Teen Mom OG: Farrah's Return Recap

catelynn lowell

teen-mom-original-4-mtv Reunited and it feels so good!

Live updates throughout the episode - might be shorter than most, but I'll still update as frequently as possible.


Catelynn is trying to manage her weight after her last appointment. They're headed to North Carolina to meet with Brandon and Teresa, and Dawn is coming with them to mediate everything. They sit down with Dawn and talk about concerns with the adoption and Tyler simply wants to know why Brandon and Teresa don't want pictures posted. Dawn just wants Tyler and Catelynn to realize that they can't make decisions for Carly any more. Dawn says that if they don't follow the rules, it ultimately effects Carly.

Catelynn and Tyler board a plane and head off to see Carly. They stay in a hotel for the night and talk about seeing her. They're both excited, but you can tell that there's still a lot of tension. Tyler's been contemplating what to say for over a week, and I have a feeling it's going to all boil over once everyone is together.

Catelynn and Tyler get ready to meet with Brandon and Teresa. They're nervous and didn't sleep much as all. Brandon and Teresa look happy, which is always good. Tyler is confused about the posting picture thing, and they feel like they're walking on egg shells for everything. Brandon and Teresa feel like the same thing happens on their side. Brandon and Teresa announce fear about the fact that eventually when Carly grows up, she might want to have more of a relationship with her biological parents. There's some tears shed over the emotions, and Dawn pipes in to say that adoption is covered in insecurities. I thought I would leave that scene feeling better about things, but I don't really feel like much was actually accomplished.

Brandon and Teresa allow to let Catelynn and Tyler see Carly, but they don't want her on camera in order to maintain her privacy. Carly's dress is cute - but that's about all I can say because we obviously can't see her face. She has a cute voice though. Tyler and Catelynn give Carly and Elsa doll. Brandon and Teresa give baby Nova some of Carly's old clothes, which is really touching. I'm glad that they were all together, and they seemed genuinely happy.

Catelynn and Tyler leave from their visit and it's bittersweet. They're happy to see her, but always upset to leave. Tyler it glad that they were able to get some things out in the open. Teresa told Catelynn that she would love the new baby very much, and that it's a piece of Catelynn and Tyler, and also a piece of Carly. That's pretty precious if you ask me.


Amber starts out this episode with a phone call to Gary. Gary asks if Amber is ok, and it's kind of weird. Apparently he's calling all the time and it's awkward for Amber. Amber sits down with her brother and talks about Gary's pending second child. Shawn has a lovely analogy about being released from the prison of her heart now that she realizes it won't ever work with Gary.

Gary the Hairy Fairy calls Amber. Amber says that Gary is flirting with her and asking if she misses the sex. Amber says that now that Kristina is pregnant, things are extra weird. Amber doesn't want to be with him, and she wants closure and thinks that the conversations need to stop.

Leah comes over and brings a present for her mom. Gary's mom is there and she's wearing way too much makeup. Gary's mom talks about how things are going with Gary and Kristina. Amber opens up about her feelings a bit, but things end strangely between the two of them. Gary calls later, and Amber picks up. Gary calls trying to hook up with Amber, and she's pissed about that.

Amber goes to the pumpkin patch with Leah, and Gary keeps calling her. Kristina is sick and pregnant and no fun. Gary flosses his teeth while telling his girlfriend about how Amber reacted to the pregnancy. Kristina feels like Gary is leading Amber on and that he's giving her false hopes. Kristina is pretty upset and she starts crying. Gary is an asshole. End of discussion.

Amber has Gary come over to talk about things. Amber lets Gary know that some of the shit he's doing needs to stop. Basically Amber doesn't want to hear about Gary's penis any more, and she needs closure. Part of me wants her to get up and bitch slap him again. Amber just wants him to leave after they end up arguing and it's awful, but hopefully she somehow got some of that closure she wanted.


Maci has a speaking engagement in Pennsylvania, and we finally hear a little bit about Maci's speaking. Maci sees a magazine cover about her getting married, which was also interesting to see. When she's back, Maci talks to Taylor about the pregnancy and she thinks that Mimi Jen is going to flip shit when she finds out.

Halloween is tomorrow and Maci is supposed to hand off Bentley. Maci wants to tell Ryan about the baby, but doesn't know what he'll say. Maci and Taylor take Bentley trick or treating and he's a pretty sweet looking Ninja Turtle. Maci lets Ryan and Larry know that she's pregnant. They take it pretty well in front of her, but who knows what was said about it in the car afterwards.

Ryan tells his mom about Maci being pregnant. She asks if Maci is getting married, and Ryan doesn't really know. Ryan and Shelby are not together at this point, but Mimi Jen doesn't think that she was ready to date someone with a child. Ryan didn't agree to talk about this, so he takes his microphone off and walks away.

Maci talks on the radio show for a bit, and then sits down with her friend Ashley for lunch. Maci lets her know that both of their families know, but that things went pretty well. Maci is nervous for how Jen is going to react, but that she's probably only concerned about when Maci and Taylor will get married.

Maci is picking up Bentley from Mimi Jen's house, and she's still nervous about how they'll react to the pregnancy. Mimi says she's excited about things, but does ask about a marriage. Maci says they're not getting married before the baby because she wants to get drunk after her wedding. Maci reveals that she was nervous about everything but it's nice to see them all back to normal.


She's back - and she's still a bitch. Sophia is cute though, so whatever. That's honestly all I have to say about her 3 minutes of the show.


Yes!! Ryan is live tweeting. This is going to be amazing.

as opposed to live napping, which is the norm.


Lmao ! He's still hot though, but so dumb and lazy.

i love how he added "cause mtv is making me" hahaha

I guess he went to sleep. He hasn't posted anything.

I think Rhine is sexy as hell, but was anyone else surprised to see that he has a flabby stomach? ! When he stood up to take off his mic... I was expecting abs of steel I guess!

He hates MTV so much it's so funny. He trashes the show on twitter all the time too. You can just tell that Ryan is over it!!

I'm sure he could quit at any time and won't because the money is good, but he's been vocal about not wanting to do it since the 16 & Pregnant beginning.

It's tiiime! :)

Lol. I love how Amber seemed genuinely mortified when Shawn joked/suggested that Gary wasn't the father of Kristina's baby. We all had our doubts, Bubby, because I highly doubt Gary has no idea where his penis even is these days.

