Teen Mom: Season 4, Ep. 12 - SERIES FINALE!

catelynn lowell

At least the dog isn't wearing a diaper


Farrah is in Florida and Sophia with Debra in Iowa, so Farrah has "empty nest syndrome" already. But! Farrah actually has a friend now. Kind of. She chills with her neighbor occasionally. Farrah mentions she still gets sad about Derek, and Sophia helps to distract her.

Since Sophia isn't around to get into stuff, we get to watch Farrah cook. Yay?

Once Farrah is done making a mess of a cooking project, she looks into classes for Sophia. She considers signing her up for an art class. Then Farrah heads to Iowa to pick Sophia up, so we're no longer subjected to a cooking lesson.

Sophia tells Farrah, "Mommy, you're a bad person!" Hahaha, what? Then Sophia calls her a crybaby. Is it wrong that that totally cracked me up?


Amber started dating some guy named Mike in order to "move on" from Gary. (He said he never ate Italian. Dump him NOW! Mmmm, Italian food...) Within 10 minutes, she mentions her legal issues, which is always a good thing to talk about on a first date. And then they kiss and her fake eyelashes get stuck to his nose and totally ruins the date. Just kidding about the eyelash part, but they did kiss. (ooooooh).

Gary is having a birthday party for Leah, and they're having another birthday party after the court date so Amber could go. However, Amber is none too happy that Gary's have a party for her before the court date and she can't attend. Gary sounds a little jealous of Amber's non-Italian-food-eating boyfriend: "Now you're busy with your little boyfriend..."

Amber's pearls of wisdom: "Man, it's hard having a kid. Especially with an asshole."

Gary and Amber get into a huge fight on the phone (of course) and Amber calls Gary a bastard, but Gary calls Amber a wh*re and a 'slut puppy.' What the heck is a slut puppy? Anyway, Amber tells Gary he's not going to get custody. Amber completely freaks out and is screaming and crying and has an anxiety attack or something. It was kind of hard to tell what happened...almost looked like she passed out. I'm going to assume it's just Amber being a drama queen.

When Gary is talking to his friend, Evan, later, he tells him he overreacted and was selfish.

Side note: During this episode, Farrah and Gary exchanged "words" over twitter.

Farrah: @ItsGaryTime What a pig! Your horrible go get mental help for ambers sake P.O.S

Gary's response: @F1abraham go make another hit single or treat your parents like shit. Always stuck up for you not anymore.

Where's my popcorn???

So then Farrah said Gary needs to read her book, and he responds with, "Seriously Farrah. I don't care 4 u 1 bit. Ur cry face sucks & so does your cookies. Unless you change your gonna die lonely." You can't make this stuff up.

Okay, back to the episode at hand. I promise I'll stop watching the twitter drama unfold (for now).

So when Amber wakes up from her nap or coma or whatever had happened there, Gary calls her since he calmed down and discusses the whole custody situation with her, and they both talk civilly. She agrees to go through with the custody hearing after all.

They go to court and Gary is granted custody and the No Contact Order will be getting dropped.


Maci on labor: "Pushed him out of my hoo-hoo." She was talking to Kyle about how much she misses Bentley on his birthday, but that was the only sentence that stuck out to me. Haha! Hoo-hoo. I'm so mature.

Maci is actually doing better in school. Maci's friend, Erica, on Ryan: "I wonder if he sometimes wants what he can't have..." Personally, I think that's Maci's problem. I didn't always feel that way, but lately I'm beginning to rethink that.

In the meantime, Ryan goes to his lawyer to talk about 50/50 custody. Ryan mentions to his lawyer about Maci living with someone she's not married to, and the lawyer says that it's an issue...living with someone she's not married to and having a small child. Is this 1950 or something? Does this mean I have to tell Stevebeans to move out? I mean, I have a child and all. He might be heartbroken, but hey! More room in the bed for me. Oh, yeah, back to the show...

When Ryan picks up Bentley, he asks Maci for Bentley's birth certificate so that he can file for 50/50 custody. She tells him he can get one himself, since her copy is at her mom's house, and Ryan looks completely put out by that request. It probably requires too much effort for him.

When Ryan is talking to his parents and Dalis about the situation, Dalis is like, "What if we live together? It would be the same thing." And she's totally all defending Maci. So weird.


April needs a break from life, so Catelynn and Tyler are looking after Cate's brother, Nick. Tyler is in a super bad mood and swearing and yelling at the dogs and stuff. Yikes. Him screaming at the dog (after it took a dump on the floor) scared Nick and he started crying. Catelynn admits that Tyler's temper is getting worse and it's really starting to bother her.

Side note: Catelynn and Tyler seem to eat pizza a lot.

When Catelynn talks to Tyler about the temper, he says he should set up an appointment with a counselor.

When Tyler talks to the therapist, he says he doesn't know why he gets so angry. He's like, "The dog does something stupid or Catelynn says something stupid." (and I laughed again.) Then he says the whole issue may be because of Butch. He thinks he should maybe write him a letter in prison to cut him off, but he doesn't think it would be a good idea, since he would basically telling him he can die alone. Kathleen (the therapist) says he's afraid, which is projecting itself into anger.

Tyler ends up writing the letter to Butch, basically cutting him off. Tyler and Catelynn end up talking about the Carly situation and Tyler says that he would be lying if he said he didn't regret it sometimes. They still agree it was the best decision to place her for adoption though.


Th-th-that's all, folks!

Please tell me I'm not the only one who got all choked up during the montage at the end.


Definitely choked back tears during the montage. Probably doesn't help that I'm 8 months pregnant so my hormones are all sorts of crazy.

Am I the only person disgusted with how Gary was acting? I mean normally I can agree and say that Amber can totally have her bat shit crazy moments, but it seems like the editors finally showed a bit of Gary's true colors maybe? Him using Leah as a tool to get back at Amber basically, holding her on a pedestal to screw Amber over. It's bad enough that Amber was dealing with depression and anger issues, I'm sure these stupid arguments involving her daughter doesn't help it. I'm sorry but "I don't feel like it" or "You have a boyfriend now" isn't an excuse to cut someone off from their child. It's like I can almost see why Amber went off the deep end and did what she had done.

At the end of the day though I feel bad for Leah because she has two crappy parents who only want to belittle each other with below the belt hits.

I think we finally get a glmipse at how juevenile and vendictive Gary is. Even Evan tells him straight out that he needs to completely change over night.

A lot of what Gary does is for the camera. Just like how he removed his Farrah comments and 'apologized'. He doesn't mean it, and he will not change his actual behavior.

I felt sad for Leah because she had no 'friends' at either of her birthday parties.

Gary just. Loves to make amber worse cos he knows she's easy to wind-up and btw she had a panic attack it wasn't fake I know cos I've had them in the past when I lost my baby after a difficult birth and early labor. When life pushes you so far you crack and can't take that shit anymore and the attacks start as you lose your way of dealing with too much at once.

Aleesa I just wanted to say that it must have been a horrible and heart-breaking experience to lose a baby after an early labour. I just want to acknowledge that I read this and heard you. I hope that the pain of your loss gets a little bit easier as time passes. God Bless.

Honestly, I've had severe anxiety for and yes that WAS a panic attack Amber had. Please try to be understanding and not rude. She was diagnosed with anxiety back in season 1 remember? It's a mental illness please don't make fun. Also why are you conveniently leaving important stuff out? You're making it seem like it was the plan all along for Gary to have one party then for them to celebrate together later. Anyone watching the episode can see that wasn't the case. Gary admittedly went out of his way to leave Amber out of that party and change the plans to spite her because of his jealousy. He said it twice point blank! I can understand having a bias but you're twisting reality in that recap.

Also that twitter drama between Farrah and Gary is EPIC.

Sorry that's supposed to say I've have severe anxiety before. Not "for". On my phone and it autoincorrected that

Amber is a drama queen drug addict. Any "anxiety attacks" are brought upon by drugs or for attention. End of story.

Just because she has/had a drug problem does NOT mean she gets panic attacks due to drugs! Are you kidding me? Have you ever had a panic attack or suffered from a panic disorder? Its one of the most terrifying debilitating experience
s one could ever have. You literally feel like you're going to die. Many people who SUFFER from a panic disorder turn to drugs in an attempt for some type of relief! I'm not saying that is the correct way to go BUT that was so ignorant of you to say and obviously you have no idea what a real panic attack KS. I felt the need to

Yup thank you. She had anxiety before Teen Mom even started. You see her getting diagnosed at the doctor actually. She is not being a "drama queen" and I understand that maybe some people don't understand but I wish they would. I've been exactly like Amber before like omg, when she started gasping for air. I know EXACTLY what that feels like. It's completely awful. When your emotions are intense your body literally can't handle it anymore. It's the worst feeling. It's hard to understand I bet if you haven't been through it before but I wish people wouldn't judge.

Excuse me but you know nothing about me and therefore have no right to label me as ignorant. My sister suffers from a SEVERE anxiety disorder so I do know something on the subject. And what I know is Amber showed. no signs of any anxiety or panic attacks in 16 and Pregnant. nor did she show any signs before she started abusing meds. XMental illnesses are the most misdiagnosed and over diagnosed of diseases.I am.not by any means disregarding peopleeith mental illnesses just the ones with fake or extremely exaggerated mentalbillnesses

The only disease that Amber has is Poormeitus.

The "signs" often aren't always visable to others. I myself have suffered from anxiety for the last 5 years and she definitely is not faking it. Your sister having a mental disease does not make you automatically understand the disease. People who have never suffered from a mental disease are usually the ones quick to judge and claim its fak, for whatever reason. Having a mental disease is nothing to be proud of and people suffering from one are not going to cause extra drama for attention. A lot of actions are quite uncontrollable. So yes, I feel your statement was extremely ignorant and shows how uneducated you really are on the subject.

Oh look, hayzoi is being ignorant and simple-minded again. I can't wait until you or someone you know starts having panic attacks one day.

You are so.. weird. Didn't you post as teensister on TMT? You don't have to admit it. I know I'm right. :D

you know some drugs can bring about panic attacks expecially if you have preexisting anxiety disorders. Im just saying... Marijauna for example will put someone with pre existing anxiety disorders in a full blown panic attack. look it up...

I'm well aware of this. However, it still doesn't mean her doing drugs gave her the anxiety disorder. Just as you said smoking marijuana MAY affect someones PRE-EXISTING condition. That in no way means she brought on the disease herself.

exactly why i quit smoking lol

Have any of you people heard of CRAZY?!?! That is Amber. She doesn't have anxiety attacks, she is insane. She tried to shove Gary down the stairs and left Leah in the crib without sheets and just tried to ignore her. THAT is why she shouldn't be allowed to se her kid. Remember when she had that creepy guy on work release over and let him change Leah? She has horrible judgement. She is a crazy drama queen. She flips and doesn't possess any logic. I've had panic attacks before, so don't pretend that people who haven't can't see when it's fake and the person is crazy. And it was pretty trashy for her to start dating some guy she met at WalMart and have him in her bed like 2 days after ending it with Gary.

Do you even remember that she said prison would be easier than getting her shit together and being a responsible human being? Clearly she doesn't care that much about Leah.

Well said, she is crazy. What the hell is up with hercmeeting dudes in walmart? I go in that place get what I need and get the hell out. Im confused as to how one finds a date there. Ugh I was so disturbed when she let that creepy dude change Leah, he looked like a pedophile. He stated that meeting Amber at walmart was the best day he ever had. Really??? She lacks judgement and self control, and being in jail isnt going to help these deep rooted issues that she has. Amber is a bad actress and speaking for myself, a person in recovery, Amber needs alot of help!!! I cant even feel for her.

Didn't Gary meet someone at WalMart too? She was a single Mom as well? Some people thought that she resembled Amber?

Classy that both Gary and Amber use Wal Mart as a dating venue.

Try telling that to heather clouse. It looked like she had a laugh attack during ambers emotional scene if u look what she posted on twitter . Whether is was a little over dramatic or not, the situations in her life are very traumatic and not easy to deal with im sure. Especially when you have a bitch ass like gary controlling everything.

who is Heather Clouse? And being so extremely dramatic constantly is not gonna help ANY situation. I dont feel bad for her one bit. She brought ALL of this upon herself and she CHOSE to have a baby with Gary.

