Is Ryan Edwards Still Filming?

ryan edwards

ryan maci

A couple of weeks ago, we heard that MTV would be bringing back the original Teen Mom girls for an entirely new season of the show.

The rumors stated that since the catch up specials received such great ratings, that the network would be able to make money off of reuniting the girls for Teen Mom once again.

There hadn't been much to back these accusations, but now there's some evidence that might be pointing to the rumors being true, even though MTV hasn't released any official statements yet.

Two days ago on Twitter, Ryan Edwards posted the following photo, which shows three camera mounts in his vehicle. Along with the photo, he decided to mention that the camera mounts were placed there by MTV.

Maci Bookout retweeted it, and it gained even more attention than before, but later removed any mention of the photo from her social media account.

This definitely makes it seem like the Teen Mom kids are filming again, and even though there aren't cameras in the mounts, these have been identified as GoPro mounts, instead of FlipCam mounts, which would lead us to believe that this is a recent picture.

ryan edwards

Other things, such as subtle hints between cast mates, have also come to the surface.

Tweets between Maci, Amber, and Tyler Baltierra have been thought to reveal information about an upcoming reunion, and Maci and Amber tweeted that they would be seeing each other again.

While it could be a simple reunion between the two of them, it definitely leads people to wonder if there really will be a new installment of Teen Mom.


Farrah has remained quiet about the possibility of meeting up with any of the other Teen Mom girls, but she has been promoting her song and club appearances pretty regularly on her Twitter account.

While there were originally reports that Amber and Maci didn't want Farrah on a new season of Teen Mom, these rumors haven't been proven, and it's still all speculation at the moment.

Speaking of Farrah...her lips look creepier than ever in this recent selfie she posted.


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Farrah's lips=baboon's ass

Farrah's lips = Farrah's ass

You mean always open and gaping?

Swollen and misused.

*PTSD* *flashbacks* "Yeah baby THAT COCK"


Ugh I'm going to have a seizure. I know people all get off to different things but her saying that over and over again was just freaking weird. Like she watched too much porn and thought that's how you have to have sex to turn on your partner by repeatedly mentioning his penis over and over again instead of just enjoying it for yourself. And I only saw like 5 minutes of her porn and that is burned into my brain. Ew.

Hope they dont bring back farrah..Throw another girl in there! And i also seen Corey and his dad were tweetin pics of camera crews yesterday. ...i smell another season of teen mom 2 ..

Isaw that too! I thought it got cancelled

Well, MTV is still filming season 5b (or whatever nonsense they're calling it), so it stands to reason there would still be film equipment around for the TM2 crew.

I also heard they extended the 5b filming into June to cover Jenelle's trap baby birth. Originally, it was supposed to wrap this coming month. I have no idea if that's true or not, though.

Oh Rae, I hope those rumours are true. I am dying to see how that plays out.

I dunno if I can stand to watch Jenelle and Nathan pretend to care about anything that formed as a result of their gonads unfortunately interacting with each other.

Your eloquence never ceases to amaze me.
But think of the money one could make taking bets for how long she'll last playing mommy the second go around.

@Rae @ 3:38, that's good to hear since it would have been weird to end the series with her still pregnant.

I wonder if this birth will actually be filmed. Knowing just how willing she is to lay it all out for pictures it is surpising Jace's birth wasn't shown on 16&P.

A lot of times when the births aren't shown on 16 & Pregnant it's because of hospital policies, not protestations from the new moms. MTV will sometimes sneak someone in to film with one of those flip cams or have a family member/friend film with one if the hospital won't allow a full film crew or the crew gets kicked out because the room is too crowded.

All we got of Jenelle's birth with Jace was an audio of Babs yelling " Push Juh-nelle PUSH!!!"

Now we just get to watch Nathan look constipated and applaud while Jenelle pretends to be maternal and birth this unfortunate child.

Maybe MTV will do something worthwhile and give Jeff and Babs their own spinoff??

I don't mean to sound like I'm trying to find something wrong but it looks like the pic was taken while driving and on a two lane road. I would assume he'd never do that if Bentley was in the car with him but what if someone did that and veered into the on coming car that Bentley was in. I'm just staying...

No need to look too hard to find something wrong, usually. Ryan is a dipshit.

I can't stand how most people are all 'I want Maci and Ryan back together!!!'

Why? So the can be irresponsible and leave Bentley every weekend to party as a couple? I never really found them cute together, he's a douche canoe and she's a barely closeted alcoholic.

Maybe people just figure they deserve each other and both their parents will take care of Bentley while they're out making bad decisions together? I have no idea. I wouldn't want to be with either one of them considering how they've treated their other exes and each other over the years.

Could be. I mean, they are an attractive couple on the outside, but they don't strike me as very happy people. They're both a giant cry for help in their own way. Maci's one redeeming quality is she obviously love Bentley. It's just a shame he doesn't seem to he enough for her where happiness is concerned and I feel sorry for her because of that.

Agreed. That little boy is precious and she's too busy getting sloshed and man chasing for a healthy, happy son who adores her to be enough motivation to better herself.

Bentley is so adorable, and it's so unfortunate for him and her that she'd rather pretend she's childless than spend time at home with him. Obviously she doesn't have him all the time because they share custody but still. I would rather spend my nights home with my kids than out getting hammered. Even if they're in hed by eight, one of my guilty pleasures is checking on them so I can watch them sleep since they refuse to fall asleep in my arms now, lol.

Where do u get your information from about her being a "barely closeted alcoholic"?

It's essentially general knowledge that Maci drinks like a fish at any and every opportunity, Amos.

And when she's not drinking, she's talking about drinking. Someone mentioned yesterday that she had at least one alcohol mention in every post she's written for her new blog so far.



EEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! *camel dismissal*

What a superb onomatopoeia.

Farrah must be going to the plastic surgeon that does Naya Rivera's work. "make me look like Kim K, but miraculously more broke down".

This vague information annoys me, either say you're filming more or don't. But I guess it's all to create buzz and speculation...blah obvious moves like these annoy me.

