Theories on What Happened with Amber and Matt

So Matt and Amber's wedding is on hold. Big surprise, or no? We're jogging our memories and it seems like this has happened before - Matt and Amber have certainly delayed their wedding in the past.

And of course, on screen, all we see is these two being lovey-dovey. So what gives? Why would Amber and Matt put their wedding on hold? We've got three fan theories:

1. MTV told them to do it.

Big surprise? Why not? After all, Amber and Matt's hold on their wedding had landed them on pretty much every magazine headline online. With all of that extra publicity and buzz, not only does MTV have something to gain but so do Amber and Matt.

These two love their flashy cars and also have a business to promote. Imagine all of the extra wedding freebies they could gain from the additional press, especially when the wedding does go through.

2. Amber Found Out Something New about Matt that Further Broke her Trust

This is the theory that most online gossip magazine want you to believe. After all, according to the press, it's happened before.

Remember when Amber found out about Matt's prior relationships and children and being a deadbeat dad? That's certainly enough to give any woman pause.

But why stay with him? This too can be explained by the fact that Amber seems to have a bit of a dependent personality and relies on Matt for a lot of her self-esteem.

3. Forget The Other Relationships, Matt's Broke!

This too seems a lot more likely than just a cheating betrayal by Matt. Matt seems to spend most of his time chauffeuring Amber to gigs/business meetings/events.

It's really not clear what he does beside that.

And, we're pretty sure that all those flashy cars he likes to drive around in are financed (with really bad interest rates).

It makes a lot more sense that Amber might have found out about some secret debt or bankruptcy that Matt was in and decided it didn't make a lot of sense to join herself legally to him.

Tell us which fan theory you believe is most likely in the comments!

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