16 & Pregnant: Millina Kacmar Details

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Since this season of 16 & Pregnant is finally airing, more details are coming out about the girls who we will meet this season.

The girl in this picture is named Millina Kacmar, and her story seems to be one of the most dramatic ones that has been portrayed on MTV to date.

(In the trailer, she's the girl with the bright red hair and septum piercing.)

For starters, Millina has issues with her mother. These have been noted in the MTV app and displayed publically on Millina's social media accounts.

Millina's mother, Rachelle, deals with drug problems, and shortly after Millina gave birth to her son, Kayden, her mother ended up going before the judge for some legal issues.

Rachelle missed the birth of her first grandchild, and although she seemed to resent it in the preview clip, the judge wasn't looking moved by her speech about how she could change.

While we don't know what happened with this initial incident, we do know that it isn't the first time that Millina's mother has been to jail or the first time that her mother has caused some emotional drama for her daughter.

Millina's mother went missing in April of 2013 while Millina was pregnant. Millina didn't hear from her mother for a couple days, and later was notified that her mother had been in the hospital in a coma.

Millina claims that the coma was induced by an asthma attack, but family members have claimed otherwise.

Back in April 2012, Rachelle was arrested for retail fraud, driving without a license, shoplifting, parole violation and contempt of court.

It's pretty obvious that Millina's childhood has been dramatic, and it's no wonder that MTV picked her up for this show.

Sadly, there's more drama for this girl. In the trailer for the season, we see Millina being yelled at by her boyfriend's mother about not being trusted to watch the baby.

Apparently that woman has medical issues that cause her to have seizures and strokes, and there aren't really any warning signs for these types of behaviors.

The fact that Millina doesn't trust her son to be in his grandma's care is something that will lead to a lot of drama in her episode.

Also, Millina's step-father died in 2011.

Millina's mom married this guy, Tony, in 2010, and in July of 2011, he died.

While I haven't been able to find any real information on what happened to him, Millina did post this memorial video to YouTube, along with the following message:


Rest In Peace Anthony Edward Kukula. A son, A father, A husband, A friend, A brother. we all loved tony. he didnt deserve to die. we may not be able to see him physically, but hes not gone, he's always with us, in our hearts. and we will see him again soon. no we may not be able to call him, or see him, or hear him but u can still talk to him hes listing. He wouldnt want us sad. so smile when u think of him, and know hes right there smiling with u.

Also, just in case you're wondering, Starcasm graced us with Rachelle's mug shot, and it's a real eye opener for me.

Here's a side by side comparison of Rachelle before her drug addiction, and the day of her arrest in October 2013.

rachelle side by side

In a couple of the previous seasons of 16 & Pregnant, MTV has saved families with drug problems for season finales (Catelynn and Tyler, and season 3's Allie Mendoza) but Millina's episode won't be the finale for this season. Also, this isn't the only family to be featured this season that struggles with addiction problems.

Summer Rewis, who marries her son's father despite his bad boy reputation, has a mother who abandoned her when she was younger and dealt with prescription drug addiction, which is going to be made very evident on her episode.

Also, Autumn Crittendon's boyfriend and baby's father has openly admitted to smoking marijuana and will even be asked to take a home drug test on Monday night's episode.


It's so sad what drugs can do to a family. Her mother was such a beautiful woman.

My mum is my rock, if I ever need advice or help with anything I will go to her. I can't imagine what it must be like growing up with a mother who obviously prioritises other things over her child. So sad.

Drugs are bad, mmmkay?

I know the family brought this on themselves by signing on to do the show, but it feels a bit wrong to have all of this information on the girl's mother.
What a sad situation though. Hopefully Millina has a good head on her shoulders and doesn't repeat her mother's mistakes.

I would imagine that she convinced them to go on for the little bit of money. Poor girl must seriously need it. I really don't mean any of this sarcastically. I can't imagine how hard things are for her. Ya, she made a mistake and got pregnant, but she's dealing with much harder things at such a young age. I imagine she's had to take care of herself for sometime now.

Meth. This is Kaiser if Jenelle keeps him. Rampant drug abuse and abandonment, men in and out of his life. Of course he himself cannot be 16 and pregnant, but it is extremely likely he will help a young girl to perpetuate the cycle. Millina was doomed to her existence before life began. It is extremely hard to make the right decisions when you only have examples of the wrong ones. I hope that she can be like Kail (without the blobfishiness, bitchiness, and abusiveness) and turn her life around for Kayden's sake.

"Without the blobfishiness" HAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I totally agree with ev erything you said. I used to love Kail she was my favorite! I REALLY think the fame and money went to her head and made her into this vain psychotic blobfish that she is today. So sad about Kaiser, I seriously seriously pray Jenelle gives him to a loving family but I really doubt she will. You can already see how poor Jace is ill behaved. I mean he says things that are NOT NORMAL for a four/five year old to say...."When Nathan was trying to kill you", "my favorite part of my birthday was hitting people", "I used to bite people but now I bite myself" "FUCKBALLS". Not. Normal. I'm a psych major so forgive me for my long winded informal psychoanalysis hahaha. I pray that he doesn't, but I really think Jace will grow up to be very violent and messed up in the head. The best thing I saw in that show for him was when he went to karate, and that instructor was SO good with him! Seriously the best male role model he's had on the show so far, which is really sad.