I know what you mean! I can't stand when people vague tweet stuff like they are starving for people to ask them what happened or what's wrong. Either tell the whole story or don't! Example of the one that bugs me the most is... Just got to hospital, need prayers! (CoughJenelleCough)

With Jenelle, it's more like, "Look at this instagram picture of all these bloody tissues...this is the end...need attention..."

Do you think if we all stopped paying attention she'd starve to death?!
It's a twisted hypotheses, but I'd be willing to test it. We could probably try it on Farrah, too.

I think if we all said, "I DO NOT BELIEVE IN FARRAHS OR JENELLES!" and then refused to applaud, they'd both drop dead.

Farrah looks like a damn horse in that picture/

She kinda reminds me of that insect that co-hosted Space Ghost!

I'm a horrible person because I had a vague memory of that and just googled "Brak" from space ghost and Farrah looks like the preying mantis guy (who was my favorite, damn her) and Sophia favors Brak, unfortunately, due to the adult figures in her life being too preoccupied with television interviews to ween her off a damn pacifier by age FIVE.

That's the one (the preying mantis) I was trying to say but couldn't remember his name! Lol

His name's Zorak apparently. He just always cracked me up because I recall him being like psychotically sadistic and my parents thought Space Ghost was fine for kids because it was a cartoon.

I just died.

FUCKING hilarious.

I won't watch anything with Farrah in it. I can't stand her voice, and she annoys me to no end. (It is also sad to see how developmentally delayed Sophia is, it breaks my heart! If I want to watch a sad children's story, I can watch World Vision!).

I would totally love a catch up on the other three story lines!

I read:
It is also sad to see how developmentally delayed Farrah is.

Then I giggled because it both seems to work.

That bitch is just developmentally halted. There's no fixing that.

This angers me, the girls have just started to have to live normally ish without mtv funding them, at best the money wil run out soon and now they will get more money to do it again, make them live like normal teen moms instead of fame whores.
P.s. the lips look botched and she looks hideous now.

We will probably see a new tv show in the future called Life After My Reality Tv Money Ran Out! They could make a whole season on 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom alone!

I just want them to stop being able to do appearances, stop being able to go into interviews and get the job without any questions. So obvious the employers are only doing it for free advertising. Every interview I have went to it has at least 8 questions, lasted 30 minutes plus, some had second stages if it was a higher up role. Chelsea and many other who were filmed at interview (that girl, someone know who she is? She totally fucked the interview, didn't know the answers and didn't seem keen either?) and they get told they have the job after basically introducing themselves and that is it :/
It makes me mad they get these opportunities because they got pregnant at 16.

And that UK company hiring Farrah as a "columnist" when she can't even form a coherent sentence, written or verbal.

I'm not saying that they don't get more opportunities because they are on a TV show, but do you really think their interviews only last 2 minutes? It's called editing. I don't think anyone would want to watch 30 minutes of someone's full interview. That would almost take up 2 episodes for that person's time slot to have other girls on the show.

Okay now i feel like an idiot!! Lol, never thought of that! Excuse me while I cringe in the corner ha

@Rae and Leah who got a manager post at a tanning salon but was tweeting when she would be working and advertising like hell for the place.
I'm not saying people without qualifications can't be managers, I have a part time contract at manager level for an organisation to help improve opportunities and rights for young people with disabilities. That is with level one uni and that is it. I'm actually going back to uni for 4 years to try become a social worker or psychologist too.
Aw it is annoying me who was that girl!
OH and JENELLE when she went for an interview at a daycare :O I work with kids as well as my other job and you need to be qualified and get a disclosure to ensure you have no criminal convictions... do you not get that in the USA? If so how did she get to interview stage lol!
"Well I have a son and im really good with kids, i am a very calm person and never argue" ..... they probably saw your episodes and realized you were a liar lol!

Having worked in childcare and especially daycares in the US: You generally apply, they decide if they want you to come in for an interview, you go in for an interview and then immediately go from the interview to a third party contractor who takes your fingerprints and runs a background check on you. If your background check comes through clear, they are legally required to keep your fingerprints on file if you work around children. I have a clean background but they were even a little iffy about my fingerprints because I had cut my pinky on a kitchen knife the week before I applied for the job and therefore they couldn't get a clean print off that finger. They let it slide though because they had 9 other clean prints and nothing popped up in my background check except maybe some speeding tickets. Of course, if you're Jenelle, they already have your fingerprints on file and you fail miserably at a background check simply due to possession charges that you pled guilty even through a plea deal. I worked at daycares in college in TN so I'm not sure what the exact rules are in NC or SC but as far as I know, there are really strict rules about what kind of convictions you can have on your record, even misdemeanors and still work in childcare in any capacity. Felonies are an automatic no-no but I'm not sure what convictions Jenelle actually has as opposed to charges when it comes to misdemeanors. I know she's avoided all felonies so far. Please tell me that place didn't actually hire her?? That would be suicide for a business when the parents who pay to send their kid to that daycare happen to see they hired Jenelle Evans from MTV. Especially because most daycares are privately owned, incredibly strictly maintained and hard to keep in business due to the overhead costs.

@HATETHATILOVETEENMOM- I think it was last year that Dateline or 20/20 did a special on daycare centers and confronting the workers that were found to have criminal records yet were working at a daycare. The point of the show was that unfortunately the law only requires a certain background check that doesn't include some major things and it's scary to find out who is really watching your kids. One daycare center had an owner that was actually convicted of murdering her husband decades before and was currently running a daycare center!!! Lesson learned- YOU have to really do your own research on the people who watch your kids EVEN if they seem to have passed legal requirements. It was scary to see what these people working with kids actually did in their past!

