Is Ryan Edwards More Unpredictable than Usual?

A major highlight for Maci in the last season of TeenMom OG was getting married to Taylor. But, Ryan Edwards is Maci's ex and father to Bentley. Maci and Ryan have certainly had their share of ups and downs.

And it's clear that Maci feels that she simply cannot rely on Ryan.

Maci and Ryan broke up in 2010 but despite the breakup and a relatively amicable relationship, Maci's always made it clear to the world that Ryan lacks the capacity to be a responsible adult.

And he's certainly missed enough of Bentley's baseball games and other events to prove that's true.

But now, reports are surfacing that Ryan might actually have been behaving more erratically than usual.

We all saw how Ryan had trouble making it on time to take Bentley trick or treating on Halloween.

But a number of people on Twitter were wondering if Ryan might actually have been out of it, and even on drugs.

Of course, Mackenzie, spoke out in Ryan's defense when observations were made about Ryan directly to her.

Still, it's clear that when it comes to parenting, Maci is the responsible one and Ryan is more like an erstwhile parent.

We'll just have to wait and see what comes of Maci's relationship to Ryan this season and whether Ryan has anything else he wants to reveal to the cameras.

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