16 & Pregnant Dad Caught Cheating Again

16 & pregnant


Summer and D.J. had one of the more interesting episodes on this season of 16 & Pregnant, but it appears that there might be more trouble in paradise.

Last month, Summer took to Facebook and Twitter to vent about her husband cheating on her.

She quickly forgave him and things seemed to be going well, but yesterday it appears that Summer found out more details about D.J.'s affair and this time she doesn't seem to be forgiving him as easily.

Summer shared some information with followers yesterday that might shock some people. She said that her husband was out of town working, and that he was staying in a hotel. It turns out that he had another girl with him while he was in the hotel for the week, and he came home with hickeys all over his neck.

When Summer asked D.J. about the hickeys, he simply told her to shut up and stop complaining. Summer then got in touch with the other girl and she told Summer everything that had happened.

It appears that Summer is over the whole relationship at this point, and she's been very vocal about things online. These are some of the messages that she's shared during the past 24 hours.

summer1 summer2 summer3

We're assuming that D.J. has attempted to fix things with Summer, but she's not having it. Summer is now on her own, and is claiming that D.J. will not be seeing their son, Peyton. D.J. hasn't commented on the situation yet, and it's unlikely that he will because his social media usage is pretty slim.

The Life After Labor finale special will air in two weeks, and was filmed after D.J.'s first round of cheating, so it will be interesting to see if any of this is brought up during Summer's segments.



Which one? LOL they both are strange looking

Well I meant DJ. I think Summer is purty. But then maybe without the eyeliner she would also have sloth eyes?

do you really think they are strange looking? I find Summer beautiful (maybe if she fixed her teeth she would look better but still) and I don't consider him ugly at all but maybe thats because I like men with blue/green eyes

I also like blue/green eyes (not biased or anything with my blue/green eyes ;) ) but his eyes are WEIRDLY shaped apart...and don't look all the way open...kind of resembling a new born sloth, and not in a cute way, just a what the fuck am I looking at way. And my goodness that picture is quite derpy...

I think Summer is gorgeous, but DJ looks like a turtle.

LOL exactly!

I think Summer is gorgeous too! Yea DJ is who I meant by sloth eyes hahahaha

Summer is really pretty. I think she has basically stayed with this guy for two reasons a) they have a baby together and b) her parents are completely unreliable and unhelpful so she feels like its her and a man or her against the world.. even though her sisters probably can't offer financial help probably, a least spending a little time with them and any friends she may have might make her feel less alone

They actually do look like sloth eyes hahaha!!!! Good one trap baby!

I liked summer a lot on her episode, but all this airing of her dirty laundry is making me like her less. I also don't like the whole 'you can't see your son now' shit. If he is a good father, don't take that away from your son. She has every right to feel hurt and humiliated by him, but she out of all people should know what it's like not having parents. Why would she want that for her son?!?

Um this isn't related to this story but has anyone seen Kail's new ring? What did that chick do to deserve a ring like that?! Is Javi completely blind and brainwashed?! And I can't wait til their money runs out- there is NO WAY he makes enough to keep up with the materialistic life Kail obviously desires. When MTV stops doing specials on them- their financial problems will all spill. I would not want to marry someone that commented her first ring was too small of a diamond(s)... And she states this new one is because the old one doesn't fit- Uh, hey dummy- ever heard of resizing?! She's such a superficial snot- even her twitter comment showed her materialism.

Lol she forgets the days when she had assistance from the government. Honestly in one of the episodes it made me sick when she was like I WANT A BIG PRINCESS RING when they were already engaged wtvr. Like you should be happy you found a somewhat good looking guy (besides the weird upper lip) to put up with your ass. If I found a nice guy I wouldn't give a flying fuck about the size of my ring. My only theory is she must be REALLY REALLY good in bed/he's a pussy little bitch.

Trap Baby..I vote for pussy bitch. Looking at Kail, I really don't think she could be all that in bed. At least, WITHOUT a bag over the chin-less Cabbage Patchy face..EW! *shudders*

I disagree. I reckon she would be lazy in bed. But maybe she gives good head?

LOL Binkie and Maci OMG I could see her just bitching like crazy in bed. UGHHHHHHHHH Javi you're not doing it right. I can barely feel anything because it's like throwing a hotdog down a hallway! FIX IT NOW OR I'LL HIT YOU.

