Why Did Nathan Get His Own Special on MTV?

Nathan and Jenelle are clearly so over. Of course, Nathan still had to drag Jenelle's name through the mud on his MTV special last night, just to get a little more publicity. But here's the question we're asking after watching the premiere of the special: Why is Nathan getting a special at all?

The special gave us a window into Nathan's life, which is quite frankly, is pretty sad. He lives with his mother. He works out for a living. He prefers his phone to spending time with his son. Apparently, his mother thinks he has PTSD. We're not sure why Nathan didn't want to talk about that since the diagnosis would make a pretty good defense against his assault of Jessie and against pretty much every legal charge he's ever gotten. I guess he's that stupid.

In any case, Jenelle has moved on and is the one who commands publicity but somehow Nathan is getting a special?

Seems a little strange. We think that MTV might just be getting a little desparate and trying to milk this Teen Mom cow for what it's worth. It's also possible that they had gotten the footage of Nathan and thought, "What the hell, let's put it to some use."

Tell us your hypotheses about why Nathan got his own special in the comments!