16 & Pregnant: Season 2B Update!


In case you've missed out on our updates so far, we've given info on the Season 1 girls and Season 2A girls within the last couple of months, and will continue to update fans on the lives of the former 16 & Pregnant stars throughout the summer.

Some viewers have favorites that didn't make the Teen Mom cut, so we're always getting asked about how those girls are doing. These posts help to include all of the information we've got so far on the girls!

16 & Pregnant's second half of season 2 began in the fall of 2010. It featured story lines from 9 girls in a variety of different situations.

Sadly, none of them were picked for Teen Mom 2. Actually - filming for Teen Mom 2 began before the second half of the season was even over.

1. Brooke Smitherman


Brooke and boyfriend Cody welcomed their son Brody shortly after their marriage on their episode of 16 & Pregnant. Brooke and Cody's episode featured a struggle to graduate high school and move out on their own. The couple's marriage seemed like it was going well on the update special, and they welcomed a second child, a girl named Ryley in December of 2012.

Sadly, the couple divorced in 2015.

We had formerly been told that the marriage had been headed south for a while, but a new source close to the family claims that Cody had an affair with a different girl.

While we can't officially confirm or deny these accounts, we do know that Brooke and her family are primarily raising her two children, while Cody is reportedly not around very much.

2. Felicia Cooke


Felicia and boyfriend Alex Gutierrez welcomed their daughter Genesis back in 2010. The couple struggled to make things work after Felicia admitted to cheating on Alex shortly after their daughter was born. Alex moved on and began dating a new girl. Alex and his new girlfriend welcomed a son together, but their relationship didn't really work out either, and he returned to Felicia and Genesis. Felicia then kept this cycle of pregnancies going, and became pregnant with the couple's second child - another daughter which they named Giselle.

Giselle was born in May of 2014. Alex and Felicia's relationship has ended once again, and rumor has it that Alex got someone else pregnant.

That makes 4 kids for Alex - 2 of which are Felicia's.

Felicia seems to be raising her daughters pretty well. She has been pretty active on social media in the past, but has since taken short breaks from updating fans of the show.

3. Emily McKenzie


Emily and her boyfriend Daniel welcomed their son Liam back in 2010. Their episode featured Daniel's desire for marriage, and Emily's confusion about what she really wants from a relationship. After filming ended, the couple did get married, although their marriage ended in divorce in 2012. Emily has since taken a turn for the worst. Reports of her having issues with her emotional well-being have circulated for years stemming from the death of her father.

A close source told TMJ that Emily has been experimenting with drugs and alcohol for the last few years. There were even picture of her drunk and passed out on the floor circulating social media at one point.

Emily has sought help in a rehab facility, but has failed to see the program through.

We're unsure of where Liam is at these days. We've heard that Daniel plays a big role in his life, but we're also told that Emily's mother and siblings help a lot with the child.

4. Markai Durham

Markai and James welcomed their daughter, Za'Karia back in 2010. The couple struggled to make things work, and called off their relationship, but eventually rekindled their romance and ended up back together briefly. Markai then became pregnant again and was featured by MTV on the "No Easy Decision" special which followed her during her decision to have an abortion. Markai was the first girl from the franchise to get pregnant again, and so MTV used it as leverage to publicize the statistics that go along with being a teenage mother.

Since the abortion, Markai has vocalized her regret about the decision that she made. As far as we can tell, James isn't really involved in Za'Karia's life.

Markai has spent some time stripping/dancing to make ends meet. She has posted several times on social media that she is pregnant again, but there's never been a baby to result from any of that.

5. Aubrey Wolters


Aubrey and Brandon get married when they find out they're pregnant, and a few months later, they welcome their son, Austin, into the world. The couple struggled to make things work and really were having a hard time with the roles that were being presented. Brandon wanted to work and support their son (that's a first!) while Aubrey was struggling with being a housewife and new mom.

Brandon and Aubrey's relationship ended, and we saw on their catch up special that she was getting wild and crazy with her weekends off. Aubrey later turned to stripping to make some extra cash, but later slowed down and began dating a new guy.

The new couple also decided to have a baby, and welcomed a son, Easton, in February of 2014. Aubrey and Easton's dad are reportedly still together, and her lifestyle has seemed to balance out.

6. Christinna Cook


Christinna and boyfriend Isaiah welcomed their daughter Destiny back in 2010. Their relationship was pretty stressful, as Isaiah's family blamed Christinna and her pregnancy for Isaiah losing his college sports scholarship. Christinna and Isaiah seemed to raise their child fairly well, and things seemed to be evening out by the end of their episode. Sadly, it seems that MTV's cameras didn't capture the reality of working with Christinna and they didn't feature her on the catch up special due to her incredible attitude and how much of a struggle she was to work with.

Isaiah and Christinna broke up. He later welcomed a child with a new girlfriend. Christinna and her new boyfriend, Dalonte, welcomed a second child as well and named her Naomi. Naomi was born in March of 2014.