Feeling bad for someone is different from finding humor im someones pain. We all know she gets whats coming to her in the end but the whole situation is still sad.
And if you don't know heather we'll just leave it at that, no one important

You cannot bring a mental illness upon yourself. What a ridiculous thing to say. However, obviously there are some aspects of what's going on in Amber's life that are a result of her own choices. Those things I find hard to have sympathy for her.

As someone who has been dealing with anxiety issues for the past two years, watching Amber's behaviour really clarifies to me that she has a serious mental illness ON TOP of everything else.

I'm not saying that we should all sympathise with her, by all means she's made some terrible decisions, but insinuating that she brought her obvious mental illness upon herself is an incredibly ignorant thing to say, and judging by your other comments you seriously need to educate yourself on these matters before you go running your mouth.

this is a really fair comment. I like to understand that yes Amber is mentally ill. But I don't use that to excuse some of her actions, but I like to be understanding and not make her seem like she's an evil monster. Because she's not.

I know, more than a lot of people, exactly how bad an anxiety attack can be. My bf suffers from severe anxiety (and I've seen the attacks firsthand...it's scary!). It just seemed Amber was "acting" for the cameras in her segment and, honestly, she probably was. I know that just about everything on this show is a reenactment, since the cameras obviously aren't there 24/7.

As far as leaving stuff out, that happens sometimes. I'm typing furiously while the show is on and occasionally forget to put stuff in. :/ I did mention that Gary was jealous though, which he totally was. (at this point, though, I think I was mostly glued to Twitter watching the drama unfold, haha).

Also, I apologize if it seemed I was making light of anxiety. I know it's very serious. <3

No, I totally cried at the montage...especially when it got to T&C.

Here's how I feel.
Farrah: Boring boring boring. Sophia acts cute. Boring boring boring.

Tyler & Catelynn: I was very shocked by the tone of Tyler's voice. We never saw a temper problem before this (did we?), and it was disturbing. I understand the stress of his situation with his dad, and I'm glad he sought some counseling. That just blew my mind.

Amber: This is the first time I've actually believed her emotions. I don't think she was being melodramatic...I think she was honestly overwhelmed by the argument and the situation. That being said, she did it to herself and I don't have a lot of sympathy for her. Gary's words are terrible...despite Amber's numerous shortcomings, she is still Leah's mother and I bet my biscuit that Leah was sitting there during those awful fights. I hope GaryTime saved up enough money to pay for her therapy later, because he and Amber have set her up for the inevitable.

Maci: I don't think Maci or Ryan really have feelings for one another anymore. I think they just always clashed and can't get past the "ex" part of their relationship. It's been long enough that they should be over it and able to take care of business for Bentley. I'm so glad that Dalis put in her two cents about the whole living with someone scenario, and really think she knocked Ryan and his parents down a peg. Good for her defending Maci...SOMEONE needs to be rational. I've come around and can say now that I am totally Team Dalis.

Farrah - Nothing too interesting for Farrah, again. Just her complaining that her parents help her so much and all that extra bs. I don't really have much of a comment.

Amber - It melted my heart at the end that mommy and Leah were making cupcakes together, it looked like they had so much fun. It's still sad though that she can't spend the night. That fight they had over the phone though was RIDICULOUS. Gary was completely out of line, and I hope he stuck to his word, but you never know. I also don't think signing over full custody was a great idea. Maybe temporary custody would've worked better. Who's to say they won't fight like that again and Gary will just take off?

Catelynn - I think if it wasn't for Tyler, Cate would've kept Carly. So I sincerely hope Cate made the decision for Carly, and not bc she didn't wanna lose/make Tyler mad. It also scared me by the way he was yelling at his dogs. I'm not gonna lie, I yell at my cat too, but I was very shocked to see that side of him. And hopefully he did give up on his dad for good, even though it's heartbreaking. But it's for the best in his situation.

Maci - I don't think 50/50 custody is good for any child. Having a week here and a week there is not a home. That child is gonna grow up being at mommys house this week, and daddy's the next. It's only benefiting Ryan and his selfish family. Yes Maci made mistakes, but at least she took the responsibility of being a mother from the start, unlike Ryan. I don't know how that sorry excuse for a father has a support system. Yes he has changed drastically, but it's not particularly for the better. He needs to respect Maci and stop treating her like dirt. That is the mother of your child, whether you like it or not.

I'm excited to see the reunion though. And I did get a little teary-eyed when all the flashbacks started. I'm sure they'll do some sort of catch up soon anyway.

50/50 can work. Me and my ex do it. Half week and half week. I honestly think its the unselfish decision to make. And also we are 30. Not 21. So that might make the difference. But we have made it work for over 3 years. Just sayin

Who in the world said that it would be one week at mummies and one at daddies.. And just for the info 50/50 does not mean the time is split up EXACTLY down the middle. It can technically be 60/40 70/30. All 50/50 means is that BOTH parents have to agree on things regarding the child. It's not really about the time the child is with the parents. It just gives each parent equal rights.

The lawyer said 50/50. And he specifically said "one week at your house and one week at her house".

If both parents are fit parents, why would 50/50 not be good? That's ridiculous.

A kid needs a place to call home. Think about if you had to be shuffled from one house one week to another house the next week and it just went on and on with no break. Sounds awful

My parents had 50/50 custody of me growing up. I'd be at my moms one week and my dads the next, and I think I turned out fine. I considered both places my home. I personally would rather see my parents every other week then see one parent all the time, and the other parent a few times a year.

didn't maci's mom say something like you do whatever you need to do and let bentley make his own opinion on how he was raised?

something like that. i think maci and ryan could easily work out a great arrangement since it's obvious bentley loves spending time with each of them. but it's also as if maci enjoys the drama because without drama she wouldn't have to deal with ryan as much, and i think she secretly loves that he's still so much in her life

Personally, (and i know this is BRUTAL), but maybe the children should be the ones in the permanent home, and Mom and Dad should move in and out as scheduled.

It is the adults fault that the relationship broke down, not the child(ren)'s.

Moving back and forth, back and forth from Mom's to Dad's is horrible. Unsettling...

I know, financially, that it is difficult for adults to share a house with children, then each have their own accomodations that they can go to when they are not in the children's home. (Let's face it, they could get another apartment together for their 'off' time, but that just gets, uh, uncomfortable!).

So, I know it is utopian, but it would be neat if children could always remain in one home, with the custodial parent moving in/out as needed.


no..just no.

I like how peopel voted this idea down, even though it would be what is best FOR THE CHILDREN.

Probably people that have shared custody that could never sacrifice their own comfort so that the children would have stability while they grew up.

The author even states it is a utopian idea.

But obviously it is much better for children to live out of suitcases.

Technically the utopian idea would be the parents staying together.

I have heard of this. I saw it on a show, with an older child wanting this, and they did that. I also believe that that is what Kate and Jon Goslin do (at least they did?) Because of all that was put into that house. Kate said "the house is for the kids, so we will go back and forth." It makes the most sense to me, honestly. However, these people on this show all seem too immature to deal with something that wouldnt' be so much what they're used to. Now that would take some hardcore devotion to the kids, completely putting yourself at a disadvantage and prioritizing the kids. I could see that idea being a smart one for some situations. Sitautions where there is a family with kids, and then a divorce, there's already a house in play, but with some of these teen moms, they are often living with their parents still, so it would take a lot to be able to afford or find a house for their kids, and split costs with the other kid's parent, etc. Believe me, though, this idea is not unheard of.

For some reason, I could really see a kid not caring that much if they don't know much of anything different. I could see them seeing it more like " Cool, I get two birthday parties and twice the presents! I have twice the toys!" It's more or less like Bentley will get to go see his grandparents a lot, because that's where he goes hahah. I got to see my grandparents for a few days almost every week when I was a kid, and they weren't a very far drive. I guess we'll see if thought it was unstablilizing when he was older. For me, I think maybe two weeks makes more sense in one place so it's not going back and forth so often so fast, but, I don't think it's necessarily a bad situation to do that for every kid, in every case. It seems that two homes is simple enough for a kid to handle, if it were more, or if they moved around a whole lot all of the time, I'd think that might shake a kid up a bit. But, if it's stabley, going back and forth between mom and dad for a long time, they'll be used to it. Bentley doesn't seem to get that upset, at least now, when he has to leave one parent. He seems to always know he'll see the other one again. I think in the case with Leah, she gets upset because it's so up in the air whether she'll see her mom, and when.

This comment about the "cool I get two things!" was in reference to 50/50, one week here, one week there situation, while the one starting with "I heard of this" is about the one house for the kids with the parents switching. Just in case there was confusion. It looked a bit confusing on my screen.

My parents shared 50/50 custody of me and my siblings and I loved it. I always felt so bad for the kids who only saw their dad every other weekend. I think 50/50 is a wonderful idea if its a viable option.

i am soooooo happy tyler is seeing someone 4 his anger!!!!! im team catlin & tyler but seeing the way tyler attacked his puppy made me sooooo made & very sad 2 c the scared look on catlins face!!!!!! it only confirmed my concern that she cant stick up 4 herself when it comes 2 tyler"s mood swings!!!!! it broke my heart 2 c catlins little brother cry over the mistreatment of the dog!!!!! tyler im sooooo lucky 2 have catlin in his life she loves him soooo much

that shit seemed fake...since they had nothing else going on w their crack head parents unable 2 enable each other & start shit.

I sort of agree with you, but I have also seen that every other weekend does not create a deep bond between father and child.
I have told my husband several times if we didn't last he would have more time with our child than he does with our step daughter. But his 'home' would still be with me.
Maci kind of reminds me of my husband's ex. Always playing the martyr, but is basically just in it for herself. She never has her daughter, her mom does. So I don't see why we can't get more time with her?
Oh wait, yes I do, that would mean she might like her father more and that would make her feel inadequate. I'm sure that that's what maci's problem boils down to.

Amber is mental
Maci is very selfish and prob still likes Ryan
Catelyn is awesome
Farrah is a brat

Farrah: As everyone else has said, her segment was boring and predictable. She's just a spoiled brat and nothing will ever change. Her twitter fight with Gary was hilarious though. I love how she always manages to bring her book into everything (the "I hope Gary has read 'My Teenage Dream Ended' comment") Note to Farrah: Gary is too busy eating McDonalds and partying to sit down and read your book.

Amber: Every time they showed her segment I just felt worse & worse for Leah. Neither Amber nor Gary are even remotely decent role models for her. They're both verbally abusive and over-dramatic. It's disgusting to see Gary use Leah as a pawn just to get back at Amber. On the other hand, Amber's actions got her into this situation where Gary has all the power in the first place. It really bugs me when Amber goes on her "what have you been through? I've been through everything" rants. Uhh maybe that's because you hit Gary multiple times and pop pills all day? Oh and did anyone catch the comment Amber made about how Gary is always "mean" to her? Pretty sure she's the one calling him a fat a** every episode.

Maci: While I do think Ryan has matured (a bit) since we first saw him on 16 & Pregnant, I still think it's his parents pushing for 50/50 custody and it ultimately wouldn't be best for Bentley. I was glad to see Dalis not hating on Maci this episode, although I kind of got the feeling the comment about how Kyle & Maci living together would be the same as them ever living together had more to do with her wanting to be able to live with Ryan at some point then with supporting Maci. While I'm not sad to see the original Teen Moms go, I will miss getting my weekly dose of Bentley- he's seriously the cutest thing ever.

Catelynn: Tyler's anger really scared me. It makes me wonder if there have been a lot of incidents like that but MTV just hasn't bothered to air them. I really hope that isn't the case and that Tyler was just stressed about everything going on with his father because I really do like Ty and Cate. His therapy session was really sad and I could totally see how hurtful it would be to know your father doesn't love you unconditionally. That's got to screw with a person's self esteem. I really wish them all the best and hope they continue to better their lives.

Amber's rants are what take a lot of my sympathy for her away. YES, you go through everything Amber because you PUT yourself through everything. Not that she doesn't have some serious mental health issues that deserve treatment, but she acts like it is *so hard* to stay on any kind of decent path, when if she just put 1/4 the amount of effort into fixing her life that she puts into complaining about it she'd be lightyears ahead of where she's at.

Gary is evil. Someday karma is going to come back and bite him in his enormous butt.

