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Millina is a 17-year-old from Harrison Township, Michigan (I think?) and she's our newest mom-to-be that's appearing on 16 & Pregnant's 5th season.

Millina dropped out of high school, and then started spending a lot of time in the "rave scene" which is where she met her boyfriend, Trevor. Trevor is partial to hoodies and Batman, and has a seriously awkward mustache in all of his close ups.

Anyway, they're having a baby together, and their struggles as a couple seem to keep growing. (Really though, check out this mustache.)


Millina lives with her grandma, Nan, who has taken care of her and her brother, Moses, for quite a while. Millina's mother lost custody of her kids because of a drug addiction, and she is currently in jail.

She's been locked up for Millina's entire pregnancy, and she's probably going to miss the birth of her grandchild.

Millina talks on the phone with her mom several times throughout the episode, and you can tell that this young girl really just wants her mom back. It's so heartbreaking.

Trevor's mom, Tina, has her own set of problems.

Tina has seizures AND strokes from time to time, and Millina is quoted saying that they've seen her drop things or fall over at any given moment, so she's not really comfortable with letting her be alone with the baby.

Along with that, Tina seems like a ticking time bomb, and she's constantly crap-talking Millina's mom and her parenting skills, which is something that Millina takes very personally.

Because of Tina's health issues, she is going to move into a friend's basement with Trevor, and she would like Millina to come with them and move in so that she has all the help she needs with a newborn. Millina's not having it because she knows that Tina is just going to talk badly about her mom, and she doesn't want to deal with her son being around someone that's as unstable as Tina.

Trevor convinces Millina to go talk to his mom one day about what she's feeling, and it ends in an extreme blow up on Tina's part, which results in her basically telling Millina to go live with her mom.

Honestly, Millina seemed really chill throughout this whole ordeal, and she wasn't even yelling or screaming.


Millina goes back to her house, and Trevor stays with his mom to try and fix things, but pretty soon, Millina goes into labor.

I can guarantee that it didn't happen that quickly, but MTV's editing was really sketchy in this episode anyway, so we'll just pretend it all made sense.

Millina goes to the hospital, and prepares to deliver her son. Tina and Trevor are both there, but Tina stays in the waiting room.

Millina says that she's going to kick out anyone who makes this experience more stressful for her.

The baby, who they name Kayden, is born and he's healthy and is really a cute kid. I'll post a picture once more of my episode buffers online.

Millina goes into normal parent mode, and is up all night with the baby, but she seems to be doing a really good job with him. Nobody is really helping her, and she's the one that's up for feedings, diaper changes, etc. Millina's mother has a court date to see if she can get into a rehab program, and when Kayden is about a month old, they pack him up, and take him to the court house, so that Millina's mother can see him for the first time.

It's really sad to see Millina's mom regret not being there, and her speech to the judge is sad, but honest. She says that she hasn't been the mother that she should be to her kids and that she really needs help.

She regrets not being there for her grandson's birth, and she cries. Sadly, the judge isn't buying it, and he sentences her to 200 more days in jail.

Kayden gets sick, because he was out in the cold, and Trevor's mom keeps blowing up Millina's phone. Eventually, Kayden is better, and so Millina and her dad, who has gross long hair and admits that he was also a drug addict, take the baby to see Tina and Trevor. It seems like everyone gangs up on Millina at this point, and she breaks down crying.

She just wants her family to be together, and she really needs support. Sadly, her dad says it was dumb to take the baby to the court house, and that starts Tina's crap talking of Millina's mother, and then it all goes down hill from there.

This girl really has nobody besides Nan and her brother to help out. Trevor has only visited the kid a couple times, and he seems to be more interested in his mom than his kid.

At the end, Trevor and Millina meet up to talk about what they're going to do.

Trevor says they need to focus more on Kayden, and less on their family, and even though Millina is sad, she seems desperate and goes along with his ideas for now.

As far as I know, Millina and Trevor are not together. Her Twitter feed shows no mention of her mom being released from jail, although she did post a photo about 10 hours ago that showed Kayden with her mom for the first time, so maybe that's a good sign.

I'm not sure.

Over all, I'm happy that this girl seemed to be doing a good job as a mother, and even though Trevor wasn't around much, I was glad to see that these two weren't having any serious screaming matches on camera.

rachelle and kayden


I actually liked this episode. I felt really bad for this girl. I wouldn't trust my baby with someone who has seizures and TIA's either. The mom was getting really pissed over it, but I'm glad Millina stuck to her guns. Oh and her younger brother was so cute and smart!

I swear the younger siblings are always smarter than the older ones. I remember on TM3 all the siblings were wise beyond their years.

That is the cutiest baby I have ever seen.

Yes I agree, her baby was one of the most vocal I've seen on any 16 & Pregnant episode. Obviously a very contented baby, probably because Millina rightly kept him away from all the arguing.

Were they seizures or strokes?!? The called them seizures at first then they started referring to them as strokes! Stroke are serious!!! Well both are!

It seems she had seizures and transient ischemic attacks (TIAs) that are kind of like mini strokes. They don't usually kill people or permanently paralyze them or anything like that but they can be serious and cause people to fall or wreck their car, etc etc. My MIL has them from time to time and it's pretty scary because you never know if it's a stroke or a TIA and I can't even imagine adding epilepsy to that as well.

I didn't see the episode, but just from reading this I can see that Millina needs support and isn't getting it. Damn, that poor girl. :(

She did her have grandmother who seemed to be in her corner. She was very calm and supportive, and promised to never kick them out as long as she was taking care of her child. She should just cut off from the rest of them - the way they ganged up on her made me sick.

I kept saying thank God for her. Broke my heart when the grandma was crying about her daughter in the court room.

The scene where Tina, Trevor and Millina's deadbeat-ish Dad ganged up on her for taking the baby out was so infuriating. 'C'mon, let's all go on for 10 minutes about what a bad decision Millina made bringing the baby to see Grandma in court'.

Whaaat? I get the concern but it's not like Tina and Millina's greasy haired addict Dad did a bang up job in the parenting department so, frankly, they can take a seat.

It was really sad. I kept saying to TV Trevor "please don't leave, please don't leave, please don't leave" ... and then the ass left. Hope he steps on up in the future. Millina can't seem to catch a break.

I agree Nan seemed supportive and level-headed though. Thank God for her!

Oh, and yes, that is one sorry excuse for a mustache.

I loved this girl - what a fucking sad life she's had. I mean seriously, she got the short end of the stick. And yet, she seemed positive and grounded and wasn't throwing herself a pity party. She seemed to grow up very fast and I was pleasantly surprised by how level headed she was. Tina was a nightmare, I wouldn't want someone like that around my child either. Combined with the health issues, I understand why she didn't want the baby left alone with Tina. Her dad was a mess as well, don't tell her how to parent when you are so obviously a shitty parent.

Thank god she had her Nan's and brother, their house seemed surprisingly calm and stable and is definitely the best place for her to raise her child. I wish nothing but the best for this girl.

Oh yeah, her baby was ADORABLE. Soooo cute it made me want another baby!

I thought the same thing about her loser dad telling her he would "never do that" regarding taking the baby to the courthouse. I was like "ummm you were obviously a shit parent so I doubt you should be doling out any type of advice." Overall I felt bad for this girl. I hope she stays as grounded and focused on her child as she seemed to be in her episode.

"I know I was an alcoholic, abusive drug addict and whatnot but I would NEVER take a baby to a different building!" Sit your frisbee throwing ass down, Fat Keanu.

This made me literally LOL. "Fat Keanu"....I can't. :)

I 100% approve of your username, hahaha. He's on my "asshole list" for life now.

Ha! "frisbee throwing ass" LOL!!

Thank you! I used to like dr drew, but he's on my moron list now. Not only is he the worst host for the teen mom reunion shows, he also talks out of his ass about real diseases being psychosomatic. It bugs me that he claims to be an addiction specialist or whatever, but seems to buy all of jenelle's bs without question.

She was SO grounded it was shocking. She seemed really mature to me. When Tina was yelling at her, Millina just stayed calm and didn't raise her voice or start yelling. She seems really level-headed. I was pretty surprised.

