16 and Pregnant - Devon Broyles

16 and pregnant

I deleted my entire recap by mistake, so I'm writing this all from memory. Hopefully I remember it all...

Devon Broyles is a 16 year old from Richmond, Virginia, and she's dating a 20 year old Army boy named Colin. Devon lives with a million people (well, 8 ) in a regular sized house, so they're packed like sardines. There's Devon, her mom, her siblings, her niece, her dog, and her dad sometimes. Her dad is only there when he's in town since her parents are divorced.

Seems like a weird arrangement, but I guess it works for them. For the most part, Devon and Colin are the sweetest couple ever.

Seriously, there's no drama there at all. The only issue is when Colin mentions re-enlisting in the army, which could take him away from home for long periods of time. Devon doesn't seem to like that idea so much.

The best quote ever happens when Devon is leaving for the hospital to have the baby.

She's like, "Ready as anyone will ever be to push a baby out their crotch!" Haha! Anyway, Landon Levi is born on November 4th after 12 hours of labor, and he's cute as a button.

With the million and one people in their house now, things are even a tighter squeeze and Colin wants to move. Devon is hesitant since they can't really afford it, but they speak to a realtor anyway. They get pre-approved for a loan and are sent on their merry way. However, a monkey wrench is thrown in their plans when Colin gets laid off from his warehouse job. I almost wonder if MTV arranged the lay off to add drama, since their episode has been drama-free until now.

Anyway, he has a hard time finding another job and brings up the idea of going to school to become a firefighter, but that means he can't work. If he works and goes to school, he'll never be around.

He mentions to Devon how maybe he should go back to Afghanistan, because at least it's good money, but she looks ready to spit nails by this point. She doesn't want him gone that long. Can't have everything, sweet cheeks.

Colin is definitely one of the most stand-up dads this season. It's almost weird to see.

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She's 16 and he's twenty how does he not get arrested for statutory rape? Especially since he's on tv and there's a baby as evidence? statutory know in my home state they'll arrest the guy as soon ad he signs the birth certificate with his age listed.

laws vary for legal age of consent per state

I thought the federal law was that it could be no more than two years difference if one of them is under 18? And then each state law had slight differences like 16 or 17.

Well, I just looked up Virginia's and it says,

"The law is there to protect younger teens from unhealthy relationships and its consequences. Consent is not the
issue. According to Virginia's laws, a minor cannot consent to a sexual relationship with an adult."

Maybe that's why MTV picked them so they can get some jail drama.

Now why would MTV intentionally throw a military man under the bus JUST so they can get some extra "jail drama". They get plenty of drama as is without creating it. I'm sure they looked into this beforehand otherwise they wouldn't have put them on the show if it was going to get him arrested. Andrew is 6 years older than Jenelle and there was no problem airing it on her episode either.

Are you sure she's 16? She said she was going into her senior year and I don't know many 16 year olds going into their senior year.. I could be wrong though! Some states the age is 17 and not 18 I believe. I was thinking the same thing at first though..

I graduated this year and i'm 16m although i turn 17 in July :)

I started my senior year when I was 16, too.

Dont u think rape is a strong word for this situation? The legal age of consent in Va is 16. He seems like a great kid and he is trying to handle his responsibilities labeling him as a sex offender wont help the situation.

I wasn't trying to be rude or mean to this young couple. I was merely interested in the logistics of the situation. Also I do not believe it is rape at all. Statutory rape is just a legal term. I was mostly concerned because I k ow several people who were arrested senior year of high school for these situations. It was just curiosity and cyncism towards MTV.


She said in the beginning of her episode that she's actually 17 (plus, you dunno how far away she was from being 18 anyway).
Idk about Virginia laws, but in Maryland (where I'm from) the age of consent is 16 with a 3 year age gap. Meaning a 16 year old can be with a 19 year old. 17 year old can be with a 20 year old.
HOWEVER, if a parent of a minor has an issue with the relationship, they can press charges.

I'm watching this episode now- and I have to say I'm very impressed with these two! Devon, Hope, and Brianna and the ones I'd really like to see on TM3. I wish MTV would show good parents with less drama as opposed to the "drama" seeking ones like Jenelle and Amber...

Couldnt agree more, especially with those three, but you know they never will

I couldn't even watch the entire episode because i found it to be so boring.
Were they looking at buying a house, or renting a house? Because if they were just going to be renting a house, why did they need to be approved for a loan?

How was it boring? This episode portrayed a dad that actually stepped up to his responsibilities, who has put his life on the line for our freedom, and the couple fought only once over him re-enlisting. I think that's amazing and commendable considering the couples they usually show.

FOr people talking about age, it is 16 to 24. Get off it.
The poor mom, she needs to understand when duty calls, you go. I vote he goes to Afghanistan, she will see how much money they bank.
And, I agree with Marie, this episode was boring. No offense to the new teen mom, but there was nothing in it.
Maybe I'll try to re~watch later...
I vote they are on teen mom 3 because I think them showing a good military family would be good for our country to see (as opposed to that couple who got arrested because there was dog feces all over and got their kid taken away, it was an embarrassment for military families all over).