I'm curious, as a psych major, how much of his behavior/delayed development would you attribute to drug use while Jenelle was pregnant with him?? She has admitted to smoking cigarettes and weed throughout the pregnancy(though I guess she quit at some point since she was allowed to bring him home?? Or maybe they aren't required to drug test in her state??) on an old formspring of hers, but I seem to recall a couple of people coming forward and saying she may have also used speed and alcohol as well. Would you say that played a part in what he is today, or would you solely blame his behavior on his upbringing so far?? I know nothing about this so I'm honestly curious.

I'm a psych major as well and I figured I'd throw my 2 cents in. From the focus my university has and what I've been taught, that is something you would have to collaborate with a neurological specialist or someone with a bio background on. It definitely could have an effect on his behavior, and in my informal opinion, he definitely has suffered ill effects of his mothers substance use. But they would have to scan his brain and test his hormone levels to completely understand what is nature and what is nurture. There are too many variables to make an educated comment for him specifically. That's just my opinion...

@ Chelseas Mascara Streaks; thanks for the input!!

Chelseas Mascara Streaks you are absolutely right. Honestly though (and I'm no expert, this is just from observation), I think a lot of the developmental delay is due to his environment. I DEFINITELY thing her drug use has come into play too, however he seems physically healthy (as far as I know), but it is his speech, development, (aka) brain that seem to be affected, and yes that can be caused by drugs but it is also due to shitty parenting. He also clearly has abandonment issues and is highly confused by his mothers erratic behavior, coming in and out of his life, getting arrested, screaming at grandma, grandma screaming, Nathan screaming. A child is not going to develop if they are in that type of environment. I honestly think Jenelle has done irreparable damage to Jace, whether it is biologically or environmentally. It's so sad...

I am not a psych major, or minor for that matter. But I have taken 3 psych classes and about 15 child development courses (including 2 abuse courses, one of which focused a lot fetal development and issues that can arise with abuse during pregnancy). The effects of substance use while pregnant can be catastrophic, especially if used during the first trimester when things are really kicked up into high gear and starting to form. It would be a little difficult to tell if the substance use during her pregnancy of his upbringing is the cause of his behavior. In my opinion, it is a little of both. He likely hears foul language on a daily basis...and a lot of it. Not to mention the confusion of having a part time mom and a full time grandmother when, most likely, his friends have at least one full time parent. The lack of discipline also plays a part here...why stop if nothing bad happens? No time out....just laughter. But substance abuse can cause a myriad of issues, from genetic mutations, to neutral delays and behavioral issues.

True. I'm just saying there could be parts of his brain that are under developed causing some of the issues. When it comes to children, I'm a huge proponent of nurture. Their actions reflect their environment. A kid isn't going to randomly say the word fuck or hit people if he hasn't been given the inclination that it's okay or good in any way shape or form. There is without a doubt issues he has that stem from his 'mom' leaving him and his lack of proper attention. No matter what, he needs behavioral therapy and fast. Otherwise, the residual effects will be much worse than they already will be. Unfortunately, he can't be completely wiped clean, but slapping some gauze on the emotional wounds will be better than nothing.

How sad. Given that Millina apparently doesn't have a strong role model to learn from, I'm thinking she's going to be pretty unpopular by the end of her episode and after, when we see updates on social media and such. Right now I'm in the feeling-bad-for-her stage and hoping she can end the cycle and make good parenting choices. Sounds like Catelynn's story minus adoption (and the criss-cross family tree with twu-luv-forever boyfriend)

Lol yeah me too, I don't feel bad for a lot of people but my heart seriously hurts for her. Catelynn I felt bad for a while, and I'm not saying she's a bad person but just how they are with Carly and bitching about putting her on social media pisses me off, not to mention they are a couple that milks the fame they have. Honestly though, if Catelynn or Tyler would have written a book I would have loved to read it. Stories about a struggling family intrigue me I guess, but I don't like what the fame and money do to these people. Only a few people seem to have stayed grounded like Corey for example. LOL I can't think of anyone else at the moment.

Their story/family was SO messed up. I mean, my family was crazy but holy shit. It's like every time you found out more about one of their family members, it blew you away. The episode of their high school graduation where Catelynn's dad comes with her little brother and her little brother is paralyzed from a car accident a couple years back...I was like "DAMN! No one in this family can catch a break." Butch's story is trashy as hell but tragic so it's kind of no wonder he turned out that way. Telling your kid you love cocaine more than him and his sister and not understanding how truly horrible that is. They're all just like the Brady Bunch from hell and I know they dwell on Carly a lot but I probably would be thinking about the member of my family that got the hell out and had a chance at life a lot, too. Putting her up for adoption was the best decision possible for them.