@Rae Thanks for the insight, it works so differently here, obviously we have hic ups where some sick people manage to get through the net due to not being caught offending yet but we get full disclosures done where if you have the slightest thing you might not be considered for a post, when training we heard of people that couldn't work because they had been stupid and got caught trying weed in high school which went on the record as a warning. The fingerprints would come in handy though for crimes you weren't caught for, we should have that here!
@Thebettercourtney Aw god that is sick, yeah you hear some horror stories here, the worse thing is kids have barely any rights when it comes to it. Unless an adult catches someone harming a child the chances of prosecution is little to none if the child is under 5 :( We had a case in England where everyone knew these nursery workers had been renting the kids in their care to other very sick people. A little girl had a broken pelvis, you can guess why, other chldren openly told the cour what happened but because of their age, the fact their "memory fades" and "minds can be polluted and manipulated" the bastards were found innocent :'( It was a horrible case, everyone was sure they would be found guilty but they walked free with no convictions, thankfully because of the publcity they will never work in a nursery again, even though found innocent the public knew they were guilty. In a case close to home we got told the young girls wouldn't even get to go to trial over their abuse because there was not enough evidence BUT if he re offended then they would get called to court. The ones that should be most protected are basically not taken into account in some cases. I know i will be doing a LOT of background checking, i will be a parent from hell for nursery workers. There was in the news how a little girl, 3 years old, hanged in the garden for 2 hours before they even noticed she was gone, on her first day at nursery. I have heard of staff falling ASLEEP during work, staff giving wrong medication, using their phones playing games, I had to whistleblow after a member of staff forgot a child in the room not once but twice, i walked into the toilet, it was dark and i heard crying behind the door, she forgot him again the same day and that was AFTER i had reported her. Went back reported her again and NOTHING got done. I left because of all the shady stuff they did and she is STILL there. I find it sickening, I want a nursery where there are cameras where you can see your child and "check up" .. I wouldn't use it a lot but if the staff think theya re being watched i bet their practice would improve immensely.
(sorry for the novel, i can get passionate about these topics)

My immediate family still live in NC and my mom was telling me about a case recently in (I believe) Gastonia near my hometown (central NC) where a kid was found tied to the front porch of a home in the early hours before dawn with a dead chicken fastened around his neck as some sort of punishment. I don't know what he was being "punished" for but it was like November and while NC isn't Michigan, it's not warm or dry outside at that time of night/morning, especially not during winter. I guess the neighbors heard him crying and either called the cops or went to check on him themselves. Turns out, he was a foster kid and there were four other ADOPTED children living in the home and when the cops finally searched the home and took custody of all the children, the house was full of human and animal feces, maggots, trash and everything else foul you can imagine. The most atrocious part of the whole story is the "parents." The adoptive/foster "dad" was an ER nurse and the "mom" was the HEAD of the child protective services/social services for the entire COUNTY where they lived. They were able to adopt four children and be eligible foster parents and had gone without home studies or follow up inspections to secure these adoptions and foster children simply due to the fact that everyone assumed they would be the last people to abuse or neglect anyone. It makes me freaking sick just to think of what else those kids have been through and I hope both those assholes get thrown in prison and have to fend for themselves amongst other prisoners. I dunno how it is in the UK prison system, but in the US, child abusers and child molesters don't stand much of a chance of surviving in prison for very long and they definitely don't get treated with anything remotely resembling respect from other prisoners. I have zero sympathy for whatever fate holds for people who put innocent children through that kind of abuse.

@Rae. I live in the same county as the same woman you're talking about, and it is still the only thing people are talking about. The saddest part about the whole thing is, this woman was head of DSS. She treated a child like that. We trust these people to protect the children in this country from harm, but she was a complete psychopath. I guarantee she is not the only one of her kind out there, so hopefully this raises some red flags in other cases. Just because people appear to be professional, honest, or good citizens of this country doesn't mean they are. Some people are just sick!

Oh god that is awful, the ones who are suppose to protect children :/ Aw the UK prison system SUCKS. The people who do bad things their rights are so important but the victims rights mean little to nothing for the police/judge etc.
2 boys aged 10 murdered a 3 year old back in 93 and the boys got special treatment during trial, got put in private rooms, got different outside time and would not be near other prisoners (juvy) .. they got sentenced to 10 years. For premeditated murder, attemted murder of another child, for torturing this little baby boy :( They didn't ene go to real prison. It later came out that one of the boys was having sex with a guard, they got special treatment, got xbox in their rooms, guitar, tv, got days out of prison, and the police even took them to their victims GRAVE and murder scene without permission from the childs parents. The parents found out through media.
Any pedos and child killers or rapists get special treatment in prison, private rooms, different times to go outside, food brought to their rooms, it is sickening. You rarely hear of them getting what they deserve. That girl from Edinburgh who was originally from america, she murdered her twin boys and little girl, did you guys hear of that over there? Well she got special treatment but she couldn't take it anymore I guess and killed herself. I hate the UK prison sentence, a guy who does tax fraud/share secrets from the govt gets more time than someone who murders someone. A man who was mentally ill and hated the royal family who tried to kidnap one of the royals got given life. eYeah but if someone murdered a toddler they get a measley 10 years and only serve less than 8 years of it. Honestly i understand peoples frustration with the royal family, yeah they bring tourism and give us something to be proud of, but really they are the biggest freeloaders in the world. We pay for them to live in a palace, to go abroad more than 10 times a year, expensive designer clothes, their food. Then people are like "Harry served in the war!" ... yeah he also didn't do full tours like the normal men serving in the army, he did a racist remark to one of his squadron and the men in his team were most likely told to guard him. I highly doubt he had to kill anyone, go into combat like a real soldier.

@Lady K: someone from the homeland!! Ugh I'm just disgusted that situation was even possible. I hope she and her husband go to jail for...ever.

@TeenMom: I actually never heard about the case with the 10 year olds until recently (I might have heard about it from you or someone else on here if I recall) but I looked into it and it made me sick. Those boys are monsters and got basically a slap on the wrist. I had no idea their "sentence" was so cushy with special treatment, freaking field trips and xboxes. That's horrid. Weren't they both released upon adulthood and one is already back in jail for parole violations? ew ew ew. They were 10 so obviously maybe not put them in general population but with what they did, they should be in a mental institution and receive serious help because they're not right in the head in any way shape or form. I didn't hear about the woman from Edinburgh at all. Yikes.

