effective but a lot of them just forget to take their pill etc). I can't use birth control with hormones (so that's everything except the little coil thing and condoms) and I have never gotten pregnant. Like, if you know you have forgotten your pill or are on antibiotics or whatever else, and don't want to get pregnant, use a condom! It's not that difficult. Are they too scared to tell the guy or what? I would much rather be embarrassed than end up with a child that I wasn't prepared for.

If it's too awkward to talk about using a condom with the guy you are about to sleep with, you shouldn't be sleeping with that guy or anyone else until you can talk about condoms, birth control, pregnancy, and s-e-x. And even if you never feel comfortable openly discussing contraception with whomever you sleep with, for god sakes, take your fertility into your own hands and take birth control in the instructed manner. ...It's really not that hard.

I took the pill for one year of my life, senior year of high school. I was always uncomfortable with hormonal birth control side effects, so I vowed from 18 onward to not use hormonal contraception (i.e. only condoms). I did that until I met my fiance when I was 25 and we both were not keen on condoms, male or female versions. We were old and mature enough (and discussing marriage) to decide fertility awareness method/natural family planning was for us. Two years pregnancy free with nothing except charting my fertility (and withdrawal during fertile peaks). ...It really is not hard to NOT get pregnant and avoid. (I also realize FAM/NFP is not for every couple!)

I honestly wish they thought NFP in schools. I only learned about it (in depth) during a class we took before we got married. We've been using it for over three years now and it's so easy and I love that I know so much about my body. I feel like if I even knew there were such thing, I maybe wouldn't have gotten pregnant at 16. I hated my birth control (made me sick) so I only took it occasionally and my then boyfriend, now husband, said it didn't feel good with condoms (I knowwwwww.... We were young and dumb. Obv.) Anyway, if I had known about nfp, I would have been more aware of my fertile times and when to abstain. I love nfp and we have had no pregnancy scares.

Lex, I could't have said it better myself! I'm from Sweden and sex ed classes are compulsory in 8th grade (and the schools get in trouble if they ignore it). We have a national association dedicated to sex ed information (especially birth control) that do tours in schools that request it.
There's also emphasis on the relationship aspect on sex. We basically get taught what you said, that if it's awkward to talk to your partner about birth control, then you shouldn't be having sex at all.
The biggest problems for teenagers here seems to be that if you bring up condoms, they're afraid that their partner might think that they either a) has an STD or b) suspect their partner of having an STD, and that will be awkward since that shows that there's no trust. That is something that is taught as well, that talking about birth control AND STDs means trust and care, not suspicion. (All of this made me paranoid to the point of testing myself for STDs whenever I had had sex with someone new, but I'm crazy like that, haha.) Is that being taught in schools in the US as well (except for the obvious with "abstinence only", of which Mackenzie is a living proof that it doesn't work :p)?
Sorry about the essay, I'm just curious.

I can't take hormonal birth control (or at least maybe STRONGLY hormonal birth control) because of the type of migraines I get and I had an Implanon in for three years and it worked great. I wasn't sexually active until about a year and a half in when I met my husband. Near the end of the three years (that's as long as it works) I started having two periods a month. Fuck that. I went to talk to my gynecologist and got the nurse practitioner and she recommended a depo shot. Holy hell I was a terror on that. I was so mean to my husband and had hot flashes literally about 5-6 times an hour for about six weeks. Definitely recommend the implanon. If you have depression or anxiety, a depo shot can make that go through the roof, though. (I'm sure you're aware of all of this but I figured I'd mention the implanon if you want a different option from the mirena/IUD.)

Holy shit Rae, that's what's happening to me right now! :O I'm on the last six months with my Implanon and I'm having two periods a month. It must be more common than I thought. My fiance is worried about my temper if I get on the Depo shot, he just read about it hehe. Guess I'll take your advice, then. Good to know that I'm not alone.

Some people don't even have periods when they're using the implanon but mine never took a vacation and then near the end, I was just OVER having it twice a month because it meant I was either bleeding or bitching every day of the month and was risking becoming anemic once again or murdering my husband. What pisses me off is that the NP asked like ten thousand questions about my depression and still recommended the depo shot without warning me that it would turn me into a menopausal asshole. That doesn't happen with everyone, but I like to warn people because I was completely blindsided by it. And did I mention it was late SPRING in TENNESSEE where the humidity is roughly 500% and the temperature hovers somewhere around 90F on a cool day? Ugh. But to it's credit, it did stop my period entirely which was a nice break as I would have certainly murdered someone if I was bleeding out and PMSing on top of the hot flashes and hulk moments.