7. Kayla Jordan

kayla jordan 1

Kayla and J.R. welcomed their son, Rylan, into the world during their time on MTV. Their relationship was rocky from the start, but an engagement on the episode was supported by both sets of parents. Kayla struggled with a lot of changes in her friendships and also struggled with the thought of moving out of her parent's house since she was very dependent on them.

Kayla and J.R. later broke up, but Kayla found love again in a guy named Zach.

Kayla and Zach got engaged, and revealed that they were expecting a baby late this summer.

Just yesterday, July 20th, 2015, Kayla and Zach welcomed their first son together and named him Bryce Harper Bedwell. He was a little early, and weighed 5 pounds 9 ounces.

bryce harper bedwell

8. Megan McConnell

megan mcconnell

Megan and boyfriend Nathan welcomed their son Blake back in 2010. The couple struggled to make a relationship work because Nathan didn't have a job and would rather play video games all day long. Sadly, Megan decided to marry the guy anyway. If you've got half a brain, you can realize that this marriage was doomed from the start, and the couple ended up divorced less than a year after their 2011 marriage.

Nathan went on to get another girl pregnant and move away from Blake to be with his new baby momma. Megan filed for full custody and got it according to a close source.

Megan also found love again with a guy named Chase Eubanks, and they welcomed their first child together in April of 2015. The couple named their child Silas, and it seems like things are going well for the new family of 4.

9. Ashley Salazar


Ashley Salazar is one of the most well known 16 & Pregnant alums simply because she had an extremely heartbreaking episode featuring her struggle to choose adoption for her daughter Callie. Ashley blogged about her entire pregnancy, and ended up being one of the first girls from the franchise to publish a book. Ashley's daughter, Callie, is still being raised by Ashley's aunt and uncle in Texas, and Ashley has an extremely open adoption with them. The two seem to be in contact all the time, and Callie even calls Ashley "mom".

Ashley was back together with Callie's father, Justin, and the two had gotten engaged and planned a future together. Ashley got pregnant again, but the pregnancy resulted in a blighted ovum.

Ashley and Justin later broke up and Ashley admitted to having troubles with alcohol consumption. Ashley is now dating a guy named Frankie, but we're not sure how serious this relationship will be.


Have you guys seen the clip MTV posted of Leah and Jeremy fighting in the car? Girl is a MESS.

Yes! It was absolutely disgusting! Yes with 3 kids things can tend to get out of hand in the cleaning department but there is NO excuse for the mess she has in that car! She is downright nasty!

That was honestly sort of scary how crowded the car was and how shit was falling all over Addy and Leah didn't give a damn. And then she sits there and acts like it's totally normal not to see out of your back window or to be such a packrat that homeless people would shake their heads at you. Her and Jeremy's cussing was ridiculous, too. Way to set a good example for your children! Gracie looked like she had heard it all before.

Why are they acting like Leah never cheated and that is not the reason Jeremy ended up leaving her? I mean, she looks so bad this season that it doesn't matter whether they had kept it in. Leah is lazy, rude, and completely drugged out of her mind. The good girl edit doesn't work anymore, MTV. But it doesn't matter because Leah and her mother will look at that footage and declare that Leah is the best thing for those girls and Corey has no idea what it means to take care of them. Rinse, lather, and repeat.

I just returned from a trip to Myrtle Beach with my kids bother & his girlfriend. I drive a Dodge Durango and have no trunk space to speak of. We went for a week so needless to say I was jam packed but at all points in time I had a direct line of sight out my back window & nothing ever fell on any of my children. Why? because it is flipping common sense.
I won't try and defend them cussing in front of their kids because I cuss like a sailor (I'm working my butt off to try and keep my potty mouth away from the kids but its hard) but I will say there is NO excuse for bickering in front of babies. Lead by example! I really hope that any Judge would look at the TM2 footage and see through the editing and realize what a piece this girl is. She needs help, you can tell by how unhealthy she looks not to mention how she acts. I think the reason they are keeping the adultery issue quiet on the show is to do a bit of damage control. Leah doesn't need any help from her wondering vejay to look bad. In reality her affair with Robby Boy is literally the least of Leah's worries.

Ugh, yes! Those poor babies. I felt so terrible for Addie. Good lord, she pays no attention to those kids!

"It just happened, Jeremy!"

"It was like this last week."

"Lots of people can't see out of their rear view."


I saw omg...the stuff falling on poor addy. Jeremy is right, it's fucked up how much crap is crammed int hat car. Leah is a hot Messer.

I really wonder how much cash they had to throw at Jerrrms to return to this mess and play happy family's with that drugged out cunt. I couldn't believe it when she started screaming SHUT UP! And why was Ali ditched and Addie taken to the cheer comp? And Gracie was all "just shove it in the back" WTF??

Leah could probably benefit from shoving MORE in the back lest she have another girlses from between her legses sometime soon.