I kind of like the way Amber and Kristina seem to be kind of sticking up for each other. Like Amber says he you've got a girlfriend stop and the Kristina is like you're leading her on stop. Good for them for not letting him play them against each other.

Bubby is fantastic even if he has a stupid nickname. Comparing Gary to prison is dead on. He's a manipulative asshole.

Shawn's girlfriend is really pretty.

I can't wait for Farrah's whisper cries.

"I just hhssshshsssehhhhseehhhh"


I'll be there soon!

YOU GUYS JUST MAKE ME MORE FUCKIING MAD!!!!!!!!! I bursted out laughing. I could not produce and say with a straight face "Your fans wanted you back. Something on the show was missing." I'd just start snorting and giggling mid sentence. God bless the producers.

Farrah? Fans?!
By god, we finally got the answer to our question 'what the hell might she be doing all those hours she claims she is working hard as a business woman?'
Well... creating false accounts and write MTV from every single one of them.

"I already went to therapy for this!!!"
Poor Sophia, parenting her awful mother....

Really. Therapy over this played out teen mom show and their initial rejection of her.. It's sad but still funny. She loves any of that attention, negative or negative.

I would like to know who REALLY WANTED FARRAH BACK ON THE SHOW??? I honestly don't think it is the viewers. Maybe MTV is planning on getting percentages of Farrah's sex line proceeds? Her attitude is purely ridiculous. She carries herself like a pure porn star, self-centered, Self-important and in no way a lady or even pleasant to watch or hear. What a disgrace her and her dysfunctional family are! And for her, you are willing to sacrifice Maci?!? What a shame, I will no longer WATCH THE SHOW with Farrah's unwanted return! Hopefully, the negativity of her return will overturn your invite for her. Her attitude the first re-launch of her return, I was just shocked! Of course, we are ALL used to the constant crying! She is definitely her GREATEST FAN!!! What a joke she is! I will be tickled when she finds out NOBODY THINKS SHES as GREAT AND SPECIAL as SHE thinks she is! LOL! I know lots of young mothers that NEVER took their clothes off or had anal sex for money! She must convince herself shes normal, the real world knows otherwise!!

OMG this was the best!!! LOL!!!!

I have never seen someone who cries as much as she does.... get some antidepressants or something

WHY IS SHE BACK IN THE FIRST PLACE??? I don't know anybody that thinks she's great, except herself!
I have watched this show since 16 and pregnant and was so glad to quit fast forwarding through Farrah the Crybaby's cuts. Now, I will NO LONGER VIEW OR SUPPORT THIS SHOW!! Maci's morality and thoughts about her return is exactly right. None of those girls making real efforts to improve their and their children's lives should have to share air time with that selfish, self-absorbed, crybaby idiot! She brings down the whole premise of that show and is cutting room floor material. PLEASE BANISH THE WICKED WITCH!!!

I wish bubby was single

he is seriously awesome.

He is the voice of reason

First time I saw Maci do her speaking engagements. Stick to your day job, Maci. Oh, wait...

How ridiculous is it that she's giving a speech about inspiring girls to use birth control while she's knocked up again.

But the baby is a gift from God! And Maci has PCOS, so she didn't know she could get pregnant again!

God gave her PCOS and a baby! Ain't he great?

Seriously, I was diagnosed with PCOS (and undiagnosed) and I was told "it will be harder to get pregnant" but not impossible. It was still devastating at the time and something I worry about, but it's always better safe than sorry! Such a simple concept!

I don't want to seem like I'm defending Maci, because most of this is me being irritated about her lifestyle... but I have Endometriosis and PCOS and had been told every time I had a surgery for them that it would be nearly impossible to conceive naturally and would still take a while with fertility treatments. I had Nexplanon (that arm bar that is the different brand of Implanon) in for a year to help with my hormones to try to relieve pain from those disorders. I got into a car accident, screwed up the shape of my bar, and opted to have it medically removed instead of leaving it popping up almost out of my skin. I am engaged and have been planning a wedding for almost 8 months, but my fiancé and I trusted the last few doctors/surgeons who have told me basically that I wouldn't get pregnant and since I lost my secondary insurance, I figured getting the Nexplanon replaced immediately wasn't necessary... but now I'm 5 months pregnant. Needless to say, I'm a bit sensitive about it, but at the same time, I am and have been in a committed relationship for a while, am older and I like to think more mature than Maci, haven't had a surprise baby before, have a real job, and my life didn't revolve around alcohol and partying before this pregnancy. I also had been taking measures to HELP my disorder (managing it with surgeries and hormonal birth control) before the removal and pregnancy, not just saying I have it and don't need to prevent pregnancies because of it. Probably off topic, but just saying that if she's honestly going to use that as an excuse, she shouldn't in a way belittle those who actually have reproductive disorders who take that shit seriously.

Especially when she admitted that she stopped using it... and she was talking about how she was on it to avoid getting pregnant. That hypocrite.

Really! She seemed bored to be there until afterwards when people were asking about her relationship/personal life.

Oh man my first downvote. Ouch :( I was agreeing? lol

LOL! Get used to the downvote brigade. I can't remember the last post I had that didn't get at least one. It's a badge of honor :)

Haha I just understand now what everyone means when they don't "get" why they got downvoted. I had the most neutral response. But I've got my badge now! lol

I got downvoted for telling someone my kids name because they asked and her name us unusual. People are asshats.

Badge of honor is a good descriptor. What was that quote by Eminem? Something about if you have haters you're doing something right? I always think of that quote and it makes me giggle.

I would be lying if I didn't say that I sometimes bump up the potential offensiveness to the weak stomached in my comment just to see how many downvotes I could manage.

I've never been given a thumbs down. I feel so left out :/

She doesn't seem motivational, though.

"hey, y'all, use condoms so you don't end like me without a real job and making a lot of money, so I can take time to go on drinking binges across the country! Plus, I get magazine covers! #birthcontrol4lyf

Ya she seemed so bored speaking, idk how she's been doing it for so long when she's so boring

Way to give a speech about how you're awesome for inspiring safer sex even though you're pregnant again and it was still an accident because you WEREN'T USING BIRTH CONTROL!

Tyler is a moron. It's not a "bad thing." It's the fact that you're NOT B&T's family. Period. They don't have to consult you about everything. You've walked around on ZERO eggshells.

