16 and Pregnant - Alexandria Sekella

16 and pregnant

Alex Sekella is a 17 year old who hails from Neffs, Pennsylvania, and is working two jobs, and has a boyfriend named Matt.

Oh, yeah, Matt is also a big troublemaker and always in trouble with the law. Seems like great daddy material right there (read: sarcasm).


  • Alex is a procrastinator extraordinaire, which I can appreciate. Why do today what you can put off for tomorrow, right?
  • When Alex got pregnant, her mother gave her 2 options: put it up for adoption or keep it and find another place to live. Harsh? Maybe, but I would have probably said the same thing if my teen daughter got pregnant.
  • Alex and Matt were using two forms of birth control and still got pregnant? Something doesn't add up here.
  • Alex's little brother and sister give her sage advice. "Is it against the law for you to keep it?" "People are going to pick on you. I think you should adopt it."
  • Really emotional scene where Alex's mother, Wendy, is trying to talk her into adoption and Alex is breaking down, crying. I feel for her. That is such a hard decision to make.
  • Matt has been flaking out lately on being a normal human being and doesn't show up for mini golf. Supposedly, Matt had been kicked out of there before. How do you get kicked out of mini golf? Throwing your clubs at the other patrons? Climbing the fake castle?
  • Matt shows up to Alex's ultrasound looking like a homeless person and acting less than enthused.
  • Alex's friend, Brianna, asks if her mom can adopt Alex's baby. I wasn't expecting that! That would be...awkward? Or awesome? Tough call.
  • Alex meets with Brianna's parents to discuss the situation. They're really serious about it, since they can't have any more children together and they really want a baby. They also have a room to rent right next door with their neighbor, so Alex could live next door before she decides what to do about her baby.
  • Matt thinks having Brianna's parents adopt the baby sounds like the best option. Also, it looks like it hurts Matt to think. I can almost see the wheels in his head turning. Drugs are bad, folks!
  • When Alex is in labor, Matt doesn't show up and doesn't respond to her texts and calls, so she gets in a car and chases him down while he's riding his bike, forcing him to go with her. And I laughed so hard.
  • Arabella Elizabeth was born on July 18th, weighing in at 7 pounds, 9 ounces.
  • After Arabella is born, Alex decides to keep her for now. When she breaks it to her mom and Brianna's mom, neither one is happy about the decision and try to get her to change her mind.
  • I kind of want to adopt Arabella myself. She is absolutely adorable!
  • Harsh reality sets in when Alex keeps getting woken up during the night by Arabella and Matt is nowhere to be found.
  • When Matt finally shows up, he looks completely baked out of his mind again. Oh, Alex, you deserve so much better than that.
  • Since Matt is a lost cause, Alex asks her mother if she can move back home, and her mother gives her a lecture about her "lack of planning."
  • Alex's landlady isn't happy about how Alex isn't paying rent (understandable) and during Alex's baby shower, she sends Alex a text saying she's going throw her stuff on the curb...and she does.
  • Alex can't afford daycare so she decides to finish High School online.
  • On the first day of school, Matt calls Alex and tells her he woke up and wants a ride to school. Is this guy for real? When she picks him up, he's sporting a full beard, smells, and looks like he can barely function. As she talks to him about how she would love to switch places with him regarding school, he looks as if he's having a real difficult time staying awake. Even Arabella is looking at him like there's something wrong with him.
  • Matt says he'll watch the baby when Alex needs him so she could go to work...and he never shows up and doesn't answer his phone. I'm guessing he's hanging out with Kieffer right about now.
  • Oooh, Alex is throwing out the punches! She yells at her mom that she's trying to prevent Arabella from not having a dad since she didn't have a dad. Umm, hate to break it to you, but no dad is better than a Matt.
  • When Matt finally shows up days later, she gives him a "come to Jesus" talk and he's all, "duhhhhhhh. stop yelling. Uhhhhhh. dude. We're teenagers." He said other stuff too, but that was the gist of it.
  • "All you are to me is a headache!" Alex, I think your statement right there just told you what you need to do. Dump this loser.
  • When he leaves, she chases him down the street and screams at him on the corner, basically telling him to get lost. He's still all "duhhhhh. huhhhh?"

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I'm such a nerd- I love your super fast updates haha.