I think yours is my favorite of all the names.

Also, this effing picture gets me every single time http://imgur.com/hQftPCm

haha love that pic and thank you! If I could have an avatar it'd be this http://l-userpic.livejournal.com/123207128/9581439

It's terrifyingly beautiful.

*right click...save* It's like 5 am and I'm going to forget I saved that and find it in three months and be like, "where the hell did that come from?!" I bought my chromebook earlier this year and there's a text file on the google drive titled "The First Cat of Nicolas Cage" about how Nicolas Cage...created the earth and it's like 6 pages long and I have no idea at all how it got there. It's bizarre.

I just wish it had sound!

That is really heartbreaking. I'm sure this girl was so messed up in the head and had terrible parenting, and that is why she is pregnant but geez I wish she would have thought about this poor kid she is bringing into the world with all the drama. (I'm not saying it's all the parents fault, but at a young age to see all that I can see why you would just go look for love elsewhere). It's a shame about the before and after, the mom was a beautiful lady it almost brings tears to my eyes. I just don't get why the hell people choose to start doing drugs in the first place, my God. I see those pictures and would never even think to try drugs. But anyway this Milena girl obviously had it rough so this little boy is probably going to see all the drama with the grandma's etc. I hope she excels despite her hardships and hope the dad has stepped up to the plate. So nuts how many people have died in her life (the two stepdads) and the drama with drug addiction and the grandma with seizures. That is just heartbreaking hope she catches a break :/ See it's people like this I feel bad for. I hate when people feel bad for dumb asses like Jenelle or Leah, this girl is actually struggling. The other girl that was about to be homeless looked really sad too :( Lol sometimes this show is just depressing, but I am glad it shows the reality. I've said it before, I think 16 and pregnant definitely shows reality vs. Teen Mom when they are all driving Mercedes Benz and have a bunch of hideous tattoos. Crazy stuff.

See, that's the scary thing: I COMPLETELY understand why someone would start doing drugs. You feel broken, you feel panicked, you feel like a lost cause so what's the harm of doing something that gives you a little pick me up or calms you down? That's how it starts and it spirals out of control from there. I have major depression and anxiety. I've been on every anti-depressant you can think of in very high doses and I've never felt better. I've been on klonopin and xanax with zero results. I don't even understand how people take xanax to get stoned because it didn't do shit for me.

I also have a chronic pain condition. Recently, I had to jump through all of these hoops to get into a legitimate/responsible pain clinic where I live. It was a lengthy process and you have to pass all these evaluations and tests and sign contracts to be able to get medicine to treat your pain. I made it two weeks before I decided "Fuck this. This is a bad idea and how my addiction story is going to start." I got rid of the medication over the weekend and then called on Monday and asked to be discharged from the program. My sister is a recovering oxycontin (oxycodone?) addict. My mother is a low-functioning opiate addict in complete denial. I'm mentally and emotionally miserable all the time even when I have no reason to be and that's just something that's hard to fathom when you're in your own head thinking "is the rest of my life going to be this fucking awful?." Narcotics helped the pain, but they also give you this calming euphoria for just a little while and it scared me how much I looked forward to that brief escape and so I decided to stop taking them. I'm still in pain and every time it gets bad, I feel like a moron for discharging myself but I KNOW that had I not done that, it would have become a problem eventually and I'm not going to do to my husband what my mother and sister have done to me. It's torture to watch someone spiral out of control like that. It's easy for me to see how people turn to drugs without thinking about the consequences or their loved ones or their own health. They're trying to fill a void and some people go so far down the rabbit hole looking for that something to fill them up again that they can never get back out.

This girl is so young and has already had such a tough break. I hope she can use this opportunity to make her life better. I know MTV is pretty much Satan because they exploit all these stories and then pay people like Jenelle to do drugs and be a crazy ass bitch while they film her, but it IS an opportunity in the sense that people will see your story. You might have a chance to get out of that environment someway and make a better life for your kid. I hope she's able to do that.

I get what you are saying but honestly someone like this lady's mother who has kids to worry about...I do NOT understand why you'd start doing it :( Unless she was doing it before she had kids. Even then I look at those before and after pics and say to myself why the HELL would you want to do that to yourself?

I feel for them though, because once you start it must be hard to start, and everyone deals with things differently, and growing up in that environment I can see why it would be so easy to do just do it and not anticipate how bad it will be. As much as Catelynn and Tyler kinda annoy I admire them for not getting wrapped up in that like their parents.

But then I just have a really hard time feeling sorry for Butch. Liek you said in the earlier post saying you love drugs more than your kids, well I guess it's honest but damn, that is a low life right there. And thank God Carly is in a better home!

Rae that's interesting about your depression and anxiety, I can relate to you SO Much, i've been on a lot of those too, and am perscribed xanax and Zoloft. I have never had a problem with addiction though and I am very lucky I haven't! I really hope things get better for you. It seems like I hear more and more about people, especially women who have anxiety.