For real. He really is acting like it's a custody agreement and B&T have to come to him for approval over any parenting decisions they make for Carly. I'm pretty sure that when they agreed to adopt Carly, they didn't agree to let a man who is perpetually seventeen-years-old be a backseat parent and constantly deride them over every little thing they do or say.

It really does seem like he's convinced it's an agreement, not an adoption.

It would serve him right if they cut him off from Carly. They need to do what's best for all of her, not what Tyler wants.

They're still in the denial phase of grief almost.

I was very much hoping B & T 's patience would have reached its peak and they would cut them off. I think T genuinely felt sympathy and envy for Catelynn being preggers and with that pretend macho idiot and put all her anger aside and gave in AGAIN to the weak, young, angry tirade of Tyler the Testosterone Challenged!

He needs a reality check.

He's about to get one, I hope.

I hope to !

What crazy is down voting this


lol it's tyler and cate, they check how many instagram likes they get in 30 seconds you know they're reading these.

ugh that scene had me cringing in embarrassment for Catelynn because of how aggressive Tyler was coming off.

I really think Tyler believes his open adoption is more of a custody arrangement then an adoption. I've been pissed off at him all season for feeling entitled to Carly and saying he has rights and then it donned on me that he doesn't understand exactly what an open adoption is and he thinks more of b&t as having sole custody of Carly and he is the other parent and has the rights of being the other parent. What he needs to understand is he signed all that away. He doesn't pay child support, he isn't the other parent anymore. He doesn't have rights anymore. I think dawn has misled both of them into thinking this is more like a custody arangement then an adoption.

Well said.

Id be so embarrassed to be dawn or part of her team that dealt with C&T. Basically any parent who wants to adopt now that has watched teen mom won't want to use them

Thanks Farrah's syntax

Holy shit, Tyler is actually driving Catelynn for once!!

Also, i seriously can't believe he is so obsessed with Batman. A soon to be father with batman car seat covers? LMAO

Or a giant batman tattoo.

... Or 3

Lol your username

Lol thanks! Chelsea's had some great lines. Nothing compares to all ya'lls though!

Ew, why would she miss his penis? Is it that great? SO GROSS.

OMG, I gagged when she said he was asking if she missed his penis! WTF!!! When is Kristina leaving?

I wouldn't be surprised if this was on their registry.

I sighed so loudly and rolled my eyes. You've seen the nova batman tattoo right? AKA the I wish she were a boy tattoo.

Did Tyler really compare himself to a king and B&T to servants? I was showing off the site to my brother and missed most of the conversation lol.

I believe he was saying that they act like they're the king and he's the servent.

No he said B and T thought they were the king and queen.

Oh, okay. So it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought, but still pretty bad. Since when does being somebody's parents equate to being a king and queen? Tyler needs to get his shit together.

When you're mentally and emotionally 14 regardless of age and the two other adults you entered into a legal, binding contract with won't let you post their personal family photos with their daughter (and other child, I'm sure) on social media. To Tyler, a parent having rules is a tyrant. Because Butch's only rule was *snnnrrrt* and Kim's only rule was "don't touch my perm coupons!!!"

News flash Ty, they ARE the king and queen of Carly.

They're the king and queen, Carly is the princess, and Tyler is the fool.

^ Well said

Thank God BT are king and queen and Tyler isn't in charge, otherwise he'd exploit the shit out of his poor daughter like HE'S GOING TO DO WITH ME.

They should be fucking grateful that these people are taking care of their daughter AND still talk to them.
They show no respect to B&T or Carley.
They were to lazy to do what they promissed to Carly. Getting your ass in a car and in a school is not that hard.

But he went to acting school, right!

It's like he's constantly trying to assert his dominance. which is why it's so ironic...just look at him. Ugh.

Help me 2 grammarTeacher #ThanksYou !! !


Yeah I noticed that. Tyler is such an idiot!!! I can't even stand him!

The show doesn't air for another 3 hours here so I'm going to live vicariously through you guys. I really hope B&T tell C&T to back off.

Oh, look, now Tyler's done. He's over respecting Brandon and Teresa as Carly's parents.

Tell me he did NOT say that???

Uh, Fuck Dawn. I know at some points she is telling them that Brandon and Theresa have all control and its about Carly but at other points she is agreeing with them and acting like B&T are just making C&Ts life hard. Word adoption counselor ever! DOes she not realize that she should be telling them how adoption works and correcting Catelynn when C mentioned how she wanted to know how B&T thought adoption was. B&T knew and still know what adoption is, its B&T who dont and their fucking adoption counselor should be telling them point blank how its supposed to be.

I feel like she is siding with Brandon and Teresa.

In some ways she mentioned how C&T have the control, etc but in a lot of the conversation she didn't tell B&T that their feelings are wrong and how B&T are doing adoption right and their behavior is wrong. She either would say "yeah" "ahuh" etc or mention how Carly is affected blah blah blah she needs to be their ADOPTION COUNSELOR and tell them that its not up to them and stop being immature and how their actions are wrong.

Gah i flip flopped C&T and B&T the first time about the control and feelings, but you get my point

Yeah like she's more worried with being on tv and promoting her shitty adoption agency then she is with doing what's right for her client.

In sure this will stoke the torches of the downvote mafia, but Bethany Christian Services (like many others, unfortunately) are very scammy and appear to take advantage of anyone who goes through their doors. A while ago I stumbled onto their profile on an adoption agency rating site: http://www.adoptionagencyratings.com/adoption-services/bethany-christian...

They have some positive stories, of course, but the bad stories are just so horribly bad. Some of those stories read like something you'd see posted on the ACLU website.

No, most people here agree that Bethany absolutely sucks. I know I've said this multiple times on multiple posts, but I still don't know how Catelynn and Tyler don't realize that Dawn would have dropped them if it weren't for "Teen Mom". They don't even need her anymore since they and B&T are contacting each other personally instead of through the agency, but they still hang out with her like they're buddies and she didn't lie to them about the situation.

I followed your link, this is absolutely awful!!!
There must be so much truth in all those stories, why does'nt the government do something?
Why the heck is an adoption agency involved in foster care cases? That is so unethical.
It s not in their interest to help (temp) troubled families reunite, this is so wrong.
I bet they are coaching and pushing B and T to keep the adoption open so they have a PR 'succes story'.

The government is busy arresting hackers who expose rapists and jailing people for pot and spying on us.