There has to be SOMETHING about blobfish cabbage patch cunt that these guys like! How the FUCK does Javi put up with her? I just don't understand. Maybe it's all for fame...

Javi probably has low self esteem because of that raw slab of meat he calls an upper lip. He takes what he can get.

I once commented on his lips on instagram and this girl said mmmmmmmm i love his lips. To me he's really full of himself he seems to know he's mildly good looking, so I don't understand the fascination with Kails bitchy ass. If she had a nice personality I'd get it but she's fucking psychotic. He probably just stays around for Issac because that kid is amazing.

Omg I initially read that as 'to put. In your ass' lol.

Who the hell is giving this a thumbs down? What a selfish little twat. I'd bet the bank that she'll end up with tax problems like Maci.

Her annoying army of 'fans' are down voting all the Kail comments.. I don't know how a good chunk of people still like her after the last couple seasons. She's a materialistic, mean, hypocritical, selfish person.

Thumb me down all you want bitches!! It's the truth haha :)


*Writes another shitty book*

She should write another book about how to get your husband to be a complete pussy. He's literally that husband who let's his wife bitch slap him whenever she disagrees with him. Stand up for yourself little Javi!!!!!!

I really really hope one day he snaps but I doubt it. Lol my mom likes to boss my dad around a lot like that it's pretty awful to watch, and every now and then he just screams at her and I can't even blame him. Crazy Jewish parents I have ;)

Thumbs down from Hitler


*Writes another shitty book*"

I am DYING laughing right now! Especially about the writes another shitty book LMAO

Yeah..I saw her ring. TBH though, to me it looks like one of those $10 rings you get at Walmart BESIDE the jewelry counter! LOL!
I'm sure its not, but I'm just sayin... ;)

Ok now I need to look at this sucker

Yeah I like Gary's pink walmart ring better ;) What pisses me off more is the term "BAE". SURPIZE BAE I COULDN'T WAIT. AKA I couldn't stand you bitching about it anymore most likely.

Oh yeah, Trap Baby..Gary's was so much nicer! ;)
AND what made it even better was the fact that he got that receipt. You know, just in case! LOL!

Yeah like the Walmart lady said, you never know! God why do I remember. Not to mention it was a big pink princess ring, "Amber likes a lot of bling" as he described it. That shit was better than Tiffany's.

Wow, you ain't kidding. I'm wearing a very similar ring in terms of size. It was like $80 CZ or Diamondnique or whatever from HSN LOL I love it though.

Yes! I'm also annoyed that they are going to the Bahamas right now. I don't understand how Javi is NEVER working. He is active duty, so he should be at work, but he is always with her at book tours, Las Vegas, and now the Bahamas. Someone please explain his to me.

There is simply no possible way he is active duty. I think he is reserves. I don't know much about the military, so somebody who does can help me out here: but is there any way he could have started active duty and then switched to reserves in such a short period of time? It's just, he went to California with Kail a few weeks ago, he was in pa/nj on her book tour thing like last week, now he's in the bahamas, it just doesn't add up. There's no branch of the military that lets you have that much leave time. There's no real life civilian JOB that lets you have that much leave time. It's obvious he's just her hype bitch on her book tour right now. He doesn't have any real job, just an army reserve to get health insurance for blob and her kiddies. Still honorable, but they definitely talk about military struggles like it's some sort of unimaginable hardship. It's an insult to real military wives and families. If he's not active duty they should own up to it instead of avoiding the question and portraying their military "struggle" like he is.

My husband is in the military, so I know a lot about it. The reason I think he is active is because they would not have had to move if he was in the Air Force reserves because you only have to go to drill (Army training) one weekend a month and two weekends in the summer. So, when they moved he was definitely active duty.

It's frustrating how she talks about the struggle as well. My husband is active duty Army and he is at work right now (on a Saturday), yet Javi is always in random places. But, he was active duty when they moved, so I would assume that he is still active duty. But, I am not sure.

Sorry meant military training (not just Army lol)

Ahhh I see...yea he just seems to not work cause he's always traveling with her

Thank you to your husband for his service <3 I can't imagine the strength it takes to be a military wife. I downplay Kails bitching because it seems he is ALWAYS there. Makes me wonder if he left because they felt comfortable with MTV money..