Tina is a raging manipulative narcissist. Holy shit. When Millina was trying to burp Kayden after everyone was ganging up on her and Tina came over and said whatever she said about, "Don't take it out on the baby" and "Can I hold my grandson??" like she was the safer place for the baby to be and Millina burping the baby was in any way abusive and she was entitled to hold the damn baby?! Ugh. That coupled with her unbelievable meltdown with zero provocation about how she's "THE BEST MOTHER" and "THERE'S NO ONE IN THE WORLD THAT WOULDN'T TRUST ME WITH THEIR KID"....Stay the fuck away from that one, Millina. Absolute powder keg. Narcissists are SUPER horrid at dealing with rejection or anything they perceive as rejection...such as...I dunno...a baby they feel entitled to be given total access to being withheld from them? Or their son's girlfriend saying she didn't want to move into their friend's BASEMENT (wtf?) with them and thus be under her control and manipulation like her son? I'm not surprised that Millina's boyfriend seemed to want to be there for his mom more than his girlfriend. It's pretty standard for children of manipulative narcissists to feel like it's their job to smooth things over and make their parents feel better. He's spent his whole life with his mother manipulating him to see the world through her fucked up view and so when SHE thinks that someone is trying to be mean to her for no reason, it's really easy for her to convince HIM that someone is trying to be mean to her for no reason. That being said, kid needs to grow up fast and put some distance between his mom and himself or else he's never going to get out of her sticky little web of crazy and he should be there for his kid more than for his mom.

I realize it seems like I'm jumping to conclusions because I'm calling this based on a whopping 10 minutes of footage from this batshit crazy woman but she's a textbook narcissist and I'm quite aware of all the shit they try to pull to get things to go their way because my dad is one, as well.

Yes but I'm surprised that Trevor isn't as controlled by tina as I thought he would be. I feel like he's caught in the middle,and a guy his age would easily choose his mom over the girlfriend. I feel like Trevor does love Millina but he can't do anything, with his mom always trying to play the victim. Hope he steps up more and is more involved in Kayden's life

True. He seemed like a very...mentally stable and WANTING to be involved dad and you don't see that on the show much. You could tell he had love for Millina and I'm glad they're co-parenting at this point. It's possible he is a lot more in control of how much he let's his mother control him emotionally than most kids his age would be but maybe the stress of being on MTV and filming and a pregnancy just sent her into SUPER crazy and he had to hold down the fort. It took me a long, long time to realize that my dad was a toxicity in my life and it definitely wasn't at age 17 or so. I wish them both the best and I'm still blown away by how calm they both seemed to be, even when he was kind of stuck between his crazy as mother and his girlfriend (who seemed to be far away from the "Crazy Bitch" aisle of life's department store which would be really good for him in the long run to see how a good/calm mom can be.)

Thank you so much for addressing the screwy editing this episode. It was especially apparent when they are all at Trevor and Tina's talking.

On a side note I think this is the most breastfeeding we've seen from a batch of 16 & pregnant girls.

Katie breastfed a lot

Hey thumbs down: Go fuck yourself. I was just stating a fact.

Whoa. I didn't thumbs down you, but is it normal to get so worked up over it?

No it's just weird like....did something about that comment offend someone??? Maddy breastfed on the show. What about that sentence is so offensive? Lol I just think it's stupid to thumb someone down over something like that without explaining. But hey, thumb down away!

I'm talking about just from the 16&P series. I know Katie BF but as a whole this has been the most I've seen in one season.

Maddy did too

........... Uh are you pissed maddy breastfed? Or do you not remember that? Fuckever. Again. Go fuck yourself thumbs down. :)

I'm not thumbs downing you.. but.. "On a side note I think this is the most breastfeeding we’ve seen from a batch of 16 & pregnant girls." "I’m talking about just from the 16&P series." ...and that includes Maddy. Just sayin'.

Not you just whoever lol.

Thank you @Hayzii you understood what I was saying. @IBATHMYKIDS I didn't thumbs you down. J/S

It's cool it's cool. Sorry if I came off cranky! Had an allergic reaction to some medication and was up all last night. I need coffee lol.

People here seem to just thumbs down everything about Katie. That's the only reason I think people thumbed down but I wasn't one of them so I could be wrong. Just wanted to let you know why I thought they did. ;)

Oh no worries. I'm not Katie's biggest fan but was js she breastfed hahaha. I don't think a mom is better than another mom for breast feeding though. Hahaha they thumbed down all my stuff but sometimes i say stuff that people don't like so whatevs.

In the waiting room Tina had a completely different hairdo and color

Yes! Millina's hair color also changed from faded red to just dyed red from short to long to short again. Also her nails were done then a few minutes later she was getting her nails done. Would things not make sense if they showed everything in order?!

I had to rewatch that scene because I couldn't even focus on what they were saying due to the editing. First someone was burping the baby then Millina was feeding the baby then she didn't have the baby. So irritated by mtv's editing. I'm surprised the conversation made sense with all the cutting and pasting.

Just hearing about this girl makes me sad. I am happy though that she is making strides to be a better mom for her son than what she had.

I really liked this girl. The level of calmness she maintained in any given situation was unbelievable. As someone who has come from a broken home, I neither had my father or mother and grew up at my grandma's who was an alcoholic, I can sympathize. I've seen it all growing up, drugs, alcohol, I've dealt with verbal and physical abuse and still somehow I forgive my parents and root for them to be better people. So I honestly cringed when I was hearing Tina talk about Millina's mom the way she did. Don't get me wrong, she has every right to her opinion but she way she constantly bashed her was so annoying and if that was me in that situation, I would have not been so calm with her. Tina's behavior in my opinion was completely unacceptable and it was not her place to say so many of the things she did. Millina was not shown once complaining about the baby and seemed like she handled having a new baby so well considering. I really liked her grandma and her little brother was adorable. I hurt for Millina and her brother cause i've been there done that and no matter how messed up your parents are, at the end of the day they're your parents and they're human and they make mistakes and seeing her want her mom back so bad is exactly what I always wanted even if everyone always said she was horrible and not a good mom. Anyway really loved this episode and this girl.

I hope Jenelle doesn't turn up like Millina's mom, even if she does, I hope Jace will be there for Jenelle just like Millina did to her mom.

Maybe I'm just an asshole, but I hope that if Jenelle is still pulling her junkie shit when Jace is this girl's age, Babs has cut off contact by then and they aren't having to put up with her bullshit anymore. She's put that poor kid through more trouble in his short 9 months in her uterus and four years in non pot-polluted amniotic fluid than any child should ever have to deal with.

I would normally agree with this. But Jenelle has shown no desire to be in Jace's life. From what I saw of Millina's mom, she at least was remorseful for how she acted. Jenelle doesn't care. So I agree with Rae in that hopefully by that point Babs has cut off contact.

I really liked her too. I addressed this above but it's very obvious to me that Tina has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The way she said, "I'm just offering you love. I understand you didn't have a lot of love growing up and I'm just offering you love." NO BITCH YOU AREN'T. You're offering her mild, temporary acceptance with 8,000 caveats that come along with it, talking shit about her mom all while expecting everyone else to treat you like the greatest mother that has ever walked the earth and your friend to "take care of" you. SOOOO many things wrong with that woman.

I totally understand Millina's devotion to her mom. Her mom seemed like she was all talk at times because this is not her first rodeo based on the fact that she had her kids removed from her custody awhile ago, she's been in and out of jail and the judge didn't buy her tearful plea for an inpatient rehab and I don't really blame him. But that doesn't mean she's an awful person. Drugs do crazy shit to people. It really sucks for Millina that she didn't have her mom there when she needed her but maybe missing the birth of her grandson was what Millina's mom needed to make her understand to take her sobriety seriously and be a better mom and now grandmother. Or maybe not. You never really know. I hope she can do better and get the help she needs because her kids do love her and Millina seemed like a really level headed girl who got pregnant and got her shit together regardless of the chaos going on around her and she deserves a good mom.

I thought Tina's behaviour towards Milina was disgusting. If that's the way she talks about Milina's mum now I'd hate to hear what she says to Kayden about Milina when he's older! She has as little respect as Trevor does backbone.

Also her dad should mind his own business, he's obviously no expert when it comes to providing for children.

Milina dealt with everything pretty well and only wish her the best

I love your username hahahahaha

Haha thanks

I really thought this girl was amazing (and I don't say that much about any of the girls). Yeah I don't think it was smart to bring a baby into the mix of all this shit, but she seemed VERY grown up for her age and very mature. I am 29 and if my boyfriends mom was yelling at me like that I'm not sure I could have stayed so damn calm. I definitely couldn't have if I was 16! Was not impressed with the baby's dad. Honestly he's just a stupid kid. He needs to grow the hell up. Millena had to.

Oh my gosh...his mom. I had a mother in law similar to that but NOT on that level. I HATE how manipulative and psychotic she was. I wasn't even concerned about the strokes or seizures or whatever. I more concerned like hey you're fucking PSYCHO and I would not leave a baby with your crazy ass. I kind of wonder if she was doing drugs herself. And I don't mean to insult anyone with this, but seemed to me like she had bipolar disorder that was going untreated (not sure though). I'm just saying that because of her calm demeanor one minute then flying off the handle the next. I get she was upset but the lady was always crying about SOMETHING. Someone that emotionally unstable needs to seek treatment...BADLY.

