Kailyn's Court Situation



When tuning in to Teen Mom 2 last week, we learned that Kail and Javi were trying to move to Dover, Delaware in order to being their lives together. This week, Zap2It provided us with an exclusive clip of the upcoming episode, which reveals a little more about Kailyn and Jo's court case. Apparently, Kailyn and Jo had a custody agreement set in place that required both of them to stay in state while raising their son, Isaac. Jo moved to New Jersey a little over a year ago, which technically violated his custody agreement, causing Kail to get upset. Kail then married Javi and he joined the Air Force. After his training, he was stationed fairly close to home in Dover, Delaware at Dover Air Force Base.

Kailyn wanted to live with her husband, so she had to petition the court to revise their custody agreement in order for her to leave the state with her son. Kail explains in the clip that she wouldn't be any farther away from Jo than she was before the move, but she would simply be in a different direction. While all of this sounds fine to me, apparently it was a huge issue to Jo, because as we saw on Tuesday's episode, he wanted his attorney to postpone the hearing for as long as possible.

In the video clip, linked above, Kail states that her attorney says this might be the most important court date of her life. She also talks about the challenges of living in Pennsylvania, while Jo lives in New Jersey, and Javi lives in Delaware. She states that both fathers would be missing out on time with their children, instead of keeping the custody agreement with Jo, and allowing Javi to spend time with his infant son every day. Kail also states that her temper might become an issue in things. We saw her temper flare up a few times last season, and this season should provide us with some explosive emotions as well.

We'll be able to gain more insight into the court case and the legal situation as the season progresses, but we do know a few things about how it turns out due to twitter and other social media sites sharing information. Sometime on this season, we'll be able to see Kail and Javi move into a new home in Delaware, along with Isaac, so we can assume the court ruled in her favor. What we don't know, is how the move to Delaware will impact Kail and Jo's custody agreement.


She's such a snob and a hypocrite.

Kail said on twitter that their custody agreement remains the same that Jo sees Isaac as often as he did before the move.

If that's true... that's terrible and means NEITHER of them are putting Isaac first. They pretty much spend equal time with him and, with a 3 hour drive each way (I think that's how far kail said it is in the last episode) that means Isaac is spending 6 hours straight in a car on a regular basis.

Not sure where the dislikes are coming from... guess some people thinks it's okay for a toddler to spend an excessive amount of time in a car. My bad.

Or they could arrange the time differently, so Isaac makes fewer trips, but spends a longer time with his dad. That's how my parents dealt with it when I was about 10 and my mom had to move 5 hours away.

@Badoop you were 10, not 4. I'm sure a 4 year old would miss their mother more than a 10 year old would. Anyways, he should be starting school soon... so spending weeks with Jo probably isn't going to work except in the summer.

@JaBC I don't think 3 hours time is an excessive amount... I mean that's how long it takes to get to Disney World from my house, and I'm sure my kids wouldn't mind going every week....

How are they not putting Isaac first? My BIL and his girlfriend recently broke up, she moved back home on the other coast 3.5hr drive from us. They share a son (almost 2), the custody agreement is month for month she brings him here, he brings him home. It's 3.5 hours each way, what else are they really supposed to do? He is from here, she is from another town.... they share a child and don't live near one another. What are they supposed to do???

im so tired of people hating on kail.

heres my piece on the whole situation - they had a custody agreement to not move out of state...jo violated that to move to NJ for whatever reason. if i was kail, i wouldnt have cared..i would have been like "fine, move where you want, but im not traveling two hours to bring him to you. moving was your decision, not mine". as for kailyn moving...shes MARRIED...to someone in the military...its not their choice where they move. custody agreements are able to be changed for reasons such as this. to expect her to raise two kids by herself in PA - WHEN JO DOESNT EVEN LIVE IN PA HIMSELF ANYMORE - when shes married is absolutely absurd. not to mention the fact that kailyn is taking the steps to go through this process the right way instead of just picking up and violating previous custody arrangements. AAAND just to add a little bit more, she is the custodial parent. she has isaac 85ish% of the time....sorry to men for the double standard, but thats exactly what it is and custodial parents have more rights than the noncustodial parent.