Now that I've actually watched last night's episode...he is even more evil than I thought. Amber was very unwise to give him full custody. When she gets out he will continue to use that child as a weapon and now he has all the power in the world to do it. I just can't get over how evil he is and he is just going to hurt that child. The older she gets the worse she will be hurt. What a disaster. He needs to be neutered so he can't reproduce again.

I hate how Maci constantly compares Kyle to Ryan. The things she compares have nothing to do with co-parenting either. Even if my BF was praising me for it, I wouldn't want to hear about how I'm better than his ex that he broke up with 2.5 years ago. She sounds like a broken record with the "Ryan did this and this is why your better than him......" or "Ryan did that and I didn't like it, so don't do it." She can express her likes and dislikes without comparing Ryan and Kyle over EVERYTHING. I'd break up with someone if they did that, too. Just because Ryan is Bentley's dad doesn't mean Maci's boyfriends are subject to constant comparisson with what he was like when Maci dated him him x number of years ago.

I thought this finale was boring, but it is what it is...

Farrah: Her school must be the easiest school on the planet if a dumb ass like Farrah can get all A's. Seriously, she can barely speak English and is socially retarded. It's too bad Debra couldn't take time out of her schedule to wean Sophia off that frickin pacifier...geez...she's probably gonna bring 'em to college with her.

Catelynn: The way Tyler took his anger out on the dog made me extremely upset. At least he knows he needs to get it in check, but in the meantime, get rid of the dog!

Amber: Her behavior is disgusting. She knew that when Gary took over custody he wanted to work on their relationship, but 'slut puppy' Amber couldn't wait that long and found some new guy to piss him off. I don't condone Gary's behavior, but I understand why he got so upset...she broke his heart. At least he realized he overreacted, that shows maturity, something Amber will never have...hense the reason she's in jail. I admit, though, the mother-daughter cupcake time was bittersweet.

Maci: She needs to realize how truly lucky she is to have a baby daddy that wants to be in her son's life. All she does is complain about him, but what if he wasn't there at all and Bentley had to grow up w/o a dad (not including her numerous boyfriends she will inevitably have). I think Ryan is making great steps in becoming a better father and Bentley deserves to have him in his life as much as possible. Yes, Ryan's parents coddle him, but that's their fault, not Ryan's. He'll learn to take on more responsibilty with Bentley once he's given the opportunity. Anyway, I full on support his desire to have 50/50 custody. Her trying to keep Bentley all to herself and using their non-legal custody arrangement against Ryan is straight up selfish.

Well, I am super excited that this show is done and we can all move on with our lives. I love to hate these girls, but I sure hope the fade into oblivion and learn to live normal lives for the sake of their beautiful children. God Bless Girls...use protection ;-)

yeah maci is very selfish. I really cant stand her and hope ryan gets 50/50 or at least some rights

Before the finale, I read that there was going to be a pregnancy shocker. ??were they talking about farrahs sister ashley?

It was in Ok! Magazine. They weren't talking about anybody. They were trying to sell magazines and make money.

How stupid! Thanks for letting me know!

I think Ashley did have a baby

She did, and she was trying to get all famous with it too - started a blog and was trying to get Farrah's followers to follow her too, etc. She totally tried to cash in on Farrah's fame. It was sooooo funny.

The Tyler story line was so out of left field for me. I don't recall ever seeing him blow up before. That letter to Butch was just so sad :(
I wonder if he actually sent it.

I started watching these girls from the beginning with my teenager , I never make comments on shows but watching some things over the years on this show has disturbed me. First I applaud Caitlin and Tyler their mature decision gave a beautiful girl a wonderful life, someday when they are ready they will make wonderful parents.
Farrah has a lot of growing up to do even though she has come a long way , my husband and I were appalled at her behavior at times such as leaving a baby alone while bathing in a sink , leaving her unattended in a bed which she fell off of and leaving her in a hallway way while moving into an apartment all of those could have ended very badly. I think I was most put off by her constant attitude. She is one of the most self centered people ever. She verbally attacks her mom or dad and gets very defensive in any conversation with them. I hope she watches the episodes and gets some help with her issues , I don't think she would want Sophia to talk to her that way. I cringed this season when she told Daniels dad s girlfriend she was too old to have kids - Ouch, could you be more rude and when she was not his complete focus she ran away, no wonder he took off - talking marriage after a month what is she thinking?
Amber I just feel sorry for. Obviously she has a lot of problems. Although I am glad Garry has custody of Leah I think he knows how to push her buttons to get a reaction from her. She needs to get herself together and get a lot of help with her anger and how to take responsibility for her actions. You can't change what you don't accept as dr Phil would say. I am so afraid for that baby. That violence is bound to spill over to her one day.
Lastly Maci by far the most stable. She had the bad luck of having an ass for her baby's daddy. Is he kidding 50/50 custody lets just tell it as it is his parents want joint custody. Although he has improved his mom and dad clearly take on the lions share of the work and financial responsibility, I think it is completely selfish of his parents. They should be ashamed of the way he talks to his sons mother, calling her stupid and all other names while his kid is there sometimes. His girlfriend should stay out of it she has no place in any disscussion about Bentley I hope Kyle sticks around her is good to her and her son. My only frustration with her is please get a good lawyer I am afraid she will regret it if she doesn't

I pretty much agree with your general statements, except about Maci. She is not stable. She has moved Bentley around so many times and her and Kyle do break up. And then of course get back together. Those type of off and on relationships are not good for kids. I don't see why everyone is all up and arms about 50/50 custody. My parents did that for me and my sister and we loved it, and it turned out perfect for us.

I think it's the simple fact that as a mother, you never want to let your child go. Bentley's her son, and she wants as much time with him as she can. What she has to put aside is the fact that she is not the only parent, that Bentley is just as much Ryan's as he is hers. I just think it's very hard for her to let go, which is totally understandable.

Everything you said I agree with- however you are completely wrong about Maci. She is probably the most unstable of the girls. Ryan DESERVES 50/50 custody. Maybe Maci can actually finish her degree- because by then she wont have Bentley to use as an excuse. And KYLE is no better than Dalis at all. In fact he is worse in my opinion. THey are both a bunch of lazy spoiled losers.

What makes Ryan deserve joint custody? His parents have been taking care of Bentley, not him. He's introduced Bentley to many different girlfriends and has been unable to keep a job.

Kind of sounds like someone else....Maci. She doesn't deserve Bentley because she too is alwasy out partying and who knows who Bentley is with. She also doesnt have a job either.

Gary was a jerk for having the party early and then sending pictures to Amber. I'm glad he realized it was wrong though. But he's still an a**hole. Farrah is also an a**hole and has no right to tweet Gary anything. And why is she so obsessed with a ring? She's not a real person or something. She's materialistic, nasty, and fake. Grow a soul already Farrah! You crybaby!

Ryan is also an a**hole and seriously, everyone is defending him but he is totally doing this out of spite. What is he getting back at Maci for? It's going to do nothing but hurt Bentley if he tries to break up the home her and Kyle have made over the past two years. Yes, 50/50 is good but you're gunna go after her for living with her boyfriend whom (at the time) she was with for a while? Wtf?! Ryan had so many girlfriends in and out of Bentley's life (does no one remember this?). He should get 50/50 custody because he wants more time with Bentley, not because he's mad at Maci. Maci's mom made a good point: they have to live with each other for the rest of their lives. Put the petty s*** aside and get along. Good for Maci not playing into an immature trap and giving Ryan the birth certificate. That was a mature decision and it proved Ryan wrong.

This was my favorite episode for Cate and Ty. I feel like we got to see Ty not be perfect for once. He's human and a teenager! It's no surprise he got all pissed off, he's been acting like a 50 year old grown man for ages now. It was also nice to hhear them say that they do regret their decision sometimes. They really are going to struggle with that for the rest of their lives and this is why they are on the show even though they're not parenting. It really gives some insight to how the birth parents really carry that with them forever.

By the way, why was Gary and Amber holding hands at the courthouse? Weird.

I completely agree with the Ryan part. No one seems to remember how he let down Maci and Bentley, and how many girlfriends he has had. I'm glad if he's changed though.

I don't think Maci not wanting to hand over the birth certificate was immature. Just like she told Ryan, he could go pick up a copy for himself. If a child parent's are not together, each parent should have their own copy of every document, like, birth certificates, shot records, etc. It's not Maci's responsibility to facilitate Ryan's fatherhood. If he wants the additional time & responsibility of Bentley, then he should take some things upon himself & stop expecting his mom & dad and Maci to do things he's capable of doing on his own.

P.S. If we're including the casts' twitter comments from during the show, we have to include the best gem I've read off ANY of their twitter accounts. After Maci said on the episode that Ryan couldn't even spell lawyer he tweeted:

@RyanCEdwards: "L-A-W-Y-E-R"

It's gotten 1,400+ favorites and 1,400+ retweets in the last 2 hours. Passive Aggressive ways of establishing dominance at it's best right there, folks. Hahaha!

Yes! That was HILARIOUS! I should have put that in my recap! I was seriously cracking up. :D

Am I the only one that was completely disturbed and disgusted by the way Tyler treated their dog for pooping in the house (which I believe is more of the owners fault for not making sure he was let out than the dogs fault bc dogs cant open doors). And am I also the only one who thinks that "yelling" is not at all what happened there (not the scary and alarming part at least). He clearly wrapped his hands around the dog's neck and dragged him across the room to shove his face in the poop and then picked him up and walked out of the trailer with him away from the cameras and by the time the cameras got outside the dog was getting back on his feet as if he had just been thrown and/or kicked by Tyler who was just walking away from him (with anger in his eyes). When the dog was getting up he was shaking his head a little I guess as he was trying to recover from whatever had just happened. He was obviously a little dazed and confused. I was so disturbed that I rewound and watched it multiple times just to be sure that's what really happened before going online to post this. I was hoping the first time I watched it I had imagined that it was worse than it really was but no....it really was that bad.

It really made me question Tyler and how often this kind of thing goes on at their house. And all the while the little kid (either Tyler or Caitlynn's little brother..not sure which) was obviously completely horrified by how Tyler treated the dog and sat by himself just sobbing after it happened and no one even seems to care. As if that kid doesn't have a hard enough life already. Unacceptable.

And I hate to say it because I really have always believed Caitlynn is a good person but I was also disappointed by her this episode. Assuming they both own this dog she is just as responsible for his well being as Tyler . I know she can't control Tyler's actions but just standing back and pretty casually watching it all happen makes her just as guilty to me. She needs to put her foot down and let Tyler know that kind of behavior is unacceptable.

If Tyler doesn't learn to control his temper (like NOW) and stop taking his anger issues out on the dog I REALLY hope that he and Caitlynn would do the right thing which would be to find a loving home for the dog(Caesar) elsewhere.

I haven't watched the episode yet but watched them live online when it was on and he made a big deal about how attached he is to the dog when that scene was on and she was going on and on about how the dog was his baby. Made me wonder how badly he treated the dog in that scene since they seemed to go overboard trying to make up for it. I'll watch it today when it's online. Disappointing that Tyler would act like that.

Tyler is a little B*TCH. This is the same guy that got his dog's ears CUT. Barbaric POS!!! He should not be allowed to own a dog. I would seriously take my dog's shit and smear it in his face if I ever got the chance. Let your dog out and it won't sh*t inside! Not that complicated.

Wow, I follow this show pretty closely and all the G-d awful news that accompanies it, did he really have his dog's ears cut? When?

I've noticed that over the seasons there always seems to be random animals in and out of their home - I don't think spaying or neutering is something they take too seriously, which alone makes me consider them ill-equipped to have animals.

Classy bastard! Someone commented that they couldn't understand everyone's disgust with Tyler's treatment of the dog - after all, that's how you train a dog, this commentor said. Really? On what planet? Yelling (and at the way Tyler yelled it was more like screaming) at the dog only instills fear, rubbing it's nose in it's feces doesn't help matters any, and he may as well have kicked the dog off the front porch the way he was ranting and raving - the poor dog probably wouldn't have been any more shocked.

I completely agree with everything you said. The way he treated that poor dog was appalling. It was so awful that Nick was sobbing, and Catelynn didn't say ANYTHING to him that we saw. I couldn't handle being with someone like that. I don't see why this was everyone's favorite episode of Catelynn and Tyler. It was by far my least and changed my opinion of them and not for the better.