I also hated how her bf's mom talked poorly about Millena's mom. That is none of her god damn business. I know my mom would never say that about someone, she would just hope they got better and not drag them down even further. The court scene was so damn heartbreaking. I wanted the lady to get out so bad but it was probably best she stayed longer. I love seeing this picture of her holding the baby though. The baby is so cute he's winking hahaha!

Anyway this episode was heartbreaking as hell, I really admire Millena's strength she's an amazing young woman and seems fun to be around. I hope to see more of her or hear more about her. Her grandma was an amazing woman thank God there was someone good in that family.

I got the impression the Grandma-In-Law had drug issues too. I suspect that's why she's so vocal about it. Regardless, her physical health issues are the least of her worries.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

yes I also think TIna has untreated bipolar, her temper goes from zero to 100. She's a complete narcissist and by bashing Millina's mom she feels better about herself

Definitely symptoms of bipolar disorder. The euphoric calm demeanor at her house, vs. flying off the handle before that. The incessant rambling, going off on tangents. I could see narcissism too. And so much manipulation! "I'm just trying to give you my love. I'm just trying to look like the good guy." And honestly she seemed liek she had used drugs in the past. Or shit, even currently. Crazy woman.

Awesome username!

Both Javis Miley Addiction and IBATHMYKIDS!

Damn, I don't understand the "I bath my kids" thing... Can someone explain? :/


It's something Leah said a season or two ago. When she and Corey lived in the house that caused the divorce (ha!) - she said that she has to "bath" her kids in the basement... instead of bathe.... like a normal person who can speak properly.

This last season she was also giving Addy a bath and was talking to Jeremy and said "let me finish bath-ing her then we can talk."

Millena handled herself so maturely. I really believe she'll be a great mother to Kayden, especially if she cuts out her dad and Trevor's psychotic mother. The situation reminded me a lot of Catelynn's, but this girl seemed more mature and was less codependent on her boyfriend.

You think Milenna should cut out her own dad? He seemed like he turned his life around but definitely seemed like POS dad growing up. But he didn't seem so psychotic like the bf's mom.

Based on what I saw, yes. The way he ganged up on her with Trevor's mom disgusted me. And hell, the dude said she'd do a great job if she stayed away from all the adults, so I'll take his word for that.

It's definitely clear she did not have two good parents growing up. I didn't like that he said that either. But I think cutting him out of their lives is pretty harsh. It seemed like he got clean, which ismore than I can say for the mom. My god can you imagine growing up in that shit? Not sure if I would trust him alone with the child but I would not cut him out completely. You think she should cut her mom out too? Honestly I don't think ANY of the adults except the grandma should be alone with the baby. But I don't think they should just be cut out of her life.

I don't know. Depends on whether she can get and stay clean and what she's like when she's clean. If she got clean and is able to be a rational, nice woman, then no I don't think she should cut her out. But if she stays on drugs or is another crazy person, then yes.

This is all just my opinion based on a snippet of their life, not what she should definitely do. Millena knows these people much better than any of us do, and I feel like she'll make the right decisions.

Yea I hope she does. Would love to see an update on her.

She said on twitter that her mom didn't have to finish the full 200+ days in jail. She is now in an in-patient drug program. That's how Millina's mom got to see the baby. Hope she continues to do well. You can really tell that Millina wants her mother around.

That's such good news!!! I hope she stays clean.

I think there was a lot more stuff happening between Millina and Tina behind the scenes. On one hand, you could really see Tina being upset with not being in her grandsons life and being told she can't watch him. That's got to hurt someone no matter how crazy they are. On the other hand, she needs to respect Millinas decisions. At the end of the day, it's her son and she is going to do what she needs to for him. I overall liked the episode. I've never had to deal with a drug addicted mother, so I can't imagine what she has been through. Especially at such a young age where she would need her mother.

I really liked Millina. I think that Tina (perhaps) doesn't fully grasp the seriousness of her condition. Many people with illnesses of whatever sort believe that hey are much more capable than they are, or they wish so much to be capable and just want to prove themselves to be. I obviously don't know her condition, but if it causes strokes and seizures, she isn't an ideal candidate for being a caregiver, in my opinion.

I'm not defending Tina in any way with this comment (she's nuts) but I can see why she gets so upset when Millina talks so much about having her drug addict mother around the baby and jumps through hoops for her. I agree that it was stupid to take the baby to the court house. I totally understand her desire to have her mother back but when it comes to her mother she is putting her mom ahead of Kayden's health. I truly do understand the impulse on Millina's part...but I also understand Tina's side with her being so angry. From her eyes Millina is saying that she is a worse mother and support system than a drug addict and I think that is why she kept blowing up. (She should have handled that MUCH better and it is no excuse). Millina seemed like an amazing mother to her son and wonderfully grounded on everything but her blind desire to have her mother back. (If she is going to make so many excuses and move everything to let her mother around the baby then she needs to give his other grandma the same consideration. All three of the parents in this episode had problems and Millina only seemed to be excluding Tina.) Either way I hope everyone can calm down and work together for the best of Kayden and Millina. The poor girl needs more support and if everyone could put their feelings aside I think things would go much more smoothly. --(I do NOT think Tina should be left alone with the baby! I just think Millina should give her as many chances as she gives her parents)

You are 100% correct. Millina was acting like being a complete druggie was ok for the baby to be around. It's very understandable, that is her mother. But I didn't see why Tina couldn't be around the baby with Millina there. She shouldn't be left alone with the baby by all means, but why did she have to wait 4 weeks to let her see kayden. I feel like the mother shouldn't even be allowed to see Kayden until she is sober for an extended period of time. That's just my opinion and what I would of done in a situation like that. It's like Kail and her mom Suzi. I don't like Kail, but how she has handled her mother and protected her kids from seeing that, us very admirable!

I really don't get whats so wrong with taking the baby to the courthouse. Its not any germier than a grocery store or a doctor's office or anywhere else. I took my oldest to the courthouse at 1 month old for a friend's courthouse wedding. Kids get colds from everywhere. I don't get why it was such a big deal he went there when could have as easily picked up a cold going to a store.

I posted this below, but it's because the baby's immune system isn't built up yet. Some doctors say to keep a baby home as long as 6 weeks after they're born. While that isn't realistic for everyone, it's still suggested.

I have 3 and never had a doctor tell me that.

My daughter's pediatrician is in a completely different hospital system from where I gave birth. Both told me the same thing - avoid public places like grocery stores for a month, preferably six weeks. This was not an issue for me, and I kept her in (other than her doctor visits) for a month. Again, I realize that it's not that easy for everyone.

Agreed. Sure, I might not spend hours gallivanting around town with my newborn or go for walks in the bitter cold for long periods of time, but there is nothing absolutely nothing wrong with bringing your baby out with you to run errands. The whole "he got sick from going to the courthouse" thing is probably not even true. Someone who held the baby could have passed something on to him at any given time.

Ummmm you should never take a baby that isn't even a month old out like that. They have no immune system and you're just asking for them to get sick.

I agree with you! My husband was deployed when I had both of my kids. Was I not supposed to leave the house for six weeks to grocery shop? Was I supposed to tell my oldest's teacher I couldn't drop him off to school for a few months? Or would you have me leave my baby alone at my house as not to expose him to germs? Some people do not have a choice to bring their baby out, and babies are still somewhat protected by the immunities they get in utero and also from their mom's breastmilk. She did not NEED to bring her kid to the courthouse, but honestly I do not see a problem with it.

I live in her hometown. Midwest had a record coldest winter. It was way too cold for anyone to be out let alone a newborn. Most days were 0-5 degrees. That's what they were talking about

Ok, I might be wrong because this is information coming from the internet, House, and one semester of Human Diseases class. However, the main way that people fight infections and sickness is through their white blood cells. While the fetus is in utero it is sharing blood with the mother, and therefore using the immune system that she built up over her life. After the baby is born it still has the mother's blood helping it to fight off illness. It takes about six months for the baby to be using an immune system that is completely theirs.

Jesus Take the Uterus: I love your sources. A lot of my medical knowledge is from House and Grey's Anatomy, haha although if something piques my interest I research it further. Whenever I seem to know something weird about medical conditions, my husband is like "how do you know that?" And usually I'm like, "Oh...I think I read it somewhere or saw it on a documentary..." Then he just sighs and says, "Oh do you mean the documentary with Dr. McDreamY?" He knows me too well.

I hate to disagree because much of my knowledge also comes from House, but I do know that in utero the mother's blood never actually mixes with that of the baby. There's a process of diffusion of nutrients and oxygen etc across the umbilical cord but no physical mixing. That's why if a mother is HIV positive, there is a chance thatthe baby may be negative if it's a relatively easy birth and the mother's blood doesn't make it into the baby's eyes or anything.