TYLERS TRAP BABY (I wish there was a way to tag people on here lol), but thank you! I tweeted and asked her if he was active duty or reserves, and she replied saying he is active duty.

Oh wow...he seems to have lots of time on his hands.

I have never heard of anyone in the military on active duty getting that much time off, including the ability to jet off to the Bahamas when he feels like it. He's in it for the fame and money. I'd be he doesn't give a crap how Kail treats him. It's worth it for the Benz.

You only accrue 2.5 days a month, 30 days a year up to 75 days before you start to lose it. You can take a 3 or 4 day pass that does not count as leave but both a pass and leave have to be approved by your chain of command. Current military wife, over 7 years now. I have no idea how he is always going with her unless he's receiving some type of special treament.

Ew were they really in California? I would have throat punched both of them. They rub me the wrong way...i REALLY despise them. Love Issac though. That man can not possibly work. I don't know tons about the military either I'm going to ask my friend who grew up in that lifestyle and knows a lot about it. She really should NOT call herself a military wife since that fool is always fucking around. She's probably upset about that since she just wanted the benefits :)

Does anyone else think it's insane how far Jo AND Kail have to drive for Issac? I think it's ridiculous. I'm not saying it's anyones fault but man what a pain in the ass...

I feel like Kail moved for the benefits, to push Jo out of isaacs life, and make Javi his new daddy. It's a ridiculous drive for a toddler. I'm just glad her plan didn't work, and Jo still wants his son in his life.

Did it annoy anyone else when Kail would always ask Isaac if she should marry Javi, if he loves Javi, if Javi was his daddy. It's like Jesus, he was a 3 year old. Stop trying to push your boyfriend on your child. Let him make a decision on his own. Quit trying to replace isaacs entire paternal family with javi's.,..

I agree and that's so messed up :( You know everyone shits on Jo but I think he's a good father. Oh yeah she would ALWAYS ask Issac as reassurance....like he's a toddler don't involve him in adult decisions. I swear it was for the cameras like SEE ITS OK WITH ISSAC LOOK. She's such a twat. I liked her before she had a lot of money she seemed down to earth.

Lol she would SHIT herself if Jo did the same thing with Vee. like oh Vee you're more of a mother than Kail. She would SHIT.

I'm active duty AF, and I think that kid has to be a reservist. You can get discharged if you "fail to adapt to the military lifestyle", and it wouldn't surprise me in the least if that's already quietly happened.

I tweeted and asked her and she said he is active! I'm really curious as to why his commanders are giving him all of this time off! I don't think I can add a screen shot to these messages, but if you go to her twitter she just replied.

The second time??? Should have left the first time. She's right, once a cheater always a cheater. I do feel bad for her though but seriously what do you expect from a dumb kid? Lol I'm sure she'll either A) get back with him or B) there will be more news stories of them fighting over custody or him being a deadbeat.


Gotta love these immature girls- "I'm gonna keep the baby from him because I am the one that is mad that he cheated". Not saying what he did was right but it shows how immature they are-

That's totally what she'll do. And say ohhh he is going to endanger the baby for some made up reason, but really it's for cheating on her lol. She's very pretty and seemed sweet (and also completely dumb)I feel a little bad, especially with all the family drama she had going on (YOU'RE STORYIN)I'm sure sshe'll be fine and date some new dude and say how he's a better father than Sloth Eyes ever was and blah blah all because of cheating lol. They should have never got married so young...

Right? I was going to make the same comment. I understand he is a shitty husband and all, but unless he is physically/verbally/emotionally abusive towards the child, he should be allowed to see his son. Kids shouldn't be used as weapons and dragging him into the middle of their marital problems is wrong.

Ugh- go ahead and leave sloth eyes because this shit likely won't stop and you don't need that and your son doesn't either.. it will be hard but it will get better

Who keeps sleeping with this dude? He isn't particularly attractive...

Honestly I just need to know one thing. When Summer asked sloth eyes if he had been cheating and he responded "no", did Summer then reply YOU'RE STORYIN'?

"I'm sick of your storyin' DJ! Me and the baby are moving to Ore-a-gone and you'll never see us again!"

Awww...guys..you know that DJ suffers from a sex adeekshun! He's been storyin' her by telling her thur wadnt no one but her fur him!

