Teen Mom 2 Reunion: Part 2 Discussion

chelsea houska

Part 2 of Teen Mom 2 Reunion aired last night, this time focusing on moms Chelsea Houska and Kailyn Lowry.

Of course, as we all know and speculated on here for months, Kailyn and husband Javi have decided to call it quits.

Whereas we expect relationship drama from moms who live more tumultuous lifestyles like Jenelle, Kailyn and Javi's split seemed slightly less expected as we watched their relationship slowly but surely deteriorate from season to season.

Though Dr. Drew tries to convince Kailyn to not be just another statistic and make her marriage to Javi work, it's obvious throughout the special that Kailyn has made up her mind:

"It's hard to think of the fact that maybe I could be happier without him. It's a really hard pill to swallow."

Javi, on the other hand, who appears on video from Qatar, talks about his commitment to his family and how Isaac is his best friend.

"I want all of us to be together. But her mind is set, and when her mind is set, there's no changing it."

Kailyn discusses her miscarriage with Dr. Drew, blaming Javi for not supporting her during a difficult time. Javi admits his own feelings made it hard for him to be supportive and apologizes seemingly sincerely.

"In my mind, I knew it wasn't her fault. I was just hurt, and I took it out on her -- that was my mistake. That's where our marriage kinda started going downhill."

Kailyn's ex Jo Rivera also makes a brief cameo on the special, admitting that Kailyn confided in him while she was having problems with Javi.

Jo, who is engaged to Vee Torres, says he thinks his relationship with Kailyn has improved now that she's distancing herself from Javi.

Though Jo says he believes Javi is a good man and appreciates his love for Isaac, he calls him "hard to read" and says he is often "weird" to him.

Earlier in the special, Dr. Drew congratulates Kailyn for being the only teen mom to graduate from a four-year university, a touching moment as Kailyn begins to cry upon the recognition.

During Chelsea's portion of the special, the only interesting segment comes when ex Adam Lind refuses to engage with Dr. Drew and says he is only on the show to follow through with his contractual duties.

Dr. Drew and MTV producer Larry (see: Farrah altercation) school Adam by asking him if he even bothered to consult an attorney about his contractual obligations before pulling this stunt.

He didn't. In other words, Adam probably could have sat the special out without repercussions but part of him wanted the attention, is our take.

And even though Adam has said he wanted to focus on body building and doesn't care anymore about earning money from the show, he admitted he would stay for more money. So predictable it hurts.

After Adam is done, Chelsea's dad, PapaRandlicious Randy Houska comes out and the three have a jolly good time bad-mouthing Adam.

Dr. Drew tells Chelsea she should ensure that Aubree knows that her dad's tendency to be a no-show is not her fault.

"I would say, 'It's not about you -- your dad has a condition.'"

Lots to think about. Team Javi or Team Kailyn? Will Adam leave the show? Do we care if Adam will leave the show? Is MTV secretly preparing a special where Dr. Drew diagnoses Adam's condition? We must stay tuned.


"Whereas we expect relationship drama from moms who live more tumultuous lifestyles like Jenelle, Kailyn and Javi’s split seemed more shocking as the two previously appeared to have a solid foundation built on love."

Sorry, what show have you been watching? Karl married him for benefits and their entire storyline for the last few seasons has been how little they trust each other and how controlling they both are.

If you rewatch the first Javi episodes, it becomes even more obvious how these two are fundamentally different people. Kail is an independent woman and Javi wants a stay at home wife. He even told her he didn't believe in therapy. The one thing they do have in common is loving children and because Kail loves Isaac she ignored a ton of red flags (including her own violent outburst towards Javi) to obtain benefits.

I was thinking the same thing when I read that like! Wtf? Did this writer not remember Kail go hulk on Javi? Hellllooooo no surprise to me they're divorcing!

Hell yeah, we all knew this divorce was coming. Sad, but it is true.

I watched like half of it when I got home from work last night, but I got bored and tired so I went to bed?

Randy looked VERY unhealthy to me, he's got one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peal.

YES I saw that too hes much heavier!

Nothing super important but..

Randy was super nice and friendly.
He and his wife walked by us while we waited to be seated, greeted us, asked how we were doing and if we were excited.
Chelsea and Cole also walked right by us.
I had no idea that Chelsea is as short as she is.

It was obvious from the beginning that Adam was just trying to get more money .

And they tried to force Cole on the show. He was standing in the back
And Dr.Drew called to him and egged the audience on to try and get him on. He then left and hid.