Not sure if anyone saw on Millina's twitter or not last night, but she said that she let Tina watch Kayden for about a half hour to run to the store and Tina called Millina and said she couldn't handle it b/c Kayden wouldn't stop crying. Sorry red flag for me and I would never let her watch Kayden again. You literally can't handle 30 minutes?? sheesh.

Wow seriously??? That's insane....

You must have pissed someone off because you have lots of downvotes on completely innocuous comments. That happens to me from time to time usually after someone bursts in like the Kool-aid guy and calls everyone "haters" and bitches about how mean we are and how much Jenelle has "changed" and I give a bitchy retort. Or when someone bitches about me and others commenting too much. I personally enjoy your comments for the record and I don't know why there's an onslaught of downvotes for...your comments existing, haha.

Speaking of Jenelle "changing" did anyone see the one of Millina' tweets that said something along the lines of Jenelle is getting her shit together and she really looks up to her? Uhh OK. I believe it was a reply but not sure what reply was too.

So all that fuss over Millina not wanting her to be alone with him and then she gets her chance and this is what she does?

Of course. Tina needs praise and attention at all times. If the baby is causing more theatrics than she is, she has to take it up a notch. But I also guarantee you that if Millina were to bring that situation up as a reason not to leave her alone with the baby again, she'd get 12 different kinds of indignant and insulted by it faster than you can say "unstable."

It makes me sad that all the people from Michigan have the trashiest most drug addicted families. It's probably because they are all from the Detroit area. The west side of the state is soo different.

I'm in California, I've seen my fair share of trash. But yea there seems to be something in the water in Michigan lol.

Meth. There's meth in the water.

Fun fact! Aquafina is Detroit city tap water. Do with that what you will.

I'm sure the socioeconomics of the area really plays a role, but it does seem that way. At least, that's what MTV seems to pick up on.

It's not like that everywhere in Michigan. I would guess it's because she lives in a sub-city right outside Detroit. I live in mid-Michigan and most people live in suburbs with (what seems like) normal families. The drug use is just A LOT higher in big city areas like Flint and Detroit, which, unfortunately, is where it seems they film a lot of the teen moms from Michigan. It's actually a really nice state with some bad city reputations...

I'm also from Michigan. I live on the west side of the state. I agree that it is mostly because they are from the Detroit area. The rest of the state, in comparison to Detroit is either pretty affluent or rural farmers. I remember talking to a kid who moved here from California and he talked about how he grew up thinking that MIchigan was Detroit and then a large forested area. lol.

Nikkole was also from Michigan, and she didn't have a trashy drug addicted family... however she as we all know was completely messed up in her own right.

Didn't Nikkole and her friend Samantha go partying in like a mosh pit/firework crowd in downtown detroit when they were both in their 3rd trimester (excuse me, Samantha was in her 3rd trimester and Nikkole was in her size 8 month fake preggers belly) and someone punched Samantha in the stomach and sent her into early labor? Detroit sounds awful, haha. I don't know why anyone would willingly go there. There was woman on one of the early, early episodes of American Idol and she was trying out and she was from Detroit and she kept saying, "You cain't never get outta Detroit" and it became just something we said when we were stuck somewhere we didn't want to be.

I don't know anyone who willingly goes to Detroit with the exception of sporting events. When that happens you park close to the stadium in a lot that has private security because there aren't very many cops around, or you park on the street and very nice homeless men offer to watch your car for money.

That last picture cracks me up. Sparta baby. And for the love of Babs, lose the pornstache.

The super nasty and yet pitiful mustache juxtaposed with the Groucho Marx eyebrows threw me for a loop.

I'm just confused as to why it doesn't exactly reach his lip. That kills me. It's like a serial killer 'stache. I could totally see him driving a free candy van.

This was a good episode. She is very mature for her age and thankfully stepped up and stopped partying. The baby's dad seemed like he would be there for them while she was pregnant, but surprise surprise another baby daddy disappears after the real work starts. At least she has her grandma who provides a stable place to live, and her little bro was adorable and hilarious. My favorite part of the episode was when Millina met the baby's dad somewhere (I think a restaurant?) and they were sitting in a waiting room type area. She was trying to breastfeed and ended up with the blanket completely over her head before she got situated and popped back out. I just thought that was cute and funny. :)

This is going to sound really bitchy, but I go into these episodes just EXPECTING these girls to be complete shit shows and I tried with her, but I just really, really liked her. She was cute and she got her shit together and seemed like she's a really good mom which is shocking considering everything her own parents have put her through. I'm glad she has her Nan and her little brother was adorable. I hope she gets her GED soon because she seemed like a smart girl and, along with her own family experiences, she seems compassionate enough to really be in a position to pursue a career in family counseling or something.

I actually liked this girl a lot and I don't say that about most of the girls. She seemed really mature. It bothered me that Trevor didn't see his kid much but I'm thinking he did at least support him financially since she never complained about that. She said that he worked a lot so I'm gonna assume the money he made wen to the baby since she didn't work. I thought Tina was a psychotic bitch!! I sure as hell wouldn't trust my baby with her either (if I had one lol). I don't blame Melina at all for not wanting to leave her with Tina alone. She wasn't even rude to her about it she was really nice about the whole thing, even when Tina was trash talkin her mom. I also really liked her grandma. Good for her for telling her not to let anyone else force her to do something she doesn't want to. A lot of these parents seem think that thy can tell the girls what to do with their kids. I understand goving advice and helping but at the end of the day it's te teens baby and they need to make the decision of what's best for tem and unless their decision is something that's bringing harm to the child then they need to but out! Side note the editing was really crappy I'm positive she had dyed her hair way earlier in te episode then when she said she had. She seemed to have gotten or cut too.

This girl should be an inspiration to all these chicks on 16 and Pregnant. She was cool as a cucumber and that takes a lot of strength. She handled motherhood at a young age so well without assistance of a partner. I really admired her watching the episode. Also, kudos to her for breastfeeding. If I'm not mistaken, they didn't mention an epidural or intervention, so I'm assuming she had a natural birth (which is very rare on these episodes)? My only hope is that she does something about her schooling.

Trevor's mom has some emotional issues. My mom is bat shit crazy and her mood can go from calm to level 10 crazy in 30 seconds (myself, my sister, and my deceased father all have said she needs some kind of help, but she refuses to see her behavior anything other than "normal"). This woman reminded me of my mom, just less crazy. It is SUPER hard to talk to someone like that. It's walking on eggshells all the time. The best thing this girl did was cut herself off mostly from that drama train. It looked like his mom was hurt that she was bringing up some obvious issues regarding the child care and instead of not taking it personally, she completely took it to heart. I know I really struggle with not blowing up when my mom pulls that shit on me (and I'm 27). It's gotten to a point where I only talk to my mom about neutral subject on a very limited basis (and my sister has lived on a different continent from her for 30 years and rarely speaks to her, though she still has her father for support where she is at). We are having a planned elopement because my mom takes everything personally and thinks everything is against her. It's total chaos. I really admired Millina for stepping away from Trevor's mom, seriously!

Your mom reminds me of my mom. Haven't watched the episode but based on the recap and all the comments I think the best decision for her might be to cut out everyone except her grandma for a time (not including Trevor because they probably need to coordinate getting stuff for the baby). When adults are emotionally unstable, you don't have to keep them around just because they're family. I strongly disagree with this idea that you should keep giving these people a chance to be in your life. It is a goddamn matter of health and happiness to not be constantly walking on eggshells or riding someone else's emotional roller coaster.

Sorry for the rant but I want people to be happy and healthy, and in my case it's involved cutting out people who are toxic. As a kid I never wanted to come to my mother with my problems because her emotions would overwhelm me and the situation. This girl has been failed by both of her parents (and if her dad had really turned his life around why was she living with her grandmother still?), why the hell should she give them ANOTHER chance to screw up when she has a child to care for now! I think this girl is probably one of the best shown when you look at 16&P in the light of its supposed intention.

I feel for you! I've never told my mother anything personal in my teen and adult life because it's a screaming match no matter how light the subject may have been (she'll make it negative). When I told my mother my fiance proposed, I actually started out saying, "You have to promise not to get mad.", before I showed her the ring. I didn't feel like arguing and guess what, she had a epic meltdown the size of Jupiter. And it went on for four months after that. Chaos! (And my fiance is not a bad man, she just doesn't like stuff that doesn't go her way and that she can't control.)

It sucks to have a parent like that because you feel emotionally abandoned. I struggle with having an emotionally-void mother and a dead father (he was my voice of reason). It's a very lonely place.