To the poster that hasn't seen it yet, it was borderline animal abuse. He says now that it's the "old school" way of punishing your dog. Uh. There's a reason it's old school. It's completely unacceptable.

It was almost like he was trying to look masculine and hard for the cameras. Oh look at me I'm such a big man with my temper. Newsflash idiot - pick on someone your own size!! I am SO thankful that Carly isn't with them. Can you imagine how horrified Carly's parents are?!?

Really he seemed completely out of control. It was so unlike the him we've seen in the show that it was a shock. You may be right about him trying to be masculine, but it seemed like something more than that. I almost don't think it even looked stage, otherwise he's a he** of an actor.

I agree - some ppl thought it was staged, and if it was indeed staged, then Tyler should be nominated for an Emmy or whatever the heck the award is given for television shows! I was startled by his reaction and it wasn't even live!

Old school dog discipline is abuse imo. Plus some have commented that by the looks of the feces that dog may have an illness. If that's the case, they often can't help having an accident. I have a dog that has chronic diarrhea unless he takes daily medication and if we don't take him out enough during the day he will have an accident inside, but he clearly can't help it. Anyways, how Tyler acted was cruel and the fact that he sort of laughed it off calling it old school makes it even worse! And the way Caitlyn responded by not standing up for the dog or letting Tyler know right away that he was behaving like a jerk and scaring Nick, shows me that she's too frightened herself and I could see her as one of those mothers in a domestic violence situation who sees it happening to her kids and doesn't leave or do anything to stop it. These two need to get away from each other, get some therapy for help in dealing with their pasts and try to build up their own self esteem through their own work and accomplishments imo.

I've noticed that Caitlynn and Tyler seem to have a small army of dogs running around their trailer all the time (maybe it's not the case anymore, seeing as they bought a house). Little "purse dogs" as I call them, were in so many shots..running around..jumping on the couch...on them. It always made me laugh and wonder where all of these dogs are coming from.

I've never "rubbed" my dog's nose in his accidents. I wonder just how effective it is. It also isn't very effective to flip your switch, physically carry a dog outside and scream at it (and god knows what else) for pooping on the floor. It just causes the dog to fear you..and you know, that's no way to treat an animal.

Finally: His screaming and freak out, didn't help with Nick's situation. Think about it, that kid just saw his mother and step father fight like two crackheads for the last rock (maybe literally). He heard screaming, saw the hole in the wall his mother's made and saw/knows Butch has been hauled off to the clinker..again. No wonder the poor kid was crying. He's had enough screaming in life, he doesn't need it anymore. Of all people Caitlynn and Tyler should know that*

*And I realize, people let their temper get the best of them sometimes..but really, Tyler needed to calm the eff' down. At least he went to the therapist to talk it out...

Yes, I've noticed lots of animals around them too - mainly dogs, and some cats. Have Husky Kitty and Son of a Butch figured out where puppies and kittens come from yet? Doesn't seem like they are the most responsible pet caretakers!

This episode with Catelynn & Tyler made me think "why did I just assume they were both normal?" Judging by Cate's mother perhaps it is quite possible that she would continue the cycle in bad choices of men in her life? I was sure she would have kept Carley if not for Tylers decision to give her up (not that I think that was a bad decision) I just think that Catelynn is very very insecure and I hope she is not settling for Tyler as she is worth so much :( Tyler - shame on you

Tyler and Catelynn are idiots. Don't have 16 dogs if you can't handle the occasional accident.

Farrah- She is a complete and total bitch. I really feel sorry for Sophia having to grow up with Farrah as her Mom. When Debra asked when were they gonna see them again maybe Christmas and Farrah responded with were not gonna be flying all the time. Really? Christmas is too much to ask? I guess Farrah figured that was a busy time at bars in Florida so she would be missing out on all the tips from shaking her fake booty while pouring awful drinks. I got two predictions for Farrah. One is that she will be in Playboy next year after she has exhausted every other revenue scam, sorry I mean source she can thing of. 2nd predicition is that she will be swinging around a stripper pole in two years.

Amber - Didn't everyone else just love when Amber said to Gary "Don't put your personal issues in front of your child!" Um....hey Amber how is jail going? I also think the producers may have put Gary up to sending that picture of the party to Amber to cause drama. But Gary is a jerk also, so it could have been all him which I'm sure caused the producers of the show to salivate like pavlov's dog.

Cate and Ty - And speaking of dogs....You people need to chill out a bit. So Tyler yelled at a dog that pooped on the floor and was barking when it wasn't supposed to. That's how you train a dog. I didn't see Tyler anywhere near having a complete meltdown and breaking things or abusing the puppy. Also I can't believe Tyler let the cameras in for his therapy session. Seems like such a personal private matter but hey glad to see he is working stuff out.

Maci - I loved her conversation with her friend at school. Her friend is just enabling Maci's feelings by saying "I think Ryan still likes you." Great job random friend. I still believe Maci has feelings for Ryan and can't wait to see more proof during the reunion episode. Dalis was a little less ditzy in this episode. Was it just me or was every scene Ryan in he seemed stoned?

Now I'm gonna close out this post with my favorite line of the season. Bentley "Baby Mama Drama." "Loooone Bird" by Farrah was a close second.

If i was Ryan and had to deal with Maci & Dalis, I sure as heck would be getting high every day.

That is a very good point. I would be too.

Seriously, what is wrong with you? I hope you don't have dogs. What Tyler did is NOT normal. It is possible for people who aren't total heathens to train a dog without even smacking it. Positive reinforcement DOES actually work, but people get so hopped up angry when their animals have accidents, they don't even try to do it the right way.

If you have dogs, cats, or any other animals, please find them good homes.

All Animal Lovers

So your saying it's wrong that I yell at my fish when they poop in the wrong part of the tank too?

Just to abuse your animals generally.

Phish have feelings too. We're all phriends.

Sorry but that's a stupid comment. He didn't beat the dog. He had ONE bad day and yelled at his dog. Wow what a monster!

They don't show him beating Catlynn or kicking his dogs around in every episode people. Good grief.

It is NOT a stupid comment. Apparently Tyler mentioned something about punching the dog that I read somewhere. I doubt that is the first time it's happened. Obviously MTV has simply chosen not to air previous episodes but this one made it clear that Tyler has issues with his temper and control otherwise he would've been a lot more remorseful, especially for how he made Nick cry. And Caitlyn didn't seem all that surprised either. Plus you know what? Even if it was one time, it doesn't make it right or okay.

You must not have watched it. He screamed like a psychopath at the dog (not in any way a normal reprimand), then he grabbed the dog by the throat and pushed his face in the poop then he threw the dog out the door and when the cameramen got outside the dog was trying to recover from being either kicked or thrown and was on its back. Your comment is stupid.

It doesn't matter if he does it in every episode. Most people are not CAPABLE of being violent like that to a dog or to anything else for that matter. The fact that he is at all is distressing for Catelynn and for anyone else he might decide to rage on in the future, not to mention the poor dog that he unfortunately still has. How can you not be completely appalled by that scene after watching how scared Nick was? The child was SOBBING his eyes out because Tyler went ballistic on the dog for having an accident. And the thing that makes me the angriest about that whole scene was that it was TYLER'S FAULT (and Catelynn's) that the dog went to the bathroom in the house. You have to take puppies out like once an hour to prevent every accident. If you don't, then its your own fault that the dog goes to the bathroom. I house trained my puppy with a combination of positive reinforcement and crate training (used sparingly). I NEVER acted anything remotely like Tyler, and all of my dogs are perfectly house trained. The point is that acting like that is not normal or necessary and people that do are sick and demented in the head. The poor little puppy is defenseless.

Also, if you haven't noticed, they edit a lot of this crap out. Have you seen a scene of Maci partying? No? Well she does that about every single day, so it is safe to say they only show what they want to show. The fact that they showed it at all probably proves that it's a lot worse when the cameras are not around.

Absolutely right! I hate it when people consider abuse of dogs or kids "normal". People used to take their kids out to the woodshed and beat them with a belt and that used to be considered normal but it didn't make it right. Shoving your dog's nose into his poop doesn't make him stop pooping. Do they take all their dogs out for real walks everyday? Somehow I doubt they are very responsible dog owners. Educate yourself about what is the right way to train a dog instead of falling back on old cliches that were more excuses for people to let our their own anger on helpless animals than in really solving the problem. Empathy much? Clearly not!

Please stop saying Tyler's yelling made Nick cry. MTV's Edit Magic made it look like that. If you looked closer when Tyler was yelling at the dog Nick was wearing play clothes, when they cut to him crying he was in his pajamas. So either the kid can change outfits as fast as Superman in a phonebooth or he was crying because he didn't want to go to bed.

Also Tyler and Catelynn expained exactly that on their ustream during the show. Open your eyes girl!

Whether the child cried or not is irrelevant although MTV did make it look like that, and some of us don't watch the episodes 15 times to catch every editing trick that MTV uses. The fact is that what he did was cruel and unnecessary and his dogs should be removed from him until he gets a grip on himself. He actually defended his actions saying that was "old school punishment" it is people like you and all of the other idiots on here acting like its okay that enable people like Tyler to commit animal abuse. I hope someone calls the cops on him and has his animals placed in a better home. That's what they did to Amber, and he deserves it especially since he is under some delusion that his actions towards his animals are acceptable, when they definitely are NOT.

Lol ryan tweet. The twitter was more interesting! I hated seeing gary and amber fight it made me so sad to see it and i feel for poor Leah not seeing her mommy for awhile. Glad to see ryan and dalis talking it over in a mature way! And the end was sooo sad i dont want them gone:( :(

Gary WAS being a bastard and saying awful things. She's a whore because she is dating someone else? He sent her that picture just to piss her off and is so passive aggressive. He was completely out of line. If I were her, I'd need to be hopped up on drugs and suicidal too. Give her a break!

Are Melinda and Stevebeans a couple? :) Melinda? Steve? Are you? :D
I'm sorry, I wasn't sure if there was sarcasm or just joking going on :D

I'm so sad about Amber. She has really HUGE problems and it's going to take ages before she's ok. I'm not even sure if it's possible for her to fully receover one day. Gary isn't helping her at all, he's so jealous over everything I'm starting to think he has mental problems, too. Farrah was right about him.

I'm not from USA and I think I'll have to wait for Teen Mom season 3 looong months, but I really loved all the recaps here (thanks, Melinda and Stevebeans!!! :*) and I will totally miss Teen Mom. I don't think Teen Mom 3 is going to be equally good.

Yes, Stevebeans is my boyfriend and has been for almost 7 years. He's the only one I found so far who can put up with me! Haha!

Oh, this is so sweet that you guys run this blog together :)) I wish you a lot of love and happiness. :)

the end of an era. the first era.

i'll watch teen mom 2 and 3 because i really don't have much else to do tuesday nights at 10 but this was the original girls. the girls who did not know how big this was going to get. i think i always liked them best because i wanted to believe they weren't in it for money and honestly wanted to share their stories. while i don't think this anymore since i've seen how these girls behave, i will still miss them because i enjoyed watching their kids grow these past three years.

any one know when teen mom 2 starts up again? i feel like it has been forever since we saw those girls.

