WTF Simon?

farrah abraham

Anyone check out the "Being Simon" MTV special last week? We almost forgot to comment on Farrah's clear steering of the episode and how desperate she was to make herself look like a expert in real estate.

Now, let's keep it real; it's not like Simon is a thought leader in the real estate development field, despite what he wants the audience to think. It's clear Simon was going for a "I'm the child of humble immigrants with an American dream" persona but with the level of entitlement this kid exhibits, there's no question Simon's parents have fed him any success he's had.

But Farrah's behavior was even more intolerable - watching her trying so hard to showcase any level of expertise in flipping homes was just too pathetic. The other strange thing about Farrah, is she seems bizarrely stupid. She doesn't seem to be able to string together words articulately when she's arguing with Simon.

One thing we definitely loved was watching Alex, Simon's so called "partner" trying to mask his clear contempt of Farrah as she toured houses with him and Simon.

The other confusing thing about this episode was Sonu, Simon's friend. Why was he such a big part of the episode? Was he the only person Simon could find to showcase his Indian culture? Or did MTV have a casting call for such as family in order to shoot the scene.