**Seriously though, if this bitch is dumb enough to take him back again, someone should straight up knock the shit out of her! And, am I correct that he cheated with the SAME girl as before?! Ole sloth eyes here just may be dumber than we thought. Jeez..that's scary. AND he procreated. WHAT?**



Yeah..a motherfucking speed bump snake. Those must just be natives of GA. More specifically, Collins. :)

Summah: Did you cheat on me?

DJ: Fuck you you're a fucking dumb ass

WUT that conversation makes no sense...

No, she screamed as he walked in the door hungover with sunglasses on LOOK AT THE FREAKIN HICKIES ALL OVAH YA NECK



But his sloth eyes are so seductive...

I'm sorry thumbs down if you don't agree, but when I look into those sloth eyes my whole body melts

Also, summer needs to chill on airing all of her dirty laundry on social media. The world doesn't need to know all the details.

That's what these bitches love to do

Well Doc, if the girls have heard any news of 'Teen Mom 4' she is making her own story seem very appealing to MTV. 'Abusive' (last time he cheated she alleged this) cheating ex - husband to be, divorce is in the air for these two.

Ah, I didn't even think about that! It makes much more sense now as to why she would be willing to make a complete ass out of herself by airing her entire life story on social media. I kinda get a "Leah" vibe from her..does anyone else? I just see her getting married/having kids every few years. Or maybe it's just the redneck vibe Summer gives that reminds me of Leah.

Oh yes... I could totally see that. But hey anything is better than Jenelle and Farrah.

I just like your name, MTV Editing. There was a scene in Jordan's episode last week that seemed completely fake.

Wouldn't be the first time that they faked a whole scene, in Danielle's (not a fan, just an example) episode when she and Jamie looked at a daycare that was all faked. MTV made them do the scene for more drama I heard a long time ago. And other girls came forward too that scenes were faked, or twisted into a complete new story.

Ohh which one? I need to pay attention more. I notice if you pay attention to their nails it's ALL fucking out of order

Lol that's insane. It's a lot like how The Hills was.

Yeah..if it weren't for social media, these little whores would die! They'd have absolutely NO WAY to stay half assed relevant (IF that's what you can even call what they are). Oh my God, can you imagine? If the filming was done and MTV was gone and they couldn't tell the WHOLE fucking world what a shit storm their lives are AND make money in the process! Oh, the horror..they'd have to get JOBS! Like real life JOBS!

I can't relate to some of these girls...they're willing to be the butt of everyone's jokes in the name of fame. It's really sad. Maybe in an old fart, but I can't help but wonder how they'll feel about these decisions when they're older. It's bound to affect them once the spotlight & money are gone.

OMG do you remember Kayla (not anorexic girl) but her voice was so FUCKING annoying and Megan I think season 2 of 16 and pregnant? They were both bitching how they didn't get to be on TM and it was BS cause they wanted more of their stories to show. The Kayla girl especially was so motherfucking full of herself. Everyone replied to them to get a fucking job and they shut up LOL

She definitely seemed like one of the more spoiled of the bunch lol. I couldn't believe it when she tried to take her son horseback riding when he was a newborn

That pissed me off so much. She was so full of herself...lol. I remember her bragging about having multiple dates to prom even though she had already graduated....what the actual fuck. And blah blah I do Zumba and lost tons of weight, and just her whining about MTV giving the other girls air time and not her. Like just STFU your 15 minutes are over, have some god damn humility.

I hated Alabama Kayla. Maci 2.0, except I think her mom was raising her son while she continued to act like a kid.

Ew yes and her voice was highly annoying.

No the fuck she doesn't. A dumb bitch on the internet makes entertainment for me. I just sit back and watch

While I think he is a complete douche bag for cheating on her multiple times and she should absolutely leave him, to say that he isn't going to see his child because of it is completely ludacris. If he's a good dad, but a shitty husband you shouldn't keep your kid from seeing his dad. THAT IS using your kid as a weapon... not what some people say is using your kid as a weapon.

he is just going to have to take her court which is usually what happens. She will in return file for child support and they will have to go back to court to have a judge decide what is a fair amount for him to pay which is so the typical outcome for this type of scenario. He will be able to see his son if he is willing to put in the effort to get there and is a fit parent. I don't expect her to make ANYTHING easier for him after him cheating so he's just going to have to suck it up and go through the court. It isn't fair for her to use her child as a weapon and this kind of thing happens ALL THE TIME. But this is why they have court for this stuff in the first place

* take her to court to split custody/ visitation

You guys..I GOTTA TELL YOU THIS SHIT! It doesn't really have to do specifically with Summer, but the WHOLE 16&P show!