As for the royal family: All I know is that the last time I was in the UK it was right around the time Phillip finally married Camilla Parker Bowles and their ugly mugs were on plates, keychains...actual mugs...ALL OVER LONDON, haha. I can't imagine how crazy it got before William and Kate got married. I always looked at UK royalty as kind of...dignified maybe? Because we have freaking train wrecks like the Kardashians who THINK they're royalty but you guys have REAL royalty but I don't really understand their purpose since you have a parliament that makes/enforces all the laws in actuality.

@Hate - In her job interview at the daycare, JE actually said "I never yell." One can only HOPE that the hiring manager watched a few episodes of Teen Mom. That would completely reveal her to be a liar!

@Rae yeah it was prob me you heard it from, yeah they were released when they were 18 so didn't even do time in real prison, the one who was LEAST likely to reoffend is back in prison for looking at child porn, doing drugs, and returning to mereyside where he killled the boy, he was given a lifelong ban from the area to "protect the family of James" but really it is because if someone recognised him he would get murdered on the spot. The other one is rumoured to be living in scotland. A man was beaten badly because everyone thought he was Robert (the child killer) so basically innocent civilians/victims family are being hurt because they are protecting vile people. Robert was the one the psychologists thought would reoffend, he leaks his identity himself costing millions to create another identity for him. A man he confessed to got warnings from the police because he was leaking his photo to the public, all newspapers have to sensor their faces it's disgusting.
Another child killer, Mary from Edinburgh, got pregnant and was allowed to keep her baby. It is dispicible, she couldn't be forced to give her baby up because that "would be against her human rights" . she kiled 3 children and got out at 18, also commited the crimes very young, think she was 8. It is a fucked up system, we should be more like america where prison is prison not a hotel. They get pool tables, basket ball courts, footbal pitches it is truly sick. There was a pic circulating with a pic of a prison cell and a pic of an old folks home. The prison cell had comfy matresses, had a nice tv, playstations, lots of books/board games/photos of family/3 meals a day and can keep snacks in rooms/medication free and this was all for commiting a crime. Elderly has a stinky looking bed, no tv, no radio, would get 3 meals and they get to pay 350 a week minimum all for getting old. It is disgusting. Prisons also have outings now, where if a prisoner is good they get to go on outings sometimes UNSUPERVISED to gyms/swimming/bowling it is disturbing. In america you see ones that slip through the net i.e. casey anthony but for the most part criminals get treated like criminals, here their rights are paramount.

When did Jenelle interview at a daycare?

Actually, I personally believe prisoners here in the states have wayyyy too many privileges and rights. People in jail for 25 years for dealing or even simply possessing pot or something...that's ridiculous. They're in prison for longer than a lot of people who are convicted of aggravated rape or manslaughter. I don't even smoke pot. I just think it's a disproportionate punishment. Yeah Casey Anthony got acquitted but look at Jodi Arias: she absolutely slaughtered her ex boyfriend, lied about it for years despite PHOTOGRAPHIC evidence of the crime WHILE it was taking place, changed her tune and admitted to killing him but in self defense while calling him an abusive pedophile and then had a former cell mate who was out of jail operate a Twitter account mocking the prosecutor and journalists covering her trial all DURING her trial. She's still awaiting sentencing because the jury convicted her but was hung on whether to give her life or death. A new jury has to be chosen to decide simply the penalty phase of her case and her lawyers have successfully pushed for zero media coverage allowed inside the courtroom during that process but Arias STILL maintains a twitter account through her former cell mate.

Charles Manson who is in jail for LIFE due to being absolutely crazier than a shithouse rat and has been denied parole like 17 times at this point is still allowed to have pen pals outside the prison walls. A woman who's in her early 20s (like 22 I think) recently carved a cross into her forehead and shaved her head like the other female Manson family members did during Manson's original trial at his instruction, changed her name to "Star," moved from the midwest to California to be able to visit him every weekend and claims they're engaged. They met through a prison pen pal program. He was convicted and given the death penalty for his crazed and all encompassing influence over other people who slaughtered people at his urging and yet he's allowed to write and receive letters to and from adoring "fans"?? The only reason he's not on death row is because for awhile California abolished the death penalty and all prisoners on death row (including Manson) had their sentences commuted to life. Now the death penalty is reinstated in CA but Manson still serves life and will die of most likely natural causes when he's older than Moses inside prison.

The Menendez brothers were found guilty of murdering their own parents when they were like 25 (they murdered them like 5 years before they were actually convicted due to a lengthy trial period but I believe both were over 18 at the time of the murders) and are both serving life without parole and yet they're both married now despite being in jail or prison since about a year after the murders. Two guys convicted of first degree, premeditated murder of their own parents have the right to marry while behind bars, but a homosexual couple can only legally marry in 17 out or 50 states currently. That's bullshit.

Once found guilty, prisoners are given so many appeals that the process collectively costs millions of dollars annually (of which the prisoners usually aren't responsible for because they have no income and depriving them of counsel would be a violation of their rights) and drag on a case for decades. It seems like there are so many more laws are in place to protect people who commit crimes than there are to protect the victims or the families of the victims of said crimes. Prisoners are allowed cable access, top of the line gym equipment, recreation areas...basically you take people who have committed crimes and allow them to bulk up or sit around on their asses all day every day for years and then occasionally release them back out into the general population of law abiding citizens. It's enraging. Sorry to rant. Just something I feel strongly about.

Aubrey Wolters episode is on MTV right now and she blew the interview and before she even got home she was hired! Think that might be who you are talking about.

No... theyll all be on that Intervention show on A&E!

Cancelled. Although I saw one episode of the spinoff, Intervention: Canada on Youtube, and I'm pleased to report that she was the most polite addict I've ever seen on television.