The best thing you can do is cut toxic people out as you said. You can not change that person and hoping something will change is only going to disappoint you. I've really struggled with boundaries between myself, my fiance, and her the last year (and it's put a large strain on my relationship with him) because they each want me to pick their side (which is so not healthy). I've about had it with everyone acting like a temperamental child.

I hope Millena's mother changes and it's permanent because she obviously wants to give her mother another chance. It's hard to stop yourself from not forgiving your parent, no matter how shitty they are. Trevor's mother, I foresee it not being as hard for her to walk away because it isn't her parent. I could probably walk away if my MIL treated me that way, but it's way more complicated when it is your own mother.

Both your mothers remind me of my father. You guys should look into Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I feel like I've said that in every comment on this thread so far but holy crap was Tina a prime example. I didn't know what NPD was until relatively recently and, up until that point, I just thought my dad was just an asshole...I didn't know there was a TERM for it.

When I got engaged, he got pissed because I texted him about it instead of my husband asking his permission (we're not that close and I told my husband that I didn't want him to ask permission and I didn't think my dad would want to be bothered by more than a text to let him know we got engaged.) He didn't even respond or call. I called him the next day and he guilted me about how he's "old fashioned" and blah blah blah and I felt terrible. So then, when my husband and I eloped (because my parents are divorced and fucking HATE each other and I have anxiety and eloping was way easier) I made sure that NO ONE told my father until I could tell him IN PERSON and in a special way. He didn't give a shit. He made this whole speech about how he used to worry about my sister and I making our own decisions but now he realizes that we're adults and he needs to "let us make our own decisions even if some of those decisions are mistakes." It broke my heart. We went to my best friend's wedding that weekend in New Orleans (and her parents were my dad's best friends) and I told him and his girlfriend that we'd eloped before we left for New Orleans and I wasn't going to tell my friend yet because it was HER wedding and now wasn't the time. Guess who got engaged AT THE WEDDING RECEPTION?? My dad and his girlfriend. Such an asshole.

But yeah...look into NPD and it might help you understand the fucking terrorism that your mothers seem to be putting you through. A big facet of being the child of a narcissist is to eventually go "No Contact" (NC) if needed and I actually did that before I ever realized what NPD was. A lot of stuff happened the summer after I got married that caused me to not want my dad in my life anymore and I cut him out and then when I learned about NPD and that a lot of people have to go NC with their narcissistic parent, it all suddenly made sense and I didn't feel like a horrible daughter for not giving him the 10,000th chance to not be an asshole for once.

My mom's pretty solidly borderline IMO. She's a very generous and kind person, but emotionally she can't handle her shit and gets really needy. She'll throw a fit about something totally insignificant and then want everyone else to make her feel better (no coping, self soothing and whatnot). What's fucked up is I have some of her tendencies!

But you realize you have those tendencies and can work to suppress them, so that actually counts for a lot!

Thanks Rae, always a good TM buddy haha

On lighter note: "Your pretty vagina turned into Stargate" LMFAO

I literally laughed out loud when he said that. My fiance will not look at my vagina when giving birth. Refuses. He says he doesn't want to see something he can't take back and have a decreased sex drive (I guess that's fairly common in men - it's like their favorite place got ruined for them). I think it's kind of ridiculous, but I can't force him to watch. If it makes him that uncomfortable, then it's probably better he not look. Stargate, lol.

I read that it can traumatize men. i think that's SO lame how afraid they are of it!!! Like we are the ones that have to give birth LOL!

Whoa, I didn't think that actually happened in real life. My husband loved watching me give birth to our kids, and actually wanted to catch them as they were born (couldn't due to minor complications) it is so weird to me when guys act all weirded out by it.

Your husband sounds like a great guy! Yea I've heard it's common though.

My husband watched all 3 of ours being born with no trauma to him although his stupid ass said "wow her head is huge" as I was pushing the first one out and he probably would have gotten kicked in the head for that one if I hadnt been otherwise occupied. I didn't want a mirror either, it always hurts worse when you actually see it. I myself do not ever want to see it because it's just yucky and makes me cross my legs with a sympathetic ow.

My sister just had her first child in January and she and her OB completely PROMISED her boyfriend that he could stay at the head of the bed and not have to be anywhere near the gore-fest that is the miracle of life/vaginal/shitting on your OB region of the bed. Cut to the day of the birth and there were 11 women in labor in the labor and delivery unit at the hospital my sister gave birth in all at the same time and like only 6 doctors. So he had to rest her legs on his shoulders and help her brace to push the baby out RIGHT INTO HIS FACE for a while. He was absolutely 100% traumatized. I laughed so hard when they told me that story.

I have given birth to a child, and they offered me a mirror and I was like why the hell would I want to see that? No. I don't blame anyone for not watching lol...

My parents filmed all of it, my mom giving birth to me. I NEVER. EVER. Want to see it! It's just funny to me they're traumatized and don't wanna have sex after.

Did anyone ever watch it? I always wonder about that when I see people videotaping the vagine during the birth. I can understand wanting to capture that first moment the mom and dad MEET the kid but not the whole "crowning" moment and whatnot.

I haven't seen this episode yet but at least it seems like Millina has the best interests for her baby in mind which is good. It's really sad that the reasons she's not comfortable with Tina watching the baby are reasons she can't help so I sympathize with that, but the way she lashes out, that's the reason I wouldn't let a baby be alone with her.

I think this girl is probably my favorite of the ones shown so far. The story with her mom was something I emphasized with, good people can fall prey to drugs and it can happen to someone regardless of their job, what degree they have or what family they come from. It also can take them super fast.
Trevors mom came off as incredibly manipulative to me, kind of like she somehow would emotionally blackmail her son into taking her side, and he would feel like if he saw his son and went to Millinas house she would act like he betrayed her

Reminded me of how Butch and April got so possessive of Carly. Is it always the trashiest messes who make the new grandchild into some kind of self-validating achievement?

WHY was Butch such an asshole about them giving Carly up for Adoption if he spent basically Tyler's entire childhood in and out of prison and half-way houses and most of Carly's life doing the same? I never understood that. Was it just for bragging rights? "Oh I have a granddaughter that I get to be coked up and drunk around once I get paroled!" And half the time April would just lash out at Catelynn and call her a bitch for no reason whatsoever...how long would it have taken her to start treating Carly like that?

Butch was/is a dick because he was/is messed up all the time on drugs or alcohol. He probably watches old episodes and is like "I really told her!" because he doesn't remember saying the crap. He was drunk or high ALL the time. That's why he kept getting put BACK in jail! Lol!

I think you are 1000% on the money regarding the emotional blackmail. People who think everything is against them, at least in my experience, are incredibly manipulative to get their way (so the world is on their side). His mom seemed to think everything was an attack on her character (and it wasn't). Trevor is just a kid and he probably still wants to please his mother, not realizing she is emotionally unstable and manipulative. That is no excuse for not seeing his kid, but I think he probably felt very pulled between two people, his mom and Millina (like he had to pick a side).

I kind of feel for Trevor, because when we were younger my husband was like that, totally loyal to his mom despite how unstable (and quite frankly, insane) she is and it strained our relationship. When I got pregnant, everything changed though. He put our family above his mother's whims and now she's not even in our life and it's really the best thing that could have happened. I can understand why he feels that way, having been witness to my mother in law emotionally blackmailing and manipulating my husband but honestly, that should have changed when he became a dad. Your kids needs to be more important than your parents.

Empathized with* is what I was trying to type with Millinas mom. Lol

I really didn't think I would like this girl but I did! Kudos to her for breastfeeding and keeping calm through everything she has to deal with. I know I couldn't do all that and I'm a 24 year old.

She was live tweeting during the episode and she has said that her mom is now in rehab, she and Trevor are not together but are working on things, she and Tina get along every so often, and that she did get an epidural. It just didn't show it.

Loved this episode!

Trevor looks so much like Milhouse from the Simpsons, I was distracted during the episode, lol.
He is a total Mama's boy, and I'm sure the crazy bitch was like "Do NOT go over there to help, make her see how hard it is on her own, and she will have no choice but to move in with US"
Her comment she yelled:
Uh, well now all of America would not, after seeing how CRAZY you are, lady!
She is what nightmare Mother In Laws are made of!!!
Cute baby, and Millina was amazing as a Teen mom:)

Does anyone else think that Milina's dad kind of looked like an overgrown version of Bender from The Breakfast Club?

YES! I couldn't put my finger on it but that's totally it. Also: for awhile there the actor who actually DID play Bender from The Breakfast Club, Judd Nelson, WAS an overgrown version of Bender from The Breakfast Club. He played the Sheriff in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

HAHAHAHAHA! NO NO NO. I still have a crush on Bender don't you ruin it for me.