I logged in just to comment on that!! Jesus fucking God, Leah! Now, I admit that my car is usually messy (mostly Diet Coke cans lol) and people give me a hard time about it, but I have never, NEVER, not been able to see out of any of my windows! Jeremy was right, if a cop pulled them over, they would have been so fucked. And poor Addie...can you imagine if they had gotten into an accident where they had to break suddenly? All that stuff would have come crashing on top of the girlses heads and easily could have caused some serious head injuries. I'm not even a parent, and I recognize how dangerous that situation is!!!

Honestly, all Jeremy and Corey need to do to win their custody battles is subpoena MTV and play this video clip in court, along with all the other unseen footage I'm sure MTV couldn't even air on television, to prove that Leah is an unfit parent.

To this day I don't think I've seen any of these girls' episodes. Did they even have a reunion special?

They did, but I don't remember too much about it. The "16 and Pregnant" reunions are pretty boring anyway in comparison to the trainwrecks that are the Teen Moms.

I'm surprised and saddened to hear that Cody isn't that involved with his children. He seemed like one of the few teen dads in the franchise who actually liked being a father and being around his baby. And he had an affair? Man, what a letdown.

I'm also surprised to hear that Emily's mom is helping take care of Liam since the main reason Emily had to move in with her dad was because her mom wanted her to get an abortion, but Emily refused. I mean, she was so pissed off that I don't think she even came to the hospital when Emily was giving birth. I guess her mother changed her mind or decided to let bygones be bygones and help out with her grandson in her daughter's absence. Good job, Grandma.

And what's the deal with Markai's stories? I've heard on several different occasions that she was pregnant again, then I heard that she was actually trying to get custody of a family member's son, but nothing ever came of that. I wonder if any of that is true, or if she's lying to get attention. Wouldn't be the first time.

You should do an article about how many of these moms ended up stripping or exotic dancing. Make it statistical or something, like the percentage of young mothers who end up working in the sex industry to support their children. Could be interesting and relevant since it seems like so many of these girls end up turning to that line of work, however briefly.

Okay, I'm always so embarrased about the useless trivia I've retained over the years from this show.... I seem to remember a few girls from this season speaking out about the editing of their stories. Emily said her mom actually was there when she gave birth, they just didn't show it. Meghan blasted the show about how they said she'd never left the town she lived in when it turned out they had lived in several different countries for her dad's career.

Lol. Don't be embarrassed. I'm always relaying shit I found out about the girls from five years ago or so. That's good to hear that Emily's mom was present for Liam's birth. I'm pretty sure they made it out like she never even bothered coming, but that's MTV for you.

Megan was pissed at her episode for a number of reasons. I remember her bitching about the one animation that showed her and her sister doing all kinds of things together like ice skating and playing soccer and shit. The gist was that Megan's sister had taught her how to do a lot of things, but Megan was all, "We never did any of that stuff together!" It was sort of humorous.

If you have Comcast, they have this whole season up on OnDemand. I hadn't seen a lot of that season either, but I've been catching up late at night after I come home from work :)

The only one from this season who hasn't been pregnant again (at least, being honest about not being pregnant again) is Emily? I suppose I shouldn't be surprised anymore.

I already made fun of Kayla for naming her son Bryce Harper, so I'll just share what he looks like here:

Making fun of Kayla with you for that. I have to wonder if they even know who Bryce Harper is...Maybe neither of them watch sports and same with their family? I'm not sure, hard to say really.

I didn't know who Bryce Harper was. I don't watch baseball though (just looked him up). Unfortunately, Harper is becoming a more popular name, although I've never heard it used for a boy. When I named my daughter Harper I thought it was a fairly uncommon name and didn't know it was going to become more popular. I blame the Beckhams.

If i remember correctly, she was a cheerleader and she grew up in a family where sports were huge and her baby daddy #1 was i think a sports fan. I think they knew exactly who Bryce Harper was and even if they didnt (doubtful) a simple google search would tell them its a current MLB player who is one of the most well known in the game and is considered one of the futures of MLB. If i were the kid id be mortified growing up, especially since Bryce the player is bound to be in the game for another 20 years or so and at a high profile. Poor kid.

Sports were huge in my family too. I grew up playing all kinds of sports too and played through high school. Sports might've been important in her family and she might've been a cheerleader, but that doesn't mean she's into baseball or knows all the players. I sure as hell didn't know who that guy was.

Yeah, I'm really into sports, and I had no idea who that guy was. I guess a better description is that I'm really into sports that aren't baseball, haha.

But that dude is pretty damn fine!

Maybe I'm getting the names backwards but I'm pretty sure Aubrey's son is not named Easton. On the post everyone got that name from she said it was her nephew. Her friends have been referring to her son as Ryland or something like that.

I saw that a couple of weeks ago too - I guess she was looking at a new house while she was pregnant and didn't like Beazer, so she went with Ryland for her son's name. (Non-US readers, Beazer and Ryland are the names of new home builders. Almost bought a townhouse built by Ryland Homes.)

Gosh, I hope his name isn't Easton. That would make her kids named Austin and Easton. That's kind of like that other 16&P girl, I forget her name, who has a kid named Weston. Imagine if she'd named her kids Weston and Easton? HA.