I don't know the exact date Teen Mom 2 will return, but Randy (Chelsea's dad) tweeted recently that it will be in the Fall! I'll let everyone know when I find out. :)

Farrah ~ A completely spoiled-brat, selfish, socially maladjusted woman who thinks she can get away with speaking harshly to everyone & treating people meanly, then calls them "stupid, rude, dumb" or some other derogatory name just because they react to her the way any NORMAL person would. Seems to thinks she's attractive for some reason? (slender does NOT equal pretty or good looking and most of all, an UGLY personality ruins any possibility of anyone even considering you being even remotely attractive) Farrah's sister is similarly strange and bitchy. Why do they both give their Mother such a hard time? And their Dad, too? Or "Michael" I should say. Who calls their Dad by their first name anyway? Very weird daughters. Yes, Debra is a little "off" with her constant usage of the baby-voice, but come on, we all learn to get over our parents' ways. Selfish Farrah loves to whine and complain about her Mom being too involved in her life, but OH BOY, the second Farrah sniffs out the chance of having a man in her life, she calls up her parents and finally 'gives in' to their desire to have their Grandchild in their life more - so she then basically shoves her toddler off on her parents for an entire month without a care. Selfish, selfish, selfish. And remember when her Dad ("Michael") helped Farrah out SO much by driving her U-haul across umpteen states (it took him 7 days and nites to do the drive, ALONE of course...... Farrah flew to Florida after the hard part was completed by her Dad). A psychologist would have a field day with her! But she would never stay in counseling for long, because it requires honesty with oneself and Farrah is stuck wanting to believe that everything is someone else's fault and NONE of hers. Good luck to her on finding any man that would have even a long term relationship with her! My husband see's her for a second while passing through the room and just says, "Ugh, what a high maintenance stuck-up bitch! I don't have one friend that would ever take her seriously for more than PART of one night!" I encourage her to (1)Get counseling and STAY in it for a LONG TIME, (2)Take your spoiled brat but cute)daughter to counseling starting NOW, (3) Throw out any/all of the ridiculously over-used PACIFIER's!! They aren't meant to last until puberty! She's already got buck-teeth from sucking on that thing for so long, not to mention that she can't form understandable words with her "sucky" in her mouth! (4) STAY IN SCHOOL - GET A GREAT EDUCATION!! This way you won't have to depend on a man for your income. At the rate your personality is (not) developing, a nice, stable man with a good job is NOT in your future, so you're gonna need that education to get a good job! And I don't think your cooking is going to "bring home the bacon". Get a REAL education, do the hard work and stick to it, you can do it if you really try! Then find a REAL job. Forget about spending time dating until you can improve as a person, then until you have your education, then THINK about having another child. Until then, please JUST SAY NO!!

I was totally with you until you started calling Sophia a spoiled brat with buck-teeth who can't talk correctly. This should be deleted. I thought nasty comments about the kids wouldn't be tolerated?

It's not nasty if it's the truth.

Okay, everyone is saying how Dalis defended Maci but from what I saw when Ryan mentioned how he could "put an end to that" Dalis turned and gave Ryan the "oh no you didnt!" face. She clearly didnt like that Ryan had a problem with Maci and Kyle living together because it shows that maybe he is jealous. I liked when she did bring about how what happens when they live together and you can hear Ryan's dad say "why would you two live together?" and she makes a nasty face and shoots back "because Larry we love each other." She embarreses herself..

I agree. Dalis didn't defend Maci, she just wants to live with Ryan.

Maybe Dalis wants Ryan and Maci to get along because she doesn't like being around conflict, or hearing about how much he hates her or something. Maybe she'd hear less about MAci if Maci wasn't such a thorn in Ryan's side. That's how I would feel, at least.

I choked back tears at the end. These former teens and babies have come so far. I wish them all nothing but the best and hope to see at least some of them again.

I don't think Maci wants Ryan. I think she just had a hard time letting go of that idea of that "perfect family" for Bentley. I feel Ryan could have walked without a backward glance if not for his Mother and having to pay CS. Was anyone else completely dumbfounded by Sophia's "You're a bad person." to Farrah??? Out of the mouths of babes. She can't fly out for a Family Christmas... But she had no problem hopping a plane to Texas and being more obnoxious than ever. I finally agree with Gary on something... And it had to come out on Twitter. I wish they hadn't ended on such an odd note with Tyler. I hate loose ends. My warmest wishes are for Leah. I am afraid she has a tough road ahead of her. I am going to miss them all... Please keep us updated!

catelynn and tyler had said they weren't happy with the ending mtv gave them. i can see why.

Yeah, it just seemed completely out of left field.

it is kind of hard to end a series like this cause its somewhat real life. you can't just write characters off. unless you wanna pull what the hills producers did and basically admit it was all fake....

but i think where as everyone else's ending looked towards the future, catelynn and tyler's kind of left them stuck

I completely agree, Suzanne.

Anyone notice how different Sophia looked? Im pretty sure she was gone for longer then a month. She looked so much older and her hair was way longer. Or it was a reenactment when the reunited. Her telling her shes a bad person was too funny, I bet Debra said that a few times around her. Oh and your a crybaby momma. Im gonna miss that Sophia! She needs a spin off show, imagine what shell say to Farrah as she gets older!!!

No spinoff show! No more Farrah on tv! Period!

Just sophia no farrah

I meant only have Sophia on tv. Shes too funny.

Yeah, cool idea, but it'd never happen. Sophia, Farrah, and Debra, are gonna be women that are completely dependent on one another, but abuse each other constantly. Sounds like a tv show to me... hahaha

Little kids do change really fast - maybe she had better nutrition at Debra's? hahah. But honestly, kids do change fast, esp. when they're young. Perhaps it was a reinactment, as well.

I cried so many times while watching this episode. When Amber was holding the cupcake up to Leah's face to blow out the candle- SO SAD!

I've never been a big fan of Farrah, but after the tweet she sent Gary last night.. I am so glad I never have to see her ugly crying face again! She's going to grow up to be a "lone bird" with her hollier than thou attitude.

Cate and Ty always make me cry. Seeing the emotions Ty is struggling with because of his father is heartbreaking. It was totally weird seeing him get mad at stuff though. I don't think anyone knew he had a cranky side.

Maci really gets undet my skin sometimes. The way she talks sometimes, it's like she expects God to come down from the heavens kissing her feet and handing her a mother of the year award.

I just wanna slap both Gary and Amber in the face. Do they even watch the show? I doubt it, because if they watched the show they would see how stupid they both look and buck up. I feel horrible for Amber because I think she really and truly loves Leah and wants the best for her.

So Im already invested in Teen Mom 2, but I'm not going to watch Teen Mom 3 because this is really sad and I can't go through this two more times. The end.

The bs about "anxiety attacks" with amber, is just that! Bs. Amber was acting for those damn cameras and idc what anyone says about their boyfriend having a panic attack and how serious it is. What the hell ever. Amber is full of drama and runs on attention. Gary certainly wasn't concerned. After the 3rd time calling her name to come back to the phone he said "ok I'm hanging up" then did so. Amber was just fine. With a severe case of nutty. if the blogger leaves things out that y'all feel should be said... Then I have an idea... Go make ur own blog. That way u can write every detail just like you want.

Well that was a slew of unintelligent words thrown together. In MY expert opinion being that I have suffered from anxiety attacks for the last 5 years, Amber actually held it together for the cameras. Panic attacks are a very REAL and terrifying experience to say the least. It can get so bad that you don't even know who you are or what you're doing. For her to just lay down and cry takes strength during an attack. Just because Gary wasn't concerned doesn't mean it wasn't real. Seriously? How can a mature adult be so incredibly ignorant and plain rude? How old ARE you? I mean come on.

I agree. As a student in the medical field and having to learn about disorders such as panic attacks and anxiety, I feel you are just being a self absorbed bitch who has no idea what they are talking about. Panic attacks are real. And they can be scary.

Hey Jenny and Ashley... No one gives a fuck about ur expert opinion she said what she felt like saying, just like y'all felt like telling everyone what y'all felt. Who cares. It's tv. If y'all beleive 50% of that shit is real y'all have no common sense.

Real mature. I don't think this about believing everything that happens on reality TV, it's about knowing PANIC ATTACKS are real. Seriously? Lol

You guys obviously don't know you ppl personally that suffer from conditions like these

I started watching the show as pure comedy, as ugly as that sounds. But now that it is over, I'm disappointed they did not give them counseling through out the show. Amber has gotten angrier, they could of helped her regain custody- they just let her become more bitter because she doesn't know what she is doing- her mom did a bad job herself. I think Gary's mom should get custody, Gary is an insecure psycho who knows how to push her buttons.
Tyler hates the fact he is with Cate. He wanted to dump her because she didn't go to school but now he is stuck with her because she is going to go now. Her mom is a ignorant for even dating Tyler's dad. Weird- obviously she is still a selfish person late in the game as well. Tyler is scared to be on his own and needs to leave Cate instead of being a rude.
Daniel shouldn't of been such a wuss and told Farrah what an ugly person she is and called her out on insulting his step mom. No one puts her in her place so she never sees her mistakes. She is ugly towards her parents and what goes around comes around. She is going to be needy like her mom and Sophia is going to be out partying not wanting anything to do with her.
Dr Drew is making money off all these girls watching them self destruct without positive influences in their lives. If you are a counselor/psychologist he should have sessions through out the show, he is obviously an arrogant money hungry jerk and truly doesn't care about their welfare. He isn't helping any of them so why is he even on the show...............to free themselves of the guilt of exposing these girls and their troubles for the sake of making money. There are so many single mom's in the world, we need to raise our sons better to be the men that we wanted to marry. Break the cycle. I love my little boys and at 6 years old my oldest opens the door for mommy, picks me a pretty flower when he sees one, gives me random kisses. Some people get so caught up in the stress of life that they forget what really matters, family.

I agree with these comments. Why does MTV have pretense of someone caring about these girls when clearly so much could have been done by making them aware of behavior patterns and how they were causing their own problems most of the time? Instead they filmed it and let the spiral continue. Unless they were very selective, most of the adults in these kids' lives were not capable of giving sound advice 98% of the time!

All very true!

I honestly don't think Maci still loves Ryan, she's just having a hard time getting over the fact that Ryan treated her and Bentley like s*** and let her down when she needed him most.

I agree. When Maci got pregnant, Ryan promised her that he would be there for her and the baby, but wasn't. Obviously that hurt her.

i was just on farrahs twitter reading the fight with gary and i cannot believe her book is on the new york times best seller list for e-books.

apparently because of this success farrah told mom finds.com she's planning several more books.

honestly i thought one was okay. explain the derek situation. but what else do we need to know farrah? we saw teen mom, that was your book. go away!

Maybe she'll write a cookbook featuring "fortune cookie cannoli." :p

as long as its not a parenting book i'll be happy.
or a book on style/make up.

sophia's a cute kid but she has no discipline and yes the paci does bother me! maybe it's because my son starting spitting it out at 3 months, but yeah.

and a style book, well unless you weigh 90 lbs you probably don't fit into farrahs ideal style.

LOl the paci is ridiculous but I think Farrah disciplines Sophia better than Leah and Bentley. Leah has no guidance seing as her mother is in and out of jail and rehab and Gary is a just a fat loser who parties and drops Leah off with his mom all the time and Maci provides no consistency for Bentley whatsoever(in and out of daycare etc) At least Farrah punishes Sophia and you saw her put Sophia on time out a few times throughout the series.

This is just my opinion from what I've seen

farrah tries to discipline, but sophia still does things over and over again.

a few episodes ago all farrah would do is put sophia in her room or in bed, without explaining what sophia did was wrong.

for some reason i see leah and bentley as more well behaved

Your right about the whole Farrah not explaining what Sophia did wrong when punishing her.

Regardless I think all these kids are going to have issues as they get older, with the crappy parent shtey've been dealt with (for the most part)

Farrah laughs when Sophia hits her.

But it was awesome that Sohpia told Farrah that she is a bad person and a cry baby.

My thing about the Finale Season & everything.. nothing has changed.
The last episode, as well as this whole season, has really been nothing spectacular. They are all just the same.

Farrah: You are still just a little spoiled fucking brat. You are a cunt, and always will be one. The only difference, you are now able to live in Florida "on your own" and drive a nice car and have a nice apartment with good child care. But no matter what, you'll always be a twat. Nothing has changed.

Amber: You are still fucking psycho. Only difference, now you are about 50lbs lighter, more makeup caked on, and you can buy a ridiculously nice home. But nothing has changed.

Maci: You are still a huge, hypocritical bitch. You still argue with Ryan and belittle him. You still act like a hypocrite over the majority of everything you do and say. You still portray the character of greatest mom, but you really aren't. The only difference is you can now dye your hair too many damn times, drive a nice car, have a nice house, and not have to do anything. Ever. Really, you still sit around and do nothing all day. Nothing has changed.

Catelynn: You are still fucking sad. And it's nothing to be ashamed of. Granted, you now have resources to do thing with your life. But the fact of the matter is, nothing has changed for you.

Even with the dads..

Gary: You are still a fat bastard. Only difference, you have gained the 50lbs that Amber lost and added a little bit more of a douchebag attitude. But you're still obsessed with Amber, and you are still not influencing Leah in the best way possible. Nothing has changed.

