Teen Mom - Maci Parties With Kat From Survivor

maci bookout

maci and kat from survivor - teen momWhy am I posting a picture of Teen Mom's Maci Bookout with Kat from the most recent season of Survivor? Because I've been staring at Big Brother live feeds for the past two days and needed a break. I watch Survivor, so it's always cool to see people from different shows meet up. It's like when the Jetsons used to visit the Flintstones... just blows my mind a little.

In addition, there has been almost nothing exciting happening in the world of Teen Mom. Until Jenelle does something crazy or Farrah freaks out on her parents, this is the best you're going to get. On the bright side, a new episode is on this week, so that is always a fun time! Hopefully I can catch it on time, unlike last week (stupid dvr)

Enjoy your weekend!


What a shocker. Maci out partying.

She's not allowed to have a fun night? I'm 30 with two children and I occasionally go out for a girls night. And when i say occasionally I mean once or twice a month which may be too much for some but I'm an adult and enjoy a fun night out away from my "mommy duties". Doesn't make me a bad mom.

When you're in the spotlight for teen parenting and often seen drinking (underage), then yes I'd say it's kind of a big deal.

But Maci doesn't go out occasionally. She goes out multiple times a week. And she doesn't just have one or two drinks. She drinks to the point of being wasted. And a lot of her partying includes traveling to different states. She's spending a lot of money on being a carefree young adult when 1. she's not just any young adult like her friends 2. she has a child she is responsible for. The money she spends on partying and traveling could be used so much more responsibly or put away into savings for her days after MTV and their paychecks end.

Also pointing out that this was at Tier Nightclub in Orlando, a 21+ club. Maci is not even 21 yet.

No she is out A LOT. I'm 20 with NO KIDS. And I'm not a club rat like her.

Exactly! When does she not party? And don't start this OMG a night of fun is okay because Maci doesn't have a night of fun she has NIGHTS of fun and yes even when Bentley is around she always has her friends around! Can't finish school. I admit I used to love her now I can't stand her! Party party party and getting drunk underage real SMART!

I look at pictures like this and wonder how the hell these girls are supposed to role models and spokespeople for the prevention of teen pregnancy. Look what having a baby at 16 did for her...fame, fortune, and lots of time to party. Are young girls really supposed to look at her and not want all that? These girls are a joke.

I completely agree. Maci is in no way a role model. She deserves to get laughed off any stage. When you are in the public eye your actions matter. And if partying all night, spending all your money on tattooes, drinks, and your appearance, and not caring a lick about school or even a job for that matter is her definition of being a teen mom, then she can fly her jolly ass back to wherever she came if she ever tried to speak anywhere near my future kids.

I think she should spend some money on a nose job though.

or forehead reduction surgery. She spends so much money on her hair, makeup, tanning, etc. and I still think she was 5x prettier 4 years ago when she started all of this.

She should be spending her money on getting a dermatologist and get her severe cystic acne fixed. I mean if I had the money and had skin like that, I would too.

So, when you're out on your twice a month getaways from mommy duties, are you going to a nice restaurant & catching a movie -- both things that are hard to do & nice to enjoy kid-free, or are you in the clubs drinking like a fish looking for attention and ass. There's a difference.

She's pathetic, and ugly.

Im sure Ryan has Bently a lot. I have no problem with her partying when she doesn't have her son. She's young and wants to live it up when she can. Most people need a chance to do that

So if your daughter has a public speaker at school to talk about teen pregnancy would you like it be someone who was very very often caught out drinking underage at nightclubs because hey, who cares? Not like she has her son. No, this a common occurrence for her and someone who is in the public eye. I see this type of crap all the time from girls from my old high school who just hand off their kids to their parents so they can go out and party. But it's different when you are outspoken in saying you want to be a spokesperson for teen pregnancy. Not something I'd want an advocate to be proud of.

She has a break...every damn weekend. The issue is that these girls are so fake.

Ugh! Maci! What happened! Stop acting so damn desperate..it's written all oooooover your face! Like "Hey look at me I'm over here look I'm cute, I'm hanging out with other Dlisters" wowsers

It's getting old that people have to pick a fight over something about Maci partying. So what if she's a mom? She takes care of her son, and she just happens to be in the spot light. I'm sure all of you go out and party too. There's nothing wrong with that, especially when Bentley is with his dad. And... I don't watch Survivor so I have no idea who that is lol

There's a difference when you party a couple of times every now and.then but she parties everyday and with Bentley he has probably never been around his mom with out her friends there ttoo! And fyi I'm a teen mom and I don't party!

I'm not a Teen Mom, and I haven't partied once. That's just not my thing. People are all gonna have different opinions. Yeah she's in the spotlight, but what reality star doesn't go out and have fun? People change with fame, and sadly that's what happened with Maci. Even though she might have her friends around alot, she's still a good mom to her son. She is by no means an Amber or Jenelle.