I think Ashley Salazar looks like Dustin Hoffman. I'm not even saying that to be mean, it's just true.

Also I'm bummed things didn't work out for Brooke, I wanted to see that barn they were talking about buying. I'm being sincere-I wanted to see he end product

I've seen a lot of them and they usually turn out pretty nice. They call them barns or portable buildings or sheds, but they're really like shells of houses, some even have a front porch and a second story. I just remember thinking that where they got it from was so expensive, they're usually a lot cheaper.

Brooke- Cody was really immature. I wanted to slap him when he said "Cody doesn't do homework!"
Felicia- Does that boy not know what a condom is or is he just trying to create an army of offspring?
Emily- She was such a bitch to her husband on the catchup special. He was working, going to school, and watching the baby while she went to school, and she still treated him like crap.
Markai- The thought of her baby's daddy still cracks me up. The dreads, baggy clothes, and the need for subtitles every time he spoke.
Aubrey- I just plain out didn't like this girl.
Christinna- Did they ever get that DNA test his granny wanted?
Kayla- I liked JR and I though Kayla was being kind of childish about wanting to stay with her mama and daddy.
Megan- I don't see how anybody put up with Nathan, he was so unbelievably useless.
Ashley- I've hated her since she tried to play take-backs with Callie. And i think it's pretty messed up that Callie is calling her "Mom" now...

Christinna doesnt need a DNA test, Destiny looks JUST LIKE Isaiah lol. She reminds me of Alex Sekella's daughter, she's all Matt.

I know, but 90% of the drama on that episode revolved around his family wanting to be sure before he gave up his scholarship to Alabama.

I thought that they mentioned in the reunion that they did do a DNA test and it was his child. It's been a while, but I think I remember that.

If I remember correctly, Christinna said they did the DNA test but no one wanted to pay the $45 to actually send it in for testing, so it never got done, haha. You're willing to blast the mother of your great-grandchild on national TV because you're convinced that the baby isn't your grandson's but then you won't fork over $45 to prove it?

You're right, Rae. My memory was only half-correct.

1. Expected that.
2. Literally, Bye Felicia. Never got the fascination with going back to a shitty baby daddy years later.
3. Daniel was the one who was going to college for STEM or something like that, right? I wonder if he ever finished. And thats sad to hear about her dad, I remember she was really close with him and he was really pushing for her to marry Daniel and for them ti live in married student housing at his college.
4. I follow Markai on twitter (dont ask lol), and she's always maintained that James is involved with their daughter, to what extent I dont know. Ive always thought that MTV kind of screwed her over, IIRC she said that MTV had promised her a spot on one of the TMs, which is why she allowed her abortion to be televised. I think the backlash that the episode got is why any plans of including her were shelved. She seems like an ok mom to me (at least as far as I can see on social media), but she definitely doesnt present herself in the best manner across her twitter. She'd do well to class it up a bit. I also dont like how she calls her daughter "chinky" and "lil chink mama" because of her slanted eyes. It's inappropriate.
5. I remember her catchup special, it was disturbing. Glad to see shes better now.
6. The daughter looks just like Isaiah. Good on Christinna for making her social media very private, she's lied very low since her episode aired.
7. This is newborn on a horse girl, right?
8. Megan was so passive and annoying on her episode, happy it seems she asserted herself for her sons sake. Hope her dad and sister are still well, i remember her dad was an army vet and her sister was active duty army.
9. Sleazy Salazar still hasnt used her degree for anything? She went to UNT and graduated with her Journalism degree a year or so back.

I always remember this season because there were 3 girls from the DFW area, Brooke is from Mansfield, Felicia from Irving (I think), and Ashley is from Mckinney. I used to go to the same community college campus Sleazy and Justin were talking at. We call it Quad C around here (Collin County Community College) lol.

You and I must to live pretty close then. I took a summer class there and would've gone to high school with Ashley if I hadn't switched.

Apparently Maci's book came out today, five years late, but hey whatever. Starcasm wrote an article. Maci said “Kyle didn’t seem to have an ambition to do anything. It started to feel like we were drifting into different places, and it made me uneasy.” Sorry, but what ambition does/did Maci have? Absolutely none. She also called Kyle a commitment-phone. She should be lucky he's one or she would have three different kids by three different dads. There's also a part about how she couldn't' conceive, which we all know is BS.

But, at the end Starcasm wrote "newly minted degree from Chattanooga State Community College". Did she graduate and I missed it? During Teen Mom OG she wasn't in school and I thought she said she and another year for her associates. If she did graduate, good it's about time. But, she seems like she would have been posting that about ten times a day, every day.

She is such a dumbass. Just because someone doesn't immediately want to have a child and get married doesn't mean they are commitment-phobe.

Yeah, and wtf is this about the "newly minted degree"? I thought she STILL had a year to go (as mentioned on TMOG), and then promptly dropped her classes once she got pregnant because she "had so much going on" at the time. Now that JaYde is here, she's got another ready-made excuse to not go to school again. It's really quite pathetic how long it's taken her. I guarantee you, when she actually graduates, she'll make a huge grand announcement and the fangirls will rave about what an inspiration she is. I can't imagine what the book would actually be like. I'm trying to imagine the entitlement that she could fit between two covers, and it's a bit nauseating.