No but really the government has other things to do, few of them positive. I think the only way anything could change is of a ton of birth parents and adoptive parents (mostly these, this is what the courts really care about) and formerly adopted children all filed a lawsuit against them and drained them of their resources and forced them to close. But BCS is not alone, there are an enormous amount of adoption agencies like this looking to prey on scared and desperate people. If you ever plan on adopting or giving up a child, research the hell out of your agency, because it feels like there are more scams than not.

B&T (and C&T) are treated like gold by them because they're on tv and this is their big success story. They need it to go well. That's why Dawn always looks uncomfortable with Cate and doesn't know what to say, because she's not used to dealing with birthmothers so long.

Birthmothers see Dawn hopping on airplanes to help but when you read the stories, the birthmothers do not receive help (unless they pay for it).

Birthmothers have been told that they only had to call BCS after the 18th birthday of the child and BCS would connect them with their child. Again, they ask for money.

They also get paid for their services by the state when they place a foster child at adoptive parents. Isn't CPS supposed to fight birthparents and relatives not taking propper care of their kids?
What is an semi commercial organization doing there?!
They even took a grandmother taking care of two kids that were not even in their care to court. Their siblings were in foster care.
They can pick the kids like cherries and have the state pay for their work and then the adoptive parents have to pay a mandatory 'donation' too.
That is a nice way to keep lots of people in well paid jobs.
I am sure they helped lots of people but lots are paying the prise for their ways.

I know people aren't a fan of Dawn, but what she says is the truth.

Tyler genuinely looked as though the thought of Carly being affected by his bullshit never even occurred to him.

It's because he's never once thought of that little girl or how she may feel that he's putting her family through all this hardship. He's very selfish. Novalee is doomed.

agreed. and he keeps saying shit like "ready to go see your kid tomorrow, babe?". SHE IS NOT YOUR KID.

That is the comment that drove me the most nuts! SHE IS NOT YOURS! Just because you provided the egg and the sperm doesn't make you a parent...she hasn't been yours since the ink dried on the adoption papers. I can't understand why he forced Cate into the adoption if he is still so obsessed with being Carly's dad. You don't pay for her food and clothes, you weren't there when she cried or needed a diaper change or needed fed B&T were! I think B&T need to close the adoption so Carly doesn't become seriously confused, she's already going to be fucked up when she gets older and see all the stuff on the web about her.

Why does everyone say Tye convinced Cate to do adoption. I have seen that 16&p episode so many times and i just dont even see it at all.

So where were the fireworks we were promised? The previews showed it as way more intense. It's like they showed a blow out fight to get people all worked up and excited and then edited it to make Tyler look like less of an ass.... Fucking MTV man....

I think that while all the other girls could wear out their good girl edits the way Leah has, C&T never will, simply because of their unique situation. We're always going to get a tamed down version of what actually happens with them and have to read between the lines.

Lol @ Ryan's only live tweet so far being at a hater

Tweeting between naps. And yawns.

Yeah he didn't tweet at all. I wonder if he even watches. I bet he gets tired of MTV always making Maci look like a saint. I wonder if the reason Maci has such a hard time letting go of Ryan is because of how close she is to his parents. Like she wants to be with him because she loves his family. I get that actually.

Probably that. But also, Rhine's penis.

Or just because Rhine is sexy as fuck.

I wonder too if it's like the Karl and Jo scenario. Where Maci secretly loves him calling her out. Because no one else does.

Yea that's why I stayed with my ex husband for so long. I only have a mom and she is not a nice person. My ex family was so awesome. They accepted me right away, invited me for outings and parties. I still talk to and call his parents and grandparents every once in awhile. I was so scared to leave him and be all alone.

So Catelynn just said to Dawn that she doesn't know how Brandon and Theresa initially expected their adoption to look like. Um, isn't that Dawn's job to have that all laid out like BEFORE the adoption happens? But clearly she didn't do that if five years later Catelynn still doesn't know what they initially wanted. I really feel like Dawn failed them all as an adoption counsellor and puts on such a sweet face, but I don't buy it.

Dawn totally failed them, and now she's dealing with the ramifications when they still don't understand the adoption or their boundaries six years later. I think that's why she's so flip-floppy and siding with B&T one moment and C&T the next. She probably wants to tell them to screw off, but knows she can't because she's the one who misled them in the first place.

I do feel like a lot of this is Tyler's fault for pressuring B&T about the photos and whatnot, but Dawn started this all in "16 and Pregnant". Cause and effect.

Seriously. How do we, as Teen Mom fans know that B&T didn't even want an open adoption in the first place but compromised but Tyler and Catelynn are still all "WE WANT MOAR TEXTS AND PICTURES, DAMMIT!"

Ugh when you lay it out black and white like that, it's so true. Dawn is trash imo and seems like she cared more about telling each side what they wanted to hear so she could get dem ~adoption fees~. She probably would have stopped dealing with them all years ago if they weren't all on TV. The reviews for her agency suggest as much.

Originally they wanted a closed adoption. It was on the adoption special. Then they heard more about open adoption and agreed to a semi open one

If I were B&T I would be so pissed at Dawn for not doing her job for them. She is misleading C&T and letting them be confused instead of laying down the law and expectations and making B&T's lives hell for it.

I honestly would have found a different counselor by now. Dawn dropped ALL the balls. Even the ones in Tyler's mouth.

Lololololol I love how she did basically nothing to "mediate" that conversation. She was mostly an observer.

Oh yeah both sides should be pissed at her. I bet Dawn got her own nice little hotel room. I dont think that adoption councilors make all that much money so you know Dawn is riding this gravy train harder then C&T. She doesn't care what happens as long as she stays on the show and gets her money.

Yeah I don't think being an adoption counsellor is killer money even at a private agency, but Dawn is one of the head honchos and makes good money and clearly has a financial interest in getting people to give up their children. I don't know how she sleeps at night.

Dawn's job is to procure healthy white infants to sell for 50k a pop. Bethany doesn't give a shit about informed decision making!

Can we just...Promposals are you kidding me?! Stop. Stopppp.

I'm getting too old for this shit.

I feel like "#promposalmania" is ridiculously long for a hashtag. But then again, I'm a 26 year old geezer.

Does it make me old if I don't know who the hell that Austin Mahone guy is? I had to Google him.

I feel like this whole promposal thing just screams "I'm peaking in high school!"