Chelsea was very annoyed by it and told the audience that if they were her fans then they would understand and accept that Cole doesn't like to be filmed.

Oh, and I didn't watch the episode so idk if this was shown.
Chelsea, is not planning on leaving the show anytime soon.

Thanks for the scoop. Any interesting things about Kail?

I didn't get to see her segment
I just got to see when all the moms were together on the 4 couches. I only noticed that Kails relationship with Joe and Vee, has improved dramatically.
She even admitted that Lincoln loves vees baby so much, and she seemed happy about that that.

hmmm did chelsea seem rude when she was saying that or just annoyed?

How short is Chelsea? I could see her wearing heals a lot. She's taller than Jenelle and Leah, right? The're in the 5'1" - 5' 2" range. I think we all think of Chelsea as being tall because she has a an oblong face.

Google says she's 5'3" so how about that. Hollywood and fashion industry tries to make us think that 5'8" is average or something, when I think 5'4" is in the US at least.

Well, I'm 5'2
Chelsea, passed right by me and was smaller while wearing her heels.
I was wearing sandals.
Jenelle is even shorter.
She says she's 5'1
But she seems to Morgan of 4'11
In my opinion. I'm used to being the short one from my family andfriends, so I tend to overly notice people who are smaller then I am.

I feel like a giant lol
I'm 5'8

Maybe that's why Karl always seems gigantic cuz she's probably actually normal sized but has to sit next to 3 teeny tiny adult humans

(Mostly a reader of the comments here)
Just came to tell people who would care, I saw Joe at the Jolly Rogers water park in ocean city md with daughter and Vee on saturday! Didn't want to be a leering creep so I didn't look for Isaac but no cameras were there.

Why can't Adam be still? He squirms around like a hyperactive 4 year old. It was a welcome sight when he finally excused himself from the stage.


No one's here anymore....
and I'm sorry but I have to agree with some previous commenters... what show have you been watching...???

Only 13 posts in 24 hours

Adam, a condition??
Oh shut up 'dr' Drewl

I consider myself the winner of the screen name contest then.

It seems like everyone is jumping ship and I don't blame them. Seriously, I cannot write this post without the site constantly flaking on me. This has been going on for weeks now! I get the writers have lives but come on dudes!

Is this the end for my guilty pleasure?

It's not the writers it's more Nikkie
She has brought the site down so much
One of the writers is going to start writing for another site that one of the members
here created for tm

I never really look at who writes what article. Have hers been bad?

I loved this place, but find myself over at the reddit teen mom sub more frequently now. This refreshing shit needs to be taken care of.

Can't believe this site is going the same way as Jenelle's life. What's this Reddit link everyone's talking about?

Long time reader, first time commenter.
Sad to see this site starting to go under, I truly enjoy reading everyone's comments. You all crack me up!

What the FUCK has Karl done to her lips??

I came here to ask the exact same thing - what the actual fuck? She had nice lips.. and now she looks weird!


At least she can laugh about it.

I know a lot of people left but ill still write this stuff down.
I did not watch reunions on their air date.

Nate called Janelle out on trying to commit suicide when he refused to get back with her, insinuating that he had already her for Jessica, and felt forced to return to janelle.
He also insinuated that Janelle cheated on him.
Dr.Drew called her out on her mystery illness and straight out told her that those are also symptoms of drug abuse/withdrawal
Jen kept her cool and just said she was aware but that she is "sober"

Nate, tried reasoning with Janelle and went on a rant, keeping calm, telling her how they Need to do this for Kaiser. Jen stayed quiet and seemed to rely be listening and then quickly flipped out for no reason.

She threw a bitch fit after they aired to clip about how she claimed not to care if her mom died.

Her hair was greasy.

Nate aimed to have texts to prove that Jenelle was using Kaiser as a pawn.

Babs had funny moments , but in my opinion she just kept feeding jenelles delusions
She was also the only one people clapped for

Nate tried to get Kaiser from a babysitter once while Jen was away.

Lincoln adores Vees baby, nd they all seem to get long much better.

Miranda did not want to be apart of the Skype part with Corey.

That's about all I remember.

thanks for all these UBT. Props to Drew for calling Jenelle out on that illness stuff. Jenelle is sounding way too much like a person in my life that Leah has reminded me of a lot - a person who has a history of drug issues and abusing docs to get ADD meds and drinks nyquil like its water...etc. Always ailing in some kind of pain "I have an ulcer".... etc.