Anyways, I didn't love her. She was whiney and basically Matt told her 1000 times he didn't want the baby. It's hard to accept- I've been there myself- but you need to buck up and be a single mom and get on with it. It's unfortunate and no parent wants their child to grow up without a dad or mom, but sometimes its the way things go.

I was also shocked that she was 37 weeks pregnant and had no plan! That is so irresponsible.

And this is the girl who posted a picture of her 5 month old daughter FORWARD FACING in a booster seat. Disgusting, not to mention illegal. I do not want to see this girl on TM3.

As i was watching her episode, i felt like she knew in her heart the whole time that she was going to keep the baby. I think she was entertaining the idea of adoption to keep her mom at ease so she wouldnt kick her out. She had no one in her corner. No one to show her the ropes of being a new parent.. Her mother was trying to force her into adopting out her daughter by any means possible. It was heartbreaking to me! I HAVE to give this girl props for stepping up when EVERYONE was telling her she couldn't do it!

You're right, she had no one in her corner and no one showed her the ropes of parenting, which I think is one of the biggest reasons she should have chosen adoption. Raising a child without any support is very hard, and sometimes(!) unfair to the child. Her mom made a lot of sense, even if it was harsh, this girl was 8 months pregnant with no plan, she obviously isn't responsible enough to be a parent. If my parents hadn't supported me when I got pregnant at 17, I would have given my son up for adoption because I would not want him to have to suffer. It's a hard choice, but I think girls need to look at it logically and make sure their child will have a good life.

I'd just like to say that I didn't have EITHER of my parents' support when I got pregnant, and I chose to keep my daughter. In my opinion, if the parent doesn't support their child when they need them the most, that is selfish. I can understand being upset and feeling betrayed, but to not help them at all? Come on, you're their parent, it is your job to guide them. That being said, I do agree with the whole irresponsibility thing. I would never be 37 weeks pregnant and not have a plan, aha. This girl does have a lot of growing up to do, but I commend her for sticking to her decision and not giving her baby up when everyone around her was trying to make the decision for her. It disgusted me. There's a big difference between trying to weigh pros and cons to come to a decision and downright trying to force someone to give up their child. It's hard to do it alone, and it can be done, but just because the young parent does not have the support of their parents or father of the child does not mean it is impossible or that they will suffer. It's the parent's and father's choice to not be involved, so that is their burden to bear. When the child grows up and is happy and healthy, they will be sorry.

I liked her the best so far actually. Yes, she was kind of whiny with Matt, but I've been in her shoes. It's very hard to accept that the person you loved and thought you would be a family with turns out to be a complete loser and wants nothing to do with your child. It's hard. Especially for a teenager. The thing I loved about her is the fact that her mother was so unsupportive and against her keeping her baby, everyone around her was pushing her towards adoption, and she knew that wasn't what she wanted. Unlike a lot of the other girls, she seemed to handle the sacrifices she needed to make a lot more maturely. Yeah, she wasn't perfect, but she really didn't have much support at all. I think she should be on teen mom 3. Obviously, the dad is a complete deadbeat but I think she has a lot of potential to actually be a good mom.

I don't know, I thought the dad was a deadbeat at first too, but then I realized I think he just wanted to give the baby up for adoption because he knows he's not ready to be a parent, but fathers obviously don't have the right to force a mother into adoption. I think he made his feelings very clear that he wanted adoption, but then she acted outraged when he wasn't around much.

Also, I didn't know this was the girl who had her baby in the wrong car seat. Never really followed that. If she really did have her baby in the car seat wrong, that's obviously something she needs to educate herself on. But, absolutely no parent in the entire world can say they have done everything completely right from day one. Not making excuses for putting a child in danger but just saying. Bringing it to someones attention that they are not doing something the safe/correct way and trying to educate them on how to do it right, and calling them a disgusting or poor parent are two different things.

I would agree with you - people just need to be educated on child safety - but people TOLD her that she was doing it wrong, offered to buy her a new carseat, etc. and she refused saying she knew what was best and that carseat safety laws are stupid because "mothers know best". Apparently her pride is more important than her childs safety, and thats unforgivable in my eyes.

Yeah, that'd definitely be a different story then. What kind of car seat did she have her in?

I think it was a Graco Nautilus, which is forward facing ONLY. The law for forward facing children is 1 year AND 20 lbs, she had her baby in that seat at 5 months old, which is SO dangerous. She claimed that the police said it was "okay" and that her daughter was bored and was unbuckling herself from the seat and falling onto the floorboard. I found that to be extremely unbelievable because my 8 month old doesn't even have an interest in trying to unbuckle herself. As far as I know, she never switched her baby back to rear facing.

