Update: Amber's Over Matt, And You Won't Believe Who She's Dating

Amber Portwood

Well looks like the Matt/Amber break up may this time be permanent. Amber's on the prowl, and she's been caught kissing a mystery guy.

In a video released by Radar, Amber is seen during filming of the next season of Teen Mom OG getting all touchy-feely with the guy.

Wearing a cowboy hat and a brown t-shirt, he comes up and starts rubbing up to her, then kissing her, while what appears to be an MTV producer is in the shot.

Little is known about the guy, except that he is younger than Matt -- and it looks like he's close to Amber in age.

You can check out the video here. (Photo credit: Radar)

Update: Well this is interesting. Apparently, the guy that she's dating has been outed and he was a producer on Marriage Boot Camp, which Amber recently appeared on after her split with Matt Baier.

You gotta wonder if the execs for MBC will be happy with this, given that Amber had a pretty bad time with the show, and ended up dissing it online.

The guy's name is Joseph Glennon, according to The Ashley. Here's a pic of him from Facebook:

What do you think? Are you happy that Amber's moved on, or do you think she should be taking it slow after the Matt fiasco? Tweet us.

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