What's the Real Reason Jace is Punching Babs?

Jenlelle Evans

Last night on Teen Mom 2, we learned more about Jace and his mental health. According to Jenelle, he's been punching Babs and getting into trouble at school? Jenelle also sees him in action, lashing out physically at his siblings. So what gives? Why is Jace hitting other kids?

We love how Jenelle is just focused on passing him over to a therapist. Naturally, her solution to the problem is to not deal with it.

The reality is, Jace has been through a lot. What with the years of a custody battle between his mother and father, a nonexistent father, a difficult home life being shuttled between several homes, not to mention the entire saga being taped by cameras, there's enough there to create tension for any kid, much less Jenelle's kid. And without the parenting needed to articulate himself, he may be expressing himself physically.

It probably makes more sense here for Jenelle to get a little more involved than just shuttling him back and forth to a therapist. But, that's Jenelle.