16 & Pregnant Season 2A Update!

16 and Pregnant

I know that we all have our favorite 16 & Pregnant stars, so a while ago I started piecing together updates on the girls from each season. I formerly posted an update about the stars of season 1, and now I'm moving on to the stars of season 2A. There were a TON of girls from season 2, since it had two sections, so their updates are a bit smaller, but at least you'll get a little information on each of them. I'll try to get an update on season 2B out later this week.

1. Jenelle Evans

**EXCLUSIVE** "Teen Mom 2" star Janelle Evans takes son Jace to an auto store

Jenelle gave birth to her son Jace back in 2009, and her life has been a whirlwind ever since. She was chosen for Teen Mom 2, which means we know significantly more about her life than some of the others on the season. To keep things short, Jenelle signed over custody to her mother, and went on with her partying ways. She later had a heroin addiction, and ended up marrying a guy named Courtland Rogers.

Courtland and Jenelle later divorced, and Jenelle found love in Nathan Griffith. The two went on to have a son, Kaiser.

They later became engaged, but a domestic violence charge separated the two briefly. They are now back together and focusing on making things work.

2. Nikkole Paulun


Nikkole and boyfriend Josh Drummonds welcomed their son, Lyle back in 2009. Nikkole was 15 during most of her filming, and at this point was the youngest girl to be featured on 16 & Pregnant. Nikkole and Josh couldn't make things work, and eventually broke up. They've been off and on several times since, but it's hard to be together now that Josh is in prison. He does, however, get out pretty soon.

Nikkole has dated around. For a while she was with a guy named Mike, and she ended up convincing the world that she was pregnant, only to reveal that she suffered a stillbirth.

Later, news came out that the stillbirth was all fake and an attempt to get back at Mike for beginning to date a girl named Teri Williams.

Late into 2014, Nikkole revealed that she was pregnant again. Followers were initially skeptical, but she did end up welcoming her second child, a girl named Ellie, in early July of 2015.

3. Valerie Fairman


Valerie and Matt welcomed their daughter, Nevaeh, in 2009. The two struggled to coparent after their relationship turned south. It seems like Valerie never quite turned things around, and ended up struggling with some serious internal issues.

Valerie was arrested for assaulting her adoptive mother shortly after the MTV camera crews left, and this wasn't her only run in with the law.

Valerie had several incidents where people suspected her of abusing drugs, and it turns out that she was also involved in prostitution.

Valerie was arrested in early 2015 for the alleged prostitution incident, and we've heard that she's seeking help for some of her issues since the arrest.

4. Chelsea Houska

chelsea houska aubree adam lind

Chelsea and ex-boyfriend Adam Lind welcomed their daughter, Aubree, on season 2A of 16 & Pregnant. The couple went on to appear on Teen Mom 2, so they're also pretty well known. Chelsea and Adam struggled to make their relationship work, and ended up breaking up, but they continued to hook up.

Chelsea eventually obtained her GED, and went on to cosmetology school, but later decided that the cosmo life wasn't for her. She ended up going through with a program to be a licensed esthetician instead.

In September of 2013, Adam welcomed a second child, Paislee, with his ex-girlfriend Taylor Halbur. Chelsea began dating a guy named Cole in 2014, and the two recently moved in together.

5. Lori Wickelhaus


Lori's heartbreaking episode featured her choice to place her son, Aidan, up for adoption. Lori herself was adopted, and many felt that her parents pressured her into adoption when she really would have liked to parent. All things aside, Lori has admitted that she wasn't in a place to parent at that point, and she does have an active role in Aidan's life, even though he's with an adoptive family. Shortly after MTV left Lori's life, she went on to have nudes leaked online.

They're still there if for some reason you want to look at them. Lori later became engaged to a guy named Joey Amos, and they welcomed a daughter, Rylynn in October of 2014.

Joey and Lori later separated, and Lori went on to get pregnant again by someone else.

Her newest child is a boy named Logan. He is about 11 months younger than Rylynn, and was born prematurely but seems to be living a happy and healthy life at home with his mom and sister now.