The "peaked in high school" is my fave Rob Lowe Directv commercial. Haha

They're taking them more seriously than wedding proposals like...prom is NOT that big of a deal! you go to a shitty venue and dance to the shitty dj for a couple hours then go back home. I hatedddd prom.

Looks like 4 people here must have had elaborate proposals.

Gary the hairy fairy?!?! HAHAHA yes Amber!!

The best thing that came out of their relationship was their contact names for each other. And well, Leah I guess.

"ready to go see OUR KID babe?" what the fuck Tyler?

"Ready to see OUR kid tomorrow?"

Tyler can fuck off. He's totally doing it on purpose. And I love how Catelynn mentioned that she was hungry at the airport. We get it, Catelynn. You're eating your feelings. It makes sense because look at who you've decided to settle for.

He asked it twice - once in the airport and once at the hotel. Once was cringe-worthy, twice is almost sad. They really don't get/haven't accepted the reality of the situation

I love your username, hahahaha

Lol thanks! It was the first time I knew I liked Chelsea. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSbhBpL1wWg

I love Chelsea because she has ADHD and so do I so I think she's hilarious.

She(and you) has ADHD?? So do I! Inattentive Type. It's a bitch. (NOTHING compared to some of the health issues some of ya'll have discussed here. No disrespect meant.)

I have a lot of things. :\

My partner has it too, that's how we can get along!

Chelsea has ADHD? Since when?

How can Dawn still be in her position and not be reprimanded if Tyler calls Carly " Our kid"???? Tat is wrong on so many levels! That needs to be addressed immediately. It's truly gives me the creeps and the new baby is going to be second in mind and hate that tattoo and blanket and everything else. Yuck!

"Ready to go see our kid babe?"-Tyler...."our"...WHAT? Is he literally fucking insane???

that part actually made me cringe. he is so delusional, it's crazy

I'm starting to think he is, in fact, literally fucking insane. He has no idea how this meeting, where DAWN has to tag along for mediation purposes, has nothing to do with Tyler's grievances or what Tyler wants or how he feels done wrong by. It hasn't even crossed his mind, has it?

He has to be. I mean, he really does think that this meeting is all about him and how B&T will have to listen to how this is all affecting HIM and how they need to change their ways so HE'll feel better about everything. He really is crazy. Like, mentally ill. Catelynn needs to leave this relationship ASAP. It's not going to end well for her.

Tyler's world is about to crumble. He thinks this is a Tyler's Feelings Meeting. Self-absorbed to the max. At all times.

I can only imagine that Tyler will turn the fact that B&T are absolutely saints who won't cut them off into they learned their place and respect him now.


He already did a few weeks ago when B&T threatened to cut off contact and the superfans were whipped into this frenzy. Tyler said that B&T are Carly's real parents and what they say goes. I don't buy for a second that he genuinely believes that. He was only saying it for damage control.

Oh, wait, I totally misread that comment. Whoops. But he did defend B&T a few weeks ago for damage control. He's such a phony. Like, it's no surprise that he didn't make it as an actor because he can't even hide the simplest emotions.

I feel like any time Tyler is talking, Cate is just thinking about what she wishes she was eating.

Poor cate she uses food to make herself feel better. I feel like the longer she stays with Ty the more weight she's going to gain. I could see her being one of those girls who when Ty dumps her she'll loose all this weight and look hot and Ty will come back begging... but then she'll take it him back :(

I am so ready for that face that T gives Tyler when he tries to tell her how things are going to be. Finally after what four-five weeks we get to see what we have been waiting for.

Sadly. Nope! They are too wonderful to even tell Tyler to sit the fuck down or never see the kid he signed away and move to Europe. It is in their rights to do that, and Tyler is to stupid to imagine it, and Catelynn chews her nails worrying about it, but they are amazingly strong role and are sharing Carly with undeserving birth parents. Love is very powerful in these two people. Two bad Tyler is an idiot. Lets hope his DNA is very weak in Carly!

Sorry for the grammar mistakes- iPhone auto correct-

Ryan seriously cracks me up. How he wishes Taylor good luck because he has to deal with Maci lmao.

Dang your tv is like 3 minutes faster than mine.

Someone told me that last week too! I am in the future I guess ;)

An alternate universe where every ones eye lashes are 6 inches long

Maci seems disappointed Ryan took it so well.

Girl, he said bye like 4 seasons ago.

Oh I know. She wanted him to be jealous. She is still so in love with him. If Ryan ever grows the fuck up and gets his shit together she'd take him back in a heartbeat.

I don't know if it's her still being in love with him out her just being in love with attention.

Not to mention "good job" Awkward

Holy smokes...... looks like Gary's mom got her makeup done by Be Glossy....

I'm kind of shocked no on the production staff was like, "girl, please, remove the green eye shadow and 75% of that blush."

Seems like the perfect time to "break the wall" hahahah

Damn, I have to wait for months to see this here.
Maybe Leah did her make-up.

She must have stopped by Leah Meth-er's salon before shooting that. I really thought she must have been putting on her makeup in the dark.

Watching via this website and Twitter tonight y'all

Maybe I misunderstood the phone call with B+T, but they made it seem like they would make arrangements for a meeting with Carly after the sit down, not now. I'm gonna laugh when they get there and B+T are all uhhh she's with the babysitter, she doesn't need to witness your tantrum.

When Teresa called to set up the meeting, C&T kept asking her if they could see Carly. She was very reluctant as she told them that they could do it afterwards. So I think they may see Carly this episode, but it's only after Tyler has his little meltdown over the fact that he has no control over the adoption.

Though I would love to see C&T's faces when they walk into the room and don't see *our* kid anywhere.

I wish Papa Larry would hug me.

After this episode, I am so Team Larry. I think I love him.

is it me or does papa larry seem drunk all the time, not like all biligerant wasted maci drunk but you know, a couple beers im feeling good kinda drunk??

Hahah, yes. He's always bright red.

Lol I swear that is exactly what I was thinking! I bet he is. He seems way too chill all the time.

Papa Larry knowing that genders of the existing siblings aren't in place just yet even though Bentley's already 6. Get 'em.



Haha Ryan "Good luck" Maci "Why you wishing him luck because he has to deal with me?" Ryan "Yeah" hahaha

Honestly, I rolled my eyes at Maci there. I'm not a Maci hater but I just took it as Ryan wishing Taylor luck on his first time as a parent and then Maci had to jump in and make it about herself. So at that point Ryan said yeah, as in "I didn't mean that before but now that you mention it, yes you are gonna be a pain in his ass"

Damn, Maci! Ain't nothin' good enough for you!