Even the loons in Canada have manners! ;)

@rae hahaha as a Canadian that made me laugh :p we do pride ourselves on our politeness

Hahaha thank you so much for the kind words Rae (Canadian)

My best friend is Canadian so I make fun of his accent and politeness quite often. I know I'm not supposed to laugh at an intervention show but most interventions end with someone having a nervous breakdown and saying vile, addiction fueled things to their loved ones but this chick was just like, "I'm so sorry I put you through this. I'll definitely go to rehab." No muss, no fuss.

Farrah looks like a straight up dude there. I honestly feel bad for her. She needs to get SERIOUS mental help and not be on a damn TV show to make her more insane. REally though I don't think we need Caitlin on there even though I love her to death it would be boring. Maci and Ryan still look at eachother like they want to be together. Ryan is a douche hope he's changed.

I am actually the most interested in Amber. I loved her from the beginning, obviously she's not perfect but it's great to see her change her life for the better.

Unfortunately, adding MTV cameras and a national audience back to that mix is going to do NO favors for Amber.

It's like she has four lips on her face and they're all highly allergic to bees. Holy crap.

Maybe it's just too much sucking the D and it's really all natural. Just like her "sex tape" was totally leaked.

Unless the dicks she's sucking are actually vacuum cleaners, I doubt that, haha.

LOL. I wouldn't put it past her.

Probably part of her sex toy line. "Farrah Real Dolls: Now with Real Suction!"

Yikes, Rae, don't give her anymore ideas! Farrah will do anything for a buck. We all know that haha.

I'm sorry but for any Caitlin fans she is full of shit, both her and Tyler. They want to say oh we gave Carly up so we can go to college and have careers. Neither of them work besides going to schools and talking about adoption and safe sex even though we saw her take a damn pregnancy test on being Caitlin. Seriously I don't need a whole show about her sitting on the toilet and pissing on a stick while trying to convince Tyler to be straight so she can have a wedding only to be divorced in 2 years with another unplanned kid. Being Caitlin was highly interesting and the fact they were on Couples Therapy just shows they are milking the fame. They are kkind of the worst of them all because they try and act modest and say oh we're not celebs blah blah we're just like you're freakin not. Most 22 years olds don't have their own house, don't have to work, or make a living by doing BS speeches at school. At least Farrah is somewhat honest about her vanity. Really don't care to see any of them. MAYBE Amber but I wouldn't want the show to ruin her progress. Maci is just a glorified alcoholic.

Catelynn should not be on the show. She is not a mom. We know you live with adoption forever, but how many time can you show "aw it woulda been her birthday, lets get her cake like we did last year, but this time an extra candle, and send her presents." ... it gets boring.
Maci I do not want to see, although I would love for everyone to grow to dislike her like i do because she is just a typical party girl mom, yeah she loves bently but way to set an example, she is trying to have the life she woulda had before him while he is there which is not fair.
Amber should stay clear of fame and social media full stop, i can see it putting pressure on her again although i understand her wanting to clear her name because everyone remembers her as the bitch she was.
Farrah .. oh god please no, her fake crying, her victimizing, her "her dad is a jerk i dont want him near my kid" turning into "i love him and miss him so much, he would have been an amazing dad" to get attention for herself. I don't use the word hate lightly, i hate her.

Instead of doing this i'de prefer a being lizzie, a being jordan etc and go through the girls from the first season and do a catch up and then the 2nd season... only 2 from 3rd season, izabella and jordyn, all the other girls just seemed fake to me.

I agree! Go back through all the girls from the start and do a "Being....." Of them. An hour special so we can actually see for reals what they are doing instead of a lame "Dr" Drew catch up/where are they now. That would be awesome!

Especially since we find out that like 60% of the "Where Are They Now" chicks are actually pregnant WHILE filming their catch up segments and prattle on about birth control and how they're waiting to have more kids.

I want Lizzie back too! I liked her a lot. Although I'd be worried it would make me hate them if we got to know them better. That's what happened with Briana. I thoguth her story was great, her family was so supportive and then they turned out to be psychotic. I love all those girls you mentioned though. They all seem to be working and leading productive lives to pay for their children rather then Caitlin who goes to speaking engagements just to put Tyler on the spot WHEN IS THIS MAN GOING TO MARRY ME? Or Maci's pretend career in journalism. I won't even delve into Farrah. I really liked Hope too.

Totally agree!! When I watched Briana's 16&P I was so sad for her when her sister was such a bitch when she wanted to show her ultra sound video. And when Devion (sp) didnt show up at the restaurant o see Nova. I thought 'you poor girl, you don't deserve this.' After watching Teen Mom 3 I realize how batshit crazy trash her family are.

I really liked Valerie's episode, I've rewatched it a couple of times since it aired and I always wondered what ended up happening to her. But apparently she got super into drugs so it wasn't the uplifting story I was hoping for haha

Agreed I also DESPISED how they were bitching how Brandon and teresa won't let them post pictures of Carly on social media. Sure they used the one pic of Carly on the adoption magazine but WHO CARES it's their child. Tyler and Caitlin gave up that right. Brandon and Teresa don't want her all over instagram and facebook and I think that's wise.

How seriously stupid do you have to be to bitch endlessly about the terms of your open adoption on national television when the both the adoptive family AND adoption agency wanted a closed adoption to begin with? The first several times, I could understand it. They were dealing with something unbelievably challenging, as young people trying to come to terms with being birth parents and not raising their kid. But to do it over and over and over again is basically spitting in the adoptive parents' faces. "Oh thanks for giving our kid the life we couldn't but why won't you let us post her face all over instagram and continue milking her existence for all it's worth, dammit! Why can't our batshit crazy parents call you whenever they want to go on a drug fueled rant about their granddaughter that ISN'T THEIRS?!"

My thoughts exactly. I was sympathetic when they were dealing with it and coming to terms in the first year or so but it's been 5 years. B and T wanted a closed adoption and made it clear they wanted Carly in the spot light as little as possible. That's why there were only photos of the second year visit, they wouldn't let MTV film her any more. As birth parnts you need to understand your place, I think. She can from you, but you are not her parents. You gave up any and all decision making when you chose adoption.