6. Samantha Hernandez

samantha hernandez

Samantha and her boyfriend, Eric, welcomed their daughter Jordynn back in December of 2009. Samantha and Eric have remained pretty quiet since their time on MTV concluded, but we do have a couple of updates. The two initially tried living together when they were still teens, but it didn't work out and they ended up moving back to their respective parents' homes.

They still stayed together and did a great job of raising their daughter. Now, Samantha and Eric are engaged with no real plans for a wedding any time soon.

They're one of the only couples from the entire franchise that is still together, haven't had any arrests, and don't have more children. Props to these two, and how cute is Jordynn?

7. Nicole Fokos

nicole fokos

Nicole and boyfriend Tyler welcomed their daughter, Brooklyn, in front of our eyes on season 2A of 16 & Pregnant. Nicole's father had died when she was very young, so having a new baby around was pretty emotional for her and her mom. Tyler was a bit of an outcast, and he dropped out of school and smoked a whole lot.

Nicole and Tyler ended up breaking up, and giving custody of their daughter to Tyler's grandmother. Nicole was stripping for a while, and Tyler was big into marijuana usage.

Thankfully both of them have turned things around quite a bit. They seem to be getting along for the sake of their daughter, although we're not sure if either of them have custody of Brooklyn.

8. Leah Messer

leah and babies

Leah and boyfriend Corey Simms welcomed the first set of twins from the franchise. Leah and Corey had only been dating for about a month before they got pregnant with the girls. They were a for sure pick for Teen Mom 2, and so we've been able to follow them in depth since their story began. Leah and Corey did eventually get married, but were divorced shortly after due to some cheating scandal and purchasing a truck.

Leah found love again in a guy named Jeremy Calvert, and the two went on to have a child together (Addie in 2013) and to got married. Sadly, their marriage also flopped due to cheating and drug addiction.

Corey went on to remarry a woman named Miranda, and the two are expecting their first child together.

Leah is now dating her former personal trainer, TR, and recently went to rehab to deal with her drug issues which will be focused in on during this season of Teen Mom 2.

9. Lizzie Waller

lizzie waller

Lizzie and Skylar welcomed their daughter Summer back in early 2010. The couple struggled to stay together after cheating allegations on Skylar's part came to light. Lizzie was initially able to forgive Skylar, and the couple went on to get married. Sadly, their marriage didn't last, and the couple has officially divorced.

Skylar had another child with the girl that he initially cheated on Lizzie with, but we're unsure of whether or not the two are still together. Lizzie has pursued a career as a skydiving instructor, and seems to be balancing her life post-MTV very well.

She's stayed very quiet since her time on television ended, but does occasionally update fans with pictures of Summer. Summer does spend time with both of her parents.

10. Kailyn Lowry

kailyn lowry jo rivera isaac rivera

Kailyn and boyfriend Jo welcomed their son, Isaac, back in 2010. Kailyn and Jo struggled to keep their relationship together, and eventually broke up which is awkward because Kailyn was living with Jo's family. Kailyn began dating a guy named Jordan who worked at Target with her. The couple was close, but eventually Jo's family found out and they forced Kailyn out of their home.

Kailyn moved out on her own, and then slept with Jo again and ruined her relationship with Jordan. Shortly after that incident, Kailyn met Javi, and the two fell in love.

Javi and Kailyn had a quick marriage, and sent him off to Air Force training.

Kailyn then got pregnant with the couple's first child, Lincoln.

Jo has been dating a girl named Vee for several years, and the couple is currently expecting their first child together - a girl! Kailyn has been followed on Teen Mom 2, so we've been pretty up to date on her life.


First, Megan, love the pic you chose of Leah. It's a really interesting cross-section of girls from this season. Just a few quick points:

Frankly it seems obvious to me that Jenelle would have been Valerie if it wasn't for MTV.

I know that no one agrees with me, but the Lori story is far deeper than just her parents pressuring her into adoption. You don't go away to learn to take care of yourself if there aren't deeper issues that were already present.