Haha yup. That's about what I said. Plus if they're actually together then it's going to be a whole different story for them then for her and Ryan. Until they break up of course. Then Taylor's going to be a deadbeat and she'll find Bentley and Jayde Carter a new dad who'll take such good care of her kids... Anyone notice how she was behind on schoolwork and needing to catch up last night? How long until she drops out because she's sooooo stressed out with Bentley and being pregnant again.

Bentley is going to be a good brother or sister. Haha

Is it Halloween in Amberland too and Gary's mom is going as Mimi from Drew Carey?

I dunno but I'm getting the sense that Carol prefers Ambie over Kristina, haha.

I feel like looks-wise Amber looks more like Carol's daughter than she does her own moms.

Plot Twist: They look alike because she really is Carol's daughter.

More incestuous that C&T.

that's cuz Ambien knows her way around some shitty makeup jobs herself and doesn't judge her for looking like an 80's pirate hooker.

My mom texted me saying it looked like she fell into a makeup jar and I said she looked like Mimi too!! Lol great minds

I actually loved how Maci said, "Ya'll can tell Mimi for me." I think even Maci knows that Mimi Jen is still hoping she and Ryan will reconcile, and that Jen's going to have a nervous breakdown over the fact that Maci's having a kid with somebody else.

Mimi Jen will probably throw her shower.

Lmao she probably will throw her shower and she'll probably be more a grandparent to this new kid then Taylor's parents. It doesn't appear that she's all that close to Taylors parents so I'm sure she'll let Mimi Jen and Larry play grandparents to this one. Especially when her and Taylor break up. She'll leave them both with Jen and Larry when she's doing her Spring Break tour with her girlsssssss especially since she's not getting to do it this year since she's pregnant, she'll have to make up for it by going hard next year.

And Mimi Jen will happily take Jayde when Biiintleeee doesn't want to go with Rhine without his baby sister.
And because she knows she will get no more grand babies from Rhine because I honestly think he learnt his lesson with Bintlee

I thought Farrah was coming back this episode? I'm so excited for that shit show lol

I honestly cant believe Farrah, the Wonderslut is back! That crazy chick really thinks she is some kind of important, interesting edition. That whole family should qualify for the Therapist Discount Plan!

Gary knows how this shit works...it looks like he's just ASKING for an out when she sees all this.

Either that or he is really really really stupid.

Probably this.

Amber is becoming my favorite. "He needs to be changing his shit. He's not gonna be calling me and saying that shit anymore." Yes! She's not perfect but she's handling garys fuckery really well.

He asked me if I miss him, his... ... ... ... ...penis

Gary's mom had all that makeup on for the cameras. You know it.

You could see her hair is still permed to hell and back. Poor Carol. I feel like she means well and obviously, her ungodly amount of makeup doesn't make her a bad human...but holy shit.

I'm here to grant your wishes

But wait how are there two of us?!

Dammit! Lol. I don't even know. That wasn't my downvote btw. All thumbs up over here

I'm just confused that it let us use the same name! Haha. He's fat enough that he basically counts as two people though so it makes sense.

This is going to get confusing very fast... lmao

How were you able to change your name? I tried to change mine the other day and the only way I could was by creating a whole new account with a new email? Seemed like a lot of work so I never did change it

You can change your nickname in your profile! Then you just select which nickname you want to appear when you comment.

ah thanks!

When I saw that, I was so sure that they stole it from here because I thought I remembered reading it before! Are both of you new to this name or did one of you already have it?

I'm new to this name. I hope no one thinks I'm just commenting to myself, haha. Maybe I'll just sign off with my name when I post

- Nikki

it's ok, i'll go back to my original name on here so you can be the only hairy fairy.

- the other hairy fairy. RIP.

The real Hairy Fairy will be RIP if he doesn't manage his weight.

Gay, black parade dancers in Alabama?! MTV knows what we want with programming. Love it.

OMG, that producer with "Amby." Could she be more deer in the headlights? It looks like she's just waiting for Aym to go apeshit and start freaking out and beating people up. She was like, "How are you feeling, are you angry?" Looking all scared. LOL

She sure does!

I just can't take her seriously after she was all "sincere" in being Farrah's friend on Being Farrah. She plays her part, I guess, but I don't know what to believe if she can pretend to like Farrah.

Exactly. Everything she says and does is insincere. That Ambie bullshit is gross. The producer is trying WAY too hard to relate to her.


I can't believe I'm saying this.

I can empathize with Farrah. She obviously has a lot of issues and had terrible role models, and it shows. She's sooooo reactive to the slightest of criticisms, and she obviously has self-esteem problems. I feel badly for her, I really do. I look at Farrah and I feel sorry for her, and I truly hope that she gets REAL help and deals with her problems. I'm too f*ing empathetic.

You are a much better person than I.

Yeah I do feel for Farrah a little. I blame her up bringing for why she is the way she is. I mean do you remember the way Debra used to slap her on camera and call her names?! My mother NEVER talked to me like that. That's not the way you talk to your teenagers. But she is such a fucking cunt!!!! Like why do you think it's ok to talk to people like that? Debra and Michael were just standing around watching her be rude to everyone and then they tried defending her. It's just so crazy to me! My parents would've been so mortified by me and then slapped me. That's the time to slap her Debra not when the two of you are arguing in the car.

I actually agree with you. Debra was obviously a very difficult mother to have and it seems there was some drama with Michael, and then she has this deep-seeded self-esteem problem and a certain degree of delusion (undoubtedly a product of her childhood). She's obviously had some shit happen to make her the way she is. On top of that, she's become Teen Mom OGs resident villain when she really isn't fucking up that much more than the other girls, and it's got to be hard to be vilified constantly.

Remember on Couples Therapy when she very validly pointed out C&T failed to achieve the goals they set for themselves before getting pregnant again, then C&T snapped at her and said that she sold her vagina, and the whole audience cheered? I felt horrible for her then.

