Wow: We May Now Know Why Matt Baier Was At The World Series Of Poker

amber portwood

This is interesting: yesterday, Matt Baier posted a photo of the World Series of Poker going on now. Here's the photo:

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At the time, it seemed weird that he would be posting that because he was supposed to be in LA for the Marriage Boot Camp recording with Amber Portwood. They had agreed to go on MBC, and Amber has been posting about her time there -- as well as mounting feuds -- a lot.

But there's a new story breaking today that may shed light on what happened.

According to Radar, Matt has left the Marriage Boot Camp house and is now a free agent. He and Amber appear to have given up on their reconciliation, and it's gotten so bad that Matt just up and left the house.

Here's what the source said to Radar: 'They went their separate ways," a source told Radar, adding that after months of back and forth, the couple "is definitely broken up'.

So it looks like it's the end of Matt and Amber -- although it's unclear how he will survive without the MTV paychecks. I'm guessing that he will be going to be looking for a Teen Mom 2 star to latch on to soon.