I know this is off topic but I have horrible issues with birth control and have been told so many things by so many doctors I finally decided after seeing three different specialists to get the mirena iud because I've been on the pill for ten years and at 22 that is a long time and could never find one that suited me, I've tried all other avenues as well like Nuva ring and the depo shot but since getting the iud I've been so uncomfortable, I just wanted to know others experiences with it. I know a couple of people who have it but they've all had kids and apparently that makes it a lot easier. I've had it for three weeks now and still struggling and didn't know if it was normal

I've never had an IUD because I have a pelvic condition and my gynecologist figured I'd freak out in pain if I were to have one "installed" so we went the implanon route. However, if you're still uncomfortable three weeks after getting it put in, I would make a follow up appointment with your doctor. It might be that it needs to be readjusted or some other oddity about that particular IUD, the strings or the shape of your uterus. If you decide to opt out of the IUD and have it taken out, definitely ask about the Implanon because that did wonders for me. I got it because of heavy periods that were causing black-out levels of anemia and it helped me get my iron evened back out in about 3 months. (Also a big plus is nothing has to snap into place inside your cervix.)

Thanks Rae! I ended up in emergency because I was in so much pain and it's not that I'm a wimp either. I've broken bones without shedding a tear and they told me it was all fine ... I thought about the implanon but everyone in my family who's had one had it removed immediately so I went with the general consensus haha. Just wanted to know if it was normal because according to forums it is :/

That's awful and I'm so sorry. When my gynecologist was first trying to balance out the heavy periods with the implanon, we used some sort of low dose estrogen patches called Vivelle-dot and occasionally some pill called Norethindrone that causes my period to calm down but then I would have another period soon after (it's how that medication works to kind of NOT shock my system by losing a lot of blood at once and therefore a lot of iron, too. Two lighter periods instead of one long heavy one.) Sorry if that's TMI but I figured maybe you could look into that? I would say that if a lot of your family members have had issues with the implanon, most likely you would as well. But definitely see if the IUD needs to be readjusted or repositioned or something. I can't imagine it's supposed to put you in that much pain. I hope you feel better ASAP!

I wonder that too. I was 23 when the first 16&p came on, and I only watched because my newborn was the same age as their babies. Now in my late 20s it's my guilty pleasure. I don't know of any teens that actually watch it.

I reckon they must! Cause MTV would get a tonne of applications. So surely teens watch it? Or at least are aware of it. Isn't it on mid-week though? Is it in a "teen friendly" time slot?

Not if those teens are out having sex.

I hung up with my husband tonight because I remembered that the season finale (kind of) was airing in like 5 minutes and I just said, "IloveyoubutmytrashystoriesareonandIgottago,bye!"

I'm seventeen and I have been on-and-off watching this show since it aired. I was about twelve when I started watching (with Maci's episode on the night of the first season finale) and it scared me shitless. Then again, I was twelve.

Anyway, I keep watching it now because I think it's a good way to say "LOOK AT WHAT YOUR LIFE CAN BE LIKE" in the "real" episodes. The birth scenes always scare me, no matter what age I am.

I feel like if the show wasn't so glamorous all the time and the salary for doing it went directly to the child (for college or something), it would probably attract a lot more diverse groups of people and would gain more critical success.

(sorry for the novella; I was in rant mode)

I know it has nothing to go with the new 16 & pregnant girls BUT did you guys already watch the scene of jenelle fighting with nathan about the abortion? For the first minute of the video I REALLY felt bad for her...she almost looked like a mother who loves her unborn child. It's sad.
I never thought I would ever felt bad for jenelle........

Honestly I think she looked devastated because of the thought of losing Nathan more than anything. It was sad to see her cry and that was an honest I'm so beyond hurt crying tears. You could tell how much Nathan's words were just jabbing at her heart. That was really low of Nathan to say the things he said to Jenelle. They are both vindictive people so how could they not see that when they argue it's going to get vicious!?!Jenelle and Nathan are just plain selfish, immature and stupid!


Whaa? What? Why? I don't understand. They TRIED to get pregnant. Now she is. They got what they wanted. They baby's healthy. Wha? Why would she consider abortion?

Oh, that's right. Because Jenelle's a fucking moron who uses abortion as a form of birth control when she doesn't think her stupid-ass decisions all the way through. Holy shit I fucking hate her so much right now. I pray that baby gets snatched from her as soon as she gives birth.