I agree MTV is like Satan I hope it does her good, instead of the bad it causes a lot of people. And it's not really MTV's fault it's the people who let it get to their heads. And when you're 16 I'm sure that's easy to do...

Oh yeah I totally agree that her mother going full blown meth face when she's got kids relying on her is selfish and inexcusable. I just understand how people start and if you're doing heroin or meth, those are particularly addictive. I think the only thing in my life I've ever been addicted to was caffeine and that's way easier to stop ingesting. Butch is an asshole. I don't feel bad for him in the slightest, I just wish he'd been a better father/person. It's understandable why he turned out the way he did, but it's confusing that he didn't change once his kids were in the picture.

Thanks for your encouragement! Mental health is such a fun bitchy neighbor to have to put up with every day. A doctor recently used the phrase "treating your depression into remission" and I was blown away. I just figured the ideal situation was for me to be slightly less miserable on a medication than I was without being on anything. Apparently, there's a higher bar that's been set and the goal is to get people NOT depressed and anxious anymore. I was diagnosed when I was 19 and I'm 25 now and NOT ONE doctor or therapist has mentioned this "into remission" shit to me before. It blew me away. So either he's really determined to "fix" me or he's full of shit. Time will tell. ;)

I know this sounds kind of weird but have you ever researched candida overgrowth? If some of your problems aren't helped with pharmaceuticals, it could very well be from candida overgrowth, which If left untreated for a long time, can cause many serious physical and psychological problems. Do some research, if you think it sounds like you might suffer from it, get on some good probiotics (I recommend advocare), try to start a candida diet and wait a month or so and see if it helps. It has done wonders for my depression, anxiety, and arthritis. Cutting out caffiene helps tremendously too.

Not Millina related, my bad, but have you read this article? www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2607922/Teen-Mom-star-Kailyn-Lowry...

I laughed a couple of times while reading it, I'm going to hell.

Hulk Kail lmfao.... sorry but I would have never known she was anorexic.... she's such a fucking whiny bitch. Blaming everyone...mom...friends at school, people on Twitter. It's totes all their fault that you had a fake eating disorder. Kailyn needs to shove it up her ass lol.

I'm real sensitive to this as well. I had a minor heart attack almost a year ago, they connected it to anorexia nervosa(and the pills I was taking to stay thin and cut my appetite played a big factor as well). Not only will you never hear me blame it on ANYBODY besides myself(nobody forced pills down my throat, maybe I'm too hard on myself but it was MY choice right??), I have struggled with it since I was roughly 9 years old, and I still struggle with it every day. I'm really not sure most people know what is actually involved with the illness, and that it is always there(much like addiction) whether you are in recovery or not. It is for life. It doesn't just go away "with age and maturity" like she claims. I have a feeling this book is going to piss me off. It isn't that easy, Kail. I won't say how old I am, but I will say that I'm younger than 30. Anorexia led me to a heart attack(minor or not, it's a freaking heart attack), and my lifestyle will never be the same again. Maybe I'm an unlucky case, and I know not every person struggling with it has this fate. But from all of us that have(and continue to) know this horrible illness, fuck you Kail. Seriously. I wish this would go away with age and maturity. I would give anything to go back to a carefree lifestyle.

I do think she is being a drama queen on this one, sounds like an unhealthy obsession but not as far as an eating disorder.
However, I had an eating disorder as a teen. I was diagnosed as atypical anorexic. I feel like mine went away with my depression and age and maturity did play a part. It's definitely gone, has been for years, it does not have to be lifelong. It can be very disheartening for sufferers to hear it's forever, and it really doesn't have to be. Hope you continue to recover and your health is ok!

Thanks. My life will never be the same again really, but I do hope it will be easier to manage as time goes on and get better. I could have worded the "lifelong" part better I guess. I believe for me personally, a little part of it will always be around. Now I tend to be way too hard on myself, but I really do believe that at this point. I've been in recovery this round for almost a year. Who knows, maybe I will have the feeling that I have overcome it for good one day. At this point, I don't believe I will, but I won't say never. I think what bothered me was that she worded it as if it were just a simple "coming of age" pain that would just fade away like it was nothing. Or maybe I just don't believe her. Who knows. It's been a rough week so I'm a little more sensitive at this moment, haha.

Everyone deals with problems, illnesses and situations the best way they can. Don't consider yourself an "unlucky" case. Continue to take care of yourself, be positive and stay strong.

@Javis Teeth, thank you for the encouragement!!