Samantha seemed truly affected by being pregnant at the same time as her mom. I remember there being a lot of kids in the house, and I think she saw herself going down that same road and put the brakes on. It's nice to hear good news from both her and Lizzie. And their girls are both so pretty.

In all seriousness, I think Lori is slow. Like, probably can't live alone, much less take care of a baby. I hated that first baby daddy because banging her is unethical, in my opinion.

I agree. I think she might have had Fetal Alcohol Syndrome judging by her looks (and that might also be why she was put up for adoption in the first place and adopted by a very religious family, since they're more likely to adopt special needs children). I wish MTV would have explained her issues further, they always leave the more interesting and relevant details of these girls' lives out.

@Dr Acula. Lori is not the sharpest tool in the shed, and maybe she does have FAS or some other disability. Or she may not - I cannot tell - unlike you I am not a Dr! However I think we can agree that she is capable of consent. and claiming that mentally impaired people (and I don't know if she is!) are not worthy of love and sex is unethical.

I hated Corey because he tried to browbeat Lori over the adoption but never once made any moves or plans to actually make it feasible for her to keep the kid. Like when she asked if she could move in with him, he was all like, "Well, I'll have to talk to my roommate about it", but that never happened. He never made any kind of impression that he actually wanted to raise Aidan. Saying, "I want to keep my son" isn't the same as actually doing something---ANYTHING---to keep him. He didn't try to help her at all. He also tried to treat the adoption like a custody agreement, but as far as I know, hasn't seen Aidan at all since his birth. He honestly seemed kind of slow himself since he was such a dumbshit the entire time.

They both were being idiots about it. They kept saying they wanted to keep him, but never made any plans. 16 & P showed them meeting a few times to talk about it, but pretty much all they said during these meetings was "we need to make a plan" without ever actually making one. And then when they decided on adoption, he said "I'd be happy with seeing him every other weekend". That's more of a custody thing, definitely not adoption.

I do remember Lori's parents making the point that she relied heavily on them just to get through her daily life, meaning that she likely would struggle raising a child. She also went to some program that taught "life skills" and such, someone posted a link on here at some point, I forget what the program was called.

Oh I would never want to say she's undeserving; I just think there must be a point like the age of consent. I don't know if there is a baseline, but I do think if you can't swing basic life skills your sex life is a giant grey area..

so I'm trying to get the dates straight on Lori's kids. The oldest one that she has (not that one that she adopted out) was born in October 2014 and the youngest one is 11 months younger? Either that kid hasn't been born yet or I'm guessing the older one was born in 2013 or earlier. Not that it really makes a difference, it's depressing all the way around.

No, the youngest one was born several months ago (for some reason, I want to say he was born this past October, but I'm not sure. I know TMJ did an article about it). I believe Lori got pregnant with him when her second child was only three or four months old. Nobody has any idea who the third kid's father is, since Lori had broken up with her daughter's dad before getting knocked up again. So it's either a toss-up between her ex or some random dude. It's crazy, but it makes me think that Aidan is probably so much better off than his half-siblings. Lori seemed nice but slow, and now she's popping out kids by these rando guys. I hope she's done having kids for a while. In fact, I hope most of these girls are done having kids for a while. Life does not have to revolve around babies and dicks of the week.

Here is the link to the TMJ article about Lori's third child: http://www.teenmomjunkies.com/16-and-pregnant-2/exclusive-lori-wickelhau...

She had her daughter in October 2013, and prematurely gave birth to her next child the following fall (2014). Three kids by most likely three different dads.

I know that we've all thought this: would she have either of the other two children if she hadn't given away her first? It seems like every woman who appeared on 16&P and chose the adoption route has at least tried to have a replacement baby. I think that the only 3 who went through with adoption were Lori, Catelynn, and Ashley, and all three have had at least 1 replacement pregnancy. It makes the whole situation 10x sadder when children are both merely to be replacements for a child that they'll never truly know.

