Wanna Date Farrah? You Can If You Fill Out This Form... (But You've Gotta Be Rich)

farrah abraham

In case you haven't heard, Farrah Abraham is going to be on MTV's Single AF show...and she's hoping to find 'the love of her life.' And if you want to date Farrah, now's your chance.

Gobstopper TV, which produces MTV's Single AF in the UK, has posted a form allowing anyone to sign up to for a date with Farrah.

The form allows you to be a guy or a woman or trans, and it says you can be gay or straight. It's unclear if Farrah will pick anyone who isn't a straight male, however.

The form doesn't require you to be a guy, but one thing that Farrah has made clear is that you have to have money.

Here, she explains:

Farrah recently talked about taking a break from reality TV -- looks like that's not happening so soon.

Here is a screenshot of the form:

Wanna date Farrah? The form is available here.

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