Don't worry about it, I 100% get where you're coming from and why her comments would piss you off! She's probably bullshitting. Just wanted to throw in there that age and maturity can help in some cases, although I was atypical.
I know how it feels when you cannot imagine being free from such dark thoughts. But I promise you can :D you will get there!! You'll look back and realise you will never feel that way again. You obviously want to get better and that's what's important. Sorry this has gone off track haaa so deep for a teen mom gossip site ;)

Red- I completely understand where you're coming from. Kail says that her body dismorphia started in the home because of the term "chunky monkey". Iwish my mother had been that tame, my mother fuelled my eating disorder including buying me diet pills filled with speed, that at 22 I still struggle with day to day but with the constant reassurance of my partner as well as my friends sitting me down and saying "I'm worried about you" and asking me to seek help I have partially put some of my demons behind. And I've been dealing with this for over ten years.
But her article infuriates me. It is literally like every single struggle that can happen to a person she has claimed for herself and exaggerated to an extreme.
When she was doing insanity she would flaunt her body like no tomorrow, wearing bikinis, sports bras etc and apparently this eating disorder only lasted like three months. it's all a lie/exaggeration to make her more relatable and unfortunately for her it's backfired. At least it has with me.

Red and Beth: It's so interesting to hear both these viewpoints...someone struggling with recovery and someone who's broken through and maintained. I'm not saying any way that one of you is better than the other but it's just fascinating and encouraging that someone can say "it gets better" and sincerely mean it because they overcame it themselves. Red, I think that eating disorders are really complicated. You may always struggle with it even if it's subconscious. (The general "you" here.) You don't like the way you are so you do something drastic to change that or end that. Been there, did some extreme things to lose weight and be "thin" that I regret massively. Someone once described to me that suicidal thoughts are something that once you have them for awhile, they kind of camp out in your brain forever. They linger and pop up when things get stressful or extreme in your life and you don't know why killing yourself is the first solution your brain jumps to. It's very frightening and I would imagine that an eating disorder is quite similar in the way it gets into your mind and stays, sometimes lying dormant until you're at your most vulnerable. I hope both of you continue to succeed on your recovery and I think it's super tacky that Kail is basically taking every struggle a person could go through and exaggerating them to gain sympathy. I really don't believe half of what I've heard from this book so far. People shouldn't trivialize bulimia and anorexia like "Oh I had it one summer and worked out a lot and now I'm better because I'm awesome." Fuck that.

New poster here so hello all! Anyway, not oversensitive at all, that was my exact reaction when I read this. First of all, kudos to you, I'm glad you're better, and I wish nothing but the best for you. I, too, have struggled with eating disorders, so Kailyn can go fuck herself. I remember being around 10 or so, sitting at my desk in my classroom, and I hated that when I rested my thighs on the seat, they would appear wider, so I stopped wearing shorts. (Mind you, as a child, I was a twig. Yes, people would make fun of my chicken legs and everything, but like you said, these issues with my weight were MINE and not to be blamed on someone else. I'm sure it's not pleasant getting called "Hulk Kail" by so many people, but it's also not very pleasant to smack your husband around, just saying.) I wore baggy clothes because I constantly thought I was large, despite the fact that I was a 00. It got to the point where, after gaining a few pounds in college, I dropped down to 89 pounds at 5'5. I'm so sorry that you had to experience a heart attack. I never quite got there so I can't even imagine, but I was having constant, horrible chest pains, and that's when I realized that I needed to stop. I needed to stop starving myself, stop excessively working out, stop taking drugs to help me stay thin. Regardless, though, to this day it is something I struggle with. I'm sorry for the TMI because, unlike Kail, I don't want pity and I have my big girl panties on rather than writing a book about all the shit I've been through in my life, but that's an ED, Kailyn. You may have starved yourself for a little while to try and lose some weight because you didn't want people calling you fat, but that does NOT equate with having anorexia. She has just pissed me off to no avail with her victim mentality.. I could go on and on (and I'm sure at some point I will lol).

My say something nice (since it's Easter and all, even though I don't celebrate) is that her children are adorable and Isaac is hilarious.

OF COURSE she had an eating disorder! She's been abused, raped, abandoned; victimized in every way shape and form. I'm sorry Kail. Going on a diet =/= anorexia. Just because you decided to eat healthy and get in shape (I'm assuming while she was with Jordan?) doesn't mean you have a fucking eating disorder. Omg. She's so ridiculous. I'm literally lol'ing.

Took the words right out of my mouth. Somebody once told me they were "anorexia for like, a week. All I ate was a slim fast bar and a slim fast shake every day."

One of the comments on there had me ROLLING -
"Raylcc, Denver, United States, 23 hours ago
Next year she'll release a tell-all about her overcoming scurvy, Low testosterone, Malaria and lactose intolerance. That girl's suffered, I tell ya!"


Hahaha Hayzii I came here to post that. I laughed so hard. Scurvy's a tough break!

Just like RAE!

Radar has released a story a day about Kail and I think they're planning to until the book comes out on Tuesday. I've been working to condense them into one post. :)

All hail the Megapedia. The fact that you're going to read this book and recap it for us so I don't have to is awesome. I just don't think I could physically read it because my eyes would be rolling so much I couldn't see the pages.

I can't stand Kail but dammit if Lincoln isn't the cutest baby possible. Holy moly he's adorable.

