What's the Real Reason Teen Mom New Jersey Was Canceled?

Teen Mom New Jersey

With the news that Teen Mom New Jersey was canceled, the question of why MTV would give up on another arm of its uber lucrative teen mom franchise is on everyone's mind. After all, not only are Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 going steady after many years, their stars continue to grow in fame and fortune and you can't open up a tabloid these days without reading about Jenelle. So why would MTV have given these newest moms the boot?

Although no formal statements have been issued by MTV, it is interesting that this cancelation comes on the heels of Farrah being fired from Teen Mom OG. Does that mean that Teen Mom New Jersey walked the line of being too offensive? We suspect that it might be the opposite since it an explosive first season could really push MTV success a step forward.

The truth is, for a reality show to work, a lot has to come together. Audiences have to connect to the people filmed and there has to be a chemistry among cast members - for instance on Teen Mom 2, it happens that Leah, Jenelle and Chelsea have all navigated some very different aspects of being teen moms. We're guessing that something just didn't gel about the cast members of Teen Mom New Jersey. But no reason, why one or another of the cast might not be thrown into another show - Teen Mom OG maybe?