We may now know what the mysterious Farrah Abraham phone call was

michael abraham

This week, Starcasm did an interview with Michael Abraham and he had a lot to say. Here are the most interesting things:

The mysterious Farrah phone call

You may remember in June, Simon posted a really strange tweet about a phone call regarding Debra. He said this:

At the time we had no idea what it could have been about, or whether it was true. Simon has a history of trolling and posting outlandish-sounding things on Twitter.

But it looks like the phone call happened, although it doesn't look as explosive as Simon made it out to be: "Farrah called me at 10:30 PM after the incident with David," Michael says.

"She felt bad -- she felt remorse about what had happened. She really wants to have a relationship with her mother and whoever is in her mother's life."

Farrah's relationships with mom and Michael's gf

Farrah is not talking to Debra at this time (although that seems to change weekly). Michael says she gets along great with his girlfriend.

Farrah on the other moms

Farrah has never shied away from publicly saying what she thinks about the other moms. But she said a few interesting things privately to Michael.

On Amber: "Farrah was concerned whether or not Amber is mentally capable of dealing with the adult film industry."

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