16 & Pregnant Season 1 Update Post

16 and pregnant

I've received a lot of requests for a brief update on all of the 16 & Pregnant girls.

Some of you had favorites from each season that didn't go on to Teen Mom spinoffs, and you've been searching for answers on where they're at now. I'm here to help as much as I can.

This post will cover all of the girls from 16 & Pregnant's first season, which aired in 2009.

While not a ton of information is available on each girl, I'll do my best to provide as much as I can.

I am planning on posting about a new season each week, which means we'll have something to talk about in the moments that are a little slower.

1. Maci Bookout


Maci was a teen from Tennessee when we met her back in 2009. She was pregnant with her son Bentley, and was dealing with issues in a relationship with boyfriend, Ryan Edwards. Since Maci's episode finished, she went on to film 4 seasons of Teen Mom.

Maci dated around, and eventually settled down with Taylor McKinney. Taylor is from Texas, but moved to Tennessee to be with Maci and Bentley this summer.

Maci recently announced her second pregnancy, and is due with a baby girl in June of 2015. Maci's story will be followed more closely on an upcoming season of Teen Mom, which is set to air early next month.

2. Farrah Abraham


Farrah, a teen from Council Bluffs, Iowa, was pregnant with her deceased boyfriend's baby. She gave birth to daughter, Sophia, on the first season of 16 & Pregnant. After her episode finished, she was chosen to participate in Teen Mom for 4 seasons. After Farrah's time with MTV was over, she got into some trouble.

She had a DUI arrest, and starred in 2 adult films. She eventually moved to Austin, Texas, and began making appearances around the country at gentlemen's clubs.

Farrah will not be returning for a 5th season of Teen Mom, but has locked in appearances on E! Network's Botched, and she also has a role in a low-budget horror film.

Farrah is currently dating a new guy named Simon.

3. Amber Portwood

Amber was pregnant with boyfriend Gary Shirley's child when we first met her. The couple struggled to make things work, and ended up splitting up after the birth of their daughter, Leah. Amber was chosen for Teen Mom, and will be returning for a 5th season of the show in February. During her filming for Teen Mom, Amber struggled with pain pill addiction, and ended up going to rehab a couple of times, having a suicide attempt, and ultimately served about 18 months of her life in prison.

Amber has made a pretty good recovery, and seems to remain positive on social media accounts. Amber has recently published a book titled, "Never Too Late" which shows her story of addiction in a new light.

She is working on regaining formal custody of her daughter.

Amber is currently dating a guy who is allegedly a huge Teen Mom fan, but things seem to be going well for them, and they keep their drama off of the Internet, so I'm hoping things keep going like they are.

4. Ebony Rendon


Ebony was a 17 year old from Colorado when we met her on season 1 of 16 & Pregnant. She and boyfriend Josh struggled with the fact that when they had a child together, both of them couldn't join the Air Force. The couple welcomed their daughter, Jocelyn, and later went on to get married. Josh was enlisted in the military and the couple lived on base, which has strict filming policies. This is a main reason that they were not chosen for Teen Mom. The couple found out that they were pregnant in 2011, but the pregnancy ended in miscarriage. This miscarriage caused Ebony to spiral into depression and self-medication.

Eventually, CPS came and raided the Rendon household and found unsuitable living conditions for Jocelyn. The couple ended up losing custody for over 6 months. During the time they were without Jocelyn, they conceived again, and later welcomed their second daughter, Jayda, into the world.

Since this happened, Ebony and Josh have divorced and Ebony has taken a new route in her life. Ebony came out as bisexual after her split from Josh, and she is dating a woman named Judith that she met during high school.

Apparently there was always chemistry there, but Ebony ended up pregnant and Judith was in a different relationship.

Things seem to be in place for Ebony at this point in her life, and as far as we can tell, she has primary custody of both Jocelyn and Jayda.

5. Whitney Purvis


Whitney Purvis was a 16 year old from Georgia when we met her. She and boyfriend, Weston Gosa, welcomed Weston Jr. during her episode of 16 & Pregnant. Since filming ended, Whitney has had a few arrests, including one incident where she was caught stealing a pregnancy test from Walmart.

Whitney did get pregnant again, and she and Weston welcomed their second child, River, into the world in October of 2014. Whitney's oldest son suffers from a genetic disease called alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency.

This disease effects the lungs and liver, and can sometimes lead to shortened life expectancy.

Whitney revealed later that she has a 70% chance of out-living her oldest son.

As far as we know, the couple's second child does not have the genetic disorder, but he is still relatively young and there's always the possibility for diagnosis later in life.

6. Catelynn Lowell


Catelynn Lowell and boyfriend, Tyler Baltierra, chose adoption for their daughter Carly when they were only 16 years old. The couple went on to be filmed for Teen Mom, but struggled with putting their child up for adoption. They ended up getting engaged during Teen Mom, but called the engagement off shortly before appearing on VH1's Couples Therapy. Catelynn and Tyler are filming with MTV for a 5th season of Teen Mom, and their story line will focus mainly on their second pregnancy.

The couple revealed in February 2014 that they were trying to conceive, and less than 2 months later, rumors started swirling that they had gotten pregnant. The couple confirmed rumors and ended up welcoming their daughter, Novalee Reign Baltierra, into the world earlier this month.

Pictures of Nova haven't surfaced yet, but we can expect to see them within the next couple of weeks.

Rumor has is that Novalee's name came straight from the 2000 film titled "Where The Heart Is" which features the struggles surrounding a pregnant woman who is ditched in a Walmart parking lot by her boyfriend, and ends up living at Walmart and delivering her child there.


Thanks for this. I would like to point out that there were 4 Seasons of Teen Mom. I only know this because I just watched all of them.

You are absolutely correct! Totally my bad on that one. Thanks for letting me know. :)

Amber was in gel for 17 months. She has mentioned it about 600 times.

She was kinda in gel.

And her hair was all jolly ranchered up to perfection.