Yeah, that's definitely crazy. My daughters are 7 months old now and I've been looking at getting them newer carseats but EVERYWHERE you look it's said that it's best for babies to be rear facing. Still stand on the fact that she shouldn't be crucified for it, but....that is a pretty big deal. I would hope she did learn from it and change it.

Exactly...it was such a ridiculous excuse. My 13 month old son has no idea how the latches on his RF carseat work, I seriously doubt her 5 month old daughter did. As a mother, it is your responsiblity to research these things and make sure your child is as safe as can be. If all mothers did this, we wouldn't have so many stupid and heartbreaking infant/child deaths.

Yesterday, she posted a picture of her daughter to show that she is now rear facing in a new carseat. You can see it on her facebook fan page.

I saw that photo.
I do commend her for turning her daughter back rear facing. IMO, it took way too much for her to do it, but she did and she should be recognized for that. HOWEVER - she is still not using it properly. It is not reclined enough for the size and age of her baby (which is why she is not straight in the seat, but slumped over. Sleeping is not an excuse, her body should still not be slumped,) the straps are still being used improperly (too loose, and should be coming from AT or BELOW the shoulders, not above.)

I say this not to pick on her, but because she still needs education. Others might see that info and be helped by it also. Most people aren't using their car seats correctly, it doesn't have to be a big thing, when we know better, we do better. I think the reason why people are still fired up over the car seat issue is that she DOES know better now, but fails to do better. Again, I do commend her for switching her daughter back rear facing, that is a great start.

Why was her boyfriend always so SWEATY?

He was an addict. Drugs like Cocaine are stimulants so they increase many of your body functions like heart rate. When your heart rate increases, you get sweaty because your body is trying to maintain homeostasis.

Ahh, thank you for the explanation. :)

I was thinking the same think. I felt dirty seeing his nappy hair

That looked nothing like a cocaine addiction...more like meth...he looked paranoid alot and she did comment about him hanging with his "crack-head friends". Also i doubt he was ever high on weed, his slurring and knodding out looked like a xanax overdose. This girl is absolutely out of her mind! That poor baby.

I would say his demeanor and sweatiness were more consistent with a heroin addiction. Heroin addicts can be quite sweaty and he was very drowsy and out of it. I believe Meth would have made him more energetic and not half asleep.

This girl was a HOT MESS. The rent thing made me want to punch her. Who does she think she is with that sense of entitlement?? The lady handled it immaturely, but Alex acting like she did just made her look like an idiot. Her sense of entitlement was just very, very big in everything she had. She felt entitled to make Matt be a parent when he stated time and time again that he wasn't financially or emotionally ready to be a parent, She felt entitled for her landlady to work around her finances, she felt entitled to be the only decision maker for the baby, she felt entitled for everyone to work around her. She was so extremely selfish it was almost insane.

I totallt agree!! She pissed me off when she decided she wasn't gonna pay rent. That is not how shit works in this world. She could have at least paid for the few weeks she was there! And she's lucky that lady threw her stuff in the street. She could have held it for payment. And honestly I understand why her mom thought adoption was best. Alex seems to unfold when she has to make an adult decision

It is puzzling how she managed to afford fake nails for half the episode, but she couldn't pay for rent or a babysitter...

What is it with these girls and fake nails? I don't know how anyone can take you seriously when you're waiving your manicured hand around, complaining about how you can't afford to pay for things the baby needs.

MTV pays for them to have their nails done before filming. Leah's friend Amy said that they pay for everyone filming (friends, family, etc) to have their nails done if they are potentially going to be on the show.

I agree it is harder to take them seriously like that but that's MTV's fault.

I don't ever remember Farrah or Deborah ever having fake nails, and they are 2 main characters on the show. In fact, I specifically remembering them NOT having fake nails because every other girl has them. Kail has been sans fake nails at times too. As plenty of the 16 and P girls haven't had their nails done, either. It's obviously their choice.

MTV can't make them get their nails done. They may ask you to keep them clean and well groomed, but they certainly aren't making any of the girls get acrylic tips. I wouldn't get acrylics or any fake nail done even if somebody was paying for it. Fake Nails/Acrylic Tips completely ruin your real nail. I've heard that when they need the girls to have an important, staged convo or something that they will pay for a restaurant tab or mani/pedi, but I've never heard of them actually saying that the girls had to have them done.