LOL whatever she deserves everything she gets. Cate also validly pointed out Farrah's dilusions about "not being a porn star" and everyone talked about how that was totally classless... So if it's not Cate's place to make judgments about Farrah then it's not Farrah's place to judge Cate either. And she's villified more than the other girls because Jenelle's probably the only one who sees her kids less than Farrah, and all of the other girls know how to turn on the nice with some people but not Farrah. Maybe Kail is a close second but as long as Farrah treats literally everyone around her the way she does I don't feel sorry for her. And if Sophia fails to break the cycle then I won't feel bad for her either.

i think farrah was right in what she was saying, we all know mtv threw her off the show then begged her back and i think she was just trying to be real about that instead of whatever bullshit entrance mtv was trying to peddle, and i give farrah props for using what she had to get what she wanted, at least shes doing something with herself instead of sitting on a couch whining about shit all day like all the other girls seem to be doing, and so what if she took it up the ass on tape, i bet all the other girls do it too, they just try to play like they dont

LOL no. Farrah begged MTV to come back. And OK things that are apparently better than whining on the couch: Being away from your kid so much you have to hire a nanny to raise her. Treating everyone around you like dirt. drunk driving... Err, car parking (LOL). Getting bad lip injections so you can get on Botched. Pretending the guy you made a porno with is your boyfriend when he wants nothing to do with you. Acting like said porno was a "leaked sex tape". Sorry but Jenelle is the only one worse than Farrah and even she's a little more barable to watch on TM.

ChickenFfried, I get a feeling that MTV was the one to beg Farrah back...

I totally see MTV begging for Farrah back just because I feel like she has too much pride to beg herself. She's been having no problems staying in the limelight with her pronos and sex toys. Plus I feel like it would've come out by now that she was the one to beg them even if it was just a rumor.

Totally disagree sorry. I dont care how someone is brought up they still know wrong from right. I mean if you are brought up hating the way u were treated then you should know how it feels to be the victim of a horrible person and not be one yourself. There is a difference between making bad life decisions and being a horrible person.

Seeing how much Cate & Ty love social media this season, how much do you guys want to bet they're the ones downvoting the comments about them? Lol.

Honestly, I think the only reason they did the whole damage control "B&T are the real parents" announcement thing was because they saw enough comments about it.

I still think Ryan is hot but I wish he would stop chewing that tobacco or whatever it is. That is DISGUSTING.

Yes. Basically when he opens his mouth in general to talk or spit. Just keep it closed and look pretty please.

Ryan's grey hair is sexy. I don't even care if this gets a thousand down votes.

No I'm loving the silver fox thing. Him and Max from Catfish!

Confession time, gals. A man's attraction level for me will immediately go up several points if he has gray in his hair. He can be a total silver fox or just have some gray/white at his temples or whatever. He can be old, young, whatever. But I think gray hair is super attractive no matter what lol.

I agree, as long as he still has a mostly full head of hair. If it's receding/balding/thinning to less than like... 80% of what it seems it's meant to be, that cancels out the silver fox bonus lol

I think grey hair is attractive and am often attracted to older celebrities, but in real life I'm never attracted to men much older than me. So that particular attraction gets relegated to the area of young guys greying early.

Both my bf and I are starting to get greys (mid-late 20s) and neither of us are complaining.

Yep. Rhine can take me anytime.

He's so hot.... I think anyone would let him do them.... It surprising that he's gone through less girls then Adam has and he's way hotter then Adam...

I think it's probably more like he's royally pissed off less girls than Adam so we know about far fewer of them.

That's because Adam doesn't turn anyone down. Wasn't one of his girlfriends super old?

He's sure knocked up less girls than Adam.

Yes it is! I'm wondering what's downstairs obviously lol

OMG I had such a thing for Sean Connery for a while.
Get us OG here in Europe too MTV, pronto!

Mimi Jen's side eye

Papa Larry got drunk on wine n lost all his fucks. I love him.

Grandpa Larry rubbin Maci's belly was just awkward!

"Are they getting married?"

"I don't know. I haven't asked."

There's still hope yet, Mimi Jen!

LOL she asked again! Keep hoping, Mimi Jen!

Yeah, Jen, Maci and Taylor will probably never get married. That's all that matters, not that Maci went and had a baby with another man. Because apparently everybody on "Teen Mom" thinks that having a kid with somebody is way less of a commitment that marriage.

Yeah it still bothers me that none of these girls are concerned with the fact that their boyfriends have no intention of ever marrying them. They're fine with having a kid but when you start talking about marriage they're out of there. Like if you don't think you want to marry them then you don't think you're going to last and if you don't think you're going to last then why the hell are you going to have a kid? So you can go to court and have custody battles?! Think people use your brains!!

hahahaha the hope in her voice!


They'll offer some advice, you'll either take it and get a hug or you'll ignore it and they'll get drunk and laugh at you

Did ryans dad just say "you are an ugly man"? Thats hilarious. But sad. Hopefully Ryan gets his shit together.

Ugly/ill in southern is sick, mean unlikeable nasty ect

I've never realized it's a Southern thing but it probably is. I'm a Southerner and hear people say "don't be ugly" but they really mean don't be mean/cruel.

Oh look, Rhine is taking off again. Run away from your problems, Rhine. That's the best thing to do!

Eh I cut Ryan some slack for that one ONLY because he was running away from the cameras. He didn't want to talk about it on camera. I get that. It's gotta suck to have to have these kinds of conversations on camera. And he knows they always make Maci like a saint which makes him look like an even bigger ass. I'd hate the cameras too.

If only there were some way for him to avoid the cameras entirely... like, not being on the show.

I guess I just can't sympathize with someone who constantly bitches about the cameras, but happily accepts the paycheck that comes with them.


Papa Larry LOVES pushing Rhine's buttons.

I love him...(papa larry)

B&T seem so sweet. Tyler is such a loser. The way he's coming at them is so wrong. I also think it's weird this conversation is being filmed. It's so personal, I can't imagine how awkward it is to have with cameras.

Why does he have to be so confrontational?! Poor Cate finally getting to speak.

Seriously. The big difference is that Brandon and Teresa consider their perspective and Catelynn and Tyler don't seem capable of returning that courtesy. Now you have Catelynn opening up and trying not to cry and Tyler seething next to her waiting to speak instead of listening.

Exactly, Cate and Ty don't have a little girl on tv and live normal lives. Poor Brandon and Theresa are raising this beautiful child and have to deal with the "fame" aspect of this show, when really all they ever wanted was to have children and live a normal life! God, Tyler. Shut. Up.

Tyler is handling this really maturely. pfft.