Er mi GOD! I was just talking to my friend and her daughter. I haven't talked to her daughter for about a year. Anyway, she just finished 8th grade and will be starting high school next year. OOOOMMMGGG!! Do you guys know that there were 4! (sorry, I am about to die here cause she literally JUST told me this, and I HAD TO SHARE!) girls in her class this year that got pregnant. 4!!!!
And, she said everyone watches 16&P religiously and no lie here, they said that they WANT to be like these girls and they look up to them. My friends daughter wasn't one of the girls (thank GOD), but I told her that those girls are stupid and crazy. She's never watched the show herself. I told her to come to this website and read the recaps and our comments. And to tell her friends too. I am just floored right now. Its too crazy for me to fathom that there were 4 fucking 13 year olds pregnant. And, the baby daddys were like in 7th, 8th, and 9th grades...2 of them already gave birth, one was taken out on bed rest before the school year ended and the last one's parents made her have an abortion.

Whew. I HAD to tell you guys.

That is so disturbing! Ugh I can't believe that anyone would think getting pregnant that young would be a good idea. I understand that these are children (even though they don't seem to agree) but don't they think at all, how would I go to school? How would I support my baby? Isn't it unfair of me to ask my parents to support a child that isn't theirs?

Also, just thinking back to when I was 13-14, I would have had no idea how to raise a child. I don't even think I knew what health insurance was.

Well that is just sad:( I remember being that age once, a long time ago, lol, and it was a huge deal to SLOW DANCE at the middle school dance, an even bigger deal to slow dance close. I just cannot imagine. Girls should be playing with dolls/just outgrowing them at that age:/

LOL I remember that too! I'm about to be 30 so it wasn't THAT long ago.

I'm truly not surprised. I was 15 or 16 when the show started and I thought "the babies are so cute! I love kids! It looks like fun! Pregnancy can't be that bad they are only 16 and living on their own!"
Thankfully I never had the guts to even attempt to get pregnant that young.

I totally thought that when i was 15 too. I actually REALLY wanted one BAD. I didn't want to have sex and actually have one (and i didn't have sex) but for some reason during puberty I just wanted a baby for some idiotic reason. In my psychology class lol they gave us one of those fake ones that cry all night, and my mom made me babysit 2 year old triplets. After all that I was like FUCK THIS. I'm 30 and still don't have kids...lmao

Ha ha me too and I wasn't even sexually active either. I remember I was 15 and my mom had to get a hysterectomy and they put her in the maternity ward for recovery and her room was right across the hall from the nursery room and there was a big window where you could look in, I saw so many babies being brought in there immediately after birth and I thought it was fascinating. There was one baby that was born with a full head of this crazy blond hair, it was so cute. I didn't actually go on to have a baby until 12 years later lol

I started babysitting when I was 16. 4 hours weekdays, 7 hours weekends. The youngest 4 months. I definitely learned more or less what its like from that. I'm only 21, but I wont be having kids for at least 10 more years, assuming I'm financially stable at that point.

I hear ya Trap Baby. I thought it was "cute" too when I was younger. But then when I was 13 or 14 my sister had my nephew (brother now cause my parents adopted him--my sister wasn't ready to/didn't want to be a mom), so I got a good crash course in babies and then I didn't think it was so cool anymore. I helped my mom a lot with him, and I just couldn't have imagined having my own kid and my other responsibilities too.

I've always loved kids but never wanted one. Me and my long time boyfriend (now husband) had an oops baby at 23. I was on bc but it failed and it was hard for us to parent at what I thought to be a young age I can't imagine it at 13 or 14. Hell we were living together planning a wedding. I had graduated nursing school and was working full time putting him through school. And it was still hard.

And, to top it off, MTV LOVES to pretend that they've made an impact on the overall teen pregnancy rates. Uh huh. Sure.

I'm currently pregnant and am having a girl and I am so going to talk to her about birth control!!! I will probably have to do it when she's 11. I also have this cousin who is 14 years old and is currently pregnant! She is a wreck she spreads rumors about herself to get attention she lacks from her mom she also has herpes! We all hoped it was another one of her lies because according to her she's been pregnant like 4 times already and she hasn't even toned her behavior down for her twins so I can only imagine that her older sister will be raising those babies.