Yeah i know a little about them through social media, all the ones i mentioned seemed to be doing well, I like Jordan ward because yeah she had 2 kids but her man works for them and she seems to love being a mom, she also doesn't preach about how all young people should use BC when she obviously didn't twice.
Izabella is by far my favorite, still with Jairo and they seem to respect each other and are greatful that they can still live at home while they work and try get degrees :) She also loves little Henry (enrique) and she use to have a blog (not sure if she still does) to get young girls to post their experiences and encouraged all young girls to read them and posted that pic of her belly and stretch marks. (i know mamas are proud of them but young girls who are thinking about having sex will not see it like that which is who she was aiming for) Lizzie is a sky diver instructor now I'm sure and got divorced because Skylar cheated on her.... again... with the same girl he cheated first time with. ASSHOLE!.. I wanna know how they are doing in more detail, i know a lot of the 16 and pregnant girls say they are happy they didn't go on TM but i hope they would do a little catch up :)

I loved Izabella but I really, really hope her husband/boyfriend/whatever is less fussy about his damn hair by now. She seemed so down to earth and between his lying about graduating high school and getting his hair cut and styled every 6 days like clockwork, he just seemed like a loser. Hopefully the lying thing was just a really difficult time that happened to be captured by MTV and isn't indicative of how he truly is in real life because she seemed like she deserved better.

Izabella is the girl I most personally identified with; that is, I really watched the episode thinking "that could have been me, that's what it would have been like for me." Maybe it's because I could actually buy into the fact that she was determined to achieve her goals and didn't get pregnancy accidentally-on-purpose.

I haven't kept up with her since then, so it is great to know that she and Jairo have a strong respectful relationship.

Woah, lots of typos in my comment. Not enough sleep!

Very well said Maci'sforhead!!!!

What could they even be filming to make a show of? It was entertaining the first few series, seeing the baby daddy drama, watching the babies grow and seeing if the girls could make it. It's now 5 years on all of these issues should be resolved, the children are now in school? (I'm from the uk we start school at 4) and the girls should have gotten a degree and other than Farrah(ironically) non have them achieved a degree. I loathe Farrah the last thing she needs is anymore attention or money. Maci is a lazy party girl, I mean what takes you so long to get a degree? I can't stand Ryan either, what an absolute piece of work. When my father passed away my boyfriend broke up with me, so I have a personal dislike of Ryan. He sponges of his parents and treats women like dirt, and his twitter page is a cringefest. I pity Catelynn she's in a dead end relationship and she can't see it because she's too in love, she seems to lack any goals. What would MTV be filming her doing? I would be interested to see how Amber progresses but I think the last thing she needs is a lot of spotlight and attention.

Maybe MTV just wants to keep us updated until they can film a side by side special for Maci's impending liver transplant and the removal of Ryan's cancerous dip-jaw in several years?

As far as Farrah is concerned, she has severe, SEVERE mental issues that at this point are kind of a lost cause but anyone who continues to finance her body dysmorphic disorder, support her emotionally or encourage her absolutely ATROCIOUS "parenting" is just as awful as she is from here on out. Most mental illnesses can be treated no matter how far down the rabbit hole you manage to find yourself but not her level of narcissism. There's no fixing that and it's obviously deeply rooted in several generations of her genetics on both sides.

Catelynn and Tyler stopped being interesting years ago and all they ever have to say about the adoption process seems either completely ungrateful to Brandon and Teresa or completely scripted by Bethany Christian Services. I'd much rather hear from people who have gone through the adoption process without any ulterior motives like funding a live without jobs or blowing smoke up someone's ass so they can still have frequent visits with their biological children.

Amber needs to stay the hell out of the spotlight because nothing about stepping back into it will do her anything but harm. She has a chance at being a good person and a great mom if she just lays low and stays the fuck away from MTV and anyone else that wants to pay her for an appearance.

This is the exact same picture and caption that "Bentley" has posted on his Instagram.

Lol exploiting her kid for more attention. Sad...

Yeah I think Maci runs it cos it's mostly selfies of her and Bentley.

Why the hell do these people put their kids out there at this level of exposure? It's not for the kid's benefit. Bentley doesn't care how many upvotes or nice comments he gets on instagram. Jace doesn't care how great of a mom Jenelle pretends to be by plastering his face and her pregnant belly all over her twitter. If you want to broadcast your every move then fine, but why do the same to your child? There are serious creeps out there who can find out where you are and when you're there with one google search based on your twitter or instagram posts and the ones who are truly dangerous won't hesitate to do so. It really pisses me off.

This is so true, especially if you're in the limelight like these idiots are. Don't get me wrong, my Facebook is 90 percent pictures of my kids but I'm not famous and I keep my settings pretty private. I'm far from over protective but get real. Your 5 year old doesn't need an Instagram.

I'm pretty sure I read some where that Bentley account is a fake. It only posts pics that have been posted elsewhere first.

You're probably right. Maci would most likely make an instagram dedicated to her favorite brand of gas station beer before she'd make one dedicated to Bentley.

Yes, and I noticed that maci and Ryan both don't follow the account. Looks fake to me...

Oh no. Farrah's lips are starting to resemble a prolapsed anus. That's not a good look.

At least she's starting to be as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside. Plus, maybe she'll take Sophia to the zoo soon and attempt to take a selfie with a baboon, Sophia will refuse, protest and Farrah will take the picture of just her alone and we'll get a money shot of the baboon hurling it's own feces at Farrah because he assumes she's a long lost cousin!! She's already proven she'll post ANYTHING online so I'm sure she wouldn't deny us that jewel.

Maybe she wants her face and her ass to match for her next porno - i mean 'sex tape' - that is inevitably on the horizon?

"Farrah Superspace: Backdoor Face!"

Good lord, I love your comments.

