Kail's Recent Shocking Venture

kailyn lowry

While all of the teen moms have never been hesitant to grow their brands, branch out into industries such as social media endorsements and clothing merchandising, it now seems Kail is moving into a new, shocking arena.. pot infused hair-care products. What? Yep, over the last week, Kail has been out and about promoting a CBD infused line of hair care products. The line is called "Pothead Haircare" and includes oil treatments, volumizers and leave-in conditioners.  While Kail will be expanding the line, making the current set of products an initial offering, it appears that according to "toofab" she plans to make this the latest of her business ventures. 

You Won't Believe What Happened When Ryan's New Son Was Born

Tyler Mckinney

This week on Teen Mom OG, Mac and Ryan had their new son. Now, the details on this and Maci's response to the whole ordeal struck us as particularly bizarre and yet nobody else seemed to notice. 

The Truth About Jenelle and David's Marriage

Jenelle Evans

Uh oh. Hold on tight 'cause new reporting indicates that Jenelle and David's marriage is quite the roller coaster we would have expected. So, the last few months have definitely been tough on the couple. Let's revisit the drama, shall we? 

What's Amber's Latest Shocking Move? The Answer Will Surprise You

andrew glennon

While we've all been really happy for Amber and how her life has been going lately (especially since she had to go through so much for her last ex what with his cheating and all) but let's be honest - it's been an awfully boring season for Amber. Instead of beating up boyfriends, now she's boxing for charity? She and Andrew are discussing in a mature, adult way, ways to lose weight and care for themselves? A teen mom OG couple is spending all of their time, lounging around the house with their baby, enjoying domestic life instead of arguing and doing a lot of drugs?

What's David Eason's Recent Controversy Involving Jace? You'll Never Believe It!

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans is never one to shy away from controversy and of course, neither is David Eason. In fact, he seems to have decided to invite as much controversy as possible, particularly with his social media. And now, David Eason has posted photos of himself hunting squirrels with Jace and talking about frying them and eating them.