Valerie's story makes me so sad. I know some people are disgusted with her, but I have nothing in my heart but sympathy. She grew up in the foster care system, and it can be extremely difficult for a child. My younger siblings were wards over the state for nearly three years (our father and their mother were extremely abusive and had extreme addiction problems that ended in my father going to prison for attempting to murder her) before being adopted. In that time one of my sisters lived in 18 DIFFERENT FOSTER HOMES. That is NOT AT ALL UNCOMMON. That same sister has been to rehab twice and she's barely 18. Another one of my younger sisters is severely bipolar and takes a cocktail of pills to stay leveled out. I am constantly terrified for them. Who knows what their mother was doing while pregnant with them /: Children living in situations like this can have lifelong difficulty being able to connect with people. Abuse and neglect in foster homes is also rampant. I work with a lot of foster kids at my job and one little girl whose parents were deported told me that her foster parents said, "you're nothing but a check to us." How could you possibly expect someone to succeed at parenting when they've had to learn not to make emotional bonds with anyone or anything? I don't know the specifics of Valerie's story, but the odds against her were stacked sky high.

This is why it hurts my heart to see people wish Jace had ended up in foster care. It's not a kind system, and Jace would've probably ended up worse off, if you can imagine. Foster kids come with letter grades to identify their behavioral difficulty level, health issues or if they were born addicted to drugs/if the mother used while pregnant. More difficult cases come with bigger checks, but a higher turnover rate. Lots of people hate being bothered by obnoxious/drug addicted bio parents who are still some what in the picture. There are just so many factors that can make it such a hard life. Babs ain't perfect, but at least Jace knows there's one person who is always there for him.

I mentored a girl who lived with a great foster mother. Like honestly a stupendous lady who loves those kids like her own, but with even more fervor and patience. But she ended up having to give her back after like 13 years in her care, because the young girl was prostituting and refusing to spot. Going as far to say, "I make more money than you do in a day and all I have to do is lay on my back." This girl was 15! And the state told the foster mom that she either gives the kid back so they could replace her in a different city or they would take all 6 children she was fostering because they couldn't allow a loud and proud prostitute around the other young kids. But they didn't seem too upset by the fact that GROWN MEN are buying sexual favors from a 15 year old girl! Like wtf? Sadly, that kind of thing is just too common. The focus is mainly keeping the kids alive until 18 and then saying good riddance.

Don't get me wrong, I personally know some AMAZING foster parents, but sometimes the kid's issues are so much bigger than you. I also know foster kids who have turned out great and really made something out of nothing. This isn't a criticism of people who can't help their situations, it is an indictment of a broken system full of broken hearted children. My thoughts and prayers are with Valerie and her daughter. If Valerie ever reads this, I hope you find comfort and I am genuinely rooting for you.

Sorry, that turned out waaaay longer than I expected,

I think you're 100% spot on. I've worked with some foster children too, and I've found it extremely difficult at times. The statistics surrounding foster children are not good, from their life outcomes to their rates of abuse. Foster care is supposed to be a last ditch effort, but it seems like the system is overused, and used more often for punishing adults than for genuinely helping children. I also think a lot of the not-good foster parents are those who do so out of some percieved moral/religious obligation (which is what I think happened with Valerie), which just seems to lead to neglect/abuse, especially with overloaded families.

I'm sorry if this is too much of a bummer, but your comment reminded me of this: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/08/11/1230282/-Two-Year-Old-Taken-fro...

This was a 2 year old girl who was taken away from her parents because they smoked pot sometimes when she was asleep and put into foster care. 9 months later she was dead because her foster mother slammed her head first into the floor.

Omg that is so sad! My parents fostered a kid when my brother and I were younger and now I'm happy they did. He was difficult, but they worked hard with him and I think he was a lot better off. He moved up from reading at a pre-school level to a kindergarten level in the year that he was with us and while he did have some behavioral issues, he just needed structure and compassion. He was much better behaved and MUCH happier at the end of the year. But then we had to move out of state for my dad's job and he was given back to his mother, who was an alcoholic dick-hopping ho who lived in a half-way house. The last thing I heard was that she had lost custody and his father had finally gotten full custody. He's one of the lucky ones, because his mother wouldn't let his father see him and once he was place in the foster system, he got weekly visits with his father. Enough so, that his father got full custody. But I always felt bad for him, because he was 8 and having to take care of his mother and get his own dinners and whatnot before Child Services found him. I'm just glad we could make a difference and the thought that some people are just in it for the money is sickening. These kids are already coming from fucked up situations and they need loving, stable people, not psychos who couldn't give two shits about them.