This is a great idea! Love to hear updates on girls we don't normally hear about.

Also, I've seen a few articles naming the guy Farrahs dating. This one has a little information. I can't find the article I saw the other day, it had a lot more info! But here's a little bit for anyone who's interested. He sounds too good for her! http://www.wetpaint.com/farrah-abraham/articles/2015-01-22-farrah-abraha...

Oh no! Trap! She found him in San Diego! She could totally be living near you super soon!

Oh no she dit'int, she found her boyfriend on here:



What the hell?! That's absolutely bizarre. It's like those escorts that specialize in giving their clients "the girlfriend experience" so they can actually take her out in public and feel like they're in a relationship instead of just hiring a hooker. Except this is totally digital. And the "calling George Glass" reference was hilarious. Bahaha.

God I swear she's coming for me

If you hear a belligerent antichrist on your front stoop squealing about Daddy Derek, pull a Debra and grab some knives and a trash claw....FIGHT TO THE DEATH!

So sad, her new boyfriend is the one and only real friend she has, according to Farrah.

This is really mean and maybe Farrah has changed (doubtful) but I want to know what's wrong with this guy that he's dating Farrah. You couldn't even PAY me to put up with her...especially in a romantic relationship. Oh, wait, she can't even pay a person to put up with her in a "romantic relationship" as we saw on Couples Therapy.

Maybe he's just REALLY strapped for cash.

She was tweeting the "doctor" from couples therapy saying she would be seeing her soon or some shit like that which makes me think she will be dragging this guy on to the show.

Nothing says true love like annoying the shit out of your new boyfriend so much so fast that you need to head on over to Jenn BerMOUTH and work out your issues on national television. If this is another fake boyfriend, I'm going to kick her in the uterus if I ever meet her.

Has the same person ever been on couples therapy twice? I wonder how well that season did in the ratings

I can't say I've ever seen it, I don't think its on here but I googled and I can't see anyone that's been on twice. Then again Farrah is the only person that's been on the show alone so they seem to bend the *rulses for her (*typo but I'm leaving it because Leah)

Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but she's hiding her face in that photo. Was this taken before she has her lips fixed?

"...(he's a real estate agent by day, car salesman by...later in the day)..."

haha, When they aren't banning me from reading more than two articles a month, wet paint is rather entertaining.

I got a nice chuckle out of that one too

I'd imagine you aren't losing sleep over it, but if you haven't already tried, you might try reading Wet Paint in incognito mode. I know some websites that require subscriptions can't track you if you are in incognito mode and therefore won't restrict your reading. I've also heard that it will prevent airlines and hotels from jacking up prices, but that could just be a rumor.

Or maybe you've tried that and it doesn't work. Maybe you could try something else; I think they make like a lower dye.

I don't know why I found this so funny but thanks, I needed a laugh. I look like a crazy person though good thing I'm alone

I'll try that, thanks!

Let's be real. No intelligent, decent man would actually date and LOVE farrah. They might like the celebrity ideal of dating farrah. And being able to tell people they are dating a porn star. But to love her? No way. Never.

"It's going to take a special guy to love you" hahaha her mom is funny.

"You're going to have to dupe a foreigner or someone who's been badly brain damaged. We'd love for him to come to heaven with us." - Debra Danielson, Esq.

I'm kind of glad Whitney was not chosen for Teen Mom. I couldn't have listened to that voice for 4 seasons. At the same time, I feel as though she could have used the money the most.

Also, I felt for Ebony. I don't excuse what happened, but as somebody who has went into a downward spiral after miscarrying, I can sympathize. Would have been an interesting storyline for Teen Mom. I'd rather that instead of boring Catelynn. But then again, if there were no Catelynn, there would have been no Butch....

Agreed about Whitney. I was so surprised by Ebony she seemd to have her shit together. It otally would have rather seen Ebony over cuticle muncher. Yes yes we did get Butch...that is true.

I'm shocked she is in a lesbian relationship. Never would've pickEd that one....

For some reason it didn't shock me at all. I rremember readign how her kids got taken away cause there were feces all over the house. Lovely.

Well, whatever makes her happy and those kids happy. Seems like she's doing fine now, she has primary care of both kids.

Yeah I don't care who she dates. Just pick up the poop girl. Her baby's dad was kinda derpy looking. SHe was so pretty.

...TTB, is there some stereotype I'm unaware of that closeted lesbians are poor housekeepers? Because that's exactly how your statement sounds. (I'm not saying that in a confrontational TRAP BABY'S A BIGOT! way at all. I'm just wondering if I missed some widely known stereotype or something, haha.)

Not to my knowledge. I don't classify myself as a lesbian(I am married, to a male, and I am attracted to him in every aspect, I stopped putting a label on it years ago, because it's kind of an unusual situation I'm in.)

Anyway, when I was closeted as a whateveryouwannacall it, my house was still nice and neat!! I think it was more of a downward spiral with depression. My house cleaning was definitely not up to par when my situation went down. That being said, I have never had feces lying around my house.

HUh what? Haha I'm like most for gays getting married as you can possibly get. No I was referring to when she got her kids taken away cause there was feces all over the house and the house was in shitty conditions etc. Think she was with Josh then. I'm saying she can date whoever she wants, gay, straight, whatever, just clean up yo damn house.

Plus I have a girl crush on Megan. I can be messsy, but seriously shit lying around your house with kids around? Yikes.

To clarify: That was a joke. I don't actually think there's a correlation between bisexual/homosexual women and allowing your home to be coated in feces. I just thought what Trap Baby said was an odd segue. "Not surprised she's a lesbian. Her house is full of shit." Usually, that computes in my brain hat the two statements are related, haha.

My bad.

Loll it's all good it's funny. No gay hating ever. I would marry a gay man. They're the best people. It's weird I noticed gay guys HATE lesbians. I don't know what that's all about.

I learned that watching Will & Grace. The Jack vs. random lesbian interactions were hilarious.

