Who Was Jenelle Evans's Latest Cease and Desist Victim?

Jenelle Evans

There's no greater contradiction than Jenelle Evans. She hates the publicity on her relationship with David Eason and threatens to quit social media, then gets right back on, advertising her time with her family and hawking any number of products. She talks about how she needs to be alone and spend time by herself then gets right back on the boyfriend train and has another baby.

She sends cease and desist letters to her teen mom cast-mates but then continues to post Teen Mom gossip on her Facebook page.

On her recent Teen Mom special, we saw more than one ex-boyfriend telling Jenelle she was "crazy" but it took this latest legal action to know they were definitely right.

So who's Jenelle's latest victim. Not clear if Leah Messer did in fact get a cease and desist letter since apparently she has been home yet to find out.

But Leah has reportedly posted that Jenelle was also sending her harassing texts shortly after the Teen Mom 2 reunion. What could Jenelle have been saying?

Well, we speculate that for some reason, there's been a war between two sides that's sprung up on Teen Mom 2.

Leah, Kail and Chelsea appear to be on one side, and Jenelle and Briana appear to be on another. So who will win in the battle between teen moms?

Our money is on Jenelle, primarily because, yes, she's that crazy but we guess we'll have to wait until the next season of the show to find out!

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