I honestly feel bad for all these girls. Mental illnesses, teenage pregnancy, foster homes, all of that combined with being exploited on TV for a quick buck is bound to break them even more.

On a side note, Lori has nudes!?

I'm curious, but at the same time...I don't want to see those nudes. haha

Omg I just Googled it and now I need eye surgery :'(


You don't wanna know. Trust me.

I believe Nicole Fokos daughter Brookyln is somewhat back in Tyler's care. Also is appears Brooklyn suffers from Vitiligo, a skin disease that causes your skin to have white patches. She is still a beautiful little girl and Tyler seems to have turned his priorities around to care for her. Nicole might be be back in her life as well, but seems to only post pictures of her latest crush on her social media accounts.

Wait, Kailyn was forced out of the Riveras' home? I thought she left on her own accord because she's a strong independent woman who doesn't play by anybody else's rules because she had a shitty childhood.

It's good to see that people like Samantha and Lizzie are doing well, haven't had any run-ins with the law or more children they're probably not ready for at this moment. I think part of it is that they came from decent, functional homes (I remember Samantha mentioning she was born to teenagers herself, but her mother and father were both good people who did their absolute best raising her and were both very close to her, which was nice to see). I also think a part of it is because they weren't picked to be on "Teen Mom 2", which seemed to amplify Jenelle, Kailyn, and Leah's dysfunction and make them even worse now they had money to throw away and felt invincible. So, yeah, while "Teen Mom 2" does give you more money and "fame", I think it also takes away a bit of your soul with each season and just ruins you. In a way, it's lucky not to get picked for a continuing franchise.

Lol technically she was forced out, because Janet and Eddie had this fucked up idea that a teen with a BABY should focus on school and work instead of being on the hunt for baby daddy #2 while she was living with them for free. She's one of those who pulled that "I'm doing this on my own!" number while living rent free, with free childcare, and I'm willing to bet not buying groceries/cooking/cleaning. Also, instead of talking to them like the empowered woman she is, she let them find out via Facebook. On the plus side, look at her smiling! I was caught off guard by that.

Technically she wasn't forced out though. If I remember correctly, Janet and Eddie just said that they weren't going to allow her to live there if she continued to chase dicks, and that she was welcome to live there as long as she wasn't dating anyone.

So she chose to date a guy instead of have a stable living situation, then cheated on that guy with Jo, ruining the relationship anyways.

Exactly! I remember Janet having a heart-to-heart with her, saying, "OK, so your relationship didn't work out with Jo, but while you are living here, we agreed that you were not to have a boyfriend. We found you were sneaking around and seeing a boy, you've got to leave." After which Karl threw a bitch fit, cried, and acted all wronged. Janet was a saint.

I haven't watched that episode in a loooong time, so I couldn't tell you what happened really, but I remember Kail being as per usual, holier than thou, and claiming the Rivera's forced her out and etc etc. for sob story purposes, all while still claiming to be a strong independent woman who doesn't play by anybody's rules because she had a shitty childhood, when in reality, she pretty well left on her own accord. At the disgust of the Rivera's, no less, because she was bangin' some other dude while living in their house. Looking back, I get irritated knowing Jo's family did so much for her and their grandson, and as she usually does....resents them and claims she did nothing wrong. You were having a relationship with someone who wasn't their son while mooching off of their hospitality. That entitlement complex, though, ugh. I often wonder what daily life is, whether Jo or Javi's family watch much of teen mom and see her be all crazy.

but was this when she went to the homeless shelter for a few days so she could get taxpayer funded housing? meaning, had she just taken a break from dick hunting, she would've had a WONDERFUL house for her and her son to live in?