But you're not Kail and she didn't say, "ver reason. if i was kail, i wouldnt have cared..i would have been like “fine, move where you want, but im not traveling two hours to bring him to you. moving was your decision, not mine." Instead she threw a fit even after Jo told her HE WOULD DRIVE THE EXTRA TIME. That's all she does. Bitches and throws fits until shit goes her way. She's a self entitled little brat. Not only that but she gets physically violent with people. Jo and Javi. She can sit there and blame other people all she wants but with the reoccurring events of violence in her life CLEARLY it is brought on by her.

Idk why my laptop decided to copy like that. It was supposed to say:
But you’re not Kail and she didn’t say, “fine, move where you want, but im not traveling two hours to bring him to you. moving was your decision, not mine.”

Kail decided to get married to a man entering the military. That was her choice. It is not Isaac's problem or Jo's problem that that decision was made.

These situations happen all of the time and you know what usually happens? Jo will fight for joint custody. Depending on the trend, he may get it. If he does, Kail is going to have to be a big girl and play fair. Jo deserves his time and has a stronger case for it. What would happen is Kail has to stay in or near PA and Javi would be stationed elsewhere. This is Kail's mess that she made.

Plus, Kail has consistently made threats to move to other states and take Isaac with her. She has made these statements public. If Jo wanted to, he could really be a jerk and take her to court and she would be stripped of primary custody.

I think the benefits and possibility of getting to move Isaac away from Jo is the biggest reason she pushed Javi into joining. She's in for a rude awakening when he deploys or gets stationed overseas. If he gets stationed overseas there's no way the courts would allow her to take Isaac that far from Jo. And with Javi deployed she'll be raising one boy all on her own and the other partly on her own. Exactly what she didn't want to do.

so dont marry somebody you love because theyre in the military? im sorry but thats wrong.

and all that is fine and dandy. however the point of the matter RIGHT NOW is that they simply want to move only two hours away and jo is being a complete dick about it for no reason.

I never said that don't marry someone because they are in the military. I'm saying that Kail knew exactly what she was getting into when Javi decided he would enter the military. It's time for her to be a big girl and recognize that the world does not revolve around her and her temper tantrums will not gain her sympathy.

I never once said don't marry someone you love because they're in the military. She married him BECAUSE he joined the military. Which I'm not saying is wrong, my husband and I got married right before we left for basic so we could be stationed together. But we always knew we'd end up married anyway. And we were together a lot longer than Javi and Kail.

You mean like Kail was being a dick because he moved 2 hours away? And how she did't want Jo's girlfriend around Isaac but would move her boyfriend's in shortly after they started dating? That is called being a hypocrite.

Perhaps, just maybe, give the father of your child a heads up that you have the marriage license IN YOUR POSSESSION and WILL be getting married within days of telling him that you're "thinking about getting married to Benefits--I mean Javi." If Jo had done that to her, she would have pitched an almighty shit fit. But she lied, waited until the last minute and bent the truth because THAT'S what suited her. She's selfish and a coward. And a bitch when someone calls her out on those things. Remember how she walked off stage during the reunion because she was so angry anyone even presented the IDEA that she try to get to know Jo's girlfriend? I'm not saying Jo is a saint by any means. I'm just saying I would have a little bit of respect left for Kail if she weren't such a self righteous hypocrite.

That's what happens when you decide to not take proper precautions when you are a teenager and end up pregnant. IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU ANYMORE. It's not about what you want, it's about what's best for your child. If she hadn't been irresponsible and wound up pregnant she wouldn't have to worry about any of this. She could move wherever she wanted with whomever she wanted. But she didn't, and she has a child with a man who actually wants to be there for his child. You bitch about absent fathers and you bitch about ones who are keeping the moms from doing what suits THEM because they want to be a part of their child's lives.

This is why you don't have children while you're still a child yourself. She has no one to blame but herself.

ALSO, her husband being in the military is not reason enough. There are PLENTY of women who cannot move with their husbands who are in the military because of custody agreements. And there is such thing as Compassionate Reassignment. How do I know? My husband is still in the military and I used to be.

Same thing happened to my family too. This is very common with military families. Kail is just a conniving idiot. As you said above, Kail thought she would punish Jo for not wanting to be with her (after she told him to move on). She thought she had this great idea to pick up benefits and start her own little family with a man that worships her. Too bad. She has made some idiotic moves that the court will not tolerate.

Also, as someone with experience in the military, don't you think it is so stupid how she claimed that her and Javi have convinced the Air Force to let him stay in Dover? Um, no, darling. Not how it works. Sometimes you get a wish list, but there is no one to convince. Especially when Javi is simply an enlisted man.