Yes! Her voice! And she was so dam lazy. Some of these girls (Whitney included) shock me that they get pregnant. They seem so immature and shy that they come across as though they would be appalled at bumping uglys! But apparently not....

Owh oopsy daisy... Nowh, I don't like MTV. The big MTV people made tiny poor little me do bad things. They told me to disrespect my Me-maw, and I swear I was normally nothing but a sweet and very grateful little girl to my lovely Me-maw...

She didn't even know how to cook for herself!!

She's still pretty immature. She and Weston break up every other week. Still.

I heard that Whitney was originally going to do "Teen Mom", which is why during one of the catch-up specials, there was a lot of footage of Weston Jr. as a baby even though he was a couple years old when the special was filmed. Whitney stated that she was going to do the spin-off, but when Weston Jr. was diagnosed, she decided to quit the show because she wanted to focus solely on her son's illness without cameras constantly being in her face. I'm not sure if she's telling the truth or what, but that's a story she's been telling for years, so I assume she really did back out of the show for her son's sake. They all seem to be doing well, which is a good thing regardless.

Oh god, the eyes! The cold dead realistic farrah fish eyes!

I saw an interview with Whiney in a more journalistic TV show about teen pregnancy. They filmed a girl in the same school as Whiney was attending. They interviewed Whiney too and she said she ddidn't want to film with MTV cause the made her fight with people and lie. Think she also said the were glamorising teen pregnancy and something about MTV drops the girls after filming while they said they would help.
I think MTV did not want to film with her too after that.

I just like that you call her Whiney. It is accurate.

I still have no idea whether that dog was named Chumpy or Chompy because of her accent.

Also, my favorite part of her episode was where she found that coffee mug with the penis for a handle in her grandma's room and showed it to her and her grandmother flipped the fuck out. I know it's mean to laugh at that but we played A LOT of novelty dick pranks in my family so I couldn't figure out why she was so angry. Apart from the fact that she had to sleep on a couch in her own home while her daughter AND granddaughter were pregnant and gave up her own bedroom for her granddaughter and her boyfriend to stay in. Maybe it was the dick that broke the Farrah's camel's back?

"Memaw, can you make me some coffee?"

my father owned a booby cup that he was very sensitive about. if you mentioned it or touched it, he'd flip out. so weird.

Haha I think Meemaw was just having a bad day. There were at least 5 adults/almost adults living together in her home. And like you said, Meemaw got the couch. I think she was more pissed that Whitney and Weston were rummaging through her stuff.

@ Lyin Damn Husalah - I know! I remember watching MeeMaw flipping out and realizing that the woman was a damn saint. My grandmother would NOT give up her bedroom so knocked-up me and my boyfriend could "shack-up" while she slept on the couch, made meals and cleaned up after everyone and all that. Whiney drove me insane - particularly when she said she dropped out of school because she didn't want people to see her pregnant - yeah, because it's not like MTV is going to beam your lazy and pregnant ass all over the globe or anything.

"yeah, because it’s not like MTV is going to beam your lazy and pregnant ass all over the globe or anything."

I actually snorted when I read that.

Is catelynn anticipating the day Tyler ditches her in a parking lot or something?

Lolll. At least the guy in that movie that knocked her up was hot and straight.

I'd take Willy Jack over Tyler any day..lol.

Hell yeah lol

Every time I see that actor in anything now, I get irrationally angry. I loved Where the Heart Is and Willy Jack was a dickbag.

And every time I see the actor who plays Forney, I try to remember kind hearted Forney because now that actor usually plays pretty dastardly roles like Villefort in Count of Monte Cristo.

Rae he does!!! He's a great actor. So versatile. He was SUCH a chode in Count of Monte Cristo and so sweet in Where the Heart is. I still wanna call it Whisper oof the Heart ><

I love "Where the Heart Is". Hate that Catelynn ruined a good movie. Also hate that there's people out there that think it's okay to actually name a baby Novalee. I guess if they get pregnant again, they'll name that baby Americus. Or maybe Praline.

I have been dying to watch that movie again since Novarly was born. This site reminds me of movies I haven't watched in forever (ahem, Mean Girls).

Same here! It's such a good film.
I love Forney!

Everytime I think the name Forney in my head when talking about that movie, I always say it in his alcoholic sister's voice: "Fooouurney!"

I was kinda stoked when she kicked off. Such a c block

I would have think Natalie would be a better option than Novalee. It sounds similar but is a much better name. I would consider naming my own kid that. And better yet, Novalee was played by Natalie Portman who is awesome.

And knowing how these girls like to butcher perfectly good names, they'd probably have spelled it Natalee or something.

No no no. Natalie is reserved if I ever have a daughter. If they ever use Natalee or Nataleigh it's effing ruined. Love natalie portman!

I had a camp counselor named Nathalie once. It was really really hard to train my brain not to say Natalie.

Natalie Portman is my girl crush <3

Natalie is way more classier than Novalee. Natalie and Novalee are swimming in different ponds. In fact, Novalee is wearing too tight pants, crawling in the bushes looking for loose change while her pants ride down showing her ass crack, meanwhile Natalie is attending luncheons, sipping champagne and quipping to groups of European aristocrats. In all fairness to Tyler n Cate, they knew which pond they were bathing in when they came up with Novalee, never mind the other couple of trash names they threw in for good measure, just in case the kid ever wanted to get some kind of job, or God forbid a profession outside of the night dancin.

Whenever I hear the name Novalee I think of the episode of Family Guy where Quagmire's baby gets left on his doorstep and he names her Annalee, or "anal for short." Damn, maybe even that name would have been better.

Don't forget Brownie, Cherry or Baby Ruth!

...or Pez and Twinkie. ;)

I named my dog Brownie because of that movie (and also bc he is brown)

Well, I mean, Catelynn already gave up a baby in a parking lot. She should be used to them by now.