I sound awful, I know. But, Jenelle is so incredibly undeserving.

It's because they obviously didn't plan it and MTV is trying to cover it up. She probably thought she couldn't get pregnant right after an abortion or something and hid it from MTV when she first got pregnant. That's why the editing is so fucked up for her and she looks pregnant longer before she 'finds out' and why all the scenes look and feel forced and scripted.

And also Babs hasn't actually physically ripped Jenelle's damn head off. These are obviously recreations of the initial news-breaking ceremony that Babs has come to know and loathe with Jenelle's stellar decision making skills.

Fuck her. How easy it is to "love" an unborn child, until it's born and the actual responsibilities and work kick in. SHE HAS A LIVING BREATHING CHILD THAT DESERVES A MOTHER. Again, in closing, fuck her!



I saw it, and yes, Nathan was an ass, while talking with his mouth full of food, but, Jenelle actually set him up in a way, since she asked him if she should get an abortion.
Granted, he should have said "no" instead of "I don't know" but why does she feel the need to ask the question, just because the man isn't in the picture? It's obvious she is so scared of losing Nathan.

I just watched the video. I love how she says "that's sick" when talking about the fact that he wants her to get an abortion and she is already 12 weeks. This coming from the girl who tweeted a picture of her "miscarriage" for the world to see. Then went out an partied that night. Oh yes Jenelle we really believe you feel so maternal to your unborn children. I honestly wouldn't it it past her to get a late term abortion. If Nate said "I want to marry you but I'm really not ready for a baby yet" Jenelle would book the next flight to Mexico to "get rid" of it. She would pull a semi-Nikkole and claim she had a still birth or something... she has no conscience.

*wouldn't put it past her

That's the reason I said "the first minute of the video" because then I remembered all the things she has done.

I copied this from above because this comment was meant as a reply to you. I mistakenly replied to the wrong person.


Whaa? What? Why? I don’t understand. They TRIED to get pregnant. Now she is. They got what they wanted. The baby’s healthy. Wha? Why would she consider abortion?

Oh, that’s right. Because Jenelle’s a fucking moron who uses abortion as a form of birth control when she doesn't think her stupid-ass decisions all the way through. Holy shit I fucking hate her so much right now. I pray that baby gets snatched from her as soon as she gives birth.

I sound awful, I know. But, Jenelle is so incredibly undeserving."

I'm 95% sure that was Skoal, not food. So apparently Nathan dips which is disgusting. He probably couldn't pronounce the words on the pamphlet about oral cancer caused by tobacco and nicotine so he couldn't be bothered not to constantly shove a giant hunk of roughage in his lip.

OMG at first when I saw the picture for Karley Shiply I thought she was like a 10 year old sister holding the twins not the mother of the twins! She looks so young! Then again hard to tell from just one pic!

Holy moly! Another one with twins. Makes me feel anxious.

SHe named them really similar names to Leah lol...weird

#5, I will name: "Squawking Macaw"

I laughed SO hard when I read this! :)

I dub #3 "Red Bull."


OMG. That still of Karley Shipley is PRICELESS. 16 and Pregnant should use it as it's logo for the show. It's PERFECT.

I wish that MTV could feature a more diverse group of girls, and I mean not just racially but geographically. I feel like it's always the same, Midwestern or East coast girl (including Florida on this) from a small town. Why can't we see some NYC or CA, or anywhere else more urban girls? I feel like their struggles would be totally different and a fresh new take on the series, especially because of economic reasons. There is no way in hell that you could live in a major city in CA, work in fast food or at the kwik-e-mart, and be able to afford a house let alone even rent an apartment. Not to bash anyone who lives in the Midwest, but it's a completely different reality than living in an urban area.

The reason there are never girls from California is due to state filming laws regarding minors.
It would be cool to see a girl from a big city though, like NYC, Chicago or Boston.

Babs is from Boston and she's basically the teen mom in Jenelle's segments anyway so just consider that MTV diversifying ;)

I also notice there is NEVER an Asian girl on the show! Their parents would whoop their ass lol. Haven't seen any middle eastern or Jewish girls on the show either. The filming laws make sense.

Oh yeah I'm from San Diego lol there's NO way you could be a teen mom here unless there was grandparent help or the dad went to the military, hence all the military families here lol. It is an overpriced place to live.

I'm pretty sure Farrah's dad is Jewish, so technically she would be jewish as well, but yeah I get what you're saying.