I did not say that they MAKE them get their nails done. I said that MTV PAYS for them to get their nails done. It is a suggestion that many of the girls do take. No one forces them to just like no one is forcing you get acrylics.

And like I also said I'm just padding along what I heard. Take this argument up with Amy LaDawn because that is where I heard it. She said that they paid for get to get hers done too and she barely even ended up being on the show.

I liked her a lot and I actually felt bad for her. I know she's a teenager but that's not fair of her mom to force her to put the baby up for adoption. Also she couldn't pay one month and told brenda that and said she was moving out and thats when brenda put her stuff on the curb. Not really fair. She I think is the most responsible of every teen mom I ever seen! Not one but two jobs! I love Chelsea but how freaking long did it take her to get even one job? And something I didn't understand... it said matt and her met when they were sophomores... but when they started school he was only entering junior year. Was he held back? Wouldn't be surprised. He didn't want her to put it up for adoption for arabellas good but so he wouldn't have to bother with anything. I think he is the worst dad I've seen

I completely agree. She can't make him be a parent I agree with everyone on that but for them to say "He told her the whole time he didn't want her" i find ridiculous. too damn bad. he got her pregnant. she didn't want to be forced to give up her child. she wanted to take responsibility. it's sad for not only her but for arabella that he doesn't support them emotionally or physically but he is obligated to help financially. I hope she took him to court for child support and then let him go. I definitely saw some flaws in her responsibility but her heart was in the right place and she was definitely trying. I just admire her for standing up and doing what she believed regardless of the lack of support.

When you agree to move in somewhere and pay rent, it doesn't matter if you moved in for a few days and then move out. You are obligated to pay the rent. That person was counting on half the rent being paid and it's pretty messed up that she would lead her on and then leave her screwed like that. Alex is irresponsible and has no clue or plans. This was her sole decision because she knew the dad is a drug addict and she knew he wasn't ready to be a father. Most of the "baby's daddys" on this show act like they'll take care of their child and then leave. At least Matt told her upfront they BOTH cannot provide for her at their age. I hate the fact that he was super high and yet still more rational than Alex. That really says a lot.
Oh and the car seat thing: what mother doesn't research EVERYTHING about having a baby when they're pregnant? She obviously did zero plannin or preparing.
I dislike her the most and I hope MTV does not put her on Teen Mom because she does not need any hand outs. She will not learn anything or become responsible with MTV giving her money and airing her dirty laundry.

I agree I don't want to see their ugly faces on MTV the sight of them makes me want to puke in mg mouth

the mom never forced her to an adoption plan but made it very clear that she wasn't going to be plan b on a sure to fail "no plan a". I think she was honest. Her daughter could have done a number of other things but the mom eliminated the "no plan defaults to mom" choice, which many of the other parents should have done because a 15-17 YO has not a clue what is involved in taking care of a baby or living on your own.

Seriously, he looks like he is on heroin.

I bet MTV chooses her for TM3! Another Jenelle/Amber... Drama wise and maturity wise.

Lord I hope not, MTV should be promoting good mothers working hard to provide a good life for their child. That would be a fun show to watch, and would hopefully provide some guidance to teen parents!

I disagree. I do think she will be chosen for TM3 but she is already 1000x more mature than Jenelle and Amber combined. The lack of planning ahead was bad, yes, but it was obviously because she never really wanted to give her up but felt like she didn't have a choice. She was working hard to provide a good life for her child, she had 2 jobs, she was still going to school, and never once pawned her kid off on someone else so she could go to a party.

So far she's been my favorite this season.

He's definitely on opiates(heroin, oxycodone) probable oxycodone.

Matt needs to lay off the drugs and man up what a loser he is! His baby momma is annoying but he is a dad and acts like a little dope head punk

She should have given that poor baby up for adoptin. That baby girl had a chance at a better life an it was cruely snatched away by a selfish and immature excuse for a mother. I can't beileve she let that male-thing touch her, clearly she lacks judgement and standards. I doubt she was really using birth control, that was a lie to try and cover for her own idiotic mistake. Disgusting example of a human being.