So basically what you're saying is...Don't mess with the bull, young man. You'll get the horns?

Am I the only one that got this weird vibe from Millina's dad and Tina? The way he was siding with her about the whole "she shouldn't have taken the baby to the court hearing" thing made it seem like they're totally sleeping together.

Her father is seperated (or divorced?) from her mother, so I'm thinking that's why he was agreeing with Tina. Honestly, I agree she shouldn't of brought the baby to the courthouse. It's not fair for the baby to be dragged in her legal issues. Her mom is also a drug addict many time over and shouldn't be allowed to see kayden until she can prove she will stay sober. That's my opinion on this whole thing, it's Millinas baby and she is going to do what she thinks is best. Dealing with a drug addict is not easy, and I'm sure she will have many big decisions regarding her mother, when it comes to her son, to make in the future.

I liked her too. It really seemed that Kayden helped her realized that she was down the same path as her Mom. And Nan - you could just see her heart break in the courtroom. I really think that Milina got her calmness from Nan. However, I have to disagree with you guys on one thing. Her Dad criticized her for taking the baby to court, saying that his immune system isn't ready for it. I actually agree with him - my doctors said that I should keep my daughter in for 6 weeks. I just think that Trevor and Tina put her in a tight spot, and she wasn't going to be able to win any argument with them. I wouldn't be surprised if Tina's blackmailing him emotionally too. I'd bet she has him convinced that he can't leave her.

Its not possible to not take them out for the first 6 weeks. They have a 2 day and 2 week and I think a 1 month check up so you end up taking them to a doctors office, you know where they also take sick kids. I have 3 kids and never had a doctor tell me that. I had to go about my normal life going to the grocery store, running errands, and taking the older kids where they had to go. Yes they have a weaker immune system so you don't let sick people hold them or get in their face and you wash your hands and stuff frequently but life can't be put on hold for 6 weeks.

Just because your doctor did not give you the same advice does not mean that it is not good advice. I have always heard that babies should be kept home the first 6 weeks for their immune system's sake, perhaps even longer for a formula fed baby. I realize life can not just stop, but most of us have wonderful husbands and family to pick up the other pieces. I know my husband would expect to do the grocery shopping or carpooling while I recovered or watched the infant. I also know several doctors (ours included) who do house calls for the first few visits.

I am always surprised when someone has a baby and then invite everyone they've ever met to come kiss and hold the newborn. Or toting them to events like school functions or a pharmacy (where sick people frequent). It is just not very smart.

I have a good husband but he does have to work and with the army we are 700 miles from family. I've just never ever heard it from any of the kids doctors. I wasn't trying to be snarky to anyone it's just not anything I've ever heard. My kids all turned out healthy and fine going out. I just don't see why they made such a huge deal about the courthouse when he'd also have to leave the house to go to their house

I certainly don't think it's bad advice to not bring your baby out when he or she is brand new. But, I have to say the only way that a baby is going to build immunity is through exposure. From the minute a baby is born, it goes from a pretty sterile environment to a crazy, bacteria filled one. Everywhere you go, everything you touch could potentially cause a baby to get sick. Keeping the baby in is not going to keep that from happening. Should they go into a crowded environment? Probably not. But, the fact is, life goes on, with or without an infant. I think it's kind of silly to say that "most of us have wonderful husbands and families to pick up the pieces." I'm glad that you were able to stay home with your kiddo as you saw fit, but I don't think that most of us have that luxury. My husband is a great dad/partner, but had to work full-time during both of my births. I have very little family and I think many of us are in the same boat. I was completely fine with going shopping and actually needed to get out of the house!

Sadly, there many in situations where they give birth with family and friends thousands of miles away and a husband across the globe. It is nice that your husband and parents could help out, but some people are not fortunate enough to be in that situation.

@mypaperhaert511 - I understand where you are coming from. I guess every doctor recommends different things to different people. Babies should be kept home as much as possible in those first few weeks but like you said, life has to go on. :)

I agree it was blown out of proportion on the show. Ultimately it is up to the mother and it was just a courthouse, not a crowded subway station or something. I think a lot of it comes from older people wanting to degrade the mothering abilities of the 16 year old because "what does she know".

It's kind of rich for them to be dogging on her for taking the baby out though, when Tina had been harassing her to bring Kayden out and over to her house, and her dad drove them over there. They weren't too worried about the baby's immune system when taking him out benefitted them. That's what pissed me off.

I don't think it's such a huge deal. He got a cold. He'll be okay. Tons of people take newborns out, it's more of a guideline than a hard rule not to.

Exactly they bitch that she took the baby to the courthouse but it's ok to take the baby out to go to their house. The courthouse isn't infested with any more germs than any place else.

There might be a thicker atmosphere of "completely crazed bitch almighty" in Tina's house than in the courthouse, though...

Lol I just remembered that a few weeks ago Jenelle posted something on her on her Twitter about Millina and how Millina and her story "reminded her of herself"
Um.. no Jenelle, sorry. You had all the help and support of the world from your mom and it wasn't enough to make you care about Jace

Maybe it's the drug addicted mother that reminders her of herself. Ha.

lol yes

It was so unreasonable for Trevor and his mom to argue that she should be allowed to have the baby alone. She has seizures and falls with no notice. What if she were holding the baby? or bathing him? Millina is smart for not giving in to them as many would have.

The baby did not get sick from going outside in the cold. You can not catch a virus or bacteria simply because it is cold out.

What is up with the baby's face in the last picture?? It doesn't even look real lol

I don't know if it is just because I was exhausted last night, but I just couldn't get through this episode, I shut it off about halfway through. Everyone's comments about how they like this chick and she seems like a good mom makes me want to give it another go...maybe after a nap today. Possibly could have been the "screwy" editing as well...I just couldn't keep up with the story and the characters.

Side note: I read Kail's stupid book in literally, an hour. Don't waste your $10 on it...I don't want to steal Megan's thunder so I won't post my review, I'll just say that Kail claiming that her book is "nothing like Farrah's in terms of editing" is a complete joke. Hers is just as bad, if not worse; at least Farrah's book had a linear organization with a clear beginning, middle, and end. Kail's was just embarrassing, the chapters are all over the place and she goes off on random tangents. Plenty of grammatical and punctuation errors ( completely missing words too!)

I've been pretty busy with school, but you're right. The book is ALL over the place...15 and an abortion, then talking about her alcoholic mother and her childhood, and then 16 & Pregnant, then conceiving Isaac, then first meeting Jo, then Teen Mom 2, and constantly bringing up the abortion at 15 years old...I'm mentally drained from the first 12 chapters.

It was like reading at 14-year old's journal. I never would have even called her out on that, it's just funny though because she was bashing Farrah's writing skills when quite honestly Farrah's book is superior in terms of writing skills (I doubt Farrah wrote it herself without a lot of help from a contributor and/or ghostwriter.)
I'm curious to know if Adrienne Wenner is actually a professional writer. It just seems odd, like she's Jordan's cousin and she also helped Kail "write" a book.

I stumbled across Adrienne Wenner's instagram and she had a post saying it was her first book to be published and that she took the photo on the front, which explains a lot.

Jordan the Jolly Red Target Giant Kail dated? His cousin was the one that helped her "write" the book?? That's odd.

I'm so glad you guys said this!!! I was crazily thinking of reading it out of sheer boredom. Glad I saw these reviews, it sounds awful. Just sounds like a bunch of whining. WE ALL HAVE PROBLEMS. FFS.

The book wouldn't help your boredom, because it's a boring book! ;)

You probably fell asleep because you read all of Kail's pity-bitching in one hour. That's a lot of miserableness to soak up in such a small amount of time. ;)

Did anyone else see that Leah signed up for cosmetology school? I would never have her do my hair or makeup.

Yes! She tweeted asking if anyone would read a book about tips to get through cosmetology school! What the heck, it's cosmetology school, not rocket science. Google tips if you need help, I don't think a book by Leah would do much.

...She's going to cosmetology school so she can write a book on "Tips to Get Through Cosmetology School?" Wow.

Yes and she originally tweeted it as "Cosmology school". FFS.

"I can draw stars on your eyelids with this liquid eyeliner, ya'll!! I'm a cosmologist now!"

Well now everyone in West Virginia is gonna end up with a face full of 1980's clown makeup and road kill on their heads! (Also you can only wash you hair once a week for the full effect)! If the makeup she did for Ali and Aleeah's cheer competition is in the book then we're all in for a treat lol

There was an article several months ago on TRTMT about a picture Leah had posted on twitter or something and people were giving her shit about wearing too much makeup and she snapped back at them that it was hardly any makeup and a "natural colored lip liner" and that does not look good at all. She's a pretty girl even without all the makeup and George Clinton extension dreads so I don't know why she does ALL of that to her face and hair.