That was incredibly harsh and also incredibly delicious. Zing, zing, zing! I'm going to extra double Hell now that I've laughed at that. (I've already made reservations for regular hell for many previous things, haha. This is just a Horrid Human Being upgrade.)

And then he'll go to California. All the pricks go to California. They oughta call it Prickafornia.

lmao at least it sounds autobiographical .... it could really be a true story

Thanks for the updates! I always forget who's who and which season they're from, so this is perfect! It's sad how negative these stories are. :(

Novalee Novarly - Carly Carlee
Just weird

"Well, she ainovarly lookin' like Carly, but she'll do."

Sorry to correct your article but from what I understand:
Ebony had an ectopic pregnancy surgically removed in May 2011. She did not know the sex but said she decided it was a boy. She named him Josiah James. She is not with Judith, she went on to be with a man named James. With James, she got pregnant a fourth time and lost that baby too, named Hercules Angel Baldrick. Maybe I'm wrong or maybe I just know way too much about this girl haha. Am I the only one who heard all this about her?

No need to apologize. I hadn't heard about any other pregnancies since Jayda, but I will check into it. I appreciate hearing things like this from commenters and it helps other readers figure out updates on the girls too. :)

Well I get most of my info here so then I feel dirty for not being completely loyal to this site, haha. But when there's a slow week on here I have to supplement my addiction with other teen mom sites. A teen mom junkie's gotta do what a teen mom junkie's gotta do.

As a Kaiser member i love your name hahaha

Thanks Trap Baby haha I know. I hope there are no Kaiser Permanente's where Jenelle lives. It's bad enough the kid has to get bread roll jokes his whole life.

This is the first I'm hearing about Ebony in years, so this is very interesting to me!

How far was she when she miscarried? Did she know it was a boy also? How unlucky....

I don't think she ever announced the fourth pregnancy until one day she just posted a photo of his memorial. This was nine months ago and a few months earlier she'd been posting photos of alcohol so I'm assuming she was a couple months along. The ectopic was early, I think eight weeks. She said she just guessed about the sex of Josiah, so she might've done the same thing with Hercules.

Fourth? geez. HERCULES???

With her ectopic, she was only a few days pregnant before it was removed. I know she said that was the whole reason for her depression, but I think that may have just been a trigger for a much, much larger issue. I'm glad they both seem to be in a better and more stable place for their girlses.

Hercules??? WTF she might as well name the next one Zeus or Apollo

I'm surprised she didn't at least stick with the J theme. I guess she didn't wanna go full Duggar.

I would name my kid Apollo. Not that I'm EVER having anymore. Only because the name would conjure up images of Apollo Nida from RHO Atlanta.

Oh, Apollo. He is not a smart man, but goodness he sure is pretty.

Agree. I would just lock him up so I could look at him. And touch his arms, and and run my fingers across his shoulders. Oh. And make him look at me with those smoldering "fuck me" eyes.

I hadn't heard any of this. And the baby's name is too ridiculous (not Josiah, oops).

Hercules Angel Baldrick sounds like a professional wrestling name and his gimmick is wearing huge 6ft angel wings while kicking everyone's asses.

I didn't know about that, just did a search and found this post:

It sounds like Ebony doesn't have custody, Josh does, but this was an article from last May. http://teenmomstheword.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/exclusive-ebony-jackson-no...

I don't understand how she said she started smoking pot as a form of "self harm." Does smoking pot count as self harm?

Also, I could be making a snap judgement but boo to her for ditching her own fucking daughters.

I think Ebony was smoking syntehtic pot, which is actually quite dangerous since it's laced with all sorts of fucked-up drugs like heroin, PCP, meth, etc. So she didn't become a lazy mother because she got hooked on pot. She became a lazy mother because she got hooked on pot and other drugs that were messing her up. Of course, I don;t think that's an excuse to leave your house covered in feces and trash to the point where you lose custody of your only child. Miscarriages are devastating, but neglecting your duties to that kind of extreme is inexcusable. She had already lost one child and ended up losing another.

So Farrah is the only original girl who hasn't hatched a second kid? I would have thought with Sofia doing her 'own thing' it would have freed Farrah up to have a second ;)

She certainly was all about getting knocked up when she was dating Daniel lol

"So it's been six weeks. If you don't give me a huge fucking diamond and propose in the next three days in a romantic, decadent way where you worship me and you grovel at my feet for me to marry you, I don't really see a future here. Oh and you sure as shit better call the paparazzi so it's on the internet within an hour. Snap to it!"

And Amber. But that's only because she was kinda in gel for 17mths.

AND as someone pointed out on another post, you can't get pregnant using the poop hole.

Farrah's back door has been slammed so many times, it has bashed down the wall of the uterus. Enter the back door, shoot the tadpoles and they arrive smack in the centre of the womb. Doesn't matter, she won't get pregnant because her eggs are all scrambled eggs from the back door being repeatedly slammed on them. There's eggshells all over the uterine walls and back door. It's like having Bieber as your neighbour!

In the highly unlikely chance she does get pregnant, the baby will fall right out of her ass with her first poop. Unless they wire her ass closed to hold it in. She won't be able to poop for 9 months but she is normally so full of shit, no one will notice a difference.

Oh my God lol

NewDay you've come back wth some flame in your comments!

OMG, Newday. I had to log on just to reply to this - dying.


I will say supposedly anal makes you poop more o_O I HEARD IT IN A MOVIE.

I think there's some cast blocking things up from when they made the production model for the silicon hooha's.

Oh, that makes sense, Mommy2. Some latex plug got stuck up there, from the making of the moulds. Or it could just be MOLD.

I'm going to heave

Finally a reason to be happy she had those hooha's made.
Maybe Debs instructed them to do so. When a baby would arrive without Far being married she will not have a single church friend anymore.

Kill it before it lays eggs

It'll be laying eggs near you soon...