Your mom should have gave you up for adoption who are you to judge?maybe this dumb beezy will grow to be very successful and a great mother who do you suggest she give the baby to? The white trash neighbors who r probably petafiles for all we know

This girl got on my nerves so bad.
He was on probatio , & a rebel when she was going out with him, he was always high off his ass & she still expected him to be there because he was the sperm donor? Hate to break it to you but just because he is biologically the father no law can force him to be there to raise her, only to pay child support & honestly how much is she going to get from him wen he ears $7 an hour!? She kept saying im not going to chase after you to be there, but she called him a million times a day. She was so immature & naive. After she knew he was always high she trusted him to babysit her daughter, she could have her daughter taken away from her just for that. & the ride home from the hospital she was already forward facing!!! Come on Alex get your shit together. Omg & her poor landlord, I wouldn't have thrown her stuff on the curb, but I would have expected her to pay rent, granted she didn't stay the entire month but Alex told her she would so why would the landlord look for another tenant to help her pay for rent when she expected Alex to help her pay. I'm a single teen mom & my son's father isn't there & being heartbroken through a pregnancy wasn't something I was about to put myself through. I needed to grow up & get over him because when you become a mother what's Beattie your child comes first , not the jerkoff dad. I asked him once if he wanted to be there & that's all , after 2 ears he's asking to see his son who already calls someone else dada. My son
Lost out on nothing & is one happy baby. ( sorry for the rant but she pissed me off)

I am only half way through the episode but all I want to do is cry. My daughters dad looked and acted just like Matt. I really feel her pain. I was 16 when I had my daughter, my mom wanted to throw me out unless I went with adoption. I was supposed to meet with a couple that I would of given my daughter to but I went into labor. My mom found that to be a sign that keeping her was best and not kicking me out. Still I feel her pain in it all. Im sure by the time I am done with the episode things with bother me with her, as they always do by the end of every episode, but for right now, I really know the pain she is going through.

I actually enjoyed watching this episode.

So whose worse? Matt or our beloved Adam? At least Adam isn't on drugs, as far as we know.

Matt CLEARLY told her he didn't want to keep the baby. It's SO different to lead someone on and tell them "oh ya of course I'll be there." She's got to grow up, she made her choice aware that she was the only one who thought she could raise her baby, so she needs to get over the fact the all he will be is a check in the mail and get on with it for her daughters sake. Not even comparable to Adam, who comes in and out of his daughters life and screws with her emotions.

Oh andI love how she acted like it's totally reasonable for her to not get Plan-B because. the pharmacy charges $50 for it. Oh come on! Really?! I'm sorry but she is a total and complete airhead! Her mother would have paid for it no questions asked! This was her mothers worst nightmare (Alex getting pregnant) and I don't understand how she could just hear "$50" and then walk away. Plus, she has two jobs. If you can't afford a $50 pill, you cannot afford a baby. She really takes the cake. She's an idiot.

The part that killed me about plan b is... Most people get that when they know they had sex without protection? So she admitted by saying that, that she knew she messed up and did not use protection.

She was on CBS news before her episode aired and she said that she was on birth control but was also taking antibiotics for cellulitis and didn't know that it counteracts the birth control. She said when the condom broke she considered getting Plan B but didn't think she needed it because she was on birth control anyway.

Alex should have placed Arabella for adoption. I know the decision is very hard, but it's really clar to me she is not mature enough to be a good mother. She is definitely not mature enough to pay rent!

I wish this girl could have talked with Caitlynn (or some birth other mom) about adoption.I don't think she took any real time to consider it. I think she just wanted to stall until the baby was born.

And Matt.... what a trainwreck! Where are his parents and why isn't he in rehab?!

Exactly! If she was at all seriously considering adoption (which I don't think she was), she would have gotten as much information about it as she could. She should have gone to Planned Parenthood or any agency and spoke to a professional who could give her the facts and the pros and cons of each decision. She had no sense of reality or real-life. She is delusional. Really this girl makes me sick. She is a negative representation of youth today. Caitlynn and Tyler are really mature for their age and extremely unselfish. It makes me wonder how two amazing kids can come from such a hard life and Alex, who seems to have a great mother and home, can be so immature and irresponsible. If they could grow up so quickly, why couldn't she? They obviously had it way harder than she.