Farrah really needs to tell us who her plastic surgeon is. That way everyone considering a new nose or lips can avoid them like the plague. Farrah's face is the "don't" of plastic surgeries. It's not going to age well at all. It's like she wants her face to be half fish. And her boobs. That goes without saying.

I often wonder if her surgeon watched Teen Mom and botched her face on purpose. She's also going to need that chin implant back if she keeps duck facing her face off because she looks like a weak chinned camel-mantis. She's just ugly all day.

And as for her attempt at "stress free mommy look"...just goes to show that she cares more about LOOKING like a great mom than being one. (Even though I've never known anyone to get filler injections at her age to maintain any type of "mommy" look, especially the ones that do have kids.)

@Rae oops! Just saw your mention of "filler injections." Yes, it's just insane!

Yes, also...she's in her early 20s and already gets Botox injections. WTH? What long-term effects is that going to have, I wonder.

Just an after thought. Maybe they are doing "Being...." Specials on the dad's? Cos let's be honest, we hardly saw Gary or Ryan really. Tyler-yes and let's just cut Farrah out. Maybe they will do a special with her parents.

I hope not. I don't want to watch Debra brag about how great of a Christian she is while defending Farrah's vagina molds or see Michael go on and on ad nauseam about how great of a parent his whore daughter is.


Farrah looks like roger, the alien from American dad

I didn't see it til i read this and now that's all I see when I look at her... go sit on the corner and think of the damage you've seared into my brain with that image!! lol.

Yes! And they both have extremely obnoxious speaking voices as well.

And they both like taking it up the ass.

If they are doing another season, they better not act like they aren't famous. One of the few redeemable things about the "Being ______" specials was that they acknowledged the cameras and they didn't pretend to be normal teen moms. Watching them work fake retail jobs and complain about money would be a little ridiculous at this point.

Ryan's the biggest douche ever, but damn it if he isn't the hottest douche in the Teen Mom franchise. Y'all might think I'm crazy but I started watching Teen Mom because I wanted to drool over him every week.

I'm not trying to suggest that your opinion is invalid or wrong because you're definitely not the only one who finds him attractive but I just never saw the appeal. I have weird taste in guys, though. To me, Ryan is just a run of the mill redneck man child with gauged ears who gets hair cuts slightly more frequently than his peers and worships Fox racing products, haha. Guys like him are a dime a dozen in Tennessee, at least.

I think I need to move to Tennessee ;)

He's hot but then he talks and it ruins everything for me.

That is mainly how I feel. I could watch re-runs on mute though ;)

I always thought Ryan was way, way out of Maci's league. However, he's a spoiled jerk who is terrible in relationships, so although he's easy on the eyes, he's not "long-term relationship" material. That makes him a lot less attractive to me.

Don't get me wrong, he's got an ugly personality. It's just easy for me to ignore because I have terrible taste in men.

LOL ! Well, all right then!

Did she get those lips to look MORE like a camel?

Yup, a camel toe

Does anyone have any lip balm? I'm chapped and puffy.

Although I have never really loved Maci, and she should obviously focus on her kid, I think everyone calling her an alcoholic is so exaggerated. She's in college, everyone goes out 3-4 times a week when there's no exams and yes, that usually means getting blacked out drunk. I am not saying it is right or wrong, just that is normal for students nowadays. Try being a university student for a month in the UK and it's even worse.

It's normal for average students, maybe. It is not normal for a mother who is going back to school. Megan's a mother and a college student but I don't see her going out to party six days a week.

I've made the same comment before. I'm also from the UK and the drinking culture in the US must be so different because everyone always calls Maci and alcoholic and I'm just sat here thinking she seems like a normal 22 year old girl.

People calling her out on drinking in front of her kid - my parents taught me how to make a gin & tonic when I was 3, now I'm a couple of weeks away from finishing my engineering degree, clearly my early exposure to alcohol did me no harm!

It's one thing to model responsible behaviour, it's another to play beer pong with a five year old. You cannot legally drink in the US til you are twenty one, and in the UK you're legal at eighteen if I remember correctly. There's a big difference in the two cultures as a whole, but that's not really the point. She's twenty two, with a child. Even if she's not getting sloshed with him around she's giving up time with him to party her face off. That's irresponsible and selfish. And in the Western world, drinking heavily every weekend is considered a problem, especially when you're a parent.

Do we know she's giving up time with him though? Remember Ryan has him several days a week.

Unless he has him every weekend, then yes. Bentley is school aged now so it's likely their custody arrangement has changed and he no longer goes back and forth during the week because of his attendence. Maci and Ryan live in different cities if I recall so he's probably with Maci all week and every other weekend. That's typically how it works.

Haha my dad used to give us Jager as cough medicine. His exact words were, "It'll burn a little going down but that means it's working." I think he just wanted us to shut up and go to sleep without hacking a lung up all night.

Really?! When I was at uni, I liked to party and go out... But 3 times a week is not standard in the UK. I guess it depends what you're looking for from the university experience. I definitely didn't have the time or money to go out three times a week, but then again I didn't do football studies or whatever at the local poly!

If most college aged people are getting blacked out drunk 3-4 times a week, I fear for the future of civilization. And I say that as someone who went to the University of Tennessee...a party college that was relatively recently in the national spotlight for students "butt chugging" which apparently consists of imbibing massive amounts of alcohol through a beer bong inserted into their rectums. (Note: I have never and will never "butt chug" anything. I don't even drink. But my friends at UT did drink (the regular way) and none of them got black out drunk 3-4 times a week if ever.)

Also: where does Maci even go to school? Isn't it a community college and mostly online classes? Usually the immersive drinking culture amongst college students is with students who live on campus and go to school full time, not students at a junior college with no dorms getting an associates degree who live off campus with their 5 year old.

Butt chugging. That's news to me, and it is HILARIOUS. You cannot make this stuff up. HAHAAHAAHAHAHHAAAAA

Frat boys get really, really bored apparently.