Sad that these girls seem to have no ambition to better their financial and educational situations or relationships before having even more kids. I just can't understand having another kid with a deadbeat (Felicia with Alex), or feeling the need to have a kid from the subsequent relationship after a relatively short time of being with the person.

These girls are all so confused when it comes to medical advice. First of all, I doubt anybody actually told Maci that she may not be able to get pregnant again. TONS of women have PCOS and conceive just fine. And even if they had said that...she basically took a maybe as "You can't have any more kids so feel free to get off birth control."

And don't even get me started on Mackenzie's "not able to get pregnant past 21" bullshit. I mean I'm no doctor but I know that ANYBODY who says something like this needs to be fired.

Right? I don't get why only the young women specifically get diagnosed and all apparently come to the translation; 'I have PCOS so I can never have kids, 100% unprotected sex here I come!' My best friend's cousin was diagnosed with PCOS at 17 and, guess what? Is now a single parent at 19.

Maci has contradicted her story about her second pregnancy a couple times now. On the show, she stated that her doctor told her she might not be able to have any more children, so she took it as a go ahead to stop using birth control since she decided that that meant the same as "You're completely sterile and your chances of having another baby are nil." Then on the reunion show, she stated that her doctor told her that her PCOS meant that she may have difficulty conceiving in the future, and that this was a good time to try for more kids if she wanted. So Maci and Taylor talked about it and decided to have a baby together---which, of course, is completely different than her initial claims that the pregnancy was unplanned.

Maci is so full of shit and is a complete and utter dumbass if she thinks she can contradict earlier statements that she had made ON CAMERA for all the world to see. Maci, I know you read this website because you don't have anything better to do, so read this: saying you went off your BC because you thought you were infertile is not the same as deliberately going off your BC in the hopes of getting pregnant again. Put that in your book, you goddamn disaster.

Pretty much every woman in my family has PCOS and/or Endometriosis (my mama had both really bad) and people are popping babies out left and right.

When I was diagnosed with PCOS they told me it might be very difficult for me to conceive and that I might require medical intervention, but not impossible. Then they immediately discussed treating me using BIRTH CONTROL because that's one of the most common ways to treat PCOS (and I've either successfully avoided pregnancy through safe sex or am actually barren). She's riding the infertility train to gain sympathy and avoid responsibility, and that's a disgusting thing to do. She and Bristol Palin could go get lunch and talk about their best scamming ploys, because that's all they are, scammers who can't stop littering the planet with people.

Ya and both scammers that got paid to talk about using birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancies!

I will mention that Adam said something at the reunion that strongly contradicted Maci's recent claim about being poor.

The second he said it, I turned to my friend and was like "You know they're going to edit that shit out."

Also what did Bristol Palin do to scam people? I believe you I just don't keep up with news about her.

She got paid a quarter of a million dollars to speak about, declare and lecture on abstinence-only sex education. Similar to how Maci made money speaking about pregnancy prevention, but 10x worse because it's abstinence-only.

Did Adam say they got paid a ton of money or that they had expense accounts or something? Blink twice for yes, once for no.

I'm really interested in what Adam said as well!

It's not surprising that a lot of these girls have no idea how to interpret medical advice. They have incredibly poor critical thinking skills and were obviously not paying any attention in sex ed, let alone biology class as teens.

In Maci's case however, I think she's just very manipulative and twisted her doctor's words to suit her purpose. What she says the doctor said makes no sense. If she didn't want to become pregnant out of wedlock, she should have gotten married before going off of birth control. If she had done this, assuming she got married shortly after (which is what she wanted), Maci would not have lost a considerable amount of time trying to conceive since she is still very young. So I think this whole thing is crap, she is either trying to hide her carelessness or possibly an ulterior motive for getting pregnant out of wedlock (i.e. get Taylor to marry her).

My opinion about Maci is that she does have some basic level of intelligence, but she is not nearly as smart as she thinks she is. I think this comes across when she speaks in interviews and the things she appears to have written in her book (which I have not and will not read). These are her opportunities to craft her image of present of a poor girl who had sex once (she's alluded to getting pregnant the first time she had sex) with an asshole (but didn't know it at the time because she was so pure and innocent) and wound up getting pregnant. And even in these worst of circumstances, she persevered through all of the hardships to become such a wonderful role model.

You can just tell from these interviews that she thinks she is being very subtle and sneaky, but is completely unaware that anyone with a brain can see right through her.

**Blinks twice**

What he said was pretty much common knowledge, but it was still funny.

VERY well said, Feminist! I agree with everything you said about Maci.

As someone with both Endometriosis(Severe Stage 3) and PCOS, who desperately wants a baby(and I am facing the hard reality that it might not happen) I agree with what is said about Maci. I don't have words, I'm just disgusted.

