16 and Pregnant - Kianna

16 & pregnant

Kianna Randall is from Ft. Worth, Texas. She's 17 and her boyfriend, Zak, is 15. Kianna wants to go to college to become a Veterinarian, but all that is put on hold when she becomes pregnant.

My thoughts on the episode:

  • Everyone in Texas loves football. Learn something new every day.
  • Zak looks eerily like someone I went to High School with. I was like, "Carlos? Is that you?"
  • Okay, let me get this straight. He's 15, she's 17, they were only together for 2 months before she got pregnant. She hadn't taken her birth control in 3 days. They sound so responsible.

  • Does anyone else notice how a lot of these teen moms were raised by teen moms? Most of them seem to have absent fathers too.
  • Kianna's mother is all mad and preaching to Kianna on how she didn't want her to be a teen mom. How hard it is, etc. I can tell her right that it's going in one ear and out the other. When my mother told me that getting married at 19 was a stupid idea, I was all, "But you got married at 18." Yes. I was a brat.
  • Kianna had thought about abortion and is now thinking about adoption. When she brings it up to Zak, he is completely against it. He actually refers to it as "the easy way out." I don't know about you, but putting my baby up for adoption sounds like it would be one of the hardest things I could possibly do.
  • They end up deciding to keep the baby, because Zak promised he would help her care for it. Nevermind that he lives far away and doesn't have a car or even drive.
  • Kianna has $130 saved up, which she says is enough for 2 boxes of diapers. I think she needs more practice in pricing things out. Oh, and she also needs a whole lot more money.
  • Kianna gets induced because she's at risk for Preeclampsia. A lot of the episode is spent watching her carrying around a jug that she pees into so they can test for it.

  • I just feel like I have to mention this. Kianna has a friend named Pooh. Now I am dying to know how she ended up with that nickname.

  • After Kay'den is born, Kianna is falling all over herself with sleep deprivation, since she's the only one taking care of the baby. Zak has to rely on his mother to give him rides.


Oh, this one sounds good. This Zak guy sounds like he'll make a mature father... :/

Just an update on this "family". Zak and Kianna got caught attempting to break in to a woman's apartment while she was in there. They don't know if the 7 individuals didn't know she was in there and they were going to steal from her or if they did know she was in there and they were planning on hurting her. Zak had a loaded 9mm in his pants so he is currently in detention.

These young people don't deserve to be raising a child and they are just lazy and refuse to follow rules and try to be responsible for their decisions. In most of these cases, their parents are enablers. I know for a fact that Zak's mother is an enabler and has been making excuses for him for years.

[...] moved on to Teen Mom or Teen Mom 2.  However, I received a tip today that 16 and Pregnant’s Kianna Randall was arrested today with bail set at $20,000.  According to Tarrant County inmate search, her [...]

[...] with herself. I think that she has lived in confusion since the day she got pregnant. According to Teen Mom Daily’s recaps of the episodes: “At one point in her pregnancy Kianna had thought about having an [...]

Of all of these shows this is the one I hated the most. The girl was just disgusting from her hideous eyeshadow and her whiney "wishes". Her mother was a hot mess too. The circle will remain unbroken since he will be raised with her as a mom. This poor kid has no chase at a stable life.