Three Reasons Why Javi and Briana's Relationship is Likely to Be Fake

Briana DeJesus

Javi and Briana have supposedly been dating for a few months now and Kail is supposedly jealous about it. But, we just don't buy it. Does it seem likely that Javi would want to date Bri baby? Sure, we've seen him flirting with her. But, something seems fishy about this relationship and here are 3 reasons why we suspect that their romance is full of it.

1. You don't see these two together a whole low. Yes, Javi and Briana live in two different states and both have their hands full with a few kids. But, you'd think that they would make more of an effort to travel and see each other. Because that's what people do even when they're in long-distance relationships together, right? Not these two.

2. Javi and Bri always seem to be conveniently photographed together when they're on dates or when they're at MTV together. Now, is it possible that they like to take photos of themselves on dates? Sure, everyone does. But if you follow these two, or the publicity on their relationship, it seems that every single time Briana and Javi are in communication with one another, it makes a tabloid story. Chance are if this is the case, then maybe Briana and Javi aren't actually dating.

3. There's a lot of money to be made here. Are you picturing the tabloid stories here? Bri and Javi might be pregnant! Kail is mad at her baby daddy for getting a costar pregnant! Bri files for child support from a teen mom co-star! Let's face it. Even who's on TV is getting to be part of the publicity machine that matches up stars like anything. So is it possible that producers nudged Bri and Javi in the direction of a relationship. That's our guess.

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