He is extremely cute! So cute, I would possibly like to steal him!

I seen on twitter someone tweeting to Kail about abusing Javi. Then some ridiculous super fan goes she is getting help, leave her alone. YA RIGHT!! It has been almost 2 years since she first hit him, and it is still doing it. When Dr. Douche brought it up she was very angry and didn't want to talk about it. If she was actually getting help, she would of said so right away to make herself look good. Instead, she only said she wasn't proud after being pressed by dr. Douche. I have never layed my hands on my husband (to-be!! 7 months left!). I can't believe Javi sits there and takes getting bitchslapped by his wife. The dynamics of that relationship confuse me lol

My husband and I rough house from time to time and I accidentally punched him in the throat once. I about fell over laughing while still trying to make sure he was okay. I'm an asshole. But I would never, ever hit him or really anyone else out of anger. My sister full on spit in my face once and the only reason I didn't punch her in the head was because she backed away too soon. I tried to, though, dammit! That's really the only time I've been driven to violence and that was when I was like 17.

Every time Kail throws one of her shit fits for her private life being in the public eye due to her agreeing to do it in the first place, I just always get that skit from SNL in my mind with Adam Sandler, David Spade and Chris Farley where they're at a mall food court and Farley keeps eating Spade's fries and eventually Spade is like, "...I thought you were going on a diet?" and Farley goes full man-voice and strangles him and yells, "LAY OFF ME I'M STARVING!" Not because she's fat or anything like that. She just seems to lash out completely out of nowhere.

I punched my husband in the face once, but I've been warning him about it for years. He sneaks up behind me trying to be cute, but I grew up with two brothers 8 and 9 years older than me and when you sneak up on me, fists fly. Usually I can stop myself before I make contact but a couple months ago, I was just minding my own business and he sneaks up behind me and whispers 'boo' RIGHT in my ear, and I ended up punching him right between the eyes. I felt so bad at first, then he started pouting and he said something ridiculous like 'I didn't realize you were so sensitive' and we both ended up laughing about it. That is the extent of my spousal abuse, lmao.

The fact that she is SO mean to Javi and he just laughs it off makes me question their relationship the exact way I question Nathan and Jenelle's.

Sounds like he deserved it, River. I'm super jumpy, too. I don't sleep very well and got up in the middle of the night when my husband was home a few weekends back and I was walking back to the bedroom, unwrapping the popsicle thinking, "Oh this will be delicious. Thank god for popsicles." And I walked into our bedroom preparing to lovingly look at my passed out husband in bed where I left him but instead he was standing up next to the bed, in a pitch black room just staring at me. I screamed, threw the popsicle in the air and then backed away into this tiny hallway we have and ricocheted off of every wall possible before slamming into the back wall. It scared the hell out of me. I screamed, "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!?!?" and he was just laughing his ass off saying, "By the time I realized you were coming back into the room, I had gotten up to pee and I knew if I announced my presence, you'd have the same reaction as if I were just standing here quietly." I told him next time to clear his throat or something instead of lurking in the shadows like a damn axe murderer. We have a rule that he has to announce himself before he comes into the kitchen when I'm cooking because I don't want to be cutting something up and accidentally stab him because I'm a spaz.

Honestly, how many bad things can she claim happened to her before being on TV at 16?!
She has shitty parents. She was raped. She had an abortion. She had an eating disorder because people called her mean names. What next? Did she have childhood cancer too? A twin that died in early childhood and that's why she's so miserable? Maybe her hair falls out if she washes it on a regular basis and that's why she's so damn greasy. (I'm not making a cancer joke, it seems like she's going to claim anything for attention.) I really don't believe for a second that all of these things happened to her, she's just using anything she can for attention.
If she really suffered from an eating disorder, would she have gotten married while hugely pregnant? This is a serious question. Most women I know, even those with healthy body image, would not want to be 8 months pregnant in their wedding pictures so I have a hard time believing that someone who hates their body and is insecure about their weight would want to look like a whale in pictures they're going to look at for the rest of their life.

Glad I'm not the only one who think she is extremely exaggerating... Who the eff has an eating disorder for a couple weeks?? That is an insult to people who are actually struggling with bulimia/anorexia. My first thought when I was read that, was if she had a serious eating disorder and throwing up like she claimed, where are the stick skinny pictures?!? I mean, this girl has never been a skinny girl. I think she is straight up lying and it's insulting to real sufferers. I wasn't Kails biggest fan before this book, and I sure wont be after!

I'm not bothered so much by not seeing pictures of her when she was "skinny", but more by the fact that it doesn't seem like her weight fluctuated at all. I've heard stories about people with eating disorders who don't appear to have them, but there is still usually a noticeable difference. Kail's weight has always appeared fairly consistent to me, expect when she was pregnant with Lincoln but she was pregnant. I think someone would have noticed if it was fluctuating at all, between her friends, viewers, or the people who write about the TM girls. I mean, I'm sure some bad things have happened to her, but it seems pretty far fetched that literally everything bad that could happen to her did happen. It seems even more unlikely that none of this came out before her book. All of the other girls have had their skeletons revealed, so to speak, so how can so much have happened to her that no one ever found out about?