I'm really hung up on this fact because I actually did support her "woe is me", I need a cheap apartment scheme by living in the same area and paying taxes to support that shit. she's worthless. so much for the pride over pitty bullshit. girl lost some pretty sweet digs just because she can't keep her legs together.

I always loved Joe's mum, Janet. She was so supportive of Kail; I can't see many parents letting their teenage son's pregnant girlfriend move in with them indefinitely, even if she's not with their son anymore, with the only condition being that she focus on her baby and not date. It really pissed me off how she was so disrespectful and didn't realise how kind the Rivera's were being, but I guess that's typical Kail.

Sooo happy to hear that Samantha's doing great! She was my favorite because everything was hard on her but i knew she would be a wonderful mom to her daughter
I didnt know Niccole F. Was a stripper! Never saw that coming

I'm glad there was at least one happy story out of the bunch (so far).

Samantha seemed like such a little girl still on her episode, everything made her cry. I'm surprised at how she's turned out AND that she's still with Eric! Their relationship didn't seem that strong back then.

I remember watching her episode and thinking "How in the hell did this girl even get pregnant?" because she seemed so young and reserved.

Leah's crunchy hair!

Speaking of hair, I forget Adam used to actually have some, pre steroids, obviously.

I forget about Lizzie. Her little girl is absolutely adorable.

I had no clue that Nicole stripped, but to be honest, the only thing I remember about her is the fact that her parents actually spelled her name correctly.

Samantha has always been one of my favorites (she was ALWAYS smiling, which drove me a little crazy), so I am happy to hear that she has her shit together (seemingly) and is doing well. Her daughter is also adorable.

I really, REALLY hope that Valorie is getting the help she needs and is taking it seriously. Only time will tell.

I don't even want to talk about the hulk, Juh-nelle, or the mother of those two poor, poor babies Lyle&Ellie.

Lori, I don't remember too much about her. I had no idea she had nudes leaked...and I have no idea who in the hell would want to look at them....but sure, whatever.

I prefer Leah's crunchy hair to her court room extensions...sadly.

I know! Which is surprising, the crunchy hair is BAD! It looks like it's still wet, but it feels like you used an entire bottle of hair spray per strand. But, at least it is her real hair, I guess.

The crunchy hair could be symptomatic of using mousse. I also went through an unfortunate crunchy hair phase trying to get rid of fly-aways when I was 14....

Hey! What's wrong with us

As someone who has curly hair I do have to defend the crunchy hair aka deep fried curls :P Yes they are used from using mousse and pretty hard to avoid at time :P I had many crunch hair days haha

Also, who is Ellie's father? Nikkole's life choices I tend to ignore...however, reading this article made me wonder. I don't know how anyone else feels about this, but if the site is ever looking for a post to update on, I'd love to creep on a recent list of social media accounts (instagrams or twitter handles, rather) of the franchise girls and the dad's, if they have one. I occasionally creep on the well known ones, TMOG girls and TM2. However I don't see a lot of others because I just don't know them. I realize some I can google--but I have a hard time figuring out who is a fake or fan account vs. the real account if there is one.

and as with some of the girls listed in this article, I just forgot they were on the show but remembered them when reminded.

according to The Ashley, it's some guy named Ryan Rice.

She mentions him towards the bottom of this article about Ellie's birth


Thanks Meagan for the update, youre the best! Im happy to see Samantha and Eric still together, no second kid. I think theyre literally THE only 16&P couple thats like that. I'll be looking forward to your other updates!