He won't let anyone speak! Catelynn looks like she's about to cry.

I really felt for Carelynn during that segment. Poor Catelynn. Tyler is a self-righteous, entitled little twerp. He looked like more of a jerk than usual, and that's saying a lot!

Tyler's such a freak. He'll confront B&T, but agree with them when they give him their explanations. And then their explanations aren't good enough! it's also telling that Catelynn isn't speaking so far and is letting Tyler do all the talking. Bad move, Cate.

And when they get home, Tyler will do a 180 and talk $h** about them. In 3..2..

She seemed like she wanted to speak up but was terrified. And then when she finally did she was trying to smooth things over... I feel like B&T were really trying to go easy on them for Cate's benefit not Tylers. Teresa even hugged Cate at the end and said that sweet thing about the baby. That was to Catelynn not to Tyler. I bet it was hard for her to hold her tongue and not tell her to get rid of Tyler the loser.

Yes, it seems like B&T like Catelynn better than Tyler at this point, and with good reason. I love that conversation Teresa had with Catelynn about how she couldn't wait to hold Nova and love her. Like you said, that was to Catelynn and not Tyler. He was out in the cold, and I think he knew it since he barely had a reaction when Catelynn told him about what Teresa said. He looks really annoyed while she was genuinely touched. I wonder if Tyler knows that B&T probably prefer Catelynn over him. It probably pisses him off because I think he feels like he's better than Catelynn.

I wonder if he knows that pretty much everyone prefers her over him....
MTV seems to have stopped his good girl edit.

"It probably pisses him off because I think he feels like he’s better than Catelynn."

So sad but probably so true.

Catelynn is going to spend a vastly disproportionate hunk of her life apologizing for Tyler and she needs to realize this ASAP. Tyler doesn't seem to care who he hurts with either his words or his actions, but Catelynn certainly does. That's not a good combination.

Tyler is being Butch- verbally abusive, ignoring her and badgering everyone around him. Being loud and combative. He is stuck in a maturity level and won't progress. Catelynn will progress out of necessity because she will be a mom. She has limits as she is with him and insecurities, but she has more potential than he ever will, as she doesn't have the same limits of deluded ego. JMO.

Yes, Tyler is very verbally abusive between his mocking Catelynn's weight to the shit he says about and to B&T. And the thing is, he'll never realize how much like his father he truly is. Tyler will act like he's nothing like Burch because he's not a drug addict or has been to jail. The fact that they're both abusive control freaks will probably never occur to him.

A self-concerned control freak with no empathy and an emotionally dependent people-pleaser with low self-esteem.

Talk about a textbook case of relationship dynamics common in an abusive relationship. Tyler is absolutely emotionally abusive. Unfortunately, because he only sees the world as it benefits him, he won't even understand that if he is told. All those fans have reinforced his belief that he is a great guy and partner. It would take major self-reflection on his part to even begin the process of change. That's not happening, so as was said, he will be Butch without the drugs and jail time.

I could go on—I work with victims of domestic violence often—but I think he presents his case well enough himself. Good posts, ladies.

As much as i think Ryan's an ass and not very good with Bentley, i don't think he did anything wrong. He seemed okay with Maci being pregnant and said nothing bad and just mentioned how Bentley will have to get used to losing attention. He obviously only agreed to film/talk about the Maci baby. He doens't like the cameras and left when it came to a topic he didn't want to talk about, especially not on camera. I didn't get an attitude vibe. He never raised his voice or anything. Yeah, i get the girls he's attracted to generally don't want guys with a kid and i'm sure he doesn't like that but if it's not something he wants to talk about for the show, his parents shouldn't have brought it up when he just left it as they split and he's moving out.

Exactly. I wouldn't want to listen to my parents bash my recent ex or tell me how to date from hereon out even without knowing it would be on national television.

Yup totally agree!! I didn't think Ryan did anything wrong in this episode. He was very nice to Maci and Taylor and very respectful. I actually totally agree with what he said about Bentley not liking loosing the attention. That much is very true. Larry loves picking on him and baiting him in front of the cameras. If he doesn't want to talk about his personal life on camera then that's his prerogative. The show is about Maci and how she parents Bentley not about Ryan's relationship with Shelby. I understand him wanting to keep that to himself. And like you said rather then getting angry and fighting with them about it he walked away. Smart thing to do!

I think Ryan is growing up finally, whereas Maci is still pretty much the same person from 16&P.

As a birth parent (who's bio kid is now a legal adult) in a semi-open adoption, Tyler sounds like a petulant child. Grow up.

whose* damn red wine

"You don't have to explain yourselves to us, but once you don't I post videos". Tyler - the look of Teresa's face is one that is gonna close the adoption tomorrow.

It was more of a "I don't know what to say to that because not even OUR 6 year old is this immature..."

I can't help but wonder if she's thinking "I hope Carly isn't like him as a teenager."

OH GOD, could you imagine?! I would be terrified.

Teresa's facial expressions were to die for. She was probably wondering what planet Tyler just came from.

I seriously screamed "WHAT?!?!?" when he said that! He's holding a 6 year old girl's right to privacy like its a freaking ransom situation! Keep proving you don't really give a crap about that kid tyler, just about you asserting your "dominance" and getting what you want.

So he threatens them....nice.

Theresa is a million times better human being than Tyler. Holy shit she is incredibly patient. Tyler just needs to stop.

Tyler is such a child. I don't know how Theresa doesn't slap his annoying little ass.

"There's really nothing we can say to let you know how much we appreciate you letting us in your life."

Fuck off, Tyler. I guess the fact that he spent the last several episodes basically calling B&T Hitler doesn't matter because he gets it now after realizing that they're not changing their minds. What a goddamn douche. I wonder how he explained to B&T all the times he wished he had given Carly to somebody else?

Also, it seemed like Tyler wasn't as confrontational as he implied he would be. Like, he was acting like he was going to have such a severe "take no prisoners" attitude, and he immediately tucked his tail between his legs when B&T told him what was what.

And Tyler once again referring to Carly as "MY" kid. He really can't get it through his tiny head, can he?

I'm thinking Catelynn made him wear shock pants like the boss from the IT Crowd so she could give him a good zap whenever he got exceptionally worked up. That's the only reason I can think of...except for the fact that he's a bunch of bluster and bullshit and angry over shit that he doesn't even understand.

You watch the IT Crowd too? I think I love you haha.