Ryan Edwards Answers More Questions

Teen Mom's Ryan Edwards took to webcam again with his girlfriend, Dalis Connell, to answer more questions. This time, it wasn't just about stuff we already knew. Dalis did most of the talking in the video, but I haven't decided yet if she wants time in the spotlight or if she just wants people to stop talking smack about her boyfriend.

Regardless, they answered questions such as how they met, how tall Ryan is, and if she knew he was 'Ryan from Teen Mom' when she met him.

At one point, they're answering a question, "How different would your life be without Bentley and MTV?" which Dalis answers flippantly, "That's a hard question. Who cares?" She felt the need to explain her comment on her YouTube channel:

was not saying who cares about Bentley.. but thats a hard question and everyone in this world knows Bentley made everyones life a million times better :) love him!

Even though I knew what she meant by her response, I'm still glad she explained that. As far as them wanting children together in the future? They're a cliche. "Two children, a girl and a boy."

And there you have it.

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