God, save the children
I know what you mean.
I have an aunt that refuses to give up drugs and alcohol.
I have supported her for a while, but the second she picks up her drugs (twice a week at least)
She calls me horrible things and tries to pick fights with me, while I raised her daughter for half her life (shes 2) Its hard, but it makes me severely dislike Jenelle.

UBT that's awful that your aunt does/did that. So sad there's a daughter involved, but glad you have provided some help for her, sounds like.

Thanks UBT! :*

Thanks for the info !

Kail makes me crazy. I WANT TO WORK ON MY CAREER! This makes no sense what so ever. With those stupid tats, puffed up lips, and BAD attitude - there is no way she'll "host" her own show. Although Dr Drew has set the bar so incredibly low....

You know I am not proud of it but the first thing that came to mind was when I heard that Kailyn refused working things out with Javi was ' She just wants to fuck around'. It’s not a nice thought , I’ll admit .

I am in no way implying that staying in a bad relationship is a good thing. Get out while you can. That being said, am I the only one who doesn’t think the ‘more babies’ thing or even the ‘career’ thing was ever an issue? This is about Kailyn wanting to be free and do things openly. I don’t think she is the ‘monogamous’ type, we all know she cheated on Jordan and might possibly on Javi (but there were cheating rumours on both sides I guess).

I think she is the fluttering type, the type that feels comfortable with more ‘flings’ than one. For someone like that it must be annoying having to hide things, especially when you are married. I don’t see her in any serious relationships from this point on, at least not ones involving marriages but I could be wrong.
I just want to make clear that my post isn’t about slutshaming her.

If she wants to be able to be free and date who she wants than good for her. But just say that you want to be able to do what you want instead of blaming other, I’ll admit, contributing factors. The whole blaming Kailyn for having a miscarriage is absolutely horrible and Javi should get his ass kicked for that. I also believe Kail for saying he was the controlling type but both of them are and in a relationship that just doesn’t work out well.

And this is a bit of an unpopular opinion as well but .. Could we give NikkiG a break? She is doing her best and at least trying to post something at TMJ which is starting to fall apart. I had written a post like this TWICE and lost because it kept refreshing). The site is falling behind as well.

Have y’all heard about Jenelle being called by Dalis because Jenelle posted an article about Dalis supposedly being an escort? Jenelle blocked her (pussy).

I don’t think Nikki G deserves all the 'hate', TBH. The site has been going downhill since Tomlin left..

To add to my post... Kailyn is a smart girl. She might say she wants to host and stuff but she knows all too well that when the TM hype is over her time in the limelight will fade. That's why she was determined to finish school because she wants something to fall back on other than MTV.. No way she is actually banking on hosting for MTV but who knows? Maybe she'll get her own show after all.

I didn't even realize Tomlin left - that's too bad - I just saw that she comment below this is hers .

I semi-agree with you. I don't think Kailyn wanted a divorce cuz she wants to sleep with a bunch of random people. I think she wanted a divorce to simply be free like you said. Being able to sleep around I guess could be considered a perk of that but I mostly get the vibe from Kailyn that she doesn't like when people try to control her or tell her what to do which is what Javi did. In which case I feel for her and I would want out, too. The claims that more babies and wanting a career are to save face and would be an easy excuse to present to the media. Or perhaps those excuses were finally what made them admit to each other (and themselves) that they need to end it.

Devastating for Isaac and Lincoln? Sure, but as long as they don't get to the point where they despise each other I'm sure Kail will be open to Javi and Isaac maintaining an open friendly relationship. I'm sure he'll be fine. Now they both need to learn to make better decisions and not impulsive ones like marrying someone so quickly who's no where near right for you.

Hey guys! I got a post-grad job! 9-5 at a law firm like a real adult. And I had a birthday! I'm sorry I've been away so long! So what's the plan? Do you want me to start writing again? I really have no idea how to fix the refreshing issue and am not privy to what happened with the email thing. I haven't gotten much response from the support staff about fixing it... I'm really sorry about the way things have gone around here. I'm just wondering if it's worth it and people want me to start writing articles again?

I think if you start writing again some people will come back. This place was at its best when there were recaps (even if not live, but opening a discussion post and updating with the recap) and a few articles a week about random teen mom events going on.

I do think Steve needs to address the issues though. We use to have 600-700 comments per recap. Now, we have 30. The email issue is not okay at all. And the refreshing makes people not want to comment. He doesn't even acknowledge that there is a problem. If the issue is taking awhile to fix, let us know! Keep us updated. Don't just act like it doesn't exist. If he doesn't care about this site, then just let everyone know So we can move on.

