Simon swipes at Farrah dating while "getting pounded in Jamaica", deletes tweet

Simon always has something to say, and since tonight's Teen Mom OG episode featured Farrah going on a date with reality star Asaf Goren, there was plenty of commentary.

When the scene aired, Simon started a bit of a Twitter fight with Goren, saying: "What a pussy! Living off of mommy and daddies trust fund. Typical LA fuck boy!" In response, Goren suggested a physical fight: "Say it infront of my face and will see kid ..don't be an insecure child ..u better than that .. or u just jealous."

Simon finished the exchange with this: "How did my nuts smell on last weeks episode?"

Wow. But that wasn't all, Simon took a little swipe at Farrah as well, when she brought up the date:

Simon tweeted in response: you should have asked that while you were "getting pounded in Jamaica". Simon appears to have quickly deleted the tweet.

The reference is to the trip he and Farrah just took to Jamaica, which you can see on Simon's instagram.

He did, however, retweet this: