Oh No, Farrah Abraham's Mom Debra Has A Rap Song and Music Video

Being Debra

Some things just shouldn't see the light of day and this may be one of them. Farrah Abraham's mom is taking back to the old school days of rap with her latest rap song and music video.


"In a sneak peek from the upcoming special, Being Debra, Sophia's grandmother releases her first-ever music video," according to MTV.

"The track's name: 'DebzOG.' And yes, the long-running docu-series serves as the inspiration for the ditty."

This is certainly one way to get people excited for her own show. It's all just a little weird and Abraham has yet to comment on her mom's music video.

"A bit of context about the Being Debra installment: Deb is newly engaged and head-over-heels in love with her fiance David, but her relationship with Farrah is still rocky," according to MTV.

Being Debra runs on Wednesdays at 8PM EST on MTV. Who would have thought that Debra would be making a party anthem for the ladies?


I am totally aroused.