Ryan: You are still a pushover. Granted, you have matured of the seasons, and I give you props for sticking it to Maci, but you are still a pussy. But now, instead of a shitty apartment, you live with your parents. You have a nice car, and nice things. But, you are whipped by Dalis and your parents and have no mind of your own. Nothing has changed.

Tyler: You are still in another world I feel like. The world is not a therapy session (as another commenter had pointed out once). You are still as sad as ever with Cate and your parents and family are still crazy. Granted, you have resources now to get you out of your predicament, but nothing has changed.

This show has done nothing for these young parents but make them more worthless to society. I really almost wish that MTV had never paid them, because I'm sure there would have been way more of a character development throughout the years. The teens would have actually had to grow and learn instead of being able to sit back and enjoy a nice fat paycheck.

I understand it's worth it for them to get paid for putting their lives out there, but this show has done absolutely nothing for anything of them. Nothing has changed.

Good riddance to them all. Sorry for my rant..

TL;DR version: None of them have changed. They are brats.

Polite request time- you're not the only person on here who does this, so please don't take this as a personal criticism, but let's try and phase out the use of the word "cunt". It has done its dash as an edgy insult and has gone back to being grotesque. There are far more creative terms out there- for example, one could say that they feel "dicksnapping hate for that fuckstick Gary". It's fun!

haha, I actually was having a drunken discussion with one of my friends the other day about the most offensive and vulgar terms the out there. That was definitely top 1 or 2. But I feel Farrah is so much a polyamorous, phallic snatchwagon way too caught up in her own reveries to not refer to her as such.

or slut puppy, as gary introduced last night.

i tried not to laugh when amber was crying into the phone "but i am not a slut" it sounded as if she was trying to convince herself of that fact.

I love that it took less than ten minutes for someone to come up with a term as categorically brilliant as "polyamorous phallic snatchwagon". I'll be using that in my day-to-day life!

LMAO. This is great. Like...the finale of Teen Mom comments. You summed up everything perfectly! There's nothing left say.

Indeed. I'd add that Amber, Gary, Maci, Kyle and Tyler have all gone downhill.

Did anyone else notice that the guy Amber was "dating" seemed like he was going to barf every time she leaned in for a kiss? He had a face like "MTV did not pay me enough for this!!" Are we supposed to believe he actually wanted to hang out in bed all day with miss caterpillar eyes? Look who she was with before - Gary. He is pretty much exactly what she deserves. A normal guy? I don't buy it.

its likely he literally dropped out of the sky. ambers eyelashes must have caught him on the way down.

thats one thing i hate abotu this show, people just showing up at random. only maci seems to have a solid group of friends who have stayed around since 16 & preg.

Maci also takes her friends on lavish vacations to party and pays for them. I'd stick around too. ;)

Weighing the options an awesome vacation but you have to deal with Maci. Don't think I could do that. What am I thinking she would never be my friend, I would always be making fun of her shitty cupcake tattoos.

Me too! The cupcakes on her back - I'm sure she'll enjoy explaining the meaning behind them to her grandkids in 40 years...

He looked like he was on something. No wonder he was/is (hell if I know) dating Amber. Also, "I've never had Italian food"??? I call shananagoats on that.

LMAO. You had me at caterpillar eyes.

My roommate and I believe he was probably a paid actor. Come on...she and Gary were still together AND held hands at the courthouse at the end of the episode? That was strictly to push a storyline along, I'm sure. Oh, and she was kissing him with food still in her mouth. Anyone notice that? EW!

Debra obviously wasn't a good mother to Farrah, but she's great with Sophia. While Farrah was partying and doing drugs, her parents took care of her child. They should've filed for custody, like Barbara did.

Why does Ryan deserve joint custody? Ryan didn't give a damn about Bentley when he was a baby. He should be grateful that Maci is willing to co-parent after everything he's put her through.

I completely agree.

Does anyone think Farrah is just doing everything she can to stay relevant..she is copying behavior of the "bad teen moms" who get all the press...oh, now Farrah does drugs, oh now Farrah gets in Twitter wars, now Farrah has a youtube channel...and did I hear it correctly, did she say that Derrick had proposed to her? I call complete BS on that..she just realized around season 2 that a dead boyfriend made for a good storyline and decided to milk it for all it was worth...all of a sudden they were like Romeo and Juliet..nope, bet the just dated for a while, had sex, he realized how nuts she was and dumped her..end of story. I am so looking forward to her crash and burn..almost as much as Jenelle..

Haha! I totally agree. I was like screaming at the tv that she's so full of crap. I thought when she was pregnant he pretty much told her that he wanted nothing to do with her. I tried to find the season one episodes online just so i could watch it again for that. No luck though :(

Can't stand all the credit Gary gets. He is not a fantastic father he is only better than the alternative (aka not in "jel"). He was 22 when Leah was born and is almost 26 now he shouldn't even be thought of as a teen dad at all. Maybe it's time to grow up and decide "it's Leah time" Gary. And pick up a vegetable while you're at it.

I agree. Gary is not that young and he should not be sitting around on his butt all day. Instead of wasting all the MTV money on strip clubs and hookers, Gary should be setting up a trust fund for her daughter's future education, and maybe looking into going back to school himself. It bugs me that these kids all waste money on fancy cars and parties and renting big houses and boob jobs, etc. instead of really using the opportunities that this money provided by investing some of it for the future and trying to better themselves and their position. Farrah does seem to be trying but she's such a hopeless case. Something is wrong with that girl. She doesn't seem to be able to talk normally and clearly doesn't know how to interact with people, not even her toddler. The stuff she says to Sophia is ridiculous.

laughed out loud at this comment

Bwhaha! Everytime I hear her say "jel", I want to pull off her eyelashes and stuff them in my ears!

Let's be painfully honest guys, chances are Leah will not need a college fund.

Seriously Gary is a fucking loser. He is so pathetic and a fucking jerk. Stop trying to use your daughter to keep Amber. She doesn't want to be with you get the fuck over it! All that cramp happened to Amber because of Garry. Garry just needs to get over the fact that she doens't love him nemore. Or maybe she would if his fatass would fucking loose some damn weight!!! But don't use your daughter against Amber. Amber and Leah would be so much happier if it was just them two!! Garrys not even a good parent, his mom always the one who has Leah.
I don't like the way Farrah treats her parents either but damn Garry just shut the fuck up fatass!!

Gary is a misogynistic POS and no member of the opposite sex would give him the time of day if he wasn't "famous". I've only heard the term "slut puppy" used in pornography, and I'd bet money that's how Gary learned that delightful phrase. Amber has done a lot of things wrong and nothing will ever excuse her assaulting Gary, but I think if she's able to get herself cleaned up and some mental help (and not some half-assed attempt in front of TV cameras like on TM) then she'll be okay. IMO she really does love Leah, she's just in a terrible place mentally right now and thus was not able to express that love or act like a parent. It annoys me that people praise Gary as a great father when a.) it seems like he does the bare minimum, which is his JOB since he decided to play a part in bringing another life into the world and b.) he was mentally abusive and incredibly manipulative to his child's mother. I hope Gary gains some self-awareness and takes a good look at his behavior because Leah needs someone in her life who will be a good example for her, especially since one of her parents is in prison. I feel terrible for her and I hope that her future is much less dysfunctional.

I honestly agree with Maci.. Ryan shouldn't get equal custody as Maci, because she was the one always taking care of Bently and being a fulltime mom and dad for him since the day he was born. Ryan was always going out and chose his friends over his son. I dont think thats fair. And now all of a sudden he wants to be a #1 dad! Bullshit. He's only doing it because his parents are pushing him!

I have a situation similar to Maci's..and all I can say about hers is she should give Bentley the opportunity to spend time with his father..I hate sharing my baby, who is 10, but I know one day she will be thankful I let her spend the time with her dad..as long as I know she is safe and happy I allow it..does not have to be 50/50 but he should be given the opportunity to spend more time with his son if he wants it..sucks that he was pt a so good dad in the begining but besides bentley being able to see it on tv,which is unfortinate,he will not rememeber..dont have to forgive or forget what a pos ryan was but moving on is what should happen..Co parenting is super hard but doable..she will learn eventually how to do it..You can parent a child together and not be together!

When Bentley was born, Ryan was a terrible father. However, he's gotten better. Maci is the one who needs to get her act together. She is going out more now than Ryan did when Bentley was born. Check her twitter. She drinks almost every day.

plus ryan probably felt trapped w someone he hated & mtv just didn't show his side

Yes Ryan was a jerk when Bentley was born but Maci needs to leave the past in the past and think about what is right for Bentley now. If Ryan wants Bentley half the time then she should try to think of it as a positive. It's a chance for her to get her schooling done and also a chance for Ryan to take a real parental role with his son instead of just a Dad who plays with him for a few hours each week. I also think part of the impetus for the joint custody is because of Maci constantly threatening Ryan with how she doesn't have to let him see Bentley or this or that. Ryan is his father and he legally deserves visitation. Going for joint custody will set the rules for each of them so that Maci can't use Bentley as a pawn or lord her power and authority over Ryan, which I think is a good thing for Bentley. I also don't think MTV shows Ryan as he really is. They make him look like he's a deadbeat who lies around his parents house, but I've read he works a fulltime job and has bought his own place, so he's probably not quite the person MTV portrays him as.

Totally agree! How up in their family's business she is really grinds my gears! My daughter is with me during the school year and with her dad 3 weekends a month and if there is a off day she is usually with him too..and in the summers it is more 50/50...and get this we have NO court order! We can be fair and work things out on our own!! I do not by any means sharing my girl but I know it is the right thing for her..maci will learn eventually she is a smart girl..she just needs to realize its not all about her and what she wants it's about what is best for her son..but I also being a teen mom myself look back at how I acted when I was younger and thank god I never let a film crew show my immaturness for the world to see.. She will look back and shake her head at this all..

Exactly! I have a similar schedule like you do with my daughter. I miss her when she is with her father but i knowits for the best. And luckily, my ex and I get along which makes things so much easier. Maci is an idiot

Does anybody else find it gross that Ryan has the same red sheets on his bed that he had when him and Maci lived together.I don't know why but this bugs me alotlol.Go buy some new sheets please.

I find it weird that you even remember the sheets he had when they were together

Amber- She is obnoxious and crazy, sure, but what that boils down is to someone with poor cause and effect skills. She very much lives in the now and doesn't see the results of how her tantrums and anger can effect leah or her ownself clearly. Anger management didn't help her, because somehow someway growing up shes developed the yelling and flipping out skill. This has happened her entire run through the show, she doesn't see anything wrong with punching Gary, and still clearly wants to give him a good choke. This relationship has always been a hot mess, and I've really hoped they would just be over one another. I believe she goes to Gary when she needs him or feels lonely, but no she doesn't really love him. She expresses 99% of the time how much she hates him. Im sure right now she is writing him letters from jail claiming she wants to be a "family". Gary has always slyly used leah to manipulate their relationship. Last night he used her against amber out of jealousy. Huge no-no. All these years though, he should really WATCH the show and determine he needs to stop being ambers door mat. Either that or he just loves abuse. Long story short, the two never shouldve reproduced and I feel so sorry for leah.

Farrah - Spoiled and nasty to everyone. This has always been the case. I feel bad about the loss of Derreck, infact this could be a part of the reason shes become "nastier" through the years. The girl just needs a big slice of humble pie. I hope she does some self attitude adjusting in the future. If she doesn't, she will have a hard time finding love and even worse, her daughter will grow to act that way 10 fold towards her. Sophia already cops an attitude and it may be cute now, but not down the road. I do applaud her though for the most part staying involved with her cute daughter.

Maci - Her and ryan tossed their relationship down the tube when it really wasn't neccessary. I don't think they were good for eachother exactly but they broke up due to ridiculous reasons. The type of things people can resolve in relationships. Guys don't like nagging, any of them, and Maci's mom had it on the dot that she does try to much to change ryan even today. She acted more as his mother than girlfriend during their short time together. The reason maci and kyle get along so well is likely because he doesn't argue with her. Even with the house decision, he just said, "sure, okay!" She has a very controlling personality. It never ceases to sadden me though the messed up joint custody they share. Watching makes me wonder how they ever at one point liked eachother!? Ryan could try harder to develop a friendship with Maci. He sees and talks to her like the devil is lashing out trying to snatch his soul or something. It really wouldn't kill him to tune out and get along with his baby mama. This is a two-way street though, maci always tries to "maturely" put him down with her arms crossed and blah blah blah complain complain complain. Very sad situation. The two just need to hug or something.