Farrah is that girl that was the hottest girl in her high school. Then, she moves out to Los Angeles and realizes that the population is significantly better looking - so she is suddenly shocked that people don't give a shit and refuse to bow down to her. Now she feels she has to make up for it with tons of plastic surgery - honey, have you seen those burned out winos with giant clam lips walking down Robertson? You don't want any part of that.

LOL I remember in her 16 and pregnant episode she was a cheerleader and they were all annoyed by her even then.

I remember reading somewhere that even with the TEACHERS at her old high school, Farrah Abraham is a cautionary tale of how not to behave, treat others and spend your recreational time.

lol to the ok magazine clip jenelle just posted. Nothing like having your out of wedlock positive pregnancy pee stick on the table RIGHT next to the bible. Nice try Nathan. I'm surprised the thing didn't burst into flame

Funny. There's an interview of Courtland on Youtube and Nathan called in to argue with Courtland and slam him. Nathan doesnt seem liken the sharpest knife in the drawer, he tries to sound intelligent and make himself and Jenelle sound like God's peeps. Courtland doesnt really take the bait and
comes off pretty good.

Jesus...note to Nathan: If your cheeks match your pink nalgene water bottle, YOU'RE WEARING TOO MUCH BLUSH you manscaping closet case.

Also...something just tells me he doesn't sit around his house at the kitchen island deeply entranced in Bible study. I don't know if it's the adultery...the multiple DUIs...the fact that his most recent DUI was charged while he didn't have a driver's license and was racing home to have sex with Jenelle while they were both trashed...the prospect that he just found out his girlfriend is pregnant after they claim to have been trying for months and asked her if she was SURE she wanted a baby which makes me think he thinks abortion is totally still on the table as an option...the lying about EVERY ASPECT OF HIS LIFE...the cheating on his girlfriend by meeting Jenelle on a dating website...etc etc etc.

You forgot to mention the gay butt sex pictures he posed for that advertised the GAY BATH HOUSE. Not that there aren't gay Christians, and not that there's anything wrong with that...but I DO think Christians tend to think lying is a SIN! A sin, Nathan!

I say if he wants to identify as a Christian and/or a gay man, more power to him. What pisses me off is outright LYING about those pictures even being of him in the first place and pretty much calling other gay men dirty sinners based on the fact that he can't POSSIBLY be gay because it's "against his religion" and his "mom is a minister." He cherry picks the Bible to defend himself against being gay like it's something terrible and shameful but has zero problems with adultery, premarital sex and a laundry list of other actions and countless other "Christian" rules he's breaking. But he isn't gay because of Sodom and Gomorrah or whatever other mouth diarrhea he decides to try on for his beard-of-the-week excuse. Plus, if he actually knew what the hell he was talking about, he'd know that God didn't destroy Sodom and Gomorrah because of butt sex but because the people in those cities were uncharitable, judgmental assholes who only looked out for themselves, refused to help those in need and were full of PRIDE. To matter-of-factly state that you "can't" be gay because your mom is a minister and/or you read the Bible is somehow naive, arrogant and insulting to gay people all at the same time which is impressive considering about a third of the words that come out of Nathan's mouth seem to be made up words anyway. Your faith doesn't dictate your sexual orientation any more than your sexual orientation dictates your faith.

Also, I think when MTV recruited him, they handed him that Bible and said, "You're going to need this when Jenelle inevitably starts screeching like Linda Blair. Good luck, soldier."

I could not agree more, Rae! That's the problem with all these people - from Jenelle to Farrah, Nathan and beyond. No one wants to take responsibility and/or own up to their actions. Nathan or Jenelle denying that he was in those pictures = Farrah denying driving while intoxicated. UM, YES, YES, YOU WERE! JUST FREAKING ADMIT IT ALREADY! JEEZ!

It doesn't matter who posts them, those camera pics always scream one thing: attention whore.
So TM2 has 5 seasons so far, TM1 had 4 only. Maybe there's 1 more in the making to show Amber's life after jail? It could be interesting. I would watch that but please no more useless weddings and pregnancies!

This just occurred to me when reading your comment. The TM1 couples caught a lot of shit from fans once the money started rolling in because they were irresponsibly spending. I don't contest that many of them have wasted a lot of money, but this group came into a very different environment than existed for the TM2 couples, who KNEW the money was coming and seemed to never grasp the reality of theirnew life as young parents. Every single kid on TM2 has a new sibling, but not one of the TM1 moms OR dads has had another kid. They might have been dumb teens when they got paid, but they didn't go through the pregnancy and birth knowing (or hoping) they would become a reality TV star because of it. I would guess that during season one of 16&P MTV had no clue the series would be SO popular, so the original cast didn't have this lackadaisical attitude toward becoming parents in general. IDK, it's just very interesting.

Wow, that is interesting. I never thought of it that way.

Javi's Teeth's comment made me think it. As much as I generally dislike everyone from TM1 (now), it honestly seems like they grasped the gravity of their role as parents and at least had a year or so before things got easier. Maci did want to have that trap baby though so I may need to reconsider that thought lol.

I didn't see the actual video, just a gif and a clip. I had no idea what was what in the gif. It was scary...

I just saw on Farrah's twitter that she was promoting her "erotic" novel... Lord help us all

Hahaha I love your username!!

I was watching some of the first season of the original Teen Mom the other day and Farrah's mom made her date/boyfriend/hookup/whatever come over for what seemed like a super intrusive interrogation. She asked him where he goes to church and he said he didn't really go to church. She said that he should come to church with them. He said yeah that would be great. And I THOUGHT Debra was going to say, "Great! I'd really love for you to come to church with us." or maybe even, "I'd really love for you to have a relationship with Jesus." but it's debra so noooooo way. She said, "That's great. I'd really love for you to COME TO HEAVEN WITH US."

What. the. fuck, Debra?!?! You don't even know what kind of family this boy came from. He could be "trash" like Derek and you don't want to have to share your Heaven cloud with peons, do you??

Haha right? And if that lady thinks she and her family are guaranteed a spot in heaven she is sadly mistaken...