I usually read all of the books in this franchise, just for kicks, but I will not be reading this one.

I just want to say this. In 2011 I got pregnant for the second time (with my first I had no problems with conception) sadly we lost the baby around 12 weeks. I had to have blood work and testing done after and I found that my body had started into menopause at the age of 21. Basically I was told I could become pregnant again with help. I was on hormone therapy and taking fertility drugs like it was going out of style. After 18 months of constant mental and physical torture we finally conceived again. We had a healthy pregnancy thank God and I had a baby. When I went to the doctor for my Post Partum checkup I was basically told that I the chances of conceiving again without the help of more fertility treatments or IVF was basically none. My uterus is basically 70 years old and lazy. My husband & I had discussed that we were content with our children and wouldn't want anymore because off the issues we had. I opted that even though the chances are I wouldn't get pregnant again I wanted to be on a long term birth control. If you don't want a baby use birth control! Maci pisses me off there are tons of Ladies out there that aren't going to be able to have one child much less two. Stop flaunting that you didn't think you could get pregnant. Personally I cried myself to sleep, distanced myself from my friends, became resentful of people with babies, and became angry with myself, my husband and God. For goodness sakes my husband talked about counseling and eventual divorce because I was a completely different person during the time we were trying to conceive.

I want to add a note, I know there are a lot of women struggling with conception on here and are making their struggles open. I just want to say that I support you 100% everyone that wants a baby deserves to have one. But remember you are NOT any less of a woman without a baby and please don't loose yourself in your struggles. This may be a trying time for you but eventually it will get better weather it is the outcome you want or not.

Um, yeah. F you, Maci. @Holy Trashiness Batman, in case you didn't know, Bristol Palin is pregnant again. http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-moms/news/bristol-palin-shows-off-ti...


Why was she even going to a fertility specialist in the first place? And no doctor in their right mind would tell a young mother in her early 20s to just stop using birth control. Or that they're "not MAKING eggs"...that's not how it works, Maci.

ive said this all along!!! i bet the DR was like 'you have PCOS so it may be harder to conceive." and maci was like 'thanks girl, brb throwing out all my forms of BC!'

I sure hope nobody spends money on that sad parody of a book. If she spent the time she devoted to writing this book on actually doing homework and studying, she could have graduated a long time ago.
And trashing your ex in a book is just disgusting, especially since she's the famous one and he's not, so it's harder for him to get the public to listen to his version of the story of their relationship.

Not to mention her insistence that she's "just your average single mom," and that she "shops at Walmart for bread and milk just like everyone else." Yes, Maci, EVERYONE owes $80,000 in back taxes, pays for their friends' rents and vacations, buys houses in their early '20s, and owns a succession of Jeeps. Just your average teen with a six-figure salary. I have no interest in reading these lies!

Ya cause everyone can afford a house when they haven't had a real job in six years! I'm so thankful for this site because it's downright pathetic looking at what their fans tweet and comment to these girls about how great they are

Jesus. What a sad example of wasted lives. Not a single mention of anyone going to college or doing anything productive with their life, just partying, stripping, and having more children with deadbeat dads.
Being a teen mom doesn't mean you are doomed to be a lifelong loser, but chances are if you were that irresponsible in the first place that it was bound to happen anyway.

I mean I'm happy the girls haven't totally screwed up their lives or their kids lives ala Leah and Jenelle. But its just depressing how they've just done literally nothing in life when these 1st kids were born in 2010. No college, no careers, no nothing, just life in a dead end town trying to raise these kids with dead end jobs, living with or off Mom and Dad forever. It sounds so extremely depressing, like there's really nothing left for them to do except to hope their kids don't repeat their mistakes. At least with the 1st kids there is still a small chance of beating the odds of going to college, getting a degree, a job you love/or at least like, and making a life for yourself and your kid, but I'm sure it really became cemented when they had the do-over babies that failed to give them their happily ever afters, they're stuck in these dead end lives for life now. Its just really sad to me.

It is sad! It's futures like these that my parents warned me about if I happened to get pregnant as a teen. I guess these girls didn't get that talk.

Technically you're a teen mom, but I wouldn't really call you one. When I think of teen moms, I think high schooler, accidental baby, possibly absentee father, no diploma, no job, living with parents, etc.

(This was meant to go to #lifeafterleah below. Don't know why it posted here)

Hey now! I had my first at 19, and by 22 I had baby number 3. It took me 3 kids, a drug addiction, and a year in rehab, but I am FINALLY in college at the ripe old age of 26. I will have my associates in biology after the next spring semester. I have a 3.8 GPA and will be transferring to a university. I am not implying that you guys aren't right about what you are saying, I just think that you shouldn't give up on them quite yet! It took me a long time to pull my head out of my ass, but I really believe that if I can turn my life around, that there is still hope for at least some of these girls.

I also never graduated high school or even middle school. My first graduation was from a rehab program.

Wow, that's awesome! but I don't think these girls are remotely motivated enough to do any of that and some of them actually have it easier than you. Not that I don't believe you but how are you getting a degree in one of the hardest disciplines in education but didn't graduate from middle school? I was always bad at science no matter how many years in school.