HAHAHA She seriously said they convinced the Air Force to let him stay there?! The ONLY way they could do that is if they DID get Compassionate Reassignment. Which is VERY rare. They'll be there 3 years and he'll get orders somewhere else. That's how the military works. My husband just got orders somewhere not ideal for the situation we're in. Even with the health issue situation there's no getting out of them even with how hard he tried. And that's more serious than custody.
The Air Force isn't going to say, "Hey I get where you're coming from. You need to be stationed near 'point A' because your wife has a kid with another guy and they have a custody agreement so we'll keep you at 'point B' your whole career."
It just doesn't happen.


Yes, she did lol. I was like most of my family was in the military, I grew up tied to a custody arrangement and remember my stepdad being stationed elsewhere for a long time. I had a serious relationship with two people in the military while I went to college and they were stationed all over. She is in for a very big, very nasty wake-up call.

And no amount of her hitting people is going to fix it, either. I am getting the popcorn out, though. I love her temper tantrums.

But didn't you see last week's episode? The court is going to side with Kail because, come on...she's PREGNANT and has a FAMILY! How could they tell her no?? (Excuse me as I flip the switch on my giant neon SARCASM sign.)

One day, there is going to be a wake-up call for her. It is not going to be fun. Javi might want to duck the hell out when that day comes.

I agree with you except for the part about her being married to someone in the Air Force being an excuse. Isaac and the custody agreement were there before they decided to get married and have Javi join the Air Force. He didn't have to join and Kailyn didn't have to marry him.

but kail violated it first. she moved to DE before the judge granted her permission to do so.

i dont hate kail but she is a hypocrite when it comes to this stuff

Jo moved out of state too. So what was his issue with her doing it. I'd understand if they were moving across the country, but it's so immature to throw a fit over a small move that won't even effect his time with Isaac at all. Even if you hate Kail, Jo is in the wrong on this one big time.

Jo is likely thinking about the one thing everyone knows about the military: You don't stay in one place very long - you move all around, and that is what is gonna happen. If Isaac gets to stay with Kail and Javi, he could end up anywhere way far away. That's probably why he's fighting this now, because, sure it might be Delaware right now, but it could be anywhere after that.

I agree that Kailyn did end up in a mess that she should have known was coming. This is definitely a good example of the messes that happen when you have kids with people in highschool, young and unmarried. These situations are almost impossible, and will never, ever be ideal for anyone involved. Either the kids don't get gyped (sp?) out on something, or the parents do, because of their decisions. In this case, either Isaac will miss out on seeing his father, or Kail will miss out on a "normal happy family life" where she gets to live with her husband.

Not to say all marriages work out, or all people who have kids young are destined for failure, but the STATS just show that you are setting yourself up for a very good chance at a broken life, when you move too fast with relationships and take on these big things like this, assuming it will be eas(ier).

That's exactly why he's fighting it. Because next time, when it's across the country the court is going to take into account what he did the first time she petitioned to move Isaac. If he doesn't fight it now, he stands a higher chance to lose later. He's doing a good job at making it known Isaac is the world to him and he's not going to let go without a fight. Good for him, and honestly? I hope he wins at some point in the future.

Didn't Jo move to pursue his "rap career" and be closer to Vee? In my opinion, he's just selfish. I'm tired of everyone hating on Kail too. At least she's not a drunk, a wannabe porn slut, in out of jail constantly, or committing felonies. It seems to me, any issues she has, she confronts to attempt to better herself.

Yes but there's the small issue that she usually confronts them with her fists.

I believe Jo actually worked in Jersey. I remember something about him being a xerox serviceman or something in Jersey. If so, I have no idea why it's such a big deal. Kail has Isaac 85% of the time. Jo doesn't get as much time with him. I think he's being perfectly reasonable asking for more custody and being unhappy that Kail is moving. Why should he not get to see his son as much because she decided to marry Javi? It has also clearly never occurred to Kail that Jo is going to see Isaac even less once he starts school full time (real school, not bullshit preschool) so her bitching about him being an ass because he doesn't think Isaac should be in preschool when he could be spending time with his dad is unfounded. She's so desperate to create her perfect little family with Javi that she obviously doesn't care about ensuring Isaac has the opportunity to bond with his REAL family. As much as Kail tries, Javi is not his dad.