Omg! This is all disturbing! Herpes?! Twins!! I really really hope this girl gets some counseling cause she needs it!

My mom always said "when you decide to become an adult you need to let me know so you can get on birth control" worked like a charm here.

That's disgusting...

Hey Lili, please tell your cousin to be careful and watch the herpes as this can be very dangerous for the baby

I wish she would listen but she doesnt she eats ceviche(seafood w/ Lime) and is still acting wild. She was basically abandoned by her piece of shit mother ( my aunt) but thats no excuse for her in my opinion. I am a firm believer in that your upbringing doesnt and shouldnt define you!

That is so fucking disgusting, and ANYONE that defends that shit is also disgusting.

Did they see the Pregnancy Pact on Lifetime? Bc that's totally what this sounds like.

I forgot to tell you guys this part. The 2 girls that have already given birth are best friends and have the SAME baby daddy. Nope, they aren't jealous or mad at eachother..they think its cool cause they're best friends and their kids will be half siblings and can be best friends too! They are too young and immature to realize that that is totally fucked up situation.

I thought of the pregnancy pact movie when I heard this from my friends daughter too. But apparently, they are just big time fans of Teen Mom and 16&P and have parents that don't give a fuck what they do. It is UNBELIEVABLE. I mean, I was just totally shocked. Its like when they graduate from high school (IF they do), they'll be enrolling their kids in preschool or Kindergarten at the same tine. That is just wrong.

Please tell me that's a joke... Oh my GOD. I'm speechless. I didn't have sex until I was almost 21 (I'm 23 now and I've still only had sex with one person). I cannot imagine being so young, 14, and having a child. Heck, I can't even imagine having a child NOW.

Jeez his parents must be thrilled

OMG I love that movie I'm so lame. GAH are you serious??? :( Sorry if I offended anyone by saying it's disgusting but seriously I'm just like where are the parents?? What is wrong with these girls? And those babies...that would SUCK...

Nope..its not a joke. I just shocked. This is the middle school that my son will be starting in the fall! My friend said that apparently the parents just don't give a shit. One of the girls lives near her, and she said that any hour of the middle of the night that girl and her friends and boyfriends would be just walking around and smoking and drinking and stuff. I think the parents should be punished somehow. Wait..I guess they will when they are raising their kids babies..but then the cycle will continue on. Its really really sad.

That is really sick :( I agree the parents should be punished... who knows if they'll even raise it though. It could get taken away if they are that neglectful. So sad!

What the fuck? Are they not scared of pushing babies out of their tiny vaginas?? Fuck. That was enough to make me double up on birth control.

Jesus. Whatever happened to being a kid and doing fun stuff? These girls are going to miss out on SOOOOO much it's not even funny. Not to mention most are too young to get jobs... I had my boys (I had twins) at 29. I'm glad I waited so long- I got to do a LOT of stuff- a lot of fun, carefree stuff- that these girls will never get to do. SMH

Everyone keeps saying she is using the baby as a weapon, where has she said anything to insinuate this or have I missed a post? It is horrible that another child will be from a broken home, I know sometimes it needs to happen but nowadays it is more likely to have parents split up than together.
Will someone please think of the children?! (in hysterical voice)

I realise ill get thumb downed for this but during their episode I was somewhat impressed by how he did help with the baby with feeds and changes throughout the night. he never seemed like a bad parent and she would be hurting her own relationship with her son if she was the one to decide that DJ couldnt see their son. her son will resent her if she does. unless this is her tactic to get a teen mom 4 spinoff or at least make herself interesting enough to stay in the spotlight

I am not going to thumb you down. But, you didn't really have high expectations or standards for these teen dads, did you? LOL!
Yeah, I do agree that if she uses the baby as a weapon, she's a cunt.

haha well that's true! my expectations are if the father remembers his kids name hes doing well after watching this show

Yea I didn't think he was a bad dad. His mom seemed aright too.

My love for Babs just has me thinking about that great morning after fight they had when she wad too hungover to "babysit" (I think it was the morning after she met Keiffah?) "Oh my GOSH, Jenelle, ya got hickies all ovah ya damn neck"

I feel bad for Summer, especially because she was pretty dependent upon him and his family for taking care of her. It definitely makes it harder to leave him if she has nowhere to go. Not everyone is as kind as Janet and Eddie Rivera.