Hear hear!
Also yes please on the articles and congrats on the job and happy belated birthday :)

That would be really great Tomlin!

Happy birthday
And congrats on the job!

I do miss you. Please do. But I'm also salty that I received a spam email from the site. I'm so torn

If you do decide to write again Tomlin, I'd try to push for Steve to pay you. It's ridiculous to me that he just rakes thousands of dollars for doing nothing (and I mean literally nothing) for this site, while the people who do all the work have to do it for free.

I agree!!! He doesn't do anything but make money!

Haha "Adam's promise ring collection."
Instead of he went to Jared, he went to Walmart!

It would be cool if you came back Tomlin. I've always liked your articles. I wouldn't blame you if you didn't tho. I wouldn't be able to handle the constant bitching from "fans" and would probably snap on somebody at some point? and I completely understand having a full time job, family...and you know, a life other than TMJ. It seems a lot of people don't understand that. Nobody has time to sit in front of a computer 24/7 watching for TM news...well, maybe some people do, I guess.

Congrats on your accomplishments! I would also like to see you be paid for your writing (looking at you Stevewhatever). You girlses shouldn't have to work for free while he makes all the money. Btw, you shouldn't have to apologize for the issues. Doesnt Steve own or is supposed to run this site anyway? I don't see the refreshing as a huge problem and we don't know what happened with the emails.

Haha this was longer than I expected.

I would love to see more Tomlin snark on a properly functioning site. If that can't happen here, I will follow where you lead.

Double congrats Tomlin!

I'm not sure Steve is making a lot of money. Just because some site says your website is worth something, doesn't mean you have that money or that it would really sell for that amount.
And does anyone here click on the advertisements? How many of you use an Ad blocker?
My blog was worth 2000 at some point, I had around 550 visitors a day and adds up but I was making just cents and nobody would have bought it.

Tomlin, you think you could blow some life into this limp dick of a website, you go girl. You got more bitches bailing from this site then girls who will bang Gary missionary style.

Tomlin, congrats on the job. Not many get those post-grad these days. You do a great job, of course we'd love to have you back if you could manage.

The refreshing issue is probably the worst thing here personally, though I haven't seen it happen to me today. Someone said that its something that sites will implement on purpose so that they get more pageviews (possibly so they meet advertising quotas I'm guessing.) However, its so annoying that it (among other things) are driving away people who can provide ACTUAL pageviews.

The email thing sucks. I use a junk email that I rarely check anyway for this site, so I haven't even checked to see if I got spammed too.

Wow, that was quite the response. First, thank you everyone for the well wishes. Things have been going really well for me lately! I definitely think the stability of a 9-5 is more conducive to writing article. Just keep in mind that new stories are less likely to be posted during business hours. You'd be surprised how long these can take to put together and I could usually do it during class when I wasn't paying attention lmao.

I just really wanted to clear some stuff up. Steve would love to pay the writers and has always said he plans to if the site become profitable. In short, it is not. All the ads barely pay to keep the website up and Steve even comes out of pocket for it sometimes because he knows people like it. His bread and butter in the summer is Big Brother Junkies, which means he doesn't really run TMJ at all while Big Brother is on. I'll still bug him and see what's possible. He's always quick to tell us about paying writing opportunities, but I'm rarely ever interested. I genuinely enjoy creative writing. I love to write articles as well as short stories. I'm working on a book as well. I have no real interest in being paid for it, but I really appreciate the fact that you all think I do this well enough to deserve compensation. If I ever get a book published, you all better buy it!!!

So here's what I'm thinking, I start back up over the weekend with some articles. I'm really going to try and see if I can push for someone to fix the refreshing issue. Now that there has been spam distributed, I'm wondering if this stems from a virus or hacking issue? Idk, the Internet is effectively magic to me, so it'll take some time. My best friend's fiancé is a programmer, so maybe I can throw him $20 to look into things.

Finally, some new readers seen really hurt over everything that's happened. I'm not exactly proud to say this, but TMJ has always had its ups and downs. Unlike The Ashley who makes her living off blogging, we're all just people who like to be shady, so sometimes things aren't too great and people jump ship. I've been here since 2011, so it happens. Everyone will always be welcome back. To those of you who bear with us, thank you! I, too, go other places for TM news sometimes, but TMJ just feels like home.


Thanks for taking the time to explain everything to us. I think a lot of us have no idea how this website truly works behind the scenes...so this is informative and provides some insight.

I still feel like Stevebeans doesn't really give a shit about this site tho.