Oooh...maybe chapter 7 is all about the twin she absorbed while in Suzi's drunken womb. Everyone loves a good fetus in fetu story.

Megan: Just read that Joey Maes (Katy's ex) is expecting another baby with a different girl. Not sure if it's worth writing an article since TM3 is over but thought I'd let ya know :)

There was already some sort of discussion about this, unless it is a completely new girl/baby? I remember that the two ironically had the same last name but weren't married. I don't know if it was an entire article, from one of the "this week in teen mom news" or just mentioned in the comments, but it was discussed at some point in maybe, February or early March?

Megan did an article about him expecting another child several months ago. I never heard anything else about it though. I did see one person mention on another blog that he actually had two girls pregnant at the same time, but I haven't seen any proof, so I don't think it is true. Some people said they thought the pregnancy Megan wrote about on here was also just a rumor. IDK, it's so hard to keep up with all the drama these days. It's almost easier to list who isn't pregnant lol

Lady K! This is going to sound super stalkery but you mentioned in a few articles back that you grew up in Iredell County when I mentioned Rowan county. I grew up in the southern part of Iredell county and was wondering if you did, too? That's crazy.

I grew up all over Iredell County, and even a little bit of Alexander lol! I went to every high school in the county (South, North, Statesville, & West). The place I lived the longest was in Statesville off of HWY 21 going towards Harmony (way in the Boondocks, past Walmart). We were probably in school at the same time ironically bc I think we are around the same age. I was class of 09.
It's so crazy that we are complete strangers on a TMJ site, but grew up in the same town. The oddest thing though is based off of post I've read about you, we seem to have lived parallel lives as far as family issues, health issues, relationship issues etc. Before I found out you were from the same area, I literally thought I had a sister separated at birth bc of all the similarities in our lives.
I don't know a single person around here that even watches Teen Mom, and I love reading about it and discussing, so I come here with my TMJ sisters, and get a good laugh.

Rae....I think the Underage Pregnant Gods have brought us together!

That's so damn cool!! My sister went to South until her Junior year but I went to Lake Norman because I started my freshman year the year they opened it. I graduated in '06. I had a lot of friends at South, though. And there was a HUGE on-field brawl (completely unrelated to the actual football game) between Lake Norman and North Iredell once that resulted in several broken bones and some parents being banned from future sporting events due to the fact that everyone and their mother (literally) stormed the field to get in on the white trash action. I don't even remember what started it but I know a guy I know broke some dude's dad's jaw. Hwy 21 (obviously south of where you lived) is about 3 miles from my old house in Mooresville at exit 33!! I went back recently and they have a Langtree exit before Davidson and a Brawley School exit between 33 and 36 now. It's crazy how huge that area is getting.

Hi Friend!

I had posted something a while ago about Joey having a second child, but I haven't seen anything recently. If you have a link to the place you saw the article, feel free to post it and I'll snoop around a little more. Here's the link to the one I wrote. http://www.teenmomjunkies.com/teen-mom3/joey-maes-baby/

Thanks for reading. :)

Oh my bad!!! You're one step ahead of me :) Thanks Megan! Thanks all!

With all of the bad in this girl's life, she really should not have been a mom. CPS will probably take her child away because there is no way she can afford her own place at 16 and her family does not seem stable. I know I will get down voted for this, but I do not feel bad for this girl that thought it was a good idea to bring a baby into this mess.

Do we know her situation with her baby daddy? If they're together, maybe she lives with him or his family? Maybe she lives with a relative? Unless you know something I don't, I haven't seen anywhere that she definitely lives with her addict mom.

Well seeing as how she was talking about her boyfriend's mom and how she didn't trust her alone with her son, I am pretty sure she wouldn't live with them. That would be too much tension and drama, which in turn would still be bad for her child.

I follow her on twitter, it seems she has just broken up with the baby daddy. She mentions her own dad a lot too so im guessing he has something to do with her living situation? Either way, its obvious how much she loves her son and she seems to be doing a great job despite not having had the best role model herself.

No I totally agree she should not have brought a baby into this mess

Super sad.

Anyways, I have a question. I read that linked article above about Kail on the dailymail and I noticed all the pictures they used are popped photos. I am really curious - do these girls get followed by paparazzi? Is it all the time or just when they are in LA/NYC? I don't follow them other then visiting this site and was surprised to see candid pap photos...if anyone knows the answers that would be wonderful lol

Alot of wanna be famous people pay for paps, case in point the Kardashians. They seriously infiltrated pop culture by osmosis, they hired paps who flooded the market with their every move. Now there is am increased demand for their pics so they don't have to pay to be followed. But whenever you see a pap in a completely uncharacteristic place, they are probably being paid for their services.

We can't forget our favorite back door teen mom fame whore, Farrah!

