Jenelle Gives the Most Boring Interview About Her Pregnancy, Ever

Jenelle is in the next phase of convincing us that she's a good mom, which has resulted in probably the most boring interview ever.

People interviewed Jenelle to find out how the Teen Mom star's pregnancy is going and it was a total and complete yawn-fest.

During the interview, we found out how Jenelle will be decorating her nursery.

"I'm thinking like a gold/pink/grey theme like with, uh, roses."

And like every other pregnant woman on the planet, she craves ice-cream and candy.

The most interesting part about the interview is where Jenelle hints at how well it pays to be a hot mess in front of cameras.

"Right now I just like, bought a lot of land. About to put a house on it. Ready to move in and start decorating."

So Jenelle is building a house. On a lot of land. From scratch.

America: the only country where you can generate income from having 15 mugshots.

If I sound bitter and jealous, it's cause I am.

In other Jenelle news, she's continuing to blabber on about how she's going to get custody of Jace back from mom Babs. The court date is in October, so we have some time to see how it pans out.


I was hoping she would never be given a girl. This girl lack of concern for her children's welfare and history of dude hopping equals fears of abuse for this child.