Asian teen moms...I've seen quite a few here in the bay area we have a large Asian population, but they're usually a bit older, like 18 instead of 15-16, so out of high school but still technically teen moms. They're also usually of the "ghetto Asian" type, not the typical stereotype of bookworm over-achievers.

Ughhhhh I'm Jewish don't even say that. She does act JAP ish though holy shit.

My mom is like my only Teen Mom ally to talk shit about in person and she was SHOCKED to find out that Farrah planned on writing a Christian Parenting book (which I can't even type without hysterically laughing) because she thought Farrah was Jewish. (Due to her last name, I suppose.) I informed her that at least Farrah and DEFINITELY Debra were Christian. I remember Debra interviewing one of Farrah's boyfriends on the first season of Teen Mom and she asked him where he went to church. He said he didn't go to church and she invited him to go with them. I thought she was going to say, "I'd love it if you'd come to church with us!" but she's Debra and she's batshit crazy so instead she said, "I'd love it if you'd come to Heaven with us." Get off your high horse, woman. (And I'm not talking about Farrah. She's a short horse.)

I thought that if the *mother* is Jewish, then her (biological) children are born Jewish too.

But whatever her religion is... Farrah writing a book on parenting?? Seriously?! LMFAO she really is delusional.
"When your kid turns 4, it will be doing its own thing, so don't worry about parenting from then onward!"
"It's perfectly fine to bring your child with you when negotiating with one of the world's largest porn companies."

I agree. I have said a few times that they all seem to be from the same areas. I'm from Australia and Geographically challenged when it comes to knowing what is where in the US but I read that Teen Mom Confidential book and it pointed out that they were all in the same East Coast/Southern US area.

I know where Maddy is from, since I'm in the Chicago area. Tinley Park is a relatively well-known suburb, right off the expressway and home to a big live-event venue. It's relatively urban enough to qualify, versus where Leah is from.

I think she's from the allen park area. Which is a suburb of detroit. Not too urban.

Yeah, Chicago is considered the Midwest..
I live about 15 minutes outside of San Francisco, and honestly don't see pregnant teens very often. Even when I went to high school in the more rural Sacramento valley, there was only 1 pregnant teen during my entire 4 years there (although about 8 months after graduation, I ran into a lot of pregnant girls/girls with babies, but hey at least they made it out of highschool)

It would be interesting to see a map of which states have the highest rates of teen pregnancy, and I'll bet you that they're all "red" states with abstinence-only sex ed.

Please ignore this, this was meant to be a reply to Vanna.

Looks like Milima is near Detroit. She may be more urban.

And "Squawking Macaw" looks pretty ghetto.

I think squawking macaw looks cool! I dunno, I like her hair and her t-shirt lol.

Lol I thought the same thing! I'm loving her tie-dye.

"Squawking Macaw" looks older than 16, imo.

It's the plumage. Makes her look more mature.

Yes and for the love of all that is holy, could they at least find ONE girl from the south who isn't a complete moronic hick?? We exist! (Of course this is me speaking as a 25 year old southern girl who never got pregnant at 16 and if I had I wouldn't have had the opportunity to search out a casting on a reality TV show due to the fact that my dad would have murdered me himself so maybe there are more southern dipshits than I expected.) (Also: Florida doesn't count. Florida is to the south as Farrah is to the porn industry; refuses to claim they're southerners but full of questionable morals and delusional nutbags [and Casey Anthony.])

Am I the only one disappointed MTV didn't film the labor and deliveries this season?

blech, no I don't wanna see all that. ;)

haha, I meant to say "YES, I don't wanna see all that!"
I usually skip that part, because 1. I don't like blood, 2. I don't want to see them screaming/crying and 3. I don't want to hear the baby crying.
#3 goes for pretty much any episode of TM/16&preg, if one of the kids is whining/crying I'll either mute the tv or fast forward...I know it's a bit ironic because the show is called "Teen MOM," but I guess maybe because I don't have kids myself I find them kind of irritating sometimes, lol.

Eh, I think that's alright. It's not called 16 & Placenta so I think it's acceptable to not want to watch all that mess. I mean, it's natural, but it's still gory and watching those chicks go through labor makes me TERRIFIED about having a baby one day!!

No you're not alone. I'm disappointed too. I think that's part of the journey. Labour and delivery is HARD. And it should be shown as that. And that as a teen you don't want to go through that. Plus I want to be a midwife so I always get teary and they are my favourite parts!