I went to summer school after 8th grade and they put me through to 9th, probably just because they wanted to get rid of me. I am actually book smart. I was just always bored with school when I was young so I didn't care to try to do my work or even go to class (which is probably also why I ended up getting into so much trouble). I took an ability-to-benefit test to get into the local community college since I had no diploma or GED. I now have obtained my GED, and take school extremely serious. I cried when I got my first B 3 semesters in. Lol.

I WAS a teen mom. I got pregnant my senior year at seventeen and had my son in October of what would have been my freshman year of college, at eighteen years old. I hate how some of the girls still say they're a teen mom even though they're 20-something!

Btw I graduated college with a four year nursing degree at 23 and got a job right away and have a stable life. I got grants, scholarships and had to still take our student loans. But the point is these girls should all be embarrassed who haven't attempted to make their life of their kids life any better, whether it's through college or just working their butt off in whatever job.

That's AWESOME!!! And, how it should be, if you're motivated!

Hey soulmate!
Y became mom when i was 19 years old, and now im 1 year away from my nursing degree!
All these girls should work hard to be better and show their children what an awesome woman really is

That's awesome Javi Jenner (lmao at your username!!).

That must have required a lot of discipline. From what I have observed from my school, nursing is definitely one of the most demanding fields of study. You have to work hard and pay your dues to have a rewarding career. Maci doesn't get that, she thinks that she can just impress people by going through the motions without actually doing anything of substance. MTV has rewarded that behavior for the Teen moms for years so I can't see how they are still trying to claim the show has any educational value whatsoever. Honestly, I think watching an episode or two with a crying baby may be a good wake up call for some teens, but there is no reason for the show to have gone on this long.

In all seriousness I have a question. What do you consider a Teen Mom?
All I ever wanted to do was be a Mom & Wife. I never wanted a job, or college or any of that. I was married to my high school boyfriend shortly after graduation when I was 18 at 19 I had our first son. I have never considered myself a Teen Mom but honestly was I?

Also OP congratulations on making your dreams come true!

Uh. . Yeah @ life after leah. I'd say so

Yes. My husband and his ex both had graduated by the time they had their first. They were 17/18 and were married before baby (though because of baby).

A girl I know had her first at 18/19. Graduated high school, in a 3 year relationship, cohabitation, working, planned son, etc. She is still a teen mom. She wanted nothing but to be a mom.

I think teen mom does brings up this image girl who is still in school, no to part time job and an unplanned child. It's not always the case but you are still a teenager.

Less that 2% of teen moms earn a college degree by the time they are in their 30s, and higher education or more expensive and difficult to pay for now than out ever has been. It's completely not surprising. Depressing, but not surprising. It's great when it works out, it just tends to not work out.

Of course it's harder to maintain some kind of success as a teen parent. But I think most of these girls just sort of gave up or never really had any real concrete future plans. So they have more babies---sometimes with the same guy, sometimes with multiple baby daddies---and just sort of chug along with life. They all talk a big game about doing something fantastic with their lives, but I wonder if it's just wishful thinking or MTV feeding them lines/a vague storyline to avoid potential backlash. I mean, look at Felicia. Her boyfriend has two other children with two other women, and she decided it was okay to add a fourth baby to that mix (I know Giselle was born before the fourth kid, but still). There's a huge difference between trying to work things out and then not trying at all. I feel like most of the "16 and Pregnant" girls tend to fall in the latter group. Hell, even the Teen Moms tend to fall into that category. Hardly any of them have accomplished anything worthwhile or successful.

Don't forget about certificates! I think the Chelsea and Kailyn path is what a lot of young moms end up doing, except most people don't take a million years to do it like Chelsea. The beauty school cert is the main one we hear about from these chicks, but there are tons of certificates you can earn to earn a decent living. Hell, even Adam has a welding cert! From an ultrasound tech to a paralegal, there are higher education options besides college. It would just seem most of these 16&P girls aren't disciplined enough to seek out some of those other options, which is the sad part.

Welding is pretty big here in SD and especially in and around Sioux Falls, they offer classes in high school at a Career Technical school that count as dual credits and once you hit Welding 3 as a senior, jobs start offering paid internships. SD also started doing a program where you can apply for full ride scholarships for tech programs, they give out 300 a yr. I'm actually trying to steer my son in that direction, he likes welding but also wants to be a diesel mechanic. Honestly I'm surprised Adam has the motivation to be a welder....

I'm surprised Adam had the dedication to stick with welding. My cousin just became a welder and I think my grandma said it takes 1.5 years if you go full time + summer. That's a long time for Adam to stick with anything.