Catelynn- Last night it was very odd to see Tyler acting so immature anger wise. Not once can i recall him "losing" his temper on the show unless it was to their parents. This really made me feel they did do the best thing for their daughter. Everything happens for a reason, and they made a good point that if he was yelling at Carly that way, that would be a mess. They seem the most mature, yet immature of the couples. They act their age. I will miss seeing them, and I have always felt sad for them because I can't imagine what a life long battle it could be coping with adoption. Nonetheless, they would've made good parents, and that must be a hard thing to deal with day to day. Parenting never came with a manual, but I think they wouldve done okay. Its true anger comes from things inside, and the adoption they did and their family life would take anyone to a breaking point. I truly wish them the best!

the end was sad. I remember watching all of those episodes! I wish the cast the best, I watched this show when I first became pregnant 3 years ago also a teenager. I was intrigued watching the commercials, it gave me so much to relate to. This show has ran its course though, the money definately effected the end outcome. The show wouldve been much different if they weren't having huge amounts of money given to them by MTV. But its been awesome watching the babies grow and getting some entertainment with the drama! Now bring on the TM2!!

can Farrah decide whether she lives in Omaha or Iowa? wth.
ambers eyelashes look like theyre covered in dust.
maci looked so hungover throughout this entire episode it was hard to watch.

council bluffs, iowa is across a river from omaha, nebraska.
likely farrah flies in and out of omaha so i think that's why she says going to omaha or home to omaha.

also, did anyone else notice the hookah on Farrah's shelf? lolol

The fact that Amber never seems to have enough time to follow up with her outpatient rehab, or get herslef a house where her child can spend the night, yet had time to find a boyfriend shows that she is not putting her child as a priority. I don't think there was really anything wrong with Gary having his own party but sending the picture to taunt Amber had the exact result he should have predicted. I am sure his full intention was to push her buttons. Both of them are sad, pathetic individuals who have zero impulse control and only thrive on the drama that thie own actions cause. Poor Leah.

Why is it that the people on the outside circle of Maci and Ryan are the most able to look at their issudes rationally. Thank you Dalis for seeing the hypocrisy of Ryan getting mad about Maci having a live in boyfriend. Has Ryan ever had Dalis spend the night? Thank you Kyle for being calm and reasonable. And thanks to Maci's mom for pointing out that making things more difficult for Ryan is short sighter as far as the big picture goes.

Glad Farrah got all A's in her vodka class. Eyeroll. "You are a bad person" Farrah which is evident by the fact that you don't mind flying all over the place to dump your kid off, or go to Texas with a guy you just met, but spending Christmas with your family is just too much to ask. And biggest regret of her life so far??? That she didn't keep the ring Derek gave her. Brilliant!

I think Tyler's sudden onset of anger issues was just another pathetic attempt by MTV to have some sort of storyline for Catelynn and Tyler. I mean how many times can they meet with adoption support groups in one season?

You seriously have hit the nail right on! i couldnt of said all of this better myself.

I agree with your point regarding Tyler. I also think it was a ploy to create a little drama. I imagine the conversation went a little like this,

"Hey MTV, after our last show airs we're not going to receive anymore hefty paychecks from your guys. We haven't exactly saved a lot money, so how are we going to continue to afford our trailer-house payments and/or other bills?"

"You guys need to find a way to stay in the public eye and/or keep the media interested in some way. Just look a Farah. You don't even have to be good at anything... Relationship drama works well! Try that."

Cue Tyler and his uncontrollable rage...

This was no way to end a series. I know there's tm2 but they could have tied up loose ends, all we have left is the reunion show then these chickies are adios!

What happened with Ryan and maci? Did they get 50/50?

This episode was just so boring. Someone mentioned something in another thread about Ty and cate's schooling. I live in the same city as them. And the school they went to, riverview east, is the alternative high school. They have trimesters not semesters so Ty graduated in dec. But couldn't walk until may. That's why he started college in the winter semester (Jan) before he actually walked in his cap and gown.

I think people bashing ty about how he treated the dogs didn't pay attention to the episode, he went to therapy immediately after. I'd say that's pretty proactive in helping your life/issues. He realized what he did was wrong right away, not after he saw the episode or at the reunion. No one else that has an attitude with a dog would go get therapy. And MTV editing tried to make it look like nick cried because of Ty, but when Tyler took the dog outside nick Was wearing clothes, cut to inside 2 sec. Later, nicks in pajamas crying. Maybe he didn't want to go to bed, nightmare, scared of the dark? It was t because of Ty.

I hate Farrah, no comment.

I hate amber, no comment.

Maci and ryan need to get back together. I really think they both have feelings for each other and for bentley's sake give it another try. They aren't 16 anymore, maybe they could make it work!

***** this was typed on my phone so sorry for any errors.

Maci tweeted during the episode that Ryan never did anything with the birth certificate and lawyer.

LMAO big surprise. So it was pretty much just a storyline, like it has been every season with him and the custody talk.

quote: "Ryan mentions to his lawyer about Maci living with someone she’s not married to, and the lawyer says that it’s an issue…living with someone she’s not married to and having a small child. Is this 1950 or something? "

^^^^^^ No. Its 2012 and full of PEDOPHILES that target single moms.

I still HATE Gary but Amber is a total retard too. If Leah turns out normal it will be a miracle.

Nick did NOT freak out over Tyler yelling. That was editing. Which was really obvious, as it cut from Nick just sitting there while Tyler handled the dog, to Nick crying, leaning over a cat toy in a totally different part of the room - but even if it were NOT obvious, Catelynn and Tyler cleared that up on their Live UStream chat during the episode - Nick was crying (later) because he didn't want to go to bed, as many kids his age do. It was a fit, not fear. MTV stuck the clip of him crying in to make it look more dramatic. Do you REALLY think with all the screaming April and Butch have done around that boy his whole life that Tyler yelling at a dog is going to make him crumble?! Honestly, as much as you must watch the show to make a hobby out of talking about it, I'd think you'd be aware of the editing they do to make things more dramatic.

I am fully aware of editing. :) And I am also fully aware that Tyler tweeted Nick was crying about not wanting to go to bed and MTV just edited it to look like he was upset about Tyler yelling. It was merely a recap showing how the episode made it appear. But thank you.

I can't hate Gary because
1) I cannot even fathom what it must be like to deal with someone like Amber
2) he called out Farrah for the bitch she is

so, actually, I love him

nanah, like gary, you should get some mental help.

farrah is a total train wreck, but gary is just as bad.

why aren't their laws about who is allowed to reproduce?

Dog, yes, I wish there were laws about reproduction so you would not be on this planet....you are a scummy bitch and I hope you get hit by a car really soon so we don't have to think about you reproducing

Well that escalated quickly.

LOL sometimes I wonder when these "arguments" start, if it just one person using multiple user names and actually fighting with themselves.

I haven't even gotten through half of these comments, lol. So I'mma leave mine. ^^

LOL moments: Maci saying hoohoo and then Kyle going, "did you just say hoohoo?" I cracked up. Next is seeing that MASSIVE dump that dog took on their carpet. DAMN. But I felt bad for Nick. :( and of course all the children being adorable. :3

Ahem, anyway, I am so sad that Teen Mom is over. They truly are the original girls, and unless they make a reality show like "Farrah and Sophia plus random bar guy" or something (let's pray for that NOT to happen), then we won't really be seeing them on television anymore. Of course we'll have the occasional tabloid made-up crap, but you know. What I really really wish is that MTV would cut and paste their scenes together, script their words, etc etc sooner than a year after. I mean, that just really ticks me off. I like watching RECENT things. Going on Twitter to see what's going on in their lives' shouldn't be a must. Although, I did enjoy Gary's comment to Farrah about her making attitude adjustments. See episode where Daniel is involved. :D anyhoohoo (LOL) I guess I'll be watching Teen Mom 2 A WHOLE DANG YEAR after everything happens and comment on those segments. c;

Amber: I felt so sorry for her having to listen to Gary's spiteful tirade on the phone. That was VERY hard to watch, so I know she had it much worse actually listening to it first hand. I hope Amber's time in jail will help her to get perspective on her and her relationship with Gary. Gary needs therapy (and I mean that in all seriousness), and needs to learn how to co-parent. He uses Leah as a weapon against Amber. I wonder how much of his rant she heard, because the entire time I was wondering where she was in relation to his yelling. Gary knows exactly how to make Amber snap, and quite frankly I think just his voice gives her a slight rise, so she doesn't have far to go to get enraged where he's concerned.

Tyler: Tyler gave me a bit of a scare with that temper he showed off. That was one angry (devastated) kid. When he finally broke down and cried, I felt like doing it right along with him. Kudos to his mom though, because she raised a great son.

Farrah: Um... I will say that I was actually happy to see her have straight As in her class. School is school, IMO, and the fact that she's so goal-oriented AND actually doing something about it should be praised. I realize the others are too, but besides Ty and Cate, she's the only one who really is driven to do what she set out to do. I do admire that about her, because she could have easily become another statistic.

Maci: All I'm going to say is good luck! I will say to those questioning the lawyer's response to her living with someone; this is the south. I'm not in Tenneesee, but I'm close, and here in the south co-habitation can be an issue. There are still places that won't rent to people who are not married. Most people don't care, but more conservative people would be against that sort of thing. My only issue with them living together in a house is that its not a rental. A house is something you buy when you're committed, not when you're dating, and not sure what's going to happen. Other than that, I was really annoyed with Maci thinking Ryan wasn't going to get more time. She has this "holier than thou" thing going on when it comes to custody and I find it annoying.

Amber – First of all, her bedroom was a mess. Make your bed, you’re on TV. Second of all, I was shocked and uncomfortable when her new guy came in. He looks nothing like Gary…. And he’s never had Italian food? He seems super awkward and nervous.

It’s horrible but when Gary and his mom talk I imagine their large bellys bumping and bouncing off each other.

Gary and Amber talked about having Leah’s birthday after the court date so they’d be together. Then Gary went ahead and did the birthday without her. He is so spiteful. He made her birthday about getting back at Amber for having a boyfriend. Part of me wonders if he thinks about ratings when he did that.
What’s a slut puppy.

Neither one of them is mature enough to be a parent.

I would be totally angry and depressed if my life was Amber’s…. but I don’t think I’d ever let my life BE like Amber’s. SO I don’t know if I feel bad for her or what.

Wouldn’t you get more dressed up for court? At least Jannell does.

It’s kind of sad that Amber does her birthday with Leah all by herself. She doesn’t really have anyone. I love that Leah told her mom to turn the light off.

Maci – I LOVEDDDDD watching Bentley on his birthday. It made me sad when Maci didn’t get to see Bentley on his actual birthday. I understand how hard that would be.

I am proud of Maci working on college. I understand how it was hard at first. It’s hard for any student to transition from high school to college, I can’t imagine doing that with a new born and a strained relationship. It takes a little while to get the feel of things with college, what classes to take, how to study, how to make a good schedule. I am glad she didn’t give it up.

I HATED seeing Ryan with a lawyer. This is why I would never want to be separated from Chris. The lawyer says you’ve been at her mercy. Well, I really think Ryan has grown up in 3 years sort of and realized he wants to be more a part of Bentley’s life especially since he’s more than just diapers and feeding. This bothers me so much watching it.

I like how cool Kyle is about everything. He stays pretty quiet but supportive.

I don’t like Ryan talking about the custody with his family in front of Bentley. Then Dalis is like, wouldn’t you rather her be with Kyle, and we live together… than her not be with Kyle, and we can’t either? If Ryan doesn’t care what they do… then Dalis is right, stop making Maci unhappy. Just work together.

Catelynn – They have real problems, but not anything they’ve caused themselves. They handle everything maturely and I am proud of how they’ve grown up just fine.

I thought it was so funny when Tyler dropped his soda and swore in front of little Nick. Then he swears again about the keys. Catelynn is so nice taking care of everything and staying so cool about it. I loved Tyler playing with Nick – but he HATES the dog and then gets really aggressive which is like training the dog, but if I was Nick I’d be scared of him. Now I don’t think Tyler’s temper is so funny.

I feel terrible for Tyler carrying so much weight about his father. I hate guys like Butch.