Yes! With my second son I had PROM for 36 hours and resealed membranes so I had to transfer from homebirth to hospital where my son was born barely 2 hours later. It was emotional and exhausting just generally a shitty time. I'm pretty sure that would be the number one deterrent to young girls watching. Although I have a picture of me at 8cms dilated and I look pretty bad ass, I was in hell.

I may possibly murder my husband if he took pictures of me in labor, haha. I won't even let his mom in the delivery room like she wants to be because he's the golden child and I know I'm going to be hurling verbal abuse at him for infecting me with a watermelon that I now have to push out of my pelvis.

Am I the only one disappointed that MTV didn't film the labor and deliveries this season?

Whoa to new site update. (This is holierthanthou I was bored of my name). It is good we have to register now. Anyway wow at the trailer, i agree the girls seem so trashy. Why the hell are you homeless and procreating? I just don't understand...protecting yourself during sex is NOT that hard. Bleh...I'll most likely watch though.

Does anyone think the first girl looks like a weird version of Leah? The only girl I like so far from here is Aleah. I've seen some of the comments the Karley girl has made on ask towards people and she seems like a real bitch lol. Don't know enough about the other girls, but I know one of the girls boyfriends ( I think Autumn) was really racist over Twitter. Classy bunch.

I'm Nathan's Boooooyfriend, but for some reason it wouldn't accept that as a username. I love your new name, though!

That is name discrimination!! I am appalled ;) I'm 'mackenzies cleaning supplies', but took the opportunity to change.

Is 'Jesus takes the uterus' Rae???

No, I'm pretty sure I've seen Rae posting under "Rae".

No that's not me but I'm really glad someone used it because it cracks me up. I also am devastated to learn that it wouldn't accept "Nathan's Boooooyfriend" because that also made me laugh every time. And Mackenzie's Magical Uterus is equally sublime!

Jenelle's Absent Birth Control here... wouldn't let me register the name (maybe it was too long or maybe they don't allow apostrophes), so I had to change mine too.

Far better campaign, I believe. Sterilize her and she won't even need to worry about not affording any birth control because of all the heroin. ;)

Elizabeth's boyfriend Jett is in and out of rehab for drug abuse

Teen Mom 2 fans will smile when they see this. No matter what you think of Kail, this is so sweet


Stevebeans I hope it is okay to post this here because it is so cute.

He's so big already!! (And a much cuter baby than Isaac was.) But they're both damn adorable now.

On unrelated teen mom news, it seems like Ashley Salazar had a miscarriage.

But on another note, Mackenzie was forced to take down most of her etsy shop, so it seems like she was caught copyrighting a lot.

That's very sad. although I must say, this is one of the reasons it's best to wait until you're at least 12 weeks along to make an announcement. She was only a few weeks along when she announced it to the world.
It will be much harder for her having to deal with informing people than if she'd kept it between herself and her boyfriend and parents.

Where did you hear that about Ashley?

I checked out her Twitter and it certainly seems like something happened.. Nikkole was reaching out to her which I find hilarious in a dark way.

Oh yeah, Nikkole had 'miscarriage" for her fake baby.

had a**

Nikkole is one of the most awful people ever - she reached out to Ashley and then made a Sulia post about it. Keepin' it classy as always, Nikkole.....

Heathers gonna crap her pants

According to Elizabeth Lugo's Twitter/Facebook she will not be on the show. You can check it out for yourself on her Twitter @therealelliee

We just took down the post. We had heard from several people that she was going to be on this season, but it appears that things didn't work out. Back to the drawing board on figuring out who will fill her spot on this season.

Could you remind me what was said about her on her/if there was a photo of her? Was she on the trailer? I read this earlier but I can't remember what we "knew" about her.

Elizabeth Lugo had signed a contract with MTV, and then her boyfriend went to jail. That's not the kind of situation that MTV is wanting to portray at this time, and Elizabeth felt very embarrassed, so together they decided it wasn't worth it, and she dropped out. They did film her a few times, and she had a fan page for a while, but it's now taken down. She seems to be doing very well for herself!

It looks like the Courtney girl's baby might have a cleft palate: http://postimg.org/image/r2m7dgiyr/
Also, holy shit her nose...

I saw that too on the MTV app. I wasn't going to post anything until I knew for sure, but thanks for the screen shot! Sounds like an interesting story line, and I'm really excited for the season.

Wow that would be really terrifying as a new mom, especially as a new TEEN mom. I know they can fix it almost seamlessly nowadays but there can be complications and that's scary. A girl I used to go to church with was like 19 and still getting reconstructive surgery for a cleft palate and her dad was born with the same condition but less severe.