More Indications of Potential Domestic Violence Between Jenelle and David

Jenelle Evans

It was the call heard around the world. After Jenelle placed a call to 911 and unreleased details seemed to point to the fact that she'd been assaulted by David, just about everyone has been speculating about what happened between them. A number of weird details, however, seem to be coming out about the story. Let's examine these a little more closely:

Will Leah Messer Rip Off Kail With Her Prodcast?

Teen Mom 2

Looks like Leah has decided she can do more to grow her "motivational speaking" gig because now, she's decided to launch a podcast. We suspect she's been running out of endorsement opportunities and people aren't exactly knocking on her door to give her a speaking gig. So here's our question - did Leah appear on Kail's podcast and think, "I should be doing this!" Did she give Kail a heads up on the fact that she's going to be launching her own podcast? Will she at least come up with some topics or themes that differ from Kail? Here's our guess at what Leah is going to focus on: 

Teen Mom OG Season 7, Episode 21 Recap: Maci Thinks She's Running for President

andrew glennon

Sadly, everyone on Teen Mom OG has turned into such a snore that we now have to rely on Cheyenne and Bristol to supply some drama. So let's see what these girls had to say this week:

Will Amber and Andrew's Honeymoon Come to An End? Here's Why

andrew glennon

If you saw the last episode of Teen Mom OG, then you know that Amber and Andrew in a serious honeymoon phase right now. Which is shocking because she just had a baby and it's a pretty stressful thing to deal with - having to get up at all hours of the night. Still, Andrew and Amber managed to have a lovely date night despite the presence of James and even talked through Andrew's trip to California. So what gives? Do we see Amber keeping it up?

Did Jenelle Get a Nose Job? The Shocking Truth

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans has not shied away from plastic surgery considering she's owned up to have breast implants and clearly has lip injections every so often. But, more recently she posted on Instagram a pic of herself after get septoplasty which she says she got in order to address a deviated septum and to address sinus issues.

Will Ryan Edwards Leave Rehab Early Again?

Tyler Mckinney

Uh oh. We're not sure if this is a example of poor adherence to his treatment plan for addiction of or if fatherhood has struck Ryan as his priority right now, but it looks like Ryan might win up leaving rehab a TAD early. Now, if there's one thing that comes across about Ryan it's that being a dad isn't exactly his forte. In fact, he pretty much stands for being a "deadbeat dad," - especially when you compare him to "dad bod" Gary.  However, it appears that though Ryan had planned to remain in rehab until next year, he may actually leave by Thanksgiving. Is it possible that Mackenzie wanted him home with her? 

The Shocking Showdown Between Bristol and Dakota

Now that Bristol and Dakota have announced their impending divorce publicly and MTV is finally beginning to showcase the footage that reflects their marriage's unraveling, it seems the gloves are off and Dakota and Bristol are being caught throwing pot shots at each other. So what's being slung more recently? Dakota is now accusing Bristol of not letting him be present during their daughter's birth. Meanwhile, Bristol immediately denied the reports. 

Ryan and Mackenzie Have Their Son and You Won't Believe His Name!

Tyler Mckinney

Call it a throwback but Mackenzie and Ryan decided to name their son "Jagger" and he was born early Tuesday morning. Mackenzie must have been really mad that her son's birth didn't make the Teen Mom OG finale - we bet she was cursing Maci in that hospital room. As for Jenn and Larry, apparently they showed up for the baby's birth 'cause it turns out that Ryan WASN'T THERE. Yep, folks, Ryan was apparently checked into another rehab facility and as a result, couldn't be there for the birth of his child.