For your information, Trap Baby, one of her "Vivid Gentlemen's Club" appearances was in my hometown. The same hometown my skeezy hooker-loving father lives in. I was preparing myself for someone I knew in high school to facebook me and say, "Hey! I saw your dad motorboating that chick from Teen Porno at the strip club last night!" and then proceed to projectile vomit until I die.

Omg.... nightmare. I tried setting her up with my ex for my own sick entertainment. He's too poor for her lolll.

Man...I've heard of bad breakups but my god what did that dude do to you to deserve THAT? Remind me never to piss you off. ;)

Guys might meet Farrah and think she's hot but then she opens her mouth and they get a de-rection. The only way she will get pregnant again is a) sperm donor. b) mail order husband who has to stay with her because he can't go back to his homeland due to political/certain death reasons. c) blackmail. d) she and Michael have a little too much champagne one night and start feeling nostalgic and e) blindfolding a guy and telling him he's having sex with a redeemable, kind human being instead of a bitch from planet LlamaCunt.

Oh my gosh I scrolled through & just saw the picture of Farrah & thought "OMG NOOO NOT AGAIN THIS CANT BE POSSIBLE" xD

Farrah was the one who asked how her OB could hear the baby's heartbeat when the doctor's stethoscope wasn't near the baby's head. And the OB had to tell her because the heart is in the chest, not the head. For the love of all that is holy and just, she shouldn't reproduce again. She's too fucking dumb.

For a cold b**** that doesn't have a heart it is only logical to think that her most important organ is just a tiny part of her brain. Your brain is all you got when you have no real feelings. Or, in her case, ignore the fact that you have a heart.

Remember how Whitney couldn't tie her own shoes? And how her grandma (was it Memaw?) got so mad when they found her penis mug or something?

Meemaw cracked me up! With her accent, the way that she said it just sounded so funny to me. I'm from the UK so I just have a Gran and a Nana, nothing as exotic as a Meemaw lol.

And Whitney's little friend's name was Eerie, and looked like she was about 12. Eerie. As in, that was eerie. Better than Spooky I suppose. Or Spooki.

I read that Eerie got pregnant at 16 herself and was living in a trailer with her new husband and his parents.

Of course she did.

HAHA took the words right out of my mouth Meth Pipe.


Or just pookie.

Or Creepy/Creepi.

I have a friend nicknamed Spookie...

Jesus God

Whitney couldn't do anything herself! I'm so surprised she's been able to keep a child alive. Especially one with a serious medical condition. She was sooooo naive and just seemed dumb.

Kind of random.. but Whitney lives about an hour away from me, and I happened to be there last month. I ended up going to the same skeevy looking mall she and Eerie went to, to try and find a phone charger. I don't know.. it was just weird, lol.

Amber kind looks like Gary in that picture.

Lolll. They kinda look alike. o_O

How can she see through those eye slits?

And why would she later pile on 10 lbs of fake eyelashes on her already barely open eyes?!

Clearly, piling on enormous fake eyelashes while barely being able to see through her slitty eyes probably prepared her for later looking through the bars of her gel cell.

And then she drives!! I can't imagine how she sees....

Much like Mr. Magoo.

hahaha, Eye Bags that was great.

Perhaps she's trying to turn her face into a pinhole camera?

Farrah is a mess but at least she's the only one to realize she isn't stable enough or in any situation to bring another child into this world. Amber too, but she was locked up for so long and it's kind of hard to get herself pregnant in an all female facility lol.
I can't believe how many went on to have second children, geeze! I still haven't had one!! (Thank god. Proof that birth control works if you use it properly, ya'll!)

Oh bullshit. She wanted to be pregnant with James Deen's kid so bad. It's not cause she's responsible it's because she hasn't found a guy dumb enough to knock her up yet.

I was kinda hoping that when they moulded her vag, that they blocked it up also.

"Oh no! We accidentally got plaster of Paris in your fallopian tubes. You're permanently barren and there's nothing that can be done....what? No, definitely don't ask your doctor if they can surgically remove it...Why? Because I'm an expert at all things plaster and that shit is forever. Also, if you make another "music" video, it would be a shame if some of this plaster ended up on your vocal chords."

It's not exactly hard to avoid a pregnancy if you really, really wanted to. Most of the girls who ended up with second pregnancies either planned it or were still stupid about how to prevent a pregnancy. Let's not give Farrah too much credit because she know what condoms are. Please.

She also knows what abortion is. Probably.

Foh Meatball, exactly. Ebony, seriously . . . get a shot or an implant or something. It really does shock me how these girls are so lax about birth control. I really, really, really never wanted to have a kid as a teen/in college, so I remembered to take the damn pill!

Yeah, Ebony really needs to invest in some long-term birth control that she can't mess with. Two children, two miscarriages, four pregnancies and she's only, what, twenty-two or twenty-three? Girl needs to slow down when ti comes to the baby-making. That's almost as bad as Millina Go-Go Boots being knocked up three times by the age of eighteen.

But according to what I've learned watching Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom 3, those Mirenas can just fall right now while you're peeing or taking a bath. I'm sure that's exactly what happened and it's just poor design on the part of the IUD. There's no way they took them out themselves to trap someone into a pregnancy, right?

Yeah the "my IUD" fell out explanation is bullshit. Planned Parenthood said if it is used effectively (which isn't hard to do since it's one of the most low maintenance birth control options there on the market) less than 1/100 women become pregnant within a year. Actually that is a conservative estimate. For the hormonal one it's 2/1000, for copper it's 6/1000 according to webmd. Considering this statistic is based on the rate per year, it's incredibly unlikely this would have happened to two of the teen moms especially considering that neither has used it that long it for that long. Shame on MTV for letting them say that on MTV since that completely misrepresents mirena's performance as a birth control option.

To be fair, I've tried Mirena twice. Had it fall out both times. Once was after about a month which is relatively common and can just be a fluke. The second time was after about a year, which is quite rare. I'm about the same age as these girls. Some people just aren't compatible with it.