Catelynn/Tyler and Alex are completely different people in completely different situations. I don't understand why everyone is using them as a comparison other than the fact that they did choose adoption. Obviously she never really wanted to give Arabella up for adoption otherwise she WOULD have looked into it. Her mother was forcing her into it and she wanted to find a way not to. She didn't seem any less mature than most of the girls on this show. Most 16 year olds don't have a sense of real life yet.

I disagree. She didn't plan for anything. Regardless of her choice, no matter wjat it was, she should have done some research. She didn't even get a pencil and paper and figure out the minthly costs, she didn't even read about car seats! Very mature...

Forget about Catelynn and Tyler for a minute. Alex's situation was pretty much the opposite of theirs. Giving up their baby was their idea, no one talked them into it, it was what they felt was the best option for them. Alex did not want to give her baby up at all but her mother was kind of making her. She did not feel like it was the best option for her. Everyone is slamming her for "not planning" because she decided to keep the baby. No one seemed to care that Lori didn't plan either and decided within weeks of giving birth that she was going to give her baby up. But since she did give him up everyone applauds her.

Really what makes me sick is random people thinking it's any of their business to decide who should or shouldn't keep their baby. That is a negative representation of society today.

Arabella & I have the same birthday! I hope that Matt has to end up paying child support. Since he is not a good father.

all you people need to stop talking shit they both go to my school and if you dont know anything about them shut your mouths shes trying to be a good mother so leave her alone

[...] night had one of the better episodes of 16 and Pregnant probably all year.  I won’t double recap the episode, but you had Alex being pulled in all directions for all different reasons. Her mother, [...]

She has potential. I think we sometimes forget how hard it is for a teenager to come up with a plan, troubleshoot it, revise and go foward. Her mom was right that she needed a plan but without sitting down and helping her get one (which she may well have resisted) I don't see how she could get one. I can't believe the extended family did not reinforce to her what a drug-adled mess her guy was it may have helped her erase him from the go forward plan.

This girl is probably the most selfish, immature, irresponsible idiot to ever be on this show. I don't believe that she was using two types of birth control, and I don't believe that she was ever seriously considering adoption.

She kept that poor baby because she wanted to, not because she thought seriously about the baby's welfare. She didn't didn't care that she couldn't afford to care for a baby (or even herself,) she was like a spoiled kid with a piece of candy - MINE!!! She wanted a cute little baby to put cute outfits on and show off.
Her boyfriend, the drugged out mess he was, had the right idea when he told her she couldn't try, she had to KNOW she could support herself and a baby. He was a hot mess, but he realized that the two of them don't have the resources to support a child, and that was responsible, IMO.

When you choose to become a parent, you have to grow up, period. Not paying rent, the HORRIFIC misuse of the car seat, and her nasty, snotty attitude towards well meaning people that were seriously worried about the safety of her baby (which at that point was a life and death matter!) was and is appalling.

I sincerely hope this little girl doesn't make it on TM3. Teens don't need a seriously S***** example like her to look at on a weekly basis.

All of you guys have no right to tell who should've given their baby up. Who's being the selfish and judgmental one here? And jesus, stop talking about the damn car seat issue. I'm so sick of hearing about that everywhere I go. It's obviously not safe, but I'm sure she knows better now! Nobody is perfect. I liked Alex myself. She is a good person and mom, and knew what was right in her heart. She can do it with or without Matt in her life. She had some flaws just like everyone else, but she doesn't deserve to be ridiculed. I'd like to see her on TM3.

We can all sit and judge and say what should have been the best route for Alex to take. She made the choice that she felt was right. I am sure she knew it wouldnt be easy but you have to give her credit for giving it her all. She works two jobs , continues her education via cyber school. As for her choice in baby daddies maybe he wasnt always like that, maybe when your 16 and no responsibility it doesnt seem “all that bad “, I think whatever the case you could tell Alex stepped up and knew that behavior wasnt something she wanted around her daughter. Will Alex make mistakes as a parent yes but who doesnt it happens at all ages not just young kids. I have seen alot of bashing in regards to this eposide.. Alex’s mom was giving tough love it may not be what “YOU” would have done but it appears she just wanted to get her daughter to make sure she made the decision that would be the best. You could see the worry and struggles when she talked to Alex .Car seat debate .. you can see when she put the baby in the car when taking Matt to school she put carrier in rear facing and you could also see glimpses of that when camera shot was from front of car to back, just because they showed a picture of Arabella doesnt mean she was facing forward. As for all of Matt’s sweatiness although he was probably high I can attest to how hot it was in PA that time last year. We were all sweating our butts off if not in air conditioning .

