You Won't Believe What Farrah's Doing Tomorrow (Well, Maybe You Will...)

farrah abraham

Farrah didn't do all that work on her vag for nothing. It's time for her on screen debut!

That's right, the Teen Mom OG star and mother to Sophia is going back to the studio, or at least the bedroom, to show off all of the work she's had done on her newly rejuvenated vagina.

And it's supposedly happening tomorrow.

According to multiple reports, Farrah made a deal with Camsoda to have her own show.

It's unclear how much Farrah's gonna be paid for it, but apparently it will be less than the $1 million she made to give it to James Deen a few years ago.

Farrah's gonna be alone for at least the premiere show, although we don't know what may happen in the rest of the series.

Got any good titles for the show? Comment below or tweet us...

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