I guarantee you that the reason Farrah doesn't have another kid by now has NOTHING to do with her having any sort of introspection and realizing she's not stable enough. She doesn't want to get pregnant aka "fat" and ruin her marketable stripperpornvadgemold body. And she wouldn't hire a surrogate because she can't handle any sort of attention on anyone else and you have to be there to emotionally support your surrogate and actually try to be on good terms with another human for 9 fucking months. And hopefully she can't be approved for adoption because she's a fucking nutcase with nutcase parents.

Also, kids are expensive and she's got a lot of unnecessary plastic surgery to maintain and more new procedures to have done.

Not to mention the fact that she can't form an emotional bond with anybody else, including her own daughter. I swear, I have a stronger bond with the kids I look after at work than Farrah does Sophia.

I have a stronger bond with my bowel movements than Farrah does with Sophia.

Lol I can just imagine farrahs horror movie now. A young boy is home alone when he begins to hear sounds that resemble that of a dying horse. An hour goes by and the sounds have stopped. He gets up to do something while still pretty shaken. Suddenly Farrah emerges from the shadows her face permanently stuck in her ugly cry face. " faaaaame....money..... Attentioooon" she cries out.

Sorry I'm working a midnight shift and im super bored.

Nah, she plays a super overzealous born again Christian girl in the woods with an axe murderer. Basically the opposite of what she is and the best possible scenario for those of us here at TMJ.

I am just going to leave this here. Don't have a full stomach when you open the link:


Let's hope Sophia is away doing her own thing for a very long time. I cannot imagine those future conversations, pictures, video, internet, etc. Poor sweet child.


My proudest moment was when I told Mykol Farrah = Cancer.

That truly was great. Hahahaa

I remember that!! Someone named Renee said that Farrah's grandfather's shame for having such a slag for a granddaughter is what killed him and *whoosh*y McGee Michael replied with, "No Renee, Cancer."

I laughed so hard.


*the doll I mean*. Although I really wouldn't be surprised if Farrah herself was lol. God, my brain is now corroded.

Jesus wept.

"We are all God's children. Except Farrah. God would like a paternity test on that one, please."

- Belligeratians 3:69

Thanks for the warning. I'm not even going to open that.

Me neither. I learned from others that opening links on this site can permanently scar the brain/eyes and also ruin wonderful foods. I won't let that happen to me!

Picture a whacky waving arm flailing tube man with a basketball for a head and a picture of Farrah printed on saran wrap wrapped across the front of the basketball with a homemade fleshlight where her mouth should be.



OH MY GOD! My husband came in while I was reading a thread here from a few days ago about Farrah's lips (reading it earlier this morning) and I showed him her twitter to show him how it's all giant pictures of her pelvis and cleavage and I scrolled down like 3 posts and there she was in a picture posing next to her fucking blowup doll. So even my husband thinks Farrah's a whorebag and he doesn't even know who she is.

You know what, I reckon Farrah is the one getting off on all this the most. She would be fucking loving it that some (creepy) men out there are jerking off, fucking plastic versions of her. She's crazy.
Poor poor sophia. That child is so screwed from this shit.

So basically Farrah is Angela from American Beauty. "If people I don't even know look at me and want to fuck me, it means I really have a shot at being a model."

Ugh can someone stalk Farrah's friend Tyler from her 16&preggo days? He seemed deliciously normal and I'd love to get his take on the monster that is Farrah, Mykkole, Deborah's Anti-Christ trash claw, and her yee-haw sister Ashley.

Anti-Christ Trashclaw is a great name

Interesting that Catelynn named her second daughter after a character who gets ditched by her boyfriend, whom she thought was a great guy but who turned out to be a manipulative, emotionally abusive asshole. Are there any Walmarts in Michigan that we should worry about?

Maybe Tyler chose the name. Because he wants that to be his destiny.

And, more importantly, can she or can she not see the ocean from Michigan?

Novalee sounds a lot like Novelty to me. Which is exactly what this baby is to Tyler. Maybe he will leave them when the novelty of a shiny new baby wears off...

Lol. There is no "maybe" as far as Tyler's concerned. Once MTV is gone for good---and they will be, because I can't see this shit lasting any longer now that the kids are in elementary school---he'll be gone as well and Catelynn will end up a single mother. Which, honestly, is better than being with Tyler for the rest of her life. It's an honest shame that she thinks he's the best she can do. Then again, she's said some pretty disgusting things herself, so maybe it all evens out. But Novalee definitely deserves better.

I swear I read somewhere recently that cast members are offered $20,000 for second pregnancies. Which, if true, totally goes against everything MTV claims that this show is about. But, it does explain the rash of 2nd pregnancies. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I'll try to find a link.

I've never heard of that before. If it's true, then these people should be ashamed that they're only having babies for money. I mean, it's fairly obvious that Novalee only came around because C&T needed the cash and the fame since people were starting to move on from the whole adoption thing (I mean, really, how long can you milk that particular storyline, especially when your child's parents stop appearing on the show?) I'm not so sure about Maci since she the kind to plan a pregnancy to trap her man (like she tried to do with Bobby Hill.) But, yeah, Catelynn and Tyler only had this baby to get more money and to replace Carly. It's as clear as the meth scars on April's face.

1. What does Taylor do for a living? It seems really popular these days, guys moving to new area to be with their girlfriends. Two of the husbands on my new guilty pleasure, Little Women:LA did that.

2. Does anyone know how Derek's family is these days? I always felt bad for Derek's mother, that Farrah wouldn't let Sophia around her. Sophia is the only piece of her son that poor woman has left. Just so sad.

3. I really really really hope Amber doesnt get herself knocked up in order to play catchup with her castmates and Gary's new baby mama. I hope she stays true to herself and to Leah and goes and gets some kind of vocational training, so she can support herself and one day have joint custody with Gary.