Haha George Clinton extensions! That's the best way I ever actually heard someone describe her hair. I don't know why she does all that to herself either, she's not a sports illustrated model by any means but she's not sloth from the Goonies either. Then again have you seen Mama Dawn sometimes! Maybe she learned her skills from her.

Kail should take notes on this girl & the fact that she doesn't use her situation as an excuse to act out and be rude to EVERYONE.

Oh my gosh thank you. Or promote her book lol.

Another part of this episode I forgot to mention that bothered me was when Tina said "You are not sharing" like the baby is a toy, and how she ripped him out of her arms while burping him, she was just so overbearing.
And as far as bringing her to see her mom in court, I cannot blame her, plus she had a cover over his baby bucket.
I cannot imagine not having my mom in the hospital (and I was in my 20's & 30's when I had my babies) I'm sure she was dying to show him off to her. (I cried in the court scene, because I felt so bad for Millina)

I hate that, the comments about 'sharing' and stuff like other people calling my kids 'my baby' and that kind of thing. It creeps me out. I actually got 'told off' by some women at the grocery store last week because she was getting up in my youngest son's face without so much as saying a word to me, then acted all offended when I snuffed her telling me how cute my kids are, telling me I shouldn't 'raise them to be like that' or whatever. Where the hell are the boundaries?!

I just don't understand how people don't find this rude. If you are going to talk to my child, at least say something to me first.

That's so creepy!!! The only time I say hi to someones kid is if they say hi to me. I just wave hi or smile and say their cute and go on my way.

Exactly! I mean, I have no problem with people talking to the kids or waving or whatever, but DO NOT GET LIKE AN INCH AWAY FROM HIS FACE WITHOUT EVEN SAYING SOMETHING TO ME FIRST. I will absolutely teach my kids to ignore people they don't want to talk to, because right now they're not old enough to defend themselves SO I HAVE TO. It irked me so bad she had the nerve to say something like that to me, especially because I'm pretty uncomfortable with new people in crowded places to begin with.

When a friend of mine had her first son, there was this weird phenomenon with old ladies at grocery stores where they would just come up to them and take off the baby's socks to look at his feet. These women didn't know my friend or anything, they just walked right up and proceeded with the sock removal. It was so damn weird and it happened like three different times with three different women on completely separate occasions.

My son has long blonde curls, and I just can't get myself to cut them. They are adorable. Anyway, we were out at a restraint once, and this old man was like oh she is such a cute little girl. I told him, he is a boy. And the old man asked if I was sure. I had no response. I just couldn't believe someone would ask that.

Restaurant obviously.

LOL. Are you sure??????? Wtf.... My cousin has twin boys and she gets the weirdest questions. Do you like one more than the other? Are they from the same dad? So glad I don't have kids sometimes. Those comments would make me punch someone in the face and then I'd go to jail and have my kids taken away.

Kayla: my cousin had blonde peach fuzz hair when he was about four and it was about 3/4 of an inch long and stuck straight up. A woman with an Eastern European accent came up to him in a Walmart in Florida, rubbed his head and said, "jjjust like velllvet!" and then walked away. We teased him about that for years. Don't cut your little one's curls! My other cousin's son is two and has ADORABLE blonde curls and he is precious. Every time they cut his hair I'm like "noooo!"

Bath: There was this really, really dumb jock kid in my health class freshman year and his older brother went to our school too, about a year ahead of us. Obviously they were pretty close in age. But this rocket scientist was trying to convince me that they were born FOUR MONTHS apart from each other. They're not twins or one of those weird situations where the mom has two uteruses and conceived two babies at different times. I kept telling him that was impossible given those facts and he just didn't understand. I'm assuming they were more like 14 months apart and his dumbass brain just let the first number fall out at some point.

LOL @Rae that reminds me of a situation I know. The mom hired a surrogate because she couldn't conceive, and then she ended up getting pregnant while the surrogate was pregnant. The two kids are 100% biologically related and only a few months apart! One just came out of a different uterus.

When my best friend's oldest was an infant, she was actually literally chased through Target by a woman who wanted to touch him. When the woman caught up to her she ripped his blanket off and tried to pick him up. Needless to say, by best friend nearly punched the woman. And the psycho had the nerve to call my friend rude! Hello, you're a crazy stranger chasing some woman you don't know through Target just to try to hold her infant.

Whoa! That's definitely not okay. What the hell was that woman on?? What a creepster.

I just felt so sad for her. I was hopeful for her and Trevor at the beginning and he seemed like a half decent guy, but I totally lost respect for him as the episode went on. I just wanted to reach into my screen and give Millina a hug, especially during that court scene and when Tina, Trevor AND her Dad were ganging up on her. That was totally out of order.

i know this has nothing do to with Millina i just read on theashleys reality roundup that teen mom 2 is coming back in september or maybe even sooner.

take a read here : http://theashleysrealityroundup.com/2014/04/29/exclusive-teen-mom-2-seas...

I'm glad that they are waiting to wrap until after Jenelle has the bread roll. I'm interested to see how to first bit of that goes for her and how quickly she loses custody. It also says in there that they are hinting towards a six season... hmmmm....

"The bread roll" lol

THE BREAD ROLL???? I'm seriously sitting here at my computer HOWLING over how hilarious that is.

I think Jenelle took the phrase "bun in the oven" a bit too literally.

Oh my God, I cant breathe..I am laughing so hard! The bread roll..I cant with this. I cant!!

I don't know what it is, but I'm really bored of 16 and Pregnant this time around :( I've shut the last two episodes off halfway through them.

Same with me. I've only watched bits and pieces of this girl & Maddy's. It's mostly become background noise to me. I miss when I enjoyed this show!

If only Jenelle faced this judge.

That judge was like, "Ugghhh no." I don't blame him at all. I'm always actually surprised when people who are part of the court system fall for all the theatrics that prisoners say trying to get out of punishment. Yes addiction is a disease and yes she'll need rehab but I think it was smart to keep her there for a while longer and THEN have her go to an inpatient rehab facility afterwards. Jenelle was probably dumbfounded by that and wondered why Millina's mom didn't just say the drugs weren't hers and plea to paraphernalia! I still can't get over the fact that she was caught with TEN BINDLES OF HEROIN and still didn't go to jail.

12, Rae! TWELVE bindles of heroin in her possession that she got away with!!! Argh!!

Buy guys Jenelle changed! Doesn't that mean anything to you. She isn't the same person anymore so she shouldn't have to own up to any of that.

Two things...

One-Tina looks like Melissa Etheridge and Stevie Nicks had a baby...but like back when Stevie was all jacked up on blow.
Two-I wish MTV would let everyone poll to pick the four girls from this season for the next Teen Mom they are sure to crank out.

Me too! So far I really only like Millena. Autumn wasn't bad but I could not tolerate her ignorant doofus boyfriend for another episode of piss cups on the table and wet high fives.

"wet high fives" *herrrkkk*

I feel really sorry for her but I also quite like how mature she is.

1. We can tell she really loves her mom cause she's always there for her mom no matter how messed up her mom is.Her dad isn't much help and they seem more like friends. Even with her parents not there for her, she seems really strong

2. Trevor doesn't seem like a bad person but he's caught between his mom and girlfriend and Tina is so controlling that I don't blame him for choosing Tina over Millina sometimes.But overall he seems like an ok guy, not as deadbeat as most teen dads. I really hope he goes over to stay with the baby and Millina more in the future, wish them the best.

3. I don't know what to say about Tina...the only reason why she flipped out on Millina was cause Millina was saying the truth. Tina doesn't want to admitt that she not capable of taking care of a baby all by herself, but jeez she's gotta let her pride come down for Kayden's sake. And the whole "i'm offering you my love"just shows how controlling she is.

Overall I think Millina is quite mature and she's probably one of the few girls on 16 and pregnant that doesn't yell ALL THE TIME, she can actually be civil with everyone, especially the immature adults in her life. I would like to see her on teen mom

They should just do like a Best of Teen Mom season with Izabella, maybe Lizzie, Millina and Leah (because I want to follow Ali's progress and I'm curious to see whether ANYONE in their damn family suddenly remembers that Aleeah exists, too.) Those first three girls were the ones I remember being the most stable and the least amount of dumbassery. Maybe Jordan Ward as well because she seems to have really embraced motherhood and the whole family life thing and her husband is in the military so we could see what having a military spouse with young kids is like without having to deal with Kail anymore and her and Javi's bottom and top lips respectively competing with which one is going more severely in the wrong direction at any given time.