The problem with Kail is she is a nutter. Plain and simple. Her crazy behavior stemming from her crap childhood completely outweighs Jo's actions. Do you think she would have cared about the Jersey move if Jo was single? Probably not. She was pissed that he was moving in with Vee. While Kail has had high school students around Isaac. She is a hypocrite on many fronts.

Now, to the actual documents. They probably include a mileage clause as well, so perhaps Jo felt that he was within that range, so he was okay. He is still in the wrong. Ironically, the state clause was there primarily because Kail kept threatening to move away with Isaac (and those sorts of clauses tend to be the norm anyways). Jo never made those threats. He always said he would stay close to Kail and promised to do the extra driving since moving to Jersey. We know that this is going to be worse when Javi is stationed elsewhere in the U.S. Then what is Kail going to do?

I'm tired of people hating on kail too. She's young, she doesn't have siblings, she doesn't have parents, she doesn't really have people guiding her, she's doing things on her own. If she loses her temper every now and then or acts selfishly regarding time with her son, or is jealous of her baby daddy/ex-boyfriend, so what? Is she supposed to be a saint? Nothing she's done is really that serious to have people constantly call her a bitch, crazy, etc.

The only person from the franchise worthy of the amount of crap she gets is Jenelle, IMO.

and farrah, lol

I really wish yall would stop using that bullshit excuse that "They're young" . .

I'm sorry. I should say they're people. People fuck up. All the time. Regardless of age. So she's made some selfish, cowardly decisions in her life. Doesn't mean she needs to be constantly called "bitch this, psycho that."

Some of those things are out of her control, I'll give you that. As to "not having anyone to give her guidance" what about Janet? She took Kail in when she had nowhere to go, defended her against Jo being an asshole when Kail would come running to her to cry about it and let her live in their home long after the breakup. I realize it may have been rough to be in the same house as Jo and be so dependent on his family (which he often threw in her face because he's a spoiled turd) but she had a free place to live and the ONLY requirement they had of her was not to date and focus on school and Isaac. But she wanted to date the Jolly Target Giant so badly that she shit all over Janet, the only mother she ever really had and moved out just to turn around and cheat on that dude WITH JO several weeks later. She doesn't consider anything but what SHE wants. She took herself and her son out of a financially stable (if somewhat tumultuous) living situation with BOTH his parents AND grandparents because she wanted to smooch some guy from work. Seriously. Selfish.

I don't know. It's probably a little bit more complicated than that. janet was a mother figure but she was still Joe's mother, who Kail was no longer in a relationship with.

Kail is a hypercrite and using Javi to get what she didnt with Jo simple plus shell get benefits shes set for life she had the baby and now he stuck with her bushit sad thing is Javi is such a good guy and see no wrong first time she put her hands on him after theyve moved in any dude wouldve walked away and be done she should feel lucky any man wants her

The benefits suck. And she won't be set for life. Once Javi gets out (and I pretty much guarantee he will well before the 20 year retiring mark) they'll go back to being regular civilians. No benefits, no BAH, nothing.

I was literally just typing this until I saw your comment. Plus, the benefits are being cut left and right so she shouldn't rely on the Tricare and 50% pension system to be in place in 20 years. Man, I hope she loves PA because that is a long time. Plus, he isn't an officer so it's not like she can count on him reaching status and making a lot. He'll probably end up dinosauring out by that point. She really didn't think this through.

Tricare SUCKS. Honestly, people on Medicare have better health insurance. She probably thinks the benefits will never change and even if he gets out she'll still have them. You think with all the talk she did about the benefits she'd actually know something about them. Buying a house was a really bad choice too.


I loved TriCare West. Then, Congress screwed my area and we ended up with United for Tricare even though TriWest had better reviews and was cheaper! Terrible, terrible insurance. It takes months to get authorizations, they get them wrong half the time, urgent care requires an authorization (go figure), they cancel people and switch their plans but don't alert them for months, etc. So, yeah, she isn't getting what she thinks she is. But does she really plan this all out? I mean why have another kid? The MTV checks are going to dry up and she's going to do what...be a dental assistant? Please.

And yup on the house, but remember? She bought the house because she herself convinced the Air Force to let her man stay stationed there. Lulz.