4. Ebony, nothing to say. Though I would love to see a DNA test done independent of Ebony's hands for Jocelyn. I know Josh's parents said the DNA test said Jocelyn is Josh's, but those aren't hard to mock-up if youre motivated, and the lay person won't know the difference. I've never known a child of a biracial mom and a white father to look completely black. Look at Nahla Aubrey, Maceo Martinez, Pete Wentz, Kris Humphries, Jessica Alba's kids...all of these people have a biracial parent and a white parent. I'm just saying. Then again look at Sandra Laing, two white parents and born black. Genetics are such tricky things.

5. Thats really sad about Whitney's oldest, thats a really hard thing to realize, that you have a good chance of burying your child. If I don't feel bad for her for anything else, I feel bad for her for that reason. Same thing with Leah, no pity for what she has done to herself, but I do feel bad that Ali has MD and a shortened lifespan because of it. Thats a hard thing for anyone to acknowledge.

6. Cate and Ty are lying. The baby's name was Nova at first, the "lee" only came about after folks picked on them for copying Briana. I have no doubt that they got on here and saw us talking about "Novarly/Novarleigh/Novaleigh/Novalee" that they got the idea to change it.

Eh, I heard that Derek's mom is insane and nobody from her family except her daughter has anything to do with her because of it. Like she denied Sophia being Derek's, then turned around and vouched for grandparents' rights after it turned out Derek was the father. Then she stalked Sophia, took photos of her and sold them to the tabloids, then went on shows like "Nancy Grace" to bitch about not seeing Sophia. It's sort of telling that nobody in her family supports her and her ex-husband denounced her behavior when he was briefly featured on "Teen Mom".

Oh wow I didn't know about all of that! That makes me feel even worse for Sophia, there is no one with a modicum of sanity in her family, except for Dereks dad. I hope for her own sake that hes able to visit her alot and vice versa. Poor baby girl

Obviously, this is from Stormie (Derek's mom) and his sister so it's got it's own bias but in The Ashley's Teen Mom Confidential, there is a completely different story.

(And keep in mind, just because this version shows Farrah and her mom as insane control freaks doesn't exclude the possibility that Stormie is also batshit crazy in her own right.) Stormie didn't deny that Sophia was Derek's baby. Farrah told Derek it wasn't his baby after he heard rumors she was pregnant the fall before he died and Farrah stopped talking to him. Then, he passed away and Stormie was still under the impression that Farrah was pregnant with someone else's baby. When Sophia was born, word got back to Derek's family that Sophia looked so much like Derek and Stormie started to wonder if Sophia was actually Derek's kid.

The first time she saw Sophia was on 16 & Pregnant and, since Sophia looks JUST like Derek, Stormie started trying to get into contact with Farrah to offer to pay for a paternity test (so his family could be a part of their dead son's/brother's only child's life in some capacity) since she had gotten conflicting information from her son. Farrah refused over and over again so they had no concrete proof that Sophia was Derek's child. If you have no proof, you can't try to get grandparents' rights.

Farrah and her family basically stonewalled them until one day Stormie got Social Security papers in the mail saying Farrah was trying to get SS benefits for Sophia since Derek had passed away. Stormie had to confirm that the child was Derek's in order for SS to give out the benefits and she didn't know for certain if Sophia was Derek's child so that's what she wrote. By law, they would need to do a paternity test. Stormie had no problem with that since she'd been begging Farrah to do one since Sophia was born. MTV twisted it to make it look like Farrah filed SS and then Stormie knew fully that Derek was Sophia's dad and then DENIED it. So a) Farrah told Derek he wasn't the father and b) Farrah wouldn't get a paternity test until she wanted to apply for SS benefits and Stormie wouldn't confirm Derek was the father.

After the paternity test came back proving Derek was the father, Derek's family wanted to be allowed to be in Sophia's life now that they had legal proof and figured Debra and Farrah couldn't keep them away but Farrah's family wouldn't let them. They even called the cops on Derek's family for "harassment" because either Stormie or Derek's sister called to talk to Farrah about it and Farrah got pissed.

The ONE time that Farrah offered to let Stormie meet Sophia, Farrah said that she would only do it if MTV could film it. Stormie didn't want to be on the show because who knows how they'd edit that and declined. Apparently she did meet Sophia once when she was with a nanny or a babysitter at the park and got to get some pictures with her but that's it. Whether that was organized between the babysitter and Stormie or Stormie is a crazy stalker, I'm not sure.

Some of that may be slightly inaccurate because I'm just trying to remember what I read. But I don't have trouble believing that Farrah and especially Debra would be very controlling about not letting Derek's family around the baby. Remember in her 16 & Pregnant episode, Debra was the driving force behind Farrah cutting ties with Derek. Derek called her at work and Debra demanded she get her number changed immediately. Farrah was going to a football game to cheer and Debra was emphatic that if Derek was there, she wasn't to speak to him. Farrah's fucking insane but Debra is worse when it comes to controlling people.

So she totally twisted and milked the entire situation again, what a surprise.
Those poor people lost their son, she treated him and them like shit and on top of that they had to go trough this and seeing her play the grieving widdow.
She did not want him to know he had a daughter, she did not want him to have any rights over Sophia but she changed her tune a lot to fabricate a nice story.

There was a time on the show that Farrah was bringing Sophia to see Derek's dad. He seemed to be a decent, normal guy so I hope he's able to still see Soph. She needs one family member that isn't hungry for fame.

I wonder what his family thinks when they see Farrah doing all this porn promotion and the fact that she barely sees Sophia herself. Must be heartbreaking for them.

Someone on Reddit knew Derek in high school and had some pretty interesting stories about Farrah in relation to Derek's father and Derek's death. Every year on Derek's birthday since he died, his dad and friends have like a meet up at the cemetery to remember him. Farrah was invited every year. She never showed up until a couple years later when she showed up with her entire MTV film crew in tow. Derek's dad and friends didn't want this moment being exploited for TV and it was a private cemetery so they asked them to leave. They got the groundskeeper/manager of the cemetery to ask them to leave but the crew just kept setting up their equipment while Farrah started shrieking about how awful they were being and how she had a right to be there and she and derek were the love of each other's lives and blah blah blah. Everyone else left because they didn't want to be on the show and watch her pretend Derek was the love of her life when in reality she hadn't given half a shit up until then.

