Uh Oh Farrah Abraham Doesn't Quite Look Like Farrah Abraham

plastic surgery

It wasn't just her vagina that was altered in Farrah Abraham's latest plastic surgery dip.

Apparently, Abraham got a little work done on her face and fans quickly took notice and commented on it. In their defense, it's really kind of hard to miss, especially if you're a die-hard Teen Mom OG fan.

"Though Farrah denied she was making another sex tape, she did in fact debut her new naked bod on the video site last night, September 13," according to WetPaint.

"But somehow, people focused on her face instead of her, uh, other body parts.

In the below photo in which the MTV star rocks a CamSoda shirt and even holds her laptop for full effect, she looks exceptionally tan and...different."

You can definitely tell that something is a bit off, though, in this day and age you pretty much do what you want.

Fans have been having a field day with Abraham and her new look, though, most of the time, the surgery is all about feeling good about yourself, unfortunately, the look isn't to the standards of the fans.

Abraham is really ramping up the sexually charged market, does this mean she's going to be seen even more distant from her Teen Mom OG cast mates? What do you think of Abraham's new look? Let us know in the comments section below.

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