She's using the Kardashian model, they were the first to really use paps for publicity on a large scale, hence why you rarely see unkempt pap pictures of them, we don't see them all coked up and stumbling about like other celebs, we see them polished and poised leaving the gym, or the doctors or restaurants. When others noticed this they started using the paps to their advantage, case in point Farrah, Emmy Rossum, Hillary Duff. Look at the Daily Mail, and you will see the same names in articles over and over, yet hear nothing of new roles, or new projects to be interested in. Those are pay for pap picks, done solely to keep the person fresh in your mind.

In the case of the Kardashian's, they actually have a photographer named Brian Pahl who is their go-to paparazzo and they get final assessment of all the photos..hence why some photos Kim looks super skinny and fit and other ones (that haven't been photoshopped all to hell) show a real person's (severely altered at least) body. Cellulite!! Oh no!! They act like it's herpes. I also remember reading a thing somewhere that Farrah used to sleep with different paparazzo to get her pictures out there for exposure but once she found out how much they were being paid for the pictures, she struck a deal to use certain paparazzo exclusively when she was going somewhere and she'd get a cut of the profits from the sale of the pictures. It all pretty much makes me want to puke. When I'm out buying condoms or a pregnancy test, I look like a normal human (sometimes more troll like if I feel like shit and have my hair in a blobby bun) but Farrah looks like she's ready for a modeling job at Rite Aid. Ugh.

OMG. That's so pathetic. Paris Hilton comes to mind also.

God, I'm in my mid 20's, secure relationship, house sorted all that stuff and first baby is on their way, and I still can't imagine doing it without my mum around!
Brave young lady, I just hope she makes the right choices for her and her baby. I have to say, not sure if want to leave my baby with someone who has a condition that could leave them unconscious while watching my baby, that's not safe for the baby or the person with said condition!

I had an epileptic baby sitter growing up and she told us that if she happened to look like she fell asleep and started twitching, she was fine, just having a mild seizure. It scared the crap out of me. It never happened but I was always like ready for disaster. We also watched Dirty Dancing and Can't Hardly Wait every time she babysat because they were her favorite movies and I LOVED those movies and she was a great baby sitter. I recently rewatched Dirty Dancing for the first time in a long time and there was A LOT of that movie I didn't catch on to until now.

But it sounds to me like you were old enough to deal with an emergency situation, a baby couldn't react. The Article mentioned strokes which could render this lady paralysed permanently. For me, there are too many risk factors like what if they had a fit while holding the baby and injured themselves and the baby. I'm not talking older children who can potentially look after themselves and deal with a situation if it arises, but small babies and children who need constant supervision at all times.

Ack! Crap. I was sleep deprived when I wrote that and wasn't trying to argue that epilepsy is a-okay to have a baby around. I wouldn't leave a baby with her, either. It just reminded me of that old babysitter I had and Dirty Dancing and I started rambling, haha. This girl has every reason on the planet not to leave her kid alone with someone who could have a seizure, stroke or die at any moment.

Just to add strokes can kill also.

MEGAN! They let Nathan out of jail early. What the fuck?

...I just re-read that it sounds like I'm blaming you for Horry County being a bunch of whores (and further proving that apparently dating someone who's on TV gets you better treatment than the rest of us peasants.) I'm not blaming you. I just want to read an article about it because I'm holding out hope that he still has to face his DUI charge and will spend more than 11 days in jail FFS. She made this ginormous spectacle with pictures of them together and christmas lights to welcome him home just like he put up a tacky ass "welcome home" sheet when she spent 48 whole hours in county jail. I have a feeling this is going to be a pattern as they continue...every time one of them goes to jail, the other one has to throw a ticker tape parade of white trash to welcome them back.

Oh and now that Nathan's back, poor Jace is probably wondering why the hell his mom stopped loving him AGAIN.

I think the reason she didn't give her son up for adoption is because she may have thought she would end up like her mother if she did. Adoption isn't the easiest thing to do so I can only imagine going through that on top of a mother who has a drug issue.
As far as the boyfriends mothers medical condition(s) go, my uncle has epilepsy. Before he started with reiki they were really bad even with medication. One bad one would make him sleep all day and give him horrible headaches. Luckily his children are a little older and responsible enough to do things for themselves when this would happen. I don't blame Millina at all for not wanting her son around his grandmother alone.

My best friend's mother has been in and out of jail for years now due to a cocaine problem and I have seen how it effects her. I wouldn't wish that kind of pain and stress on anyone. I was with my friend when she got a call from her mother saying she was going to be in jail for 3 years and it was awful. She had to drop out of college and go back home so she could pay the bills while her mother was in prison. She's doing great now! She's engaged and is living with her fiancé in a condo. Her mother got out of prison a few months ago and has been keeping clean. But I would never want to go through something like that.

Your username. Omg. You win.

Lol thank you :)

Wonder how the stepdad died. Anyways- drugs are bad mmmkay? Her mom was actually pretty before and now... Geez. That is just horrible!