Teen Mom Drug Scandals Shouldn't Be Surprising

Catleynn Baltierra

While this may be one of the most saturated years for drug abuse and drug accusations on Teen Mom OG, it really shouldn't surprise you all that much.

The signs were there and most of the fans knew there was something up with at least one cast member.

We all knew that Catelynn Baltierra was struggling with her own drug use and while it wasn't as extreme as say, Ryan Edwards prescription drug problem, it was still one to watch.

There are always hardships when it comes to reality TV and well, there was never a time where one star didn't have a problem.

Then, there was Edwards and his entire fiasco that found him almost falling asleep at the wheel just after getting married.

It was hard to watch and the MTV crew certainly got a lot of backlash from the fans for not stepping in.

Plenty of fans, including Teen Mo OG star Simon Saran believed that MTV actually encouraged it to an extent, though, the network would later on deny any involvement.

Now, there's the scandal between Catelynn Baltierra and Matt Baier over Xanax that was offered to her.

Are we really surprised? There is drama everywhere on these shows and to think that maybe it's not in the norm to have one-three instances where drug use is a problem would be being a little naive.

Thankfully, it seems like sooner or later these Teen Mom OG stars always find a way to beat it and as fans, that's all we can ever really hope for right?