16 and Pregnant - Allie

Allie Mendoza lives in Pasadena, Texas, with her father. She's a senior in High School and dating a sophomore named Joey. Guess what? She's pregnant!

  • When she told her father the news, he told her to get an adoption or get out. When she told her mother, she told her to get an abortion. So Allie moves in with Joey and his parents. Her mothers lives in New Jersey, so moving up there isn't an option since she'll be too far from Joey.
  • People on this show are always getting take-out or eating at restaurants. What's that all about?
  • Joey's mother, Yolanda, is all kinds of crazy and not thrilled with Allie living with her. She asks Allie for a banana, so Allie tosses it at Joey's brother and tells her to give it to his mom. Yolanda goes all psycho and starts swearing and hitting at Allie. She says really hurtful things, like how Allie's parents don't want her. All over a banana. I kind of want to smack her with that banana. Anyway, she yells at Joey that she wants Allie out of her house.
  • Allie calls her mother and her mother tries to get her to move to New Jersey to be with her. Joey's grandmother offers to let them stay with her until they get on their feet.
  • When Allie and Joey go back to Yolanda's house to get their stuff, Yolanda gets all up in their business again. Oy.
  • Later, Yolanda announces she's going to rehab. If you ask me, I think it's way overdue. She's a loose cannon.
  • When Allie calls her mother to tell her the induction, her mother says she can't be out there for a week or two because of her job and she does sound sorry, but I can't help but want to hug Allie. Talk about feeling abandoned!
  • When Yolanda is in labor and right after Aydenn is born, Yolanda is suddenly all cheery again and talking to them like a normal person. Yeah, I'm confused too.
  • Once Joey starts back at school, he doesn't help out with Aydenn at all, which understandably annoys Allie.
  • When Allie's mom, Lauren, finally shows up, there's this huge emotional reunion and I admit I cried a little. Don't judge me.
  • When Allie has a talk with her mom about Joey, all the frustrations come out and she pretty much convinces Allie that she won't be happy with Joey.
  • Allie talks to Joey about helping out more, but he still doesn't step up to the plate. When she tries to talk to him, he seems frustrated and completely disinterested. He tells her how miserable he is. When she's at school, he starts sending her crazy texts, basically saying how neglected he feels. Umm, hello, you have a baby now. It's not all about you anymore.
  • After school, she goes home to talk to him and he ends up sounding an awful lot like his mom, calling her ungrateful and how he put a roof over her head.
  • She's all "See ya lata!" and moves out, leaving Joey crying on the couch. She decides to stay with her friend, Ashley, after she picks Aydenn up from day care.
  • She plans on moving to New Jersey to be with her mom after she graduates High School.


Alli is just every immature. Even though his mom has a problem where is the respect toward the people who are plder than you. She crossed the line when she threw the banana. Like whats wrong with her?

She isn't immature. she threw the banana to joeys brother and told him to give it to his mom, How is that immature? a lot of people do things like that. I'ts not as if she threw it at his mom to hurt her

@Bartola - his mom told them to leave her house for the weekend because she was sick of them, she threw the freaking banana on the couch for joey's lil bro to pass it on. she wasn't being disrespectful, his mother was so out of line drugs or no drugs, in fact social services should have removed her from her kid's life long ago. JESH.... immature well cripes she is 16.... duh!!!!