Well, in all fairness he's pretty much completely handed the site over. From what he tells me, he doesn't have access to the owner functions anymore. I've been away for a while, so I'm less than clear on a lot of moving pieces. However, I can assure everyone that I give a shit :)

Who did he hand it over to? ? Nicki G ☹?

Steve used to pay Megan. Not much, but she was paid.

Tomlin, sorry, but you're being delusional. There are sites way smaller than this one that make some money. Do you think Steve runs all those sites as charity, even though he doesn't give a shit about the content and quality? No, he's making money (look at how many readers it used to have and how many damn ads there are here), he just doesn't feel like sharing. I'm quitting this site, because I'm not into giving money (because yes, our views give him money; maybe even more money if the site is refreshing all the time?) to a lazy wanker who doesn't even pretend he wants to fix the site and won't even delete the goddamned ads (which are certainly not helping and look like the malware inducing kind). Sorry, it was fun knowing ya'll, but reddit is actually usable at least, and nobody is shadily profiting off it (I wouldn't mind him profiting if he actually did shit...)

Here is the deal. I have no more affiliation with the site. I handed it off to someone Nikki knows, and they are completely in charge with everything from ads to the refreshing issue.

Why did I do it? TMJ became more hassle than it was worth for me. When I carried the site alone, I almost closed shop multiple times because it was a lot of work to keep up with a show that (honestly) I wasn't even interested in any more. The cast of the show is insufferable, and they have gotten worse by the season.

The only reason the site continued the way it did was because of Megan. She carried the load for a long time, and yes, I did pay for because of it. I wish I could have paid her more, but frankly the site did not generate much revenue for me because I’m not an expert at that. I don’t do slideshows, clickbait or other tactics many other sites use. I can’t stand pop-ups, ads with auto playing audio and all the other weird shit. I did ask for donations at one point, most would go between the costs of keeping the site up and the rest to Megan, but I was absolutely roasted for being ‘greedy’.

Megan got a full time teaching job, and her schedule became a bit full, so I relieved her work by looking for volunteer writers to help her out. That is when I found such brilliant writers like TheGirlses, and especially Tomlin. I could haven’t asked for a better volunteer crew, and so badly wanted to pay them, but the site merely didn’t generate the revenue for it. They single-handedly kept the site running while Megan was busy, and I will always appreciate the hard work they put in.

While they were writing, Megan was still around spot-checking and proofreading as that’s about all she had the time to do. She cut back on writing, but essentially ‘ran’ the site for me. The brilliant volunteers kept going, and Megan watched over. However, real life issues came up for Megan and she simply couldn’t do anything for the site any more. That left it all on me, and with my main site, there would be no way I’d handle all the comments, moderating, and dealing with drama.

I knew Nikki, and she knows someone who has experience running multiple sites. Considering the site was barely paying for itself the way I was running it, I cut my losses and handed it over.

As far as some numbers I have seen thrown around. Let me tell you, if they were even close to accurate, I would have kept the site, and each writer would have been paid for each article they submitted. Website values by those sites are factored by a number of things, mostly alexa rankings and such. They’re also under the impression you’re squeezing the site for every dollar you can make. I wasn’t.

I will send the guy another email about the flood of people leaving the site, but it sounds like the damage has already been done. People are pushing some reddit group, and once you go reddit, you don’t go back apparently.

I just want to close this one more time by saying I absolutely love Megan, Tomlin, and the other writers who took time to offer their services. They are not only fantastic writers, but fantastic people. Without them, I guarantee this site would have shut the door years ago. So, whether you stay or go, please give them a round of applause because they deserve any and all accolades they get.
Thank you

I just popped in for one last comment for 2 reasons:

To thank the writers who were committed, the ones who did a great job.

I read Steve's long comment directly above this and I did not see a single mention of our email addresses. I want to know how my email address was shared. I assume it was sold because everyone on here has received spam emails with the subject TMJ. I am furious about this because my inbox receives mail from crazy people now, most with viruses attached. This was a shitty thing to do to loyal Teen Mom Junkies.

We are owed an explanation!

Steve is up and running on bigbrother junkies..i asked him there wtf is going on w/this site..probably wont post my comment but maybe is enough of us ask him there he will wake the F up.

I always thought he like, owned this site or whatever. He used to post all the time then I guess he hired different writers to take over (well, I really can't say hired because he doesn't pay them). So, I would think he would be responsible for dealing with the issues and concerns everybody has.


Is it possible to delete my posts from the reunion?
Now that they've been read. Just for my own sake.

Yep, I deleted the three that seemed to have the most sensitive information