But then again, maybe most of the girls I listed are doing well because they WEREN'T thrown into the Teen Mom franchise and maybe they should just be left in peace.

This is the first time in a LONG, LONG TIME (possibly ever?) that I've really liked a cast member. Poor girl was really trying to do right by herself and stick up for her mom. Not even in a enabling way, her baby's father's mother is INSANE. I was APPALLED at how rude she was to poor Millina! If I were her, I would have concerns as well about her being alone with the baby, especially after blowing up like that. And all those horrible comments she made about Millina's mother. Far be it from me to defend a toxic person, and although some addicts lie, I feel like she did want to see her daughter, grandchild, and get better. The boyfriend's mom kept saying how Millina's mother had damaged her, but it was all her, baby! She is insufferable.

I remember really liking izabella too

Yes but I didn't like her boyfriend

That's because her boyfriend was a tool.

Well, she seemed to have somewhat of a brain, more than other girls on this season. Even with her drug addict parents. Everyone in this episode skeeved me out a little though.

And just throwing this out there, but no screaming crazy blonde lady- I would not ever be comfortable leaving my child alone with you.

Tina reminds me so much of my husband's mom. Crazy thing is, they even have the same name. My mother in law is a drug addict, alcoholic, and has diabetes. She goes from completely fine to flying off the handle in 0.5 seconds. When she found out she would not be around my son, she proceded to threaten his life. Then said it was awful that my husband and I would keep a 'loving grandmother' away from their grandchild. Anyway, I am so happy this girl has a level head and puts her child first. I am just now getting halfway into the show, because we had tornados all night last night but so far so good.

My ex's mother never sees my kids anymore. Hasn't met her 2nd granddaughter. She's too mentally unstable, like you said Kayla, will flip in a split second. On anyone. I've seen her scream at children, attack strangers.. Just hell no.

Good call on that one. There are some people that seem to be of the opinion that if someone is family, you should put up with them no matter what but I know from bitter personal experience that sometimes you just have to get that toxic person out of your life ASAP, especially if there are children involved.

By the way, when I say "some people" I wasn't calling out anyone on this blog. I meant I've had people in my life be like "oh you only get one dad, you should visit him" without knowing the whole story and I just think just because you're genetically or "legally" connected to someone, that doesn't automatically mean they get a free pass on terrorizing you or your kids.

Girl, I know. My son is almost two and has never met my husbands mom. But, I have had so many people tell me my son will grow up to resent me because we keep him from his family. I would never let my child around a woman that threatened his life. People just do not understand!

@Kayla~ Your son may be "upset" as a child/teen, until he is old enough for you to explain to him why it is how it is, I was kept away from both sets of my grandparents and was so baffled/angry as a child why all my friends had these amazing people to spoil them and visit, then when I got "the talk" about what these people were all about (Lester the molester on one side, untreated Bipolar/Schizo on the other)I had a new found respect and love for my parents for keeping these toxic, harmful people away, and doing their job protecting me from any possible abuse/danger that could have occurred.
He will absolutely thank you in the long run:)

This might be the first time I've seen books on a bookshelf in a 16 and preg episode.

One was twilight but hey

But on the bright side only one was Twilight. She didn't have the rest of the series. Maybe it was a gift.

Did anybody else notice the Justin Bieber book? I would compliment MTV on their commentary on her having to grow up too fast via clever cinematography, but I'm sure it was completely unintended.

Millina was a much more respectable woman than Bieber will ever be.

I have to say, it was nice to see another 16&P girl not take pitocin or the epidural - and she chose to breastfed! All personal choices, I know, but I enjoyed it. (call shallow.)

**call me shallow...

I really enjoyed this episode...Millina seems like a responsible girl. Oh yeah, and Tina is nuttier than squirrel turds.

...What a mental image hahaha.

From what I saw of Millina on this episode I really liked her. She seemed very mature for her age, which in a way is sad because she didn't really have a choice with how she grew up. What is up with all these 16/17 year old with tattoos already though? I mean I guess it's not a big deal I just remember when I was in high school I don't remember anyone having any tattoos, you know, with the legal age being 18 and all. I really hope her mom stays clean and becomes the mom Millina needs her to be. Don't really have much to say about the boyfriend and his wack o mom. Would love to see her on Teen Mom 4.

She said on twitter she's 18.

Has anyone else seen that Amber Portwood is going to be on the Maury show tomorrow? lol!

What? No! I mean the show's funny to watch sometimes but isn't it totally about super trashy guests getting into fights and stuff, kinda like on Jerry Springer but not as bad? Or do they ever have calm guests who talk about how they've changed or whatever? Now I'm trying to remember what channel is on so I can see it and hopefully there'll be a recap since I might be out and miss it.

Now that I've seen the episode, I really liked her for reasons other people have already gone over. Decide her kid was more important than alcohol and other drugs, didn't join in the screaming matches with her boyfriend's mom, knew when to stop with her own mom while still showing her support, etc. And now I really understand why she wouldn't want Tina to watch the baby. I don't think I would want her around at all if she was gonna fly off the handle like that, and it made me sad how they were ganging up on her over taking the baby to the courthouse. Were they the ones up all night with the baby when he was crying? Sure she's not gonna be the most perfect parent ever but she could do much worse than taking him out one time to a courthouse...

Not related and not big news or anything but did anyone else see Joe comment on Isaac calling Javi "Daddy"? “He slips up sometimes. Calls my mom Vee, calls Vee mom, calls me javi. But he knows who is who and corrects it,” Jo said. “He knows I’m dad but has called me javi by accident. He doesn’t do it intentionally.”

(copy/pasted from Nomorenickels) He reacts to it way better if Kail would if the tables were turned. Also Jenelle wrote an article about Christina Head's boys climb on a flimsy dresser or something, which yeah that's not good but Jenelle of all people criticizing someone's parenting? (again came from the Nomorenickels site which is copy/pasting articles from Teenmomtruth which is apparently Jenelle's site)

Do you mean he reacts by NOT overturning a table and bitchslapping someone?


Whoa! So I've been on holidays and downloading. I've caught up on TM2 now and the first two episodes of 16 & Preg. Looking forward to this one though! Looks like a good one. Can't wait to see Jenelle with a newborn. The reunion was good! And I liked the unseen moments with the girls present.

I really felt for this girl. But, huge kudos to her for sticking to her guns and being a GREAT mom at her age. I hope her mom is out and can be with her and grandkid now. Seems that's all she wanted. And let me tell you...Trevor is the epitome of a "mamma's boy"..he was all up in her butt. Sad, cause he has a kid of his own, but it came across that his mom was his one true love.

Millina is the first girl from this season that didn't drive me crazy through the entire episode. I think she's a very level headed girl that just wants the best for her son. Someone said they can see why Tina was upset that a drug addict could be around Kayden but she couldn't and that they think a Kail cut-the-parent-cord situation would be more ideal. I can see why Millina doesn't want to cut her mom out. Kail said that Suzie has always been a crappy parent, Millina knows her mom is capable of being a good mom and a good person and it seems like she's holding out hope that her mom will be that way again.
Tina pissed me off. She's a horrible woman and I wouldn't let her around my kid after how she acted either. If my MIL started screaming at me and my husband just stood there and watched there would be a fight between us too because that's not okay. Actually my MIL did say really horrible things about me that resulted in me cutting her out of my life and my daughters, but she continued to say crap about me to my husband and have her trash relatives send me nasty messages. My husband told her to knock it off and not speak to any of us because if she can't respect me as his wife and his decision to share his life with me then she has no right to our family. If you're man enough to have a child then you need to be man enough to speak up to your mother when she acts like a hag to your new family.
I feel for this girl. You can tell she's trying and just wants a better life for her son than what she has had.

Millina commented on a 16 & Pregnant thread on Facebook saying that the episode didn't show why she kept the baby away from Tina/Trevor. Apparently, when Millina wouldn't take her son over to see her when he was sick, Tina went off saying the kid wasn't Trevor's & wanted a DNA test, Trevor said he wanted one too, and of course, it came back saying the child was his. Also Tina refused to come see the baby; instead demanded Millina bring him to her. That may explain some of the shitty editing. Tina really is crazy..

WHAT?! That's awful. BOOOO on Trevor. Even more BOOO on Tina but she's kind of a lost cause in the batshit department. That's not cool of Trevor to side with his mom on the DNA test thing. Ew.

I think Trevor is such a mommas boy that he was going to side with his mom on just about everything. Their mother/son relationship definitely isn't a healthy one.I figured there was more to the story than what MTV had shown..I wonder why they chose to edit all of that out completely (if it's true)?

Could it be that for the first time ever MTV decided that there was enough drama already?

You know your life is messed up when MTV says "damn..this is too much drama." Haha