Tricare refused my daughter her helmet over and over. Even with letters from multiple doctors saying the shape was so severe that it was hindering her development. They didn't want to hear it though. I have friends from High School who have gotten their kids helmets through Medicare without having to pay a dime.
Being a dental assistant isn't going to pay the bills. lmao
I tell everyone who buys a house at a duty station when their spouse is planning on staying in that they're dumb. Renting it out or selling it isn't as easy as they think it is.

Kail BOUGHT a house? Ugh, that is so stupid, when Javi is in the military and can be stationed WHEREVER! I really hope he gets stationed as far away as possible and that Joe gets custody of Isaac, so that Kail is finally faced with reality.

I don't think buying a house in and of itself is so bad. At least she'll have a place to call her own even after she stops getting money from MTV

The American military must be a lost different than the Canadian one. My father in law is a master corporal, but since joining they've always owned a home. When they need to move, they just buy a new one close to where he's being stationed at. The military deals with breaking the contracts and the lawyers fees and all that, and you just pack up. They hire movers to move you, pay for a hotel and food while the movers move your stuff and then you unpack. And they've done this since he was a private.

Idk why it didn't give me a reply button under your last response. lol
I can't wait for her wake up call. The meltdown she will have will be glorious.
She absolutely has her heads in the clouds if she thinks everything is going to work out in her favor with Javi being in.

Thank-you for posting on this Megan! I was confused about this during the episode and was wondering if anyone knew where she actually lives now. Much appreciated :)

Kailyn Lowry is not thinking about what Jo wants. Jo doesn't want Kailyn moving his son isaac to all they states without a court case.

(Sorry for all the cussing in this)

Haven't read everyone's replies yet, but I have to say, I think people are SO hard on Kailyn for being a "hypocritical self entitled snobby brat bitch" as are common characterizations. I'm not going to deny her having made mistakes and being really disappointed in a lot of her actions, but I can't grasp the fucking hate for this chick!

Does anyone not remember that she was basically a pregnant homeless teenager had Jo's family not taken her in? Yes, she fucked that up, like I'm sure she fucks up a lot of relationships, but think about where she came from and how many emotional issues she's got to have. I get the impression that she really tries to be healthy but struggles - she readily admits that she throws fits and has a temper, and she doesn't seem proud of it like some people.

As for "entitlement" I think this comes from her having fucking nothing as a kid and trying to demand what she needs now. Idk, I think it's not a "snobby" thing, I think it's her struggling to find a balance between fighting for what she needs and being walked completely the fuck over.

I just don't get it. People are more venomous about Kailyn than they are about Jenelle. I know she screws herself over, and can be a really difficult person for Jo and his family to deal with. She has even publicly had issues with Javi in the last season. But she really loves her kid and I strongly feel that she would try to keep any changes in his life from being negative. Like I said above, there are ways they can minimize car travel per hour of visitation, and since Isaac is not in elementary school yet the scheduling is likely more flexible. I just don't think she's a bad person, and I feel compassion for her even when she does something that apparently no one commenting here would EVER be so selfish to do.

i wish i could put a million likes on this.

I do want all of the girls on teen mom and teen mom 2 etc to get a wake up call financially, sick of seeing teen moms who don't work (barr MTV or a job gotten because of mtv e.g. LEahs "manager" job at a salon, i'm sorry but would she heck of gotten that without the publicity she brings, i worked my ass off to get my manager position and i cant afford to buy a house) but anyway financially they need taken down a peg. Angers me that all they did was get pregnant young and because of this they are home owners, have opportunities handed to them :/
However, i do not see why Jo is being like this. It is the same distance, and if they move at least one child will be with his father full time, or have it his way and have 2 kids with part time dads :/ that is NOT FAIR on either child. Now Isaac will always have part time dad and part time mom because neither can be their full time, why put another child through that when it can be avoided? If he gets stationed further away then fight that, but this doesn't need to be an argument at all :/

on a side note, kailyn always says that her problem with Vee is the drugs and alcohol... she is friends with Jenelle and her child is around Jenelle during reuonion shows etc ... im so confused i use to love kail but right now ALL the teen moms are seriously pissing me off.. ever since TM3 aired and the FAME WHORES of that season made me really realize how much these girls have gotten for getting pregnant young.

isaac being around vee in a home setting where she could potentially be high and drunk is 100% different than isaac being around jenelle at mtv.
but i do completely agree with what you said about this whole court case. shes moving to DE for crying out loud. if she was moving to CA or something, THATS when you fight it.