I understand what you mean, but money isn't everything. No amount of money makes up for having someone be away for a year fighting for their life in a war zone.

I actually found her very selfish. She expects to be able to get her GED and go to college, but Colin can't? Why is that fair? And if he can't find a job, why doesn't she try? It doesn't have to be the mom that stays home.

I completely agree! I totally understand why she would want to stay home. If she were to get a job, it would only (probably) be part time, minimum wage. The cost of daycare would eat up all of her income. But that being said, the worst decision they could make would be to have him go out and find a new job. With this economy, he could be looking for months. Plus, since he doesn't have a college degree, he probably won't make a ton of money. Why not have him go to firefighter school? Or reinlist in the army? Both options would lead to a steady income and decent money. She has every intention of getting her GED and I think she said she wanted to go into the medical field (which would require additional schooling). He should have the opportunity to go to school and better himself too!

I agree with that, it was really weird that she didn't want him to go to college. Only thing I could think of is that emotions are all over the place after you have a baby/during pregnancy so she was probably still dealing with the shock of taking care of someone else 24/7 and was freaked out that he would never be home if he went to school and was working. Newborns (okay, kids of all ages) can be very overwhelming.

She has already confirmed that she will not be on Teen Mom 3

I actually kind of liked her. I loved how her and Colin actually seemed to want to be together and that he was so willing to take care of his family, without all the whining and talking about partying that most of these boys do. And when he got laid off and was holding Landon and kissed him and told him he was sorry...that was such a sweet moment. He really loved his family. I really wouldn't have minded seeing them on Teen Mom, I'm kind of disappointed that they weren't picked!

I liked this episode, but I don't understand why it seemed that renting a house or apartment was just not an option? Why did they HAVE to buy? They could of rented no problem, just makes no sense.

My guess is that they did the math and found that the cost of renting an apartment would be only slightly less than a mortgage payment on a $120,000 house. Plus, they would be property owners. I don't agree with them, since there are huge costs associated with owning your own house that aren't associated with apartments. Additionally, it is much easier to leave an apartment you can't pay for than a house you can't pay for.

ew. He's 20 and she's 16. I swear if this dude was in my unit I'd call him out. I bet his buddies are laughing at him. Gross

Could be a lot worse .. he could've just hit and quit it. But no, he decided to step up like a man and take responsibility for his actions. He makes his own money. He supports his family. Hell, he is THERE. Perhaps you should look at that instead of an age gap.

pretty sure his name is landon levy, not landon levi

Colin tweeted that MTV made a typo and Landon's name is actually spelled Levi. :)

I did not like this girl at all. Devon is a spoiled, preppy, immature brat. I feel bad for Colin, he deserves so much better than that. There's just fake and two-faced plastered all over her face. I hope Landon grows up with good parents and that Devon gets a real attitude adjustment sometime soon. She needs to be more grateful to Colin because most guys just walk out and want nothing to do with their babies. He spends most of his day (or what seems like it) looking for a job, then he gets yelled at when he comes home. Let him do what will make him successful in life for him and his son. Jeez, grow up. I definitely do not wanna see her on TM3.

I like your bullet point recap better! It's easier for me to read! Haha :)
I wish she would be on TM3 she seems like a good mother. And I loved seeing a non crazy baby daddy. Haha

I really liked this episode. Actually I like all the girls who seem to have less drama. I do think she should at least be working part time. As an unwed mother with a low income the state would probably provide most of if not all of her day care cost. As far as buying a home chances are the mortgage on a 3 bedroom starter home is cheaper then the rent on a 3 bedroom house or apartment plus as a military member he most likely would qualify for special interest rates on a loan. Either way they're young and trying to make it work. They will make mistakes along the way like every other set of young parents but it seemed like they both had good hearts and not only loved their child but each other as well. I give them a grade A based on what we saw from this episode

Since he is a 20 year old currently employed by the US Army, and in a relationship with a minor as well as appearing on national tv he should be facing USCMJ charges. I hope that he thought about what he was doing before agreeing to appear on tv, he is giving Army personal a bad image. I am currently married to a soldier so I know what one should not be doing because it is against military law. Now let the angry begin.

I completely agree with you Michelle! My husband is also military and when I told him about it he told me it doesn't matter what the age of consent is within the state b/c it's against military law.

i know her personally shes the same age as me 19 she went to my high school she was in my science class 10th grade she lived up the street from me and she now lives at my boyfriends apartment complex and shes also friends with my cousins sister-in-law i never talked to her much but she got picked on alot in high school and from what ive seen of her shes a sweet girl a great mom and she works really hard at raising her son right personally i dont like the smoking but thats not my business i think she shouldve been picked to do teen mom 3 because shes the only one on there that isnt getting knocked up every 2 months like the others sure theres little drama but she'd still be a great mom and a great role model for girls