Also, within days of Derek dying, Farrah and Debra showed up at his dad and step mom's house and started screaming and making a scene about how they had an obligation to financially support the baby because it was just as much Derek's as it was hers and now that he was gone, it was their job.

So if that is all true, I have a feeling that Derek's dad's opinion of Farrah and her family isn't too fantastic but they try to stay civil and respectful so they can see Sophia.

No way!! You're on reddit too?!

Also, could you link me to that post?! I'm interested to read it.

I'm also on reddit, my boyfriend just got me hooked on it this past week

I'd be interested in reading that as well. There ought to be a /r/teenmomjunkies.

Took some digging but I found it!

Bonus: The whole thread is making fun of the "recipes" on the "foodie" section of her website which are fucking hilarious.

I also forgot how fucking stupid this woman is. On her "Parenting" page of her website (pfft) she has this gem:

"Parenting is hard , so I like to focus on the fun side of parenting. When I become to serious and to focused on the responsibilities I loose who I am and how I want to be a happy , healthy, reliable parent for my child. so let’s focus on somethings fun for you and your children. I really think when were older and our kids our grown up the best thing we can do is look at are home made videos and enjoy every second, so I took the privilege to record and edit a video for sophia this week take a look and make a video with your family." [sic x 1,000 and emphasis added by someone who can fucking read.]

That was directly copied and pasted. All misspellings, run-on sentences, floating commas, FAILING TO MAKE YOUR OWN CHILD A PROPER NOUN, and homophone rapages are all her doing. Jesus God.

Thanks Rae!

C&T Probably also added the 'lee' part to make her name sound less like Nuvaring. Nuvaring was like literally the first comment I saw after her name was announced.

You should see my son, he looks Hispanic not white. And he is only 1/4 Hispanic.

Hispanic isnt a race, its a very loose ethnic construct created to group all spanish speakers together as separate from white. Gerard Pique and Amara La Negra are equally hispanic, even though they are both racially different.

That being said, there isn't a singular look to being hispanic, you can be hispanic and be white, black, asian, indigenous or any combination of these things. To put it bluntly, your son could be a cute little blonde with blue eyes and look hispanic. He could be an adorable little chocolate fellow with bonny cheeks and still look hispanic.

she's allowed to say what her son looks like without some demeaning blather about race

Yes, exactly. Look at Karl, she's Guatemalan, and as blonde and blue-eyed as a mermaid.

I don't know how much I believe she is Guatemalan.

Red I think it's a really small percentage lol. My parents did this test to see all of the different ethnicities we are and we're mainly Polish so light hair light eyes, but like maybe LESS than 10 % Persian. You would neverrr know looking at me, blondish hair, green eyes. Lol I think people choose the ethnicity they like best and say they are best which is pretty much what I think Kail did lol.

With a name like Karl she should be German!

Excuse me, Mexican.

Yeah, I'm pretty much as big of a mutt as they come. I've got French, Spanish, Australian, English, German, Irish, native American, and Scottish in me. I claim Cajun because that's what is dominant in my family and the most recent, lol. But I don't have the typical Cajun look of dark skin and eyes. I caught recessive genes and came out the only blond haired blue eyed kid in the family. Genetics are weird y'all!

We did that too!! It turns out I'm boring. I'm just Russian Jewish.

Red me too basically hah. Butch sound like Europe had one big party! Man this is dumb...but I was hoping soooo much that I was Irish. I feel such a connection to Ireland (and love Irish men) and I swear when I look at pics of Ireland I feel like it's home or something. I also REALLY wanted to be black just so my wonder bread white ass could say I'm black.

Debra's Kail is probably going to give you a discount off her mermaid book for that comment!

These little girls are twins, genetics do some pretty strange things.

Since Karl is sOoOoOoOo proud of being Guatemalan you'd think she'd jump at the chance to take her husband's last name but whatevs.

@Nathan's Nipples the daughters of two biracial parents, each half black and half white. But like I pointed out with Sandra Laing's case (whose brothers also have a mixed appearance), genetics can be crazy.

I remember a case earlier last year of a father who was African American having to petition for custody of his son from his adoptive parents (the mom didnt tell him she was pregnant and gave the baby up). The guy had very dark skin and dreadlocks, and his son looked a lot like Bentley but with brown eyes, you would never know he was half black.

I imagine thats the case with Jocelyn, its just the improbability of it that makes me double take.

And Kail's lying about the Guatemalan parent. We've met Smirnoff Suzi and Meat hoarder Ray, neither of them are Guatemalan point blank period. Like its been said so many times before, the only Guatemalan she has in her is Javi.

I'm sorry but "River Gosa" sounds like a bad Firefly character.

How silly of the people who actually fabricated the Farrah dolls. They seem to have put her huge, gaping asshole where her mouth goes.....


I know of a couple who named their daughter Novalee after the girl in that movie

You know catelynn and tyler in real life? ;)

Maci: You forgot she's a drunk LOL

Farrah: I always laugh when people say "oh she isn't on Teen Mom because she was smart enough to make it on her own" um like getting botched lip injections to stay relevant on reality TV? She's more desperate than anyone else on the show. And as for MTV not hiring her because of porn, I'm sure that's a cover for them not wanting to be around her nasty attitude.

Amber: I'm still totally rooting for her and I've noticed that the only people complaining about her have some ridiculous expectation that she'll be a perfect saintly angel the second she gets out of prison. I mean come on. She's still gonna make mistakes and dumb choices but the important thing is that hopefully she's slowly figuring things out.

Ebony: I thought Josh had custody of their kids?

Whitney: Nothing to say about her really.

Cate: Same. I hope she isn't smoking while breast feeding.