Teen Mom Entering Its Final Season

catelynn lowell

Teen Mom. You were there when they were 16 and Pregnant, you were there when they got boob jobs, you were there when Farrah was rolling her eyes at her mom. I'm sad to say the news officially broke that season 4 will be the final season of the hit MTV show. US Weekly announced it today, despite the fact that everyone already knew this and it wasn't really news at all. I guess this makes sense, since the kids are almost old enough to shave and the moms are no longer teens.

MTV has big plans for the Teen Mom franchise, however, with Teen Mom 2 that is still going strong and a Teen Mom 3 that is in the works. (Pay close attention to the upcoming season of 16 and Pregnant, since the Teen Mom 3 girls will be picked from the 12 that will be featured.)

What do you think of the news? Are you sad to see Maci, Farrah, Catelynn, and Amber go? Or are you ready to see them move on?

The final season of Teen Mom will premiere on June 19, 2012, at 10:00 p.m. EDT on MTV.


Awwwww that stinks.

Maci should start her own show.

Yea that sucks bc I love them:( I don't really care to see anyone else except for them and the other girls on teen mom 2. I guess bc I bonded with them bc I was pregnant when the show came out. I will be sad to see them go though!

I'm sad but I hope they check in once in a while.

I had to happen, their lives just aren't so relatable anymore. Hard to convey financial hardship when half the cast have boob jobs, and as harsh as it may sound, Catelynn is not a teen mom. She misses Carly, but the struggle of raising her lays with Brandon and Teresa. Amber's story is mental health/anger/legal issues, which is verd sad, but irrelevant to the run of the mill knocked up teen (hopefully). If anything, this show has probably contributed to those problems. New cast is a terrible but profitable idea.

Took the words right out of my mouth! Exactly why I'm not sad to see them go.

i would say that it's sad, but this last season and since, it seems like some of them are letting the fame go to their head. mtv has to make it seem like they're struggling young parents, yet they can afford to buy new cars n get plastic surgery.

The gravy train had to end sometime. We'll see who gets their own spinoff show first.

I'm not sad to see them go. I think we've seen enough drama already with these 4 lol

I am just glad that this might be the end of seeing Gary on TV.

I think we can thank Amber & her most recent arrest/sentencing for this.

I think it's good for them. They need to have a normal, regular life now with their children without cameras following their every move.

I hope they will film Tyler and catelynns wedding!!!
I really really want to se it!

[...] we all know by now, Teen Mom is wrapping up it’s original cast, and it’s kind of funny because one of our readers asked which mom will be the first to get [...]

Eh, it is about time. I am rooting for a Tyler and Catelynn spin off. I can't go too long with out any Butch!

im really sad :( this was the original cast and i love them. seeing the kids grow up was really fun and the moms too of course. i dont care that they dont struggle with money, they have other problems now. i hope ther´ll be a spinoff with maci and/or farrah.

Don't get me wrong. I love Teen Mom and it's definitely one of my guilty pleasures, but I'm actually glad it's ending. As some others stated, it's hard to find them relatable when in reality, they don't relate to the struggles real teen moms go through. I think Teen Mom should have been a one time "catch up" show so we could see how they were doing, but that's it. I just hope that these girls for the sake of their children were smart with the ridiculous amounts of money they were paid and put some away in savings, in a college fund for their kids, etc and didn't just blow it all on boob jobs, trips around the US, fake hair and nails, etc. If not, then we (and they) will be able to see what it's like for a teen mom to struggle.

can yall see that picture? they look like they are excluding amber from the picture... aww that is wrong...lol lmao...

I am a little sad actually. The original cast are the only Teen Mom girls I actually really followed. I bonded with this cast and I feel like I got to see each of them grow up (or not grow up lol). I think it is time to move on, but I know I'll miss them. I hope they don't give any of them a spin off show, it'll be like beating a dead horse (I guess I could see Cate and Ty getting their own). They're in the public eye forever now, so I'm sure we'll never stop getting updates on them. I wish them the best.

I just wish they would do a yearly "Check In With Dr. Drew" or something, so we can see how everyone is doing. I personally am vested in these ladies and their kiddos emotionally and would like to peek in on how life treats them from time to time.