Wow you sure seem to think you know a hell of a lot about her. How do you know if she parties EVERYDAY ?! I think u need to back off and quit assuming shit. All this bullshit negativity comes out over one single picture? Pathetic. Your pathetic. Judging people because of a picture omg she went out and drank OHHHHH NOOOOOO!! Lmfao . Yes she has a son but she sure as hell seems to do a great job taking care of her son. If anyone should be bitched about for partying all the time it should be ryan the father not maci. Who has him the majority of the time? Maci. Why? Because she's a good mom and because ryan parties all the time. Who cares if she has friends their sometimes? Or a lot? Maybe he likes seein her friends. Maybe she likes hanging out and bringing her son. Atleast she doesn't make people watch him all the time for her. So shut up and quit assuming shit. Just because you supposidly don't drink at all ever and your a mom.

Actually, Ryan stopped partying about a year ago. He moved out, starting working full time and he got over the whole party scene. All he ever even tweets about is work, Bentley, Dalis and his bikes.

And people know how much Maci parties because of her and her friends twitters/intagrams. They tweet about being with her drinking/partying and post pictures. That's how people know. And she really doesn't have him the majority of the time, its almost equal now.

Yes, because if he doesn't tweet about it then it's just not possible that he does it... Logic at its finest!

I didn't say he had to tweet about it. But people that know him have all said Ryan stopped partying about a year ago. I was putting the tweeting thing in there because it all adds up to what is said. Logic.

Ryan is 21 and Ryan does not go on speaking tours to young kids, advertising himself as a role model.

I don't care what she does and she doesn't party EVERY SINGLE DAY. Where is that proof.. picture, dates, and times of every day she parties? I don't give a damn. Bentley is happy and well taken care of and actually that's all I do give a damn about. Any young girl who looks up to anyone who drinks and parties and thinks it's alright need more of a parental role in their life, but hey that is just me and how I see it. You people should be worried about other things people look up to because this is prety normal and oretty innocent compared to many things. But i know, people call her a role model and people filp the freak out. My role models have made mistakes and now they are grown adults who changed their life around. I dnt wanna look up to someone who is perfect, even close to perfect as someone could get... That's not life. She is still a damn good mom and that cookout they had at maci's family's house, Bentley wasn't there when everyone, plus her mother, decided to drink. He left early to go to his dads, but I knew that without an untrue article written on how she partied and ignored Bentley lol

There's not a problem with a normal 20 year old going out every single weekend. The problems lie in that

a) She's not "normal". Her job is to be a role model. At least that's what any one of these girls says when you ask why they're paid to do the show.

b)She has a television show. Related to the role-model thing. Thousands of girls don't worship a normal teen mom's every move. The club is a 21+ club. She was either using a fake ID or insinuating she was above the law because she's famous. Either way, she's not being a role model.

c)Probably the most important for me: She hasn't done a damn thing with her life. Why does MTV have to paint this storyline that she was trying to get a higher degree than she actually was? Why have I seen her graduation date be pushed back 4 times on the show for a degree filled with almost all Gen-Ed classes? Why have I passed as many classes as she has through half as many years in college? If she was getting her sh!t together than nobody would care if she partied, but she hasn't and we do. She was never an "over achiever" like MTV said. She was too busy doing the horizontal tango with her boyfriend who was 4 years older than her and playing the victim on a reality show.

I'd rather see MTV donate 300,000 in scholarships to teen mom's who want to ACTUALLY be good role models to their children and get sh!t done then give that in salary to these lazy a$$es they cast as "role models". It doesn't bother me that Farrah or Kail get paid because they actually have work ethic and aren't taking advantage of the opportunity. There's a reason why ratings for both TM and TM2 are so dramatically down these last few months. People are tired of the "woe is me" and "I don't have a job/school/and give my child away 3 days a week but my life is so much harder than yours." act that the girls put on. They are paid enough to afford houses and we're supposed to feel bad for them? Give it a break and bring the girls back to reality. It's insulting to real teen moms that these girls act like they have it even remotely as hard.

True dat

Maybe, just maybe, there are all of these pictures partying because she doesn't document the nights she stays in. There are no time stamps on these pictures and no one knows their official custody agreement. I don't know about you guys but I don't ever take pictures of the nights I stay home, I only take pictures when I'm out. Looking at my pictures one would think I go out all the time which is not true at all.

That's part of the issue, Maci DOES document everything. She was bragging she had a 3.0 average in school after the fall semester. That's barely a straight B average. It's good, but nothing to brag about to 500,000+ people. Especially now that we know she was only taking 3 Gen-Ed classes and was a part-time student. If there's any chance for Maci to pat herself on the back, she takes advantage.

How does her GPA have anything to do with her taking pictures or not taking pictures of herself sitting at home on Saturday night??.


Just want to add this article for everyone saying she doesn't party that much. I severely hope she either cuts the shit out or Ryan gets full custody. No child should have to live in those conditions.

Ugh she disgusts me