Who Else is Asking Questions About Simon Saran?

Although the husbands/boyfriends on Teen Mom OG are all a little suspect, no one is more mysterious than Simon Saran. And it's not just that he and Farrah have one of the most tumultuous relationships on Teen Mom.

It's also his making Farrah buy her own engagement ring despite claiming to be the CEO of a company called Global Wealth Enterprises, his scandal ridden past, and all those insane cars he's always being filmed in.

Does he even own one of them? Let's take a look at the most mysterious and concerning components of Simon Saran's past:

Simon's Job

Simon certainly has a lot of titles for himself. He reports being a flipper of luxury homes and buying and selling elite sports cars from GP motors. He enjoys showing off all of the homes he's selling on his Instagram too.

However, for someone who works so hard he seems to have a lot of spare time on his hands.

And, he somehow had to have Farrah buy her own engagement ring. In fact, the 3 carat ring that Simon bought Farrah wasn't even good enough for her.

Simon's Violent Past

According to reports, Simon had a restraining order filed against him by an ex-girlfriend, Josie Leisz. She made claims of abuse against him. And Farrah's mom has been pretty upset about some of Simon's passive aggressive behavior toward Farrah herself.

Simon's Interest in Farrah

No TeenMom partner has been in the press more than Simon.

Since his arrival to filming on TeenMom OG, there have been rumors of a pregnancy with Farrah, a possible role in the reality show "Couple's Therapy," and a major showdown with Farrah's mom.

Of course, Farrah seems like she has just as much to get out of the relationship with Simon from a publicity , but it looks like this relationship may be purely based on a quest for fame.

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