Tyler’s hand writing is bad.

They eat A LOT Of pizza.

Farrah – I like her drive for school. I understand Farrah feeling weird not having Sophia there. You want a break, and then you get one, and you don’t know what to do with yourself. I can see myself crying in her situation too. You’re over whelmed, you’re sad, you get a break, and you feel terribly guilty.

I love Farrah’s fortune cookie cannoli!

I loved that Farrah is planning classes for Sophia. And that she is doing well in school.

I love Sophia saying Mommy’s a crybaby.

I cried at the end of this episode watching all of them be born.
I can’t wait for the after show.

I have watched Teen Mom since the beginning. I have NEVER been a Farrah fan. Her personality is awful and she wonders why she never can keep friends for longer then two episodes. I can already tell that Sophia is learning that sassy little attitude that her mother has. It is so sad. But what we really made me sad Tuesday night was when Sophia told Farrah she was a bad person and a cry baby. Now at first I laughed because Sophia is totally right but then I was sad because I realized how Sophia learned to say that to her mom. She learned it from followers of the show shouting it at her mom in public. Now that just makes me sad. While I do not approve of Farrah and the way she acts, I feel like people should give her privacy and respect when she is in public with her daughter. Just throwing that out there to anyone who happens to see any of these mothers out in public.

"She learned it from followers of the show shouting it at her mom in public"

I think she learned it from Farrah saying it to her. Farrah does not talk to her toddler daughter the way most mothers talk. She gets frustrated about Sophia acting like a toddler. She IS a toddler. When she was a baby I remember Farrah telling her if she kept crying she (Farrah) would turn off the lights and leave her in the dark. She's a baby!! She's crying because she's wet or hungry or scared or whatever. You rarely see Farrah really comfort Sophia. She uses Sophia like a prop. I think she's a terrible mother. She's totally self focused and Sophia, like the dog, is just an accessory that she uses to make herself look more mature. She likes to play like she's a good mom but I bet when the camera is off and no one is watching she is more than cruel. I feel sorry for that little girl. She never thinks of things from Sophia's point of view or wonders how Sophia feels, it's all about Farrah all the time.

I think Farrah gets frustrated because she doesn't properly put her whole effort into he commitment of disciplining and teaching her daughter. I guess she thinks if she puts in half-baked effort, she'll get full results, but it takes work and a long time to train a toddler, not to act like a toddler anymore. It takes as long as their whole toodler-hood I think haha. Maybe they'll grow out of a lot of it, but maybe only if there is discipline in place while they are a toddler.

You are so right!

Has anyone read Farrah's book? Does she talk about Derek proposing to her in there?

i read most of it and he tried to give her a promise ring at one point but they were having problems and she didn't feel it was sincere so she denied it

I really doubt Dereck proposed. Sounds like they didn't even really date. Mostly he just came over for sex.

I hope that Amber gets the discipline and counselling she needs in prison. Hopefully she will get her GED there because I don't think she can do it on her own when she's free. It would help her a lot to get that under her belt and maybe she could get into cosmetology school which is what she originally wanted. She has a lot of growing up to do and a lot of past abuse she needs to learn to deal with and move past. I hope she can do it for Leah and that they can have a relationship that is positive in the future.

Gary needs to grow up and work at being a better person for himself and his daughter on numerous levels.

I really hope everyone commenting here has looked at their own life and wondered what it would look like in front of the cameras--really enjoyed the comments and assessments. I think Farrah sounds and acts like a robot that was programmed by someone on drugs. She tries to approximate human behaviors but hasn't a clue. Her sister is getting more like her all the time. Ryan isn't as dumb as he looks and acts. He is happy living with 90% of life going on above his head. Maci will find someone more more maleable than Kyle some day and be in hog's heaven. Amber isn't worth discussing.

My life would be really boring to watch on t.v Or the public would create hilarious drinking games to play while watching.

No way I could ever be on tv. It would be the fakest reality show ever. I would be hamming it up all the time for the camera.

If ur comment was more than 3 sentences... I didn't read it.

still cannot believe what Farrah was tweeting about Gary during the finale. she really needs to take some of her own advise.

Does anybody know if Farrah still has this dog?

What to say, what to say. Amber, needs help. Whether her anxiety attack was real or not, she needs help actually dealing with issues. If she has an anxiety disorder, she doesn't need pills, she needs bahavior cognitive therapy, that teaches her to think differently, and change her behavior, and gives her tools of how to deal with situations and emotions when they come up. She's a mess, and Gary is a mess. Saying who's worse, is a pointless argument. Life isn't that black and white. They both love Leah, and want the best for her, but they're both people who have a lot of bad traits, and do not know how to deal with emotions, and anger, and conflict, and don't know how to effectively communicate. They need help with that. I much prefer counseling and therapy that helps people change their behavior, rather than only just talking about feelings "oh yes that must have hurt really bad when you were a kid, you mustn't carry on that cycle." But unless they're given specific tools of how to do that, they have nothing other to draw from! I'm partly sad, and partly glad that Leah won't be exposed to Amber for 5 years. Gary is no saint, but at least that ridiculous screaming between her mom and dad won't be there. That phone conversation where they were both screaming at the top of their lungs, not listening to each other at all, just screaming to the wall, was so unproductive.... it was just ... a mess. Poor, poor, Leah. Gary is immature for going off liek that threatening to take Leah away. He needs to learn not to shout things he doesn't really mean in his anger - that's a behavioral control issue, as well. Sending the pictures was definitely a dumb move. He must have wanted her mad, because there's no way he couldn't see her getting upset by that. I didn't catch whether the birthday party they were having together was cancelled, but that's definitely not cool of him to do just because Amber was dating someone. Amber needs to be clear with Gary about not being with him anymore, if she hasn't. They need to get on the same page.

Maci....she definitely has no way of, and not really any right to try and change Ryan's family situation, or how reliant he is on his parents. People seem to use the excuse of having a kid with someone, as justification to get all up in a person's business, and criticise any little thing they don't agree with, and think they can dictate how other people live. I'm not talking big things like drugs and abuse, but little things in relationship dynamics, or how they spend time with the kid, or whether they don't. You can be polite and suggest things about it, but you can't get hung up Maci when you can't control the exact way Ryan and his family live their life. She also needs to realize that it's justified for her to feel like she wants to be with Bentley everyday and raise him everyday, because the way it's supposed to work is for two parents to do that together every day, but since they are broken up, and you had a baby in highschool with a highschool boy who is immature, that it doesn't work out for you to have him everyday. He has another parent, who deserves the same amount of time with him. Just because he has some lifestyle choices that aren't what yours are, doesn't mean he should get less time with Bentley, unless Bentley is in danger from them. I see nothing wrong with Ryan having 50/50 custody, but trying to break Maci and Kyle apart from living in the same house? I'm not a big supporter of that, or even premarital sex, but I don't think he has grounds for that, and don't see how that can be seen as a bad influence on the child. Society doesn't look down on people living together who aren't married. They aren't teenagers anymore. Unless Kype is a drug addict or an abuser, I don't see how he could have them not live together. That's ridiculous, really.

Caitlyn and Tyler. I agree about the editing, and just want to say, we really can't say a lot about all these peope's lives because so much is edited to seem a certain way. I thought Tyler was just haivng a bad day losing his temper a bit, getting stressed with the dog. It happens. If he kicked the dog, that's not cool, I agree... but it doesn't DISTURB me. People are people. Tyler has issues, they all do. Tyler is basically losing his dad, and it's hard on him. I don't blame him... I'm glad that he can go to counseling and see that something is wrong. I don't necessarily think it's so wrong to "act like you're always in a counseling session" if it's them putting communication strategies that they learned into practice. We have no idea if Cait said more to Tyler, but they may have done editing there. I know she was saying some things to him, but as a person who has grown up around yelling and some conflict, I'm one who is more apt to stay quiet than to say anything, because I don't want to add to the conflict or be a part of it. Maybe that happened with Cait... maybe she didn't see everything Tyler did, if he did kick the dog. It was cool to hear the honesty from them at the end, and get those things out. At least maybe they'll be able to effectively deal with all of those things, at some point. I hate to see people break up, unless they are so bad for each other they hurt each other, but I hope these two stay together, if they really do love each other. They seem to, but it's just a show. I hope that when the show ends, they can move on with their lives, and not be too preoccupied with Carly.

Farrah. What is left to say? I really hope that she will grow up, and maybe it won't happen until she sees herself in her daughter when Sophia gets old enough. I hope Farrah will realize that she isn't really a celebrity, and will do well with her other job endeavors and learns that she will go much farther if she can be independent, hard-working, and get some PEOPLE SKILLS. You can't just be a famous celebrity beyotch and expect that to rake the cash in. It might, but that would really suck. Her family definitely has tons and tons of issues - respect, discipline, enabling, anger control, on and on and on. I can't stand all the baby talk her and Debra do around Sophia. I'd much rather model a mature adult for a little kid than do that. I almost hope Farrah doesn't get a man, because the person she is right now, I feel like, deserves nobody and will only abuse someone. Her fear, or lack of care, when Derek proposed, turned her into being obsessed with marriage... I hope that balances out into just being more mature and marriage-oriented, rather than being a pressuring beyotch haha. Honestly, if Derek were alive, I don't think they'd be together. She'd continue to treat him as horribly as she treats everybody. Maybe this will really hit her that she needs to cherish the people in her life that actually care about her, because they could be gone at any minute. It will take a long time, though. I hope her delusions will be set straight soon.

I definitely agree that MTV shouldn't have paid these girls, and maybe they could have been less invasive, or less directive in trying to make the storyline move. I know, it's not their style, but I think it would have been overall healthier for these girls, and a little more realistic. Even if MTV made so much easier for them, such as giving them money, and giving them some fame, so they have a bit of an advantage in life for a little while for making money, it made a lot of things difficult, and their lives were still definitely difficult. Mostly because of their situations already, and it still makes me so glad I never had any kids young, or anything. There is still so much drama, and the issue of having to have an ex in your life, your whole life, and constantly have to share the kid between two homes - while it can work, it's a horrible, sad, thing to have to happen. I really hope people see that on the show, and decide to take more control in their sex lives, and be more responsible with their relationships when they are young (or old). Realistic or not, bottomline, teen moms struggle, and there is a lot of stuff that wouldn't have to happen to a kid, that sucks, if only people were a little more responsible.
At the very least, I hope this show ending is a positive thing for these girls.

Ready for Teen Mom 2!

did anyone else hear bentley say "get some" as Dallis sat down next to ryan?

Yes I heard that! I was joking with my friend about how it sounds like he said that! So funny... maybe... he definitely repeats things he heard, so I wonder if he picked it up from somewhere. I love Bentley, he is hilarious and cute.

Noooooooo I don't want it to be over :( I am going to miss Catelynn and Amber. I really hope that Amber gets the help she really needs for the sake of Leah. Also, how many seasons did Teen Mom 2 have? I cant remember :O

they've aired two seasons of teen mom 2.
the third is coming sometime this fall according to chelseas dad (my guess is sometime in october)

and there are rumours they've filmed a fourth season.

Ok thank you :)

Gary is an idiot who is always trying to make himself look important... He tweeted this today;
Thang god I survived. Now I'm staying at my v Buddy's who owns 2 jimmy johns.

No one cares that your friend owns two jimmy johns.

Then he goes on to say:
NO JOKE! Who is the gay 1 in this photo

that is just soooooo inappropriate. I hope people who are offended let him know that they comment is out of line.

Did anyone else notice that amber was with her boyfriend and on the phone with Gary talking about court, then she left & was holding hands with him walking into the courthouse??? That confused me!!! But in a away I'm excited this show is over. It def ran its course!

I don't see how Farrah expects to be a chef. Every time we've seen her make food, it has looked like complete sh*t.

Tyler's attitude problem was totally staged. Nobody makes that Batman voice on accident.


By the way everyone, I found a perfect illustration of Maci and Ryan, and Amber and Gary


I think Gary is a great dad. yes i feel for Amber but once you have kids, they are your priority, other men do not factor into this, i think Amber has alot of problems, putting men before your kids is on of them. I grew up like tjis, probably as she did, but i ensured my kids came first and would not suffer as i had. Grow up Amber, if not for your daughter then for you as you cant look after yourself then you wont be able to look after her.