Jenelle- I think we all agree she's a trashy junkie whore and a crappy excuse for a mother.
Nikkole- In competition with Jenelle and Leah she still manages to be the most despicable of the group.
Valerie- I feel bad that she had a rough life growing up, but I couldn't stand the way she talked to her adoptive parents, the people that took her in and loved her and helped with her daughter.
Chelsea- She's the least bad from the Teen Mom 2 group, so I guess that's something.
Lori- I'm not trying to be mean, but there was something mentally off about this girl (my guess is FAS) and I completely understand why her parents wanted her to put that baby up for adoption, since she apparently couldn't even take care of herself without a lot of help from them. I wonder what the exact situation is with the two new babies?
Samantha- I'm glad they're doing well. She seemed sweet and they seemed like dedicated parents.
Nicole- Tyler looks like a girl in this picture. Have y'all done a post about how many people have lost custody of their young'uns?
Leah- Trash.
Lizzie- I liked her but wasn't a fan of her boyfriend at all 90 think her worked, which was really his only good quality). Summer is beautiful!
Kailyn- Ugh.

We might as well just ask straight out why all the baby daddies named Tyler look like girls.

Bahaha! I just assumed that was her sister or friend or something.

Tyler looks like the main kid from Dazed and Confused. The little brother baseball player.

Okay, until I read this comment, I actually thought that was a girl. I just figured it was Nicole's sister or friend or something.

And even *after* I read the comment, it took me a minute to figure out which one wasn't a girl.

I love your avatar. I crack up every time I see it. In fact, I just choked on my pretzel because of it.

I said the same thing lol

I always really liked Tyler, he was very young but seemed sweet and dedicated to his girls. Shame to hear they lost custody and he's on drugs (again)
Love this post though! I'm re-watch ing past seasons of 16 & pregnant and always wonder what happened after filming

He's on drugs? I re-read the Nicole section with Tyler and it only says how he used to smoke pot. Is he on something harder now?

I always thought Nicole was probably on something while she was stripping, especially because she looked so skinny.

Must've misread.. however where I live marihuana is listed as a drug, even though it's 'just' a soft drug .
Glad to know he's not on anything harder though

Well if we want to split hairs it is a drug, but so is aspirin and St Johns Wort and sugar.

Last time I checked aspirin wasn't illegal in the US though ;)

Dude, I'm in no way against marihuana. I'm from fricking Amsterdam. ^_^

Asprin doesn't get you high (when you're a parent you lose the right to not be mentally present) and asprin doesn't cause secondhand smoke. (weed wouldn't if people weren't dumb enough to think smoking was the only way to use it)

That may be the most charitable summary of Jenelle's time on TM that I've ever read. Well done, haha.

But she forgot to mention that Jenelle was arrested 14 times.

Or the fact that she went on her first date with Nathan while aborting another man's baby. #justlikethenotebook

Jenelle was bragging on twitter that Nathan holds the car door open for her.... wonder if that was before or after he allegedly tried to run her over in his truck?

I said "charitable", not "accurate" :)

Jo seems like great person, but I can't stand his goddamn ski slope-shaped head. It's so bizarre.

In the 16 and pregnant episode and @ the beginning of TM2 I thought he was a real dick. Having gotten to know more about Karl it's so look obvious she got the good edit and he got the opposite. He actually seems to be a pretty nice guy, a devoted dad and has more patience than I could ever muster for that sanctimonious test. Sometimes, I am truly surprised he doesn't blow!

I agree. In the early stages I thought Jo was an asshole and that Kail was really trying to make things work. She's one I can genuinely say actually fooled me. Some people were fooled by Maci, some people were fooled by Leah, I was fooled by Kail. I really rooted for her. I started disliking her when she fucked over Jordan like that because I could actually see how she treats men like disposable shit. If it were Jo treating women like that (like Adam), everyone would be ripping him to shreds. But he's turned out to be one of the most mature, respectful people in the franchise so far. He's had his own shit, but I can't say that I've ever seen him treat anyone like they were disposable or owed them something. I definitely see him as a bit of a saint now for having to deal with Kail. Vee too. And Corey and Miranda. They all deserve a 6 pack.

Jo and Vee. Corey and Miranda. Brandon and Theresa. The saints of Teen Mom.

I totally agree. Initially I thought Jo was awful, a future dead beat and mostly the reason why Kail would be difficult. But then later watching, she definitely had a good edit. Jo is very calm, more calm than I could ever be at even the sight of she hulk, ha.