Teen Mom OG, Season 7, Episode 2 Recap: Find Out How Matt Lost Amber $120,000

andrew glennon

Tonight on Teen Mom, some pretty big shakeups hit the teen moms. Read on to find out more.


Amber feels that she and Matt are near the end and Matt is actually pretty upset. Amber's brother comes to visit while Matt heads out of town.

Amber talks with him about how her daughter has adapted to Matt but she knows deep inside her daughter just wants her to be happy. Amber heads out on her boat and chills with her family.

Later, Amber has dinner with Gary and all the rest of her family. Everyone feels Amber needs to assert herself and set limits with Matt.

Amber, herself, recounts how she's missing $120,000 and how she feels she can't keep letting this happen.


Farrah is living with her father along with Sophia and Starburst, Sophia's phony. Farrah's father is having some trouble adjusting to them.

Farrah needs to find a new place to live. School starts in September so she is hoping to have some time.

Farrah visits a home with her real estate friend and struts in and out. But her friend convinces Farrah that she needs to live in Beverly Hills.

Farrah talks to her friend about how she recently changed her will and wrote her mother off of it.

Later, Farrah brings her father up to speed on the house shopping experience.

Back in Iowa, Debra is having David move in. Debra talks about how much she misses Farrah but believes that she and Farrah will reunite.


Catelynn and Tyler are busy with their business. They set up a photo shoot for all of the kids modeling their clothes. Then, they head to their home with a cookout.

Catelynn is thrilled to establish a farm on their new property. Catelynn and Tyler discuss getting pregnant again. Part of what comes up is their mutual fear of babies.

Later, Catelynn tells her friend that she took out her IUD to get pregnant again.

Catelynn also talks about how she gave Carlie up and what it would have been like if she'd kept her. Catelynn discusses her struggle with her postpartum depression and how it's kept her from having another child quickly.


Maci is keeping on top of Bentley and making sure he obeys limits. Meanwhile Makenzie visit Ryan at the rehab facility and brings him home.

They also discuss Ryan's aftercare plan, which apparently doesn't exist. Ryan talks to Makenzie about how he was lying to her 99% of the time and they also address the fac that he nearly died.

With Ryan now at home, he's been trying to contact Maci about seeing Bentley. Ryan feels that Maci makes Bentley do too many chores, including babysitting his siblings.

Surprisingly, Jen defends Maci. Later, Ryan calls Maci and tells her that he needs to see Bentley or else.

Maci discusses her anger with Ryan about his leaving her threatening messages.

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