Isn't he trying to become a personal trainer?

none of the girls who got married stayed married or even with the baby daddy. popping more babies out with new men....think it would be much more realistic to show these kinda stories (and the -no doubt- financial and emotional struggles that come with it) than teen moms driving BIG cars and living in BIG houses, getting a mani and pedi and study part-time. Don't think the average 16-year old mom who's story is not being aired on MTV is experiencing in her life! Still good enough to sit my nine-year old son down and watch together so hopefully he won't make me a mee-maw in 5 years' time! (he's nearly ten)

I think if 16&P continued making occasional update specials about the girls they feature, and DON'T edit out the bad shit, it would be much more successful.

"The couple struggled to make things work after Felicia admitted to cheating on Alex shortly after their daughter was born."

Yeah, so I'm still stuck on this. How "shortly" are we talking about here? Because I didn't want anyone anywhere near my ladybits for a good long time after the hot mess that was childbirth. That's gotta take some serious cheating dedication.

I could have sworn that Felicia admitted to cheating on Alex before Genesis was conceived, and that's why he was so distant from them---because he wasn't sure if the kid was his. I also wonder if Felicia ever graduated high school, since she said that all four of her siblings were drop-outs. Happy memories.

My god, I know by my posts I must sound totally judgmental and rude but as a parent, how the hell do you let all 5 of your children drop out of high school?! It's hard enough to get a decent paying job with a college degree but not even a high school one? Do they plan to live in mom and dad's basement on a weekly allowance forever? How are you going to support yourself with a not even H.S. diploma like what are you going to do with your life, absolutely nothing? Cause that's surely what it sounds like.

Yeah, she did graduate from high school. I distinctly remember because she said her mom was so proud because she never got to see any of her kids graduate. Her mom was from another country (i dont remember where, but a country in central or south america) so it was something major and important to her mom, where as to a lot of families graduating hs really isnt a big deal. Anyways thats why i remember that lol.

My niece recently told me about a friend of hers that has a 16 week old AND she's 13 weeks pregnant with her 2nd child already. HOLY HELL.

Oh, and when my mom was in labor with one of us, she had a shared room with a woman who had just had her baby. The room was divided with a curtain and that woman and her boyfriend/husband/whoever were ALREADY HAVING SEX IN THE HOSPITAL BED!

That's just asking for an infection.

That's just really, really hating your vagina.

Ewww i waited 3 months after my daughter was born, and was so afraid of ir hurting (i had a c-section)

Geez, every story is the same! Couple broke up, found love again and had another child!

It's a shame about Brooke and Cody.
I'm glad Emily's mum is helping with the baby. They made it seem like she didn't give a shit. But I guess with her dad passed away and Emily on drugs, there may not be too many other good options. I hope she sorts her shit.
Aubrey was disgusting.
Felicia. Seriously. I just couldn't go back and forth with a man making babies every else as well. WTF?
Skankazar speaks for herself. So mentally unstable. That poor kid.

Jesus christ these people need to get their shit together. What a mess!

I think you could pretty safely post this as a comment on every single article on this site, haha.

off topic, but on Leah:

I am so sick of these brainwashed idiots who still stick up for Leah and tell her "she's doing a good job" or, "she's just stressed because she has three kids under 6 and one has a disability" or whatever else. Yeah the bitch is stressed! She brought that on to herself! She is NOT doing a good job. I had to reply to someone on Starcasm because it made me so annoyed. Here's the list I came up with why/how Leah is not doing a good job. Please, add some more if you can come up with them.

-doing drugs (pills, heroine, etc.)
-smoking cigarettes in the car with the children in the back
-not properly buckling the children in their car seats
-yelling at their father in front of the children
-fighting in front of the children
-not keeping them bathed and looking clean and put together
-driving them to a destination with loads of JUNK piled up in the trunk that could easily harm them at any given moment
-talking trash about their father
-showing signs of stress in front of the children
-cheating on their father and putting a strain on the marriage
-spending gobs and gobs of money for no reason
-bashing their father on social media/publicly

Like, do these "fans" truly not see what's REALLY going on? I don't know why it makes me so angry :(

Felicia looks so much like Batty from Fern Gully, it's been bugging me for years!

hahahaha you're avatar is incredible.

Funny how MTV think that these shows prevent pregnancy yet most of these girls have 2nd babies!!

People has another Jenelle sneak peek. It's about the fight in St Thomas. Jenelle is talking to Tori and of course, she doesn't mention that she wished death on soldiers but does mention that Nathan's friends told her that she doesn't deserve either Jace or Kaiser. So once again, she's the victim and Nathan doesn't support her enough.

First, let me say that I love the way Barbara runs - it's so cute.

It's pretty obvious that Jenelle is trying to start a fight with Nathan while she's on the fight with whory Tori. She purposely criticizes him right when he walks by. His whole "I told you not to disrespect me" thing was ironically disrespectful because he's talking to her like she's a little kid. The fact that he says that to his "fiancée" just screams abuser to me. They're both manipulative losers.

I don't get Nathan's fixation on people "disrespecting" him. First Babs, now Jenelle. Maybe if you weren't such a pathetic loser, people would respect you and you wouldn't have to demand it like the psycho ass you are?

Yay! There's a return of whorey Tori!

Yup this is why I think it's ridiculous that anyone would say Nathan isn't an abuser.