When someone puts themselves on an extremely popular national tv show, they're going to get judged, period. She DOES deserve to be ridiculed.

She kept that baby knowing that she could not properly care for her in any sense of the word. She didn't pay for anything, she couldn't figure out child care, and as evidenced several times in this episode, she can't even hold a baby properly. I don't care if she likes the idea of being called mommy - she was not (and looking at her fan page, to this day is not) able to care for that child properly.

All moms (not just teens!) don't start out knowing everything and doing everything right. We all make mistakes, there is a definite learning curve to parenting. This girl is WAY beyond some simple mistakes - she put her baby's life in serious danger every single time she got in a car. I'm sorry, but almost anyone will tell you that it isn't ok for a baby to be folded in half with it's neck drooping over in the car seat, that's just ridiculous. There were plenty of people that were rude about the car seat issue, but there were tons of people who politely (and privately) tried to give her some education and even buy her a new seat that was appropriate for her baby's size and age. She reacted like a rude, snotty brat. That's inexcusable.

I really didnt like this episode at all. She is irresponsible and I understand she is young and making grown up decisions but it seemed like she needed parenting classes. I know MTV doesnt show everything but it did not show her pick up her daughter at all when she puked at the dance class, she walked out on her than came back wit a diaper back. I would have picked that child up immediately. and she barely supported her neck when she picked her up in one scene. It made me sick. I think she should have chose adoption but keeping her baby and trying to do whats best shows that she is strong and is willing to try. Matt is a loser. I would rather not see her on teen mom 3.

I absolutley LOVED this girl! Bless her heart, she was dealing with so much that I just wanted to give her a big hug! I couldn't have been more proud of her when she told that crack head daddy off and told him she didn't want him anywhere near her daughter! Woo hooo!

So whats up with MTV not staging a conversation about Matt's obvious drug addiction???? I would think that it would be a very educational and informative piece to have in the episode. They did the same thing with Nikkole Paulun and her drug addicted boyfriend Josh. It definately would have added another element to the show, as teens dont always know the signs and symptoms of an addict. I had my daughter at 16 and her father was and still is an alcoholic. Of course me being 16 at the time, i had no clue what an alcoholic was.. heck i thought he was cool cuz he drank all the time! Or maybe i was just super naive..

I think it might have something to do with him being a minor, privacy laws and all that. That's the only reason I could think of. Or perhaps she used to be on drugs like him before she got pregnant(hopefully not during/after) and she felt talking about it would be hypocritical...

omg, she has just started her life, and now she has a baby of a drug addict idiot kid...

It is not too late for her to make a wise decision and give the child up for adoption. She is ill prepared, and even though she is trying hard, that baby will not have the chances at life it deserves. It is selfish of her to keep the child - at least the father knew that he was not able to properly parent a child. Children born to teens face more challanges than those born to parents who planned for children, or have more resources available to them. She has already put that baby into risky/dangerous situations many times. I understand that she is a hard worker, and she really has done well given the circumstances, but it would be easier for her and better for the child if she gave the child up for adoption, and got her life in order before she decided to have another child. Real love is doing what is best for the child, not what is best for you.

totaly agree about reconsidering adoption, maybe her friends parents were not the best option but im sure there are lots of people looking forward to start a new family.
its about thinking what is the best for both, i cant imagine being in that situation, and i know that with the time she has been getting more attached to the baby but im sure there are good options for her so she can still have all her future plans done..

what is wrong with this girl?? and with MTV..
the guy seems to be on drugs everytime... does she ever tought he would be a good fahter material?? i mean what she was thinking when she asked him to take care of the kid, he doesnt even now his name!!!
im sorry for her... but most for the little babys future.. hope things work well for everyone.

I've never felt so sad for anyone in my entire life.
This was such an emotional episode.

She didn't deserve this! But I hope she keeps that drug addict away from her child.

[...] Eric and Myranda live with Eric’s grandmother, Nanny.  She is not happy with the situation and gives them a tongue lashing.  She tells them they can’t live there when the baby comes.  Sound familiar? [...]

[...] an inside source that two of the girls to appear on Teen Mom 3 are Mackenzie Douthit and Alexandria Sekella.  This comes as no surprise considering photos of both the girls with an MTV camera crew [...]