S Hahaha.. "Ya Mothah is a baaad girl."

Yeah if she's talking crap like that then who knows....Janet straight up kicked Jo out for treating Kailyn badly. Janet and Eddie were amazing it makes me sick the lack of gratitude Kailyn had towards them, especially Janet who was like a mother to her.

I Literally hated Kailyn when Teen Mom 2 Premiered. I liked her on 16 & Pregnant. It amazed me how Eddie and Janet went out of their way to make Kail comfortable and they sided with her more then Jo, when most people wouldn't do that. And how she claimed Janet was like a mom to her, yet she was okay with disrespecting her. That was my beginning of my hatred for Kailyn.

I liked her at first too! Gosh I would be so thankful for someone else's effing parents to take me in like that. Janet was so sweet to her, I remember Kail crying about being pregnant and Janet saying she'd make it, everything would be ok and she basically just shoved her away. So unbelievably fucked up. I wish I could give Janet a hug or she was my mother in law lol she's wonderful.

I hated her too right away. So ungrateful- still is. Just worse now. Janet and Eddie gave her everything and she had to be a little bitch.

What in the heck do these girls see in this little elf of a man?! Seriously he looks like a tiny little shrunken elf. I just don't get the attraction of Summer, for one, and now another, possibly two other girls are willing to be home wreckers for the love of him? EWWW.

Haha right? I'm wondering the same thing. They're a very mismatched couple. I can't imagine more girls wanting to do the dirty dirty with him.

Lmaooooo sloth eyes just refuses to remain faithful.

By all means, make your child suffer and not see his father because y'all don't have your sh-t together. I swear, this is why people hate on single moms so much.

i can't with this guys face............ why do any of these girls sleep with him? from the episode i remember he was really short too

Random off topic but did anyone see Leah's haircut from the front? More importantly, the face she made in the picture? She has some crazy ass soulless eyes.

LOL. Yeah I copy and pasted it in another post. I thought it looked cute but yes she had an odd smile. If she went as Chucky for Halloween with her big girl braces it would make my entire existence.

Lol Trap Baby you have to stop..your comments are too funny. I'm going to have to check this picture out now. I've noticed Leah looks hollow inside in more recent pictures..it's kinda sad.

Can't stop won't stop. (Plesae thumb down down for using that quote).

Here it is

Oh my her Twitter posts right now are interesting....cussing unnamed people out and saying IM SICK OF THIS BETTER THAN ME ATTITUDE

"Im done with being disrespected by too faced good for NOTHING piece of shits. I was pretty easy going in the past but the hell with that ..."

Yup. The schools are definitely not well there.

whoa! wonder if she talking about miranda?

"Too" faced?!?! I can't. I just...I can't.
Anyways, that is not a good picture. Her hair is ok I guess she just looks depressed.

I'm like 99% sure she's talking about Miranda. I can't stand when people post vague statuses-just nut up and call out whoever it is you're mad at, or keep that shit off twitter.
I can't thumb down your use of can't stop won't stop....that song may or may not be on my iPod..

especially the " oh everything seems perfect but your really being lied to" makes me think its about Corey and Miranda

Maddys smile also confuses me. I just don't quite know what is going on with her face still.

Agreed. Maddy's smile is a weird mix of slight happiness, confusion and pain. Very odd.

It bothers my mind

I think she's just confused by her own face...

Or her hairline..

Gotta be soulless to have done what she did to Corey!

Quit bitching, divorce him, get out and don't teach your child that behaviour is ok and stop whinging on facebook.

There, problem solved!

I thought she was sweet too until I went on her ask. Anytime someone warned her that it was stupid to forgive TJ she chewed them out and look what happened. Now I'm all for working things out the first time it happens if you're in a marriage... but it was pretty telling that she said he thought it was funny when she found out. That's just messed up. Also thought it was really dumb to put all the blame on the other girl, seemingly more than him, but turns out she has an Ask too (omg I was bored ok? LOL) and she's a pretty terrible person. Even if you're not as much to blame if you know you're helping someone cheat you still get to take responsibility for destroying a family. And I lost respect for Summer letting that affect how much he sees his child. I mean it will because they won't be living together but she has no right to keep him away from him.